This event is still in its early stages of planning, so if you have any ideas on how to better up the event. Please don’t be shy to voice them or message me about it.


Haven’t been hosting any events as of late, The Silvermoon Library is back with a fascinating event for you all to enjoy this summer. A big marathon but with a fun twist to it and a few surprises after it. (Is still seeking willing guilds to host this event with.)


Unlike most marathons that had been hosted on WRA recently, the SELFIE Marathon requires you to have a camera or team up with someone that has one and is willing to partake in this experience with you. (The official path of the marathon is still under planning, so again…if you have a place/zone in mind. Don’t be shy to tell us.) A list of ‘landmarks’ with pictures would be posted a week before the event and whoever wishes to join will need read through it, so on the day of the run they may seek out those places and take a selfie in front those landmarks. (All landmarks will be along the main path of the marathon.)


The world of Azeroth is actually a very beautiful place, but sometimes we seem to forget and just spend our time in the main cities and such. I hope in the use of this event, we can all explore a little and maybe discover new spots to RP at. (Besides this is just a very light-hearted event for all to enjoy.)


We can’t all just run around for nothing right? Now don’t you worry about that. As we will be rewarding the most interesting selfies with fun toys and a good amount of gold.  (Got an idea for a prize? Tell us!)

Lastly, the judging won’t be done by us. Since we are asking the runners to upload their pictures onto Tumblr. All the Library will be doing is just re-blogging them, so that means the real judges will you all. (Reblog&Likes= 1 point each.)


Summer is all about picnics, to enjoy the sun with a breeze blowing through your hair and we will be doing just that, but under the moonlight. After enjoying a few events leading up to it. (The timetable is almost finished surprisingly, but we are still seeking guilds with events and are willing to host this with us.)

Questions? Suggestions?

The staffs and I are all in ears and will do our very best to please everyone’s needs.

-Draenis Sunstrider ( @draenis )

Anonymous: well to be perfectly honest i always liked the idea of overwhelmed during sex connor (i mean in the actual scenes he tends to look emotional overwhelmed even during foreplay) so maybe a bit of a powerplay where oliver just fucks connor’s brains out is the kind of kinky sex i’m imagining omg ~thirsty af anon

Anonymous: Wow your blog is the only one which mentioned that “oliver is monster in bed” :3 Anyways I think Connor is usually the one who talks dirty, but when we Oliver does it, Connor is done for. Also they give each other hickeys galore. Like one time they go to the beach/pool with their group and they remove their shirts, having forgotten somehow about their latest romp and suddenly the whole group has gone silent…

Anonymous: ALL THE KINKS! In his joblessness Ollie started to get adventurous? If you want something more specific I think voyeurism makes total sense with how thrill seeky Oliver seems to have gotten. If it has to have an angsty spin you could give it a “I want to make the most of us while there IS still an us’ vibe?

Anonymous: Soooooooo I saw that invitation to shoot you a request for a kinky coliver fic and I just couldn’t help myself haha maybe power bottom Connor with some hot and heavy dirty talk (mainly from Ollie?) Aka, good ol’ fashion rough smut. Pretty pretty please? 🙏🏽

NSFW obviously. Prepare yourselves for Oliver “Monster in Bed” Hampton. Takes place prior to S3.

Power-play + dirty talk + hickeys galore + voyeurism (via cam) + ANGSTY SPIN CUZ I’M A GENIUS + good ol’ fashion rough smut + orgasm denial

Connor watches Oliver move through dark, hooded eyes. The other man is nervous, and it brings back a flash of memory from their first meeting… him suave and confident, and Oliver a trembling mess… That was nearly a year ago. Now, Oliver’s hands shake and there’s a thin gleam of sweat on his brow. By the fifth time that Oliver messes with the settings or fiddles with the angle, Connor has had enough. “Would you leave that damn thing alone and get over here already?” His impatience gets the better of him and he lets out a loud sigh. “I might just get started without you!” He warns.

