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Since today’s clip was pretty difficult to process (at least for me); here are equal amounts girl squad and Evak + text posts (with some kollektivet thrown into the mix as well) to distract us from the heartbreak <3

what i love about jeongguk is that he really be in the back like having the time of his life?? by himself?? in most bts run episode bts could all be doing some shit together and he’d be in the back acting a fool all alone but having the time of his life?? like?? king of being a fan of his own company?? king of spending time with himself and enjoying it?? king??

nigenontheintrnet-deactivated20  asked:

Check. Your. Submissions. I've been trying to reach you for a while now because my kitten has had ear infections and they haven't gotten better. I've been trying to reach you because I needed to know whether it was something that could be treated at home or something that is an emergency or not. I've been trying to contact you about him through submissions because I really did not feel safe or comfortable asking out of anon. Well, now I have to.

I’m sorry, but by contacting me anonymously through submissions there was no way to respond to you without posting you submission publicly. I haven’t done that because I am not a vet and do not give that level of medical advice - if you think your pet has a health issue and you don’t know what to do, you need to be consulting a medical professional rather than expecting a blogger without a medical degree who cannot see your pet to provide you a solution.

I am posting this publicly because It seems like an appropriate time to reiterate that when people message me looking for medical advice the only answer I will give is ‘see a vet’. I am happy to discuss potential behavioral aspects after the animal has been cleared by a vet, and will sometimes note pre-vet if a worrying behavior is something not commonly thought to be injurious, but that’s really it. If I publicly posted every submission or ask that looked for information outside my scope just to say ‘I can’t tell you talk to a vet’ this blog would be swamped, as I have close to seven thousand messages in my inbox.

I understand you’re upset I didn’t respond to your specific post, but I’ve made clear over the type of advice I give here, and it is not appropriate to frame me as responsible for your choices about whether to get your pet medical care. Please get your pet the medical attention that it needs.

(And readers, please be considerate in your responses. My feedback is already fairly firm and I don’t support harassment of folk who interact with the blog even if I really don’t like their choices).

Rinse and Repeat, LMM/Reader

Prompt: A regular customer catches your interest.

Words: 4,037

Author’s Note: This one was…a lot. I’ve found one of my greatest weaknesses when it comes to writing is brevity. I wanted to challenge myself with this one by taking a simple idea and stretching it for greater detail…which is why it it 4k+. Hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Nothing?

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A brick building sat on the corner of a street just one block down from Lin’s apartment. His first stop into Valentino’s was purely out of convenience. He was never one to buy clothes for only one occasion, just for it to gather dust in his closet.

And he had put off finding a suit for the upcoming Emmys, where he was nominated.

With no other options, he unpacked a few boxes he had been putting off and dug out an old forgotten tux that he prayed still fit.

With the hanger balancing delicately on his fingers, he pushed open the glass paneled door of the dry cleaners you worked at. He stood in the doorway as you sat perched on a stool behind the counter, deeply submerged in a novel.

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Kalagang #06

1x07 WWN Double-D?

YES! We are now here at one of Kalagang’s iconic moments – cafe in the rain and rooftop of the temple. *scream of joy* In this episode, Kala visits Ganesha’s temple after her reunion with naked-again Wolfgang to get some kind of guidance.

Kala: From the day I decided to marry Rajan, you have been sending me…visions. […] But then, you sent me a vision of a man…with a large…trunk? A very large trunk.

Original post [x] @netflixsense8gifs

I just wanted to put this GIF cause this scene gets me every single time.

Kala: I am a little more than confused. But I trust you, Ganesha. So I know there must be some meaning to all of this that I cannot see. And I wish to see. I wish to understand. So help me, Ganesha. Help me see what it is I must do.

Original post [x] @stevenrogered

When I first watched this episode and the camera started to move around Kala, I was like ‘Is Wolfgang gonna appear? Is he gonna appear? Is he? please come out, Wolfie. I know you want to.’ and when I saw his silhouette behind Kala, I screamed with joy.

Anyway, before Wolfgang says gods don’t give shit about people (I wrote why he says that in this post), although the image of him is too blurry to see his face I get this feeling that he’s been listening to her quite intently; he just seems very amused by Kala.

Wolfgang: I speak from experience.

