seeker board things


I was watching a playthrough of DanSenW on a whim, when the guy playing it flicked through some Seeker board conversations—this was one of them.

Haruka: Hiro, how have you been? It’s Mom.

Haruka: Is the weather nice where you are? It’s always cloudy over here. I’m started to get tired of it.

Haruka: Are you eating properly? I thought that you’d start running low on TV dinners soon, so I went and ordered some more. They should arrive this

Haruka: weekend, so make sure you go and get them. My research is entering its final stages. I’ll get back in touch with you later.

Hiro: Mom?! You don’t DM me that often! I’ve been doing well!

Hiro: I made some really trustworthy friends, and I started up LBXs!

Hiro: ….At least, that’s what I sent her, but she probably won’t reply…

Ban: What’s wrong, Hiro?

Hiro: Ah, Ban-san. It’s nothing. I’m already used to it by now!

Ban: I see. If anything happens, just say. We’re all in this together!

Hiro: Yes! Thank you very much!