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Patton the Villain Wrangler Part 5

I’m just gonna call it that. That’s the official name now.

Word Count: 621

Warnings: brief mention of cancer, some doubt, but honestly, this is fluff.

Ship: Platonic Moxiety (is it still moxiety if they don’t embody Thomas’ Morality and Anxiety?)

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The next time a kid asked for a supervillain, about two weeks later, the volunteer who got it knew exactly who to go to.

“Hey Patton,” Rafaela said as she sat on his desk, “I’ve got something for you.”

She handed him a star.

Could you please send Alley Cat to see me? I know that they’re a villain, but they identify as nonbinary, like me, and I want to talk to them about their experience to help me to better understand myself.

-Riley, age 15, Thyroid Cancer

Patton looked at the star and smiled. “I’ll see what I can do!”

Again, Patton poured himself into researching Alley Cat. There wasn’t much on them, unfortunately. At least, not nearly as much as he’d found on the Vigilante. And he didn’t dare try to call Joan again. He turned off his computer and sighed. There had to be a way to find them!

A thought occurred to him. He checked his planner. Yes! He checked his watch. 7:45. He could still make it.

It was about 8:15 when Patton got to the diner. He didn’t know how well the Vigilante would respond to him showing up again. But he said he’d be willing to do it, he thought to himself.

Yeah, if another kid asked for him, his inner doubt said.

Patton shook his head and walked into the diner. The waitress looked at him in shock for a second, then went back to waiting tables.

The Vigilante sat at his regular booth, sipping his coffee. He had decided against changing his pattern so Patton could find him again. And find him he did. He saw Patton walk in, and he saw the waitress double take when he did. The Vigilante chuckled a little bit, then took another sip of his coffee.

“What’s it this time?” the Vigilante asked as Patton sat down at the booth.

“What do you know about Alley Cat?” Patton asked, pushing the star across the table.

“They’re nonbinary. Hard to find,” the Vigilante said as he picked up the star.

“I know that much.”

The waitress came by and asked if Patton wanted anything. He asked for a grilled cheese sandwich and a chocolate malt, like he had last time. She left.

“What more can you tell me?” Patton asked.

The Vigilante sighed and looked at the man in front of him. “I do happen to know them very well.”

“You do?”


“Can you talk them into doing this?”
“Probably not.”

Patton seemed to deflate.

“But I think you might be able to.


“Yeah. You convinced me to go see that girl Maddie against my better judgement. I’m sure you could convince them to see this kid.”

Patton didn’t say anything for a minute. The waitress brought his meal.

“Wh-when can I see them?” he asked as he started eating.

“I’ll see what I can arrange with them, but keep your schedule open. I’ll let you know.”

“Please don’t take me through the shadows again,” Patton said with a shudder, “It’s too cold and scary.”

“Okay. Then I’ll send you a note stating a time and place.”


Patton started to get up, but the Vigilante grabbed his hand. Patton stopped.

“Uh.” The Vigilante closed his eyes, before looking up at Patton. “Would- would you like to stay? And just talk?”
Patton smiled and sat back down. “What do you want to talk about?”

The Vigilante thought for a second. “Tell me about yourself. Your life, your interests.”

“Okay!” And then Patton launched into his life. They sat there for hours, with Patton gesturing wildly with each new story, and the Vigilante listening intently, the barest hint of a smile playing at his lips.

Anti (or Jack’s) next appearance?

I’m back with another theory!

So, as we all know, the hype for Anti’s appearances has only increased since Detention. He would show up a few times in each episode and transmit another message to us before disappearing again. Or… Was it really Jack trying to break through to us? On top of the fact that we don’t know who’s in control, we don’t know when we will get another appearance. Detention is over and we haven’t seen any signs ever since.

First of all, let’s talk about the appearances for a moment. As I’ve mentioned in my character analysis for both Anti and Dark, Anti is a violent person. His appearances have always included something like hair/face pulling, blood, choking, imitations of being shot in the head or something of the sort. However, the recent appearances in Detention have shown absolutely no signs of violence. It’s simply head twitching, the regular strange voice, and even signs of someone reaching out to the camera – to the viewers. This leads many of us to believe that it’s actually Jack stuck inside and not Anti. That maybe he’s trying to reach out for us and make us realize that it’s not him.