Original post [x] @mindykahling

Look. RAIN! Kala is now in Wolfgang’s world. I like how Kala’s expression changes; so hopeful with her hands put together for prayer but as soon as she hears Wolfgang’s voice and finds out she’s standing in a rain she’s like ‘oh, great…him again. I know I asked for some guidance, but not like this’.

Also I found it interesting that Wolfgang chose to stay outside of the cafe when it’s obviously pouring down. Maybe it is simply to give cinematographic contrast between Kala and Wolfgang’s world. But I’d like to believe that Wolfgang loves rain. Besides, it’s so like him – maybe Wolfgang was enjoying his coffee outside the cafe when it started raining, but then he’s kinda lazy to go back inside so he thinks ‘fuck it, I’ll just get wet’.

Wolfgang: [Why won’t you just leave me alone?] I tried. Believe me I try not to think of you, but every time it brings me straight to you.

I have nothing to say but MELTED. This is the first time Wolfgang has ever felt something totally different to someone, and even though a part of him is afraid to explore that feeling, it doesn’t stop him from being honest with Kala – with himself. He doesn’t hesitate to tell Kala how he feels or thinks about her. No lies, no secrets, no sugarcoating. Only the truth.

Original post [x] @fyeahmaxriemelt

It may be because Wolfgang is very straightforward person, but I also think he is taking a risk in his own way to figure out what it is – this mysterious, unsolved yet unavoidable strong connection to a woman who clearly is an opposite of him. And that’s what makes Kala more drawn into him.

Original post [x] @kalagang

Wolfgang: *tap* *tap*

Seriously, he needs to stop with whole tapping on things. It makes me want to jump into his arms and cling onto him – which I can’t. Anyway, I would say this tapping is different from the previous one. Because the one he did on in Kala’s bedroom was closer to seducing her. This time, however, Wolfgang seems more careful and polite when he gestures the chair next to him, asking her to sit down. Like he’s not trying to seduce her or anything. Right now, he just wants to talk to her; he wants to get to know her.

Wolfgang: It’s nice here. Weather’s shit in Berlin.

Original post [x] @stevenrogered

That smile. THAT FREAKING SMILE. OH MY GOD, ENOUGH, MAX RIEMELT! I mean, the camera is not even facing them and that little smile on his face while he’s looking at Kala/Tina; it’s just killing me and giving me life at the same time. How is this even possible? I’ll tell you, because it’s MAX RIEMELT we’re talking about.

Kala: It rains like this in Bombay, but it’s not so cold there.

Who doesn’t love this moment between Wolfgang and Kala. Wolfgang, again, does not hesitate when it comes to Kala. When she shivers with cold, he immediately tries to warm her. I actually thought he was going to put his jacket on her – but no, this guy decides to use his HANDS instead! Sharing body temperature with her, WHOO-HOO! EVEN BETTER! LOL.

OK, my initial thought of Kala’s reaction was – she doesn’t feel comfortable; which is completely understandable. I mean, after all, they’ve just met. They are technically still strangers to one another. Not to mention she is engaged to Rajan.

But then, I realized it’s the first time Kala and Wolfgang touch each other! So I’m guessing when Wolfgang touched her, she was more surprised by how real that felt. Although he actually exists somewhere in Berlin, to Kala, Wolfgang is a man who exists in her head. And vice versa. Thus, neither of them would have ever expected this kind of sensation when they touched each other.

I’m not sure if Wolfgang pulled away because he felt that same kind of surprised feeling as Kala. To me, it felt like he pulled away because he thought Kala seemed uncomfortable with him touching her. Which apparently shows how much Wolfgang cares for Kala – he doesn’t want to push her or do anything that will make her uncomfortable. 

Original post [x] @fyeahmaxriemelt

Awkward moment. Kala’s expression right there – Kala has a strong moral compass, and right now she’s having mixed feelings because she didn’t hate when Wolfgang touched her. And that feeling has quickly turned into a guilt. She hates feeling guilty. She hates being the bad person. She looks down at her hand where the wedding ring is still on her finger, trying to remind herself she’s still engaged to Rajan – that she can’t betray him; logic comes into her mind telling her what she’s doing in this moment with another man is not right.

Kala: [So tell me…does he ever help?] What? [Your god.] Of course. [How?] I asked him to stop my wedding, and he did. [You think he stopped your wedding?]

