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I haven't been able to watch the new season yet since im from europe but coming from from what i've heard, something has been bothering me. If quintessence corrupts, how come keith got doused in it in season 1 without consequences? Do you think thats coming back or nah?

Actually, I think that’s definitely coming back. 

Haggar says that quintessence is life, and for all intents and purposes, it does seem to have the ability to unnaturally prolong life. Even after death. Zarkon tries convincing Alfor that if they harness enough quintessence, they can effectively become immortal. But this is not without a cost; both Haggar and her cat Kova look like their energy has literally been eaten away, their lives drawn out to the point of them being little more than corpses. Haggar and Zarkon also become obsessed with obtaining more quintessence. 

Yes, Keith was only exposed to quintessence once, but he exhibited no negative side effects. He doesn’t have any urge to absorb more quintessence, nor does he appear weakened by it. Keith healing himself seems like a very innate process, like it just comes naturally to him. Now, here’s where stuff gets…out there. Like, more bizarre and far reaching than anything I’m used to, but season 3 was so bizarre and out there that I feel like I just have to try something totally out of left field now lmao. 

So, take all this with a bag of salt but, what if Keith isn’t actually from the same reality as everyone else? heero-yuy has this neat theory about how Keith is actually from another dimension, and maybe even has something to do with the shadow creatures that attack the galran home world. 

Anyway, if Keith were say from the same dimension as the lions, that would at least explain why he’s so drawn to them and can even sense them like a druid:

So far he’s been able to sense Blue and link with both Red and Black. The funny thing about gravitating towards Blue like a druid though is that…well…we know Honerva was a scientist, not a witch. The quintessence is what gave her all her mysterious super powers. And Keith inherently having those same abilities–even being able to connect with Red over a longer distance (which Zarkon was unable to do without druids) is…very strange. 

Keith is also shown to be very interested in quintessence. I don’t think the fact that he was the one who decided to chase after that druid and find out more is a coincidence. This is also shown as curiosity, not obsession like the case of Haggar and Zarkon. Keith gravitates towards quintessence, and yet remains uncorrupted by it. So, you kinda have to wonder–is Keith similar to the lions and the quintessence from their world somehow? Is he maybe even from that same dimension? 

The problem though, is that even if you can cross from the lions’ dimension into ours, you might not be able to take your physical form with you.

Now, here’s a question–what exactly is the astral plane? An alternate dimension, right?

Now, the lions are made from a comet that can travel between dimensions. However, the “creatures” put into the lions couldn’t manifest as a stable physical form in our world. Instead, they look kinda…ghostly and wraithlike:

To me, this seems very similar to how Shiro and Zarkon can appear in the astral plane as these ghostly spirit projections, but can’t take their physical form with them. So yeah, theoretically, Keith being able to maintain any physical form here without being put into a robeast like body might be impossible (unless things there worked more like Sven’s dimension instead). 

Going ahead with other weird dimension stuff though: both Black lion astrally projecting and Haggar’s magic also cause an exchange of shared memories–we see this between Shiro and Zarkon and later with Zarkon and Haggar. So, we can assume that ability’s inherent to quintessence and the lion “creatures” from that dimension. And I think it can be argued that Keith knowing what a galra invasion looks like–seeing it both in his dreams and in the BOM trial (which reads as kinda like repressed memories)–maybe that’s something similar? Does Keith have visions or other people’s memories because he’s from this strange dimension?

Who knows?? Cause I sure don’t, lmao. But yeah, there seems to be a lot of weird shit still going on with Keith and quintessence at this point and I’m hoping season 4 will expand on it. Given that those episodes are basically just supposed to be “the rest of” season 3, I have a feeling that the whole thing about Keith “unlocking new powers” will actually happen then.

So, I’m listening to the confrontation between Tom Riddle and Harry in the chamber of secrets

and probably what’s striking me the most is the way Tom assumes, implicitly, that everyone who meets him will find him charming and impressive

He talks about becoming Ginny’s best friend, her confidante, the holder of PARTS OF HER SOUL, as if it was a bit of a hassle, but ultimately quite easy. He talks about persuading Professor Dippet that Hagrid was guilty, and describes the effect of his own self-presentation as if it was obvious that one of the most powerful people in the wizarding world should do whatever a 16 year old asked: “Tom Riddle, poor but brilliant, parentless but so brave…”

And he makes one remark about someone his narrative didn’t work on: “I don’t think Dumbledore liked me as much as the other teachers did.” He’s so confident in the effect of his own narrative, his shiny charm, that he’s genuinely surprised and a bit confused at not everybody buying it. 

