seeking for his attention

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His recent picture on Tumblr asking for three words to describe him is so damn cringe! Attention seeking pedo should be his middle name

Greg loves brutal honesty so;;;;;

“Huge Ego Micropenis”
“Teenage Loving Pedo”
“Guilty Animal Abuse”
“Wannabe Cult Leader”
“Child Grooming Creep”
“Impregnating Fetish Freak”
“Fetishizes His Wife”
“Compulsive Lying Rat”
“Loves Billie More”
“Anti Weed Injections”
“Vegetarian Not Vegan”

Oh my gosh I could go on,,,,,


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I've not yet reached the 'give no fucks' stage but I'm side-eying SC about this latest charm offensive. Call me cynical but the show of togetherness after evidence of separate lives (still choking on the kale and innuendo) looks more like a response to market research and a ramping up to 'sell' S3. Thanks to his association with Shatner and the attention-seeking ('all natural') DSC, Sam has mostly come across as a bimbo bonking arsehole this year.

Dear Cynical, I too naturally slant cynical about most things in life. However, so far, I’m not feeling cynical about this. The other shoe is likely headed straight for me as I type, but this second, I’m feeling stupidly hopeful.

PS: I’m starting to wonder if all that other nonsense was misconstrued and allowed to burn unabated due to his sophomoric immature SM habits.

Fun Fact: 5 year old Kyoya tripped over himself to show off how much he knew about oranges. In the manga, he literally made an enemy (Kuze) because he could not resit being an attention seeking know-it-all in front of all his class. This benefited him in no way. In fact it obviously made him worse off.

When Kyoya was a kid he was young and earnest and desperate to prove how smart he was and be validated (I wonder where that comes from, almost as if, he felt insecure, like he was comparing himself to older siblings or something…hmmm)

Kyoya wasn’t born the Shadow King/Demon Lord. Somewhere along the way he broke the five year old who just wanted people to pay attention to him and had no tact. He broke the five year old who wasn’t good enough. He broken himself down until none of that weakness was left, until he could live and breath the shadows. And then he built himself a new persona, one that was entirely fake, and strong.

headcanon: Graves being very casually affectionate which just surprises Credence to his very core. Being the serious man he is, he would never be so casual with any of his colleagues, and doesn’t particularly know anyone well enough outside of work. 

Graves ruffling Credence’s hair, Graves pulling Credence in for a hug, Graves rubbing Credence’s arm when asking him a question. Graves just being an absolute secret softy for Credence. 

Credence going slightly crazy because he LOVES being touched by Graves but he really, really doesn’t know how to properly reciprocate. So often he just stays stock still and let’s Graves stroke his cheekbone absentmindedly or sit with his thigh pressing against Credence’s without comment. 

Credence eventually starting to seek Graves out when he wants attention, pushing his head more firmly against Graves’ palm when stroking his hair, sitting closer still to Graves on the sofa. The two of them, in every sense, cuddling, while listening to the wireless. Credence coming to know touch which isn’t harsh or painful and seeking out love which is just right there in the form of Graves. 


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This picture he posted is legit in response to the stupid rumors ppl keep making about him and banana bread getting together/moving in. Her attention seeking ass can't comment on his family's social media and pretend to be all close because they are "making it work together for Freddie" if Louis is "still with Danielle". That pic is old. Louis is wonderful and so smart.

Anonymous said: Listen if Briana and her family were already jumping in and antis were spreading rumours and I was worried that speculation would pick up I would also post a pic like that to slow it down lmao. And in the long run it ends up just being a cute pic with a dog. I think this also shows babygate is not long for this world honestly

Anonymous said: wouldn’t be surprised at all if the official douis break up news comes a day before or just before bg ends so the trashbags can’t continue to do what they did just before

Anonymous said: You know, I think this is mostly for the fandom. I still think Douis is over but he didn’t want rumors of him and B getting closer since it’s over so he posted this. Its not a confirmation of anything and most likely wont have Any coverage but its just to show like hey im def not gonna be moving in with briana


In which I am all of these anons

12x07 Coda fic


“Well we didn’t catch Lucifer but we saved the crowd so I’m going to call it a win.” Dean announces.

Cas doesn’t agree.

“I wouldn’t. Vince Vincente is dead.” Neither does Sam apparently.

“We never even hoped to save him. And yes I know, the third album.”

“No, he was still a person. And he meant something to a lot of people. And Lucifer just took all of that and just twisted it up and snuffed it out. Lucifer was bad enough when he had a plan, a motive.”

Cas wonders if Lucifer ever had a plan. From the little he has seen of him, Lucifer has only ever behaved like a spoiled child acting up, desperately seeking their Father’s attention.

Well his brother did get the attention, which is more than he ever got from their mutual parent.

“I mean, how many people died tonight?” Sam continues, “Them, this? It’s all on us. We let him out. We’re not winning. We’re just losing slowly.”