Original post [x] @stevenrogered

However, Kala can’t help but feel emotionally free and honest when she’s with Wolfgang. Can you imagine her telling things like ‘I prayed to Ganesha to stop my wedding cause I don’t actually love Rajan’ to others like her parents? her sister? her friends? or to Rajan? I seriously doubt it.  

The whole connection between Kala and Wolfgang is emotion-driven. Whereas the relationship between Kala and Rajan is closer to logic-driven; when Kala thinks of Rajan she basically lists all the reasons why marrying him is the right thing such as he’s handsome, he’s smart, he’s rich, he’s the perfect-husband-type, etc. If Kala and Rajan’s relationship was emotion-driven, she would have simply said ‘because I love him’.

With Wolfgang, Kala becomes totally herself. She doesn’t have to think about social standards, people’s expectations, or anything that keeps her from being true to herself. Wolfgang shows her that it is okay to let her emotions out; it’s okay to follow what her heart desires. Besides, after all, they are sensates – they are destined to be connected in emotional level.

Wolfgang: So you think our connection is a kind of miracle?

Original post [x] @s8gif

Wolfgang is not the kind of guy who believes in fate, gods, fairy-tales (obviously), happily-ever-afters, or miracles. But we know that he may be once believed in those things so that he could live a life in which he’s not a monster anymore…even after he’s given up on miracles, deep down there’s a part of him that still wants to believe in them. Now, he’s asking Kala if their connection is a kind of miracle. I think he secretly wants her to say ‘yes’ – maybe he’s been waiting for someone to come up to him and say ‘miracle does happen’ because he still wants that life; a life where he can put his past behind and have his happily-ever-after. Maybe with Kala.

Kala: If I were trying to describe this feeling – the sensation of experiencing the warmth of the sun, the smell of jasmine and marigold…while at the same time being soaked by a downpour at an outdoor cafe…the taste of strong coffee still in my mouth…

Original post [x] @sitonfinnslap

Did anybody notice a slight parallel between this scene and the one where Kala’s mother talks about kissing her husband (1x05)? Here’s the quote:

Priya: The truth is, for the longest time, I thought kissing is as eating a kebab, because whenever I would kiss, all I would taste was spices and garlic on his lips.

In my mind, I was screaming like ‘oh my God, she’s thinking about kissing him right now! and she hasn’t even kissed him yet! oh God! HELP!’ 

Kala: I would say that the word ‘miracle’ sounds particularly appropriate. Wouldn’t you?

Original post [x] @eleveun

At that moment, Wolfgang seems sort of relieved to hear that word ‘miracle’ coming out from Kala’s mouth; but at the same time, he looks as if he’s in big trouble. Like he’s thinking to himself ‘oh fuck, I’m falling head over heels for this girl, aren’t I?’ AND THE WAY HE’S LOOKING AT HER IS JUST SO HOT.

Moreover, I like how they show Kala’s face in the rain and Wolfgang’s face in the sun. Kala who represents fire is feeling every raindrops, while Wolfgang who represents water is experiencing warmth of the sun – SYMBOLISM. It gives that feeling of…Kala and Wolfgang have completely stepped into each other’s world – like each person’s presence has soaked into one another; now they’re of one mind (like Kala’s vow in her wedding).

Kala: For me, science is another language we use to talk about the same miracles that faith talks about. [But…one language makes sense, one doesn’t] Sense? What, like quantum physics? Like a particle that can be here and not here?

Later, Kala talks about her childhood; why she likes festivals, and how she became a believer. I love how Kala is confident…so sure of herself when she talks about her love for science and her faith; and how Wolfgang is simply just amused by every word, every thought that’s coming out of her.

Then, as Kala talks about force of gravity, they both start looking at each other’s lips. HOTNESS OVERLOAD ALREADY. I CAN’T TAKE IT!

Kala: Or sense like gravity? A force that no one knows why exists. Only that if didn’t exist…if there wasn’t this mysterious attraction…this pull between objects…then none of this would exist either.

This whole description or explanation about gravity just matches perfectly with Kalagang’s relationship. It’s something beyond their comprehensions and they don’t know why this connection exists, and yet, they can’t seem to find a way to end this. They don’t want to end it, because this connection somehow makes them feel more alive than ever. What they feel for each other is the most real thing they’ve ever felt.

Wolfgang: Thank God for gravity. [Exactly]

Original post [x] @diaryofmay

I mean what more can we say, other than, THANK GOD FOR GRAVITY?