And, like, the thing is: we see Voldemort when he’s not doing so well, for most of the series. We see him, largely in moments of crisis: autocratic, cruel, utterly without loyalty to anyone but himself. And inside, he’s definitely all those things. But he’s also so charismatic - so good at faking empathy, too - that all sorts of people end up giving him their souls, literally or otherwise. Think about the range of people attracted by Tom Riddle, whether as a schoolboy or a Dark Lord: Slughorn, Ginny Weasley, Lucius Malfoy, Peter Pettigrew, Bellatrix Lestrange, etc. Those are some hugely different people with genuinely conflicting interests! and yet he plays them all, he acquires all of their trust and admiration, and then when he’s done with them they die, but the others keep following him because that’s how good Tom Riddle is at making people love him

It’s incredibly difficult to perform to so many different audiences, simultaneously, and almost never fail. I think Tom Riddle is so good at using people because he uses himself. He doesn’t exist outside the narratives he performs. He feeds on the reactions of others. No one sees through him because there’s nothing to see. He says it himself: “Voldemort [an absurdly dramatic pseudonym, lets be real] is my past, present and future, Harry Potter”

Tom Riddle: consummate identity manipulator, holy shit

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i cant believe im only just now finding your blog - a hide enthusiast who has the same opinions about touken as me! instant follow! mind if i ask what you think happened to hide / when (if) he'll come back??

Oh boy, I am so glad you asked me this because I have accumulated A LOT of thoughts over the past three years.

This might turn out a bit long since I usually come up with more stuff the more i type. We’ll see.

So firstly, I don’t think Hide is dead; I actually think it’s pretty unlikely at this point because of the nature of his character and how much we don’t know about him. It would seem like a huge waste of a character to just kill him off; I definitely think he’s been doing something behind the scenes, and I have a few ideas as to what that something may be, but obviously, nothing is certain.

Usually the first thing I look to when I’m theorising about Hide is the play that he was in with Kaneki when they were kids because that play does a great deal of foreshadowing and I think it’s the key to figuring out what happened with Hide and what’s happening with him now.

This is what I understand to be the basic plot of the play: the prince (Kaneki) and the witch’s servant (Hide) are both close friends. The witch’s servant, however, is tricked by the witch into betraying the prince because he is made to believe that doing so will help the prince. The end of the play has the witch’s servant asking the prince for forgiveness. The prince says he will forgive him as long as he promises to stay by his side and the witch’s servant agrees.

Now, a lot of what I get when I talk about this is the disbelief that Hide would betray Kaneki, but I think, like it says in the play, he may have either been tricked into it or thought it was best for Kaneki or a combination of the two.

The most likely explanation I can give that seems to match up with the plot of the play involves the theory about Hide making a deal with Arima to take Kaneki into the CCG. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of this theory, so I won’t go into too much detail, but it basically involves the idea that Hide may have had a discussion with Arima regarding Kaneki wherein he managed to convince him that Kaneki was worth keeping alive. Hence why he said this to Kaneki:

If Kaneki could prove to Arima that he was useful, then Arima would take him in and that is how Haise would come about. That also might explain the awkward cheek scratching that Hide did in the sewers when he was telling Kaneki that he wanted to help him.

He was, effectively, leading Kaneki to his death, so that might explain the betrayal aspect, since Hide may have thought that by doing this, he was doing what was best for Kaneki by allowing him to live. We’re obviously yet to reach the part where Hide asks Kaneki to forgive him, but in my opinion, that gives us something to look forward to, hopefully following the direction of the play where the two of them join together to fight on the same side.

That does leave the witch out of the explanation though, and that’s kind of where I’m stuck. The only character that’s really been shown with witch imagery is Eto, and she doesn’t seem to tie into this theory as it is, but maybe by making this deal with Arima, it would aid her in getting Kaneki to be the one-eyed King? That’s the only thing I could see her wanting from Hide at the moment, and maybe she saw his usefulness when he went to get that book signed for Kaneki.

I also want to address the Scarecrow theory since that seems to be the favourite recently. I think it’s definitely plausible, considering Scarecrow’s injuries and the fact that he’s only a C-rank and we’ve never seen him with a kagune before but that’s all we really have to go off of so far so I can’t really say much about it besides the fact that I think it’s plausible (and that Scarecrow’s mask certainly seems very Hide-ish with that face drawn on it.)

If Scarecrow is Hide, then that would explain why he saved Amon and how Amon seemed to recognise him. Maybe he needed Amon for something since he didn’t seem to go after Seidou. Maybe for something he’s been planning behind the scenes? Scarecrow seems to be doing a lot of snooping around; something Hide is certainly known for, and I’ve seen some say that he may be forming his own organisation or perhaps has joined one, but I feel as though Hide would work more on the down low than that. Joining or forming an organisation brings too much attention to himself; Hide seems like the kind of person who would rather snoop around my himself, or with a couple of aids by his side, which is also what I think Marude may be up to.

