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Opinion on the rising signs ? xox

I’m not gonna praise I’m just going to be honest, good and bad. Also I’m gonna give them all a type!!

Aries rising : I’m an Aries rising, but personally I’ve never really gotten along with other Aries rising and I’m not sure why, but I can say we are some one everyone seems to be really chill with, or wants to chill with, really quick minds and quite impatient, but excellent workers even when they don’t like the work. Brilliant leaders, they don’t always want to take charge, but everyone seems so naturally drawn to them, to follow them. Optimistic and intimidating, nice cheekbones too. Will try to take someone else’s work and do it for them bc they are too slow, can be an ass bc of that hahaha. !!High key kinky!! Leader friend™, generally tall to medium height and normally naturally toned body.

Taurus rising : one of my best friends is a Taurus rising. Stubborn friend™ And awkwardly graceful. These risings are often surrounded by animals or are generally fawning over one, they love food too. Can be authoritarian when it comes to working with others, needs to chill. Talented, and has an uncanny ability to motivate others, beautiful eyes 👀. They aren’t the most tidy of rising signs but when they clean expect the place to be more sterilised then a hospital. LOVES comfort, home is very important to them and so is their individuality, parental, I could see Taurus risings working in hospitality or with children.

Gemini rising : another one of my best friends risings, LOVES reading, and language, is an intellectual™, is a lil prejudice but is very open to changing their view often, awkward AF, but cute, round face, peachy cheeks, really funny and can be loud when they are comfortable. Doesn’t know when to shut up. Either everyone likes them or no one does, oblivious. Is dedicated to learning, and will try to teach others.
Steals tumblr memes, but always gets caught. Needs a parental 24/7 bc they are babies, not in a bad way tho, too sweet for this world.

Cancer rising : YET ANOTHER one of my best friends risings, attracts drama, quiet and has difficulty asserting them selfs at the start, likes dogs. Mom friend™, likes food as well, gets stressed easily. Can also be dramatic. Walks oddly, doesn’t know what to do with their hands. Sarcastic, favourite word is fuck. Depressed. Heart shaped face, also nice cheek bones, thick hair, and aesthetic tiddys and dicks. Can feel victimised allot, is popular but is introverted af, lowkey kinky.

Leo rising: i only know two Leo risings, and I’m not to close to them, but they are clingy af, and sometimes a little rude or stuckup, but they always mean well, they either have a mane for hair or dead hair from focusing too much on their hair, big smile, and generally more tanned skin, often tries to get into the centre of attention, is really generous and kind, can either be classic snake friend™, or royal friend™, is extremely Loyal to one or two people, high key protective and loves to have fun.

Virgo rising: another one of my best friends rising!! Smol n cute, princess™, complains allot, that instagram hoe™, thicc af, short, likes to help people, is clean and doesn’t like mess, loud laugh, aesthetic is on point, dresses well, has many people coming after them but hated them All, extra, will try hard to get into popular groups, nags allot, but they only want people to do the right thing, vanilla (sometimes) really sassy. Is book smart and hands on smart, but they might put themselves down allot.

Libra rising: the only libra rising that I knew of was my English teacher, but he was a babe, hipster friend™, love and peace they say through gritted teeth and seething anger. PERFECT EYELASHES. Either black or denim or both. Good with makeup. Takes allot of pictures, might know how to play an instrument, aesthetics also on point. A thot, but a respected thot. Usually very well liked.

Scorpio rising: I don’t know any Scorpio risings, but I’d think, sex friend™. Is actually the sweetest, but acts like they are evil, or tries to be, has allot of fun, intense eyes, may seem a lil intimidating, makes threats, doesn’t follow through, will hit you tho. May know more about you then you want them too, allot of people want them, even if they aren’t “conventionally attractive”. Mysterious, someone who likes to spread shit, lives for drama.

Sagittarius rising: I only know one sag rising, LOUD af, probably owns a scarf, or two, has good humour but exaggerates almost everything, loves to tell stories, def kinky, into travel, had a good heart, can seem superficial, or annoying, but is just trying to fit it. Overly optimistic, but cute anyway tho, the one who will go on heaps of adventures and do drugs. Might love camping. Probably will sing country music obnoxiously to make every one laugh, annoys everyone instead.

Capricorn rising: another friend of mine, depressed friend™, intimidating af, extremely sarcastic, will call you out on your shit, actually has the best humour, work ethic is either on point or doesn’t exist. Wild, does drugs, daddy kink, can kill you, will do it, big heart tho, has unchanging opinions, they don’t like to back down, even if they are wrong. Will headbutt you.

Aquarius rising: I only know one, but they are eccentric af, always stands out in a crowd, attractive in an odd but mesmerising way, defined forehead, is the classic rebel friend™, sarcastic, popular and extremely aloof, either super vanilla or really kinky, has done drugs, likes to party heaps, can be a dick. GOD COMPLEX IS REAL. Will try to be popular, but also tries to be different. Emo kid. Probably collects weird things.

Pisces rising: another of my best friends rising sign. DRUG FRIEND™, is really kind, but is constantly making themselves the victim, probably psychic, wears hippy clothes, also lives in the hippy era, is really cute and baby like, fish eyes, might have a fringe. Super aloof, easy to make laugh, might have trouble with weight.

These are probably totally incorrect but I was at work while writing this and my head hurts, but these are my general experiences with the rising signs or what I think they’d be like


Whee!!!! So excited for how these came out!!!

Since Frozen and Tangled are set in the same timeline (courtesy of the cameo appearance of Eugene & Rapunzel to Elsa’s Coronation), I really wanted to make 2D animation Frozen dolls in the style of ‘Tangled Before Ever After/The Series’ so they are all part of the same world and ‘look’. :)

I wanted to make Hans & Kristoff as well as Elsa and Anna, but on Disney Store, Eugene ONLY comes in a big huge $100 box set. 0_o I didn’t want to buy 3 of these sets, so I was in a quandary how to accomplish this, until a friend told me that Eugene & Rapunzel BEA (Before Ever After) dolls are in a ‘couple’ set at JCPenney! *-*

I quickly ordered 2 sets from them and as soon as they arrived, began working on the Frozen foursome!

