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It’s a well-documented fact that our ancestors’ ideas of entertainment were completely insane. Luckily, primitive technology kept anyone from going too crazy, right? Can you imagine what it would’ve been like if 18th-century Russian engineers had tried to build roller coasters?

This is probably the time to tell you that the first roller coaster was built in 1784 by Russian engineers, presumably with the same drunken determination to catapult human beings at dangerous speeds that powered their space program years later.

Considering the fact that roller coasters still kill people today, even when crafted with modern technology and bearing the likenesses of charming licensed characters, it seems the only reason to build one in czarist Russia would have been to execute political prisoners. To put this in perspective,escalators were considered tourist attractions in 1850, nearly a century after this.

6 Modern Day Tech Advances (That Your Grandparents Had)


2/7/2016:  4.56 Mile / 7.34k Walk (to Mordor)

You could say it was a little windy today, as evidenced by those flags on the beach. 23 mph winds according to the weather service, and, of course, cold AF!

My phone decided it was too cold also, shutting off TWICE in a matter of 5 minutes for no particular reason, it seemed, which is why there are two runkeeper walks since i had to start it over. They look the same, but I’m walking one direction and the other is the other direction. It stopped at almost the halfway point.

I also stopped on my way to do the upperbody work at the park. Stayed with 10 reps each of:

  • Hanging Leg Lifts
  • Incline Pushups
  • Incline Pullups

But made it to 15 reps of the Parallel Bars Knee Raises. I didn’t have to take a break at all during the pushups, which was an improvement. The Hanging Leg Lifts were a bitch with so many clothes on, tho! Could not get my legs as high as normal.

And, of course, I did use my ‘Escape the Shire’ wrap thingy over my neck and face today. Somehow when your neck is warm it helps a lot, and when the wind was in my face I pulled it up and covered my mouth and nose too. I hate breathing in super-cold air, it hurts my lungs.

You can find out more about Walking to Mordor below:

Escape the Shire

Elven Dash

Having a degradation/humiliation fetish and watching my kinks get made fun of is a weird time because on one hand I’m like,

“Oh dammit but I really like that thing. And not even for the gross reasons they seem to think.”

But on the other hand I’m like, 

“Hell yes. Tell me I’m a disgusting girl. Tell me I’m the most disgusting girl you’ve ever seen.”

MARGINAL#4 Index 1st Stage ~REVOLUTION!~ Chapters 5-8

This index is pretty much a compilation of short story chapters posted online (the site/link no longer exists) in early 2013 by Rejet to introduce people to MARGINAL#4 in preparation for Rejet Fes. 2013.

Here, you get more insight of the group’s early debut days, including their formation and the troubles they face as they prepare for their debut live.

Again, this is more of a half detailed summary half translation. You can read about chapters 1-4 here, which includes Rui’s and the twins’ chapters. This time will include Atom’s chapter as well as a chapter based on the Reader’s Theater the seiyuu cast performed at Rejet Fes. 2013. 

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Jaune's Semblance / finale predictions

I couldn’t link to it bc I don’t even remember who said it, but during the Q&A it was confirmed that we would learn of Jaune’s semblance. Considering there’s one episode left… He’s going to have to figure it out in a crucial moment.

I think that thus far all signs point to Jaune having some sort of defensive semblance. And remember Pyrrha saying “you have quite a lot of it,” in reference to his aura? I think his exceptional power will come in handy next ep. Maybe he would even be able to heal Yang? No one’s semblance is healing yet, maybe it’s too OP to be anyone’s semblance, but it seems reasonable otherwise.

Also: there was confirmed to be an LGBT character that Monty had had in mind “for awhile”, apparently. I suppose we might have had that confirmation of bumbleby in Chapter 11, but if we’re going to have a concrete idea it’ll have to be in the finale.

Finally, my predictions: Cinder has what she wants, she’ll go away to report to her superior, who is likely Raven. She will leave Emerald and maybe even Mercury, and they will help the huntresses fight off Grimm, perhaps setting them up for redemption arcs next volume. Everyone will have to work together to fight the dragon and its spawn, but also, Adam is still in the picture, which bodes well for exactly no one. I think Raven will show up, and if she cares for Yang at all, she’s gonna be pissed. Then again, I think they’ll save Adam’s defeat for Blake and possibly Yang. I think Ozpin may fight Cinder, but that is if he fights at all - crwby seems very keen on teasing as far as Ozpin is involved.

I’ve become dimly aware of some new major Anti-Yudkowksy essay/book/something being written, and like most such things it sounds kind of ridiculous. 

(no, not because Yudkowsky is that good!). 

Except that it’s actually focused more on neoreaction than Yudkowsky, but for some reason seems to consider him central to it. (ugh.)

Am I the only person who reacts to Roko’s Basilisk with neither ridicule nor fear???

I was talking to my mom on the phone last night about Bernie Sanders and she said “he actually sounds good, maybe I’ll vote for him!” and that’s so exciting because my parents are 55 and were raised republican and have a lot of internalized racism, homophobia, conservatism, etc mostly because of when and how they were raised, so hearing my mother be so open minded about a democratic candidate made me so happy. like yeah, when my father was a small business owner and we were a middle class family in the late 90s/early 2000s perhaps voting republican seemed like the most reasonable option, but now being a family of four with a poverty level income and two college students, our needs have changed and therefore so have our political needs. They have no access to media besides newspaper and word-of-mouth to follow this election (since we have no tv or internet at home) so I’m so glad that they’re taking my knowledge and opinions on the candidates seriously.

Raven is a villain, right?

I feel like she is in charge of Cinder. She’s the one who told one that Ozpin was arrogant.

That’s why Qrow said she was dangerous…

And that explains how Raven knew where Yang was in volume two during her fight with Neo. Raven wanted her plan to succeed but she didn’t want Yang to die.

Idk this seems like the only reasonable solution.

he hadn’t really expected it to rain. it was cool out, it was nice… but apparently going through every season of the year within a day was something that the weather felt like doing. now, of course, he could have just shimmered back home, dried himself up. but there’s a parking garage nearby & for some reason that seems home-y. he’s always loved them, not sure why. there’s somethin’ unique about them. maybe it’s just because he loves cars so much.

      it’s not long before he feels eyes on him, & his own following over to see a boy standing. he doesn’t know why he’s standing there ; a parking garage security.. boy – not something he thought existed.  ‘  .. hi.