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How to spend a typical Thursday in the summer:

Step 1: Wake up at 7:30am. NO SNOOZE BUTTONS ALLOWED.

Step 2: Get dressed while listening to Backstreet Boys. Eat breakfast while listening to Backstreet Boys. Brush teeth while listening to Backstreet Boys. Drive to work while blasting Backstreet Boys with your windows rolled down

Step 3: Spend 7 hours teaching small children how to act and dance while at the same time trying to keep them from killing each other or co-workers. During this time learn that your best friend and her sister have registered you for Pottermore while you were at work. Feel free to love them forever


Step 4: During your break, come into the auditorium to find that everyone (including the children) has discovered that you are dating one of your co-workers. Stand there awkwardly as the song “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” is played on the speakers and everyone sings along.


Step 5: Drive home from work (while still blasting Backstreet Boys) and return to find that your sister has slammed her finger in a door. And that there are also no ice packs in the house.

Step 6: Learn that your sister’s finger is not broken, but she is now completely helpless, and you must do everything for her. 

Step 7: Attend a very long and boring ACT prep class with people that you thought you wouldn’t have to talk to all summer, but it just so happens that they sit right next to you

Step 8: Come home exhausted. You crash on the floor, and just as you’re about to fall asleep, you realize Shark Week is still on. So you then spend 3 hours lying on your couch while you mindlessly watch those BAMFs eat people

Step 9: Go to the computer with the hope of turning it off. You will most likely get distracted and end up telling the world about your majestic day.  


seekingangel replied to your post: seekingangel liked your post: that was a super fun…

GUUUURL I SAW YOU. No but seriously I love you so much why don’t we hang out more often..?

i dont know we need to fix this like a lot like let’s do things like random things let’s like rent one of those pedal boat things and have a picnic on the pedal boats


if we need to we could like bring big purses and sneak food onto the lake like champs

seekingangel replied to your postso i suddenly got really sick today and i feel really gross and it’s either a cold or the flu or something and if it’s the flu that’d be funny because i’m supposed to get a flu shot on saturday

:(((( waaait then are you skipping school tomorrow? i’m jealous.

my mommy doesn’t let me skip school unless it’s a really bad sickness and since i only got sick earlier today i don’t think so
so i’m going to be dead tomorrow aasdfkj. 

seekingangel asked:

I'VE GOT BETTER QUESTIONS YAY! So what musical/play are you auditioning for? And you say you wish to be a Disney Princess, yes? If you had the chance to become a Disney Princess, would you create a new one or become an existing one?

Heeey Kayleigh! To answer your first question, life’s pretty good - I was just at our homecoming game (which I think we lost, ahah), but I had to play for band and it was a pretty fun time. :3

And thank you for questions!! :D My school’s doing Legally Blonde the musical (if we can pull it off, if not we’re doing Little Shop of Horrors), and I’m trying out for Elle, which would involve a lovely hair color change, haha, and probably Vivienne. We got scripts today. :D Aaand I’d probably be an existing princess, either Belle or Rapunzel. Yeah. They’re my favorite. Hahah. :3