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is it just me or does phil suit the jean jacket really really well? the color works with him so well

it seems to fit him rly well and the decision to roll up his sleeves was a great one and something about it makes his eyes look extra crystalline and blue,,, he’s so pretty <3

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hello there! i have an astrology related question that i'm asking more experienced witches. i'm an aries by birth, but i don't necessarily coordinate with the qualities an aries is said to have. for example, i think of myself more in tune with nature and the planet as opposed to "fire". i'm not very aggressive. red also just doesn't seem to fit my personality. is there any way i could be in tune with my zodiac, but have the qualities of another?? thank you xoxo

aries is just one facet, you actually have like 10+ more signs that show your other dimensions, like moon sign sun sign, twelfth house this and that, it’s all very complicated. check out @astrawrlogy they have a lot of resources on figuring it all your signs out. 

also, “fire” and “red” aren’t the only ways to view aries. those are just symbols, it can mean other things as well when you look into more in-depth horoscopes

Honestly, for the Iron Warriors, the Death Guard and World Eaters seem like perfect fits. Both would do very well supplementing the typical Iron Warriors tactics. The Night Lords could help by softening the enemy up in advance.

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*body shakes as i stare sadly*i only wanted to have a nice conversation, sir. I do not know those people nor wish to meet them. I had found this empty place in my journies and wanted to see if someone was here. I do not care for useless battles nor do i want for others to die*sighs*I understand why you must be tired, but im also weary of suspicion and fear. I just want to find someone to have a pleasant conversation and a cup of tea with. I thought you would be willing.. i apologize for assuming

*The knights only shining eye studies her, in the end it is acceptance and simple lack of effort, to continuously fight or non-trust this person, standing up from his chair and taking his cup, refilling it again and sitting next to them, he looks upon them.*

Forgive me, my lady. I offended you and mistreated you. I am sorry…i accept any punishment you seem fit, i can only ask for your forgiveness. 

*Holding his cup of tea with both of hands, gently and calmly, the knights winged, steel helmet moved a little bit down in a form of a bow. Accepting his fate.*

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My friend wants me to write a musical about the zombie apocalypse. What should I do? I'm only a smol 13 year old, but I'm a pretty rad writer

Just start writing! The World According To Ivy was initially a musical, but my songs didn’t seem to fit with it, so it became a play. Just start writing what you know how to do, whether it be the songs or the dialogue in between, and I feel you need someone to help you with the songs or anything else, don’t be scared to ask for help!

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How do you head cannon Zig as a boyfriend?

Hmm. I guess because my canon MC just seems to fit well with him. I’ve mentioned here or there before that I’ve made different MCs for each LI, with their own separate background and experiences (not to mention it also helps for writing purposes).

But back to your question; Dia’s a passionate person with a lot of baggage. She closes off from people when they get too close and usually likes to keep things light and ‘fun’; she’s been hurt and burned multiple times. 

Zig’s stubborn in showing her that she’s more than just some passing fancy, and they’ve got crazy chemistry. I mean who doesn’t with this guy. So I canon Zig as her boyfriend because he’s not afraid to fight teeth and nail for her. He’s loyally stubborn and his temper is just as quick as hers. He’s quick to point out when she’s wrong and not take her crap the way she shoves it on everyone else. Basically, she’s her better self and they’re seeing where it goes. 

So for my MC, I canon Zig as her boyfriend because they are just more or less good together in the moment.

I hope this sort of at least answers your question lol.  Thanks for the ask anon!

“Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end~” -Melanie Martinez

My part of the art trade with @porotatoes ;) sorry it took a little long >m>.

Actual lyrics by Harry, like,

Why are we always stuck at running from the bullets

We gotta get away from here

They told me the end is near
Remember everything will be alright

Stop your crying, 

Baby, it will be alright

Hours go by, but these still keep hitting me over and over, it’s so much.