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Think You Can Handle It?

Summary: Your best friend ropes you into being a handler at a press event for an upcoming movie.  Little did you know how much you’d have to handle.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Words:  14,964 (lolwut?!)

Warnings: Fluff fluff fluff. Little bit of implied sexy times. Also I curse, and we know Sebastian does too.  Tiny bit of angst, but it ends happy, I promise.

A/N: This is my first attempt at a fic.  And I decided to make it about a real person? I might be a little crazy.  Regardless, go easy on me. Also forgive me, I’m wordy as hell. Y/F = Your best friend

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“Oh come on, Y/N, it’ll be fun.  More hands on than what you’re used to.  Think of it as babysitting, but with a functioning adult who can communicate, making sure they get from point A to point B to meeting C on time.  The only bugaboo in this is that I don’t know who the client is.  But think of it as an adventure!”

Lifting your glasses up a bit, you pinch the bridge of your nose and sigh. You always let Y/F talk you into such things.  And often it turns out just fine.  But this time it just seems a bit off in your gut.  Work has been fortunate enough to grant you a few gigs with media stars, but this assignment, rather, favor, left you with knots in your stomach.

“Look at it this way - if it is an absolute disaster… I’ll get you tickets to the show you’ve been dying to see for the last few months. You know I’ve got the hookup,” Y/F wiggled her eyebrows.

“Seriously, you couldn’t have just gotten the tickets, and saved me from whatever this is going to be?  You do drive a hard bargain, and, well, you’re just lucky I don’t have much going on this week,” you sighed again, resigning to help out.

“You don’t know how huge this is, I can’t believe we got overbooked on clients this week.  Must be a fairly big event coming through the area. Seriously, you won’t regret this, because if you do.. tickets.”

“Yeah yeah, just let me know when/where/dress code.”

Arriving at Y/F’s office early on Friday, she met with her boss.  After a quick introduction, the boss hands both of you packets with info on the event, and what sort of work you’d be doing. The pleasant surprise was revealed that you were being “contracted” and therefore, being paid for your time.

Your new boss smiled, and simply said, “I heard you work with annoying customers, and frustrating situations.  Those patience skills may come in handy with this one. I don’t expect any issues though really. Keep to the schedule, and have fun.  I think you’ll do great.  Now get going!”

Y/F tore her envelope open, read for a few moments, and looked glum.

“I don’t even know who this.. JK Simmons is. I saw JK and thought ROWLING, but this isn’t the same person, is it?”

You chuckled. “Not even close. Juno’s dad?  The Farmers insurance guy? On Law and Order a lot? Seems like he’d be a really cool guy to hang out with actually.”  A look of contemplation came over Y/F’s face, and she just shrugged.

“Whatever. Who do you have?”

Opening the envelope slowly, you read through the first few lines of text as you started chewing on your lip.

“Y/N, you’re doing that thing and making that face you make when you’re unsure… who is it already?”

You blinked, starting to open your mouth, but closed it again and made a bit of a huffing noise. You looked down at the page again, furrowed your brow, and reopened your mouth.

“Sebastian Stan.”

“Wait, what now? Did I hear you correctly? You’re kidding me, right?  You must be kidding me,” she gasped, while trying to grab the papers from your hand.

“It must be a promo for I’m Not Here. I know they’re both in it.  Weird. But yeah, it clearly has my name on the top, and my assignment is Sebastian freaking Stan.”  It apparently was setting in that this was going to be a thing and not just a crazy joke in your head.  Scenarios started playing out, drowning out the sound of Y/F prattling on and on about the man.  You’d heard the stories before.  You’ve seen the video clips on YouTube of his interviews, of the press tours, of the meet and greets at cons… Closing your eyes, you inhaled deeply and let it out slowly.

Sebastian freaking Stan.

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After months of being stupid and planning this for some reason, here are the kagekids me and @theamateursketch came up with in our headcanon (most of them). Practically all of them are a product of her Tomodachi Life, so some of them were just plain jokes, but somehow they made it to the final cut? What’s the purpose of this? We don’t even know. But we love them.

In a perfect world where Ayano is still alive, and Mary ages normally, their kids grow up wanting to be like their parents and end up creating a whole new dan. So, from left to right (top picture): 


13 years old. Number 6 of the new dan. Main color: dark blue

Ene is Takane and Haruka’s younger daughter and Konoha’s younger sister. He acts like an annoying little sister towards him. She loves to socialize and go out, something her best friend, Aika, is not really good at, so she drags her around. She’s kind of a gossiper, and she loves to ship the members of the dan together. Unlike her brother, she can’t draw at all.


