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Daria Cohen and the Element of Surprise

I am absolutely obsessed with this animation series now. It is one of my favourite videos on youtube! And I strongly encourage that animation lovers see her other works! The one work that first attracted me was her graduation film, The Night. 

The animation shows a chase between a vampire (Duke of Vaults) and a girl (Missi) who wanders into his castle and is narrated by Aurelio Voltaire’s titular song. Their designs are simple and beautiful, with their movements and motives enriching the characters. 

Daria Cohen’s unique story telling ability is her element of surprise and unexpectedness. Viewers and fans are left in the dark about the characters’ feelings and plans as well as the direction the story is going. Tropes are subverted and the characters incite new emotions and ideas in us by action instead of telling - a very brave and effective storytelling method. 

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Light looks up, letting himself meet L’s eyes at last. L looks down at him, eyes wide. Their joined hands lay cradled between their chests. The sounds of all the guests, the music, the merrymaking… they fall quiet and defeated, slaughtered by the harsh pounding of blood racing through two hearts.

I finished watching Cheese in the Trap a couple of days ago. First of all, I am so in love with this drama, it’s excellent. It has everything - romance, humor, mistery, great acting, which is the most important, and character diversity. It’s pretty much dynamic, which makes it easy to watch, and not only that but 1st ep is more than enough to make you addicted…

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The heart I have confessed to you – the heart which beats for you, and you alone – beats now with a fierce ache and urgency. And the body to which it gives life longs to be claimed.
—  Light Yagami to L Lawliet, Seeking His Hand

Legends of Tomorrow | 2.01 | Atomic Canary


So lately I’ve been reading (and loving) “Seeking His Hand”, its a beautiful Lawlight fic full of so much pureness and fluff and it’s so lovely and oh god /shot/ …I was going somewhere with that but my emotions won’t let me. My point. It’s very good. It has a historical setting (Victorian, I think?) And It reminds me a lot of  Pride and Prejudice (The only work of Jane Austen I have read) because of the adorable nature of the love between the protagonists.  If you love this pairing, please read it. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, here’s a quick sketch of how I picture Mr. Lawliet in my head. I have to say he’s been my favourite since the beginning. And his oh-so-famous poet’s shirt ~

If I have the time i’ll definitely try to draw more things related to it in the future.

I hope the author likes this, I’m kind of nervous, haha ~

Nightmares (Jackson Whittemore)

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Requested by anon: Could you do a Jackson Whittemore imagine where the reader has a nightmare while she’s sleeping in bed with him and he comforts her

Rating: fluff

A/N: I apologize for the length of this.

Jackson laid next to Y/N, an arm loosely draped over her waist. She had one hand slid under the pillow and the other under her cheek, her knees were pulled to her chest and one leg was around Jackson’s waist. Strands of her hair were covering her cheek, her mouth slightly open with soft breaths coming out. 

Jackson smiled to himself, wondering how the hell she put up with him. His hand gradually caressed her cheek, he leaned in slowly and kissed her head. 

Her peaceful expression was slowly twisting into what resembled a grimace. His worry rose as he thought that it was him who caused her distress in her sleep. 

Y/N’s brows knotted tightly, her eyes wandering left and right under her lids, he saw her fingers strongly grip the pillow. 

There was something enormous and dangerous going through her brain in which Jackson couldn’t make out. Slowly, her frame seemed fragile and shaking, low whimpers escaping her lips. At this point, Jackson was clueless as to what he should do. 

“Babe,” he gently shook her shoulder, wanting to break her from whatever nightmarish cage her mind had her trapped in. 

“Y/N.” He said louder, still shaking her shoulder. Jackson’s heart leaped out of his chest when she firmly gripped his wrist, slowly digging her nails into him with fear. 

“Y/N!” That was what it took for her panicked eyes to shoot open, her chest heaving with ragged breaths. “Hey,” he pulled her to his chest, her sobbing muffled by it. 

“What’s wrong?” He carefully pushed her head back, staring intently into her eyes. “I-I—” was all she managed to say before exploding into another sobbing fit. 