Wolfgang: I’ve been thinking I want to get out of Berlin for a little while. I need to take a trip. [Where?] India.

Original post [x] @fyeahmaxriemelt

(Thank you anon for reminding me of this scene! I totally forgot!) Here, Wolfgang is ready to meet Kala in person. And it’s not just because of mere curiosity or sexual attraction; it’s because he truly thinks she is the one! Also, we can see there’s a bit of hope in his eyes – that maybe she is the second chance of life Wolfgang had prayed for.

Just a reminder, Wolfgang has met Kala less than five times, had conversation with her for less than an hour in total, their kiss was cockblocked by Felix, and she lives in a different country. But none of those are going to stop Wolfgang from–

OoooOh….never mind…#SaveFelix

Vegan for a year!

Hi guys! As of august 9th I’ve been vegan for a year! Now I am going to be writing a post about ten things I’ve learned from being vegan for a year! I hope you enjoy <3
1. Always have a plan
Always make sure you know what options you have to eat in a day. It is always a good idea to plan out meals, so you won’t be lost in what to cook yourself for dinner. If your going out to a restaurant try to call them before you go and see what vegan option they have then. It will make it less of a struggle once you go to a restaurant. Also never forget to pack snacks! You never know when you might get hungry and they’re no vegan options around.
2. Don’t care what people think
When I first became vegan many people would try and tell me how unhealthy it is and they would always make fun of me for being vegan. People do things like this because they’re scared of thing they don’t know. When people try to argue with you about veganism back up your facts with evidence so they can’t deny what you have to say.
3. Don’t be afraid to talk about veganism
I notice many vegans (including myself) are afraid to talk about they’re veganism. They’re are many jokes about vegans and some vegans don’t want to be made fun of. But in all honesty I think is great to talk about veganism! It spreads the message and it inspires others! Just make sure not to talk about it to excessively and make sure it’s an appropriate time to talk about it.
4. No vegan is perfect
I feel like this is something many people are afraid to admit. Many times on YouTube and social media you see all these vegans who seem to have perfect healthy life’s and perfect meals, but in reality no one can be like this. Every vegan makes a mistake especially at the beginning of their journey, and this is completely OK. Just remember everyone makes mistakes. Even I do.
5. Try to include yourself in the vegan community
What I mean by this is support veganism as much as possible. Like posts on social media accounts and follow them. Make accounts like this more popular spreads the message about veganism and it’s a good thing you can do. Also read articles about veganism on the peta website so you can understand what is going on in the vegan community at the moment.
6. Inspire others!
Throughout my vegan journey I’ve had atleast 3 people that came up to me telling me they want to go vegan! And this is great! The sad thing is, is that all of them weren’t successful as vegans. Try to encourage these people to stay strong but don’t push them to hard and scare them away from veganism. Let these people understand veganism is something most people can’t do overnight, and try to really educate them on veganism.
7. Break the vegan stereotypes
Prove to people that vegans aren’t salad eating weaklings! We are strong-willed and smart people who are making a difference in our health, the planet, and the animals! Post pictures of what you eat on social media like delicious vegan cookies, fruit, and things lien pasta!
8. Don’t judge others
Just because you are vegan, don’t judge others diets! They may not have been taught how to eat healthy, and they may not even know about veganism all together. Just because you are vegan don’t act like this makes you better than everyone. Remover not everyone can follow this diet.
9. Cooking is key
I’ve learned that cooking is extremely necessary as a vegan. It will become very expensive really fast if you buy all your meals. Try to teach yourself how to cook. Becoming vegan definitely made me cook more, and this is a good thing. Keeping simple things on hand to cook like frozen veggies, rice, pasta, and potatos. These things makes it very easy to whip up something quick if you aren’t in the mood to cook a 5 course meal.
This is a verrry important step! Be proud of yourself! You are healing yourself, the planet, and the animals, by just keep animals products of the plate! Just because other may not agree what with you do, know what your re doing is right, and even though I may not even know you, I’m extremely proud of all vegans! Just know you have made the right decision.
I hope you enjoyed my post! Please like, reblog and follow

Korrasami Confirmed

Now that Korra and Asami’s final moment is out in the world, it seems like an appropriate time to express how I feel about it. I didn’t want to say anything right away so the audience could experience the finale for themselves.

