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I imagine that the Marauders (and Lily and Marleen and Mary and… well, all of those arseholes, really) tell each other that they love each other all the time. It starts out in their very first year, with James telling them all he loves them because he was always a very affectionate child and the others latching onto it because none of them got enough love in their childhoods. (Remus is a fucking werewolf, Sirius came from the Black Household, and Peter’s sister got all the love, since their mother never wanted a son; she’d only wanted a daughter.)

They’re all doing it by the end of First Year. It just becomes a part of their vernacular. 

Naturally, Sirius and Remus say it to each other just as much as the others, but Sirius can’t –for the life of him, damn it– figure out if it means anything else. He wants it to –boy, does he want it to– but he has absolutely no idea how to distinguish between the platonic and… well, the less platonic. So he says nothing.

And then, they start fucking. 

That’s all it is. Sirius pushes his emotions down because he can’t think about it any other way. Remus is just a mate helping a mate. They’re just… doing it to do it. Practicing for the girls. It doesn’t matter that Remus sleepily mumbles that he loves him as they cuddle after sex, because that’s what they’ve always said. Nothing has changed. The gaping black hole in his heart doesn’t matter. 

It isn’t until Remus comes up to him in the Common Room and curls up in his lap that Sirius actually questions it. He stiffens minutely, but it’s enough for Remus to be like ??? What’s wrong??? You literally had my dick in you last night are you okay??? I just kissed your neck Padfoot you look like you’re terrified I’m going to bite you. 

And Sirius stares at him for a full thirty seconds, in which Remus begins to squirm a little under the gaze, and then blurts out YOU LOVE ME???????

And Remus’ eyebrows skyrocket. They fuckin’ leave the planet’s orbit. “Yes??? I tell you that a lot???” 

“But you tell Prongs you love him. You tell Wormtail you love him.” 

Remus stares at him and then slowly, slowly begins to shake his head, because it had never even occurred to him that Sirius might doubt his actual intentions. He supposed they did sorta skip the whole Talk that usually came with dating, but he’d assumed it was implied. It had been implied!!! 

But apparently, Sirius hadn’t picked up on that particular implication, because he’s still staring wide-eyed down at Remus. So Remus sits up properly and kisses him, long and full on the mouth. Sirius melts into the kiss, like he always does, because he can’t resist because Moony is so brilliant. When Remus finally pulls away, Sirius’ eyes are slightly unfocused. 

“I don’t do that to Prongs,” he points out, and nuzzles his nose back against Sirius’ collarbone. “I love you, Sirius. I want to date you. To be honest, I kinda assumed we were already dating.” 

And Sirius just kinda goes……. oh. 

It’s worth Remus’ soft puffs of laughter against his skin, though. His Moony is so brilliant.

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So Underfell Sans (the grumpy, cold and agressive version) and the reader get out of the Underground. The night falls, and she convinces him to come with her, and she takes him to a really good spot to see the stars he have never seen before. He have a crush on her and maybe let the cold facade down for once. I don't know if it would make a great story, take liberties if it's too restrictive, but have fun writing this !You're talentend enough to make it works, anyway ! Take care of yourself <3

(aw, thank you so much for your kind words-! never doubt yourself, little snapshots of a world like this always have wonderful promise. i hope you like the little something of what i’ve done here - this one’s shorter, so i won’t put it under a cut. and you take care of yourself too, okay? i can certainly promise - someone really cares about you. <3)

Your toes dug lightly at the edge of the cliffside you had all been gazing over. The sun had now all but set, the distant city already glowing with the lights of the night. The others had quickly separated, not comfortable with the close company right now, but a begrudging promise to meet back here to form a plan to approach the humans lingering in the air.

You took a deep breath, letting the cooling fresh air of the mountainside fill your lungs as your eyes drifted shut. You hadn’t fully realized just how much you missed it, all those months spent in the caves of the Underground filled only with air so stagnant and dank…

“you humans’ve been pretty fuckin’ spoiled.”

A chuckle escaped you as you opened your eyes and turned your head. Sans stood at your side, a scowl on his face, his gold tooth catching the last of the lingering dusk light. Despite his words, his eyelights showed just a measure of softness that you had only caught on the rarest occasion in the Underground.

“Yeah. Seems we take a lot more for granted than we’d ever admit.”

He scoffed, not meeting your gaze, instead continuing to stare out over the mountainside. His arm nearly brushed yours with how close he stood, and you regarded him carefully for another minute, a now well-recognizable flush creeping up your cheeks.

Finally, his gaze flickered to you. “whatcha fuckin’ starin’ at, ya want somethin’ to-”

Your arm looped through his and you turned away, cutting him off as he grunted in surprise.

“C’mon, I wanna show you something.”

You didn’t leave room for argument as you set a steady pace, trying to fight the grin pulling at your face, trying even harder to ignore the excited flutter of your stomach as your plan hatched.

“hey, ya don’t have to try ‘n pull my arm off,” Sans grumbled as he followed suit, surprisingly raising little other issue with your sudden insistence. His words were more than a little half-hearted, and you glanced at him from the half-step lead you had as you made your way up a lightly-worn path, venturing a little further yet up the mountain.

“What if I need a hand though? Gotta have a little help to show you this,” you shot back at him, your blush rising.

His eyesockets widened for a split moment before his grin - his real grin, something you could only ever pull out of him in the rarest circumstances previously - spread across his face. It still hinted of danger and dark promises, but in a way that sent the excitement bubbling in you into more of a frenzy.

“if ya’ve got a bone to pick with someone, sure,” he replied without missing a further beat, his cocky and mischievous look suiting him far too well. “it’d be humerus. i think tibia the source of another human’s fuckin’ shock and awe would be pretty satisfying-”

You laughed openly at his heavy wordplay as you pulled him above the treeline once again, a clearing of soft grass and late summer flowers tickling your calves as you whirled around to face him again. You pressed close, your free arm shifting so you could grip his upper arm with a brightening smile. His grin faltered for just a moment as his cheekbones stained a softly glowing crimson.

“The only one I want awed right now is you, Sans,” you whispered. You were so close now that his hips brushed against yours, that you swore you could feel the electric energy of his blush. It took everything in you to not throw caution to the wind and close the last of the distance between your faces.

Sans managed to find his words again, his voice going a little raw with how low and quiet it dipped. “w-what’re ya talkin’ about, sweetheart-”

You squeezed his arm one last time before spinning him away from you, away from the upwards slope of the mountain, back over the view you now stood over - and under.

Sans went completely still as he caught sight of the crystal-clear night stretching over him, the dim lights of the city far to your side now not able to drown out the glittering expanse of stars and the cloudy edges of the galaxy itself shining above you.

You remained quiet as you took in the view for a moment, relief and joy swelling in you as in this still moment away from the others, away from the demands, from the excitement - you finally let yourself realize that you were free.

And… more importantly… that he was free with you.

Your face tilted once again as you looked towards Sans, shifting gently so you could stand at his side, your arms still entwined. Your breath left you as you caught sight of his face.

Red streaks of liquid magic were streaming from the corner of his eyesockets, his face upturned towards the open sky with a vulnerable, matching openness you had never seen before.

Chest constricting painfully, you couldn’t find any words. You didn’t think you wanted to, really, as the wetness built at your own eyes.

Sans shifted at last, only the barest of movements as the arm you held moved and his hand caught yours. His fingers intertwined with yours, gripping just a little too tight.

You returned his grip as you carefully, slowly leaned against him, your face turning back up towards the sky as well.

Inspired by this text post 

Dean’s heart is restlessly pounding in his chest when he’s startled awake for whatever reason. He immediately kicks away the covers and crawls up until he’s sitting, his back heavily resting against the headboard, his stomach turning in protest. He runs a hand through his sweaty hair, and ouch, even that simple movement hurts.

It takes Dean a long moment before he realizes that it hurts because he has a headache the size of Canada. And then panic overwhelms him again, because shit, memories of last night are coming back to him all at once. He might have been drunk, but he remembers almost everything.

How they’d gotten back to the bunker after a hunt, tired but relieved. Him and Sam and Cas playing cards and having drinks, deciding to just have some fun for once; they deserved it, damnit. Sam going to bed around midnight, but Dean and Castiel going for one more round of scotch. And another. Which eventually, had ended in them getting closer and closer until Dean was kissing Cas right on the lips and telling him he wanted him.

“Shit!” Dean curses out loud, his blood turning to ice.

He glances around the room in alarm, then spots something on the nightstand that isn’t usually there. Actually, several items. A glass of water, some painkillers to go with it, and a tiny note. He reaches for the note first.

‘dear sober Dean,

don’t be mad, he kissed you back and he wants you too, it was about time you made a move, you idiot.
you’re welcome.

~ drunk Dean’

Holy shit. But before Dean can even begin to wrap his head around any of it, there’s a gentle knock on his door and it opens after a beat. Standing in the doorway is Castiel, carrying two mugs of coffee, the hint of a smile tugging at his lips as he mutters a quiet “Good morning, Dean”.

“Cas…” Dean sputters, clearing his throat. “I… I’m sorry for… You know, what I did last night.”

He goes for the apology, because it’s the only thing that seems to fit here. But the angel smiles and slowly shakes his head, closing the door behind him before calmly making his way to Dean’s bed, sitting down on the edge of it and placing the mugs on Dean’s nightstand.

“Please look at what’s on the back, Dean.” Is all he says.

Dean frowns at him, not yet awake enough to make sense of that order.

“The paper, in your hand.” Cas hints again.

Bewildered but curious, Dean does as he’s told. And indeed, there’s another message on the back, in a handwriting much neater than Dean’s.

'Dear sober Dean,

I want you too, but I won’t take advantage of you while you’re this far gone. If you still want me when you wake up, I’m all yours.

~ Partially drunk Castiel’

A silence stretches between them as Dean attempts to get with the program, until it all suddenly clicks. And the only answer that he gives Cas in return is a whispered “please”, knowing that it’s the right answer when blue eyes visibly light up at his response, Cas’ hand reaching for Dean’s. 

Their coffee goes cold as they properly trade lazy kisses for the first time, now both fully aware of it. Dean has to admit that for once, drunk Dean kinda did a good thing here.

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Kiss Prompts; Breathtaking Kiss! And if it's okay with you, may I request for it to be as passionate as you can make it? :D and Solavellan pairing, please and thank you <333

Thanks for the prompt :D Hope you enjoy the little kiss snippet ;)

The night had been a long one.  The soft fabric of her dress feeling stifling against her skin.  She had thought that nothing could be redeemable about this place.  Cold marble.  Cold night.  Cold people.  Everything hard and shiney and a facade, a pretentious show put on for others, and her, the shining rarity.  The odd collectible everyone wanted their hands on.

Then, Solas had come to her.  Coming out as soon as the woman Morrigan had left.  He had leaned next to her on the railing, his voice that deep sing song that she found so soothing.  It was unique, like everything else about him, it didn’t quite fit.  Though oddly, it seemed to fit more here than anywhere else they had been.  Though she could not fathom why.

When he asked her to dance she thought of saying no.  Her feet were weary and her head pounded.  In truth, all she wanted at that moment was to bury herself in bed and then leave with first light.  But, when he bowed to her, offered his hand with a slight tilt of the head and soft half smile, so rare and beautiful; how could she say no?