This leads me to my next point.

It seems that whoever it may be – Jack or Anti – was trying to send us a message through the Detention episodes. Things such as ‘forgotten or just to afraid to remember’ and others have been said throughout the series, catching our attention. Assuming that this was intentional, what does this mean in regards of us seeing them again now that Detention is over? If we were to continue with this theme of sending the viewers a message, then it would be right of us to think that the next time he appears would be when a game is played in which there could be an important message to deliver. If it is Jack trapped inside, maybe he’s doing it in hopes that we’ll realize that something isn’t right and, since he can’t fully reach out to us, he uses small sentences to get his point across. Or, if it’s Anti, maybe he’s also trying to make us realize it so that he can scare us or possibly just to make us think and watch us put the puzzle pieces of his sick, twisted game together.

A lot of people have also been talking about Anti (or Jack) making a bigger appearance rather than appearing subtly again through a game. This would make sense, considering Dark showed up on Valentines Day for A Date With Markiplier and he wants to take back the spotlight. Speaking of which, one of the theories were that he would make an appearance again but in collaboration with Darkiplier in some sort of demonic battle or even to get together and go against Mark and Jack. However, that’s a theory for another time. If we think about the possibilities of big appearances in the future, we have the following: 100th Reading Your Comments, St. Patrick’s Day and April Fools Day. Based off of the fact that Anti’s big appearance was on Halloween (Say Goodbye), it would be right to assume that he likes to make big appearances.

But the question is: which one would he pick?

If he were to come in the 100th RYC video, it would be like a huge flip for us as viewers. Expecting another regular video like all the others and wanting it to be a one-on-one with Jack like it’s always been. But then, he shows up at some point and the tables flip. Of course he would want to ruin something that’s important to Jack – he’s always said that he likes to be closer to us through these videos and really get to speak his mind, so what better opportunity to ruin than this? Get real close and personal with everyone, hook them all in, and then make everyone realize that things really have changed since October.

Now, let’s say he didn’t go for that one and instead went for St. Patty’s Day. Why would he pick this one? Well, this has always been a big day for our fav Irish pal. He always does something fun to celebrate and makes us laugh with whatever he comes up with. Knowing this, wouldn’t it just be so much fun for Anti to come in and crash the party? Another great opportunity to take something Jack really enjoys and crush it. It’s also a great way to gain even more attention than before because everyone who knows Jack, know that he’s big on St. Patty’s Day and would tune in only to find out that another little Irish boy decided to come and have his own party.

Finally, we have April Fools. I personally think that this would be the one he decides to pick out of the three. I mean, if we look at Halloween, it was practically a big joke for Anti. It started off as a happy pumpkin carving video and then turned into a nice blood bath after he slit Jack’s throat. But, as I mentioned before, we don’t really know if Jack truly came back after that happened. We don’t know if Jack ever really regained control after or if Anti is still the one steering the wheel. Knowing this, does that mean that Anti would want to reveal himself to everyone on April Fools and pull the biggest joke ever on us?

Think about it, we’ve been suspecting things ever since the episodes of Detention and maybe even before that, but these are still nothing but theories. Anti pushes Jack away and locks him in his own mind while he toys with us nicely, just waiting for the right time to flip the tables – like on Halloween. The closer we get to April Fools, the more suspicious he becomes, the more we question what’s really going on behind closed doors. The April Fools video starts off wonderfully, all laughs and jokes, and then he drops it on us like a bomb. It was Anti the whole time. Jack never came back. The joke’s on you.

So, there are many possibilities, but I guess we’ll only find out in time. The only thing we can do is sit back and wait – watch as everything slowly unfolds.

According to Anti, that’s what we’re best at. Isn’t it?

anonymous asked:

Hi, can I request a headcanon (if they're open) of Akutagawa, Chuuya, and Dazai with a perfectionist s/o studying at a prestigious university? Thank you!!