Marude came to trust Hide more when he joined the CCG and he saw his potential. Hide even seems to have shared his knowledge about the Washuu with him and he must look up to Marude since he’s proven to be very sharp as well; a characteristic that Hide, no doubt, values greatly in a person and would most likely cause him to look up to them. Perhaps Hide sought out Marude when he defected from the CCG? Marude’s off on his own snooping around too, and now that he knows the Washuu’s secret, I think that gives him even more ties and incentive to be working together with Hide.

There is one thing I particularly want to know though; what is Hide up to? I have no clue what his goal may be at this point; everything he’s done so far in the series seems to be driven by the idea of Kaneki and keeping him safe and protecting him, so perhaps whatever he’s doing is really for Kaneki but he’s managed to manipulate his goals in such a way to convince others to aid him (such as Marude, or Amon potentially.) In the end, I’m just waiting for him to come back so Ishida can answer all the other questions we have about Hide; where he’s been, what happened in the sewers, what he’s been doing all this time, what his true intentions are, but perhaps most of all, who is he? Because we still really don’t know even that.

As for when he’s coming back, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s some time soon, perhaps around chapter 136 since that’s the chapter where Hide had his reunion with Kaneki in the sewers and Ishida seems to like his parallels. I can only hope the outcome is more positive this time and ends with them staying together rather than being torn apart again; it hurts me to see them apart from each other for so long after being each other’s only support for most of their lives.

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Am I the only one to headcanon Matt as a flirty expert nerd? Like he really knows how to flirt, but he is also super smart. I don't know him yet but, man. So many versions of him...

Matt has to be smart. He was still a cadet when he went to Kerberos with Shiro and his dad. How do I know this? Well…

Here we go. This photo is most likely one of the most recent photos Pidge had of Matt. The spaceship is already finished and she’s wearing the same dress as she did in the scene where her family talks about Sam and Matt going on their mission soon:

Matt was still a cadet when he went to Kerberos. He’s probably super smart and just one or two years older than Hunk, Lance and Keith^^ 

[as for the flirty part - I don’t really see him as flirty at all, he actually reminds me of Shiro from what we’ve seen so far, but everyone’s entitled to their own headcanons :P]

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Have we ever seen waffles on the show, outside of Dean buying Sam a waffle maker as a wedding present? What if waffles symbolize marriage? Destiel could "go canon" with Dean and Cas eating waffles together. They could even have strawberry syrup.

A short history of waffles on Supernatural:

  • 7.05: Dean mockingly compares Don’s affair, which he refers to as a “thing,” with a waffle iron (after Sam mockingly compared that “thing” to a shoe or a golf club… and I can’t help imagining Sam’s still lamenting the loss of that one shoe here)
  • 7.08: Dean buys Sam and Becky a waffle iron as a wedding present (as you mentioned in your ask). They never get to EAT the waffles, but Becky clobbers Sam over the head with it when she runs out of love potion.
  • 8.18: Victor makes the kids Krissy’s favorite breakfast– waffles. They were the only thing her dad knew how to cook
  • 10.18: Metatron eats a whipped cream covered stack of waffles while Cas glares at him and refuses to forgive Metatron for having killed Dean. Metatron experiences embarrassing intestinal distress…
  • 11.03: When Sam and Dean are questioning Cas about Metatron and where he might be hiding, Cas suggests that they look at places that serve waffles, because Metatron seemed fond of them… to Dean’s frustration, because that narrowed it down to pretty much every restaurant in the country… :P
  • 11.05: Poor Len who had his soul eaten by Amara, listing of all the stuff he used to care about that he just… doesn’t care about anymore. “Kitten videos, chicken and waffles, eucalyptus scent. I don’t care for it anymore. Used to swoon for dark, curly hair. Now, not so much. Do you think I had a stroke? Or maybe it’s a brain tumor. What’s really freaky is all the stuff that used to make my skin crawl now seems … eh.” Nope, sorry Len. You lost your soul.
  • 11.08: In a flashback to his childhood, Sam’s chatting with Sully, playing a very imaginative game about things they’d imagined could be true. One of Sully’s “ever think…” items is “Okay. Ever think… you could eat ten waffles in one sitting?” And Sam replies, “I hope so. When I’m big.”

And that’s all the waffle references I could find in the entire series. So, what does it all mean?


I’m gonna go eat some waffles now.

Okay, the waffles inspired me. I don’t think they symbolize marriage. At all. They seem to function as a non-alcoholic version of El Sol. Sort of a sweeter and more innocent form of illusion or deception (but that’s not exactly the right word here…). Let me try to explain.