So, she took his hand and they danced.  They danced as the music died away and then continued a bit more, their bodies moving to a kind of internal sway that was over them both.  He held her close and his body chased away all the cold, bringing her back to life and making her blood hot once more.

He bent his head to her ear, whispered so the words danced across her skin, “I wonder what would happen if I kissed you here?  Kissed you were any of those stuffed peacocks could see it.”

She laughed, “I’m sure it would be the scandal of the year.”

He shifted so he could look down at her, “Perhaps we should do a favor to Dorian.  I imagine he is tired of being the main focus of Mother Giselle’s displeasure.  Shall we give them something to talk about, Inquisitor?”

Then their eyes were locked and something passed between them, hot and white like lighting.  She knew there was no going back, both of them had been wanting and waiting for too long.  And she wanted his kiss, wanted it so she could hold it close like a treasured secret, a promise kept between them.

His lips brushed against her cheek, her nose, feather light but still she shivered, trembled beneath his fingers as he gripped her tighter.  

“Tell me to stop.”

“Don’t.  Don’t stop.”

She reached up, hands going to the back of his neck to pull him down to her.  Their lips met and his kiss was gentle, testing, soft.  A kiss that felt like he feared he might break her.  Not the kiss she wanted, needed.  Not now, not after tonight, not after she had waited so long for him to find her again like this.

Her hands moved to the collar of his clothing, fingers knotting into the fabric as she pulled him harder to her.  She opened her mouth, moaned, flicked her tongue out to press against his lips.  He gave a low rumble in response and then his hands were on her ass, pulling her flush against him as his tongue found hers and the kiss went from gentle to devouring.

He tasted like wine and heat.  The taste and sensations combining to make her head spin so she clung to him tighter in fear she might lose her balance.  Somehow, he had backed them up, pressed her against a wall, his leg found the area between her thighs.  Then he was pushing up, placing pressure on her most sensitive spot as he swallowed her moans like they were the breath of life to him.

This kiss was killing her, she felt like she was exploding inside.  It was too much, too consuming, too everything.  He was swallowing her whole and she knew that there would never be another like this, like him.  Even if they didn’t last after all this was over, this kiss would be the kiss that changed her.  The one that would never leave her and would settle itself deep in her soul.

She surrendered to this completely.  Gave herself up to him, rocked against him begging him to take more, take all of her, take everything until there was nothing left but this.  

Then, he pulled from her, breath hot against her lips as the both stood there, pressed together, panting and hearts racing.

She managed to speak through her breathlessness, “Kiss me like that again and I’m afraid the world will explode.”

He laid his brow to hers, the fingers of one hand coming up to tangle in her curls, “Oh, vhenan, mine already has.”  

Saw a post yesterday where someone listed Virgo’s love as being “unconditional” (along with Pisces) and although I totally agree about Pisces, I’m not sure if it would be the same case for Virgo? I think those with Virgo Venus or significant Virgo energy tend to have high standards, meaning that, sure they love to serve their partner and stuff, but they definitely set their standards and their limits. Venus is in fall in Virgo though, so maybe I’m wrong. Or maybe this is just one of those astrological contradictions? Idk but I simply never considered Virgo’s love to be unconditional, as though even if someone walks all over them, they’re still going to support their partner. It doesn’t seem to fit.

If anyone here has Virgo Venus, could you please add your input? I’m curious.

Austin Nights - Part 4

Pairing: Single!Jensen × Reader

Word Count: About 3000

Summary: The reader lives in Austin and unknowingly runs into Jensen at a bonfire and sparks fly. Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Warnings: Language, Implied Smut? (not sure if that’s a warning or not)

Obviously I intend no hate or ill wishes to him or his family. This is purely just for writing and wasting my time.

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors.


When morning finally came, you had found yourself in the clean crisp white sheets of Jensen’s hotel room. Although last night was a blur of which time was lost, you clearly remembered every moment. The anticipation, the rush, the car ride to the hotel when hands couldn’t be kept off each other, hardly being able to make it to the elevator where your lips met passionately again, and eventually having so much of him that you passed into sleep in a state of ecstatic exhaustion.

You reached over for Jensen but didn’t find him there. You sat up pulling up the sheets to cover your bare chest as you looked around the room. Last night had you focused on other things than the details of the room. Seeing it now, it was essentially the same size of your apartment if not bigger. The bedroom led to an entryway and to the other side a marbled bathroom. A half wall separated the bedroom from what appeared at first glance to be a living room with huge gaping windows flooding with natural light. From the building outside the window, you presumed you were downtown and high up.

You slide towards the edge of the bed wanting to explore more and to find Jensen. As you stood, the pleasant ache in your thighs was undeniable. If you weren’t planning to soak up every moment you had with Jensen, you could have spent all day in bed recovering. You wrapped the sheets around you leaving only your back exposed. The sun’s warmth increased as you made your way closer. The living room consisted of a white couch and two matching love seats surrounding a TV bigger than yours. You curiously made your way to the window and gulped from the height.

A voice cleared their throat and when you looked you jumped in fear seeing that it was not Jay. The man appeared to be in a hotel uniform. You tightened the sheets around your body. He was in another extension of the room which appeared to be a kitchen and dining room.

“I’m sorry to intrude ma’am, your evening dress has been dry cleaned and pressed and is waiting for you in the bathroom.” He stated.

You were shocked by his intrusiveness and formality. “Uh, where’s Jensen?”

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Fool Me Once

Originally posted by baekhyuntella

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader (Kim Sunhee)

Themes: romance | smut | war | 1950 | gangs

Word count: 12,5k

Summary: Baekhyun is a Captain who likes the best in the world innocent women and shady dealings. Those two never go hand in hand, yet both seem to gradually ruin him.

21st May 1950

Byun Baekhyun had always loved corrupting innocent-looking woman. There was nothing sweeter in the world, than seeing a shy and well-bred woman moan his name at the top of her voice, begging him to spank her.

With his status and appearance, it was quite easy. Whenever he entered a tavern or a bar, everyone, regardless gender, looked at him. He was desired, and he took it to his advantage.

This day was no different.

As usual, when the clock struck late hour, he was seated in a leather booth with his two fellow friends—Jongdae and Minseok, playing with glasses of whisky in their hands.

“Has anyone caught your attention yet?” Jongdae asked casually before putting his alcohol on the oak table, and smashing his lips against hooker’s lips that condescendingly was sitting on his laps, grinding his crotch.

“I’m pretty sure all fairest maidens already sleep tight in their beds. Why would someone so pure and innocent show up here at such late hour?” Minseok chimed in, looking around the space, as there was no one who would actually fit Baekhyun’s preference.

The girl must’ve had long dark hair, so he could wrap the ponytail around his palm, and pull her whenever she would disobey him. The girl must’ve been shorter than him, so Baekhyun wouldn’t have any threat to his height insecurity. The girl had to have the warmest smile, so the inferior ones would envy her.

“The night is young.” Baekhyun replied casually, smirking. “I’m certain that at least one girl is going to show up. I just have to be patient and positive.” He added, and with a gleam in his eyes and a smirk upon his face looked around the tavern in hope of spotting a perfect catch.

“I prefer hookers.” Minseok spoke matter-of-factly, as he laid his orbs on the woman beside him, undressing her with his sinful and hungry gaze. “They’re much more skilled.” He commented a second before he shoved his tongue down the courtesan’s throat.

“And naughtier,” added Jongdae, slipping his hand under the woman’s undergarments.

“Maybe, you’re right, but you’re missing the most important point,” Baekhyun sighed, trying to explain what his friends were missing out on. “Prostitutes lay with you for money, while those innocent girls completely devote themselves to you. They fully trust you and allow you to do literally everything to them. There’s the special attachment which is absent with a courtesan.”

“For me, sex is sex. It’s good when I get my release, and not even once a hooker has failed me.” Jongdae replied, groping the firm bottom of his whore.

“You two are too simple-minded,” Baekhyun announced, as Minseok agreed with Jongdae’s statement. “With an innocent girl, you get complete control over her, while with a prostitute, you think you’re in charge but it’s just an illusion. Moreover, it’s never a challenge when you fuck with a whore.”

“We just don’t care. We don’t want to play mind games, we just want to fuck.” Minseok added, as he forced the woman off his lap, and gave her a firm spank. “And right now, it’s exactly what I’m craving.” He spoke, licking his lips seductively. “Let’s go upstairs. I am all hard for your tight cunt.” Smirking, Minseok stood up, and rushed his courtesan to the room.

“That’s a perfect idea,” Jongdae agreed, sending a suggestive smirk to his woman. “Let’s leave our Mr I-only-sleep-with-virgins here. Maybe, he’ll get lucky later.”

“There was no occurrence when I got unlucky.” Baekhyun replied with confidence, being completely positive he was going to find himself some company for tonight’s escapade. “You may settle for whores, but I prefer waiting for real catch.” He added, taking a sip of his whisky. “Peasants,” Baekhyun snorted under his breath, as Jongdae and Minseok left the booth to fuck their hookers.


It didn’t even take five minutes.

Baekhyun drank up his alcohol, and looked around the tavern for a waitress who would refill his glass with the original Scottish whisky.

“Good evening, sir. Is there anything I can get you?” A woman in a skimpy dress said, as soon as she approached him, and sent him a wide smile.

Surprisingly, she seemed to be a good girl, regardless of her sultry outfit. She was radiating with innocence and kindness, even if she had exposed cleavage. It appeared to give her some hard time, as every time it slipped down a little, she tried to pull it up and cover as much skin as possible.

Moreover, she perfectly fitted his type.

Her hair, her height, her body, her everything—Baekhyun knew he just hit jackpot.

“Yes, actually you can.” Baekhyun replied after a while, observing her body from head to toe, trying to spot any flaw. Unfortunately, or fortunately, he found none. No matter from what perspective he looked at her, she was perfect.

“Okay, may I know what I can get you?” She asked, as her client seemed distant.

“Let’s start with your name.” Baekhyun spoke nonchalantly, as he leaned backward, pressing his back against the backrest. “We’ll figure out the rest later.”

“I believe I have lots of clients to serve. Would you be kind enough to tell me what you wish to drink?” She said as politely as it was possible. Regardless Baekhyun’s social status, she wanted to bring him his order, and then serve other customers. That’s what she was being paid for; she couldn’t so simply neglect her duties.

Despite her comment, Baekhyun didn’t budge.

“It’s Kim Sunhee.” She answered, hoping it would speed him up. Unless she desired being scolded by the owner, Sunhee got to serve him swiftly and with professionalism. “Can I get your order now?”

“Kim Sunhee.” Baekhyun repeated her name, making it sound definitely better, as syllables seemed to be dancing off his tongue. “A very pretty name for a very pretty woman,” he complimented, sending her one of his signature smirks—whenever he used this on girls, it never meant anything good. “How old are you, Sunhee?”

“Twenty.” She simply replied, knowing that doing everything his way, would be undoubtedly the fastest way to write down his order and focus on other customers.

“It’s a wonderful age.” Baekhyun spoke as a matter of fact, and smiled at her, noticing her shyness. “And what made you work here? You don’t seem to fit in here.”