Akutagawa Ryunosuke

  • Dishing out compliments isn’t exactly Akutagawa’s style, and he won’t praise you very often, but whenever you pull off a huge project or write an amazing paper he always makes sure to congratulate you. “You’re working hard,” he remarks, pulling you into his shoulder for a quick hug. Akutagawa fires off a few brief compliments about your most recent success before threading his fingers through yours and dragging you to your favorite bakery; sugar and coffee are much better at telling you how proud he is than his awkward words.
  • Akutagawa’s the perfect study buddy. Even if he doesn’t have any schoolwork of his own, he’s usually willing to suffer through an all-nighter with you (the man only gets about three hours of sleep per night, anyway; he’s practically living off of cat naps). While you cram for tests and finish up the last details of papers, Akuatagawa curls up on the couch next to you with a book. He lazily trails a hand through your hair, content to read and gently cuddle until you’re finally ready to call it a night.
  • If anyone’s giving you trouble—teachers or classmates—Akutagawa immediately sets them straight. Naturally, he’s always looking out for you, but the fact that he gets the chance to slash up some rich kids that aren’t smart enough to leave you alone makes the whole intimidation experience much more enjoyable. Most of the people found in a prestigious university aren’t exactly the toughest; hearing some asshole whimper as Rashomon curls wounds across their skin, begging for mercy and forgiveness, offering thousands of dollars—whatever it’ll take to make him stop —just adds to the pleasure he gets in showing someone what happens when they mess with what’s his.

Nakahara Chuuya

  • If you’re struggling in any classes and the regular tutors just aren’t cutting it, Chuuya hunts down the best tutor money can buy. No price is too steep; if it means you score 100 on your next test, he’ll drop the cash for a hefty paycheck without even thinking. You need to maintain those stellar grades you work so hard for, after all, and Chuuya’s not about to let your GPA dip because you’re having trouble wrapping your mind around a few concepts.
  • While he absolutely wants you to pour all the time and energy you can into your studies, Chuuya refuses to let schoolwork consume your life. Whenever he senses stress is getting you down, he ‘gently requests’ a homework extension from your teachers (why mafiosos are suddenly interested in their students’ deadlines, they’re always too intimidated to ask). That way, you can spend the day with him completely worry-free about impending due dates. Wherever you want to go on your day off, Chuuya obliges; it’s his treat to you, since you’re working so hard.
  • Prestigious universities aren’t cheap, but Chuuya’s not about to let that stop you from getting the education you deserve. As long as you put the effort into applying for a few scholarships, and keep up your fantastic grades, he covers the rest of your tuition.

Dazai Osamu

  • Letting you study in peace is a constant struggle; Dazai wants you to finish your homework and papers, but he also can’t stand when you’re paying more attention to your textbooks than him. He understands the perfectionism demands you do your work, and do it well; but when the clock’s pushing 11 PM and he just wants to snuggle, schoolwork seems much less important. Usually, Dazai holds himself back for about an hour before the urge to bother you crumbles his self control. “You need a study break or your pretty brain’s going to melt into mush,” Dazai claims, wrapping his arms around you. He whisks you away to the couch (or bed, if it’s late enough) despite your protests for a quick cuddle session. Dazai traps you in his arms for at least a fifteen minute cuddle session before letting you resume your studying.
  • Dazai’s top priority is making sure you don’t turn out like one of the pretentious, stuck-up assholes that always seem to dominate prestigious universities. Expect lots of spontaneous dates in the middle of the night; Dazai often drags you out of bed for an impromptu bar crawl, or to sneak on all of the rides at the nearest amusement park, or chuck eggs at Chuuya’s open windows. According to him, minor delinquency ‘cures the snobbery’.
  • While he’s glad your perfectionism drives you to work hard, Dazai’s adamant you relax. He’s constantly trying to convince you that it’s not a big deal if you half-ass a short paper or don’t show up to class once in awhile when you need to catch up on sleep. If you’re not careful, he might break out the puppy eyes when you’re trying to turn down a date night so you can study; if simply bugging you isn’t enough, maybe guilt-tripping you with the whole ‘________-doesn’t-love-me-woe-is-me’ routine will be. If you don’t loosen up, eventually Dazai will resort to tears. 
Chasing Freedom

This was heavily inspired by Beloved by Sinnatious (Go read it. It’s amazing. It’s on AO3). As several people have said, there aren’t enough post-DOC fics. There especially aren’t enough post-DOC Genesis fics. Or Strifesodos fics.