Oliver’s eyes swing up to glare at the man lazing on the bed. “I just want this to look good, okay?” He looks back down at the camcorder. But no matter how many ways he adjusts the angle left and right, or zooms the screen in and out, the whole bed is clearly perfectly in the shot. Oliver swallows nervously and zooms in once more for good measure. The little Connor on the display screen gives him his best annoyed, exasperated glare.

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Best Friend! Minghao/The8


Originally posted by wonnhao

  • Cutest friend EVER
  • giggling
  • laughing
  • making jokes
  • having mini dance parties
  • Him teaching you how to balldance 
  • you always stepping on his feet
  • you saying sorry like it’s on repeat 
  • him smiling through the pain
  • and saying it’s okay
  • but you probably broke his big toe
  • I don’t know why but for some reason I see him wanting to play hide and seek with you ???
  • like ALL THE TIME
  • Doesn’t he give you that sort of vibe?
  • No? Just me? Okay…
  • Wearing matching kitty/puppy ear headbands!!
  • Just imagine it
  • just….just IMAGINE IT
  • probably talking about dogs or something
  • and you spamming him with memes of him 
  • and him sending you ugly pictures of you that he had tooken 
  • at THAT moment
  • you know that moment when you remeber it you just want to CRINGE THE FUDGE out of you?
  • yea
  • at THAT moment
  • Shopping
  • and lot’s of it
  • Shopping like every Saturday ???
  • Even if your wallet is screaming
  • He’d be dragging you by the collar to the mall
  • Him choosing the clothes you WILL buy
  • you literally have no choice 
  • he’d be giving you the puppy dog eyes
  • and you’re done for
  • No way is he letting you out in those worn out gray sweat pants
  • na ha 
  • no way
  • This fluffy puppy is on the case to turn you into
  • a princess/prince
  • innocently grinning when he catches you staring at your crush
  • somehow makes sure the two of you are left alone
  • like takes the rest to a coffee shop or something??
  • So you andyour crush are alone in the dorm
  • and you OWE HIM BIG TIME
  • So when this puppy wants a puppy you better get him one 
  • but you most likely will get a stuffed one soooo
  • speaking of dogs
  • just so he could pet them
  • and feed them
  • and name them
  • and day dream about them being his
  • while you’re in the background 
  • totally forgotten 
  • slightly glaring at him
  • but also feeling happy???
  • because he’s too cute??
  • and he literally looks like a puppy??
  • and is with his people ??
  • so you suddenly start laughing 
  • and he gives you a look that clearly says
    ‘’Bitch have you finally gone crazy? Do I need to call a professional? Should I be scared?’’
  • Which makes you laugh even more
  • cause his face is PRICELESS
  • and he slowly starts to back away
  • taking out his phone
  • to snapchat you 
  • with the caption “ finally went crazy…..kinda scared”
  • So you make him pay
  • by letting you pick the movie to watch
  • so you like choose a Disney movie??
  • hoping he’d hate and cringe to it
  • But he actually likes it??
  • Especially ‘’Lady and the Tramp’’ and  ‘’The 100 Dalmatians’’
  • Do I even need to explain why?
  • Teaching you self defense
  • just cause you two were bored
  • but all you do is trip over your feet
  • making him giggle and yea
  • AND THE SNOW (it’s similar to snapchat and SEVENTEEN use it and so do I)
  • You know that Minghao can be rude right?
  • SO
  • Rude remarks here and there
  • but in a cutsy friend kind of way????
  • Him being over your house like twice a week
  •  just to get away from all the CRAZY
  • Teaching you Chinese 
  • and the only thing you still can say is ‘’Wo ai ni’’ and ‘’Ni hao’’
  • but you only like just started to learn 2 weeks ago
  • sooooo
  • no worries
  • ….
  • Okay bye
  • that is all
  • this one’s long
  • wow
  • okay bye bye
ASTRO on Running Man

I wrote this out well over a month ago and now that the boys have been considered for the show I figured I may as well post it :)