Sunhee had enough of this interview, yet she couldn’t tell him that. Her boss would be furious if she treated Captain Byun Baekhyun rudely. The handsome man in the uniform was ready to leave a fortune in the bar, and scaring him out of the tavern would bring her tremendous consequences, ergo, there was no other option for her but to suck it up and diligently answer all his questions.

“I work here to help my family. I have to provide for their well-being.” Sunhee confessed sincerely. Whenever a member of her family was in trouble, she would do anything to help.

“I see…,” Baekhyun sighed, “I would like another glass of whisky, and possibly a word with your superior.” He added, as he placed an empty glass on the table, and looked her in the eyes, wondering how they looked up close.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Sunhee nodded her head, and walked away, being perfectly aware of Baekhyun’s intense gaze on her bottom.

Baekhyun smirked, knowing she won’t be walking so easily once he has some quality time with her. Oh, definitely not.


“Sunhee, can I have a word with you?” Her boss, Shindong, asked her once he ended a little chat with Captain Byun.

“What’s the matter, boss?” Sunhee looked at her superior, thinking what he wanted to discuss with her.

“I talked with Captain Byun, and he said he would like to get to know you better. I understand you’re a new waitress here, but you must meet up with him. He’s waiting for you in the room upstairs.” Shindong explained, hoping she wouldn’t disobey.

“I am a waitress, not a prostitute.” Sunhee talked back, as she didn’t like the idea of sleeping with the man, regardless of his social status.

“I am aware, but we can’t afford losing such an important client. He’s a regular guest in my tavern, and he specifically requested for your assistance.”

“I can’t, I am here to serve guests, not to lay with them.” Sunhee corrected her boss, reminding him under what conditions she had been hired in the tavern. “You must send someone who is actually capable of satisfying his needs. I am afraid I can’t do that.”

“Listen,” Shindong grabbed her by her arm, and pulled her closer to him, forcing her to focus her gaze on him. “He doesn’t want anyone else. Captain Byun solicited for you, and I don’t care if he fucks your cunt, or asks you to suck him off, you’re going to do it regardless. I did you a huge favor hiring you here, and if you want to keep your job, you get to fulfill his every wish.”

Sunhee was almost in tears.

This wasn’t fair, but on the other hand, nothing could be done to change her situation. Shindong had made it very clear; she could either please Captain Byun, or fail her family. Sunhee detested both choices; they were equally wrong, but she would never bail out on her own clan. Right now, letting Captain Byun fuck her was the lesser of two evils.

“Fine, I’ll do it.” Sunhee replied, sighing loudly. She wasn’t really fond of this idea, but she had to keep her waitress position, even if she had to put her pride aside and let Captain Byun do whatever he wants to do to her.

“Good girl,” Shindong whispered, as he tilted her chin. “You better not disappoint him. As I previously said, we can’t afford to lose him.”


Sunhee was standing in front of the doors. Captain Byun Baekhyun was waiting behind them, yet she couldn’t bring enough courage to walk inside. When she would enter the room, there would be no coming back. She still had the chance to back away.

Biting her bottom lip, she placed her hand on the knob, and twisted it hesitantly, pushing the doors open. As expected, she saw Captain Byun sitting on the bed and sipping his alcohol.

“It took you long enough.” He commented casually, setting his drink on the nightstand. “I knew you would come, though.” Captain Byun added, as he stood up and took a few steps towards her.

Unlike the male, Sunhee didn’t share such enthusiasm. She just stood there, being frightened to walk through the door.

“Don’t be afraid, I didn’t call for you to hurt you.” He announced the moment he approached her. “It’s going to be pleasurable for you as much as it’s going to be for me.”

Sunhee still wasn’t convinced.

“Come on in.” Baekhyun mentioned, but when the girl didn’t move an inch, he wrapped his hand around her wrist and yanked her inside of the room. Gentleness was absent, as Baekhyun was everything but mild. Rather firmly, he pushed Sunhee against the wall, as he kicked the doors close. “You’re going to love this.”

“Please, don’t do this. I can’t. I beg you, call for someone else.” Sunhee shamelessly pleaded, squeezing her eyes shut, being afraid to look at this face, forcing her tears back. She couldn’t embarrass herself in front of Captain Byun; she couldn’t sob right in front of him.

“I don’t want anyone else.” Baekhyun simply stated, as he took a step back, knowing it wouldn’t bring him any pleasure if he fucked her without her consent. Everything seemed he had to try harder if he wanted her to give herself to him. That was exactly a kind of challenge he had been anticipating for a very long time. “And please, call me Baekhyun.”

Sunhee was still in her place, while Baekhyun slowly strolled across the room. She was incredibly tensed; therefore Baekhyun sighed, wondering what he could do to ease her stiffness.

“Do you like music?” He asked suddenly, as he looked her in the eyes.

Baekhyun smirked as he noticed her slight nod.

“Should I ask for someone else? I am certain she’s going to give you much more pleasure than I do.” Sunhee carried on, trying her best to convince him to let her go.

“Nonsense,” he quickly replied, as he set a smooth music from the gramophone. “No one can satisfy my needs as you can, Sunhee.” He admitted, smirking at her. “Come closer, Sunhee.” Baekhyun spoke, but when the girl didn’t move an inch, he waltzed toward her, moving his hips in the rhythm.

“I am not experienced.” She said matter-of-factly, hoping it would discourage and disinterest him. “Please, let me get you someone better, Captain Byun.”

“It’s Baekhyun for you,” he corrected her a moment before he reached for her hands, gently holding them with his own. “Don’t fear; I won’t hurt you.” He whispered, leading her toward the bed.

“I don’t want to disappoint you.” Sunhee confessed being certain he wouldn’t like to sleep with her. She knew she wouldn’t be able to satisfy his needs in a way he desired. Sunhee had no idea how to please a man; so far she perfected only the art of serving guests.

“You would never.” Baekhyun admitted without any doubt, being sure she would be great if he showed her how to pull strings. He would teach anyone, and in his eyes, Sunhee seemed to be a fast-learner. “Will you let me taste your delicious lips?” Baekhyun asked, and Sunhee didn’t dare to stop him.

When Baekhyun didn’t hear any opposition, he smirked and his eyes gleamed with desire. Urgently, he leaned in, and pressed his lips against her, moving slowly across them. The kiss was gentle, as he wanted her to feel safe.

He meant no harm, and she had to know it.

Sunhee’s eyes were closed, as she tried her best to respond to him. With much hesitancy, she kissed him back. Physically, it didn’t seem bad, but knowing under what conditions he was stealing her kisses was more than simply wrong. He didn’t stroke her lips because he cared about her, he plainly wanted to fuck and she seemed to fit his preference.

She didn’t care about him either, but if she wanted to keep her job as a waitress, she had to fulfill Baekhyun’s every need.

It was wrong, but no argument was good enough to stop.

When Sunhee seemed to relax a bit more, Baekhyun put his hand in her hair, and held her close, deepening the kiss. Passionately, he slipped his tongue. It took Sunhee by a surprise, but she didn’t dare to draw back. Shindong had made everything pretty clear; either she allows Baekhyun to do anything to her, or she becomes jobless.

Gently, Baekhyun massaged her tongue with his, slowly exploring her indeed delicious mouth.

“It wasn’t bad, was it?” Baekhyun asked as he broke the kiss. His hand was still in her hair, making her look only at him. Innocent women were devoted, and right now, Sunhee needed some guidance. She got to see only him, as he was the only person who mattered. Only Baekhyun was going to fuck her, to make her moan, to help her reach her finest orgasm, and without devoting connection it was going to be much more difficult. “It didn’t hurt either.”

“I liked it,” Sunhee confessed, complying with Baekhyun. She would do anything to keep her job, even if it meant she had to make love with Captain Byun.

It could always be worse. Although Baekhyun seemed quite impatient to rip her clothes off and fuck her, he didn’t intend to rape her. He would slowly corrupt her into giving herself to him.

It was definitely more fun.

“Why don’t you lie on your back?” He proposed, gently pushing her onto the bed. Once again, Sunhee followed his orders, and leaned backward, landing on her back. “You enjoy it more than you can admit.” Baekhyun spoke as a matter of fact, as he angled forward, hovering above her.

Lying beside her, Baekhyun slid his hand under her thin blouse, and groped her breast, making her hiss in sudden pleasure. His palm was cold, but it didn’t cause any discomfort for the girl. “Have you ever done this before?” Baekhyun asked, while kneading her bosom.

“I have once. It was horrible.” Sunhee confessed sincerely, as she couldn’t bring herself to lie to him. Even if it was her secret, Baekhyun didn’t care enough to spread it.

“It’s not going to hurt this time,” he whispered, his words tickling her neck. “I promise,” he added, as he swung his leg over her frame, trapping her between the bed and his body. “Do you trust me?”

“No,” Sunhee replied without any hesitation. She did not trust him. Why would she? Did he do anything to make her perceive him as trustful?—definitely not! “I know you won’t abuse me, though.”

Baekhyun didn’t answer, although he really wanted to. Sunhee was innocent, but she surely knew how to talk back to him. It was more than plainly intriguing. She was hesitant, and didn’t relent. Despite his attempts to seduce her and convince her that she was going to be alright with him, Sunhee didn’t seem to be persuaded.

And even if Baekhyun didn’t dare admit that, it was admirable. Sunhee was strong and not easily fooled, and they were quite valuable traits. She even might be a great soldier.

“Just relax, and let me change your mind.” Baekhyun uttered, staring down at her. With his knee between her things, he leaned in, and captured her lips in another passionate kiss which started off rather slowly, gradually becoming needy.

Captain Byun was fascinated by the girl. There was something strange about her, but he didn’t mind. He actually found it amusing. He had never slept with a girl who, in his opinion, thought one thing and done another. It was something new, and God, he adored it.

Slowly, Baekhyun trailed his wet kisses down her chin to her neck, sucking on the soft skin. Normally, he would be against the idea of marking his courtesan, but Sunhee was special. It would keep bugging him unless he nibbled her neck, leaving a visible mark. Even if he had her only for tonight; she ought to understand to whom she belonged to until the dawn.

Sunhee gasped when Baekhyun’s hand slipped under the waistband of her long skirt and undergarment. She did not expect him to proceed so quickly.

“Relax Sunhee.” He breathed out, gently stroking her folds. “You like it, don’t you?” Baekhyun rasped, as he could feel Sunhee raise her hip to rub her clit against his hand. “Don’t worry, it’s just a beginning.”

Although Sunhee didn’t word her plea, Baekhyun knew exactly what the woman beneath him wanted.

Sunhee moaned when Baekhyun rubbed her clit, and the man could swear that such a simple sound coming out of a woman had never made him this proud. He barely touched her, yet she was already wet, yearning for more. Even if she didn’t admit it, her body language was betraying her big time.

“Not so dubious right now, I see.” Baekhyun teased, as he thrust his forefinger inside of her. She was so ready for him; he almost didn’t feel any friction when his digit entered her.

“Mm…” Sunhee purred, reacting to his rather swift movements. Baekhyun was pumping his finger in and out, and she found it more pleasuring than she thought. “Captain Byun—“Sunhee started, but her words were quickly eaten off her tongue as Baekhyun smashed his lips, shamelessly stealing another impassioned kiss.

