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Shadowhunters 2B theory

So four episode titles has been released and I was thinking about it… So!

Ep.11 Mea Maxima Culpa 

I think it will be focused on Jace since in latin this sentence means “My big fault” and knowing Jace he will feel responsible for all that dead Downwolders at the Institiute it is pretty easey to guess, but, of course, i could be wrong

 Episode 12: You are not your own 

Maybe Alec will comfort Jace? He knows the struggle of killing someone innocent unwillingly so maaaaaybe he will be able to convince Jace that it was not his fault

 Episode 13: The Fair Folk

Easy one. The Seelie Court AND Clace kiss yaaaay XDD

 Episode 14: Those of Demon Blood

Sebastian. It HAS to be about Sebastian and i think it could also be about Magnus and (maybe) his past since it was announced that they were looking for somebody to play younger Magnus and this is giving me soooo many Malec feels that i can’t even… I mean think about it! Magnus telling about his past to Alec and Alec so shocked and maybe trying to comfort him or something? *.* OMG

I can’t wait till June!! Hugs to you all ^^

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P.S. I’m so exited!

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How do you they'll handle the Seelie Court kiss will go in the show?

I think they are setting it up to be the big reveal moment. I think Clary will either find out because the Queen tells her before or Jace tells her after. I think the scene will play out similar to the books where the Queen traps Clary & she will have to kiss the person she desires the most which will  lead to everyone laying all their cards on the table. Simon will find out Clary still has feelings for Jace & I think Jace will confess his feelings for Clary.

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I totally get what you were saying about the Seelie Court kiss scene. Who knows? Maybe by the time it happens even Clary will know that Jace is not her brother. Then the weirdness will simply come from the fact that the kiss Clary wants most is not from her "boyfriend". It won't be the same as the book, but it's bound to create drama (and hopefully end Climon).

I’m so glad you can see past the implication as well. That scene was about the intense emotions and that’s what made it amazing. I agree that just like in the books, this will be the way Simon comes to realize she will never love him like she loves Jace. I’m still excited to see how the scene plays out. Thanks for taking the time to comment and I hope you my friend have an AWESOME day.

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i hope jace tells clary soon bc it'd be shitty if he didn't? she deserves to know also why wouldn't he tell her? does he think she'll dump simon or cheat on him bc she'll wanna jump him as soon as it's not incest anymore? yikes! idk either he'll tell her and they'll go back to longingly stare at each other until the seelie court scene where they kiss and c/imon is over .. or he won't tell her until the seelie court and .. they kiss and c/imon is over lmao c/imon will end soon either way i think

youre v right babe. he better tell her ep2.11 cus if he doesnt i stg. like honestly im fine w clace but he really needs to tell her asap. im gonna need AT LEAST three or four episodes between her finding out and them getting back together. but also???? enough w this hetero nonsense. im sick of it

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Do you think the Seelie Court kiss will be enough to convince Jace that Clary loves him and not Simon?

I think right now Jace thinks Clary has no feelings for him. I think the Seelie Court will prove that he is wrong in that respect