I rooted Elsa and Anna, repainted their faces and styled their hair. I sculpted Hans and Kristoff’s noses and hair, repainted them as well and then dressed them in Disney Store Hans & Kristoff Classic outfits from 2013. For Elsa and Anna’, I kind of wanted to match the ‘winter’ motif of the Tangled dolls, so I said ‘Hey! Why not use the Hasbro ‘Northern Lights’ dolls’ clothing so it seems like a winter scene/aura; plus I didn’t have these NL outfits on any of my other dolls, so it seemed a perfect fit! Bonus: they included iridescent Olaf and 2 Snowgies!! :) So cute! (Only Hans isn’t too ‘wintry’ but his Arendelle cloak is super hard to make and right now, we’re working on another big Hans project, so his Southern Isles outfit has to do for now for this quickie job. ^^;;

It took one day for the gals and one day for the boys, so in all, a 2 day job to create the Frozen charas as 2D ‘BEA’ style dolls!

I love them with this look—–soo cute!!!!! It was a fun project and I love the results! Hope you do, too! What do you think of them?

@love-disney-dolls @jg-omniaart @ribbonsandchocolate @disneysfrozenguy @princehansofthecutieisles80 @upthenorthmountain @kristanna  @daisydaling @disneylimitededitiondolls @arianbutlerart

sunrise | jughead jones (riverdale)

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prompt: 13-“i can’t believe you talked me into this” & 15-“here take my jacket you look freezing

“i can’t believe you talked me into this” i murmur as i kindly follow jughead into what seemed like a forrest, he’d asked me if he could blindfold me and take me to a surprise so of course i said yes.

but here i was, freezing trekking through the woods at 4am and ruining my shoes as i almost twist my ankle tripping off a rock that jughead neglected to tell me was there, boys.

i could hear the wind howling in the trees and the birds chirping, it must be close to sunrise. my hands intertwined in my boyfriends as he leads me further and further into the thick of the forrest

“we’re almost there” he mummers squeezing my hand as we weave through the tree before coming to a halt. i reach up eagerly to my blindfold but he smacks my hand away “um excuse me did i tell you that you could take your blindfold off?!” he sasses and i giggle

today marked the 5th year since he asked me to be his girlfriend and it didn’t take a fool to know that he’d taken me back to sweet river, where he asked me the summer before freshman year to be his girlfriend.

“juggie!!!” u exclaim, my nerves starting to rise. why had jughead dragged me out of my warm bed at the crack of dawn to walk me down to sweet water river, could he not have waited till later where it was atleast a little warmer?

“if you murder me jughead jones i swear to god i will come back and haunt you, TO DEATH” i exclaim. he’s laughter fills my ears

“(y/n) (y/l/n)” he starts “even though you drive me to literally anxiety i wanted to bring you here today to our first ever real date and where i made the worst mistake of my life and ask you to be my girlfriend-”

my jaw drops “juggie!!!” i complain laughing slightly as the cold nips my nose “so it seemed only fitting to make another regretful decision right here”

“you can take it off now” i remove the blindfold to reveal jughead infront of me on one knee, the sun beginning to rise behind him, the sky turning into cotton candy “oh my god” i breathe out my tears brimming with tears

“will you marry me” he begs a smile draped on his soft lips, i nod frantically tears streaming down my face “yes yes yes yes jughead jones yes” he stands upright in enough time for me to launch myself onto him.

he spins me around connecting our lips before setting me down “so do you won’t the ring or what?” he chuckles and iroll my eyes “of course i do you big dummy!” he gently removes the ring and places it on my cold fingers

“god you’re freezing!” he complains touching my ice like hands “i told you i was freezing!!!!” i groan shivering in his arms.

“okay wait let me try this again?” i laugh my lip trembling, he clears his throat looking behind him then back at me his face all serious i have to hold back a laugh

“here take my jacket you look freezing- is that how it’s supposed to go down?” he laughs removing his jacket “shut up and give me your jacket” i moan letting him slip my arms into his warm coat

“so im supposed to just freeze?” he complains standing behind me and wrapping his arms around me as we sit on the picnic blanket jug had brought for us to sit on

“you should’ve bought yourself a jacket” i poke fun leaning back into his chest “it was your fault-bringing me out this early” i remind him, his chest shaking underneath me

“if we came any later we wouldn’t of been able to see this” he tilts my head so it’s looking up into the sky; it was breathtakingly beautiful, the sky was enveloped in pinks and purples staining the sky line.

“i love you jughead jones”

“i love you (y/n) (y/l/n)”

Alex Standall Bipolar Headcannon

Ok y’all here we go. This should explain my URL. 

Coming from someone who has bipolar disorder, I firmly believe that Alex has some form of bipolar disorder. Lemme explain.

-The car scene. One facet of mania is driving too fast. Now, in this scene he drives too fast in the beginning just to scare Clay, and everyone else was in on it. However, when they told him to stop, he didn’t, and he started to scare them. This is so so so common for people who have bipolar disorder. Driving fast, regardless of what other people in the car say, is definitely something I’ve done while manic.

-The pool thing. Now this one is a little less obvious, but I still think this action, represents a greater mood disturbance in Alex. Whether it’s manic of depression, it’s hard to say. But either way, no one told him to do this. It was an impulsive decision he made on his own accord, and impulsivity is a huge symptom of bipolar disorder. 