“Call me Baekhyun unless you want to anger me.” He warned her, and kissed her once again. Her lips indeed tasted delicious, and when mixed with the whisky which lingered in his mouth, Baekhyun had really hard time focusing on his surroundings.

“It feels so good, Baekhyun.” She moaned, as she looked him in the eyes. Baekhyun smirked, knowing he was almost halfway through with corrupting the innocent creature that was already squirming in pleasure underneath him.

“I’m already hard for you, Sunhee.” Baekhyun confessed, as Sunhee looked down at his member poking against her thigh. “I want to fuck you, right now.” He added, as he jumped off the bed, and stood in front of her, trying to get out of his uniform as fast as it was possible. “I’ll join you in a second. In the meantime, why don’t you touch yourself just like I touched you a while ago?” He grunted, smirking when Sunhee’s hand traveled down to her folds, gently stroking her womanhood.

It had been a very long time since Baekhyun was this satisfied. Sunhee was a hard nut to crack, yet she obeyed and fingered herself right in front of him. Minseok and Jongdae should’ve really got enlightened what they were missing out on. Even if they could tell hooker what to do, it was Baekhyun who wield complete control over the situation.

As fast as he could, he stripped himself, and when he was completely naked, he leaned in to push down Sunhee’s skirt and undergarments.

“Take off your blouse; I want to see you undress.” He demanded, staring down at her with pure lust. The further they went, Baekhyun was more certain, she would comply with his order. And right now, she didn’t even nag, and just pulled her blouse over her head, letting her long hair cover her shoulders.

Baekhyun won.

“Good girl,” he commented before hovering above her with his wrists pinned against the mattress beside both sides of her head. “Are you ready, Sunhee?” He asked, as he grabbed his member, and gave it a few strokes.

“Fuck me, Baekhyun.” Sunhee moaned almost breathlessly, as Baekhyun rubbed the tip of his cock against her womanhood.

Her words rang in his head, as he couldn’t expect her to ever become so desperate and vulgar. She was a good innocent girl; such obscene words didn’t sound as if they just escaped her thin pink lips. On the other hand, Baekhyun once again felt victorious. Sunhee’s behavior after his little influence had greatly exceeded his expectations.

“Naughty,” Baekhyun smirked before he forced himself inside of her tight cunt. “Ah…, Baekhyun grunted as he slammed his cock in and out mercilessly, focusing only on Sunhee’s loud moans. He kept going, knowing how much blissful it was for her. “Don’t bite it back, moan my name as loud as you can,” Baekhyun encouraged her before he leaned in, and sucked on her skin.

“Baekhyun,” Sunhee hollered at the top of her voice, as Baekhyun was driving her crazy with his fast thrusts and wet kisses.

“Louder, they don’t hear you downstairs,” he tempted as he grabbed her long hair in his palm, and pulled it, forcing her to look at him. “I want everyone to know my name in this hellhole.”

“Ah! I can’t any longer. I am going to come,” Sunhee breathed, knowing her peak was approaching. Her walls tightened, engulfing his cock which not even the tiniest bit slowed down. Baekhyun was way too turned on by Sunhee to even think about fucking her slow. When a good girl was being fucked rough, she would lose that label forever, and in case of Sunhee, Baekhyun was sure she wasn’t going to ever be the same.

He shamelessly corrupted her.

Sunhee didn’t seem to mind, though.

Well…, no girl had even complained.

It was just the way sex with Baekhyun was.

Changing and unforgettable.

“Come for me, Sunhee.” Baekhyun whispered, as he continued to fuck her, advancing toward his orgasm, too. “Explode,” he ordered, pounding his hips against her core. The sound of skin slapping against each other was definitely louder, than the smooth music in the background, yet neither of them seemed to care at the moment.

“Baekhyun,” Sunhee screamed and dug her fingernails in Baekhyun’s shoulders, as she came. She felt as if small explosions erupted in every fiber of her body at once. It was overwhelming, yet Baekhyun didn’t stop thrusting, as he desperately chased his orgasm.

“Fuck!” Baekhyun hollered when he reached his high. Arching his back, he released himself inside of her. The orgasm was so strong; he couldn’t remember when he had so much fun fucking a woman. It was, without any doubt, one of his best fucks. “God, Sunhee, you’re so good. How could you think you’re not good enough?” He confessed, as he powerlessly fell on her, panting.

Sunhee didn’t answer him. She was too embarrassed to talk to him. How could she reply? He requested for sex, and with a snap of his fingers, Sunhee changed from a waitress to a courtesan. It hurt her pride, and even the greatest orgasm in her life didn’t make up for it.

“I didn’t know you could be both,” Baekhyun started as he pulled out, and rolled beside her. The slow music was playing in the background, as Baekhyun tried to catch his breath.

Sunhee had no idea what he meant by that, and she didn’t even want to question him.

After all, it didn’t matter.

They had sex just as Baekhyun wanted. She fulfilled her part of the bargain, and it was time to say goodbye. She wasn’t really keen on clinging onto him, and Baekhyun, of course, must’ve wanted her out of his room as soon as it was possible, too.

Normally, Baekhyun thoughts would precisely fitted into Sunhee’s expectations, but right now, he wondered how she could be so good and so naughty at the same time. It was strange but incredible at once. Either she was very devoted to him by his smooth advances, or Sunhee was never good to begin with.

Baekhyun would love to have a smoke and elaborate on the topic, but as soon as he reached for a pack of cigarettes without filter, someone knocked on the doors and barged in, not bothering to wait for his consent.

It was Jongdae.

“Captain Byun, we have a problem.” He announced, trying to buckle his belt in haste. “We just received a telegram from Lay. You must see this.” Jongdae explained quickly, looking very worried.

“Pardon me, Sunhee.” Baekhyun spoke, looking down at the girl, as he stood up, and reached for his pants. “Duty calls.”


21st May 1950

“Is it really that urgent?” Baekhyun asked, being quite annoyed by the fact that he was dragged out of the bed before he managed to give Sunhee a second round of mind-blowing sex. Normally, he would’ve helped his lover to reach her peak at least thrice, and right now, Captain Byun felt rather indebted to Sunhee. “I am certain this can wait an hour or two,” he added casually, while remembering Sunhee’s moans from just a moment ago.

“The telegram says Yixing wanted to arrange a meeting with you. He states that the situation between South Korea and North Korea is unstable. According to his words, the war may break out any time.” Jongdae announced, trying to maintain his poise.

“It doesn’t sound good,” Baekhyun commented casually before he raised his hand to his chin to rub it in a thinker manner. Soon, the war was going to be declared. Everyone expected it, though. There had always been some kind of sinister tension between the countries, so the bloodshed was just a matter of time. Thankfully, Baekhyun thought beforehand. “When Yixing is going to arrive to Seoul?”

“In accordance with the telegram, Zhang Yixing is going to reach Seoul tomorrow before noon.”

“Damn it,” Baekhyun cursed, running his hand through his tousled hair. “And I assume he’s going to want a report. I am fucked. Do you know how hard it is to talk to Minhyuk recently? The Kkangpae is very busy these days.” Captain Byun trailed away, wondering how he was going to reach the Korean mafia boss at such unholy hour. It definitely was more difficult than contacting the president.

“What about Pyo Jihoon and Kim Yokwon? They’re his closest accomplices; they ought to know something.” Jongdae proposed, trying to find a way to help his superior, even if he didn’t approve of their relations.

Baekhyun, Minseok and Jongdae were soldiers, and soldiers ought to have not made business with mafia. The two parties believed in two, entirely different, morals. While the army praised patriotism, bravery, reliability and devotion, the mafia worshipped money, loyalty, power and deception. Some things didn’t mix, and military and gangs were the best example. Baekhyun, on the other hand, did not yet understand it.

“I may try to reach them, but it shall not give the same result.” Baekhyun mused, knowing Yixing wasn’t going to be pleased with some second-hand information. “I’ll try to contact with Jihoon. And you my friend, rest a little. I am going to need you and Minseok in the morning.”


22nd May 1950

“Yixing, my friend, it’s so nice to see you.” Baekhyun greeted Zhang Yixing as he entered the Captain’s study. It was nine o’clock in the morning, and Baekhyun was not ready for the meeting. He barely finished writing the report, and he wasn’t prepared for his oration. He had to romanticize the facts, and without any prior practice it was going to be rather difficult.

“I wish I could say the same thing,” Yixing chimed in, stretching his hand to shake Baekhyun’s hand habitually. “Perhaps, it would be more pleasant if the circumstances were nicer.”

“War declaration is a real ice-breaker, don’t you think?” Baekhyun jested, laughing at his own joke.

“I couldn’t agree more.” Yixing spoke before he nodded his head and took a seat in front of Baekhyun’s desk. “And since the ice is already broken, why don’t we discuss what I came here for? May I see the report?”

Baekhyun smiled sheepishly at Yixing, as he handed him the papers. “Here you go,” Baekhyun started, but Yixing snatched the folder from his hands, and opened it in haste.

When the Chinese man was reading the report with his scrutinized eyes, Captain Byun had some time to observe him. His face seemed very calm and friendly. No one would accuse him of leading Triad. Yixing looked like a placid shop owner who wouldn’t be able to hurt a fly.

“I expected something better from you, Baekhyun. You’re lucky I can work with these. Otherwise, you would be already dead.” Yixing finally spoke after skimming through the report.

“I am risking my life here. Do you forget that?” Baekhyun reminded him. It was very dangerous, and if someone found out that Baekhyun was a mole in Korean mafia, Minhyuk would personally torture and kill him.

“I am aware, but it doesn’t justify your sloppy work, does it?” Yixing spoke coldly. “Anyway, once the war is declared, I want you to notify me Korean army strategy, and then I’ll make you a rich man. I need this information, especially when Kkangpae is going to supply weapons for them.”

“I will send you a telegram as soon as the general fills me in.” Baekhyun spoke after a short sigh.

“I am looking forward to hearing from you, Captain Byun.” Yixing said, and he rose from his seat, and stretched his arm to give Baekhyun another handshake. “Don’t disappoint me unless you want me to kill you myself.”

“I would never.” Baekhyun replied, and walked Yixing to the exit. “Have a safe trip.” He added before closing the doors.

Once Baekhyun was left alone in his office, he pressed his back against the doors, and let out a huge sigh. He was playing a risky game right now, and even if quitting seemed rather tempting, he couldn’t. He had to remain in the charade until the very end.

At first, he wanted to secure his life in case of war, but who knew it would escalate to the extent where he would be forced to spy on two gangs and betray his own country?

“Fuck,” Baekhyun cursed, knowing how much screwed he was at the moment.

He must’ve been foolish when he had agreed to this.


4th June 1950

“General Chung has sent a telegram. He wants to see you today in his office, Captain.” Minseok announced as he walked inside of Baekhyun’s study. “The rumor has it the war is going to break out really soon.” He added, as he placed the message on Baekhyun’s desk.

“Fuck, it’s earlier than I imagined.” Baekhyun cursed, and shook his head. The war was a real threat; everything reached the point of no return. It was inevitable, and Baekhyun couldn’t do anything to change his fate. He was going to fight against the North Korean army.