19 years old. Number 9 of the new dan. Main color: greenish yellow.

Rightful heir of the Kokonose family, he inherited the beauty mark to prove it Oldest son of Takane and Haruka and oldest member of the new dan. Because of that, he’s very responsible and tries to keep things in order. He rides a motorcycle around, and everyone’s always asking for a ride, which is a little tiresome. He seems like he could be a really cool guy, but he’s actually innocent and can’t understand sarcasm for shit. Makes him a good victim for teasing. He’s also Hanako’s best friend. He draws really well, unlike his little sister.


17 years old. Number 4 of the new dan. Main color: pink <3

Son of Seto and Mary and Shion’s younger brother (yes, younger. He tol). He’s a sweet and charming boy, very easygoing and has a calm demeanor, so sometimes he has his head in the clouds. His hair is also really fluffy, like a cloud! He’s normally more considerate of others than his own well-being. He’s very self-conscious of his height, but tries not to let it bother him much. Konoha’s best friend.


18 years old. Number 3 of the new dan. Main color: black

She’s the oldest daughter of Kano and Kido. She’s really hyperactive and kinda mischievous, so she loves teasing everyone. She takes her role as big sister very seriously, and is pretty clingy towards the ones she loves. She gets pouty when she doesn’t get what she wants. She’s best friends with Shion.


18 years old. Number 2 of the new dan. Main color: green

Oldest daugther of Seto and Mary and Hanako’s big sister (she smol). She’s the oldest of the gang after Konoha (she really smol). She’s really cheerful and outgoing, and pretty polite, but she’s not afraid to speak her mind. She gets along with pretty much everybody she knows, and she’s kind of a jokester, and a little sarcastic.  She’s best friends with Mika.


15 years old. Number 1 of the new dan. Main color: white and purple

Kano and Kido’s youngest son and Mika’s little brother. Mostly on the quiet side. She’s very timid and shy, so he normally prefers to be with her sister, specially when they were younger. He usually makes sure Mika doesn’t get into trouble, acting like a voice of reason, despite being younger. He also judges people too quickly when he hasn’t known them long enough. He tries to act mature and manly, but he’s so cute he fails.


16 years old. Number 7 of the new dan. Main color: red

She’s the only daugther of Ayano and Shintaro (that’s all a virgin hikiNEET can do). She’s sweet and friendly, but she’s also really lazy, so she takes things at her own pace. She’s smart and patient, but she’s not very good at socializing, so Ene helps her with that matter. She inherited her mom’s scarf and her dad’s pants.


14 years old. Number 8 of the new dan. Main color: light blue

Momo and Hibiya’s oldest son and Mitsu’s twin brother. He’s reserved and calm, unlike his problematic little brother. He always tries to keep him out of trouble. He’s kinda socially awkward sometimes, and can be very emotional. He’s a very strong person, because he actually likes Momo’s cooking.


14 years old. Number 5 of the new dan. Main color: orange

Momo and Hibiya’s younger son and twin brother of Toyo. When both of them were born, Toyo was born on December 31st 20xx, while five minutes later, Mitsu was born on January 1st 20xx. This has caused their birthdays to be a mess (specially since a day later it’s Kido’s). He grew up celebrating his birthday alongside them, so he’s grown to hate his birthday. He likes to get attention and would like to be popular, like his mom was back in the day. Since he’s a twin, he’s used to always being paired up with Toyo, but he wants to be his own person and tries to act differently from him (Toyo feels the same way, too). He’s pretty sarcastic, and outgoing, and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind.


5 years old. Not a member.

Kia is Momo and Hibiya’s youngest daugther. Unlike the other kids, she’s still really young so she normally doesn’t hang out with them… expect when she needs to be babysitted. She’s really cheerful and loves her two big brothers the most. She normally gets people in trouble unintentionally, especially the older kids. They don’t dislike her, but because to her being still young and her ability to mess things up, they prefer not having her around that much.  She’s daddy’s little girl.

I hope you like them. I don’t even know what they are, really.


Mika and Ayame belong to @kikithedeceiver. I just did their clothes’ designs.

Hanako, Shion, Konoha, Toyo, Mitsu and Kia belong to @theamateursketch. I did their final designs.