The main themes of the Avatar universe have always revolved around equality, justice, acceptance, tolerance, and balancing differing worldviews. In subtle and maybe not so subtle ways, Avatar and Legend of Korra have dealt with difficult subjects such as genocide, child abuse, deaths of loved ones, and post traumatic stress. I took it as a complement when Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair called the show subversive. There were times even I was surprised we were able to delve into the really tough stuff on a children’s TV network. While the episodes were never designed to “make a statement”, Bryan and I always strove to treat the more difficult subject matter with the respect and gravity it deserved.

And over the years we’ve heard from numerous fans, in person and online, how Avatar and Korra have influenced their lives for the better or helped them overcome a life struggle or setback. I am always humbled when people share their personal stories with us and I am grateful that my love for telling stories has been able to help people in some small way. So while Avatar and Korra were always meant to be entertaining and engaging tales, this universe and its characters also speak to the deeper humanity in all of us, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, culture, nationality, or sexual orientation.

Our intention with the last scene was to make it as clear as possible that yes, Korra and Asami have romantic feelings for each other. The moment where they enter the spirit portal symbolizes their evolution from being friends to being a couple. Many news outlets, bloggers, and fans picked up on this and didn’t find it ambiguous. For the most part, it seems like the point of the scene was understood and additional commentary wasn’t really needed from Bryan or me. But in case people were still questioning what happened in the last scene, I wanted to make a clear verbal statement to complement the show’s visual one. I get that not everyone will be happy with the way that the show ended. Rarely does a series finale of any show satisfy that show’s fans, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the positive articles and posts I’ve seen about Korra’s finale.

I’ve already read some heartwarming and incredible posts about how this moment means so much for the LGBT community. Once again, the incredible outpouring of support for the show humbles me. As Tenzin says, “Life is one big bumpy ride.” And if, by Korra and Asami being a couple, we are able to help smooth out that ride even a tiny bit for some people, I’m proud to do my part, however small it might be. Thanks for reading.

I hate to be am going to be that person. If you create original content on tumblr or if you enjoy reblogging original content and you appreciate the time and effort people who make gifsets and edits put into them, I beg you not to reblog anything from @btvsmemories . They do not post original content. I repeat


I have tried to contact them about it, and I have commented on some of their reposts that this is not appropriate tumblr behavior, but they don’t seem to care. I can’t report them because they haven’t stolen anything from me (yet - or that I know of..) But it hurts a little to see the work of others like myself being stolen and reposted without credit. 

Unfortunately, I have seen some of the people I follow reblogging stuff from them, and it kind of sucks they’re getting recognition for work they didn’t do AND they stole from others…

Diane's Theme
Diane's Theme

Something to keep fans occupied till the next update. This is “Diane’s Theme” for the blog The Clone That Got Away, written and composed by a good friend of mine Pennoink (Go check out his work here:

Originally I was saving this for a possible Clone dub series, but seeing as how that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon I’d figure I would post it now.

The theme was inspired by the work of the late James Horner, known for composing many favorite movies but the ones in particular I cited for Penn to get an idea of what I wanted were An American Tail, Land Before Time and most notably the 1995 live action adaption of Casper (in fact you may notice several similarities between this piece of music and the track “Casper’s Lullaby”). I specifically mentioned him because I wanted Diane’s theme to have a similar tone to the early Don Bluth films, one that acknowledges that the character goes through a lot of sadness and heartbreak on their journey, but still has a feeling of optimism and that everything will be okay in the end.

With this month marking the second anniversary of his death it seemed like another appropriate reason to post this homage to him. Thank you for the many years of wonderful music James Horner. Hope Casper is keeping you company.


TAYLOR!! SWIFT!! SAW MY SWIFTIE LICENSE PLATE!!! AND MY CAR!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LIKING MY POST TAYLOR I’M SO BEYOND HAPPY. I got my first car a couple days after 1989 came out, knowing I’d be driving it thousands of miles to different cities to see the 1989 Tour. So I had to get a license plate that matched!! Swiftie seemed appropriate. So far the Swiftie-mobile has been all the way to Texas for Formula 1, to New York City, to Nashville a billion times and to so many other cities all for Taylor. For Formula 1 I added racing stripes and 13s on the sides so it looked like a race car! Now I’m starting to plan decorations for my car to promo Reputation when it comes out. Anyways thank you so much Taylor!! You don’t know how much it means to me that you’ve seen my car!! I couldn’t be happier!!