And I still love with the idea of people getting nervous about all the SOLDIERs still running around, and Cloud having to deal with the WRO attempting to bring all the SOLDIERs into protective custody.

Cloud disapproves.

So do the other SOLDIERs.

I have so many ideas… But I’ll be going about this completely differently than Sinnatious. Because… well. Spoilers. You’ll have to see.

Disclaimer: Square Enix owns FFVII, not me. I’m just messing with the characters.

Chapter 1

… . .

Cloud leaned close over Fenrir as he sped along the road back to Edge, eying the many hidden spots along the sides. Monsters were still a problem, even if they had lessened in both strength and numbers since the destruction of the Mako reactors, and he knew better than to let his guard down.

Plus the uneasiness that had settled in his gut a few days ago was bothering him.

His goggles protected him from the worst of the wind, allowing him to keep an eye out without too much hinderance, or many blind spots.

Though it appeared that the monsters were all elsewhere today.

He made it into Edge easily enough, without suffering any attacks. He kept an eye for civilians on the road, but they appeared to have the sense to stay off the road and away from oncoming traffic for once. The sun was out, most of the remaining clouds formerly around Midgar having been driven away by Vincent’s fight with Omega a few months previously, and the air was comfortably cool. By all rights, it was a beautiful and perfect day.

So why did he feel a knot of cold dread in his stomach?

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untwined  asked:

so first of all, your blog is pretty dope. its given me a ton of confidence in larry lately. anyway, i was wondering, whats your opinion on harry and louis "denying" larry? i know theres a ton of interviews where theyre asked the topic, but one particular one is this girl and she asks "but havent you two kissed?" and they're like "no" and then they get into the fandom and stuff. if you want, i can submit the link to it. i was just wondering what you thought of it.

Aww, thanks babycakes!

All good, I know the one you mean. Imma link you though to an amazing post, from about 10 months ago. I love our fandom because we’ve got insiders freaking everywhere!


I kind of know the interview, and I had an opportunity to ask her about this interview and she said that she was told to ask about Larry. She also said it was the most awkward part of the interview, and right after they addressed it they had to take a little break in which Harry and Louis stepped out for a few minutes.


i confirm this!
I also got to ask the interviewer (lauren) about the interview she did with them and she said it was great except for one part that was awkward and full of tension and i asked her what part that was and she said the part where she had to ask about larry.
i posted about this interview last year as well and she also told me that louis and harry needed a break after that part as well.

Even before I’d heard this, I thought there was a BIG difference in both halves of the question. It seemed to me that they knew this was coming and had decided on their regular ‘talk around it’ approach. Unfortunately, this interviewer was more thorough than they’d planned for. When she asked them flat out 'but haven’t you kissed?’ suddenly their soft denial and talk around it without answering approach wouldn’t work anymore, resulting in the most awkward hesitation of all time, followed by the least convincing 'no’ of all time.

I’m really not surprised from the confirmations that not only was the question enforced of the interviewer, and that Harry and Louis needed a break. This was really the first time they ended up actually denying their relationship and it must have been really distressing for them.

I feel like the same thing happened in that Sunrise interview in Australia where they showed Harry the magazine article about him and Louis. I think the intention of the interview was for Harry to look at the photos and declare them photoshopped, ('haha, look at that, crazy people will believe anything! Rumours, what can you do?’) but the interviewer, wanting an actual statement, pushed a hard answer - “So there’s nothing going on between you and Louis?

