Emily Finke (aka seelix​) is made of starstuff, as we all are, and decided to celebrate it in the form of this fabulous tattoo.

The tattoo itself spells out “I am starstuff” using single-letter amino acid code - so the letter “I” is represented by the molecular form of the amino acid Isoleucine, the letter “a” by the molecular form of Alanine, and so on. How cool is that?!? 

Emily got the idea for the design from Raven Hanna’s Etsy store: Made with Molecules. If you aren’t ready for any permanent ink, you can get the same sentiment in necklace form

Pictured above with Emily is author, Carl Zimmer, who compiled this fantastic book of science tattoos that you should definitely check out. 

- Summer


I’d like you guys to meet Seelix. She’s about ten months old and she joins her twin sister Kaylee as our bookend kitties. Black cats are like Pringles - you can never have just one.

(You can’t really tell, but she and her sister are both black tabbies.  In the right light, you can see the darker stripes underneath, and it is SO cool.  Never seen it before, and now I have two of them!)