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she’ll see i’m not so tough - bob/alicia

“You don’t seem to be having a very good time.”

Robert started a little at the voice, then started again when he turned to identify the source. The woman standing next to him was easily the most beautiful person he’d ever encountered in real life. Even with the apologetic expression on her face, her eyes were laughing, icy blue but warm as the sun. Her blonde hair was coiffed and pulled back into a soft bun. Curls were escaping near her ears and at her temples, probably tugged loose in an attempt to soften the knife-sharp lines of her cheekbones and jaw.

He shook his head a little before he spoke, both to confirm her theory and to clear his head. “No, I’m not really good at big crowds like this yet.”

“Yet?” She raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, this is only my first season playing professionally.” He extended a hand to her. “Robert Zimmermann.”

She smiled and took it. “Alicia Graham. It’s nice to meet you.

He blinked at the excellent - if continental - accent. “You speak French?

I lived in Paris for almost a year on my own, modeling. It was swim or drown. I noticed your accent, I thought maybe this would help the nerves a little.” She smiled and patted his arm.

Well, now I’m not nervous about all these people anymore.” He bit his tongue before he let himself say it anyway. “Just nervous about impressing the incredibly kind and beautiful woman whose acquaintance I’ve been lucky enough to make tonight.

She raised her eyebrows. “Smooth, very smooth. So you’re just awkward in English then?” She laughed and he joined her, marveling at the music of it.

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May I offer you a post to debunk? OP was saying R&J's first encounter resembles the way men nowadays assault women at pubs because he "made some disturbing comments on her skin, touched her, told her not to move and wasn't willing to take no for an answer." Now I think that's completely wrong! (Moreover, I've read that hands were very sexualized back then, so Juliet saying "palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss" proves that she takes part in the courtship process, right?)

Certainly! You seem to have made a pretty good start on it yourself.

If the OP means that it sounds like Romeo is hitting on Juliet, then he most certainly is. That doesn’t mean it’s unwanted attention though – plenty of flirting even now is friendly, consenting, mutual and witty. Chatting up doesn’t equal assault.

In most situations, whether or not an amorous advance is desirable or creepy/assault very much depends on consent, now and back in Shakespeare’s time. For instance, if your lover or someone you were attracted to whispered in your ear it might be sweet, but if a stranger/someone you disliked did it to you it would be a violation of your personal space, not to mention downright creepy. Same with chatting up. It’s problematic if the attention is unwanted, but there are plenty of ways of signalling consent if you’re willing.

In Romeo and Juliet’s first encounter, Romeo is the first to make a move, but since women weren’t meant/encouraged to, he has to. I might add that in performance you can easily play out the immediate mutual attraction. After all, there needs to be some impetus for Romeo to address Juliet, so it makes sense to think that she has (at the very least) acknowledged his presence before he addresses her. 

Taking somebody’s hand could be very sexual (I believe you’re referring to Farah Karim-Cooper’s book, The Hand of the Shakespearean Stage, yes?), but it was also a form of greeting, so Romeo taking Juliet’s hand isn’t problematic in itself, although their dialogue instantly establishes how intimate the act is in this instance. Still, Romeo’s instinct is to use religious language to deliberately remove the sexual connotation from his touch. I’m unsure what the ‘disturbing comments on her skin’ refers to by the way; Romeo doesn’t talk about Juliet’s skin at all in that meeting.

Now Juliet shows her consent and even her complicity in more than one way. She doesn’t take back her hand, and she totally could. She also plays along with his word games by continuing the religious imagery he instigates: 

Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much,
Which mannerly devotion shows in this,
For saints have hands that pilgrims hands do touch,
And palm to palm is holy palmer’s kiss. (1.5.96-99)

‘Good pilgrim’ is not a disparaging term: she approves of his actions. She argues that in saying that his hands ‘profane’ her, the ‘holy shrine’ (1.5.92-3), he’s mistreating his hand. If she really was a statue in the holy shrine of a saint, then pilgrims would touch her hands. i.e. In that holy context a touch of the hand would be entirely appropriate. She’s saying about as explicitly as she can in that language that he has permission to touch her hand. 

The other extremely important thing is that (as everyone always comments) the first fourteen lines of dialogue between Romeo and Juliet forms a sonnet. This isn’t necessarily presented as a conscious choice made by the lovers, and you can’t really hear it in performance, but at a textual level there’s nothing that could be more closely intertwined and indicative of mutuality. Not only is Juliet going along with Romeo’s role-play, she’s also creating poetry with him. I don’t think you would do that if you weren’t into someone.

In this context, ‘telling her not to move’ is part of the witty banter they’ve got going. Romeo asks her to ‘grant’ him a prayer (like putting hands together) except done with lips: he’s asking her permission for a kiss. Juliet doesn’t say no, she simply says that Saints don’t move and grant (implying that it’s God who grants prayers through them). In other words, saints don’t take the initiative in granting a prayer, and nor will she in granting him a kiss. It’s an oblique or passive consent. She doesn’t actively tell him to kiss her, but she says ‘I won’t say no’. Romeo plays with her ‘move’ as in ‘take requests’ and changes it to a literal ‘don’t move while I take initiative in granting my prayer’. Again, it’s entirely playful. It’s not like he’s forcing her not to move. She could move if she chose to stop participating in this game. As for ‘wasn’t willing to take no for an answer’… Where does she say no?