“I told Private Jeon Jungkook to prepare the vehicle for you. It must be waiting for you in front of the building,” Minseok added matter-of-factly. Whenever General Chung had wanted something, it must’ve been something of great importance, especially when he requested for an immediate meeting with Captain Byun. They couldn’t afford to waste any minute, so Minseok arranged everything as soon as it was achievable.

“Thanks Minseok, you’re irreplaceable.” Baekhyun deadpanned, knowing how much trouble he was right now. And on top of that, he couldn’t do anything to prolong the process of hearing the terrible news. He was going to hear the information much sooner than he expected. “And can you do me a favor?”

“Anything,” Minseok started with a genuine smile upon his face, having his entwined behind his back.

“Go to the tavern we’ve been recently, and please, ask for Kim Sunhee. I owe her something, so if you don’t mind that would be lovely if you could bring her to my apartment around eight tonight. I don’t think she’ll hesitate.” Baekhyun started, as he sat at the edge of his desk, and played with a piece of paper that Minseok had brought.

“She has had you hooked, hasn’t she?” Minseok teased with a wide smirk decorating his face.

“I wouldn’t put it that way, actually.” Baekhyun spoke, tapping his chin with his forefinger, thinking about her. There was nothing special about her; she’d just given up completely to him. “I was just dragged away from her before I wanted so. That’s it, so don’t read too much into it.”


4th June 1950

“Baekhyun, it’s always so nice to see you!” General Chung cheered when Baekhyun entered his office. “Here, take a seat.” He spoke, as he pointed at the chair in front of his desk.

“You wanted to speak with me, General Chung?” Baekhyun asked, wishing the General didn’t want to talk about war. It was nearly impossible the meeting was arranged due to different reasons, yet Baekhyun wanted to believe the hope died last.

“Ah, yes, I believe I have some bad news to pass.” The general stated, seeming a bit hesitant, as if seeking for the proper words to pass the message. “Despite politicians’ effort, the war is inevitable. The president has asked me to strategize our defense, and since you’re one of my best people within the army, I decided you and your squad, are going to defend the border. I will give you one thousand of the best qualified soldiers, so you could keep North Koreans for as long as it’s possible.”

Baekhyun was speechless.

He hadn’t done business with Korean and Chinese mafia to be in the center of the war! Having come up with such risky and dangerous plan, he wasn’t supposed to lead his men to death!

“It’s such an honor, Your Excellency, but are you sure I’m qualified to carry out so important part of the defense? I can bet you could find a person who would suit this position better in a matter of minutes.” Baekhyun replied as politely and humbly as he could. He would do everything to change the General’s mind. He didn’t want to die as a cannon fodder.

“Nonsense,” disagreed the General. “I thought this through, and you’re the most capable person to carry this out.” He admitted, smiling at the Capitan who was ready to beg. “This time, we’re putting the civilians’ safety above all, so we must stop the army just by the border. You must understand my decision. Soldiers must defend people who can’t defend themselves.”

That was very thoughtful and caring of General Chung. Unfortunately, right now, Baekhyun cared only about his own safety, which seemed to be non-existent, as he was going to die as soon as the war would break out.

“Right, we wouldn’t want that.” Baekhyun agreed, although deep inside he wished he was a civilian, too.

“I’m glad we agree. I always knew I could count on you.” General Chung spoke, sending Baekhyun a polite smile. “In this folder, you have all the details regarding the mission. My men are going to be sent to the border on the fifteenth of June, so please be ready to join them by then.”

“Of course, I am honored.” Baekhyun gritted, and thanked through his clenched his teeth.


Baekhyun paced around his apartment, trying to come up with an idea which might help him get himself out of the mess. Having ruffled his hair in annoyance, he looked at his wrist watch. He had screwed his life, and moreover, Minseok didn’t bring Sunhee yet.

Everything seemed that Baekhyun’s life was a path of constant disappointment and trouble with zero pleasure.

It sucked.

Suddenly, Baekhyun heard a knock on the doors. It didn’t even take him thirty seconds to answer them.

It was Minseok.

And he was alone.

“Where’s Sunhee?” Baekhyun asked, as he moved aside, so his friend could enter his apartment. “I thought you were supposed to bring her here? Where is she?” He repeated himself in hope that Sunhee was around, and she just had to brush her hair, or put a lipstick on.

“I have bad news, Captain,” Minseok started, as he sighed.

“Wonderful, all day I keep getting bad news. Does one more make any difference?” Baekhyun asked rhetorically, throwing his hands in the air. Sighing, Baekhyun rubbed his head, as he waited for the message to be delivered. “Are you going to tell me, or not?” Baekhyun rushed as it seemed that Minseok was hesitant about explaining the situation to him. “Just spill it out.”

“I went to the tavern just after you left.” Minseok started casually. It didn’t sound like a bad news at all, yet Baekhyun couldn’t wait for the plot twist. Today was definitely the worst day of his life, so why wouldn’t make it even worse? “And when I came in, I almost threw up. Someone turned the tavern into a slaughterhouse. Everything was red, painted with blood. The bodies were scattered all over the floor, everyone was killed—the owner, the employees, the customers. Everyone.”

Baekhyun was mortified. Why and who would do something like that to these people? They didn’t do anything wrong, and even if some of them weren’t saints, Baekhyun could bet the bloody massacre was quite an overkill.

“Are you sure that Kim Sunhee got killed, too?” Baekhyun asked, as whoever had done this might’ve taken her as a hostage. It was highly unlikely, but Baekhyun hoped nonetheless. She was too innocent to die so tragically. He hadn’t even corrupted her properly yet.

“I didn’t check everyone’s IDs, but I doubt she’s survived. You knew her better; did she seem she could defend herself?”

“No, she couldn’t.” Baekhyun sighed in resignation. Sunhee was innocent, gentle and mellow. She would never win against some lunatic who wielded a weapon. “Well… that’s very tragic.” He summed up, thinking of Sunhee. She’s dead, but she wasn’t anyone valuable to him, so he wasn’t going to mourn her.

“Sorry,” Minseok spoke, giving his poor version on consolation. “It seems you must find someone else to keep you company tonight.”

“I’m not in the mood for the chase tonight.” Baekhyun admitted truthfully. After the conversation with General Chung and the massacre in the tavern, Baekhyun mentally didn’t fancy leaving his apartment. For today, he was going to rest. For the rest of his days off, he was going to fuck as many women as he could. He’s going to die shortly after the war would break out, so he needed live to the fullest. “Tonight, my dearest whisky is going to keep me company.”

“Whatever you want, man.” Minseok smiled, and patted Baekhyun’s shoulder. “I am not going to stop you, but I need to go. Unlike you, I am not going to waste my time, being all locked up in the four walls.”

“Just go already; you give me a headache.” Baekhyun shook his head, showing Minseok the way out. If his friend wanted to hit the bar and fuck a hooker, Baekhyun wasn’t going to stop him, but for sure he wasn’t going to accompany him. The whole situation was a real bummer, and Baekhyun didn’t fancy chasing women into his bed right now. Only Sunhee was an easy prey, which still had some innocence left within her.

“See you in the morning, Captain Byun.” Minseok saluted, and exited Baekhyun’s apartment. Perhaps, Baekhyun was slightly attached to the killed girl, but Minseok wasn’t, so he didn’t plan on mourning. Once the war broke out, Sunhee’s going to be one of many meaningless victims, and Minseok couldn’t force himself to show Baekhyun that he cared. He was frank, and made it quite obvious that he couldn’t care any less.

Humming to a smooth song, Baekhyun reached for a whisky decanter and poured a drink for himself. Only alcohol would keep him company tonight, and he didn’t even feel the urge to complain. It wasn’t that bad, actually. He would pass out in the middle of the night, sleeping in the middle of a twister inside of his head.

Once he added a few cubes of ice, he sighed and took a sip.

It was just as bitter as his fate.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the doors, making him turn his head toward the entrance. Did Minseok forget something? Sighing loudly, Baekhyun placed the glass on the nightstand, and opened the doors.

“Sunhee,” Baekhyun hollered, as soon as he glimpsed at her. She was covered in blood and mud. She looked terrible; almost as if she fought the devil, and crawled out from hell by herself. “What are you doing here? Are you alive? How? I sent my protégé to bring you here, but he said that everyone was killed.” He asked many questions, but instead of waiting for her reply, he yanked her inside.

“I saw your friend, but I was still afraid that I may get killed, so I hid, and followed him here.” Sunhee confessed, trembling in front of him. It was really cold outside, and she was all drenched. “I didn’t know anyone outside of the tavern except you, Captain Byun. I hope that my presence here is not a burden.”

“Of course, it’s not. Actually, I ordered Minseok to go back to the tavern to bring you here.” Baekhyun confessed, taking a step back from her. Even if he pitied her for what she had experienced, he wasn’t going to let her stain his uniform. “Why don’t you take a bath, while I’ll try to get you something clean to wear, huh?”

“That would be lovely.” Sunhee smiled, and even if her face was very attractive when smiling, due to the dirt, it was mediocre. Baekhyun was indifferent about the gesture, which normally would make his heart flutter a little.

“And call me Captain Byun one more time, and I won’t be this nice.” Baekhyun warned her.


At this hour, every shop was closed. Baekhyun didn’t have women’s clothes in his apartment, either. Moreover, he couldn’t let Sunhee wear his clothing, even if he found it sexy, and the clothes were only a little too big; he wouldn’t do it. The only option left was visiting the apartment of a female officer. Baekhyun didn’t particularly like her, since she was too masculine for his taste, but at least, she had almost the same size as Sunhee.

Within thirty minutes, he was back in his apartment with a pair of olive green pants with a high waist, an ecru blouse with puffy sleeves, and a set of plain undergarments. Swiftly, he opened the bathroom doors. When he entered, Sunhee was out of the bath, wrapped in a towel.

“I brought you some clothes.” Baekhyun spoke, and stretched his arm, handing her the clothes.

“Thank you, Baekhyun.” Sunhee replied, and bowed at him, smiling. This time her smile was radiant, and if Baekhyun’s heart could skip a beat in such awful circumstances, it definitely would.

“I’ll wait outside. Just get out when you’re ready.” He said, and turned around, wanting to exit the room. However, once his hand was on the knob, Sunhee called him. Quickly, Baekhyun looked at her, trying to figure out what she wanted to tell him. “What is it?”

“All these people were killed in front of me, and I was wondering if you could hug me?” Sunhee asked, knowing it was shameless. She and Baekhyun were strangers, yet she couldn’t refrain herself. Sunhee needed comfort, consolation and warmth, and the only person who could fulfill her desires was Baekhyun.

Before Baekhyun managed to reject her plea, Sunhee ran up to him and wrapped her arms around him, pressing her head in the crook of his neck. Normally, Baekhyun would push her away almost instantly, but right now, he needed solace himself.

“Everything is okay, Sunhee. You’re safe now.” Baekhyun whispered, as he placed his hand on the back of her head, and pulled her closer. In the bright scenario, he had maybe a year of life left; it really wouldn’t hurt him to act as if he was in a relationship. It was just one night; with the sunrise, everything would come back to normal. “No matter who did this, he’s not going to get you here.”

