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Ok zimbits: I've been thinking about the idea of jack not always understanding bittys sarcasm or how he can be really nice to someone on the surface and then turn around and do the whole "bless their heart" thing. And at first it makes jack anxious bc - what does bitty really think about him?? But then he learns to spot bittys bluffs whenever he's talking to someone he clearly can't stand

this is such a good spin on that hc!!!! But yes, I completely agree– because Bitty just seems so nice and so happy all the time– even when Shitty is clearly overstepping his boundaries with gay issues to Bitty– but as they start dating Jack realizes that’s not?? True?? And then he gets anxious because, oh no, what if Bitty is mad at him and he doesn’t realize? What does Bitty think of him that he’s hiding behind that fake-niceness? (And Bitty is nice, but he is also human, so.)

And this eats at Jack, especially after little spats they have, and Bitty notices one day, asks him what’s up. Jack feels silly saying it but he admits to these insecurities, and Bitty assures him that Jack will know if Bitty is actually upset. And it’s happy and lovely because these boys are so, so good at communication!!!

And as they keep dating, Jack starts to pick up on Bitty’s tells more and more– beyond just the “bless your heart”, but noticing how his voice changes, how his smile is tighter, his laugh a little more fake. And Bitty, true to his word, never plays that game with Jack.

(thanks for the hc!!!)

I did not expect that

It’s harder and harder for me to be surprised by TV shows so this was a nice surprise.

All this time I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something seriously wrong with the morality of the Good Place but most ideas for afterlife always felt suspect. And of course we were all suspicious of Tahani’s self-absorption and condescension and the more we saw how Chidi was on Earth the more I wondered how did he change the world for good. (And why nobody in the neighbourhood wanted to forgive Eleanor, and real Eleanor’s sudden love for Chidi and why nobody seemed to have loved ones from before the Good Place or care where they are and … all the little inconsistencies and moral issues like that.)

So once Eleanor figured it out it made perfect sense (and the flashbacks to Michael the Bad Place architect were great - from antimatter coffee to Todd). It also answered my question were do we go from here as I started wondering when Eleanor was getting good so fast.

But now I really, really want the next season. I want to see the four of them and Janet figure out a plan to escape together. (Also maybe another reboot for Janet because I really don’t like this colour scheme)

Also Eleanor admitted she has hots for Tahani :). That has some future potential.

here’s a radical idea...

What if we can ship Moriel… and Nessian… at the same time…

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I’m getting the impression that you have to be either team Moriel or team Nessian on here (and never the twain shall meet), and that doesn’t make sense? There is nothing about one that makes the other invalid, imho?

The real problem seems to be that everyone is just really down on either Mor or Nesta, even though they have both done some crappy stuff AND have good qualities. And we are basically having the same arguments about these two characters based on whether or not we understand/agree with their motivations. I think it’d be nice if we can move past that and just discuss.

I think I’m going to try my hand at making sigils for personal health and wellness. I’ve been feeling a pull towards witchcraft for a few years now but now that I have a baby and the future looks like it will be a shitstorm, it seems like a good a time as any to try. I have no idea if I’m going to be doing this in any kind of right way but if snakes start manifesting in my house that’s probably a sign I’m doing something strange.

  • 🍎 bottom 👖

shawty had them 🍎 bottom 👖 (👖) 👢with the FUR (with the fur) the whole club was lookin at her she 👊💥 the floor (she 👊💥 the floor) next thing u know shawty got 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 them baggy sweat pants and the 👟 with the straps (with the straps) she turned and gave that big 🍑 a slap (hey) she 👊💥 the floor (she 👊💥 the floor) next thing u know shawty got 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

breaking news: harry potter has quit his job as an auror!

stating that ‘i have no idea why i thought that was a good idea, holy shit’, potter has since relocated to diagon alley and reopened florean fortescue’s ice cream parlour. in a comment, potter said ‘yeah. yeah, this seems more like it’ and added ‘i mean, he gave me ice cream that one time. loved that guy.’

