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Blue Eyes; II

Blue Eyes; I

Levi’s tears vanish but Erwin’s blue eyes don’t - when Levi attends junior high school and meets those eyes again, in the hallway, everything’s overwhelming - he wonders, if Erwin remembers his eyes too.

He learns that Erwin’s family came back, just this semester, not knowing if Levi’s family had moved. It’s awkward, Erwin’s so tall suddenly, his voice is different too, but his eyes are the same - Levi reads past adventures in their depth.

They spend time again, meet outside or at Erwin’s home - it’s normal, they’re friends, surely nothing more - Levi tells himself.

Except for how quick Levi’s heart’s beating whenever they meet, when Erwin smiles, touches Levi’s shoulder or says “wow, I’m proud of you” when Levi passes that exam he was so afraid of - all because of Erwin’s help.

They watch movies, play video games and study together - Levi stays one night, sleeps in Erwin’s bed, Erwin on the floor - neither of them falls asleep. At home, Levi doesn’t wash the shirt he slept in, keeps it in his own bed, because it smells like Erwin.

A few weeks later, when Levi stays overnight again, they fall asleep next to each other on Erwin’s bed, when Levi wakes up, Erwin’s hand’s on his - Levi closes his eyes and doesn’t go back to sleep.

When everything’s dark, when it’s loud at home - Levi thinks of him, sees magical stones and leaves and a blue so warm he’ll melt under its gaze.

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I was just wondering if you could possibly do number 72 please, thank you

“You need sleep.”

“I do not.” You argue, though the book in your hand’s fallen onto the ground five times in the past ten minutes.

“Yeah? You’re awake, then?”

“Of course.” You grumble, rubbing at your eyes. A tinge of irritation streaks through you at Newt’s questioning. You’re certain you already know where it’s going to lead, and that, in your currently sleepy state, he’s going to win the argument.

“What’s happened in the story, then?”

Shit. “Martha just met Derek. They’re falling in love.”

Newt bites his lip to avoid grinning like a fool. Is it his fault you’re so adorable? “Not quite, love.”

“Then what happens?”

“I can’t say I know.”

You scowl at him, and it’s so cute he nearly laughs. “Who’re you to say I’m wrong, then?”

He watches you quietly for a moment before scooting backward, making room next to him in the giant arm chair you’d picked out for the living room. “Perhaps you’re right. Would you read it to me while I rest?”

You eye him suspiciously. You’ve wanted to read to  him for months, but he’d never let you. “You really want me to?

“If you’ll sit by me.”

You can’t see any trick in his words, and cuddling with Newt is always warm and wonderful, so you give in to his asks, swaying the slightest when you stand, but you make it over to him without any trouble, plopping onto the half-open cushion he’s on.

You begin to read aloud from the book, but pause when Newt drapes a blanket over your shoulders. “What are you doing?”

“Making sure you’re comfortable.”

The warmth of the blanket combined with the comfort of the arm Newt wraps around your shoulders soon has your eyelids drooping, words slurring as you slowly lean closer and closer to Newt, not stopping until your head’s on his chest and you’re out like a lightbulb.

Newt chuckles when you mutter something in your sleep. He wonders if there’s ever been anyone so lovely, and, if not, how he was so lucky as to get you.

Pressing a kiss to your head, Newt slinks down into the chair, finding the most comfortable position. It looks like he’ll be stuck the same way all night, you in his arms, curled up against his chest.

Newt smiles to himself, rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand. Merlin’s beard, how’d he ever manage to deserve you?

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Yay, requests are open! Can I request a birthday drabble for TOP, since his b-day is soon? The prompt can be anything. My birthday is actually on November 3rd, right before his, so I would be really grateful! Thank you! ♡

Seunghyun isn’t the faint breeze in the early mornings that sweeps the birds up in their sleep and makes people wear extra thick coats once winter arrived, neither was he the burning sun in the middle of summer that called out for cold drinks and fleeting clothing. His eyes weren’t the windows to his soul, not even close as the roof of his heart, they were just powerful beings that liked to stare back, study their surroundings before keeping the same act that Seunghyun has played his whole life –being blank. People thought that he was that way, blank, even when he was an artist at heart and he loved everything that was outstanding, but he didn’t want people to see the colors in him, wondering if people would like him with all the mixtures that surrounded his personality.