“Shh, hey it’s okay baby, I’m right here,” he whispered sweet nothings into her ear, calming her quivering body. Y/N’s breathing slowed down, her chest going up and down in sync with Jackson’s. “I had a nightmare.” Her whimpering voice and her puffy eyes broke his heart. 

“Do you wanna talk about it princess?” He noticed how terrified she was by the way she was clutching onto his shirt so tightly that her knuckles went white. 

Fear was not a good look on her; her face was hollow and pale, her eyes still widened from whatever was haunting her. 

“I don’t,” she finally said, Jackson nodded his head in sympathy. “Okay baby,” his warm lips came in contact with her cold forehead. 

“I’m right here love, you don’t have to be scared, alright?” She nodded at his words. Snuggling closer to his chest, seeking his warmth. 

“I love you,” he heard her whisper before soft breaths came out of her lips as she drifted back to sleep. “I love you too.”

Dear Papa
I’ve been hurting-
But I refuse to let you see me cry,
I refuse to let you see valleys and warm streams flow from my face- so I’ve been collecting jars of tears over the years and saving them just for you. Hoping that one day you’ll get thirsty enough to find me where no words would be exchanged. I’ll offer you a glass of tears hoping it not only quench your thirst but fill you with the parts of me that I’ve purged.
The implications of your actions have affected others beyond the means of your reach like half thought out plans never to be executed- like solitary confinement with steel bars, it was you who was the key to me…..and you still chose to leave, and now a mother lost her baby but found a man who was only 8years old. you stole his chance to be because from early he was always told to be a man but had no idea of what that concept meant but fought to live this form of identity because papa like a thief in the night you stole more than an innocent girls virginity, you stole her joy and left her empty to raise a man who resembled you, a man who never got a chance to be a child
You stole all she had and left nothing for me, not even the touch of a mothers love because all she knew of love laid ideally between her legs and you her mathematician divided them and multiplied and then subtracted yourself from the equation leaving her with no answer and she would go over the problem each time while staring at me wondering why things didn’t added up and now you left me with a mother and grandmother playing mommy and daddy,
And now at 28 I still feel the hold you have on her after three kids as if she was trying to find you in other men and even though I was forced to be a man, I was never man enough to fill her the way you did. all that you left for me was the scraps after you had your fill and that little taste never filled me, I had to die daily to myself, As I watched you live and there wasn’t any mourning or tears aside from the bellowing sound of my own voice as I laid myself to rest, I was forced to live with a stranger in a haunted house as the ghost of you plagued me and the stranger was me, I had to carry the burden of humanity which was to feel and not feel at the same time and I waited between both praying for direction, praying for you papa but you couldn’t hear me, You couldn’t hear me through long distances that disconnected us, you could hear me over the sound of your own pride that you somehow couldn’t put to the side so another man had to be my teacher, It was he who taught me the birds and the bees, but I still reserved a few duties for you. But all I got were empty seats and vacant memories of me standing there..
Am i not flesh of your own flesh and blood of your own blood, then why have you allowed unspoken words to form sharp nails that pin me down at night, why have you allowed me to bear another man’s name in the absence of yours, why, did you not think of what would happen when young girls laid down and became young woman? Did you not know a boy would seek the love of his father like he seeks the love of himself but both nowhere to be found, I remember how much I would ingest heavy blows meant for you papa, some punches were mine and others were hers but both tasted the same… and I still went to bout for you, I gave hard jabs and stiff right hooks not noticing I was fighting myself, You set sail and left me ashore so papa why do I feel I like I’m the one drowning?

Dear Papa, I miss you but I think she misses you more..

By: Leon T.

Slow Mornings // Spencer Reid x Reader Drabble

Prompt: Drabble #52 “Can I kiss you?” from this list

Requested by: Anonymous

The sun was peeking through the curtains as it began to fill the room with warmth. You hummed in happiness as Spencer slowly ran his fingers through your hair. The movement continued on for a few minutes before he stopped, grinning as he lightly shoved you.

“Wake up sleepyhead,” he chuckled as he stroked your bare back. 

“No,” you groaned as you buried your face in your pillow. You hugged the bedsheets closer to your body, simultaneously tearing them away from Spencer. He laughed before wrestling them away from you and pulling your body towards his.

