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in our bed | prologue

All the things Harry’s thought and learned about love are true. It’s beautiful and it’s terrible, and it’s the best feeling and the worst, and it makes things seem perfect when they’re so far from it. Love ends things, and it brings new beginnings, too, and this is Harry’s new beginning ― with or without Niall.

Between the Sheets sequel… preview? Maybe?

“Your breath fucking smells like shit on a stick, Lou.”

Louis veers to the side, away from Harry’s face, and Harry opens his mouth, throws his head back and laughs like a little kid; the liquor in his system ― Louis’s a total artist at making mixed drinks with the bare minimums, it seems, and Harry’s had enough tequila-infused jello shots and White Russians and Jägerbombs to knock out an entire fleet of trained soldiers who’ve been enlisted for years ― has given him sparkly strength and comical courage to say things he otherwise would not if he were sober.

But he’s not. Sober, that is.

And why should he be?

He’s far, far away from his mother ― his mummy, who’s in Cheshire probably tucked in bed with Robin’s arms wrapped around her as they sleep through the night for a day of work in a few hours, if the clock Louis’s got hung up on the wall over the door to their cramped dorm is right ― for university and his very first class is tomorrow morning at eight (and why Harry opted to take an eight o’clock class his first year is beyond him, and Gemma even warned him against it, but fuck if he didn’t listen to her, didn’t listen to everybody else and do it, and maybe it won’t be as bad as everyone is telling him but then again it probably will be) and he’s only known his roommate for a little more than a week and he’s not a kid anymore.

He’s not a kid anymore, and he’s allowed to make his own decisions, allowed to make his own choices.

And if they’re bad, if they’re wrong, so be it. He’s got to learn somehow, doesn’t he? School educates you a lot and people instruct you more, but you are the very best teacher for yourself, really, at the end of the day. He’s not learned all he needs to yet from school, from people, but now it’s time for him to discover himself, and he isn’t going to back down from that challenge because it’s one he’s been looking forward to for years and he’s finally been given the chance to live his life in the way he’s wanted to for so, so long.

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