the signs introverted vs. extroverted

 introverted: shy but bubbly and really nice, likes to spend a lot of time with those they know and love, doesn’t like to leave the house too much, might be lazy
 extroverted: loud, might seem rude, but really they’re just honest, isn’t afraid to speak up for themselves ot those they love, alway doing something, loves adventures

 introverted: very reserved, will want to you to do the first step, generally just doesn’t like meeting new people and likes to spend time indoors, most likely a music lover
 extroverted: optimistic fluff balls, friends with EVERYONE, emotional but positive thinkers, love to go out a lot, especially near nature

 introverted: might seem kind of distant, doesn’t like to talk about their emotions even when they’re sad, emotional, but really good with children
 extroverted: very intelligent and quick thinking, comes up with the best ideas and solutions to problems, talks to many people and has a lot of friends, likes to be busy, work on something

 introverted: shy, but smiles quite a lot, still able to make friends easily, but uses earbuds a lot and likes to have someone they know around them most of the time
 extroverted: liked by everyone, makes people laugh, likes to spend time with children (and children love them), natural story teller

 introverted: resting bitch face, actually cares a lot though, might not have problems with going outside or anything but doesn’t talk to many people
 extroverted: talks to pretty much ANYONE, big and kind heart, buys gifts for friends, does the ebst sleepovers/ parties

 introverted: doesn’t like to go outside too often, probably looks like they don’t even want to talk to you, actually cares though, seems busy, always working on something, perfectionist
kind of weird, talks a lot, but often it’s also about some serious topics, curious person and likes to learn, judgemental, but can appreceate things as well

 introverted: thinks a lot, home oriented, sensitive, will be nice to you even if they don’t like you, super shy, usually good at playing musical instrument
 extroverted: fearless (except spiders), isn’t afraid to do pretty much anything, nothing can stop them, likes to flirt, probably really popular among their friends, kind to everyone

 introverted: talkative, uses sarcasm or has offensive sense of humour, really confident in themselves, isn’t afraid to speak up, actually very intelligent most of the time
 extroverted: v reserved, quiet, looks tough, actually cares a lot, might complain often, home anf family oriented, sometimes tends to overthink

 introverted: looks serious and professional, hardworking person, cares a lot about their appereance and the way they show themselves, nervous easily
 extroverted: very competitive, loud, they’re ‘everywhere’, looks confident, is confident, being in love with them is one huge adventure

 introverted: the very definition of socially awkward, really doesn’t talk much, usually passionate about something and they spend a lot of time doing it, the biggest ovethinkers you’ll ever meet
 extroverted: might look mean or selfish, but they’re literally the funniest people ever, pays for food, loves to go to parties, cares about their appereance a lot

 introverted: most likely good at math, really doesn’t talk much, doesn’t like to leave the house too much, has their own world, might tend to  be a bit naive, confused 25/8
 extroverted: one of the most talkative people you’ll ever meet, super curious, likes to go on adventures and hang out with their friends a lot, kind of nerds, but really sweet

 introverted: people still love them, looks tough but is very emotional and sensitive, hardworking, 98% of the time, they have something with themselves that reminds them of home
 extroverted: leader material, likes to be the centre of the attention, amazing acting skills, makes friends easily, smiles a lot

Sangwoo can be really freaking stupid sometimes

The first time I was reading KS I was marveling about how Sangwoo seemed to have all the plans and seemed really smart (no idea why) but now that I’m rereading it I realized that Sangwoo really needs to chill because he is NOT good at staying lowkey about his hobbies. At all.

His first and most obvious one that we see is that he killed the DAUGHTER OF A CEO.

If I was going to start killing people I’d at least go for people who don’t have a close family/many friends, NOT people in rich families. Killing a CEO’s daughter just attracts a ridiculous amount of unneeded attention, and from what we know about Sangwoo, I doubt he had a specific reason for killing this girl other than that she was probably easy to fool.

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the media: we didn’t actually think trump would get anywhere so we didn’t take him seriously and then we took him too seriously and made him out to be a normal presidential candidate and created false equivalencies between him and Hillary to make mismanaged emails out to be as bad as virulent bigotry and sexual assault which all seemed like a good idea at the time because ratings and viewership

me, hillary, the majority of the american electorate, anyone trump ever insulted, obama, the world, jesus fucking christ himself

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Mysme react to MC being a youtuber and join MC for a video? Like a boyfriend tag video?