Sam is right. They are losing. Because of him.

“And we will stop him. We will.” The determination is Dean’s eyes is painful to see. “It’s what we do man.”

There’s a silence after that, all of them turning to look at the chaotic scene behind them. Cas feels the heaviness in him grow. He wants to leave, to get away from Dean and Sam and Crowley, to drive his stolen truck into the night and not have to think for a while.

“Well I’ve done enough charitable work today.” Crowley rasps, “I’ll see you later, Feathers.”

He vanishes and Cas turns to leave as well.

“Cas wait.” Dean grabs his arm and tosses his keys to Sam. “I need to talk to you.”

Sam raises his eyebrows but says nothing, heading toward the Impala. Dean waits till Sam has driven off before walking briskly away from the ambulances, dragging him into an alleyway a little distance away. It’s dank and dark and smells of rotting garbage. Cas finds himself staring at the graffiti on the walls.

“Talk to me.” Dean says gruffly. “Something’s off about you.”

Cas trains his eyes on his shoes. The floor is littered with cigarette butts and used condoms. It’s vaguely disgusting.


“I’m fine.”

“No you’re not.”

“What do you want me to say, Dean?” He’s getting more frustrated by the minute. “I failed again. Like I always do. More people have died because I let Lucifer out of the cage.” He can feel his voice rise higher. “And for what? Because I was stupid enough to take a chance I had no business at all taking, considering everything I’ve done before. Everything I touch turns into ash. Every decision I’ve taken has been a bad one in hindsight. I’ve killed hundreds of people and angels, each time believing I was doing the right thing. I belong nowhere. My siblings hate me, my Father has never even registered my presence, the Devil is loose upon the earth because of what I did.”


“Enough.” he says and stomps off, but Dean grabs at him again and drags him back, shoving him back into the wall. Dean looks angry too.

“Listen to me.” Dean says, but Cas shuts his eyes and turns his face away.

I know what a weak, duty-bound, pleasure-less dullard you are.

“Cas this is not on you. We let him out. We needed him to defeat Amara. Chuck wouldn’t have been able to— We needed all the help we could get.”

His Father. The Father in whose kitchen he had been ripped to shreds by archangels, the Father who he had searched fruitlessly for months, the Father he had prayed to and longed for every moment of his long life. The Father who didn’t even acknowledge him in the end. Because he had only eyes for Lucifer.

He finally apologized for abandoning me.

He needed MY help… and he’d say anything to get it.

His Father had not needed Cas’s help. Unbidden, Ambriel’s words come to him.

I look good in a trench coat too, and we’re both expendable.

Cas bites his lip and shrinks into the wall, away from Dean’s touch.  

“We’ll fix this Cas, I promise.”    

I’ve heard the stories. You help. But Sam and Dean Winchester are the real heroes.

“Cas?” Dean sounds pained, his voice soft. “Look at me, man.”

Cas forces himself to open his eyes. Dean looks worried, his green eyes dull.

“Look.” Dean whispers, “I know, better than anyone, what it feels like to know you’ve fucked up.”

He raises his palms and carefully holds Cas’s face between them.

“But we’re family, Cas. We’re there for each other. You stood by me and Sam when no one, not even God bothered to. You’ve always taken the fall for the mistakes we both made. So you made a couple of your own. It doesn’t make you a monster, Cas.”

Dean steps forward a little more. His lips brush gently against Cas’s own, soft and inviting. Cas shudders into the kiss as Dean wraps his arms around his shoulders.

“I’m here, Cas.” Dean says into his mouth, “Trust me.”

“I do.” Cas whispers back, wrapping his own arms around Dean’s leather clad waist. “I always do. You’re the only one I can.”

Dean’s arms tighten around him as they deepen the kiss.

He doesn’t really believe the pretty platitudes Dean is spouting at him, but he can’t stop himself from reaching for them like a man dying of thirst. Cas lets himself be distracted by the scent of Dean, the feel of his soft lips, the warmth of his hands. Momentarily, it’s a reprieve he’s too weak to resist.

So sure, maybe we’re not super important, but we do the job. You know… I think there’s nobility in that.

That would be enough he thinks, the last coherent thought he gets as Dean begins to suck at his neck, his knee bumping against Cas’s, his warm hands slipping under Cas’s coat.

That would be enough.    

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garlicbrother replied to your post: can we preemptively impeach a president

even if we could i dont think pence would be even better honestly

not politically, no, but donald scares me on a personal level. As in, his temperament scares me. his profound lack of humility scares me. his vainglory and attention-seeking are terrifying. his ignorance is frightening. his inability and unwillingness to listen to counsel scares me. he is, in so many ways, unreasonable and unmanageable, which are cardinal sins if you’re about to put someone in a position without external controls on his conduct.

pence would be awful on the scale of dubya, which—is awful, and terrible, and risks a great deal, but is ultimately survivable. if my choice is between the republican establishment and the sucking black hole that is trump, I pick the republican establishment.