I’ve been catching up on Curse of Strahd with the waffle crew and enjoying every moment all while freaking out after every episode.

What have I gotten myself into now?

til' all my sleeves are stained red

Summary: Cavendish finds out.

Author’s Note: Since it seems all I’m capable of writing for these two is angst, I figured I’d write some more based on Fungus Among Us and Island of the Lost Dakotas. (Speaking of the latter – god damn.) Much like my last fic, this is all speculation that will most likely be jossed, but I wanted to post it anyway.

And there will be a part two.

Of all the things to think of at this time, what came to Dakota’s mind was the joke that ended, “But you screw one goat…”

It was appropriate for the occasion. He and his partner were time travelers who had saved the world once from sentient pistachios and now had to do it again. For allies, they had a dog, the star of an unmade popular science fiction television series, a boy around whom everything that could go wrong would go wrong, a mad scientist who would invent time travel twelve years in the future, and an anthropomorphic crime-fighting platypus. Then after they’d fixed the time machine and returned to the scene, the car’s battery had died, and he and Cavendish had gone off to find jumper cables while Milo and Orton Mahlson took refuge with the time vehicle in a gas station. Now he and his partner were hiding in an alley while the Pistachions were searching for them.

At this point, Dakota thought that he could handle anything.

That was until Cavendish had turned to face him with an expression as serious as sin and announced that he would distract the Pistachions so Dakota could return to Milo and Orton, jump-start the car, and go back to reverse this from ever happening.

Dakota finally regained the ability to speak once it became clear that Cavendish wasn’t kidding. “Are you out of your mind?”

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All Roads Lead To - Chapter 1 - xyliane - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

chapter summary: leorio has an exam he’s pretty sure he’s going to fail. so like any good med student kicked out of lab while running on minimal sleep and too much caffeine, leorio goes to a library. it’s a really strange library.

notes: I…can’t actually believe I’m posting this thing. where this started and how it ended are two very, very different things. which seems oddly appropriate for a fic about magic roads. chapters will be posted on sunday afternoons (today’s an exception, given that posting just started and time is an illusion). 

a massive round of applause to @shalnarkonice and @gonfreacss for organizing this! also thank you to my artists, whose stuff I’m extremely excited for. vibrating-through-the-universe excited. 

T (language, mentions of child abuse and child death). leopika with a side of killugon, modern magic au featuring fairies, exam stress, negligent destruction and misuse of books, a ridiculous number of characters, and a wide variety of winter solstices. chapter wordcount: 5500 words

anonymous asked:

what type of body types do you think bts likes? o.o (specifically pls ^^) ty

Well, from the ideal types that have been posted online and they have mentioned:

Jin: Body type wise, Jin prefers girls that are not skinny, ranging more to the chubbier or curvy side.

Suga: Yoongi seems like the type to brush off the whole body type issue, I think he rather concentrate whether they are compatible and won’t just bicker all the time.

Rap Monster: For Rap Mon, he’s said numerous times that if the girl is sexy, looks good in a white t-shirt, jeans and red converse high tops, that’s his girl. Additionally, he does think that his ideal girl must be appropriately tall

J-Hope: For Hoseok, his girl doesn’t need to be in the extremely skinny side but not in the really chubby side either. I think he’d like a girl that is between slim and curvy, someone who can keep up with his moves, you feel me? But I don’t think he’d be that shallow to reject a girl because of her body type.

Jimin: Now, we all know that Jimin is one of the shortest members in BTS, so obviously he’d prefer a girl that is shorter than him, probably so he can cover her with his body (awww).

V: Taehyung looks for a lot of things in a girl, mostly good things that many girls can fit. I think Taehyung wouldn’t look too much into the body type of the girl, as long as she cares about him and cares about their parents, she is Tae’s ideal girl.

Jungkook: Golden maknae may be a little picky. He would probably want a girl around his height, but slightly shorter than him. Body type wise, probably a girl that can keep up with his routines and such. She’s gotta have talent, said by himself.