-The fight. So I don’t know about you, but I feel like that fight was sort of out of place. Then I was thinking about it, and it totally makes sense with the bipolar headcannon of Alex. Because one thing bipolar can do is give you a lot of energy. That’s what mania is. And sometimes that energy is channeled into anger the manifests itself in fits of rage. That fight was a prime example of that. Not only that, but it was another impulsive action that lead to harmful consequences. 

-The suicide attempt. This one is kind of obvious, but as you may know, the depressive side of bipolar can often lead to suicidal thoughts. Throughout the show, Alex seems pretty manic like I described before. But towards the end of the show, it seems to me that he becomes subdued. There are signs that I won’t go into that allude to him being suicidal. And that would make sense because most manic periods last either months or weeks and it had been a few months. 

All in all, I could argue that there are multiple mental illnesses represented in this show and that’s why I love it. Although they don’t outright say it, there’s clearly issues with alcoholism and depression, and it can be argued that there are also issues such as autism, bipolar, borderline personality disorder, etc. 

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Maybe you'll think I'm proving the point of the post but???? "Wives submit to your husbands" is literally a mistranslation????? The culture that spawned the mistranslation is sexist, not the passage itself. What it more directly means is "Wives, love your husbands in a way they'll understand, which consists of listening to them and supporting their endeavors instead of just jumping in and solving all his problems like your instincts may tell you to do".

(link to the post being referred to)

Hi there! If that is true I would love some resources, if you have any. I mean that genuinely; I would be glad to be proved wrong if I am – I really like Greek and love the Bible so I’m happy to learn what it’s really saying. But from my own quick study just this past hour as a student of ancient Greek (and, to a lesser extent, of Greco-Roman culture), I have to disagree strongly that the couple of verses in which Paul tells women to submit to their husbands have been mistranslated and really mean what you say they mean. 

I start with Paul’s instructions as found in Colossians 3:18-19, and then move on to the similar instructions found in Ephesians 5:21-23.

If you click that above link to Colossians you’ll find English and Greek placed side by side. The translation offered on that site, biblehub, is not perfect but at least it’s free! I myself am using a more expensive program called BibleWorks. Anyway, here is a screenshot of what you’ll find at the biblehub link above:

[an image with Greek and English; the English reads (more or less): “Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands as is fitting in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives and do not be embittered towards them.”]

Let’s look at that “submit yourselves” verb: ὑποτάσσεσθε. This is the passive imperative form of ὑποτάσσω, which is defined in Friberg’s lexicon as meaning the following:

  • ὑποτάσσω (when conjugated to the passive voice being used in this passage): (a) “with a component of compulsion have to submit (LU 10.17, 20); (b) with a component of voluntary submission be submissive, obey, subject oneself.”
  • And if you pull the verb apart to get at its origins you’ll get ὑπο, which means “under,” and τάσσω, which in the passive sense can mean “be appointed” or “be placed” – put the two together, and you get to be “placed under.” 

Paul is urging women to voluntarily submit themselves to their husbands, I would say, rather than compelling them to do so. But he is definitely telling them to place themselves under their husbands. What is his reasoning for why they should do this? In Colossians, the only reasoning he gives is that this arrangement “is fitting/proper in the Lord. That’s…vague. Why would women being under men be “fitting” in the Lord? That notion seems so opposite to another verse attributed to Paul, that of Galatians 3:28, “There is no contrary Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.”

I cannot help but think Paul is making the mistake here that assuming that “the way things have always been” is the way God intends things to be – that because the ordered societies he has experienced work best when women are under men, surely God wants that. As Howard Thurman puts it, people tend to assume that if something is “normal, then correct; if correct, then moral; if moral, then religious.” 

Moving on to Ephesians 5, Paul at least offers a slightly more detailed explanation for why he thinks women should submit to their husbands:

[The image shows Greek and English; the English reads, more or less: “Wives, (submit) to your own husbands as to the Lord, for the husband is the head of the wife, just as Christ is the head of the church. …Even as the church is submitted/subjected to Christ, even so wives (are submitted/subjected) to their husbands in all things.”]

So, Paul reasons that just as Jesus = the head of the church, so the husband = the head of the wife. (The word for head, κεφαλή, means a literal head, so this is an extension of Paul’s Body of Christ metaphor; though the word can also mean the “head” as in one of superior rank).

In our day and age, such an assertion is blatantly sexist. One may say what one will about why the husband “had” to be the head of the wife back in the days of the Roman Empire – some people argue that because women lacked education back then, it was only logical that men be in charge of them. I think that is severely undervaluing non-school learning – just because a person is uneducated does not mean that they are not smart or unable to be in charge of themselves – but anyone who lives today and agrees that the husband is the head of the wife is being sexist.
Just as Paul seems to grasp for a brief shining moment in Galatians 3:28, women and men (and people of all genders) are equals, and neither one should be “over” the other in any relationship that involves a man and a woman. 

But back to the word ὑποτάσσω, “submit” – I cannot find any lexicon or dictionary that suggests that this word could mean something about “loving someone in a way they’ll understand.” There is no direct connection to “love” at all. The word means “submit,” to “subject oneself,” to place oneself under the authority of someone else.

I’ll paste the whole quote you offered: “Wives, love your husbands in a way they’ll understand, which consists of listening to them and supporting their endeavors instead of just jumping in and solving all his problems like your instincts may tell you to do"

That quote appears to be an interpretation of what Paul might have meant when he told wives to “submit” to their husbands, rather than being an alternative direct translation of the Greek. I suppose one could interpret a voluntary submission as a mode of loving one’s husband – but the rest of that, about listening to them, supporting them, not jumping in and solving all their problems…none of that is at all directly in the text. (Not to mention, that interpretation strikes me as sexist in itself – the whole “like your instincts may tell you to do” sounds like a sexist evaluation of how women behave, that they “instinctually” do everything for their husband…)

To wrap up: why does it even matter whether Paul’s instructions in passages like these are sexist?