AU where injuries your soulmate gets appear on you

-Andrew grows up watching the strange scars appear on himself
-He sees the brand from the iron on his shoulder, the bullet hole, the jagged knife swipes over his stomach and wonders what the hell his soulmate is doing
-Whenever Neil gets a minute on the run he looks down and notices the thin, deliberate lines that appear on his forearms before disappearing again
-His mother worries that there is someone out there who could recognize who he is no matter how many names he has
-She tells him he is never to seek out his soulmate
-He soon stops paying attention to the lines
-Neither notices that they’re each other’s soulmate when they meet. They both take so much care to keep their scars hidden, neither even thinks to look
-Andrew realizes that Neil might be his when he puts his hand to Neil’s stomach and feels the familiar patchwork of scars
-Neil feels stunned when he first sees Andrews arms underneath his bands
-During the few moments that Andrew is alone while under Prousts “care” and can focus through the pain of withdrawal, he watches the new scars appearing and disappearing and thinks of what Neil could have gotten himself into that Andrew can’t protect him from
-Neil feels thankful that Andrew doesn’t seem to have noticed anything when he comes back. He just wants to enjoy being with Andrew for the time he has
-The other foxes don’t notice until Baltimore
-They’re tensely sitting on the bus trying to find Neil when Rene notices the long drags of a knife appearing over Andrews hands. They all nervously watch, horrified that someone is hurting Neil but thankful he’s alive
-It’s not until the burns start to appear that they realize how bad it is
-Nicky has to look away as both the horrible burns and the deep knife wounds appear together
-The others look ill but keep watching, needing to know Neil is ok
-And then they stop
-Andrew stares into the mirror Allison gave him, willing more marks to appear
-He checks everywhere, hoping he’s just missed something
-But there’s nothing
-No more marks
-Nothing to suggest Neil is still alive

yes I can(^∀^)they’re so cute when they’re sick~ thanks for requesting!


  • He seeks all the attention and sympathy he can get from his s/o
  • Whines and complains as though giving birth to an eight-pound baby
  • Would try to go to work even if he was really sick if he had some important matters to attend to, mori called for him, or if he doesn’t want to be away from his s/o
  • He would request a home cooked meal from his s/o. No canned soup or deliveries! He can tell if his s/o cooked it or not. It doesn’t have to be delicious, it just has to be edible and cooked with love
  • Would gladly lay in bed with his s/o all day if he could; binging on movies, cuddles & a glass of expensive wine
  • He would be so appologetic if he accidently got his s/o sick in the process of taking care of him & would gladly take some time off to nurse them back to health
  • He would miss the toilet if he was very very sick. He doesn’t have time to worry about whether or not everything gets in the toilet. Also, after he vomits, he will collapse on the floor of the bathroom until his s/o walks in and finds him.


  • he would revert to his child-like state even more like requesting someone to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with no crusts while he plays video games
  • He would whine alot. Writhing in agony and calling out for help like he’s on his deathbed and not just processing out bad sushi.
  • If he had an s/o he would use the opportunity to ask his s/o to do everything for him no matter how ridiculous the task : Can you help me sit up? Can you fluff my pillows? Feed me soup?
  • I totally see him looking for sympathy & asking s/o to hold his hands while murmuring comforting words in his ears
  • He lets EVERYONE know that he’s sick. Everyone needs to know that he is suffering, and preferably send him sympathy cards.
  • He would try to have sex with his s/o. He won’t understand why his s/o doesn’t want to grind up on a motionless bag of fevered, sweaty flesh… but the choice is up to them.

it’s canon that alfred is abnormally strong- ‘able to drag around cars and smash through metal window frames’ strong- and that’s so interesting to explore further. it’s often played for laughs but it can be terrifying, i imagine.            

like, i see him having a pretty easy and laidback disposition. he laughs and smiles easily. he’s friendly, he’s slower to anger compared to Ivan, he’s not as easily irritated as Arthur. the tall and charming boy-next-door. but when he really loses his temper, he’d be absolutely terrifying. because, he’s frighteningly strong, but he’s not Clark Kent or Steve Rogers. he’s not human, but all too human in that his moral compass isn’t perfect and unshakeable. there’s no reassuring ‘with great power comes great responsibility’- no reassuring guarantee that he’ll always use his strength for good, that he won’t make enormous mistakes. his instinct for genuine altruism and idealism wars with his more narcissistic, attention-seeking and ambitious side. but above all- he’s so young. and everyone around him knows that. he’s a child by most of their standards- and he can crush metal with his bare hands and squash people like bugs. that must be positively unnerving.

