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How Am I Going to be an Optimist About This?: On Losing Glee

Even before today’s news of the pending 8 month hiatus (oh lord), and because I am somewhat anxious about the ‘what is the plan?’ factor for Glee’s final season, I’ve started to think about Glee and loss. Because tomorrow is the finale of the Glee of my dreams.

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anonymous asked:

I just have a lot of feelings about how Root is doing little things for herself, like wearing pajamas and getting fuzzy slippers. Like, we’ve rarely seen Root in anything except leather and skinny jeans and boots, and you’d think that when things are more dire than ever would be the time that Root would be most likely to forget basic self-care stuff, but she’s actually doing the opposite. What do you think this symbolizes?

Actually it’s because Root has downtime (undergrounded to the Subway and bringing the Machine back online for two months) that Root can start doing those things.

John said that there was a time jump between 5x01 and 5x02, Harold and Root’s been working on the Machine for two months, non-stop.

I imagine she’s had a very nomadic life since leaving Bishop.

I’ve said before that she’s had a sort of arrested development in terms of emotional maturity but also, because I’ve had this headcanon that the Groves family were poor and lived ‘in the wrong side of the tracks’ so to speak, actually, if you’ve seen Friday Night Lights I think the Groves family were similar to Riggs/Collette family but with, maybe Matt Saracen’s grandmother’s illness.

So as Sam Groves, Root wouldn’t have that much creature comforts and she’s also had to parent her parent. I think Root likes nice things now but she’s never really taken the time to do anything about it.

The moment she was out of Bishop, I bet she did a lot of things she couldn’t do before but putting down roots, pun intended!, wasn’t one of them.

But being grounded in the subway HQ gave Root the time to settle down and think what she really likes to do now that she can’t go anywhere.

Also, Root is really, really sleep deprived.

John should knock out all his teammates so they’d catch up on their sleep.