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Oh god please ~~ I've read your blog all over more times than I can count! I'll follow you forever 💙 Can I request that awesome nsfw god set for Mitsunari?

WELL HAVEN’T DONE ONE OF THESE IN A WHILE and i assume u mean gif set but anyway i will be happy to answer ur request

THANK U SO MUCH BTW!!! i’m glad you’re enjoying the content! u v u

As per usual, assumed fem!MC, as per the canon MC/Mitsunari.

NSFW gifs courtesy of smut-101.

Casual Gestures:

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Remus fluffffff for blurb night?? My cutie needs to be appreciated and cuddled after a long week at school and he seeks his lovely girlfriend for that but she is chilling with the marauders? Just mainly super fluffy, cuddly Remus lol

Remus let out a relieved sigh as he finally made it through the portrait hole and into the cozy, familiar Gryffindor common room after a long week of classes. All he wanted to do was find you and fall asleep in your arms. 

Thankfully, he didn’t have to search very long as he saw you seated on one of the couches with Remus’ roommates. Great, thought Remus, his inner voice slightly bitter. It’s not that Remus didn’t enjoy being with his roommates, but tonight he really just needed to be alone. Alone with you, that is. 

“Remus,” you chirped, pleased to see you boyfriend. “Join us?”

He forced a smile and moved to couch. Plopping down beside you, he waved at the boys lazily. 

“Welcome back, Moony,” James chuckled, “we were beginning to think we’d never see you again, what with how often you’re in the library.”

Remus didn’t answer but simply lowered his head so he could rest it on your shoulder. 

The boys went back to their incessant chattering as you glanced at your weary wolf. His eyes were half-closed and his stare was blank. 

Gently, shrugging him off, you stood pulling him with you, “We’ll see you lot, later.”

The boys waved as you led Remus in the direction of his dorm.

“Tired, love?” you asked with a small smile as you walked through the door.

“Mhm,” he replied, falling to his bed in a heap.

“Alright, let’s you get you to bed then, sleepyhead.”

You removed his shoes and got his pajamas out for him, which he gladly changed into while you ran to change into yours. 

When you returned, Remus was laying in his bed, tucked under his blankets. 

“Are you sure you don’t want me to just let you get some sleep?” you double-checked.

“No,” he answered hastily, “stay. Please?” His plea was childish and one you could never say no to. 

“Okay, scoot over, then.”

Remus slid to the side and then onto his side, allowing you to collapse onto the bed with him. You made yourself comfortable and turned over so you could enclose Remus in your arms. You feel asleep quickly, Remus’ face buried in the crook of your neck, his warm breath soothing you to sleep. 

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He who seeks forgiveness of his sins loves humility, but if he condemns another he seals his own wickedness.

St. Mark the Ascetic

Kashuu Kiyomitsu

Based on his early design and quotes in Touken Ranbu (Game) in dmm, most interpretation of his character are based on his remarks on beauty and how he seeks love from his master. It’s common to find whiny, grouchy, jealous and overbearing Kiyomitsu in many fanfictions, that depicts this precious baby as some jealous,possessive and selfish character, in which, even the anime has confirmed, he is not so.

Look at him, how can you think so lowly of this precious baby??????? HOW

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seek and find

His love carried you
as far as it could,
look how much
you’ve grown,

now it’s time
to seek and find,
the love you will call

Rae Buxx (rae-writes), seek and find

One of the reasons I tend to ship Fiddlestan over Fiddauthor (particularly when they’re older) is because of the possibility of their dynamics

I strongly believe that, despite the fact that Ford genuinely cares about Fiddleford, Ford would unintentionally abuse and neglect him, as he is wont to do with other people

Fiddleford is a naturally needy person; he thrives off attention and social interaction. We’ve seen this time and time again. The way he desperately panders for his sons’ attention, the way he greets each and every person with excitement and a smile because someone’s paying attention to him. 

Ford’s WHOLE SCHTICK is based on the idea that close personal relationships are “too suffocating” for him. if Fiddleford formed a relationship with Ford, he’d be constantly emotionally starved.

Meanwhile, Stan has an innate desire to be needed; he needs someone who will actively seek out his attention and love. The way Fiddleford sees people who show him kindness, displaying great loyalty and affection for them, would be just what Stan needs.

Not to say Fiddauthor is  bad pairing at all, I especially like Fiddauthor when they’re younger - but I think as far as older goes, Fiddlestan is the superior (and less dysfunctional) pairing.

The best and sweetest years of my life so far have been those that i gave wholeheartedly to serving, loving, following and obeying God and when i’m tempted to replace this love for God with something else, i tell myself, nothing is better than Christ, nothing will ever satisfy me more than to seek His will to love Him and obey Him.
—  Joy Tan-chi Mendoza

the interviews, briana’s family, louis’ family, etc. and the actual real life events we witness all contradict each other