It matters because many Christians read what Paul says as the literal Word of God – that because it is in scripture, what Paul says must be what God says, what God thinks, what God wills. (I myself disagree with any such interpretation of scripture, holding that Paul is a human man living in prejudiced cultures whose biases leak into his letters – what he thinks need not be what God thinks, though in places in his letters like Galatians 3:28 God’s Truth does break through. But I am getting off topic.)

And because they read these words as God’s words, because they believe that God agrees with every notion put forth in our canon of scripture, they must either conclude that 1) God is sexist, or 2) these words are not sexist.

Most people these days are uncomfortable at the idea of a sexist God. This is why so many scramble to find ways to prove that these verses are not sexist. One way is to say “well, the following verses tell men they have to love their wives, and submit to Christ.” Why does the man only have to “love,” while the woman must “submit” to him? Why does the man only have to submit to Christ? Why does the woman have to go through a man on her way to submitting herself to Christ – what if she has no man (as is commonplace these days but would have been very rare in the time of Paul)?

Others are fine with God being sexist, and use these verses as proof that women should be subjected to their husbands because of their inferiority or whatnot. 

Either way, the results include tangible consequences. Women find themselves in marriages with a man who does not respect them, who belittles them or even abuses them – and they are told that they must simply submit. A woman has a better idea than her husband, but what does that matter? Her job is to do as he says – he is the head of her, making the decisions. A woman feels called to teach Sunday school or be a pastor, but 1 Timothy 2:11-12 is cited against her when she voices that calling to her own pastor. 

I’m sorry for rambling and getting away from the main point of your ask, but I think I answered it somewhere along the way. I hope my evaluation of the Greek is clear enough; if not, just let me know and I’ll try to explain it better. If there are other parts of the Greek in any of this verses you’re interested in me explicating, I’m always happy to do that too :) Peace!


I should’ve really complied all these gems together, hECK

Oh well <:’D
We got Sunstone finally! Another commonly used gem, I know ;v; I just wanted to make my interpretation
He’s a fiery gem with a burning desire to protect the ones they care about! Sounds like an anime protag, honestly, and those puns were only slightly intentional

Lepidolite is the fusion between Sunny and Moon, and yeah, I could’ve gone with Galaxite, but Lepi just seemed to fit their fused personalities better! Besides, I like how the colors came out
I wouldn’t say they’re a permafusion, but they like fusing a LOT, and being Lepi for long periods of time
But they also like looking at each other, and stuff like that pft

Sunstone and Moonstone both go by they/them pronouns, and so does Lepidolite.

I didn’t have room to fit their weapon, but I might just include that in a different post. It’s a scythe tho!

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Hey ! So this maybe isn't your thing but I'm a bit lost with all this Ne Si stuff... I know I'm an ENFP and understand my profil (which is kinda accurate to be honest) but what about my Ne/Si or whatever ? I know you're an ENFP too so if you could help me figuring that out that'd be super nice ! 😊

The Basics: Ne is shorthand for Extroverted Intuition, which means your insights and ideas come from the external world, through building connections between unrelated topics – the more you learn, the easier it is to make these connections and form intuitive perceptions and reach conclusions. An example would be me at breakfast, having briefly read something on how rituals can ‘anchor’ and comfort you, because your mind likes to be ‘settled, taking that information, applying it to someone in my life whose habitual behaviors confound me and perceiving that she has gone too far to the extreme, and become a slave to her rituals – she is in bondage to her rituals. It’s like… OCD in that she cannot break away from her ritualistic behavior, which in her mind establishes a ‘safe zone’ that she runs to whenever she feels threatened.

If you have Ne, your mind continually changes as it meets new information. So, last week my conclusion about said friend might have been simply OCD, and the week before that, anxiety disorder. I try on different perceptive insights until I find one that fits, that makes sense, that seems right… in the full knowledge that this Ne-based insight will shift in another few days to include something else. My mind naturally moves from one possibility to the next, and only comes back to former ideas if they seem the most likely or continually tug at me, as if to prove that they are the right insight / conclusion / something to pursue.

This is unavoidable … and to people on the outside of your mind, looks random, scattered, and undisciplined, because this happens with everything, all the time. For a Ne-dom, life is a constant influx of information, but your mind automatically presents you with alternatives to everything. I’ll give you another example: I often like villains in stories, because I find many of them intelligent and emotionally damaged or complex, and as an amateur psychologist I find any kind of emotional disorder fascinating. But even if I were to start defending a villain on an emotional level, and pointing out reasons not to hate him, my mind would automatically supply me with arguments to my own statements – with the result that at the end of the debate, if I did not take and hold to my position, I have probably concluded… nothing.

Right now, I’m trying to decide what type I think Petyr Baelish is in Game of Thrones. My Ne can see truth in arguments for INFJ and ENTP. After reading a couple of solid Ni-dom arguments and thinking about it, I felt fairly confident about INFJ. Then I read some convincing arguments for ENTP and… I’m back in the land of “I do not know.” I will have to sit down, write out something on Petyr, speculate as to his motives, and discern his methods, to reach a conclusion on his type… and even then, I’m open to the idea my perception may be wrong. (I lean more toward Ni-dom, though.)

This indecision and inability to choose between alternate perspectives is useful in that it makes me objective in any argument and able to see how both sides’ opinions have equal worth and deserve equal consideration… but it comes at the cost of, and because of, low Introverted Sensing (Si), which is a stabilizing force in types who have more of it than I do. The people more sure of their opinions, who can handle and remember details, who do not change their minds constantly and seem to have a ‘secure’ position in their mind have higher Si, whereas I struggle to develop mine, to figure out how to process and store information, to know what my bodily needs and limits are (I tend to push myself too hard on intellectual levels and wind up emotionally and mentally drained; I look at the SJs in my life and wonder, “How can you relax like that?!”), and to remember my position on this topic last week.