You opened your eyes at the sudden movement and looked at him through heavy eyelids. You yawned as you blinked in an attempt to wake yourself. Spencer grinned as he watched your sleepy face. He loved seeing you like this- your face clean of makeup and a dreamy look in your eyes. It was the reason he enjoyed the fact that he was an early riser unlike you who preferred to sleep in. It gave him the opportunity to wake you every morning and watch you unfold from your sleepy grace.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked as he stroked your cheek with the back of his hand. Your head leaned into his hand on instinct, your body seeking his loving touch.

“You’re asking if you can kiss me after what we did last night?” you asked teasingly in a soft voice. A small laugh rumbled through his chest as his heart fluttered at your sleepy voice. It was the most beautiful thing he’d ever heard.

“I shouldn’t be surprised. You’re always a gentleman. That’s why I love you.” You spoke softly as you kissed his lips tenderly. He smiled as your eyes fell closed again.

“Go back to sleep. I’ll wake you in an hour,” he mumbled against your hair as you nestled into him. You hummed in agreement before falling back to sleep in his warm embrace. He sighed happily as he held you, looking forward to waking you once again.

Sometimes I’ll come up with random equations then solve for the derivative. It’s honestly A LOT of fun especially when I’m waiting somewhere. 

For the first 3 years after initially learning calculus I’d come up with something that had a bunch of sin/cos/tan and log and e functions and whatnot and just keep going down to figure out the 2nd/3rd/4th derivatives. 

So, this is going to sound like highkey projecting and sue me if it is BUT

I do headcanon that Ford has done the same throughout all his life. Progressing from long division when he was really small and up to high level physics and theory-based equations throughout and well past college. 

This habit was probably especially big during his college years when he’d be in a class that was so easy for him that he’d get bored and end up just littering his notes with tons of equations and drawings. 

Featured above: Some in-canon support. Check out that page there. Doodles AND seriously complicated equations. 

Which, even for a highly advanced child, that’s not homework that would ever be assigned to him at that age. Brief personal experience mention in tags if you don’t trust me on that.

Granted, the creators could have put those equations to paint Ford as a genius child (while still intending it to be his classwork), but they could have easily put down Calc work which would have been at least semi-believable homework assigned to him. 

Also considering that a generic high school course doesn’t require calculus classes, it would have achieved the same effect for most people watching the show. The assumed effect being ‘holy moses he was SUCH a smart nerd child.’

Todoroki and Zuko Parallel

So, I was seaching tumblr for this, and I’m surprised that I couldn’t find anything, so here, a meta between me and Mod Monoma. Enjoy!


  • Both Todoroki and Zuko are pressured to act a certain way and are forced into these roles set by their fathers who both have ridiculous standards for their sons. With Zuko, his conduct needed to be suited for a prince and he was very restricted to excelling (but is also constantly put down). He was also not allowed to make his own decisions and needed to sacrifice himself for the greater good of the kingdom. For Todoroki, he needed to be the better version of Endeavour, essentially an upgraded version of his father. Endeavour’s pettiness and denial against the fact that All Might earned his position as top hero needed someone to beat him. Todoroki was forced to master both of his abilities and be top tier, even as a child. From he was born, up until now (and still), he was expected to be better and stronger than All Might
  • They both are introduced as stoic, straightforward characters with a very specific goal in mind. While for Zuko, it was to kill the Avatar, Todoroki’s main goal was to become a top hero, something that he has to fight his way through to accomplish.
  • Later on, as each their stories progress, they become more comfortable with speaking to their friends and family. Todoroki struggled with speaking to his classmates for a long while, until finally getting to know people like Izuku on a more personal level. Soon he was portrayed to be more involved in the class’s activities, much like how Zuko was later shown to be working with Aang in order to defeat the fire nation.
  • However, they were still keeping secrets from those who are close to them. Due to the unresolved trauma of their pasts, their trust issues become a huge problem for not only them but the people who are close with these characters. For Zuko, it caused a rift in a few of his personal relationships, like with Mai, while for Todoroki it was less of secret keeping and more of an unwillingness to display his innermost feelings and the reasons behind them. In the way that they have been presented, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they shared something important in their current events when it gets so bad that they’re pestered for it (ex. Dramatic backstories and whatnot)

