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hi hello !! bellow the read more you’re able to find #190+ OTP TAGS / VERSE NAMES based off lyrics by THOMSTON !! legiT i kid you not when i say his way with words is beautiful on a whole new level n tbh he’s v/ underrated ?? as the lyrics switch from angst to fluffiness you’ll most likely will be able to get inspired in some way ! and, of course, please like or reblog if you found this useful, fam !! (pls lmk if there are any spelling errors/things that don’t make sense as i had to rush this)

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i’m still kinda new to TWAU but here we go

My Big Boy Bigby

sexuality headcanon : he’s a Big Bi, and also too caring to know if that’s love or a protective impulse.

otp : him/a good night o’ rest (VERY big kink of mine). after that i don’t know, because i can’t seem to find a woman i actively wanna ship him with and i hold (X) Suspicion towards literally any other male character. MAN i’m boring.

brotp : him/Snow (i’m a homo for Snow so i can’t let him have her…. sorry man)

notp : i’m very new to the fandom so i have yet to see that One Ship that’ll make me physically repulsed but uuuh if anything with one of the Tweedle brothers show up i may throw my chair.

first headcanon that pops into my head : he liked to sleep on the floor, like curled up in a ball like a dog, except he doesn’t because he’s got a sofa, and also he likes crunchy candy. also he’s probably an aries.

one way in which I relate to this character : the anger issues ! ! man ! ! ! this game is testing my anger issues  ! ! ! !

thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character : [glass him]

cinnamon roll or problematic fave : he’s an asshole with a heart of gold who’s got a PhD in Respect For Women but still… violence is bad and all that shit… so i guess a Problematic.

ask me about a character ?

I’m literally going mad and I’m not kidding. There were times when I didn’t have any problems over shows, movies or characters but then it came and I saw Sherlock (BBC) and in that moment it all began. I immediately fell in love with this show and wanted more and more. But not just because it was funny and thrilling, but because there were these two:

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And well at the beginning I didn’t think there was some obsession growing inside my brain. I just like them and wanted them to be together…. more than just friends. And that was how it all began. Since then I’ve watched many shows and movies where I chose my OTPs, which were perfectly straight (malexfemale), hoping that one day they would be together. And most of the times they were. But then something again happened with me and instead of wanting this to happen: 

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I wanted this to happen: 

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And that was the ship that made me read fanfictions. I can honestly say that this one ship in particular started my obsession, which is horrible because most of the people rather ship Stucky then Stony, but I wanted to be somehow different I guess. So I read multiple fanfictions about them and still I can’t say I’ve had enough of them. They’ve become one of my OTPs. But then it seemed that everything was fine again. I started to watch other shows like Arrow for example and it took me some time to find my OTP even in this show, because at first I wanted this to happen:

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And then when they made clear that wasn’t going to happen at all I opened my eyes to something new. And you don’t have to super intelligent to know what I mean: 

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And this is one of the hardest honestly because not everyone can say which one of their OTPs they love most above everything else. Well, I think I could say that at the time. Olicity was my all the time favorite OTP and even my family didn’t see me going so crazy over two characters being together before. I’ve read countless fanfictions about them, hoping that one day they would be together and my dreams indeed came true, but then again something strange happened. The Flash happened and instead of shipping Westallen or Snowbarry like any other ordinary girl I begin to enjoy these two:

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And this is really crazy, because I immediately wanted to read fanfictions about them, because what else I could do? But considering shipping them together as couple is not so popular there are not many fanfictions about them and the ones I found were 90% oneshots. I hate oneshots, because I need longer stories, I need build-up, so this was the one ship that made me write my first fanfiction about TV show characters, so at least in some way I could enjoy them being together. Did it help me? Well I have no idea, to be honest. They certainly made me even more crazy then before. But then another malexmale ship came when I saw one movie: 

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And now I can say I’m done, because I realized that for some reason it doesn’t matter how cool they make malexfemale relationship I would never enjoy it like I enjoy malexmale relationship. I don’t know why considering I am knew to all of this, but I feel this way. And now when I see fangirls going all crazy over malexfemale ship, that they are not together and something like that, I can’t help and just melancholically smile that my OTPs are never going to be together, because my OTPs are malexmale and in the movies or shows they are straight, so there is no chance. So who has it hard now? Because I chose to ship them and they will never be together and there is nothing I can do about it, then just read fanfictions or write them. But even so, I will never be able to have that feeling I used to have when my OTPs became cannon. That feeling was always priceless, because many people were saying that they would never be together and I still believed. Now it all makes me a little sad, that even when I find normal ship it is only a matter of time before I switch to malexmale ship. And I don’t know why I needed to post it on here. I just felt like writing about my emotions and depressions was a good idea. Maybe no one will read this and maybe someone will and somehow say something to put me down for even thinking about such things. But even so I needed to write about it. At some point it made me feel better. 