The new and magical “Lonely Traveller” (Part 2), out in November

Once a free man, now restless, tied down by a system he used to strive against. Bernardo has settled down with his family, and is confronted with new and tough realities. After going through an unusually rough spell, frustrated, and dying to find relief, he turns his attention back inwards, towards his soul, and seeks a break via a renewed focus on spirituality. With the help of new friends, and his wise daughter Jasmine, his search takes him much further than he had ever imagined or hoped for.
Lonely Traveller (Part 2) brings to the reader all the dialogue, introspective soul-searching and deep communication, which they might expect from Sereno Sky. Through true-to-life experiences, fused with tangible magic, the reader is drawn into the role of Bernardo and his friends, reflecting over many issues which still matter to a generation that has yet to find its bearings. Besides pondering over some of the most fundamental questions of existence, Sereno takes the reader on an incredible journey of discovery and adventure, reminding us all that there is still so much beauty to be found in the midst of this so often confusing world. This book does not provide answers, but escorts you on an magical journey you alone must take.

Hogwarts houses + miraculous cliches
  • <p> <b>Hufflepuff :</b> You can do it, Marinette. Just speak to Adrien, I'll be there for you! I'm your bff, right?<p/><b>Gryffindor :</b> Hey you who's been akumatized, what about a fight with this cute little kitty? *pointing at himself*<p/><b>Ravenclaw :</b> LUCKY CHARM! 🐞 Well wtf is this shit hmm well let's see *beep beep with polka dot patterns on things you'll use* I think I can handle this<p/><b>Slytherin :</b> *dramatic background music playing* hmm a boy desperate for love, seeking for attention from his crush.. what a PERFECT combination<p/></p>

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Although I loath Annasprivate/personal for his over attention seeking ways, last night's clubbing was good for narrative clearly pointing out that D again wasn't out with Louis. Also Calvin posted a snap at the $7mil house, so the house is still there but D has posted herself in it since last year.

i know this is a setback but this doesn’t unmake danielle kiss her friend and hold hands with a guy and move out

I fucking hate pikachu
I hat e it I hate h im so much. He’s so ugly and he’s a yellow fucking minion looking fucker. He’s so overplayed. He’s everywhere he’s the face of Pokémon and the fucker is really a piece of shit he’s so boring he’s the face of Pokémon and he’s the blandest fucking thing ever. I hate him so much. He’s a attention seeking whore with nothing better to do in his life but say that annoying “pika pika” bullshit. Fuck him. He’s everywhere and I’m sick of seeing his fat fucking yellow face with annoyingly red checks what did he do to deserve the attention he’s getting? What can. I do to get that amount of attention? Why isn’t he left in Ash’s PC yet? He should be left there like all his other forgotten fucking Pokémon that don’t mean anything to him. What’s so special about this plain yellow bagel with red sprinkles on it? If he was a person he’d be the salty white plain ass bitch who goes “woe is me,” Fedora wearing son of a bitch who mistreats girls and is a nice guy. guess what bitch, you ain’t nothing. Pikachu means nothing to me and is equal to the literal shit that you stepped in at my house the other day. I hate him. Why is this minion fucker so popular and why is the face of Pokémon? There’s so many better Pokémon then him. Fuck him honestly. Plain ass rat looking piece of shit

INTJ at School #48

Obnoxious classmate sitting at the front of the classroom: *attention seeking*

INFP: *pantomimes throwing his phone at the head of obnoxious classmate*

INTJ: *pantomimes pistol*

INFP: *pantomimes rifle*

INTJ: *pantomimes granade*

INFP: *pantomimes RPG*

INFJ: *pantomimes loading and firing heavy artillery*

INFP and INFJ: *fistbump*


With your iPod hooked into the speakers and the music blaring throughout the lab, you just couldn’t keep yourself from dancing… You spun around with your hands in the hair, swiveling your hips from side to side as you went before doing a rhythmic little skip with your feet. It wasn’t until you faced the door that you saw Harry standing there, watching you with his arms crossed. You stopped and blushed for just a moment before making a grab for your MP3 device to turn it down.

“I didn’t think anyone was here.” You rushed out after the music had faded. 

Harrison raised an eyebrow. “I live here.”

“Oh, right.” You knew that… Of course cranking up your music up and exaggeratedly swinging yourself about the lab would catch his attention and have him seeking out the source of the racket. “Sorry.”

Harrison watched you for a bit longer before stepping in and taking your iPod to scroll through your music.

“A lot of those are Cisco’s.” You supplied as he quietly looked for songs. “He said I didn’t have good taste so, he gave me a few-”

“Can I join you?”

You blinked. “You dance?”

Harrison shrugged and smiled before choosing a new song and turning the speakers back up. Holding out his hand, he asked, “May I?”

You beamed and took his hand before sliding in and wrapping your arms around his neck to let him lead you through the music.

(X) (X) (~♫♪~)