  • this happy virus would fit right in with the running men oh my god
  • would simultaneously be a huge dork and as savage as he could be (while also being respectful tho, this boy has manners)
  • constant laughter. at himself, at the running men, at literally anything
  • he’d be really intense in the game and have the most fun
  • would also have fun during the intros they do before the missions when they all stand in a line and crack jokes at each other’s/the production crew’s expense
  • mj would just die at all of it and probably clap whoever was standing next to him on the shoulder way too hard
  • he’d be crap at hide and seek lbr this boy is too loud he’d be hiding and see someone and get caught bc he started whispering to the vj and moving around too much


  • he’d be so respectful and probably pretty quiet
  • but also die at like every joke
  • he’d be super into the games and probably have a ton of fun sneaking around and probably end up getting chased and idk what it is but i can see him doing that awkward half bent over run while clutching the mic pack on the waistband of his pants
  • probably pretty good at hide and seek like he’d kill it on a team but probably couldn’t do it on his own
  • gets out one of two ways:
  • he tries to get someone else out and his tag is pulled (either by the person he’s pursuing or by someone else coming in from the side)
  • or he’s literally just standing there and reacts too slowly to stop someone (probably ji hyo lbr) from sneaking up behind him and pulling his tag
  • would use the word “what” twelve million times


  • he’d be so floored to be on running man lol
  • someone asked him if there was anyone he would want to wish him happy birthday and jaesuk was one of the two people he named
  • he’s a budding mc so he’d probably end up talking about how he admired jaesuk or something
  • they would totally point out his prettiness and call him a flower boy at some point
  • then he’d do the little palms-under-chin pose and the editing team would probably put that pink flower petal animation over it
  • eunwoo’s smart so he’d probably be able to figure out a lot of the missions
  • probably would be decent at the hiding bit of hide and seek
  • is too nice and too pure to rip other people’s name tags and ends up out because of it
  • if he pulled anyone’s tho he’d take forever to psych himself up for it and then would cling to whoever’s tag he pulled in apology right after


  • we all know bin is competetive as fuck y’all he’d be so ready for running man
  • he’d jump into the games with so much enthusiasm
  • would also really want to win and def would cheat remember when he started throwing things into other people’s baskets on ok ready
  • srsly bin would love every minute of being on running man
  • would probably be pretty good at hide and seek if for nothing other than the fact that he’s really enthusiastic and rips other people’s name tags off as his flies by
  • doesn’t apologize for anything he does he giggles and gets away with it
  • he’d probably win
  • if he got out it wasn’t for lack of effort on his part whoever got his name tag had to fight him tooth and nail for it


  • the unexpected ace
  • like he’d be so quiet and shy during the introductions but as soon as the games started shit would be ON
  • would pull someone’s name tag and immediately apologize like twelve times
  • alternatively he pulls someone’s tag and as he walks away he looks into the camera and goes “i’m the best” a la that one astro play video during the spring up shoot where they were messing around with basketball
  • gets out by walking right into someone he’s up against (let’s say jong kook) on accident and giving himself a heart attack
  • literally i can see him going round a corner or opening a door and then the stupid Sparta theme would start playing and then he’d run straight into the commander
  • and then he’d do his precious tiny screams and clutch his chest and have his shocked open-mouthed smile as his tag got pulled off


  • oh god he’d be so excited and giggly the entire time
  • lots of accidental aegyo during the intros just as he reacted to things
  • his height gets mentioned at least twice
  • he also goes up to one of the members mentioning it (probably suk jin) and stands on his toes just to be an ass
  • would probably be pretty good at missions
  • but would be crap at hide and seek
  • he’d be out so fast y’all he’s too young and loud and excitable
  • wouldn’t shut up this boy would see someone all the way across a building and start screaming
  • would proabably be able to wiggle away from a captor once or twice just bc he won’t stop moving
  • when his tag gets pulled he’s the one that dramatically lies on the ground like he’s been shot
  • he’d have fun the entire time tho like literally would not stop smiling for the entire episode
  • also the most likely to sing parts of hide&seek while playing hide and seek
No fight left

