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just wake me up when Jessica Jones season 2 is out

  • Friend: mercy is so gorgeous oh my god
  • Friend: I love widowmaker she's so beautiful
  • Friend: and Sombra-
  • Me: hm yes.
  • Me: but consider
  • Me: junk-
  • Friend: shut the fuck up or I'll kill you in real life

Even though I wasn’t able to go to any of svt’s concerts this year seeing people’s videos and photos that they took with their phones and not from an expensive camera made it so real for me??? Like wow…these 13 boys really ARE real…living their lives and performing their hearts out….

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youre a hack-fraud

but see here’s the thing. i made that text post like an hour before i was arsed to make the popular post, a few laughs were had, and even though (like a shitty magician) i’d more or less just revealed the secret (and the punchline, for that matter), the trick still worked

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Finish The Mentalist! It has the best ending of any show I have ever seen. Really. I would recommend the show just for the ending alone!

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AAAAAAA I forget how much I love this show (fair warning to my followers that I remembered and at some point my queue is going to flood with Mentalist love)

never let people forget that the main target of nazis are jews.

Lgbt people are targets, black people are targets, other poc are targets.

but their main targets are always Jews. don’t forget about us. Don’t forget that they’re targeting jews. 

because everyone seems to be doing so, and its not fair. We’re real people, being targeted. our death, our elimination, is being Claimed as a main goal publicly on television by these neo-nazis. 

You don’t get to leave us out of your solidarity posts about the victims and targets of these white supremacists. 

To do so is to perpetuate the very antisemitism that these people are spreading. To do so is to be complicit in these neo-nazis goals. 

I know most people making posts in solidarity with the targets of these people mean well, but you can’t leave out their main target, for any reason. 

Please, if you’re not jewish, reblog this.