The nice thing is that when I’m working on something, I often get good ideas for other things to do that stem from some innocuous comment I just made, but I can get distracted and have poor follow through unless I focus and force myself to work on one thing at a time.

Not sure if that sheds any insight for you, but it’s all I’ve got. I’m tired.

- ENFP Mod

I love Servamp but I’m kinda on the fence about it having a second season. Having more Servamp content would be great and bring more fans to this under looked series. But when I was discussing a second season with my friend, I realized how much of an uphill battle the writing process for a second season would be considering how they cut and mixed the first season.

This post became longer than I thought it would but the TL;DR is that the problems with the first season will inadvertently trickle into the next season.

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Unconventional Love II

Author’s Note: Guess who’s finally done with exams? So, as requested, here’s the second part of Unconventional Love! 

(Part I)

It’s unconventional. He knows that. Knew it from the moment he realized how young she was. It scared him away for a few weeks, but he found himself quite unable to resist her. There was something about Y/N that pulled him in. Perhaps it was the way she made him feel safe and wanted. Or the way she could keep up with his mind when they talked – most of the time. Or the way she looked at him, how a single glance could make his heart rate jump drastically.

The moment he kissed her, it was all over. He knew then that he was too far gone to ever recover.

So he agreed to start seeing her. He wouldn’t admit out loud that in a way, it thrilled him. The whole “forbidden-love” trope. A sort of mentor-student relationship. The twelve year age gap made him hesitant – and yet, excited. He doesn’t think he’s had a thing for younger girls. It’s this particular girl. Everything about her draws him in.

After only a few months of dating, he knows it for sure: he loves her.

It’s why he finally invites her to meet his team. They’re his family, his life, and he wants her to be a part of his life. All they know is that he’s seeing someone. They know only her name, nothing else. She is one secret he has kept closely guarded, and for good reason; but she wants to be a part of his life just as much.

He never has been good at saying no to her.

So when Rossi throws a dinner party, he brings her along. In order to avoid too much attention, he picks her up at a coffee shop just off campus, away from the prying eyes of college students too prone to gossip. After several months, she still manages to take his breath away, sitting on a bench in a velvet dress, her hair pinned up, a book in her hands. At the sound of his car, she looks up, and immediately stands to greet him, the sound of her heels clicking on the sidewalk. A smile spreads across her face and the reflection of the lamplight in her eyes makes her look absolutely radiant.

The ride over is filled with a quiet anxiety for the both of them.

“What if they don’t like me?” she asks.

“Nonsense,” he assures her. “They’ll love you. My team is my family, and they’re all amazing people. There’s nothing to worry about.” There are exactly twelve things worrying him, however. Twelve years that separate him from her. Twelve things that his team will inevitably notice.

He can see it on Rossi’s face when he answers the door. The older agent is skilled in keeping a poker face, but microexpressions come through of their own accord, quiet messages to the those who know how to read them. They plainly say: shock, surprise, confusion.

Reid doesn’t miss a beat though, smiling and putting his arm around Y/N’s waist in a way only romantic partners do. “Y/N, this is David Rossi, my colleague. Rossi, this is Y/F/N Y/L/N. My girlfriend.”

Rossi dons the warm expression of an impeccable host and shakes her hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I didn’t realize our Dr. Reid kept the company of such pretty girls.” Beside him, she visibly relaxes. Greeting Rossi is only the beginning though. The rest of the team is waiting inside, and he can only hope it goes smoothly. He’s never felt this way about someone before, and the last thing he wants is for tonight to put an end to the fairy-tale life he feels he’s been living in.

At first, it seems fine. He makes introductions, and she makes small talk with his team. She’s trying, she’s trying so hard to make a good impression. All smiles and strong handshakes and that genuine warmth she always exudes. Surely they can tell how much this means to her? To him?

JJ asks how they met. “In a library, actually,” she says. “Which only seems fitting. I was studying and Spencer asked about one of the books I was reading. One conversation led to another, and we just sort… fell together. Like it was the easiest thing in the world.”

“Studying?” JJ repeats. “Are you in a doctoral program?”

Y/N falters, and glances to him. He nods, encouraging her. Lying will only make things worse. The truth always comes out in the end, so it’s better to be honest up front. Nevertheless, it feels like pulling out a thorn, and he tries not to wince at the pain he anticipates.

“I-I’m a student at Georgetown. In the College.”

Conversations with in their earshot suddenly fall quieter, and he tries not to notice the way every head in the room turns ever so slightly their way. JJ blinks, her eyebrows raised. “In the College? How old are you exactly?”

Reid holds his breath. She squeezes his hand. “Um, twenty. I’m a sophomore.” The silence is so pervasive, the entire room is nothing but a series of inhales and exhales.

He feels someone grab his arm, and Hotch says, “Reid, can I speak to you outside?” The unit chief drags him out to Rossi’s patio, and he realizes the rest of the team has followed.

Morgan shuts the glass door behind them, then rounds on him. “Reid, man, what the hell are you thinking? Twenty? That girl’s not even old enough to drink!”

“I’m aware of that,” he says. More than aware. Morgan has no idea how many nights he would lie awake wondering if it was worth it. Going over every reason to say no to her in his mind, trying to keep his distance. It was never enough to keep him away from her. Some things defy logic, explanation and reason.

“What if someone finds out about this?” Hotch asks. “It could cause trouble for you.”

“She’s over eighteen,” Reid answers, indignant. As if he would be so stupid as to get involved with a minor! “And in college. There’s no need for it to be a scandal.”

JJ jumps in, her usual smile a firm frown. “Spence, she could tell someone! She could lie and make something up about you. I mean, what does a college girl want with someone like you anyways? How do you know she’s not just using you?”