“I know,” she agreed, and snuggled closer to Baekhyun. It was warm, and although the sensation didn’t erase the picture from her mind, she definitely felt better in Baekhyun’s embrace. “Is there something bothering you, Baekhyun? You seem sad, and I don’t think it’s entirely my fault.”

Only a fool wouldn’t notice the gloomy aura around him. Moreover, it was much more serious that Sunhee’s arrival. Something had happened, what ruined Baekhyun world, too. They both were going through darkness; perhaps, each other’s company might help find them a glimmer of hope?

“It’s nothing we can do to solve my problem. I’ll just have to live through it.” Baekhyun spoke, his voice filled with regret and anxiety. He found himself in this situation because of his choices, and right now, he got to stand up and take the punishment proudly. “Don’t worry your pretty head, though.” He added, as he placed his hands on both sides of her head, and forced her to look at him. “I’ll be alright.”

“You don’t sound like it,” Sunhee retorted, knowing that Baekhyun was struggling with some serious trouble. He wasn’t as carefree and confident as he had used to be.

“I know what would make me feel much better.” Baekhyun confessed before he smirked and grabbed the hem of the towel, firmly tearing the wet material off of her body and throwing it onto the floor. Slowly, his hand started to roam all around her bare back down to her bottom. “What do you say Sunhee?” He asked, while gently massaging her hips.

Her eyes were completely focused on his face; almost as if there was nothing else to look at. Right now, his sparkling eyes and curved lips were Sunhee’s whole world. Shyly, Sunhee licked her bottom lip, as she took a step forward, and pulled him into a chaste kiss.

She moved her lips against his slowly, devouring every single second of it. Baekhyun preferred rough kisses over innocent ones, but this one time, it didn’t matter. It felt nice, and he wasn’t going to change it into another meaningless fuck. He didn’t have much time left, and he got to experience everything he had been missing out on throughout his entire life.

“I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me.” Baekhyun spoke when he pulled away and rested his forehead against hers. “Or you just came here to get into my pants?” He asked, smirking. It would be better if the situation became a bit less serious. Instead of worrying what’s going to happen in a month or two, they should’ve cherished the present.

“You know it’s not like that.” She quickly replied, and smacked his shoulder lightly.

“Don’t act so prude, Sunhee. I think we’ve already passed that stage. You’re naughty, Sunhee. A kind of naughty I utterly adore.” He confessed, and pecked her nose before he hoisted her up, helping her wrap her legs around his hips.

“I am sure your sweet talk has stolen many hearts.” Sunhee admitted just before Baekhyun approached the bed and threw her on the sheets. “And panties, too, I bet you have lots of them in your drawer.”

“One night with me, and look what happened to you! You’ve become a textbook example of a sinner.” Baekhyun commented, looking at her hungrily. Sunhee was hot; moreover, she was completely corrupted by his sinful tricks.

“Oh, you have no idea.” Sunhee agreed with him, and strangely for her, she smirked at him, and even if she was a smile kind of a girl, it did turn Baekhyun on.

Quite impatiently, Baekhyun kicked off his shoes, and undid a few first buttons of his shirt before he climbed on the bed, finding his place in between her legs. “You’re beautiful, Sunhee.” Baekhyun complimented the girl, as he spread her legs wider. “You’re beautiful everywhere.” He added as he leaned in, and placed delicate kisses on the inner side of her right thigh.

Sunhee tried to close her legs when Baekhyun poked his tongue against her core.

“Relax, Sunhee.” He spoke, holding her legs apart.

Baekhyun continued to massage her folds with his tongue.

“Ah—“she moaned loudly, as Baekhyun started to suck her clit. Her toes immediately curled, the small explosions erupted in her lower parts when Baekhyun inserted his finger inside. “Baekhyun,” she gasped, and gripped the sheets. It was embarrassing, but Baekhyun knew exactly was he was doing. He barely touched her, and she already felt aroused.

“You’re so sensitive.” Baekhyun commented, smiling at her. “Do you want to touch me?” He quickly asked, hoping the girl would return the favor. Innocent girls had always been a bit hesitant about going down on a man, but Sunhee, being such a fast-learner, couldn’t disappoint him. He had a hunch she was naughtier than he thought she was; therefore she had no trouble sucking him off.

“I’m going to be terrible,” she said, observing as he plopped beside her. He sighed, lying down on his back, fighting with the rest of the buttons.

“Trust me; I’m not going to complain.” He added, as he sat up, and threw his shirt on the floor.

Hesitantly, Sunhee sat up as well, trying to ignore Baekhyun’s stares at her naked chest. “You better keep your word,” she retorted under her breath, before her hands reached to his belt. “Tell me if you don’t like it, and I’ll stop.” Sunhee added, when she pulled down his zipper.

“As I said, ‘I’m not going to complain’.” Baekhyun gritted through his teeth, trying to disguise his urgency. He desperately wanted Sunhee to touch him. He needed release, and starting off with a little blow job would definitely make the act way more pleasurable.

Slowly, Sunhee slid her hands under the waistband of his underwear, and pulled it down, along with the pants. Baekhyun’s length was still floppy, but it was up to Sunhee to get him ready.

Not really knowing what to do, she grabbed his cock around its base, and started pumping her semi-clenched fist up and down.

“Just spit on my cock.” Baekhyun instructed her, as he didn’t find it as enjoyable.

Thinking about his tip, Sunhee spat on her hand, and once again started to stroke his member. This time, it was much easier.

“Go a little faster,” Baekhyun commented, as he closed his eyes, and rested his head on his entwined fingers. “Ah—“he whispered silently, giving in to the pleasure. “Take it in your mouth,” he ordered, when his cock was finally hard. “Sunhee, please,” Baekhyun said desperately, being close to begging.

Sunhee was stressed. She had never done it, and she was genuinely afraid that Baekhyun wouldn’t like it. Furthermore, how would she feel if she couldn’t please Baekhyun after he had almost made her come with his mouth?

Hesitating, Sunhee leaned forward and licked his cock.

“Sunhee, are you teasing me?” Baekhyun hissed, as he felt her tongue moving across his length. “Just suck me off already before I fuck your mouth on my own.” He warned, looking down at her. Sunhee looked ridiculously beautiful in between his legs.

As being told, Sunhee wrapped her mouth around his cock, and sucked the tip, hollowing her cheeks. She knew that Baekhyun watched her, so she looked up at him in the eyes. Baekhyun seemed to be enjoying it.

Her head bobbed up and down even if she was swallowing only a half of his cock, while her hand stroked its base and balls.

Baekhyun was in the seventh heaven, but he just couldn’t come in her mouth. He wanted to feel her pussy, and come there. Nothing else gave him more satisfaction.

“Enough,” he hollered, making Sunhee stop immediately. “It was fantastic, but please, let me,” he stopped min-sentenced, as he tilted her chin with his forefinger, and enchanted her to near her face, so he could kiss her.

The kiss was impassioned, and the both of them got lost in the affection. Sunhee didn’t even notice his hand on her back, as he pulled her on the sheets and crawled on top of her. “It’s my first time fucking a woman slow, so don’t judge.”

“It’s my first time fucking a man slow, too.” Sunhee spoke matter-of-factly, making Baekhyun laugh at her silly response. “Why are you laughing? I’m being honest with you.” She added, but Baekhyun hushed her with a passionate kiss.

When Sunhee was engrossed with the kiss, Baekhyun guided his cock to her entrance, and gently rocked his hips forward, gliding inside of her pussy. She was tight, but he entered her without any trouble.

“No need to worry, you’re doing great,” Sunhee commented, as she pulled away from the kiss. Baekhyun moved his hips back and forth, delicately pushing his cock as deep as he could.

“I think I’ve created a monster,” Baekhyun muttered, knowing that Sunhee was growing very comfortable around him. She even dared to tease him!

“Why? Are you afraid that the student will become a master?” Sunhee retorted wittily.

Baekhyun shook his head, as he couldn’t believe that Sunhee just talked back to him.

“Shut up already. Why do you have to be so smart?” He smiled, and hushed by sealing their lips together. Shortly after, his hips found the perfect rhythm, and helped Sunhee hooked her legs around his waist.

Sunhee placed her hands in Baekhyun’s hair, pulling him closer, but when he buried his face in the crook of her neck, she dug her nails in his back, drawing red lines all over his skin rather painfully.

“I think I’m going to come, Baekhyun. Please, keep doing it,” Sunhee begged, feeling her orgasm approaching.

Baekhyun kept his pace, listening to Sunhee’s moans and their flesh slapping against each other. It was a perfect mix of devotion and lust, and when he focused on the sounds in the room, he was close, too. It almost made him forget about his sad fate.

“Ah—“she screamed at the top of her lungs when Baekhyun’s thrust pushed her off the edge, ripping her apart in the best orgasm of her life. “Fuck!” She cursed, panting.

“Hold on, I’m about to join you in the bliss soon.” Baekhyun commented and kissed her forehead, as he kept pumping his cock inside of her wet pussy. “You’re fucking amazing, Sunhee.” Baekhyun praised, as he reached his high, and fell on the bed beside her.

“You’re not that bad yourself, too.” Sunhee teased, as he looked at Baekhyun’s sweaty face.

They lay in bed for a while, trying to catch their breaths, regaining their strength. There was no way they would end this after only one time.

Surprisingly, Sunhee was the first one trying to sneak out of the bed, but when Baekhyun noticed her attempt to crawl out of the sheets, he quickly yanked her back even if he didn’t want to cuddle with her.

“Let’s talk,” he offered, making her look him in the eyes. “What happened at the tavern? Did you see who did it? Perhaps, I’ll be able to avenge your colleagues.” Baekhyun started, proposing his help. He was going to die in the war, why shouldn’t he, at least, have tried to make something right?

“There’s nothing really much to say. Kkangpae butchered everybody in there.” Sunhee announced frankly, while Baekhyun tried his best to hide his shocked expression. What, on earth, the Korean mafia had sought for in the tavern? They couldn’t have possibly looked for him, could they? If that’s the case, he was screwed far worse than he had thought.

“How do you know it was Kkangpae? It could be anyone.” Baekhyun asked, hoping she just misunderstood the situation. Perhaps, it was just a pissed supplier who just hadn’t been paid for the alcohol. The Korean mafia wouldn’t have bothered to slaughter a second-rate tavern.

“I know because I am a part of Kkangpae, and I killed them.” Sunhee confessed, and reached for Baekhyun’s gun which was inside of the nightstand. “They saw my face, they had to die.” She added, and pointed the weapon at Baekhyun, smirking.


4th June 1950

Baekhyun snorted at the view of Sunhee holding his gun, aiming at him. “Funny,” he mused, and shook his head in disbelief, as he got up and sought for his clothes. “I almost believed you, Sunhee. I almost did.” The Captain continued, as he buckled his belt and threw his white button-down on his shoulders. “It’s dangerous, Sunhee. Put that down before you hurt yourself.”

“Silly me,” Sunhee played along with him; it was irresistible. The role she had been acting in front of Baekhyun must’ve had a huge impact on his thinking, as her confession didn’t make any sense to the Captain. She even wondered how long it’d take for Baekhyun to understand that she wasn’t joking; she really was a part of Kkangpae and she really had killed these people in the tavern.