  • In 7.05, Dean (rather mockingly) compares an extramarital affair (a deception!) to a waffle iron.
  • in 7.08, Sam and Becky’s entire relationship is a sham (a deception!) pulled off with a love potion, via the assistance of a demon. Dean shows his grudging acceptance of “Sam’s love for Becky” by giving them a waffle iron. And then Sam gets clobbered with it when he begins to see through the deception (when the love potion wears off)
  • in 8.18, Victor used the waffles to further his manipulation of Krissy (a deception!) by cementing his role as her “new father figure” by using her own fond memories of her dad against her as leverage.
  • in 10.18, Metatron’s first meal as a human is waffles. (recall if you will he’s eaten before, as an angel, but it was CREPES, not waffles). There’s a twisty knot of deception going throughout that entire scene, as we expect from a Robbie Thompson episode, tbh. Metatron’s leading Cas on a veritable wild goose chase to retrieve his own grace. He’s playing his usual Metatron avoidance games, baiting and taunting Cas all the way. And yet… the waffles give him serious indigestion. Ew. But he nearly uses that excuse to escape from Cas. (deceptions within deceptions covered in whipped cream)
  • in 11.03, Cas recalls Metatron’s fondness for waffles, but heck it also reminds me of Cas’s plan to evade capture in 8.21, popping between Biggersons restaurants (i.e. Dean’s “every restaurant in the country” remark). If the only thing they have to track Metatron down now is waffles, Metatron’s effectively occupying that same quantum superposition that Cas did… but it’s all still a deception, because Metatron can’t be doing that. He’s human. And also a self-important jerk who hasn’t learned to love humanity yet. Just our “stories.” There’s like nine layers of deception going on here.
  • in 11.05, poor Len can’t understand why he doesn’t feel the same passion, joy, and love for the things that always made him feel something. Including chicken and waffles (is anyone else really hungry for chicken and waffles right now?). It’s all beyond his reach, and he’s trying to understand why. Without a soul, he’ll never feel anything for it again. And Dean gets it, because he’s just spent a year and a half struggling with the Mark of Cain, and heck Len’s soul is gone for good, but Dean’s soul is finally his own again… He can go taste those waffles if he wants.
  • in 11.08 (called JUST MY IMAGINATION, ffs) little Sam imagines he’ll be able to eat 10 waffles in one sitting when he’s big. Which was a scenario proposed by his literal IMAGINARY friend, as part of a GAME of SPECULATION. Basically, DAYDREAMING up IMPOSSIBLE THINGS they’ve thought about doing. Putting waffles in the same category as the ability to fly and running away from the hunting life… >.>

So yeah. Waffles are the non-alcoholic food-equivalent, slightly sweeter and more family friendly version of El Sol beer.

And dangit, now I’m thinking about the pancakes in 3.11. The first time Sam goes into that diner on his first Tuesday, he orders a short stack. Then the trickster’s switching up the syrup on his own pancakes is what gives away the first part of the trick… Deception and illusion… Nearly identical to waffles… just… flatter. :P

Do I have to go through and find all the relevant pancake-related stuff now too?

ETA: Episode 12.11, Regarding Dean, for the chocolate, strawberry, and whipped cream soaked MOUNTAINS of waffles he consumed after he’d been hexed into losing his memories. And how “the girl from the waffles” functioned in 12.11 EXACTLY THE SAME WAY Carmen from the El Sol ad functioned in 2.20, because this is just too much.

Why Genos can never reach Saitama's level

I don’t know what it is about Genos that makes me write sad, sad meta, but the more I think about him, the more tragic I realize his situation is.

This post heavily contains spoilers of the webcomic and also wild speculations which are, by no means, true. But then again, they might be

In the webcomic, there has been some light shed onto how Saitama obtained his power.

Behold, the concept of a ‘limiter.’

…Long story short:

The way I understood this is, everyone has a limiter. Not everyone is born with the same amount of power/talent/potential, so it makes sense to think everyone’s limit is different. Saitama was a normal human being and therefore his limit wasn’t much more than an athlete’s average training session. But that’s not what matters. What matters is that he kept pursuing it, without compromise, without looking for an easy way out. It was next to impossible, and very nearly cost him his life, but he kept at it. And eventually, Saitama broke his limiter and unleashed unimaginable power.

Garou is an example of another character who almost broke his limiter. Unlike Saitama, Garou is a genius in martial arts, so it makes sense to think his limiter was set much higher than Saitama’s, but the basic concept remains the same. Garou, unwittingly, pushed himself to the limit by fighting A class heroes, and gradually became strong enough to face S class heroes. He had a lot of near death experiences along the way, yet he kept at it. It took Saitama several years to reach his limiter, but perhaps by natural genius Garou was able to reach it much more quickly. However, at the final moment when Garou was faced with his limiter, he gave up and instead chose to ‘compromise’ and become a monster.