It doesn’t escape his notice that they refuse to use her name. She, it, they, that girl. He can’t help but jump to her defense. “You don’t even know her! If you took the time to, you’d realize she’s not like that! Y/N has been nothing but careful and kind. And is it so hard to believe that someone like her is genuinely interested in me? I realize I’m older and I’m not exactly cool, but she likes me for me, and that much I know for sure!”

“Spence, I didn’t mean-”

“Then why did you say that? Why is everyone’s first assumption that she’s a problem? I realize it’s unconventional. I’m well aware that she’s twelve years younger than I am. I get it, okay? But we’ve been seeing each other for a while, long enough for me to know I trust her, and long enough for me to know that I love her! I brought her here because I thought you all would be happy for me!”

An uncomfortable silence settles over them. “We’re only trying to protect you,” Rossi says.

The door opens, and Alex steps out to join them. “Spencer, your girlfriend is really quite lovely,” she says. “I’m so glad you brought her with you.”

Morgan clears his throat. “Blake, it doesn’t bother you at all that she’s still in college?”

Alex shakes her head. “No, not at all. She seems intelligent, sweet, and very mature. I don’t think it has to be a problem. I mean, James and I are nine years apart. He was a TA in one of my college classes. That was far more forbidden, but when you know… you know. I’ve never stopped loving him. I think that if Reid loves her, and Y/N loves him, then that’s enough.” She flashes him a smile, and he hopes that she can read the thank-you in his eyes.

Then he realizes that Alex was the only one who hadn’t immediately joined them on the patio. “Wait, if you’re out here, is Y/N just alone inside?” Alarmed that he’s been so careless, he runs back inside, only to find her happily engaged in conversation with Garcia, who’s laughing loudly at something Y/N has just said. Seeing that, he can finally breathe a little easier. If Garcia is laughing, it’s a yes from her. That’s two of the team down, four more to win over.

The agents slowly file back inside, and when they do, Y/N pulls him aside. “You were talking about me, weren’t you?” she asks. Remarkably observant, she is. He nods, embarrassed. Softly she says, “Maybe this is a bad idea. I don’t want to get you into any trouble. Not with the FBI, and not with your friends. If my age is going to ruin things for you, maybe it’s best if we stop seeing each other.” Each word comes out strained, and she can’t make eye contact. Her body language takes away the fear that she wants to break-up with him, as every part of her is screaming that the last thing she wants is to leave. Which is good, because every part of him wants her to stay.

“No! Of course not! I mean, yes, we were talking about you. But I don’t care about any of that. There are no rules against it, and I don’t care if they don’t see how incredible you are, because I do. It doesn’t matter to me how old you are, I know what I feel for you is real. And I have to believe that eventually, they’ll see that. If nothing else, they have to see how happy you make me.”

She blushes, finally glancing up at him. “You’re sure you’re not embarrassed by me? I mean, I know it isn’t easy to be dating someone so young.”

He takes her hands and kisses her fiercely. There’s no way he could ever be embarrassed by her. Not once has she ever made him feel ashamed. On the contrary, she’s given him new confidence. As someone who had to grow up so fast, she makes him feel young in all the best ways – not immature or childish, but alive. Around her, he finds he has more energy, and everything feels more exciting. As though somehow he has managed to be more present in the world with her. He never realized it was possible to live this way until she came along.

There is more light in his life with her, whether they’re walking in a park or she’s kissing him in the back of his car. She never asks too much of him, but she always challenges him to be better. If there is anything he learned as a twelve year-old child prodigy, it’s that age is merely a number. An arbitrary value that matters very little outside of important legal definitions. Maybe that’s why he finds it strangely thrilling to be with someone twelve years younger than him – he himself spent so much of his life out of his own league, around people so much older than him.

“I don’t want easy,” he says, when he finally pulls away. “I want you. I knew what I was getting into the moment I kissed you, and I have never regretted that. I don’t care what they think – I know that I love you.” It has taken him this long to finally get those three words out, but he wants to show the kind of confidence in their relationship that she has demonstrated. She was the one who believed in them, who was willing to fight for what she felt when he was too scared to.

He doesn’t want to keep this a secret anymore.

“I love you too,” she replies, and he’s never imagined how good it would feel to hear her say that back to him. He’s just about to kiss her again when someone whistles, and they both whirl around to see Morgan standing there, eyebrows raised.

“Don’t stop on my behalf,” he laughs. “Look, we want to apologize. Y/N, we meant no disrespect. When it comes to Reid, we do want him to be happy. That’s why we’re so protective of him. But if you two are happy together, then that’s cause for celebration. So what do you say? We good?”

She smiles. “Yeah. We’re good. Thank you.” They follow Morgan into the kitchen, where the rest of the team offers up amends. Y/N takes it all in stride, and he knows that if she can handle this – his job, his team, all the demands of that life – they’ll be okay. He sends a silent thank you up to Carl Jung for the book that brought them together. Never in a million years did he think he’d be with someone like her.

Rossi proposes a toast, and is doling out glasses of wine, when Morgan says, “Oh! And Y/N, of course. Don’t wanna forget you.” Then he grins and hands her a juice box. “We can’t exactly have the FBI condoning any lawbreaking.”

She bursts out laughing, and rolls her eyes, but Reid can tell that means Morgan is accepting her. It’s not a harsh judgment, but a brotherly sort of teasing. Garcia and Alex have already warmed up to her, and he figures it won’t be too long before Hotch and JJ come around.

It’s late at night when they leave, and she falls asleep as he drives back to her dorm. In the glow of the streetlights, he stares at her, in all her perfection. Peaceful, gentle, and so incredibly lovely. She’s his. And he’s hers. And it’s unconventional, of course, but he’s never done anything traditionally. Unconventional though it may be, that spark is real.

He’s tired of giving himself a thousand reasons why he doesn’t deserve to be happy, when there’s someone right in front of him who proves him wrong each time. With her, he doesn’t have to overthink or overanalyze. It’s easy. As it should be.

