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Nicola is so good. Maryse carries so much in her eyes and her emotional scenes are phenomenal. Also, what are your thoughts on this episode?

Nicola is amazing and she really gives Maryse a lot of depth. I love that she’s getting a redemption arc; if Alec deserves one for his biases, then so does she. As for the ep, it obviously wasn’t as strong as last week’s but it wasn’t bad, either. I’ll bullet point some thoughts:

  • The Seelie Court kiss was always a given, but I’m glad that it wasn’t all about the drama but the Queen making a point to Simon that Shadowhunters will always choose their own
  • I loved Luke’s interactions with everyone. I love seeing his history with Maryse delved into, he finally got to confront Valentine, it seems the Plot Thickens with Ollie, I liked the emphasis on his importance as a respected alpha in the Downworld
  • We saw Magnus touch on what happened to him – not in detail, but I like that the Downworld leaders know about it and that Magnus trusted everyone there enough to talk about it
  • I like that we’re meant to see Sebastian as a creepy meddling fuck and not a good person at all. It’s not a coincidence that he learned about the love triangle only for the Queen to use it against them, nor is it a coincidence that this + his attempt to get Luke arrested are both meant to break Downworld/Shadowhunter relations further.
  • Maryse reconciling with both her children was great
  • Magnus and Alec playacting at being professional colleagues was pretty adorable and it was nice to hear Alec say the word boyfriend out loud
  • Really glad rizzy was put into the ground for good; i don’t even care how they went about it I just wanted it to end

All in all I think while people’s instincts are to dismiss or not dismiss an episode based on which ships they favor, I actually found the romance wasn’t as much at the forefront as I anticipated for this episode and it’s important not to sweep the developments concerning the politics and Luke under the table. I didn’t care much for the love triangle, obviously, but actually I found even the kiss – which was purely for drama in the books – had a bit of a political edge to it here and it’s interesting that it wasn’t even really about Clary or Jace. It was about Simon and the Seelie Queen, and her interest in getting someone as unique as a Daylighter on her side.

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Seelie Court Kiss AU ;) what happens nextttt

Alright, let’s see what I can tell you about this

1. When the Queen directs her attention to him, Alec feels his blood freeze. He barely hears her taunting as bile rises in his throat, and he digs his nails into his palms, hoping the pain will center him. It doesn’t work, of course, not when suddenly his greatest shame is being revealed in front of everyone. In front of Magnus, who stands there with a straight back, but Alec knows him well enough by now to see what lies underneath. Alec wants nothing more than to be able to laugh the Queen in the face and kiss this wonderful man, who’s done nothing wrong except to arrive in Alec’s life long after his heart had been claimed. He still can’t bring himself to move, though, and it’s Jace who assures that him that they’ll be alright. And then he kisses him, and Alec is lost.

2. Once they’re back in the mundane world, Alec tries to follow Magnus home, feeling the need to explain, apologize, ask him whether they would be alright. However, the warlock just shakes his head sadly, his voice firm as he tells Alec that he needs time to think. “And so do you.” Alec wants to protest, because hadn’t he chosen Magnus already when he kissed him at his wedding? But Magnus kiss to his cheek feels like goodbye, and Alec’s heart is heavy as he leaves. At the Institute he immediately makes for the roof, locking the door behind him. Hopefully Jace will take the hint.

3. Still Alec isn’t surprised at all when Jace simply scales the wall. His parabatai has never been one to avoid confrontation, especially when it comes to issues and people he cares about. And if there’s something Alec is sure of is that Jace does care about him. Loves him, even, although not until that kiss had it ever seriously occurred to Alec that this love might exceed the bounds of what parabatai should feel for each other. Might mirror what Alec has been trying so hard not to feel for half his life. So he simply sighs, resigned, when Jace sits down next to him, their feet dangling off the edge, their shoulders brushing lightly. Alec can feel every point of contact, heat spreading through him, and he shifts, cursing himself. He’s supposed to be better than this! Jace, however, doesn’t let him withdraw. Instead he rests his hand on Alec’s neck, its weight familiar from years of similar touches, and yet it has never felt so intimate, and states wrily, “Well, this complicates matters.” His eyes seem to glow in the falling twilight, and Alec’s breath catches as the world narrows down until it’s just the two of them, alone on that roof. Alec stares at the twinkling lights of the city below and feels as if he’s about to fall. His usually so steady hand trembles when he puts it on Jace’s knee, anchoring himself. When Alec kisses Jace, his parabatai exhales shakily but responds without hesitation, and Alec knows deep down in his soul, where their bond burns brightly, that he’ll never be lost again.

Shadowhunters 2B theory

So four episode titles have been released and I was thinking about it… So!

Ep.11 Mea Maxima Culpa 

I think it will be focused on Jace, since the title means “My grievous fault” in Latin, and knowing Jace, he will feel responsible for all these dead Downwolders at the Institiute. It is pretty easy to guess, but of course, i could be wrong

 Episode 12: You are not your own 

Maybe Alec will comfort Jace? He knows the struggle of killing someone innocent unwillingly so maaaaaybe he will be able to convince Jace that it was not his fault

 Episode 13: The Fair Folk

Easy one. The Seelie Court AND Clace kiss yaaaay XDD

 Episode 14: Those of Demon Blood

Sebastian. It HAS to be about Sebastian and i think it could also be about Magnus and (maybe) his past since it was announced that they were looking for somebody to play younger Magnus and this is giving me soooo many Malec feels that i can’t even… I mean think about it! Magnus talking about his past with Alec and Alec would be so shocked and maybe will try to comfort him or something? *.* OMG

I can’t wait till June!! Hugs to you all ^^

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P.S. I’m so exited!