Saitama himself mentions this as one of the reasons why Garou lost against him. Garou chose a half-assed way out instead of pushing himself against his limits.

I don’t think it’s by chance that ONE drew Genos in this panel.

Genos is a prime example of someone who compromised. He needed power to defeat the mad cyborg, and instead of training himself to reach his goal, he traded his body for immediate power. He chose a half-assed way out. (Of course, it’s very cruel to say this to Genos, because the sacrifice he made was by no means small, but in the world of OPM, it seems that the way to obtain power is to push yourself against physical and mental limits, and Genos chose to forgo the former.)

Now the sad part about Genos’ is that even if he realizes this, there is no way for him to break his limiter because he has already lost his human body.

It’s even sadder if you think that everyone else has the potential to work towards their limiter and become stronger, but all Genos can do is upgrade his parts.

Still, it’s hard to imagine anyone else in OPM breaking their limiter because they either don’t have the drive or the mental willpower. You can see this in two extreme cases:

Mumen rider - Lacks the mental willpower. Even though he’s constantly pushing himself physically, he’s already given up mentally, because he considers himself unworthy of climbing up any further than C class.

Tatsumaki - No drive to push her limits. Also, because she’s already so strong, she can tackle most things without ever needing to push her limits.

I’m curious to see how ONE will continue to draw Genos’ pursuit for power, because it seems that Genos himself has finally realized that he is incredibly weak and will never obtain the power he wants and needs.


10x17 “Inside Man”
Fake Drunk!Dean Playing Pool and Being a Handsome Son of a Gun While Doing So

Post is queued up and ready for tomorrow. 

Can’t wait for ya’ll to see it. 

I know it seems silly to get excited about a meta but, so much work was put int this. Like this is the biggest meta I’ve ever done and I don’t want to undertake a project this big ever again

It was well worth it though, especially when everything came together so beautifully.

Mor/Moriel Support post

Because there’s been some stuff going around recently that has been making me feel sad/mad on this subject I thought I’d spread around some love and positivity for my favourite ship. 

One of the biggest reasons I love this ship is the obvious history they have together and the mutual respect and  trust that that’s built up over the years. these two know each other so, so well. They understand each other’s reasons, motivations and histories - they were both there when most of the others’ demons were born. They care about one another so much and I love the…subtlety with this ship. They’re both quite quiet about things but…The depth of feeling and compassion they have for one another is…soul destroying to be frank. I’m just going to quote…a hundred or so of my favourite ‘tiny caring moments’ and scream about them all because this ship is just so good. And they love each other so much I can’t deal. Ahem. This post is gonna be loooong in case you hadn’t guessed. 

It’s really just…extended Mor, Azriel and Moriel meta. That’s it. All the things. All the meta. All the feelings in one easy to access place. 

I’ll do some Az first. The interesting thing about this dynamic is that his…devotion to Mor seems much more apparent emotionally. But it’s quiet and shadowed and rarely brought to the surface directly from him. We hear more about it from other characters or see it through Feyre’s eyes. Mor tends to be more…vocally explicit and also physically explicit (she does things whereas Azriel more just…feels them and lives them. This will become more apparent when I pick apart examples. I hope.) 

Rhys said with soft wrath, “Eris left her for dead in the middle of their woods. Azriel found her a day later. It was all I could do to keep him from going to either court and slaughtering them all.

I love this bit, obviously for the insight into the history that we get, the fact that it was Azriel who crossed court lines and located Mor and brought her back to where she was safe. Which is..incredibly important for both of them as characters. Azriel has lived his entire life feeling and being treated as though he is unworthy of basic rights. His blood family saw him/treated him like an animal, he has never felt as though he had any value. Naturally Mor’s family almost repeating the abuse that he suffered and turning her into what he was perceived as (worthless) upsets him, it makes her want to help him and it makes her want to hurt the people who hurt her as they no doubt remind him of his own abusers. 

I think there are some..really interesting parallels going on here. Mor, had a very different upbringing to Az, she had so much power, so much status, as essentially a princess, but she almost had a similar problem? She was never treated as a person, as an individual. No-one ever so her, no-one ever saw her value as her. They saw her power, they wanted to breed that into their bloodlines, they saw her as little better than a prize bitch that they could use. 

Once she lost her virginity she no longer had any value to them any more. Her father brutalised her then left her with a sadist telling him she was ‘his problem now’ She went from broodmare to worthless problem all because of how her family perceived her. Which is exactly how Az grew up too. He knows exactly what she’s going through and that he is the one to save her, to think her worth saving despite the fact that all of her ‘value’ is now deemed worthless is…Important for their story. 