For, he was red…at times where he does a lot of things all for the sake of others. He is red when he arrives to a meeting at seven in the morning, then he goes to some art launch, after that he has to go to interviews and he only arrives at his house when it’s two in the morning and he has to have some hours of sleep, but he doesn’t complain…he doesn’t say a thing, he just rests and thinks that he is lucky for having what he has. Yet, he can also be vibrant blue –electrifying, much more when those verses slip past his lips and with some movements, he has people cheering for him. Seunghyun is not the type of artist that needs to dance or do other things to get his point across, his own words can reach a hundred people –if not more- and he does it with pleasure. He was also a faint shade of white in his aura, for delicacy and elegance, sometimes he was the color green when she realized how well said color looked over his tan skin. But most importantly, Seunghyun isn’t only happy shades; sometimes he is a bundle of colors together…asking where he belongs…what he does…what he feels, often people don’t realize when Seunghyun is like this, but she does and she loves him when he is that vibrant red or when he is the darkest blue.

Love doesn’t seem to pick a time to hit you, but once it does, you never go back to seeing things how they were before.

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Reaction to another member hitting on their crush - Pentagon

A/N: This was requested a bit over a week ago oops

Jinho: I don’t think Jinho would do anything about it, but he would be really frustrated. “Why is he doing that? Doesn’t he know I like them? Probably not, ugh” Generaly he would keep any crushes on the downlow, so reacting much wouldn’t be something he would do, except he might try harder to gain contact with you in the future.

Hui: I think Hwitaek would instantly be there and kinda’ interrupt a bit. He might come over and join the conversation, trying to get your attention away from the other member. This or he would pull the member away from you, pretending he needed them for something.

Hongseok: Hongseok might actually be a bit subtle about it. It would annoy him a bit and he might stare from afar, observing your reaction to the member. Hongseok is generally quite a confident person, so he would rely a bit on bouncing back later, just like Jinho.

E’Dawn: With Hyojung it all depends if the member hitting on you knows he likes you or not. If they aren’t aware, he wouldn’t mind all that much but maybe ask them after if they also like you. If they did know though, he might be a bit manioulative (not in a bad way necessarily) and kinda gain eye contact with the member so they understand that he didn’t think it was an alright thing to do.

Shinwon: I am not entirely sure about Shinwon, but I think he msotly would be a bit dissapointed. He might find it a bit harder to progress with you when he found competition, but he would also make sure to find out who you really liked and respect that.

Yeo One: Changgu might be a bit sarcastic when it comes to this. He’d come over and say something like “oh hey what are you two doing here TOGETHER?” He’d probably have a similar tactic to Hui’s first one, where he would join the conversationa dn he would totally try to gain your eyecontact so much and smile and wink at you.

Yanan: Okay, but in the beginning Yanan would be a little lost and confused as to why his member was hitting on his crush. I think he actually also might ask about it after, just to resolve the whole thing and let the other member know about his feelings.

Yuto: I’m not sure if Yuto would do anything about it at all. He seems like he is a bit shy of conflicts, but it would definitely bother him a lot. If he got you on his own, he might ask you if you liked the other member and if you said no it would probably lead to him confessing his feelings for you. If you said yes though, he might tell you his feelings anyways just to get them out there.

Kino: Hyunggu would maybe not be sure of what to do in the situation. He would dwell on not doing anything and just see if it continues or he would maybe take the upper hand and out do the other member to get to you first. He might also see if the other member liked you a lot, because he would want to know who liked you THE MOST and also who you liked.

