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Hey my girlfriend makes me feel so safe and warm and at peace and just….happy
Like since moving to the other side of the world at 10 my life just turned upside down so much and I developed all this anxiety and depression bullshit and I just haven’t felt at home and safe and like I belong or wanted to be alive since age 10 and it’s fucked me so much but
For the first time I feel
Like I am truly content and happy and grateful to be here and alive
Like it’s not like I’m cured and never feel anxious or depressed or suicidal anymore but
All that does temporarily melt away when I’m with her and it makes every day life so much more bearable
It just feels so fucking amazing to feel happy, and to feel happy to be alive, and like I have something worth being alive for
And it’s weird and all feels fake and like it’ll stop being real any moment because I’m not used to actually feeling good but
I think my life is finally good
I just feel ok for once

i mean I get why people post “(insert whatever here) don’t interact” but i think it’s so petty and makes you look silly bc it’s the internet and people are gonna post/reblog whatever the fuck they want unless you make it private and you have no control over that. that’s just a general rule of the internet that you gotta deal with. do i like when porn bots reblog my art of my ocs? not particularly. i wish it were a real person so i could maybe get some feedback. but can i do anything about it? not really! and i’ve come to terms with that.

are you really gonna be so petty that you go into your notifications and block people just bc you /think/ they happen to fall under whatever category you deem unworthy to reblog your content? that just seems so tedious and isn’t gonna really make a difference in how anyone thinks in the long run so you’re just kinda making yourself look elitist/holier-than-thou bc it looks like you just include that to pat yourself on the back and look good to everyone who agrees with you

you don’t know the story of every person who reblogs your stuff and who are you to judge tbh. i doubt the people running popular stim blogs care enough to look at anyone’s profile beyond a glance anyway. kink blogs reblogging gifs of slime aren’t really hurting anyone, not to mention there are people out there who enjoy both stimming AND nsfw content. but they shouldn’t get to participate because stimming is somehow “pure” now?? I’m not really understanding the message being sent here

but like
i guess i’m saying i understand the concept of doing it but it literally has no effect other than making me hesitate to reblog your content for being exclusive

“Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end~” -Melanie Martinez

My part of the art trade with @porotatoes ;) sorry it took a little long >m>.


We are the Mirrorverse

Ok but what if Ransom doesn’t really want to be a doctor.  His family and culture put a lot of pressure on their kids to be doctors and get prestigious jobs, and he wanted his parents to be proud of him so he went into pre-med.

What if he was having a post-game panic attack over molecular biology when a scout from the Maple Leafs asked him if he had a minute to talk.  And the thought of just not going to med school, of just ending his education in two months and not having to study for a test ever again, made him feel so relieved he found Holster afterwards and cried for five minutes.

“I don’t ever want to stop playing hockey,” he says to Holster, who… honestly, was kind of looking forward to not having morning practice for the first time since he was four.

What if Justin Oluransi made his parents the loudest, proudest cheering section in Toronto, screaming with love for their son the NHL player.

A Gentle PSA About Shipping

There is no wrong way to ship.

There is no wrong way to ship.

There is no wrong way to ship.

People will tell you that you are shipping incorrectly for not liking the exact same set of things they do, in the exact way that they like them and in the correct order.

This is false. 

There is no wrong way to ship.

People will tell you that you can’t like Ship A and Ship B, because they are “opposing” ships, and you are supposed to pick a side.

This is false.  

There is no wrong way to ship.

People will tell you that if you like Ship C, you HAVE to like Ship D, because they are fundamentally linked in some way, and if you don’t accept the whole package you have to give back the half that you like because you’ve forfeited your right to keep it.

This is false.  

There is no wrong way to ship.

People will tell you that if you are queer and your preferred ship is m/f, that you are a traitor.  People will tell you if you are straight and your preferred ship is queer, that you don’t really count as part of that fandom.  People will tell you if you are ace/aro and you have romantic/sexual headcanons about characters, that you are weird.

This is false.  

There is no wrong way to ship.

People will tell you that just watching a TV show and wanting to watch two characters mash their faces together (or argue, or gaze soulfully, or just stand next to each other) because you enjoy it isn’t enough.  You have to sweat for it, bleed for it, it has to take over your entire life, you have to define yourself first and foremost as a member of that fandom.  Or they will tell you that you care TOO MUCH, it’s just a TV show, where’s your chill, why don’t you go outside once in awhile.

This is false.  

There is no wrong way to ship.

People will tell you that if you just CONSUME things instead of MAKING things, you haven’t really earned your place in the fandom.  If you only read fic, reblog and share other people’s stuff, but aren’t a creator yourself.