Maybe I should have asked Mor to come. But she’d left after dinner, pale-faced and jumpy, ignoring Cassian’s attempt to speak with her. Azriel had taken to the clouds to contact his spies. He’d quietly promised the pacing Cassian to find Mor when he was done.

I think, and I’m doing a liiittle bit of leaping here but I don’t think it’s a huge stretch, that Mor and Azriel can talk to each other about things they can’t really put on the others. And that’s because they understand each other. As I mentioned above even though the…class if you like, of their upbringing was totally different, their situations, the abuse that they suffered, is incredibly similar. It allows them to relate to one another, it allows them to understand one another and get through to one another even when no-one else can. Even when they won’t let anyone else…They’ll let each other.  There’s such a deep bond between these two, so much care and so much love, they’re constantly, quietly, looking out for one another. 

“Does he mind what he does? Not the spying, I mean. What he did to the Attor today.”

“It’s hard to tell with him—and he’d never tell me.[…]But Azriel … Cassian tries, I try—but I think the only person who ever gets him to admit to any sort of feeling is Mor. And that’s only when she’s pestered him to the point where even his infinite patience has run out.”

Two things in this part - as above, even when Az pushes others away and won’t let them in…He will with Mor (as she will with him) The second thing is Mor’s persistence. One of the arguments I’ve seen a lot about Mor is that she doesn’t seem to care about Az that much or that she doesn’t push him enough into overcoming his insecurities when it comes to a relationship with her. She doesn’t seem bothered enough to make the effort to get through to him but..That line of thinking is completely and utterly countered by this? We know how much Az will shut himself off and brood, we know how much he represses, how much he contains, how little of himself he wants to show, how hard Feyre has to work to even wring a smile from him when he’s upset with himself. We know how much patience Azriel has so we therefore know how much effort it must take for Mor to get through to him, to open him up, to let her in, to let him share his burdens and allow her to help. And she does that. She does that for him, she sits and she works away at his endless patience because she knows him and she knows that he needs to talk about this he just can’t. So she makes it possible for him to do that. 

Azriel continued his attempt to infiltrate their courts—still to no avail. I heard about it mostly from Mor, who always knew when he’d return to the House of Wind, and always made a point to be there the moment he touched down.

There’s just…so much in here if you actually dig into it? The fact that she knows when he’s going to get home from his super secret spy missions. (which is…a whole other can of worms that may or may not get opened at a later date) but the fact that she always makes sure she is there. She is the first thing that he sees when he gets back from spying and torture and risking his life. She is there and she gives him that opportunity to be vulnerable, to just be Az before he has to be the High Lord’s spymaster and report to him. She gives him the chance to talk to her and decompress and open up if he needs to. And just the fact that she’s there. Every time. Not even Az can mistake that, the effort she puts into this, into him, into making sure that she’s there to take care of him is just…So much? 

Especially when you factor in that this is the House of Wind. She can’t winnow in there and she doesn’t have wings. So unless she pesters Rhys or Cassian to carry her up every single time Az comes back (which I doubt) she climbs up ten thousand stairs just so she can be there when Az lands, just in case he needs her, just in case this time he lets her in and lets her help him (because this is Azriel. she probably satisfies herself that he’s physically okay, tries to ask after him emotionally and he just nods and tells her quietly, politely, but coldly, that he has to see Rhys) I have Feelings about this, okay. 

And this isn’t the only example of her going above and beyond the call of duty to help Az and make him even a little bit happier: 

Getting Azriel to take any time for himself that didn’t involve workor training was nearly impossible. And when I pointed out that he didgo to Rita’s with her whenever she asked, Mor simply informed me that it had taken her four centuries to get him to do that.

Four hundred years. It took her four hundred years to convince him to just let himself have a night off and go dancing with them. It took her four hundred years to convince him that he deserved that, that time off, that time to be a little selfish, to think about himself for once. She spent four hundred years doing this for him, she never gave up with it because she cares about him, she loves him, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes her, how much effort and energy she has to expend to coax him into doing these things…if it will benefit him she does it. And she ‘simply informs’ Feyre. She doesn’t make a big song and dance about this. She doesn’t wax eloquent about how difficult it was for her, how stubborn he was, how hard she had to work to get him to do this. Because it’s not about her. It’s about Az. And this has made his life a little bit easier, has made him a little bit happier…and that’s enough. 

Mor keeping her distance from Az and not crossing lines with him, not pushing him into a relationship with her and not trying to fix all of his problems isn’t because she doesn’t care. It’s not because she’s not willing to put in the effort. It’s not because she doesn’t love him. It’s not because he’s not worth it. She spend four fukcing centuries coaxing him into taking a little bit of time for himself. She would probably spend eternity convincing him that he’s worthy of her. The reason isn’t her lack of care/empathy/love/patience/whatever. It’s respect. 