Over all, the boys have never mentioned weights or anything. They are pretty humble when it comes to picking an ideal type, but keep in mind that the perfect ideal type will never exist and that probably the girl they date won’t meet everything they want, so don’t worry. I’m pretty sure they aren’t that shallow to reject a girl because she has an odd body type. Hope this is what you wanted!


justalurkr replied to your post “Hi Sam, I have recently heard that the usage of paisley can be…”

I have to admit to having read the question and sighed. If wearing paisley is appropriation, son, it’s APPROPRIATED, possibly to the point at which Persians might not want it back, what all the sticky little euro-trash fingerprints on it. I am willing to be schooled, however. Is there a statute of limitations on appropriation? Like, colonialism has had your stuff This Long, so its world property now? Should that reset with every new consciousness raising moment?

I’m not entirely sure I understand, so do correct me if I’m wrong – it seems like you’re saying that Paisley is so common that nobody can “have it back” now? Because I did speak to the “no, it’s been too long, it belongs to the world now” issue in the original post. I don’t think time is a valid argument when we’re talking about the theft from and oppression of an entire culture, especially when the fix for the problem is relatively easy. 

We don’t really need to speculate about whether Persian culture “wants it back”, it’s laid out for us. Usually when someone says something is appropriation, as people are doing with Paisley quite clearly and with plenty of citations, that means they do want others to stop appropriating it. People don’t say something’s appropriated to make people feel bad or to teach some random history lesson, they say it to make people stop doing it. So I don’t know that we really need to speculate.

And whether or not the culture that Paisley came from explicitly and monolithically says they want it back, honestly, isn’t it kind of the right thing to do anyway? Paisley came from Persian culture, QED; surely the least we can do is, if we’re wearing it, ensure we’re supporting the culture it came from. It’s not like that’s super hard to do in the era of the internet. 

I mean…I went through my wardrobe and I have two paisley handkerchiefs. That damage is done. But now that I’m aware of it, I won’t buy paisley patterns on future clothing of any kind unless it’s made by Persian businesses or artists, and I’m kind of looking forward to the adventure of finding those. Seems like a small price to pay to be a slightly better person. 

Attack on Titan MBTI -- Moblit Berner

ISFJ – Moblit Berner

The Defender”

This seems like a great time to preface something:

I plan on doing all of the characters in the SNK series that have any kind of decent significance–enough to be able to figure out their MBTI.  Therefore, there will be some personality types that will repeat.

Actually, I feel that ISFJ is a relatively common type for characters in anime/manga in general, but I think Moblit might actually be one of the best examples I know of.

Anyway, as always, this is a spoiler-filled post.  Enjoy, but be wary.

The title of “Defender” seems appropriate for Moblit based simply on what we mostly know him for:  his protective nature, especially in regards to Hanji.  

–Moblit is supportive

As an Assistant Squad Leader…well, I feel that just saying his title is explanation enough.  He plays a support role, and he’s often seen giving advice to Hanji and other characters.

–He is reliable and patient

I mean, god, he has to be, right?  Patience is a requirement when working with Hanji, and he’s always there to pull or push her out of danger’s way.  But he doesn’t limit that to just her–he’s also verbally demonstrated these traits toward Levi and his squad during the beginning of the political arc.

–He’s observant

Again, working for Hanji, he has to be–and it’s not just to keep her out of trouble. He’s working as an assistant to a scientist, so having good observation skills is a must for that squad.  I’m sure that the other members of Hanji’s squad also shared this trait to some degree!

–He’s enthusiastic?

I know, I know. But hear me out.  Enthusiasm doesn’t always shine through in the same way extroverts like Hanji or Eren show it.  However, it does show.  Don’t forget that Moblit constantly fought alongside his squadmates, serving as Hanji’s diligent messenger all the while.  He is also known as a great artist and uses his skills to help people. I’ll pull the quote from 16personalities to summarize:  “When the goal is right, ISFJs take all this support, reliability, and imagination, and apply it to something they believe will make a difference in people’s lives…”

–He’s loyal and a hard worker

Moblit deserves all the credit in the world for putting up with Hanji’s danger-loving ass as it is, but as I mentioned before, he has always been an active force in the Corps.  He doesn’t need foreground attention when he’s already accomplishing so much in the background.  And he stayed with Hanji, protecting her until his end.  Loyal as a dog.  But probably a lot smarter.

–He’s practical

As a messenger for the Corps, and as an Assistant Squad Leader, Moblit wore several hats, and he was able to be a working piece in the puzzles that eventually fit together.  The Female Titan arc?  Moblit fought with the others.  The political arc?  Moblit worked behind the scenes with the press to tear down the Central Police.  He’s not one for showy, crazy stunts, but instead, practical steps forward.