When you’re asked a direct question like that, it’s almost impossible to wiggle out of it with a clever answer, and immediately noticeable and suspicious if you try. In both cases they pretty much did what they had to do and it both cases looked extremely unsettled about what they were saying. Given all the other fuckery around these two and their relationship, I don’t give these denials any weight or worry.

#179: pictures of you he uploads on instagram

Mark: “Let’s take a picture!” you say with a grin. You’d both been on that bench in the park for hours and what better way to document the day than a picture. He smiles, nodding as he moves closer and throws an arm around you. His head is against yours as he makes his signature pouty face as you smile widely. “Send it to me so I can upload it!” he says, smiling. He captions it: Best day with the best girl. :)

Jr.: He doesn’t — because he doesn’t ever use his instagram. “Oh, come on,” you say, pushing him jokingly as you both walked down the street. You look back down at your phone at your instagram feed to show him another picture that JB had just uploaded. “See! JB uploads pictures,” you say, giggling. He rolls his eyes at you, then suddenly pulls out his phone, snapping a picture of you laughing quickly before you noticed. And then before you knew it — it was up. He captions it: First post of my first love.

JB: “WAIT! Stay right there! DON’T MOVE!” he says, suddenly. He runs over to his backpack to grab his phone. “Seriously?” you say, laughing, knowing exactly what he was about to do. You turn your head around, seeing him already in a picture-taking position. “HEY! What did I say?!” he yells at you, laughing. “Okay, okay!” reply, turning your head back around. He takes the picture of you from behind, with just enough space to see the scenery, too. He doesn’t caption it.

Jackson: He’s really, really wants to upload one of you or with you or just something to do with you because he wanted everyone to know how lucky he was, and tonight seemed like a good night. You were both all dressed up at dinner when he pulls out his phone. “Let me take a picture of you, okay!” he says eagerly, and snaps a picture of you at the dinner table. He captions it: Date night. (and then probably translates it to Chinese and Korean, too.)

BamBam: “I’m going to take a picture of you, you look so good today!!” he calls you with excitement. He reaches into his pocket to take out his phone. You laugh as he struggles a bit (his pants were a little tight), and then roll your eyes as he holds his phone out to snap a picture. “POSE!! Your outfit so looks gooooooood!” he says, laughing, and you laugh along back at him, posing as playfully and best as you could as he snaps picture after picture, choosing just the right one to upload. He captions it: Looks Really Really Good! Love You!

Youngjae: He doesn’t really think about uploading all that much — but he’s laying in bed with you as you both are distracted on your phones until he interrupts the silence. “I think I should upload my instagram account,” he randomly says. You put your phone down. “Maybe,” you say, “It’s been a while since you uploaded, right?” He nods, “Yeah… okay, how about we take one right now,” he says grinning. He holds up the phone to take a picture of you both. He captions it: Hello from us!!!! 

Yugyeom: “This one’s no good, either,” he says, looking at his phone. You both had been trying to take a picture of you both so you could also see the blue sky and green trees from behind you. “I give up,” he sighs, and hands you the phone. “You’re too picky,” you say, laughing, “Here. Upload this one. It’s my favourite.” You hand his phone back to him as he laughs at the picture of you both making a funny face - not even close to the scenic picture he wanted. But he uploads it anyway. He captions it: her favourite picture hehe 

Korra's fighting during the recovery [part 1]

Wanted to do a little thing like this for a while, but could never un-lazy myself enough to start. Feel free to add stuff and observations. I just want to mash out a quick basic frame because I’m actually getting a bit tired (I wanted to start on this all day and put it off until late into the night. But at least I started!) Here goes nothing.

There’s a lot of talk (and whining) about Korra’s fighting over the course of her recovery process in book 4, and I’ve been seeing a lot of very spread out opinions and observations. I wanted to do a little analysis thing and look at the gradual improvements as she’s coming closer to a full recovery. As of the most recently aired episode (407) Korra is pretty close to her old groove. 

Time to dig into painful memories first though. I’ll be using a lot of makos-lightningrod’s gifs because they’re totally awesome and my greatest wish when I need to write essays for college would be to have sources as perfectly indexed as their blog. 