“As I said, it’s dangerous.” Baekhyun repeated himself, as he approached Sunhee and gently snatched the gun from her hands, placing it back in the drawer. “I’d never forgive myself if you hurt yourself.” He added, and cupped her cheeks, kissing her forehead rather fondly.

“If you continue to speak like that, I may think you’ve fallen for me, Captain Byun.” Sunhee admitted, and smirked at him, knowing he wouldn’t mind calling him so officially. Baekhyun could sense that her words were soaked with teasing, and they meant no harm. He understood she did it to tease him, not to signalize she wanted to return to being a military captain and a waitress.

“Who wouldn’t in my place? Sunhee, you’re beautiful and innocent, and you’ve turned into a true sinner in bed. You’re perfect,” he confessed, as he gently caressed her cheek, staring into her eyes. “I know I don’t know you, but you’re everything a man can wish. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have time for romance. If only I could stay here with you, I would without thinking twice.” Baekhyun confessed, and Sunhee felt flattered. She couldn’t fall for her target, but her heart skipped nonetheless. “Unfortunately, the war is going to break out soon, and regardless of what I have tried, I don’t think I am going to survive it.”

“Of course, you’re not going to survive it.” Sunhee stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “I don’t understand how you could’ve thought treason would do any good to you.” She added, and Baekhyun looked at her, being mortified as ever. How the fuck did she know about it, he wondered. “Tell me, you didn’t think you could screw the Kkangpae over, did you?” She asked, smirking.

“How?” Baekhyun inquired, as he swallowed hard.

“I’ve already told you, Baekhyun.” Sunhee smirked, putting emphasize on his name which rolled off her tongue in a calm yet teasing manner. “I am a part of Kkangpae, and I was assigned to assassinate you.” She spoke, and pulled out a silver dagger, not breaking the eye contact with him.

“I don’t understand; you’re a woman.” Baekhyun spoke, his throat dry.

“Yes, I am.” Sunhee smiled softly at him. “It’s a rare occurrence, but it’s not impossible. Have you ever heard about the Golden Children?” Sunhee asked, and Baekhyun gasped.

“No, it can’t be. It’s just a myth.” Baekhyun said, as he couldn’t believe in Sunhee’s words. Everybody knew that it was just a legend. The mafia didn’t recruit children; it was just a tale, so offspring wouldn’t talk to strangers. There was no such a thing as the Golden Children. Sunhee had to be lying; it was just a bluff. It had to be.

“I am afraid it is not.” Sunhee sneered, running her finger across the blade. “Moreover, every legend wields a little bit of truth, don’t you agree, Captain?” She smiled, her legs swinging back and forth. “I was five when they found me. I was in the orphanage, as my parents had been taken away by disease. Even when I was a little girl, I was fast and smart; despite my sex, they saw my potential. As the myth says, I was being trained to become one of the deadliest weapons in the entire country, and right now, my assignment is to finish you before you manage to pass the strategy plans to our enemy.”

“Sunhee, stop it. It’s not funny anymore.” Baekhyun said, and maneuvered his hands as if wanting to calm her down.

“It was never meant to be funny, Baekhyun.” Sunhee continued, staring at the blade which was illuminating the moonlight.

“So this is true? You’re a part of the Kkangpae, one of the Golden Children, and you were tasked to assassinate me?” Baekhyun asked, and Sunhee nodded. Although he didn’t want to believe her, she seemed pretty serious. “Even if it’s true, you won’t. You can’t. You’re surrounded by my division. You won’t get out.”

“And you’re mistaken again, Captain Byun.” Sunhee smirked, as she jumped off the desk, pacing back and fro in front of him. “I am not alone. You must know the private Jeon Jungkook, right? Has it ever occurred to you why he was so skilled? He’s exactly like me. We’re both the golden children, and while I’m talking to you, he slaughters each and every one of your soldiers. We don’t leave any traces, but you must’ve figured it out by now.”

“You don’t have to kill me, Sunhee.” Baekhyun announced, as he sat on the edge of the bed, his head hung low. “I haven’t told anything Yixing yet. We may fool him. He doesn’t know that I work for Kkangpae. We may trick him, and win the war. You and I, together.”

Baekhyun didn’t know what he was doing. Although it was true, Sunhee couldn’t believe him. He had tried to betray the country once, so he would do it twice; all to his own benefit. He couldn’t be trusted, and even the sweetest words wouldn’t convince her. She had been trained her whole life; Baekhyun wasn’t capable of manipulating her.

“I don’t think so. This is not how it works.” Sunhee shook her head. “It doesn’t really matter. In my eyes, you’re always going to be a traitor, and we don’t value anything more than we do loyalty. You’re already a lost case; you had your chance, and you wasted it. You shouldn’t have played a game you couldn’t win.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“But I am.” Sunhee replied, as she sat on the bed beside him, placing her hand on his back. “This is the end, and I have no further intention to bargain with you. I really don’t want to lecture you, Baekhyun. I am going to follow my orders.”

“We can run away. I can see you’re not indifferent to my advances. You grew fond of me; just as I grew fond of you, Sunhee. You can’t just kill me.” Baekhyun confessed, but Sunhee only sighed. True, she liked him, but not to the extent of betraying her family and fatherland. Whether his feelings were genuine, or he just voiced them out, hoping they would get him out of that situation, Sunhee wasn’t going to change her mind and oppose her leader. No matter how lovely Baekhyun’s voice was, she knew better–Baekhyun wasn’t worth it.

He was a traitor, and he deserved to die.

“No, Baekhyun. If we met under completely different circumstances, it could’ve worked out.” Sunhee spoke, Baekhyun staring straight into her eyes, as if hoping she would melt under his loving gaze. “You’re a traitor, and I kill traitors. We are not meant to be.”

“Don’t say that.” Baekhyun said softly, cupping her left cheek, caressing her skin with his thumb gently. Sunhee closed her eyes, but her grip on the dagger as just as tight. He wanted to lure her into his trap, to seduce her. It would never work, though. “Sunhee, please; you don’t have to do this. You can let me go.” He added, and locked her lips with his, the kiss slowly turning into a more passionate one. He tried to pour his emotions out; to signalize her how much he cared about her. “You can run away with me. You don’t have to be their slave. You can be free, with me. We can leave this mess behind us; we’ll live a happy life.”

“How stupid do you think I am?” Sunhee asked, as she pulled away from the kiss, and pressed the tip of the blade against Baekhyun’s neck, grazing it gently, so a single drop of blood ran down his skin. “Baekhyun, everything is over. You ruined everything the moment you thought of betraying us. The damage is done; you can’t do anything to alter your future. I’m going to kill you, and your pathetic cries for mercy are useless.”

Baekhyun’s fate had been already decided; he couldn’t do anything to avoid the doom. By choosing to betray the country and the Kkangpae, he brought death upon himself.

“Please, Sunhee. There has to be a way!” Baekhyun yelled, as he snatched the knife out of her hand, and tossed it across the room. Normally, she wouldn’t let him disarm her so easily; it was her fault that she wondered what he could do to fight for his life. He didn’t stand a chance of persuading her, but the curiosity got the better of her.

“You have no shame, do you?” Sunhee inquired, tilting her head to the side. Baekhyun’s demeanor changed beyond recognition; almost as if a completely different person was standing before her. Captain Byun was confident, fierce and strong. Baekhyun, on the other hand, was weak and pitiful. “Actually, when I think about it, there might be a way.”

“I’ll do everything.” Baekhyun eagerly answered, staring at Sunhee, waiting impatiently for her to reveal whatever came across her mind. There was an escape route, and Baekhyun would do anything to get on the right track.

“It shall be enormously difficult, though.” Sunhee added, touching her chin, thinking of the best way to deliver the message.

“What is it, Sunhee?” Baekhyun asked, his eyes glimmering with hope. He had a chance, although Sunhee had been stating his case was helpless. Whatever it was, he wouldn’t waste it. If there was really a possibility for him to escape this horrible situation, he couldn’t quit.

“You have to kill me.” She spoke flatly. From her perspective, it was the only way. She wouldn’t let him leave the room, so the only option for him was to kill her. And if he actually managed to do that, he’d have to face Jungkook, too. “I can’t allow you to run away, and if you really want to survive, you have to kill me.”

Baekhyun was petrified. How could he do that? He didn’t love her, but he wasn’t entirely indifferent, either. There was something about her what would always draw him closer; he was genuinely fond of her, and if he got a chance to see her daily, he would undoubtedly fall for her. He just couldn’t kill her.

“You can’t be serious,” Baekhyun commented, but Sunhee continued to stare at him blankly. She didn’t look like as if she was joking. Nonetheless, Baekhyun didn’t like the solution. Sunhee was a woman, and Baekhyun just couldn’t fight her.

“Only one of us can leave this room alive.” Sunhee added, and Baekhyun cupped her cheeks again, and smashed his lips against her. His tongue immediately started to devour her mouth, making her whimper.

Baekhyun was a traitor, but Sunhee was different. The boss had assigned her to execute a task, and she was going to complete it. She wasn’t like Baekhyun; she would never bail out on the given order. They wanted Baekhyun’s head, and she was going to conduct the order to the very end, or she would die trying.

“Baekhyun–“Sunhee panted, as she drew back. The kiss felt amazing, but she would never betray her family. “Stop, it’s over.” She pushed him on the bed, and went across the room to pick up her knife.

Sunhee held it in front of her, and Baekhyun just stood up, the blade’s tip being pressed against his naked chest, almost cutting the skin.

“You won’t do it.” He whispered, placing his hand on top of hers, pressing the knife against him tighter. “I know we barely know each other, but the passion we have is something unique.” He added matter-of-factly, as he snatched the knife, and swirled her around, holding the weapon in front of her neck, the blade almost grazing her skin. “You don’t want to kill me.” Baekhyun murmured, nipping her ear shell gently.

“This isn’t about what I want; it’s about what must be done.” Sunhee retorted, and quickly twisted his hand around, so the knife fell onto the ground.

“They’ve brainwashed you; you don’t have to do anything.” Baekhyun replied, as he grabbed her wrist, and pushed her onto the bed, hovering above her a second later. “Run away with me. Fuck the Kkangpae, fuck the war. Let’s leave it behind; you and me, together.”

Sunhee couldn’t tell the proposition wasn’t tempting. Baekhyun’s words really sparked her interest, although she knew it wasn’t the right thing to do. She was a part of Kkangpae; they were their family. She couldn’t turn her back on them. They had taken her in when she was little and raised her as if she was their blood.  Sunhee would never betray them, especially not when they had given her so much when she hadn’t had anything.

Baekhyun’s proposition sounded amazing, but she would never give in.

“I can’t, and I won’t. They are my family, and one can’t betray one’s blood.” Sunhee spoke, pushing Baekhyun off her, so the man fell onto the floor. “You tried playing, and you lost; don’t drag me down with you.” She added, as she opened the drawer, and clenched her fingers around the gun.

“Sunhee, don’t.” Baekhyun raised his hands in defeat, as he stood up. “What do I have to do to convince you?”

“You can’t do anything.” Sunhee spoke flatly, holding the gun up, aiming at his naked chest. “Whatever you think, it wasn’t meant to be. You’re a traitor, and you’ll die as one.”