Some of the questions in the boyfriend tag, we all know the answer and some of them have a different answer (like the hair color)
To make things more interesting she’ll pick a paper with the question randomly
Thank you for your request!
I hope you like it!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me

My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request( HERE it’s my do’s and dont’s)


  • What is a youtuber? You’ll have to explain to him.
  • He doesn’t think it’s a good idea such exposure
  • But when he sees you doing a video, he’s happy about it
  • You seem so happy, so energetic
  • It’s a good sight.
  • You asked him to appear in the “boyfriend tag”
  • He sees it as one opportunity to show everyone that you’re his
  • After some questions, you picked one and read out loud
  • “What is my best friend’s name?”
  • “Elizabeth the 3rd”
  • You laugh, it’s better to not say anything
  • Ok, another one
  • “Complete this sentence “My girlfriend is…”
  • "You’re my wife, not my girlfriend”
  • He’s no fun


  • He knows he has seen your face in some place!
  • He’s subscribed to your channel, he thinks you’re pretty funny!
  • He’ll secretly want to appear on your videos..But will not say anything
  • When you ask him to do a boyfriend tag
  • He’s so happy!t’s his dream!
  • After a lot of questions that Yoosung answered without hesitating 
  • “If i go away to some place, where would i go?”
  • “Mc…Are you leaving?”
  • Yeah, he’ll cry
  • He will take this questions too seriously


  • “This is like..Your fan club?" 
  • No, it’s my subscribers Jaehee
  • She doesn’t want to appear in a video, it’s too personal
  • She’ll know everything that you asked her, but she wasn’t comfortable knowing a lot of people are watching it
  • Please, respect her privacy
  • She can answer anything that you want
  • But the camera can’t be here


  • He’ll spread your videos like a virus
  • This work, your subscribers are only going up!
  • This is good!
  • When you asked him to appear in the boyfriend tag,  he’s not sure about it…People cannot see him like that
  • Then he put a bag on his face
  • Problem solved!
  • Hey, guys, this is my boyfriend bagged face
  • 10/10 
  • "Ok Seven..Next question.What is my eyes color?”
  • “Do you have eyes?”


  • Well …He doesn’t watch your videos, he can see a little, but this is not enough
  • He feels bad for it, it’s something that you love to make and he’s not even watching it
  • So when you asked him if he could be in the video
  • He agrees without thinking, he feels good about it
  • V is such a good person, he answered  everything correctly
  • “Do I often make you angry?”
  • “You never made me angry love..”
  • Is this possible?This guy is calmer as shit


  • Oh, you’re famous on the internet
  • An opportunity to appear on a video?This is good
  • He loves to make an appearance at everything
  • But he doesn’t know…Why is this all about you?
  • People want to know about him!
  • No Zen.
  • “Ok Zen..What eyes color did you wish I had?”
  • “I think i’m perfect like this”
  • “It’s about me..Not you”
  • “Next question.” He says,smiling to the camera
  • While you’re looking at his face, wanting to cut that damn rat tail off


  • NO
  • He isn’t going to be in this ridiculous thing
  • He doesn’t like those people that watch you..Those comments, compliments, he hates it
  • Yeah, he’s jealous
  • But you’re insisting and insisting
  • He says that he’ll do it, but only if the video was live
  • And then it was, you were picking some papers, he’s answered (But he doesn’t say how you two met, you must know why)
  • Then HE picks up one paper
  • “What is our favorite sex position..This is an easy one”
  • “Saeran, this is not on this pap—”
  • “I like when MC is bending over–”
  • You finish the video
  • “Never call me for this again. I warned you.”

eternal thankfulness towards @modmad for your green thumb reigen art that inspired this

This is crude and weird but I’m oddly at peace with that am I finally dead enough inside 

#232: He Compares You To His Ex


Here’s a very random fact. I hit myself in the head today with my hairbrush so if there’s any typos in this it’s because I can’t look properly at my laptop without literally hurting myself. 