I raise my hands to You
Surrender to Your power
With this familiar weakness
I have been devoured
By a bleak struggle
My worst fear
To find my only strength
My battle comes to a close
As I march upon defeat
Barely on my own two feet
I kneel on the ground
It’s You that I seek
I tried it on my own
But I have no fight left
So I ask You, Allah
Give me strength

— Mobeen Hakeem

You make me feel so young
You make me feel like spring has sprung
Every time I see you grin
I’m such a happy an individual

The moment that you speak
I want to run and play hide-and-seek
I want to go and bounce the moon
Just like a big toy balloon

You and I, we are just like a couple of tots
Running along the meadow
Snaching up all those forget to be nots

You make me feel so young
You make me feel there are songs to be sung
Bells to be rung and a wonderful spring to be sprung

And even when I’m old and gray
I’m gonna feel the way I do today
‘Cause you make me feel so young

You make me young
You make me feel spring sprung
Every time I see you grin
I’m such a happy individual

The moment that you speak
I want to run and play hide-and-seek
I’d like to go and bounce the moon
Just like a big balloon

People eye for you and I
We are just like a couple of tots
Crashing along the meadow
Open up all those forget to be nots

You make me young
You make me feel there are songs to be sung
And the bells to be rung
And a wonderful thing to be done

Yeah and even when I’m old and gray
I’m gonna feel the way I do today
'Cause you make me feel so, yeah when I feel so
You make feel so young today, you make feel so young
Growing Wings, A Song of the Fairies (Prompt: Singing)

Fandom: Fairy Tail
Ship Title: Gajevy/Gale
Rating: T
A.N.: This fanfiction is actually based off of an AU by Silver Inklett titled “To The Waters and the Wilds”. It can be found on here: . Go check hers out first! It was the inspiration for this one (with her permission of course)! This is not in any shape or form canon to her story.
Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or it’s characters, Hiro Mashima does. I also do not own the character Ardelle or the concept of Levy being a fairy from Tenrou, that was all Silver Inklett’s original idea. I also do not own the song in here called “Growing Wings”, that’s owned by the Drakenguard series and sung by Paperblossom (can be found on youtube).

Read this fanfiction on here:

This was the day, this was the day when everything changed, Levy thought to herself. She became depressed this time every year, because of what was and what couldn’t be. She remembered her mother’s face. She tried to block it from her memory, but this was the day here whole life changed.

She came to the guild that day and ignored everyone, and walked up to go to the library, she needed a day by herself. It had been 10 years, but even in those 10 years, it never dulled the ache of her remembrance of that day.

Gajeel watched her come in, shoulders down and red rimmed eyes. He didn’t know what caused her to be like that, but every year, this day, she always was like that, came in to the guild, ignored everyone, and stayed holed up in the library. When he first saw it happened 2 years ago, he asked others about it, but they just shook their head and told him to let her be. They wouldn’t give him any answers. And here she was, another year like that. It bothered him. He didn’t pry in to other people’s business, but he wanted to know what caused her to be so sad and stay in the library all day. He continued drinking his beer, glancing up at the top floor where Shorty was in the library. He was determined to stay here until she came down.

Levy found solace in the library. It’s where she could remember her mother and read books about her people. She didn’t come here often, only on the day, it helped her somehow. She had started crying, reading a book about her people, and ended up falling asleep on the desk. When she woke up, the sun was already setting. As she stretched, she noticed a note fall out of the book she was reading. That was the first time she’s ever seen a note fall from this book. She opened it and read.

My dear sweet child,

I’m sorry we had to part this way. I hope you can remember me, and know that you are loved. Never forget where you came from or who you are..

                   Your forever loving mother,

Her tears were ever flowing then. She realized she hadn’t visited her island in over a decade, since that parting. She needed to go, she needed to visit her mother, her mother’s homeland, her homeland. It had been too long. She put the book up, and put the note in pocket, determined to visit the island on the next trip out. She ran downstairs out of the guild. Before she went, she needed to stop at the one place that reminded her of home.

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