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We are tired of losing agency:
Persephone rips six seeds from their fleshy husks and
bares her teeth against Zeus’s paltry benediction.
She rules with an iron heart and a frosted smile.

We are tired of being erased:
Eurydice’s name is printed first on the marquee as she
leads Orpheus to a standing ovation from inside Hade’s Halls.
She accepts baskets of honey and roses as her due

We are tired of feeling ignored:
Echo stops hiding behind sycamore trunks and she
breaks Narcissus’ mirror with a golden apple.
She starts a conversation and refuses to finish it

We are done with fucking dying
to be the damsel for your dashing hero,
to be relegated to a possessive pronoun
in your goddamned myth.

We do not belong to the narrative;
the narrative belongs to us and
we are going to rewrite the stories
to reflect our fucking presence.

Persephone chooses winter,
Eurydice turns around,
Echo speaks first and
We stop shouting into empty canyons.
—  ​Womanhood is the story of being forbidden
Theory about monster nose nuzzling

Okay, so I had an idea today. If you’ve ever wondered how the heck your Undertale OTP would kiss because it doesn’t seem physically possible, this might be relevant to your interests.

We know that, among monsters:

1) body configuration varies enormously. Not all monsters have lips, mouths, noses, faces, etc.

2) regardless of body configuration, every monster’s magic, soul and body are tightly entwined, and

3) nose nuzzling is a competitive sport apparently???

Considering all 3 factors, I propose that monsters don’t kiss as we know it. Their kissing/nuzzling is more about touching their magic and their feelings together and seeing what happens. And sometimes, the result is showy

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