Aika and Ene belong to @theamateursketch and me. I also did the final designs.

Art, of course, by yours truly.

(please read the fuckin’ captions we worked so hard on them)

((also just try to imagine Mitsu’s zipper is actually fully colored. Thanks))

Epiphany (Sam x Castiel SSJJ Fic)

Originally posted by yourcoffeeguru

Notes: This is my fic for @teamfreewill-imagine and @latinenglishfandomblog ‘s Sam’s Sixty June Jobs. I chose Barista!Sam, and made it a sastiel college AU.

Word count: 1k+

Warnings: Sastiel, college AU, language, mentions of homophobia, use of a slur, implied social anxiety, introvert!Cas

Castiel was never a fan of social interaction. He constantly received teasing for it growing up, mainly from his older, bubbly sister, Anna. So what if he would rather read on a bench rather than play with other kids? That didn’t make him strange.

The people around him were convinced it was something Castiel would grow out of. They figured he was just a shy kid who had a hard time making friends, and that he would get over it with time. Only problem is, that never happened. And to top it all off, the boy had only retreated further into himself over the years.

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The TTV interview with Ryder Windham left me with some mixed feelings, to be honest.

On one hand, Windham himself seems like a cool guy, who actually cares about the story and the characters and about creating a coherent world that makes sense within itself, and who wasn’t afraid to ask questions or add his own ideas to the G2 mythology, like the exact effects of the cataclysm and the names of Protectors new and old. And it was also nice to hear that Lego was so open to him implementing those ideas and expanding the mythos beyond what was written in the story bible and said in the online animations.

However, that brings me to the problem I saw while listening to it. It seems reasonable to em to assume that, if we would have had another writer, just some freelancer who saw it as another assignment, another quick paycheck, just some silly kids books about plastic robots, we would have even less world building than we have now. Lego’s reactions to some of Windham’s ideas and questions were…worrisome. Like the fact that the story bible was a massive work in progress while the books were being written and that Windham didn’t even know about the Elemental Creatures/Spirits in the beginning. Or that Lego’s general response to a lot of questions apparently was “yes, that could be, or it could not.” They don’t have a cohesive vision, and just churn out whatever seems cool as a toy, and yes, that makes sense for a toy company, and hell, most of the kids buying the toys, and even a lot of older fans, I imagine, won’t even read the books and comics, but still. It seems to me that, if the authors of the graphic novels and chapter books keep changing, the story and world might end up inconsistent, maybe even downright contradictory, because every writer can add some stuff, or leave it out, or change it, and Lego will just say “yeah, whatever, as long as it doesn’t affect our toy sales.”

I mean, I think it would be unwise to repeat G1 and end up having one man in full control over basically all the story media in the entire franchise. But a small group of people who invest their time and effort into keeping things coherent, writing down the concepts and established facts from the published books and comics (and animations) and keeping an eye on future publications not messing with that, and also having a general idea where the story is headed and which elements will come into play later, so that writers can prepare the audience for it, and it won’t just come as a random “They call him the Skull Grinder!” moment, would already go a long way.

But hey, that’s just my two cents.

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Hello! Can I have Iwatobi + samezuka holding their newborn baby for the first time, please?

I just love this ask so much ^_^ The only people not listed were Gou and Kisumi so I added them too! Because this is just a beautiful moment.

Haru: When the nurse hands him his daughter, he freezes for a couple of moments before accepting his son in his arms. He remains silent the whole time, because he cannot fathom that he was now a father. Staring at his child a warm smile appears on his face, he had never been happier. 

Rei: As he holds his baby girl in his arms a warm smile appears on his face, for she was beautiful. He’s at lost for words as he gazes at his baby, a soft giggle makes him raise his head. He glances over at you, “I can’t believe that I’m a dad.” He says softly and sincerely; “I hope she likes me.” He says as he looks back down at his daughter, and when stares at back him for a moment before smiling cutely his heart melts and all his doubts are gone. He just knew that his daughter would love him as much as he loved her.

Sosuke: He grins at son, “Hey there champ.” he whispers as he cradles his boy in his arms. When his son stares back him wide eyed his smile softens. “You’ve come into this world with hopes and dreams and daddy’s going to help you achieve them, it won’t be easy though; and sometimes you’ll feel like the world has it in for you, and that life isn’t fair; well mate it’s true. But you just gotta keep persevering and take those challenges head on, and mum/dad and I’ll be here, we’ve got your back alright?” His kid just blinks back owlishly at him making him chuckle; “ahh I got a little carried away didn’t I?” When his son smiles at him, his eyes soften. He would do everything he could so that his son could achieve his dreams. 