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The music was so loud in the club you had absolutely no idea what you were thinking in your head. Your body was completely sweaty but not because you had been dancing, only because you were literally forced to press your body against whomever was standing next to you. The place was completely filled from top to toe, everyone seeming to have a good time despite the circumstances and the floor was literally shaking. But in the middle of all of this were you standing in the corner trying to breathe without inhale in someone’s face, a cup in your hand with a straw that had almost been chewed to the point of being nasty. It wasn’t because it tasted good, but it was your only source of trying not to panic because you didn’t want to be here. Luke was the one dragging you but knowing the guy he would be gone within a second you stepped into the Nice Guy. He knew basically everyone no matter what their history was and of course you wanted to follow him around but in the end you felt like a lost puppy. He was having a good time and you didn’t want to disturb that but you couldn’t hold in the fact that you just wanted to go back to the hotel and go to bed. It wasn’t until you had settled with going home that Luke noticed you through the crowd and he gently grabbed your hand. “What’s going on?” “I’m going home.” You yelled over the loud music and felt and arm push into you to get through. “But why?” Luke questioned unaware, furrowing his eyebrows. “This is just not my scene.” He still didn’t understand, it was probably the alcohol kicking in. “You always say this Y/N every time I take you somewhere you leave before midnight and don’t want to party.” You opened your mouth wanting so argue but he was too caught up in his rambles to stop. “I mean, I try all the time to get the party side out of you but you constantly blow me off and honestly that never happened when I was together with-,” It wasn’t you that made him pause in track, it was himself. He looked down at you with wide eyes in realization of what he was gonna say and you let go of his hand completely. “Y/N wait I didn’t mean it like that.” “Well you sure as hell was about to say it.” You glared over your shoulder and shrugged off his hand that had found its way back to you again. “Why don’t you just try party with her again then since she’s much more amusing than me? I mean, with the stalking gene she has I’m sure she’s probably already here.” You gave him one last glare with such attitude you almost couldn’t recognize yourself and when you turned around to walk out of the club the actual tears were ready to come out.


“I thought you had quit.” You had been debating with yourself whether or not to say it, you had watched him from apart outside of the party but you had waited just a bit. You didn’t want to disturb him but he had spent the last week not smoking because he wanted it to be a 2017 new year’s revolution. To finally let go of the package of cigarettes. It was as if he hadn’t noticed you from apart, his eyes widening and he looked down at the cigarette. “Yeah well the others started smoking, I fell in the hole. But well as long as it’s not every day and just during parties I don’t see it as something wrong.” He shrugged and lifted the cigarette up to his mouth. You furrowed your eyebrows confused, he had been talking about anything else but wanting to stop because it was ruining his voice and health, yet it was as if he had forgotten everything about. “But I thought it was important for you to quit? I mean, you constantly complained about it ruining your economy and that you had a hard time working out because your lunges had been so affected by it?” You didn’t want to disturb him but in reality you had never been fond of his smoking. Kissing an ash tray wasn’t really your thing and it would be much better for him to quit. “Relax babe.” He commented still with a smile on his face and blew out the smoke. “It’s only been 18 days I didn’t expect that I would hold it anyways so yeah.” You still weren’t convinced by his words, tempted between going back in or trying once again to make him stop. It was most probably the alcohol that was affecting him and taking him down but you still didn’t see it as an excuse. “Seriously Y/N relax okay it’s just another package of cigarettes. You’re literally the only girlfriend who’s has a problem with this and it’s starting to get annoying.” You furrowed your eyebrows by his words, it definitely affect you but he still didn’t seem to catch up with what he had said. He was looking down at you trying to read your face, he knew it was harsh said but it was the only thing coming to his mind. With a phone on your face you grabbed the package out of his hands and took out a cigarette, placing it between your lips and lit it with his lighter. “What are you doing?” He questioned with a worried expression on his face. “You hate smoking.” You nodded your head in agreement and blew the smoke out from your lips. It was a horrible taste, you couldn’t imagine doing this 20 times a day. “Just pretending to be an ex.” You mumbled below your breath and blew the smoke into his face before turning around, not wanting to talk to him anymore and settled with walking away.


