seeking quote

  • Me: God, I know that you're with me. But why can't I see you?
  • God: I am always with you. You see me all the time.
  • Me: What do you mean?
  • God: Child, I am the first light of the sunrise. I am the warmth of your pillow and the advice of your best friend. I'm the time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt, and the kindness of a stranger. Even the birds of the air sing of my love to you. The truth is, people see me everyday. Just not everyone realizes it.
When the seeker is lost, only then the goal is achieved. Only when the experiencer is no more, the experience is there. Seek and you will miss it – because through your seeking the seeker will be strengthened. Don’t seek and you will find it. The very seeking, the very effort, becomes a barrier, because the more you seek, the more the ego is strengthened: the seeker. Do not seek.
—  Osho