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Alex Standall Bipolar Headcannon

Ok y’all here we go. This should explain my URL. 

Coming from someone who has bipolar disorder, I firmly believe that Alex has some form of bipolar disorder. Lemme explain.

-The car scene. One facet of mania is driving too fast. Now, in this scene he drives too fast in the beginning just to scare Clay, and everyone else was in on it. However, when they told him to stop, he didn’t, and he started to scare them. This is so so so common for people who have bipolar disorder. Driving fast, regardless of what other people in the car say, is definitely something I’ve done while manic.

-The pool thing. Now this one is a little less obvious, but I still think this action, represents a greater mood disturbance in Alex. Whether it’s manic of depression, it’s hard to say. But either way, no one told him to do this. It was an impulsive decision he made on his own accord, and impulsivity is a huge symptom of bipolar disorder. 

-The fight. So I don’t know about you, but I feel like that fight was sort of out of place. Then I was thinking about it, and it totally makes sense with the bipolar headcannon of Alex. Because one thing bipolar can do is give you a lot of energy. That’s what mania is. And sometimes that energy is channeled into anger the manifests itself in fits of rage. That fight was a prime example of that. Not only that, but it was another impulsive action that lead to harmful consequences. 

-The suicide attempt. This one is kind of obvious, but as you may know, the depressive side of bipolar can often lead to suicidal thoughts. Throughout the show, Alex seems pretty manic like I described before. But towards the end of the show, it seems to me that he becomes subdued. There are signs that I won’t go into that allude to him being suicidal. And that would make sense because most manic periods last either months or weeks and it had been a few months. 

All in all, I could argue that there are multiple mental illnesses represented in this show and that’s why I love it. Although they don’t outright say it, there’s clearly issues with alcoholism and depression, and it can be argued that there are also issues such as autism, bipolar, borderline personality disorder, etc. 


I should’ve really complied all these gems together, hECK

Oh well <:’D
We got Sunstone finally! Another commonly used gem, I know ;v; I just wanted to make my interpretation
He’s a fiery gem with a burning desire to protect the ones they care about! Sounds like an anime protag, honestly, and those puns were only slightly intentional

Lepidolite is the fusion between Sunny and Moon, and yeah, I could’ve gone with Galaxite, but Lepi just seemed to fit their fused personalities better! Besides, I like how the colors came out
I wouldn’t say they’re a permafusion, but they like fusing a LOT, and being Lepi for long periods of time
But they also like looking at each other, and stuff like that pft

Sunstone and Moonstone both go by they/them pronouns, and so does Lepidolite.

I didn’t have room to fit their weapon, but I might just include that in a different post. It’s a scythe tho!

Cause You're My Favorite Hue

All Parts: {x}

 Part: 12/? 

 Pairing: Jamilton

 Inspiration: this post and this song

 Summary: Black and white was all anyone saw until they touched their soulmate. For some people, color quickly rushed into world and for others, all they ever saw was black and white. Two businessmen, who absolutely hated each other, managed to bump into each other on their way up to their office. Little did either know that their world would erupt in a staccato of color. Warning: cussing? Maybe? 

 Word Count: 4,114

 Dedication: @zerafr for the Hamilelf art 😂 

 Tags: @randomcakes410, @midnigtartist, @kneel-to-maria, @halpdevon, @wildlittleman, @exadorlion, @lukassgoggles, @closestfriendivegot, @celestialqueerfeminist, @schokoobananaa, @cometviolet, @justsmilingandnodding, @lapiamedots, @semoka, @jayceemayy, @kyller-biis, @focusofthememes, @sarcastic-swl-dragon, @starspeckled, @yourapplepiebetterbeworthit, @saturn-sails 

 A/N: I’ve been writing this all day. Ps read all the other parts before this. Thanks.  

It had been a week.

It had been a week since the discussion of divorce.

It had been a week since Alexander left Eliza in shambles.

It had been a week since Alexander and his children took refuge in Thomas’ house.

It had been a week since Alexander went to work.