Fan Theory - Hook and the Underworld

One of the most exciting parts of belonging to such an ardent fandom is celebrating each new development between our OTP while hypothesizing on likely future events, using spoilers, rumors, and parallels as ‘evidence’.  With that being said, I both rejoice and fear the conjecture that can be made from the most recent round of clues…

The parallels in 3x12 strongly suggest Emma will find her 'home’ and her TLK by the end of 3B (many other posters have finely detailed these theories, so I shall refrain from doing so here.)  But most importantly, her path to these goals seems driven by her connection to Hook - so similar to Henry’s role in Season 1 - leading many of us CS shippers to fill to bursting with hope that he will be that home and ultimate love for her.

Enter the latest round of 'spotty’ information.  With reports that Hook and Dr. Whale have been sharing scenes - shortly after those mysterious pictures of Kansas made their way around the web - one wonders if Hook has been injured and if Emma will have to save him in the same way that she did Henry in 1x21 (hmmm and isn’t it interesting that the episode in question would be 3x21?)  Again, this evidence seems very promising for our OTP; after all, a well-timed TLK has the power to right almost any conceivable wrong.

But those of use who relish in gleaning clues from the writers’ tweets, interviews, and 'between-the-lines’ non-statements know that they love to keep us guessing, have planted clues for future seasons throughout past episodes, have a deep love for Star Wars (very relevant here, I’ll get to it in a moment), and have dropped enough hints that a major game-changer is on its way.  Not to stir up any trouble (who am I kidding; that’s the entire point of this post) I offer a few humble theories for the end of 3B and possible direction for 4:

  • Keep Us Guessing: I’m sure you’ve already noticed, but the amount of propaganda from the cast interviews, tweets, and spoilers supporting CS has been incredible; and therefore, I am naturally suspicious.  It’s not that I don’t believe CS is endgame, because I FIRMLY do, but from a writing standpoint, I wouldn’t be surprised if Emma’s love story spanned the longevity of the show.  Hers is the only one that is being explored in real time; why would they match her up with happily-ever-after before the final season?  Again, I’m still fervently Team CS, but I don’t think their path is quite done.  We are all expecting a TLK at the end of this season – and we may still get it – but that doesn’t guarantee us hearts and flowers from here on out, and really just the fact that we think it’s coming is reason enough for the writers to throw a wrench in things.
  • Clues in Prior Episodes:  Remember those flying monkeys in the story book in Episode 1?  Yeah, me too.  How about Medusa showing up in the Enchanted Forest?  Did anyone else find that particular story thread to be a bit out-of-place?  What purpose could a spotlight on Greek Mythology play in a show about fairy tales?  I don’t know about you, but my money is on foreshadowing.  I recently saw a post in which Emma was sent to the Underworld to rescue – you guessed it: Hook! (swanspirate and captainswanandclintasha) While it initially sent my heart in a frenzy the more I thought about it, the more plausible it seemed.  If Hook is paralleling Henry, it would make a lot of sense for Hook to be separated from the group – presumed to be in mortal peril – and for Emma to have to save him.  That we had a mention of Greek Mythology already supports past tendencies to set up future seasons well in advance, and when you combine the conjecture that Hook and Dr. Whale just filmed Hook’s swan song (no pun intended), wouldn’t it be interesting if his soul did have to be rescued from Hades?
  • Star Wars:  Are you still reading?  Excellent, because this one is my favorite.  The writers and Colin have both referenced the influence of Han Solo on Hook’s character.  We’ve seen it several times – coming back on the Jolly Roger/Millenium Falcon to help the heroes; the burgeoning relationship between the princess (Emma/Leia), so naturally I find myself wondering what will be Hook’s Carbonite?  If we stick with the potential theory that Hook will be put into peril – perhaps even venturing to the Underworld – I think Hades makes one helluva Jabba archeotype.  Enter Princess Emma/Leia to save him, and the ultimate show down between good and evil ensues.  Oh, and if you’re still hedging about the Greek Mythology, consider that we KNOW Hook has scenes with Ariel…perhaps King Triton makes an appearance too…
  • Major Game-Changer:  Continuing with the Hades/Underworld hypothesis, if Hook ‘dies’ in 3B - with or without his TLK from Emma -  and she goes to save him, this would be an epic game changer not only for the plot, but also for Emma’s character.  This would be the first time she’s fought for romantic love rather than put aside her own hopes in order to be everyone else’s savior.  By saving her own savior, she’s choosing to go after her own happiness.  How amazing would that be?

So, yeah…this was just one massively long conjecture spawned by some great theories and some great conversation (thank you doddplaza).  I am rooting for TLK and a happy ending just as hard as everyone else, but if any of the above ends up coming true, I have to admit; I wouldn’t hate seeing Emma go after her man!

Edited Thought: Its been pointed out that the Pegasus sail was also a hint toward Greek Mythology.  I imagine the gods might be pretty upset at the one who destroyed it…