seems a bit egocentric to me

Oikawa/Kiyoko friendship or platonic relationship or whatever it is, i’m still elaborating, is ruining my life i’m so happy

  • kiyoko and oikawa go shopping and when oikawa helps her with the shoe fitting someone passing by says “awww like cinderella and her prince” and kiyoko looks at him dead in the eyes and says “you’re more like a mouse” and oikawa “okay let me be king of the mice at least”

  • oikawa likes dancing and he’s not very quiet about it. if he wasn’t so serious about volleyball he’d probably break out in little dance numbers in the middle of practice. anyway, kiyoko likes dancing as well, but she dances only in the privacy of her room, where no one can see her. but oikawa is such a good dancer and for some reasons he trusts him enough to let him see her so dancing togehter in his or her room becomes a habit.

  • they watch volleyball games together and talk about the players’ technique, oikawa usually brags like “do you call that a serve” and kiyoko “brag about your serve all you want but that libero would destroy you”

  • I NEED TO TALK MORE ABOUT THE PLATONIC HAND HOLDING. when tanaka and noya see them holding hand for the first time they almost faint from the shock and kageyama stops breathing because why is kiyoko holding hand with that ass how is that something that’s actually happening in the world. like, oikawa would just let them believe they’re a couple but kiyoko would calmly explain that their mothers know each other (maybe they met at the gym and bonded over incredibly beautiful children they have? Or maybe oikawa and kiyoko becoming friends ensue mothers meeting) and oikawa’s mom asked her to look after him because he’s probably going to get dumped in a garbage can if he doesn’t change his attitude. okay mama oikawa didn’t phrase it like that but kiyoko throwing shade COME ON THE WORLD NEEDS THIS. tanaka and noya laugh their asses off and kageyama almost dies from the utter joy.

  • but really the fact that they hold hands is so important.yeah, oikawa finds it reassuring and has come to love her really fast, but for kiyoko it’s just as meaningful. every guy she meets always ends up flirting with her or looking at her, wide eyed, because she’s beautiful. the first time oikawa and kiyoko meet she just shoots him an annoyed look because he’s dancing in the middle of the cereals aisle in the supermarket and accidentally bumps into her. and he just apologizes quickly and helps her picking up what she dropped, but HE IS BEING SO INSINCERE AND FAKE. she’s totally unimpressed, so she just thanks him and walks away with her stuff. oikawa can’t believe what just happened. then they meet again on the train and he notices just in that moment that she’s wearing a jacket with “karasuno volleyball team” written on it (let’s say they’re in their first year okay) and he just needs to talk to her even if he’ll end up going home with a cereal box stuck in his mouth. he drops the nice-guy-act and somehow they start talking without setting the train on fire with the glances they exchange. she’s shy and a bit hesitant but there’s something about oikawa that forces her to speak up. he literally couldn’t care less about the fact that she’s pretty (he can’t deny it okay), in fact he only cares about volleyball and he seems pretty egocentric, but now and then he looks at her like “okay maybe i can stop talking about me for a second because what is it about you”. he’s not just dumbfounded by the fact that she’s not swooning over him – it’s weird alright – but her eyes looks so sharp and he’s actually a bit nervous because this girl could totally end him and he’d do nothing to stop her. WHAT THE HELL HE’S ALL ABOUT SELF PRESERVATION NOT OKAY. he doesn’t want to hit on her, he doesn’t have the hots for her, it’s nothing of the sort. he just wants to talk. he can’t explain. and she doesn’t know if he’s so unbearable that she just needs to let him know or if there’s something about his attitude and the way he talks that makes her feel at ease. probably a mix.


I should have really written this report the other week when it was fresh in my memory -– ah well, ‘better late than never’ is my motto ;-) So, um, yeah…I had the best time joining in with the Rainbow Direction Project when I went to Wembley Stadium to watch One Direction on Saturday 7th June!! I’d recommend the project to all LGBT* folk (and allies) if you’re off to a 1D concert this tour!!

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Jeopardy! Audition

I got downtown embarrassingly early because I was worried about traffic and finding parking, but I think it worked out well to calm what little nerves I had. I felt surprisingly calm throughout the whole process and was proud of myself for keeping my anxiety in check. I think just going in with an attitude of it just being an experience helped.

For the most part, everyone was super nice and seemed knowledgeable, hyper-educated (lots of PhDs, doctors, attorneys), and well-traveled. There was only one person who sort of rubbed me the wrong way by being a bit egocentric when chatting with him.

We started out by taking another 50 question test on paper and then were put into groups of three to play a mock game. I was literally the first person called in the first group, so I didn’t even have time to acclimate (not sure if this worked in my favor or not). We practiced using the buzzers and then played through 15ish clues, with everyone getting a chance to answer a few. 

I was excited I didn’t get any wrong that I answered and there were a few “Triple Stumpers” in my game, which made me mad I didn’t choose the best categories for myself (we didn’t play a full board but it’s such a blur). Overall, I felt like I was confident and spoke loudly and clearly, which they did have to correct some others on.

After each round, they asked us to say a little bit about ourselves and then asked us questions based on our anecdotes. I think I did fine on this as well, though I definitely didn’t sound as dignified as some of the more accomplished others later on. I was literally the first person to do it, so I wasn’t sure how much to say, etc.

Since I was in the first group, I sat through 6 more games (there were 20 of us total) and then it was time to go. They told us all we’re now in the contestant pool and they would use the information from today to help them out in terms of knowing personalities and playing styles. They could call at any time in the next year and a half to ask me to be on the show. 

The most surprising thing was that I was the only person in the group of 20 actually from the Detroit area and that less than half of the people were even from Michigan. Lots had traveled several hours from parts of Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and upstate New York. I guess I didn’t realize how lucky I was to just drive the short distance downtown and didn’t have to pay for a hotel, etc.

Anyway, after two and a half hours, I was handed a pen and a pair of ear buds with the Jeopardy logo on them and sent on my way. Who knows if they’ll actually call me (I’ve got plenty of time to ponder that), but it was a cool experience and I felt like I was on par with everyone there. What a thrill for a trivia nerd who’s always been too competitive for her own good!