(if you haven’t sussed it out yet…this is going to be Long. so. cuts are being introduced now…venture onwards for more of the above)  

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Season 4 predictions and wishlist

Comic Con was great, Grant and Candice actually acted like co stars and friends. It just goes to show you can’t make assumptions about something solely based on social media. Now onto the good stuff, we got a lot of good info about season 4 from Comic Con (thanks Grant lol) but lets talk wish list and predictions based on the info we got:

Cisco and Wally in the field with Iris leading the team

I can’t wait to see this new team Flash dynamic in action. I’m a little upset that there isn’t gonna be a journalism arc but Candice seems happy and we’ll get to see Iris be an active participant in stopping metas because she’s leading the team so yay!! it’s gonna be interesting to see how Barry reacts to her being the new team leader. I really want to see them working together on a case.

Barry getting out of the speedforce.

Iris definitely needs to be involved because lightning rod. I’m here for another version of scrambled mess Barry. Grant seemed excited about it when talking about it during interviews. We all know how great Bart was. I’m so here for Barry being happy for once, he’s been through so much I’m glad the writers are finally gonna let him live.

West-Allen reunion

As much as I love Iris voicing her feelings about Barry leaving when he gets back I need a “I’m so happy you’re out of the speedforce” fluffy reunion before they have that talk. Grant and Candice are opposites when it comes to spoilers. Grant is all like “yeah they’re happy to be back together and looking forward to the wedding” and Candice is all like “they gotta work through their issues before they get married.” but this season  is gonna be good  maybe they’ll actually get to be happy for once.

West-Allen Wedding

I didn’t want a crossover wedding at first because we all know how crossovers. The more info we get the more I’m warming up to the idea as long as Iris gets her time to shine which is what we all want. I would love the wedding to be a 2 part with the bachelor-bachelorette parties. Sara should be apart of it of course I’m dying to see Candice and Caity’s friendship on screen. I’d love a Christmas wedding because those episodes are usually great for the romance. But Candice did say they wanna get Barry out of the speedforce and resolve their issues before the save the date cards and the date on them was in November.

Here are a couple little mini wishes:

I can’t wait to see Cisco and Cynthia’s relationship dynamic in season 4 and her dad is gonna come in into play.


I can’t wait to see more of Joe and Cecile’s relationship and it sounds like they’re trying to focus more on family this season, the start of heading towards Flash fam focus?

Candice with Zoe is giving me major “if Barry and Iris had a dog” feels CAN IT BE A THING PLEASE!!!

  • Blue: You should go and help them with Emma.
  • Belle: If Rumple goes, I want to be here with him.
  • Blue: Here. This rose is linked to your beast, Belle. As long it still has petals, he lives.
  • Belle: Uhhhh--
  • Blue: What?
  • Belle: Not that I'm complaining or anything but how was this be the first method of notifying me of his condition that you thought of? How did you skip over, "medical personnel on standby with my cell phone number" straight to "magical floating rose" that I have to carry around in a huge glass case? It seems very impractical.
  • Blue: Uhhhh--
  • Belle: How would you even come up with that? Is this a spell you've done before? Do fairies just measure things in dying flower units?
  • Blue: Look, I was just trying to do--like in the movie--you know what, nevermind.

anonymous asked:

Snk ladies are amazing and I am surprised at the lack of content about them in general.

I can only nod and agree with you about them being amazing. A few years back, snkception and I gave a shoutout to Isayama for creating such an interesting and varied assortment of women. They are fun to explore. When I was doing my Favorite Moments I found that a surprising amount of information can be drawn from even the briefest appearance of characters like Anka, Nanaba, Hitch and Captain Rico Brzenska.

As far as a lack of content, I don’t have anything concrete to back it up, but it seems to me too that the guys get the bulk of the art. The meta world seems a little more balanced.

11x02 - Curing the Virus and Stopping Amara...

I am slowly making my way through a season 11 re-watch in this mini hiatus and I have just finished 11x2. After spending a short while just soaking up Sam’s brilliance in this episode a few things struck me that I wanted to put down into (admittedly a massive muddle of) words…

The virus that was unleashed in episode 1 behaves in strange ways, it is a shame that they never took this any further (so far) having Sam cure all the infected people at the end of 11x2. The main points I picked up on were that 1. It controls people and compels them to behave in a certain way and to do its bidding. 2. It infects some people far more quickly than others, and 3. It reacts to Holy Fire to the extent that Holy fire can purge and cleanse the infected of it completely.