I do think it’s a good idea to read against the grain and come up with provocative and alternative readings, but it’s also important not to read selectively and/or twist the text to suit one’s interpretation. In this case there’s little textual reason to think that Romeo’s advances would constitute an assault. 


yurio. honey. i don’t think that’s quite right.

(yakov is a saint, taking calls at 3am chinese standard time from screaming russian teenagers with conspiracy theories)

So much awful shit has happened this year, whether personally or globally, and after a while it starts to seem like it cancels out the good stuff. Everyone should reblog this with at least two good things that happened to them.

I implore the loving and awesome TJLC community to participate in this. I know we’re all stoked/terrified for the new series, but maybe we should take a moment. I’ll tag a few people to get it all going. @shag-me-senseless-watson @inevitably-johnlocked @currently-in-my-mind-palace @addignisherlock @love-in-mind-palace @sherlockprettydamngayholmes @beegrumpy @i-detect-your-bullshit @hudders-and-hiddles @tjlcisthenewsexy @griffxtrn

My good things:

1. I became an open and constant member of this tightly-knit community. I made some extremely amazing friends here on this insane garbage website, and I don’t want to ever give you up.

2. I got medical help for my anxiety. Finally.

3. My writing was accepted for presentation at an international English conference next spring.

Tag more people! Spread the optimism so we know that 2017 is a fresh start and a new beginning that we can turn around from this horrible, no good, very bad year.

The moon loved the sun;
That’s how the story goes.
But the universe cares not for star-crossed loves
And the story ends as it began:   
The moon loved the sun.
—  but love is not always enough // p.s.

WOW I can’t wait for the HMS Sweet Flips @theadventurezone spinoff, featuring probably the most careful possible kisses and also a beautiful robot adopted daughter!!

That was such a good episode and there are approx. 9 million things I want to draw from it but this seemed like a good place to start

Merry Christmas to all Destiel shippers out there, I love you all! ❄

“Come on, Cas… I’ve got something to show you.”

Dean impatiently pulls Castiel along, leading him through the halls of the bunker, afraid that he’ll chicken out if he doesn’t get this show on the road right now. It’s Christmas Eve, and neither of them are actually drunk, but they are both pleasantly buzzed. Truth be told, there’s just enough alcohol in Dean’s system for him to not lose the courage to do what he’s been planning to do all day.

Their shoulders bump as they walk, Dean’s hand loosely grasping Castiel’s wrist. The angel doesn’t seem to mind, and Dean considers that a good start. He’s going to do this. He can do this. Because if he doesn’t do it now, he probably never will.

When they reach Dean’s room, Dean tugs his friend inside and firmly closes the door behind them. He sits on the edge of the bed, patting the empty space beside him to invite Cas to follow his example. Cas does, with a gentle smile and a hint of curiosity in those big blue eyes. God, Dean is such a sucker for those eyes; the look Cas gives him is going to make this either more difficult or -if Dean’s shitty luck takes a day off for once-, a bit easier.

Now that they’re both sitting here in their ugly Christmas sweaters (Donna had decided to knit one for everyone, and Sam had insisted that it would be rude not to wear them tonight), Dean realizes how utterly ridiculous his plan probably is. And this whole situation for that matter.

Yet, somewhere in some hidden corner of his being he gathers the strength to blurt out what he’d been dying to say all day.

“So yeah, Cas… About that other Christmas present that I mentioned earlier, the one I’d rather give you in private…” Dean clears his throat, stalling, deep down afraid of Castiel’s reaction.

But Cas’ eyes light up as he clearly remembers that promise, and it encourages Dean to keep going.

“I just… It’s something I kinda wanted to give you for a long time, but you can totally say no if it’s… if it’s not something you want.”

Cas looks confused now, and Dean’s voice fails to offer any more words. And so Dean points to the ceiling, hoping that the message will come across without him having to say it out loud. To let Cas know what he wants, Dean Winchester style.

Playing along immediately, Castiel tilts his head and follows Dean gaze, slowly blinking at the mistletoe that’s hanging right over their heads, there were Dean had put it up earlier that day when he’d come up with plan ’finally-confess-those-feelings-to-Cas’.

There’s a long silence, during which Dean feels his heart sink to his stomach, afraid that he ruined everything. And on freaking Christmas Eve, nonetheless. Stupid, stupid Dean.

But then he feels a warm hand on the side of his neck. And another one on his knee. And the second he actually lowers his gaze to look at Cas, soft lips are already crashing into Dean’s with so much eagerness that it instantly makes Dean giddy. He kisses back without a second thought, pulling Cas as close as physically possible. When they’re both out of breath they slow down, taking turns, pressing butterfly kisses to each other’s lips. After a while, they’re just resting their foreheads together, neither of them talking.

Dean’s thankful for the not talking part. He prefers actions, and he’s glad that Cas gets it. The two of them have a special way of talking, one that they can both understand without saying a word.