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dear clace fans,
we are fully aware that Clace is end game. The show runners have been all but confirming it since 2a ended. And next week is the seelie court scene! Guaranteed Clace kiss right there. Guaranteed end of Climon RIGHT THERE. Please stop attacking people. Please stop going on rampages. Let people enjoy JaceMaia while they have it without being total twats about it.
Clace fans going on rampages about anything that interferes with Clace is the reason SO MANY people in this fandom can’t stand us.
we know clace is rising.
Why not just let Jace have this one thing? This poor boy has been dealing with Climon in the forefront of his life for the last few weeks despite being in love with Clary.
He’s set his own feelings aside. Is he just supposed to sit back and pine for her? No that’s silly.
Let JaceMaia happen.
Helllll. Let Climon end and JaceMaia continue to happen and have Clary realize that she fucked up.
Let Clary earn Jace’s heart back without having it just fall into her lap.
She’s been so doe eyed and in love with Simon for almost a full season now. Let Jace have this one thing damn.
Thank you for your time,
Clace Fan™, Book Fan™, Jace happiness Fan™

214 in the seelie court:

seelie queen: the kiss she most desires will set her free
clary: ok simon my boyfriend :)
seelie queen: NOT SO FAST, im talking about the blonde boy
clary: but sure i kiss jace eventhough this is a lie its not like i dated simon only because i couldn’t be with jace, come here ex bro
jace: sorry clary im kinda dating maia now
seelie queen:
izzy: 👀👀
magnus: 👀👀👀👀
alec: well that was quick
maia: we’re not dating herondale 😩
jace: yes we are
maia: no we’re not
jace: we banged
maia: i told you not to think this means anything

Interesting thought. If Clary finds out soon that she’s not Jace’s sister, what will the Seelie Court kiss be about? Because in the books, it was a forbidden kiss. But here? Will it lead to her breaking up with Simon because she’ll realize that she won’t ever feel for Simon what she feels for Jace? Will Simon realize the same thing? Will the queen’s goal be to sow discord among them? Will there even be a kiss? 

Curiouser and curiouser!

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Summary: “One forbidden kiss from the one your heart most desires,“ the Seelie Queen said with a cruel glint in her eyes.

I’m torn about the Seelie Court Kiss. Part of me is happy because finally everyone’s feelings will be out in the open and they all know where each other stands. There would be no more lying to themselves or to each other.

The other part of me doesn’t want it to happen because I like Simon a lot and I don’t want him to be hurt. And Climon is my favorite friendship of the show and I don’t want it to be jeopardized.

It would have been easier if the writers hadn’t pushed Climon so much. If they had only a brief affair like in the books. Instead they made Climon incredibly domestic and happy and had Clary insist she didn’t have feelings for Jace and Simon had nothing to be worried about. They even had Simon say in the promo “I know Clary would never betray me.” The writers clearly intentionally set up the Seelie Court Kiss to be the ultimate betrayal for Climon and something to shatter their relationship for what is likely the rest of season 2.

I’m not cool with that. :/

Clace Seelie Court kiss

You know what I wanna see in next weeks episode? I wanna see Jace playing the piano before the mission to the Seelie queen. I just wanna see him play it and then clary is just watching him for a distance all loving like and you can just see her feelings for Jace all over her face. I wanna see that and think about that during the Seelie court kiss.

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So you think this one scene in the new promo was at the Seelie Court directly after they kissed? You know, the one where Jace holds Clary and she's just looking like she saw a Ghost or something.. I would Love that

No. I think that scene is where they are in idris. I think Clary knocking on Simons door crying IS directly after the Seelie court scene

I hate the writers for destroying Clace for me. After this episode I have no idea how the writers want to make the Seelie Court kiss believable. They have zero chemistry this season and the complete writing of Clary is terrible especially when Maia totally sees Jace’s feelings for her and Clary is just “why should there be a problem” 🙄 Gosh I am so bitter about this!! 

I also dislike the fact that we have no real friendship between a male and a female being purely platonic. Why does everyone have to sleep with each other. Was it really necessary to add Dot as one of Magnus former lovers? And don’t get me started on Maia and Jace. But I admit that scene was so incredibly hot that I will watch it over and over again 🔥🔥🔥

I also like the music at the end of the episode. I really miss good songs during the episodes. 

Well the storyline is complete bullshit but at least the actors get hotter and hotter with each episode. Gosh Daddario made me drool 🤤 and Dom 🔥💕

I am probably the only person who did not like the dancing scene. It did not fit into the the tone of the episode at all and was simple fanservice. Not against that at all but those scenes felt so odd when the whole tone was dark, sad and dangerous….but here is Magnus showing off some dances moves 😶

I keep watching for the crazy hot actors but I am officially not longer a fan of the storyline and the fact that I watched the episode 3 days later probably says a lot about my feelings for the development.