Point 1. Establishes that the virus is an extension of the Darkness that escaped in episode 1. The infected do not act at random, they seem to have some drive or desire to find the baby Amara… All the infected flock to the hospital. So clearly they have a purpose, a group agenda where the darkness that has infected them is controlling them and compelling them to do its bidding. (To find and protect Amara as she grew perhaps?) They act violently towards others in order to either infect them as well or to get them out of the way, but they do not attack other infected people (the way the 3 infected people went to attack Sam only to walk away once realising he was also infected in 11x01.) We also know that the virus is whispering to people by the way it whispers to Sam to protect itself from the Holy Fire.

Point 2. We never get given a good reason as to why some people are infected quicker than others, so we can only speculate on this point, but if we accept that this virus is an extension of the Darkness itself, and we then relate that to the way Dean was ‘infected’ by the Mark of Cain, it is easy to assume that the darkness works by corrupting the soul, (we have the whole Cain story and Lucifer (the first bearer of the Mark) creating Demon’s out of corrupted human souls story to back us up here).

The way I see it, the more corruptible or easily swayed a human soul is, the faster the infection can get to you. This is also why I feel Sam was so difficult to take over, why he was able to resist for so long. Sam has a long history of viewing himself as impure, or unclean. The boy with the demon blood etc etc… but ultimately, he has shown more resistance to the dark forces than anyone else in all of supernaturals history. The chances are he was able to resist the virus for longer simply because he has spent his entire life trying to resist the darkness inside himself, making his soul possibly one of the strongest for resisting the whole ‘demonification’ process.

Finally, point 3. The cure being Holy Fire, ‘Biblical Purification’ (which I also think backs up my soul corruption theory once you consider the purified blood cure for demons) Holy fire (or holy light if you wanna draw further symbolism from it) is able to cure and purify the darkness just by getting close to it. The darkness was clearly ‘frightened’ by the holy fire judging by the way it whispered ‘No!’ and ‘Stop!’ to Sam when he brought the fire close to his skin.

When putting all of these points together, we have a virus that is clearly established as being an early form of the Darkness before it was able to take its true shape as Amara, It was able to infect people based on how easily it could corrupt their souls (its my theory and I’m sticking with it) and it was cured by Holy fire.

Basically, my point here is that episode 2 could have very well given us the biggest clue yet to how to stop Amara, and what I love about it is how it fits in so well with all of our other theories about how she will be stopped. The darkness is still something that latches onto the darkness in the human soul… Amara has taken a hold over Dean the same way the virus infected those people, just more subtly. The only thing that can stop her is some form of holy purification… Holy fire/ holy light… of which we got our other clue in 11x10. Angel grace alone may not be strong enough to stop her, but it did seem to make her sick… and purification via angelic grace? To a human soul perhaps? A human soul that is specifically bound to Amara? Especially when you consider that the angelic grace in question may have a little more oompf than the regular angelic grace… since it is favoured by God (confirmed in 11x10) and owned by an angel having ‘too much heart’? When you take into consideration other factors like the Colette parallel and that big gaping plot hole from season 8 regarding the angel fall spell being items specifically associated with love (except for the last one yeah right)… I think our grace cure is still very much on the table… and I still think that ‘power of love’ will be a huge part of how that grace cure plays out.

a lot of people, particularly the Gamer Dude types seem to get mixed up between like. meta agency and canon based agency. meta agency is a concept that like, no fictional characters have free will and choice other than what their creators write for them, and then canon based agency is what free will and choice the character has within their own canon

a good example is quiet, where like. meta-wise, kojima was all ‘oh you’ll feel guilty for ogling her she has to breathe through her skin that’s why she dresses so skimpily’ etc. etc. and then that gives gamer dudes the power to say ‘but she CHOOSES to dress this way!’ when. no. kojima and the art designers gave her an impractical outfit for gross dudes to ogle at

if quiet had canon based agency, she’d probably be wearing something a lot more practical like the numerous redesigns and to show that she really is the deadly sniper she is in game and at no point does she decide to change her outfit. only the player can do that, again, removing her agency over her own body. hell, the player was the cause for that to begin with  

compare this to bayonetta. again, meta-wise, she was designed to be sexy and ogled by dudes (don’t bring the ‘B-BUT FEMALE CHARACTER DESIGNER’ into this, kamiya still had the final say on how she looked). the difference in canon, however, is she has complete control over how and when this happens. she’s powerful, her outfit is full-body though does remove itself and she seems to revel in this rather than be embarrassed or upset by it. she has control over her own sexuality and is fully aware of it. and we’re also seen she changes outfits based on her own desires (opening of bayo 1 and 2 with disguises and casual wear)

it’s just important to consider all elements of where characters come from with how their agency is presented, i guess