free your Mind 

Nature is the greatest given gift this Earth has to offer. As human beings we were born in nature under the Sun and Moon. Our minds run free with joy when allowed to be outside in all of natures glory. Taking time for your mind to run free is a key element to becoming balanced throughout your Mind, Body and Spirit.  

Ignorance surrounding Islam is the core reason for the extensive misconceptions that are permeating our global contemporary society. It is massively unfortunate that Middle Eastern theocracies and the opinions and interpretations of a minority group has become the accepted understanding of what Islam is. I encourage people do inform themselves and discover the wisdom and spirituality of this religion rather than following concepts put forward by the media or political groups. #Islam #UCTmuslimsoc #religiousignorance #spirituality #seekingtruth


Update 5. Up and running!!! #FjsRadiO #Broadcasting #NOW #SeekingTruth. #MUSIC!!!!