This love makes him better. This love is unconventional.

But this love is very, very real.

Fools: a Mark fic

Previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Chapter 7

“I thought to myself, ‘if you really like her, you don’t quit’.”

“Even after I asked you to? So you figured you could wear me down or something?”

“It was a mistake.”

“It was fucked up.”

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anonymous asked:

What's wrong with a verbal apology? Verbalising a remorse IS healing. A verbal apology is oftentimes the first step in "fixing" the "core" problem, and in the realm of human decency (unless the person is not human). I respect your opinion, but you need to respect why an apology is important. Next time when someone 💩on you, there's no need to apologise then. According to you, you don't need one. What an a-hole. Not sorry.

Oliver has apologised, Nonnie. Repeatedly. Not least of which with his vows. Mine (and Felicity’s point) is that an apology isn’t any use if you don’t understand the behaviour which drove you to lie in the first place. In that case, verbalising remorse isn’t healing, it’s sticking a band-aid over the real issue. 

Oliver is sorry. He’s apologised to Felicity, repeatedly. We’ve seen it. Felicity has accepted that apology. You point out that an apology is often times the first step in fixing the core issue. Correct. It can be. But the writers were very clear that in Olicity’s relationship, that wasn’t the case. The issue which remained between them was why it happened, and until Oliver could figure that out, then he was going to lie to her again. Remorse means nothing without repentance, in this circumstance. Repentance means a complete 180 from the behaviour. Oliver could be as sorry as he liked (and he was, it was verbalised often) but without understanding why he did what he did, he was doomed to repeat the behaviour of isolating himself. Felicity knew Oliver was offering her sincere remorse and regret, but was unable to offer her repentance at that time. She knew they were doomed because of that fact. 

It’s like being a person who cheats on their partner. You can apologise to your partner and really mean it. But if you don’t know what motivates you to look for physical validation outside the marriage/relationship in the first place, then it’s just one apology in a lifetime of apologies about the same thing. In that scenario, an apology, without follow through and action, is meaningless. Oliver couldn’t offer Felicity a why, even though she pointed out that flaw to him more than once. What use is his remorse for their future if he didn’t know how to stop it from happening again and again? 

That was a big reason Oliver didn’t ‘fight for Felicity’ like so many wanted to see. He didn’t know how to address his core issue. The way he could fight for Felicity was to fight for himself. That was what Felicity wanted from Oliver, not an apology. She knew he was sorry and accepted that apology. But what she couldn’t accept is Oliver not knowing why he would always retreat back to the island in intense situations. Why he always chose to be alone rather than a part of something. How can you marry someone with that mindset? 

That’s why I’m saying the apology isn’t the issue between them, because this is a systemic issue. You seem to have taken my comments about Olicity as some kind of one size fits all opinion about apologies. It’s not. It’s a case by case scenario, and in this case, I was talking about Olicity and their relationship as we’ve seen it unfold. Yes, an apology does play a role, but only a very minor one in regards to ultimately being able to move forward in regards to Olicity’s relationship, because of the systemic nature of the issue. If Oliver had made another kind of misstep, then a simple apology would have been enough. We all make mistakes. Oliver’s issue is that he makes the same mistake over and over again. A simple sorry becomes not that point in those circumstances. 

I’m not sure why you think I don’t think apologies are important, Nonnie. I do. It’s just in Olicity’s case, it has already happened and it didn’t help them. Olicity doesn’t need more apologies, it needs more understanding. Felicity understands herself and Oliver better after 520. That’s awesome. That’s true character growth. Oliver is about to embrace his own light about who he really is as a man as well. Also growth. For the Olicity love story, as it has played out, at the point we’re at, yet another apology is something that simply isn’t required IMO. It could happen, but if we don’t get another apology from Oliver, then I don’t believe it’s going to undermine the entire s/l and his acceptance of his culpability in what went wrong. Oliver has never argued that he was at fault. He accepted all the blame from the beginning. It’s a done deal. It’s canon.

I hope that makes my stance on this clearer to you, Nonnie, because I believe it’s an important thing to appreciate. I keep saying that if people want to reduce the Olicity breakup down to who was right and who was wrong, then they’re going to miss out on so many other important layers. Apologies have already been made. I, personally, am not interested in more of the same. What I’m here for is character growth and understanding, and I got that in 520 with the promise of a whole lot more. So, I’m a very happy camper right now. :D  

littledumpass  asked:

In my opinion the writers fucked everything up but the series is still nice to watch. Debbie drove totally crazy and became a bitch and fiona may need time for herself but she can't ignore the fact that she has a family. I'm so sorry for Lip but he kinda messed it up on his own. I understood Ians storyline but his new relationships didn't fit to him and seem pretty unrealistic and tbh Carl is the only one I really,really liked and now he's gone.

show’s a mess but that’s the whole point i guess. my issue is that all the storylines have become so bland and i’m not entertained by anyone except mickey/mandy. ian comes out of his shell and is more alive when he’s with mickey which makes him more entertaining but if they want me to watch another season of fiona fucking guys while 3 minors who are under her legal gaurdianship are left behind, ian making himself miserable, lip running his life into the ground, and debbie being selfish and ungrateful… without giving me any mickey to balance out the boring garbage they’re filling the show with……. they have a rude awakening coming cos that’s not gonna happen lmao

bandaged-chessmaster  asked:

I'm not sure, but I think your body image is one personal issue you have. Sorry if I'm being too blunt! Another thing that annoys you is how people seemed to force you to make your ambitions bigger and go to the city.

Ah, these are all very true actually!

I don’t have much confidence in my appearance, though it’s something I am working on, but I constantly have my looks judged by those around me, so I tend to feel out of place even when I put effort into my overall look.