“Please,” Baekhyun murmured, a single tear rolling down his cheek, his voice breaking at the end of the word. “Save me.” He lowered his hand, and took a step forward. “Save me, Sunhee.” He spoke slowly, enveloping his arms around her, pressing her head in the crook of his neck. “You’re my last hope.”

Sunhee shouldn’t listen to him. She had been taught better. If a person betrayed, couldn’t be trusted ever again. It would take a lifetime to restore trust, and Baekhyun wouldn’t persuade her in one night.

“Baekhyun, don’t make it harder than it already is.” She pushed him away, taking her aim. He was susceptible, completely defenseless. “The decision whether you live or not is not mine; I follow orders, and I will always abide by them. That’s where we’re different. You betrayed for your own benefit, whereas I will execute the command even when my heart tells me not to.” Sunhee confessed, and ran her tongue across her lips, as she stared at him.

“So, this is how everything is going to end, huh?” Baekhyun sighed, and shook his head, looking down at his feet. “You’re really stubborn, Sunhee. Has anyone told you that before?” He stated, smiling at the girl. “I know it won’t change your mind, but I want you to know that I regret it. I shouldn’t have done what I did. It’s my mistake, and you’re right when you say I should man up and suffer the consequences. I wish I had met you before this whole mess. Maybe, I’d have behaved differently.”

“Goodbye, Baekhyun.” Sunhee spoke, staring at Baekhyun fondly.

“Goodbye, Sunhee.” Baekhyun replied, sending her a wide smile. “Live well.”

Not daring to blink, Sunhee pulled the trigger. She shot right through his heart.

Baekhyun was afraid of death. He had tried multiple ways to fool death. His precautions brought this fortune upon him.

Baekhyun was a good person; he only wanted to be safe.

Shortly after Baekhyun’s heart stopped beating, Jungkook entered the apartment. Sunhee looked at him, and smiled. Her mission was complete; they fulfilled the given orders.

“Come on, let’s go.” Jungkook spoke quietly, and stretched his arm, holding her hand gently. Sunhee didn’t hesitate, and quickly approached him. In silence, they exited the apartment, leaving Baekhyun’s corpse behind them.

Baekhyun wasn’t her first target; he wasn’t her last one, either.

It felt different, though.

Whenever, she pondered about it, she knew that killing him was the most difficult choice she had ever done. She didn’t regret it, but she would remember Captain Byun till the end of her days.

Hurrying down the street, bag in hand, Elizabeth checked her watch for the time. Shoot, she was never gonna make it in time, even by car. Texting one of her friends within the company to distract the teacher or make up an excuse, she roughly bumped into someone as she turned around the corner, the full content of her bag spilling out onto the street. ‘’Oh no! I’m sorry, so sorry! As if this day wasn’t bad enough as it is!’’ She sputtered out, horrified and close to tears as she grabbed her ballet shoes first, out of fear they’d been damaged.

anonymous asked:

"if anyone has taken up Jimmy’s mantle as Claire’s dad in any regard, it’s Dean. Even in 10x20, when Cas was around, Dean’s the one who really bonded with her. " Yeah just give Dean another character while Cas is completely isolated. What a good idea! Its not like every chars revolves around him. Charlie,Jody,Donna,Ketch, Bobby, Mary and now Claire too

Do you really think that Claire’s character “revolves around” Dean? That she isn’t entirely her own character? or that her dynamic is very different with Sam than it is with Dean?

It’s not a good thing or a bad thing, but she’s clearly just as important to Sam. It’s just… Sam relates to people differently than Dean does.

And Jody. You really think Sam’s friendship with Jody isn’t as strong as Dean’s? I mean, I’ve always thought at least her character “revolved around” Sam more. Sure Dean and Jody have bonded over “parental” sorts of things, while Sam and Jody have bonded more as “friends.”

Thing is, other characters serve as mirrors to bring out traits and show underlying characteristics and feelings of the main characters. And because Sam and Dean are fundamentally different people, the side characters are going to reflect those differences.

This is how storytelling works.

And since the start of the show, and for the majority of the 12 years it’s been on, Dean has been the emotional POV character (aside from that time he was in Sam’s usual spot as the Mytharc character during the MoC arc, and even then we often saw Dean’s emotional reactions more than Sam’s). So just by the structure of the narrative, we inherently understand Dean’s pov more than Sam’s.

It’s not a good thing or a bad thing, it just is. And because of that, the mirror characters tend to reflect Dean’s POV more than Sam’s. Dean also tends to bond with people more readily than Sam does, because that is his personality. You can see that really clearly in 2.18 (which I watched yesterday so it’s a fairly fresh example in my mind) and in 2.19 (which I just watched like 20 minutes ago, so also fresh in my mind). Heck I’m writing up notes on 2.19 now, and the thing I’ve still got saved to the clipboard is Sam’s quote to Dean:

Dean, does it … bother you at all, how easily you seem to fit in here?

And Dean’s like, no. It doesn’t bother him. He can fit in practically anywhere he wants to.

What’s the first thing we learn about Sam? He’s got a very solid idea of where he wants to fit in, and he’s never felt like he fit in in the hunting world. He wanted to go to Stanford and have a normal girlfriend and a normal life being normal. His entire narrative has been about getting dragged back into hunting, where he dragged his heels kicking and screaming back into the life.

It’s just who he is as a person.

But if you think Sam doesn’t have just as important of a bond with Mary or Bobby, then I don’t really think you’ve been paying attention. It might not be the same kind of bond that Dean has with them, but it’s no less important.

Saying it’s different doesn’t imply a value judgment here, either.

As to Charlie… well, why do you think the queer character has been more associated with Dean than Sam? Knowing that other characters serve as narrative mirrors for the main characters? It’s not difficult to understand that one.

Donna, who has self-image issues, is a tough-as-nails cop on the surface but who also is completely unashamed of her bubbly, fluffy sense of humor? Oh, and who deals with her emotional distress through a complicated relationship with food… She’s basically the G-rated girl version of Dean.

And Ketch. Really? Wtf? You really think his character “revolves around Dean?” He’s basically a dark mirror for Dean, in the way that we’re supposed to disassociate his character from Dean. This is the WORST incarnation of what Dean could’ve become… IF IT HADN’T BEEN FOR SAM showing Dean the shades of grey in the world…

Yes, Dean gets more of these narrative mirrors than Sam does, and yes he relates to these character differently than Sam does… but that’s because Sam has almost always been the character that the narrative happens TO, Dean’s the observational POV through which the audience processes our reactions.

It’s not a judgment about Sam vs Dean here. It’s literally the narrative structure of the show.


My favorite part of [voicing Darth Maul for Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out] had to be that “I’m So Awesome” song, of course. But I’ve done these Star Wars jobs for awhile now, and I’m a Star Wars fan, so I daresay I know Star Wars pretty well. So to be able to kind of poke fun at it is a good time, especially when you don’t really go too far with it. I have tremendous respect for George Lucas and Star Wars, but yeah, to take a not so serious approach to it is definitely a rare opportunity. - Sam Witwer [x]


Historical Paints Series - Grantaire + Verdigris

Verdigris is a blue-green pigment that has been used since antiquity, whose name derives from an Old French phrase meaning “green of Greece.” Though it was the most vibrant green pigment available for much of history, it had an unstable color prone to changing over time, making it tricky to work with. It ultimately fell out of favor in the 19th century as newer, more stable greens became available.


Did somebody say Carmilla in a snapback?

Thank turnandchasethewind for exposing this beautiful idea. Who knew how badly we all needed Carmilla wearing a snapback

Dean was a shameless little bitch and he knew Sam loved it.

Sam, the respectable lawyer he had been dating for two weeks now, after they ran into each other in a coffee shop.

“Dean-o, you’re up next.” Crowley grinned at him, and Dean just winked back, checked his image in the mirror one more time – his lips were exceptionally pink without anything on them, the black button down he was wearing was way too tight, and his black panties were satiny and left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

“Yeah, I’m ready”, he gave back and Crowley gave the sign to Michael, and a second later Dean could hear the first chores of Warrant’s Cherry Pie. Smirking confidently he walked out on stage, all the way until he was standing in front of the screaming female audience, one hand over his crotch, thrusting forward, looking at them as if he’d like to fuck each and every single one of them, winked before turning back, going to his knees, and then lying down on stage, hips grinding against the stage, lips snarling.

Then he crawled over the stage, opening his shirt while doing so, turning his back to the audience, allowing two of the ladies to tug his shirt off. They were cheering and throwing money at him by now, Dean blew them a kiss before he looked at a short haired, curvy lady and wriggled his finger to make her move closer. He grabbed her hair and moved his crotch as if she was sucking him off, and she went along, moving in sync, until he pulled away.

For his finale Dean made the way back to the centre of the stage, touching himself as much as was legally allowed, raking his nails over his abs, grabbing his own ass before tearing the panties off so the only thing he was wearing was an equally black G-string. The girls were squealing and screeching, desperately trying to reach him to push money into his barely existing underwear.

Dean smiled smugly. He collected his money and left the stage after his song was over.

Dean was a shameless little bitch and he knew Sam loved it.

Sam, the respectable lawyer he had been seeing (fucking) for two weeks now, after they ran into each other in a coffee shop.

Sam showed up when Dean’s shift was over. He was talking to a group of girls that had seen him dance earlier, and they couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. At least until Sam walked up, broad-shouldered, 6’4 tall and jaw line sharp enough to cut. Dressed in a perfectly tailored suit with tie he just didn’t seem to fit in here. They looked at him as if they weren’t sure what to do, because Sam didn’t seem to see them, his kaleidoscope eyes were fixed on Dean.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to sit tomorrow.”

Dean blushed furiously. The girls almost jumped back, glancing back and forth between Sam and Dean, suddenly not sure what they wanted more: Touch Dean or be touched by Sam, but the look he was giving them was enough to make them disappear into thin air.

If Dean hadn’t been so focused on Sam he might have wondered where they went.

“Car, now”, Sam commanded. Dean nodded obediently and followed him. Sam was such a respectable man it turned him on beyond measure. He was also possessive as fuck and dominant enough to satisfy a part of Dean he had to keep hidden most of the time.

When he sat down in Sam’s Mercedes he smiled over at him.

“How was the trial, honey?”

“I won, darling”, Sam gave back, and leaned over to kiss Dean. “I hate it when these girls look at you like that.”

But Dean grinned only, knowing Sam didn’t really hate it.

“No, you don’t.”

“Well, I’m expecting my own dance once we’re at my place.” Sam looked over at him, eyes sparkling.

“Oh, I’m gonna make it good for you. But that won’t be cheap.”

“Don’t worry about money, boy”, Sam gave back, and Dean shivered, he would never get enough of being his boy toy.

Because Dean was a shameless little bitch and he knew Sam loved it.

The doctor was out and about, not caring what was around her.  She had decided to head into town and was looking for something to do, or someone to kill.  She wasn’t sure.  But her body was a bit random as she strolled not noticing those around as her arm whipped into the face of a nearby ginger woman.  “Hey watch where your face is.  It hit my arm!”


lmao I just rediscovered that AU Holly and I came up with where the mystery trio works at the same hospital.  Stan is an ambulance driver, Ford is an OB, and Fiddleford works in Pediatrics.

god, that’s a quality AU.