It had been a week since Alexander’s heart shattered for his soon-to-be ex-wife because he just could not love her while he was her world.

But he did the right thing and he knew he did.

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littledumpass  asked:

In my opinion the writers fucked everything up but the series is still nice to watch. Debbie drove totally crazy and became a bitch and fiona may need time for herself but she can't ignore the fact that she has a family. I'm so sorry for Lip but he kinda messed it up on his own. I understood Ians storyline but his new relationships didn't fit to him and seem pretty unrealistic and tbh Carl is the only one I really,really liked and now he's gone.

show’s a mess but that’s the whole point i guess. my issue is that all the storylines have become so bland and i’m not entertained by anyone except mickey/mandy. ian comes out of his shell and is more alive when he’s with mickey which makes him more entertaining but if they want me to watch another season of fiona fucking guys while 3 minors who are under her legal gaurdianship are left behind, ian making himself miserable, lip running his life into the ground, and debbie being selfish and ungrateful… without giving me any mickey to balance out the boring garbage they’re filling the show with……. they have a rude awakening coming cos that’s not gonna happen lmao

Fools: a Mark fic

Previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Chapter 7

“I thought to myself, ‘if you really like her, you don’t quit’.”

“Even after I asked you to? So you figured you could wear me down or something?”

“It was a mistake.”

“It was fucked up.”

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More thoughts on Those Five Words.

I keep thinking about the fact that JCH actually did censor them. Actually wrote at the top ‘this letter cannot be printed in full’.

Because, going in to all of this, the fact that the words are censor-worthy was an indisputed fact. They WERE censored.

So when I thought about what else could be under there, other than gay stuff, my fall back was always ‘well, he could just be saying something sexually explicit in a non-gay way.’ Because it’s the 18th/19th century and I expect they had higher standards about that sort of thing. And even if I could never really come up with something he could say in 5 words at the end of that sentence that would be that bad, it did seem to fit the context.

But, even if we take a very conservative viewpoint and assume the second and last words are too garbled to tell, it does seem very likely that one of those words is ‘you’. This is something he’s saying TO Laurens, ABOUT him. So if it’s sexual, then… there’s really only one option?

Just ‘cause, like, I keep thinking to myself: ‘okay, but let’s keep this in perspective, because there ARE non-gay explanations for this. He could’ve just been making a joke about how they’ve been roomed together too often, seen more of one another than they wanted to.’

But it was censored. And… look, maybe standards at the time were higher, but the non-gay option is so mundane?? Like, in the army, you bunk together, in very close quarters. They would’ve seen each other naked. He’s not even being explicit about it, just referring to that. I find it hard to imagine that, compared with all of this other stuff Hamilton’s written which we can still read perfectly fine, that would’ve been crossing the line.

So he clearly wrote something to Laurens, in those words. And JCH clearly thought that it should be covered up. And I can’t think of any vaguely plausible reason he’d do that unless he really did believe that it something sexual.

This isn’t a 100% foolproof gay argument either - he was just one person. But he’s a person at the time who had a very good reason to be assuming exactly the opposite of what we’re looking for here, and he thought it was a pretty big freaking deal, enough to literally try and prevent anyone else from reading it.

Bleach 685 “A Perfect End” Review (AKA the HAIR Chapter)

Okay, let’s make a deal, shall we? I know many of you (myself included) are incredibly disappointed about the abrupt end, about all the questions left unanswered etc, but until the series concludes, I have decided to enjoy as much of it as I can.

There will be ample time for complaints once the dust settles; for now, I just want to enjoy the ride till the end.

Not that we shouldn't criticize what happens in 685 and 686 in a couple of weeks, but I’m going to be focusing on the what we’re getting instead of everything we’re not, sound good?

Here we go then.