And the one about my ambitions is very, very true. It tends to be if what I want to do doesn’t fit into a preconceived plan another person has in their head, I only disappoint them or get chastised for it. Like with looking for work when I was a student and how I didn’t want to seek employment in the city, but it’s especially bad when it comes to art. 

Drawing is more of a hobby for me for my own enjoyment as well as to share with others, but my family tends to put a monetary value on my work even if it’s just for fun. My dad will look at my art and say things like, “I don’t think it’s the best example of your brand.” and I become discouraged.

It’s the same with my education as well really, any time I ever brought up pursuing other fields of interest, my family would shut it down and ask why I don’t just go to art school and make art full time… I actually considered becoming a paralegal at one point but one of my aunts laughed at the idea and no one came to my defense “orz

Much the same happened when I proposed the idea of becoming pathologist, I got told, “Oh, that’s nice, Emil, but wouldn’t you much rather become an artist instead?”

It can be a real bother, but I’m pursuing my own interests more now and cementing my goals and aspirations so it’s harder for them to break apart. I’m trying to be a bit more determined lol

ateliefloresdaprimavera  asked:

PERFECTION AS ALWAYS!!!And the fact that Heahmund is a dog (I'm still laughing,come on!) ok,nervous Ivar is just too cute to pass! aaaand now I'm the one who can1t stop crying! what a beautiful proposal!OMG! Mrs. Ivar Lothbrok-awwwwwwwwwwwwn! I can only imagine them on their "past lives" as this BAMF couple! :´´´)

HA In a past live, she and Ivar probably would have tried to repeatedly kill one another, before working it out and using it to their advantage. 

Heahmund the dog, it seemed fitting ;) Plus, I wanted something comical and I think that fits the bill nicely. 

Oh Ivar, he is the charmer, he knows how to work the angles and make the lady swoon. He’s a heartfelt little dude, who just wanted love and never expected to find it. Now he has it and damn it, Ivar is a happy boy. Happier than he has ever been. 

Originally posted by heathensoldier

More thoughts on Those Five Words.

I keep thinking about the fact that JCH actually did censor them. Actually wrote at the top ‘this letter cannot be printed in full’.

Because, going in to all of this, the fact that the words are censor-worthy was an indisputed fact. They WERE censored.

So when I thought about what else could be under there, other than gay stuff, my fall back was always ‘well, he could just be saying something sexually explicit in a non-gay way.’ Because it’s the 18th/19th century and I expect they had higher standards about that sort of thing. And even if I could never really come up with something he could say in 5 words at the end of that sentence that would be that bad, it did seem to fit the context.

But, even if we take a very conservative viewpoint and assume the second and last words are too garbled to tell, it does seem very likely that one of those words is ‘you’. This is something he’s saying TO Laurens, ABOUT him. So if it’s sexual, then… there’s really only one option?

Just ‘cause, like, I keep thinking to myself: ‘okay, but let’s keep this in perspective, because there ARE non-gay explanations for this. He could’ve just been making a joke about how they’ve been roomed together too often, seen more of one another than they wanted to.’

But it was censored. And… look, maybe standards at the time were higher, but the non-gay option is so mundane?? Like, in the army, you bunk together, in very close quarters. They would’ve seen each other naked. He’s not even being explicit about it, just referring to that. I find it hard to imagine that, compared with all of this other stuff Hamilton’s written which we can still read perfectly fine, that would’ve been crossing the line.

So he clearly wrote something to Laurens, in those words. And JCH clearly thought that it should be covered up. And I can’t think of any vaguely plausible reason he’d do that unless he really did believe that it something sexual.

This isn’t a 100% foolproof gay argument either - he was just one person. But he’s a person at the time who had a very good reason to be assuming exactly the opposite of what we’re looking for here, and he thought it was a pretty big freaking deal, enough to literally try and prevent anyone else from reading it.

Bleach 685 “A Perfect End” Review (AKA the HAIR Chapter)

Okay, let’s make a deal, shall we? I know many of you (myself included) are incredibly disappointed about the abrupt end, about all the questions left unanswered etc, but until the series concludes, I have decided to enjoy as much of it as I can.

There will be ample time for complaints once the dust settles; for now, I just want to enjoy the ride till the end.

Not that we shouldn't criticize what happens in 685 and 686 in a couple of weeks, but I’m going to be focusing on the what we’re getting instead of everything we’re not, sound good?

Here we go then.

(also, does the title sound ominous to anyone else, or just me? >___>;;;)

(review under the cut)

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but we can assure everyone that contracts are already being arranged with the Slayer’s Guild of America to catch the runaway criminals who flew the scene

I hope they succeed into running away and getting rid of the slayers…

This fact only leads to the one question no one wants to ask: is Naturalization enough to prove all L. Naturae are worthy of our trust? Can this be considered a “one-time only event”, or is it just another one of many that were —more than one time— swipped under the proverbial rug? Is this just proof that not all L. Naturae can achieve a certain level of humanity and be “educated”, “taught” or “trained” to fit into society?

I’m so tired of this… c’mon, are witches even worthy of our trust? Ugh, wait, it’s just like I was talking with Matt… it seems that all the door bullshit was to make a fight between witches and L.N… not like we need any extra reasons to do so when witches bring them up all by themselves.

Anyway…there is no time to waste.

Awhile back I was asked to whip together another follow forever and since today is Valentines Day it seemed fitting to show my love/appreciation for some  blogs! These are blogs that at one point or another I thoroughly enjoyed following and have made me smile for hours, laugh for days, and or cry tears full of feels. Not only do these individuals reblog great content but some of them  post stunning original work (e.g. gifs, graphics, fan art, etc)! I personally want to take this time and thank these individuals for making my avatar experience here on tumblr enjoyable and memorable. <3

 If you ever need a place to drown yourself in Avatar feels these blogs will get the job done. Be sure to check out all of the lovely blogs below and show them some love!

F O L L O W   F O R E V E R:

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