Korra Alone

We all know how Korra first had to get to the point where she could take more than a few steps before collapsing, so let’s skip ahead to (chronologically) her first fight.

Doesn’t look too shabby, right? Lot’s of significantly sized fire blasts at a rapid pace, and she’s blocking a succession of shots.

Her sparring partners block or dodge her shots with ease though. Her opponents’ attacks don’t seem as powerful in Korra Alone as they were in the opening episode. Considering they seemed hesitant to attack at all, perhaps they were still holding back.

In the firebending training all the way back in the first episode, her blasts are so powerful they knock them over - or even launch them up on the rooftop. And she is firing so rapidly even the single frames of her arm movements are blurred.

* gushes * … Ahem, sorry. Moving on.

Gifs can only show so much of course. Overall when watching the scene, Korra clearly seems to be several steps slower at this point, almost like there’s a slight pause between every move. When she’s doing that characteristic move of through her opponent’s fire, she’s sort of pushing through it untill she gets to the other side, rather than propelling herself through it as fast as she did in the past.

All in all, while there is a noticeable sluggishness, it doesn’t necessarily look that bad. The technique and aim isn’t bad. She’s certainly done worse than this over the course of the next episodes. 

I think that might be because Korra went into this fight with a good amount of confidence. She wanted to show her progress to Tenzin, and there’s a significant difference between fighting with confidence, and fighting hesitantly.

Additionally -and this is a pretty important factor- her opponents aren’t that strong. They’re probably just regular White Lotus sentries. They’re not going to (be able to) trip her up or fling her across the field when she’s slow or makes a misstep. Opponents like Toph and Kuvira are just merciless in those cases - especially because they’re earthbenders. You’re not likely to trip over fire after all, and fire blasts aren’t always strong enough to knock you over, unless you’re out of balance. 

We all know how it ends when Korra sees a PTSD-induced flash of Zaheer. 

I think it’s somewhere in the period after this that Korra loses the confidence she had in her progress and recovery. She’s hit a wall, and can’t go into the Avatar-State. There's something that’s stopping her. 

You can see very clearly in the scene at the fish-stand on the coast that Korra isn’t radiating any confidence at all, and she’s dragged unwillingly into intervening in the robbery, where she side-steps one of the robbers’ attacks, but gets hit by the other one and knocked over instead, and she doesn’t recover until the robbers are long gone. Apart from one nice sweep of her leg there’s no footwork to speak of. 

That’s another thing. Korra doesn’t really manage to recover that fast from her opponents’ attacks at this point. Once they get a good hit in, she’s either down or doesn’t manage to recover enough to fight back. Take a look at the next fight.

I actually don’t even need to talk about sluggishness or technique or anything. Korra is taking numerous hits and never recovering enough to dodge any or fire back. Even that first shot she was actively attempting to block put her completely off balance. In the entire fight Korra makes only a single attack. Again with a nice sweep of the leg. There doesn’t seem to be much confidence, but there’s still a little bit of fight in her left. Some will to push back.

Korra’s waterblasts aren’t that bad, but we can see Dark Avatar Korra’s attacks are coming in way faster, in continuous motion. Korra at least manages to dodge two of the attacks very elegantly, before being thrown off her feet by the third. At that point she’s entirely off balance, and just struggling to survive.

Once she gets hit the fight is completely knocked out of her. Korra runs. And this is significant, because Korra never runs from a fight. The only times I can recall are when she fled from Amon. This. Is. Serious. 

There are certainly indications of knowing good technique throughout all these fights (and upcoming ones), and there’s a couple of very impressive movements, but Korra isn’t able to make her moves flow, nor does she have the raw speed and power she used to.

However if anything you can say that - while offensively she still really needs to recover - Korra’s staying power did increase. In the first few engagements one or two hits pretty much did her in, but after six months of travelling on her own she’s able to take a huge amount of abuse before she goes down. That’s not particularly comforting though; it’s just more painful for me.

That’s it for the first part. We’ll see if I’ll hold laziness at bay for more.