ten question tag

i was tagged by @seekelslearn (who i hope is feeling much better!) <3

  1. If you could only own and listen to one album what would it be?
    i guess if i could only pick one, it would probably be continuum by john mayer.

  2. We all have that one dish that we rock when company’s coming over, what’s your signature dish?
    as an appetizer, i usually make tomato, basil, mozz bites. i also like to make things that i learned from hellofresh, just in a double batch.

  3. There is that one word that you always misspell, what is it? And how do you always mistakenly spell it?
    restaurant, i always spell it restaraunt. wahhh lol.

  4. If you and I had the chance to meet, and we only had this one chance. The window was 6hrs, what would we do? Paint me word picture.
    if i got to meet @seekelslearn, i assume we’d chat about our kindergarten adventures. we might talk about books or how we’re both planners. we might talk about married life. i’d love to get to know her more!

  5. In our day to day lives we often see some of the same strangers over and over again. If you made up a story about their lives who would they be?
    i see a guy who runs through out neighborhood all the time. he’s not super fast, but i see him pretty frequently. sometimes i wonder if he has a family or where exactly he lives. i hope he’s a happy guy. :]

  6. For the rest of your life, you could only have sex in one position and engage in one act of foreplay what would they be?
    …pass.  <—oof. same.

  7. A book that you tell people you’ve read but have never read. You know one of those books that everyone seems to think you’re “supposed” to read?
    i don’t say i’ve read something unless i have, no real reason to pretend to have read something lol.

  8. Your least favourite of the four seasons, find something beautiful in it and tell me about it.
    my least favorite season is winter because i am such a wuss about being cold, but the holidays are beautiful and snow can be really pretty & peaceful.

  9. When we think of romantic gestures, we are programmed to think big and showy. Tell me about a romantic gesture that made you feel cherished or one that would make you feel cherished. It wasn’t a gesture trying to be romantic but was.
    pete does sweet, thoughtful things for me all the time. he’ll make me a cup of tea, or ask if i need anything whenever he gets up. he picks up my favorite snacks from time to time. he holds me so tight, let’s me put my cold feet on him to warm me up lol, and he always tells me and shows me how he feels. he’s just genuinely kind and thoughtful and makes me feel loved and cherished all the time. he makes more grand gestures too, like writing “pretty lady parking” in our driveway with sidewalk chalk, bringing my flowers. i’m a very lucky lady.

  10. How do you take your coffee or tea? And what sweet treat goes along with it?
    i don’t drink coffee (kind of surprising to most people), but i’m into tea. lately, i’ve been having yogi cinnamon vanilla tea with one teaspoon of truvia. if i’m having i’m having a treat with my tea, it’s usually a cookie. :]

thanks for the tag, @seekelslearn! i tag @mrsseekingbalance, @naturalista-vida, @selflovejourneyofatamaitai, @beeps-bravely-through-her-fear, @bestdayofmylife, @amanda–cecilia, and anyone else who wants to join in! :]

seekelslearn  asked:

You've got a free day. Who do you spend it with and what do you do?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately and, quite honestly, it will take me a least a month into summer break for me to feel in any way adventurous. However, I was just talking to boyfriend about taking a trip to New Orleans this summer, just because. I’ve always wanted to go.

For now, here’s my truth: I would love a free day at school to sit in my classroom, turn on the music and the christmas lights, and get things done.