Another huge sigh came from your lips when glancing over at his back for probably the fifth time during the evening. Occasionally he would look away from his computers just for a short moment, but that would be to either force his hand into a package of chips or drink one of his many cans of sweet drinks. It was only when he leaned his hand back so you could grab it that he showed some type of affection or just proved that he actually knew that you were in the room. Since you had arrived at his house he had done nothing else but sit in front of his computer, and you were fine with that, you could entertain yourself with your phone. But what had turned into one game of Heartstone had suddenly turned into four games of League of Legends and now he was completely out of contact. You were bored, you had been watching TV for the past hours and now the only thing you wanted was some decent attention from your boyfriend who you rarely saw during these days. “Michael?” You weren’t sure if he was able to hear you and with the lack of power in your voice it was most probably fainted out in his headphones. You tried again louder and this time he turned around, removing the headphones to hear you probably. “What’s up?” He questioned, but it wasn’t that he was having completely focus on you, his eyes glancing between the non-paused screen and you. “Will you ever pay attention to me or should I just head home again?” It wasn’t supposed to come out like that but it did. “What?” He questioned almost in disbelief, “You always say that you don’t mind me gaming when you’re here, you know you said that thing with that just being near me was enough to make you happy.” He removed his headphones to finally give you some fully attention. “Yes at times but when we haven’t seen each other for so many months I’d appreciate some more attention than your hand just waving at me once in a while.” You sat up in his bed to show how frustrated you actually were and he ran his hand through his dirty locks. “So you don’t want me to game when you’re around, is that what you’re saying? Don’t start being like my ex okay she was never fond of this and it annoyed the shit out of me.” Silence fell upon the room and it didn’t take Michael more than a second to realize what he had just done. His eyes were wide and so were yours but before he could explain himself you stood up from his bed and grabbed your jacket. “That was very low of you Michael.” You looked over your shoulder for a second just to glare at him before you opened the door and headed out. One tip, comparing you to someone else was probably the dumbest decision ever.


“I don’t know man it’s a hard thing to answer.” You stopped in track and furrowed your eyebrows confused, you had never been the one to eavesdrop to conversation but this one sounded interesting. You stood in the kitchen with a bowl of chips in your hands, being the polite one to ask if they needed anything in the living room. Ashton had the boys over, nothing unusual but he had been acting strange lately and you had wondered why. He had been stressed there was no doubt on that depart but you weren’t sure whether or not to ask if something was wrong. Maybe he just had bad days, everyone had that and with his horrible schedule it was understandable. “Come on it’s not that big of a deal.” You assumed it was Michael, it was hard to hear through the closed door but you still managed to do it. “Yes just tell who was best we’re curious. We always are with new girlfriends it’s not a shocker.” You heard Calum chirp in and you furrowed your eyebrows confused. Whatever they were currently discussing had something to do with you and that left you both curious but also a little bit uncomfortable. “I’m not gonna answer it okay.” Ashton said and you assumed he was raising his hands in surrender. “Come on as Michael said it’s not that big of a deal.” Luke commented and you heard a few more mumbles coming from the living room in response. You didn’t want to listen because this was getting too weird but what Ashton had to say made you lean your ear against the door just to make sure you had heard everything. “Okay fine, compared to the last Y/N is definitely boring. I’m not saying it has something to do with her body, she’s perfectly fine the way she is but god I’m bored sometimes. She’s definitely the definition of vanilla sex.” It was a rush of emotions hitting you at once. You couldn’t believe it, it hurt harshly in your chest and especially when he had to share that news to the boys. Not to mention getting compared to someone else, let alone his ex made the whole situation worse. Smacking the door open too forcefully you kept a frown on your face and headed towards the coffee table. You didn’t look up, you didn’t say anything but when you placed the bowl of chips and looked directly at Ashton with hurt in your eyes. At first he couldn’t understand what was going on or why you were looking at him this way but suddenly the puzzles seemed to come together. “Oh fuck wait Y/N.” He tried to speak carefully to not cause a scene but you wouldn’t even be in the same room as him. You needed to get out in a hurry, maybe just for a small walk but you couldn’t think straight because by the way your heart was pounding and your breath had gone, you couldn’t stand looking at him.

Shine bright for Jay - 8pm GMT

Hi all 

@aslowmotionaccident had the lovely idea of lighting a candle for Jay and posting a photo of it on here to show support, love, and solidarity. I think this would be a lovely thing to do, and hoped that you could spread the word if you would like to join in. 

If you would like to do this, 8pm GMT would seem good - in just under 2.5hrs time. If you want to tag your photo #shinebrightforJay i’ll keep an eye on it and reblog any I see. 

Just seems like a nice thing to do on such a sad day, and a way for us all to come together. 