This is false.  

There is no wrong way to ship.

People will tell you that age-difference ships make you gross and that headcanoning a platonic pairing as a sexual or romantic one makes you trashy.

This is false.  

There is no wrong way to ship.

People will tell you that shipping is a black-and-white thing, based on facts instead of opinions and preferences, which makes it the kind of thing about which they can tell you that you are wrong.

This is false.  

There is no wrong way to ship.

The only thing you can do wrong is let someone else tell you that you are loving the thing you love incorrectly.  That is not for them to decide.

Other than that, there is no wrong way to ship.

Why is it that every time a black woman is happy it has to be “Ghetto”. 

Like someone commented on a graduation photo of a bunch of black women taking fun pictures in their graduation robes and said they looked ghetto.

When a group of white teenagers is being loud they celebrating or playing around but when black teenagers are being loud its just ghetto. 

If a white woman says or does something rude then she is just rude but if a black woman does it its ghetto. 

everything that black women enjoy- our hair, our music, our dancing, our fashion, our cooking- is ghetto unless it is being done by a white person. 


Doodles from waiting at the bus stop, using only my sweet keychains as ref

trans danny fenton/phantom talk - episode 6

so there was that post around that already talked about this but i also want to talk about this and plus something that happens a little before it

so the episode starts off with tucker narrating and saying how close him and danny are and that they share everything

however, tucker says “we share everything… except one thing..” and danny goes ghost then tucker says “danny has super powers”

without that last bit hOW CAN YOU NOT HIT THAT CONCLUSiON OF “we share everything … except we dont have male genitalia” (well not exactly that way but it’s pretty close)

THEN the genie lady comes out of her bottle by the little girl breaking it, grants her wish, causes chaos, danny goes up to her and the genie says “i am deseray, what is your wish?”

danny says “it’s none of your business” and then she looks a little baffled and then gets close and says “surely there must be something” and she does this:

she literally just reaches over 

and touches his chest

and then danny looks so confused and terrified like

how does she know?”

“is it THAT obvious??!?!

and he then becomes super defensive and gains the ability to plasma blast with his hands and hits her off into the far distance

and from that point danny is very in to himself and is very unsure and is questioning a lot of stuff that just happened

Teen Years Headcanons

-Omegas in their late teens going through a phase of “all Alphas are stupid and I’ll be just fine if I never mate with one” and that phase ends the day they come home from school and gush to their Omega parent about an Alpha they just met “he’s way different than the other Alphas, I’m sure of it mom” and the Omega parent just nodding along while their child chatters on

-An Omega trying to hide a relationship from their parents and panicking when they can’t get the Alpha’s scent off of them…only to find out their Omega parent already knew, because mothers know everything, and they help them get the scent off before their Alpha parent gets home. But they do tell their Omega child that they expect to meet the Alpha soon

-An Omega being very introverted and having to be practically dragged from their nest to be made to go out and socialize because “at this rate you’ll never meet a decent Alpha”

-An Alpha in high school who has trouble focusing on school work and is always turning their work in late while their Omega sibling gets straight A’s. They refuse to ask their sibling for help though because they are too proud to admit they need it, their Alpha parent tries to help but they don’t handle it any better and finally their Omega parent just sits down and helps explain it to them

-Alphas struggling a lot with their newfound aggression and getting in trouble a lot with both their school and their parents for getting into fights

-Angsty teenage Alphas dramatically deciding they are too aggressive and temperamental to love someone, and their parents are kind of sympathetic…but they also want to tell the Alpha to suck it up and quit brooding needlessly

-Hormonal Omega teens getting upset a lot so whenever their Alpha parent approaches a room and catches a whiff of angry Omega pheromones they will back up slowly and then send their mate in to deal with it because they don’t want to be yelled at again just for being an Alpha

-Beta teens going through emo phases because “in the grand scheme of things, we don’t matter as much as the other dynamics”

-Omega mothers establishing “family nights” because they miss having all their babies in one place, everybody participates and nobody complains because its very obvious how much the Omega loves it

-Overprotective Alpha parents being worried when their Omega teenager goes out with friends so they pace the living room and repeatedly check out the blinds until they get back, the whole time their mate just sits on the couch watching on in amusement


“I’ll protect you from now on. I’ll make it so that nobody will ever be able to touch you again.”


Iain and I just got on from the very beginning.
I know there’s nobody that loves [Brett], but I, for one, do.

The Ultimates, Blackpool. 12.06.2016 [x]