The only words that Cas gives him are “Merry Christmas, Dean”, and Dean enthusiastically says them back.


i had this in my drafts for like a week i think idk bc i wanted to edit/fix it but oH Well just take it [x]

“...hallucination check, Ted.”

Ted the Animator: “No, no… I’m seein’ this, too.”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, good, ‘cause the storyboards seem very clear that KISS starts glowing neon colors.”

Ted the Animator: “…and then start flying, apparently.”

Carl the Animator: “This… this was not a turn I was expecting the movie to take, but one I’m totally on board for.”

Ted the Animator: “I like how they couldn’t think of a visual flying-power-effect-thingy for the green cat guy, so they just didn’t give him one.”

Carl the Animator: “He’s a magical cat person. He prolly just, like, jumps long distances.”

Ted the Animator: “The animation doesn’t show that. Come on, Carl, visual storytelling.’

Carl the Animator: “Well, ok, how would you show that a rock ‘n’ roll band member cat person with green cosmic superpowers had used them to jump incredibly far towards a spinning teacups carnival ride for the purpose of saving a talking dog?”

Ted the Animator: “I’d ha–… ok, that may be the greatest sentence I’ve ever heard.”

Carl the Animator: “You know it.”

Ted the Animator: “…let’s just move on before our brains start melting.”

Carl the Animator: “Speaking of which, this guy turns into a fire-breathing dinosaur person.”

Ted the Animator: “And the other guy becomes some kind of cat thing, as we previously established.”

Carl the Animator: “And don’t forget the coupla frames of closeup on his face when he jumps towards the camera.”

Ted the Animator: “…wow.”

Carl the Animator: “According to fans, this sequence is *identical* to some of the transformation scenes in Sailor Moon.” 

Ted the Animator: “Ah, cool, I didn’t kn–… wait, how exactly have fans seen this? We’re looking at production storyboards!”

Carl the Animator: "…”

Ted the Animator: “Carl….”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, fine, I might have tweeted a few things out.”

Ted the Animator: “You’re lucky no one cares enough to make us sign NDAs, y’know.”

Carl the Animator: “…so, moving along from shaky legal territory, KISS has a big fight with the bad guy, and Shaggy & Scooby almost puke after getting off the spinning teacups ride.”

Ted the Animator:All the best action scenes end with our heroes nearly barfing on top of their friend.”

Carl the Animator: “Then, there’s a fade transition to… uh….”

Carl the Animator: “…um…”

Ted the Animator: “…is that a hospital? Wait, are they DEAD?

Carl the Animator: “I doubt it, but if so, man that got dark in a hurry.”

Ted the Animator: “I guess the spinning teacups were too much for them.”

Carl the Animator: “This is what happens if you eat too many sweets before going on the rides, kids.”

I still can’t believe that Rafael’s response to his alcoholic sister who had been kidnapped and in a really unhealthy relationship and was on the verge of drinking again so came to him for company and comfort was to leave her with Rogelio as a babysitter and actually call him a babysitter in front of her which is both a trigger and incredibly patronising. And then she said she felt guilty because he’s always been there for her.

  • Me, who has never read Ava's Demon: why do these people have storage rooms in their torsos
Helping Your D-Partner Manage Stress (Pt. 2)

Part 1 is here

The Haus kitchen seemed as good a place as any to start.

Bitty had sympathy-baked pies for the team; blueberry, peach, and cherry cooled in a line down the counter. The whole room was still pleasantly warm from the oven and the Haus smelled the way heaven might, if heaven had been inspired by a Southern Living magazine.

Dex was more calm than Nursey had seen him in at least a week, curled up on the toxic couch, legs folded underneath him as read the textbook in his lap. His clothes were worn in just the right way to stretch perfectly over his body, like some kind of catalog ad. Dex muttered something to himself, eyebrows squishing together as he underlined something in his book. It was objectively adorable, and Nursey could admit to that. 

It didn’t change the fact that he needed to take time off to relax and, just maybe, pull the stick out of his ass.

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So. I had a thought, and I ran with it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I thought: there needs to be a line of apparel for Heathens / Lokeans / Rokkatru / NT Pagans etc., that is safe from bigotry. Something that bites back against all of that hateful “You Are The Wrong Kind Of Heathen If ____” bullshit.

So, I decided I should start designing.

And I thought to begin by reclaiming ‘ergi,’ as a nonbinary Lokean, it seemed as good a place as any to start.

I also thought - won’t those folkish bastards just shit themselves over this - an enby reminding them that All Ur Gods R Queer  (◡‿◡✿)

[If this offends any LGBTQIA+ pagans out there, however, please let me know and I will do my best to remedy that or remove this design all together.]

I have plans in the works for other designs that call out racism, sexism, and all the other nasty -isms that Heathenry is infected with, and other designs that focus on positivity. More on that as I complete each one.

These will be available through CafePress, most likely, unless I can get a good enough deal to order a bunch and offer them through my Etsy shop. Please let me know if you are interested in getting a shirt & I will send you a link :)

Thoughts, anyone?