(also, does the title sound ominous to anyone else, or just me? >___>;;;)

(review under the cut)

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Awhile back I was asked to whip together another follow forever and since today is Valentines Day it seemed fitting to show my love/appreciation for some  blogs! These are blogs that at one point or another I thoroughly enjoyed following and have made me smile for hours, laugh for days, and or cry tears full of feels. Not only do these individuals reblog great content but some of them  post stunning original work (e.g. gifs, graphics, fan art, etc)! I personally want to take this time and thank these individuals for making my avatar experience here on tumblr enjoyable and memorable. <3

 If you ever need a place to drown yourself in Avatar feels these blogs will get the job done. Be sure to check out all of the lovely blogs below and show them some love!

F O L L O W   F O R E V E R:

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Sumptuary Laws

Words: 1,407
Notes: While switching back and forth between the two works in progress I spoke about a few days ago, I was also inspired to write this  (no doubt because of this post) in the meantime. 

I think I managed to keep the mood light almost all the way through, although there’s a hard kick of angst at the end. I hope you enjoy, and thank you for reading!

As a man who outgrows his clothing on a regular and unusually literal basis, Bruce owns a lot of shirts.

This is, by Natasha’s estimation, the only bone of materialism in his entire body. His private living quarters are otherwise kept with the severe, withholding economy of an army barracks, or maybe a monk’s cell, no doubt a habit he acquired during those five years spent dodging one global intelligence agency or another. It makes his presence in Stark Tower seem somehow precarious, as though everything could be fitted into a single suitcase and gone within an hour.

It probably could.

(There’s a bit more chaos to be found inside his office, though, more of the wild energy that takes hold of him in the midst of a project – but that’s a reflection of his thought process, which reminds her of watching electrical filaments snap and leap and connect inside a glass plasma globe.)

To head off a potential misunderstanding, it should be stressed that Natasha does not come by this odd sartorial knowledge while looking through his bureau drawers, or picking over his clean laundry as it waits in the dryer. She simply happens to be the one responsible for bringing him his clothes, after he’s changed back to the size he’s supposed to be.

“You know, we should really start designing you a suit,” Natasha tells him, once. “Or we could all put in for matching spandex uniforms. That might be fun.”

“And what would those look like?” Bruce asks. She hears him hopping through the dried leaves to get a shoe on his foot. “We’d probably go around about the designs for so long that they’d end up just being six shirts that all read ‘I’m with stupid’ on the front.”

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Could i perhaps request gom cuddling with their s/o? Be needin some love dese days ~

Thanks for sending in a request, and of course no problem.

You went to bed earlier than Akashi because you knew that he’d still try and finish his work. You sighed. You were having a pretty rough day, but couldn’t rant to Akashi about it because he was having a rough day too.

Two hours later, and you still haven’t fallen asleep, you suddenly felt the bed dip behind you. You felt two warm arms suddenly pulling you back to a warm chest, before you decided to turn around and bury your face against it.

You sighed with content, and continued to bury your face against Akashi’s chest. He chuckled before stroking your (hair color) hair, and kissing your forehead. His other hand on your waist rubbing circles on the skin that showed from your shirt lifting. And his legs tangled up with yours.

You didnt have to explain your day to him anymore, not with Akashi making you feel calm and relax to end your day with a sleepy smile.

Midorima was already in bed when you decided to join him. You were busy trying to finish all your homework, when he was able to finish his even after all the training he had to do beforehand. You’ve always wondered how hes able to manage his school work with his busy sched.

Sighing, you walked toward the bed, and pulled the covers before going in. You wrapped your arms around his waist before kissing his should and tangling your legs with his.

You were about to close your eyes when you suddenly felt Midorima shift and turn slightly towards you to give you a kiss on the forehead before going back to his original position to grab your hands and hold it tightly.

You closed your eyes smiling at the gesture, because you know its one of the few sweetest gestures you’ll ever get from this tsundere.

Kise was lying down on his bed playing on his phone when you suddenly jumped on your side of the bed, wiggling.
He started laughing at your antics before pulling you closer with one arm and continued to play with his phone.

“Ne ne ____-cchi. Look at this game, the game developer asked me to promote it by the end of the week, so they gave me a trial run. Want to play?”

“No thanks Kise-kun.” You said kissing his cheek. He chuckled and held you closer to him.