Wooseok: I actually think Wooseok wouldn’t think too much on it as he’s very nonchalant about most things. I don’t think he’d like a member hitting on his crush but he would know that it’s harmless if he was really the one you liked and not them.

For @limitlessmonster because she deserves some Otayuri. And because I can.

Yuri Plisetsky is so beautiful it’s painful. Quite literally painful for Otabek because the first time he told him as much he got a palm to the face as Yuri shoved him away and growled something about Otabek being “a blind shit who needed some fucking glasses”. 

The second time he says it, they’re pressed together on public transportation after they dove into an underground train station to avoid Yuri’s overzealous fan base. Otabek had a firm hold on the pole while Yuri, reluctantly, held on to him. He remembers the way Yuri chewed his bottom lip, in thought, in frustration. Otabek was sure it was a little bit of both. There was something so appealing about that open expression that Otabek told him again. He received a swift punch to the side and some incoherent grumbling in response. 

He still takes pride in the way Yuri’s cheeks colored though. 

He doesn’t say it a third time. At least, he doesn’t say it out loud. After the second time, Otabek starts to understand that what he feels when he looks at Yuri is painful for more than one reason. His side aches when he remembers the punch, but his heart aches too. His heart aches whenever he watches Yuri on the ice, whenever Yuri spends the night at his place, sprawled out carelessly on the couch. His ever growing hair gets everywhere, but Otabek isn’t annoyed when he finds the blond strands anymore. In fact, they make him smile. 

That’s just as painful. 

He knows that Yuri isn’t the type to allow his attention to stray from his figure skating and why should he? He’s the most impressive young skater since Viktor Nikiforov himself. Even more impressive, if anyone were to ask Otabek. And Yuri would say Otabek is biased, so his opinion doesn’t count. Biased or not, Otabek has always admired and will always admire Yuri as a figure skater. 

But he knows that’s as far as he can allow his admiration to go. 

As they sit in Yuri’s hotel room, barely a day away from their next competition, Otabek tries to squash his growing feelings. Yuri’s legs are slung over his lap and his hand rests just above one of Yuri’s knees. He knows he should pull back, knows that maybe the gesture is more intimate than it should be, all things considered. But Yuri doesn’t seem phased by it. HIs attention remains on the screen of his phone while Otabek’s heart pounds louder and louder every second. He’s sure Yuri will hear it. 

He doesn’t know when he it started, but he thinks that maybe he’s always had these feelings for Yuri. He’s certainly always thought Yuri was beautiful. Blunt, rash, rude at times, stubborn, strong willed and powerful, and even with all the things that should push him away, Otabek is drawn in. He’s staring before he can stop himself, meeting Yuri’s eyes as he finally looks up from his phone. And he wants to say it again. Knows he shouldn’t, but wants to anyway. 

Yuri speaks first. “So it’s been a long ass time…” He lowers the phone into his lap. “Are you finally gonna kiss me, or what?” 

Otabek blinks away the shock. Yuri stares back, his jaw set in the same defiant way it does when he tells Yakov what he wants for his routine, and makes it known that he won’t take no for an answer. Blunt, Otabek thinks as his lips twitch into a smile. 

He pushes himself toward Yuri, feeling Yuri’s legs shift in his lap. “If that’s what you want…” 

“I wouldn’t fucking say it if I didn’t.”

Beautiful, Otabek thinks as he chuckles and fulfills both of their wants with that kiss. 

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Boop! Herc drabble maybe? Herc is making a wedding dress to surprise reader so he's using someone else to model. But reader doesnt know and boom angst turned fluff. Sorry if that seems less like a drabble and more like a fic. ✨

Awwww! I hope this is okay!

“Thanks so much for doing this,” Herc told one of his long time customers.

“Oh, don’t be silly, of course I’d do this! After all those gorgeous dresses you’ve made me, this is the least I could do!” She waved a hand, placed her purse over her shoulder, “I’m sure she’ll love it!”

“I hope so,” Herc laughed a little nervous.