–He’s humble and shy

I think this is why we all took so long to recognize Moblit as an important character.  Compared to some of the “louder” personalities in the Corps, he was definitely one of the quieter ones.  

–He takes things personally

This is a double-edged sword, because without this personality trait, Hanji might have died instead of him.  Remember, he’s an “F” type–a Feeling type–which means he’s naturally going to get emotional attachments more easily than those “T” types.  He’s a natural worrier in a world that is giving him far too much to worry about.  

–Moblit repressed his feelings

Isayama has mentioned that Moblit is the most stressed and drinks the most in the Corps.  I’m sure he didn’t always quite fit in–if we assume that most Corps members are either “T” types who are already naturally emotionally repressed, or are “F” types that are also forcing down their emotions because of the circumstances, then it makes sense, right?  

–He overloads himself

Moblit is constantly a helping hand–the more you look for him, the more you end up seeing him do.  It’s quite impressive, but again, like my previous statement, it obviously took its toll on him.

–He’s altruistic, perhaps to a fault?

It’s no secret that Moblit’s a good guy.  He defends people who need defending, supports his superior officers, guides the younger soldiers, and ultimately sacrificed his own life for his Squad Leader.  But Moblit was also quite unhappy–and yet, we never heard much about his troubles, his past.  He was so busy playing support that his own problems?  Well, we may never know how much he was really suffering, simply because he hid it.  

Again, I’m going to pull a quote from 16personalities that I felt suited Moblit quite well:

“ISFJs are people of incredible loyalty, often trying to follow favored managers to new positions and locations.”

Moblit is loyalty #goals.  Like, god, genuinely, I wish I was that amazingly dedicated to even just one person.  (But I’m an INTJ and far too independent lmao)

Most people comment on his loyalty in regards to Hanji, and that’s …well, it’s “duh.”  Duh.  If you’ve kept up with the series, or have even read what I’ve written thus far, you know plenty of examples of how extreme his loyalty can be.  Moblit didn’t really even show aggression much in the series at all, except in response to protecting Hanji.  (For instance, the confrontation with Sannes and pajama Hanji.  One of my favorite scenes.)  

However, I think a lot of people gloss over Moblit’s loyalty to the cause of the Corps.

Think back to the political arc, particularly his interactions with new Squad Levi and Levi himself.  Moblit was involved with the torture of at least two men–from what we know, Moblit is a gentle, artistic soul.  But, he threw aside his personal feelings to keep his loyalty to the Corps, to protect the regiment he had dedicated his life to.  

Want another piece of proof?

Moblit was one of the main faces that appeared in Erwin’s mind as he doubted if his comrades’ deaths had held any meaning.  

We had lost plenty of Corps veterans at that point for Isayama to have shown other characters’ faces there.  In fact, Moblit’s death had not even been shown yet.  However, I believe that Isayama wanted to show him there because not showing him would have been a disservice to his entire character.  Moblit was loyal to the Corps, so much that his Commander recognized him as important.  (Probably more than the fandom does half the time smh)

Shall we continue with a breakdown of the I-S-F-J type?

I-Introversion, or a focus on the inner self

Moblit was incredibly loyal, but the stress of his role was also obvious. He has a far more introverted attitude in most cases.

S-Sensing, or a focus on facts as they are

Moblit is a scientist and an artist–two types known for their detail-oriented nature.  However, we also often see him asking a lot of questions and focusing on the pieces of the puzzle, rather than the puzzle’s outcome, especially in the political arc.

F-Feeling, or a focus on emotion

Moblit’s loyalty is most definitely based on an emotional bias.  While we don’t know all the details of how this came to be, we can see evidence of it in the last moments of his life.

J-Judgment, or a focus on decided paths and plans

His solid and steady nature balances the spontaneity of his Squad Leader, and his questions often lead to answers that form a focused path of how to proceed.  He follows orders with loyalty and precision.

Moblit will be missed.  He was such a realistic representation of the “average” human being at work accomplishing incredible things.  I feel that people miss that message with him a lot, so I hope that it’s driven home more with season two.

Rest in peace, Mobliterator.

Also, if people wanna add to this or tell me what you think, please let me know.  Because I love doing this.