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Remus fluffffff for blurb night?? My cutie needs to be appreciated and cuddled after a long week at school and he seeks his lovely girlfriend for that but she is chilling with the marauders? Just mainly super fluffy, cuddly Remus lol

Remus let out a relieved sigh as he finally made it through the portrait hole and into the cozy, familiar Gryffindor common room after a long week of classes. All he wanted to do was find you and fall asleep in your arms. 

Thankfully, he didn’t have to search very long as he saw you seated on one of the couches with Remus’ roommates. Great, thought Remus, his inner voice slightly bitter. It’s not that Remus didn’t enjoy being with his roommates, but tonight he really just needed to be alone. Alone with you, that is. 

“Remus,” you chirped, pleased to see you boyfriend. “Join us?”

He forced a smile and moved to couch. Plopping down beside you, he waved at the boys lazily. 

“Welcome back, Moony,” James chuckled, “we were beginning to think we’d never see you again, what with how often you’re in the library.”

Remus didn’t answer but simply lowered his head so he could rest it on your shoulder. 

The boys went back to their incessant chattering as you glanced at your weary wolf. His eyes were half-closed and his stare was blank. 

Gently, shrugging him off, you stood pulling him with you, “We’ll see you lot, later.”

The boys waved as you led Remus in the direction of his dorm.

“Tired, love?” you asked with a small smile as you walked through the door.

“Mhm,” he replied, falling to his bed in a heap.

“Alright, let’s you get you to bed then, sleepyhead.”

You removed his shoes and got his pajamas out for him, which he gladly changed into while you ran to change into yours. 

When you returned, Remus was laying in his bed, tucked under his blankets. 

“Are you sure you don’t want me to just let you get some sleep?” you double-checked.

“No,” he answered hastily, “stay. Please?” His plea was childish and one you could never say no to. 

“Okay, scoot over, then.”

Remus slid to the side and then onto his side, allowing you to collapse onto the bed with him. You made yourself comfortable and turned over so you could enclose Remus in your arms. You feel asleep quickly, Remus’ face buried in the crook of your neck, his warm breath soothing you to sleep. 

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how does one stop feeling lonely?

If one has a distant connection with their Lord, then understand no physical company or intimacy will fill the void and loneliness within one’s heart and soul. It is only through worshiping and remembering our Lord do we find the ultimate rest and contentment in this world as mentioned in the Qur’an (13:28). Seek your tranquility and comfort only through submitting your self wholly, and strive vigorously and sincerely in worshiping and loving Him (ﷻ); for if one were to do that and then had the entire world turned against him, they would never feel lonely for He (ﷻ) would be there to protect, comfort, and guide them as He promised. For how can one remain lonely with a Creator who seeks and loves His creation more than they do for Him (ﷻ)?

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Allah the Most High said, ‘I am as My servant thinks (expects) I am. I am with him when he mentions Me. If he mentions Me to himself, I mention him to Myself; and if he mentions Me in an assembly, I mention him in an assembly greater than it. If he draws near to Me a hand’s length, I draw near to him an arm’s length. And if he comes to Me walking, I go to him at speed.’” [Sahih Al-Bukhari]   

there’s always someone to yell at the kids, but no one’s yelling at the adults

I love Aragorn to bits, but the man seriously needs to sleep, like remember that time he rode on the paths of the dead really quick, got the ghosts to follow him, got those ships, sailed to Minas Tirith, fought a huge af battle, lost his cousin in that battle, then went to heal Faramir, Eowyn, Merry and a bunch of other people and then FINALLY went to sleep for probably like 2 hours before getting back up to plan ANOTHER battle and then a week later went to fight that next battle and then fought that battle and then healed Frodo and Sam and probably Pippin and bunch of other guys? Elladan and Elrohir, you are his brothers get the idiot to go to sleep.

tl;dr: Aragorn is an idiot who needs to go the fuck to sleep