Momo: “Hey there ______” He grins at his son; when his son just blinks and stares at him in a daze he lets out an amused laugh. “He’s so tiny.” Momo says looking back at you, you smile at your husband warmly he seemed so overcome with joy; you heard a sniff and realised that your husband had began to cry with happiness, “________, will I be a good dad?”  You smile softly, “the best dad ever.”

Nagisa: “ _______, you have your mothers/fathers eyes,” He says softly, which to his surprise makes his little prince smile, melting his heart in an instant. “But it seems like you have my smile.” He giggles, “I’m going to be the best dad ever! No one will ever hurt you and if you don’t like studying that’s okay becauseI hate it too BUT! we will work together okay? And you’re gonna grow up to be the best at whatever you want to do, never give up on your dreams and make sure…..” You smile softly as you watch your husband babble on, he was going to be wonderful father. 

Rin: He carefully takes his baby girl in his arms and beams at them with a teary eyed smile. He is so proud and happy to be holding his beautiful daughter in his arms. “Hey there beautiful! It’s Daddy! You’re gonna grow into a strong and beautiful woman, and daddy’s going to protect you and be there for you and love you for the rest of your life.” He rambles on, because he just can’t contain his happiness. Kissing them softly on the forehead he smiles proudly as a fresh batch of tears begin to form. 

Makoto:  Words fail him as he holds his son in his arms, he smiles gently at him before placing a gentle kiss on his forehead. “I-I love you so much ______” He manages to stutter out and when his son laughs he turns and beams at you “________! He’s laughing!” Makoto laughs beaming back at his son. “Welcome to our family ______” he says softly.

Nitori: “A-are you sure?” he asks the nurse uncertainly as she offers him his son. The nurse smiles at him warmly and he carefully takes his son in his arms. As his son blinks and stares at him a warm smile spreads across his face and a lump begins to form in his throat. “H-hi” He manages to choke out; too overcome with joy. 

Seijuro: His face lights up when he see’s his precious baby girl squirming in her blanket. He chuckles and says softly, “Hello there cutie, you look just like your mother/father”. He leans and kisses his baby girls head, with a warm smile he says,”my god how am I ever going to keep the boys away from you.”

Gou: When the nurse handed her, her baby boy her eyes immediately watered. “Hey there precious.” She said softly as gently cuddled her son. “Mommy’s going to help grow up to become a strong and healthy man with fantastic muscles. More impressive than your uncle Rin’s!” She says grinning proudly at her baby boy. When you face palm at your idiotic wife’s behaviour she  turns and gives you a serious look and says ” I’m serious darling, no son of my mine is going to have less than impressive muscles!” You sigh and stare at your son sympathetically, don’t worry dear mommy/daddy will protect you, you telepathically tell your son.  

Kisumi: He laughs as he looks up and grins at you, ______ just look at our little devils he says holding his baby boy. You gave him a tired smile as you held your daughter. ”Well aren’t you just a little Casanova huh? I just know you’re going to be popular with the ladies” He grins, “but once you find someone as wonderful as your mommy/daddy be sure sure to cherish them okay? And even though you’ll be busy with the girls make sure to always keep a look out for your sister. Even though you’re younger than her, you’re her brother and it’s a brothers job to take care and protect their sister. Can you do that?” His son just yawns and rubs his face. Kisumi chuckles; hmm it seemed that his son was going to that cool nonchalant guy that seemed like he didn’t care but he actually did. Ah….the teenage years were going to be hell, he just knew it. 

I keep foam stickers in my backpack to give to people who I think need or deserve one and they’re very colorful and I have an assortment of not only aliens but also dinosaurs and like as silly as it sounds I genuinely want to mail one of those stickers to Dan like I dunno if it would help but he could have a little purple dinosaur or a little green alien to stick on his fridge or whatever and I think that’s always a nice thing

Dan if you’re reading this go buy some foam dinosaur/alien stickers and put them on ur fridge like it’s definitely not gonna solve any of your problems but it’ll look super silly and you’ll feel like a seven year old and it’ll be great I promise trust me on this one I’m a scientist