He kept playing with the game while he had one arm around your shoulder, while you had your arms around his neck and your leg resting on his waist. You occasionally gave his neck kisses whenever he won the challenge in the game, while he occasionally gave you kisses on top of your head. You suddenly fell asleep when you started feeling. Kise play with your hair and hum to his song of the week.

“Sleep well __________-cchi.”

Kuroko invited you over to sleep at his place when his parents left for a vacation. He knew that you were having a bad week at school, which was why he decided to help you relax.

After having dinner, both of you got ready for bed and went to bed at the same time.

You started curling up on your side of the bed, when you suddenly felt Kuroko pull you back towards him and gave your hair a light kiss.

“Good night _______-san.” He wrapped his arms around your waist tightly before entangling his legs with yours. Hg kissed your shoulder again before burying his face to your neck and in a few minutes he we out.

You smiled because you pretty much knew that Kuroko will definitely still wake up with crazy bed hair even if he slept in the same position.

Your were already on the bed while waiting for Aomine to finish changing out of his training clothes.

You’ve already fallen asleep for 30 minutes when you suddenly felt the bed dip and opened one eye to see Aomine crawling towards you.

“Too tired to give me a ride?” Aomine said smirking.

“Aho!” You slapped him away.

Aomine chuckled, then crawled his way to the middle of your legs. Sighing, you parted your legs to make way for the tall ace, and opened your arms, wiggling your fingers invitingly.

He laid his head on your breasts and wrapped his arms around your waist before settling down between your legs. You wrapped your legs around his waist and kissed the top of his head before closing your eyes and drifting to sleep.

Mukkun invited you to come over his dorm room since his dorm officer went home for the weekend. When you knocked on his door, Mukkun revealed himself chewing on a pocky stick while wearing a totorro onesie.

You squealed and gave him a huge hug after seeing the sight. Mukkun lifted you up higher to have you wrap your legs around him while he walked you inside the room.

As you took in the room’s sight you realized that the room was a typical dorm room, just like yours but the only thing that made it different was the two beds were pushed together to make an even bigger bed to fit the giant.

“Ano Mukkun, can we really fit in that bed? It seems like even two beds put together isn’t enough for you.”

Mukkun lazily shook his head, “we’ll fit _____-chin. Anyways I sleep diagonally. And. Im pretty sure you dont take up much space.” He grinned before lifting one arm up, keeling you steady with another, and ruffling your hair.

You pouted hated feeling like a child because of your height.

Mukkun suddenly dropped you on the bed before lightly pushing you towards the wall side of the bed. He climbed in behind you before lifting you up again and settling you on his chest.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and laid your head against his shoulder before closing your eyes.

You suddenly felt Mukkun tangling your legs together before wrapping one arm around you, and using the other to grab another piece of pocky while watching you sleep.

Aaahhh. Cuddling with. Mukkun never fails to end up with you have crumbs all over your hair in the end.

anonymous asked:

I'm personally very excited for the Claw wedding? Will the cast of Pasion be attending? Will they serve love spaghetti? Will Pippi be the Maid of Honor? These are the important questions! /dramatic scene! anon

Harry Styles is going to sing. Goop is the wedding planner. Liam will take the Love Koala as his date, Miley will be gyrating in the back around Nick who looks entirely uncomfortable. Jen will give Josh a friendly lap dance. If Chris wears shoes it’ll be a miracle. Ricardo will dramatically reenact how Chris and Jen met with the help of C, don’t worry about them making out, they’re method.

Who else is in this cast?

I can’t even remember anymore.

Oh and Pippi is the Pup of Honor, he will be fitted into a tux and top hat and still scowl at everyone. LEAVE MAMA ALONE.

Love spaghetti will be served and the only photos allowed of this blessed event will be of your spaghetti but commentary about how cute and how they seemed “really attracted to one another” is encouraged. But no pics of the happy couple for the sake of their privacy.

I do believe doubleweddinganon and I have seats reserved in the front row, be sure to swing by and say hey, I’ll be wearing an impossibly large hat.