Lucy x

“Dude, Horus just croaked. What now?”
Abaddon re-tied his topknot. He totally had an idea. “I totally have an idea,” he said. The Traitor Legions looked on expectantly. “Here’s what we do. We run away.”
Many helmed heads nodded. This seemed a wise course of action.
“Good idea,” said Erebus.
‘Hush.“ Abaddon frowned at the interruption. "But I think we should leave behind our jetbikes, Dreadclaws, Whirlwinds, Landspeeders - pretty much all anti-grav technology, really - as well as our bikes, attack bikes, and pretty much anything else we’ve used so far.”
Fewer helms nodded this time. “Dude,” said Lucius the Eternal, “we might need all that stuff. Some of that stuff is rad.”
“Nah, I’ve made up my mind. Let’s just go.”
“Let’s. Just. Go.” Abaddon waved the Talon of Horus. Its scythe-blade fingers made clickety-click sounds.
“Okay, let’s just go,” agreed Lucius.
Kharn wasn’t so easily placated. “What about Cyclone Launchers? Because I saw those in Horus Heresy: Collected Visions, so we must be using th–”
“I feel like I’m talking to myself, here.” Abaddon pointed a claw at the World Eater. It poked Kharn in the eye.
“Ow, Jesus, man. Okay, okay. We’ll go.”
“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”
Abaddon pimp-walked from the room, strutting like he owned the place.
“Hey, what about this conversion beamer?” asked Typhus. “Couldn’t we use these in Rogue Trader? These are awesome. They go, like, FWOOOOOSH.”
“Leave it!” Abaddon’s voice called from the other room. Typhus put it down, grumbling.
Fabius Bile sort of shrugged. “So, uh, can I come with you guys? Because I was checking the passenger lists, and none of the Legions are taking their Apothecaries. I mean… don’t you need us?”
Lucius patted his brother on the shoulder. “It’s okay, man. We’ll allude to the Apothecaries in the background text. I mean, you won’t get to ever do anything, but you’ll sort of be there in the fluff, y'know? A bit? Maybe?”
“Balls to this. I’m leaving the Legion. I’ll make my own rules.”
Kharn snorted. “Your rules will be lame for competitive play. Just watch. And people will call you Fabulous Bill.”
The Traitors walked from the chamber, out to the landing pad. It was deserted.
“Uh, Abbs?”
Abaddon turned to Ahriman. “S'up?”
“Um.” The Thousand Son gestured to the empty landing pad. “Where are all our gunships?”
Abaddon ignored him. “Weren’t you red a minute ago?”
“We’re blue now. It’s… it’s this whole… thing. Look, seriously, where are our Thunderhawks?”
“Oh, right. Them.” Abaddon toyed with his topknot, swishing it back and forth, like a kitten with a fluffy toy. “We won’t need those. We can run everywhere and stuff. Or push Rhinos out of hangers and ride them through the atmosphere. It’ll be cool.”
The Traitors shared a glance. This wasn’t going well. Abaddon noticed their hesitation, and sought to calm them. “Relaaaaax. I’ll invent new stuff. Like… spider robots with daemons in, and they have claws and stuff. They’ll defile things. Maybe they can be called Defilotrons. It’ll be sweet. And they’ll have a gun on their chests, and tiny little heads. What? Why are you looking at me like that? You just wait. We’ll rock this place all to hell.”

I had a bit of free time to spare before class lectures officially started so I went ahead and finished this. Hannibal paired piece to come… Assuming I can find time for it. I was gonna color it in full but I both got a) hella impatient b) no matter what happens I’ll always be a sucker for minimal colors and this seemed like a good idea. Anyways. I’ll put this up for sale soon. 

  • Qrow: Well well well if it isn't Winter Schnee.
  • Winter: Whatever are you doing here, Qrow?
  • Qrow: I happen to be here to watch my wonderful niece Ruby steal the show at Beacon's rendition of Into the Woods.
  • Winter: If anyone will captivate the audience it will be Weiss, thank you very much.
  • Qrow: Oh yeah? What part does your sister even have?
  • Weiss: I'm a bush.
  • Ruby: I'm a tree.
  • Qrow: HAH! Trees are bigger than bushes.
  • Winter: You wanna fucking go

So the Sun and Moon protag is canonically from Kanto, right? So they possibly grew up on stories of the legendary trainer Red (and also that gym leader who was champion for like five minutes but has now been a pretty excellent gym leader for a long time now).

Now imagine them meeting Red and Green/Blue/Gary/DICKS in Alola and going speechless in sheer starstruck glee.

To which Green/Blue/Gary/DICKS cracks, “Hey, Red, this one doesn’t talk either!” and they both promptly adopt the protag as their new child, because why not, they’re on their honeymoon, seemed like a good idea at the time.

The adventures of the protag and their new legendary trainer dads.