Meanwhile. You were making your way up the apartment buildings stairs, trying to get to your floor. Looking up you heard a door open. It was your room. A more mature, posh woman stepped out. Wearing designer jeans, holding a Stella purse and hair obviously salon done. You were a floor below here and over heard part of the conversation.

“You let me know if you need anything else, okay?” She told your fiancé, “I can’t see to get enough!”

“You let me know if you need anything! Just stop on by and we’ll get to work!” Herc told her.

When you finally heard the door shut, you continued your way upstairs. Thankfully the woman took the elevator. You unlocked the apartment door and decided to play it cool, despite having notions of your own swirling around your head already.

“Hey, babe!” Herc came around the corner of the kitchen to see you.

“Hey.” Your tone was dull and your eyebrows were pointed indicating your irritation.

“How was your day?” He asked coming over to you.

“I dunno. How was yours?” You backed away from him, very unlike you, eyes looking up to shoot daggers at him.

“Just fine, great actually-”

“Great?!” You suddenly yelled.

“Babe,” he tried to say calmingly, “I don’t-”

“Oh don’t act like you don’t know! I saw her, I heard you!” You tried to be tough and straightforward, but just the thought was tearing you apart inside.

Tears welled in your eyes and you avoided eye contact, not wanting to show him your pain and hurt. You sniffled and your chest rose and fell heavily.

“Honey, I really don’t what’s-”

“You’re cheating on me!” You felt a pang of pain in your chest as you finally yelled those words, “that’s why that fancy woman was over here and you told her if she needed a thing to let you know.”

You barely spoke through your sobbing. In reality you were the one breaking his heart. There was only one was to make you believe that he wasn’t, but it would ruin the surprise. At least the dress had been completed though.

“You know, if you regret your decision,” you pulled on the gorgeous gemstoned ring on your finger, dropping it on the counter next to you, “then fine. But just say so.”

Herc started with a sigh, “follow me.

He picked up your ring, and headed down the hall; you were trailing behind him, eye burning and arms crosses. Stopped when he did you watched him unlock his work room. Pushing the door open, it revealed a stunning white dress. You were completely taken aback. It looked like a wedding dress right out of a fantasy; your fantasy to be exact. It had every detail that you complained about not finding in other dresses.

“So?” You huffed.

“Babe, she has the same structure as you. I’m using her as a model. Nothing more.” Herc’s voice was sincere and honest, “This is yours. I wanted to surprise you closer to the wedding, but I’d rather have your trust in me again. I would never cheat on you.”

Now the tears falling were due to you feeling both guilty for accusing him of something like cheating and an overwhelming sensation of love from your fiancé. You wiped some tears away with your sleeve.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered hoarsely.

“I understand how it looks, but I want you to know that you’re my only,” Herc pulled your wedding ring out of his pocket, “I made my decision and I will never ever regret it.”

He held his hand out, not forcing anything, but simply waiting for your choice. Giving Jims your hand, he held it in one hand and slipped your ring on with the other. Your attempts to not cry again failed. You were a complete mess, holding your hand close to your chest.

“C'mere, Princess,” Herc wrapped you in his arms, “how about we cuddle up on the couch and just enjoy each other. You’ve been working all day and you’re tired.”

“Hercules Mulligan, I’m so sorry and I don’t deserve you,” you looked up at him.

“And I’m so in love with you,” he responded with a sweet kiss.

Advent Drabble 5 - Boxing Day (requested by nocaseon)

Sherlock was surrounded by Boxing Day adverts.

This gave John pause. He lifted his eyebrows and said, “I…didn’t know you cared about Boxing Day.”

“I love Boxing Day,” said Sherlock.

John didn’t ask Are there sales on really tight, button-straining shirts? He bit his tongue.

Sherlock sighed and said, “You have questions,” and pushed aside his adverts.

“Yes. Since when do you shop?”

“Boxing Day sales compel people into a competitive atmosphere that brings out an edge of violence. If you wish to witness a crime, Boxing Day sales are a prime motivator.”

That seemed more like it, thought John.