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I’ve been picking at this comic for over a month now, scratching away at it when feeling absolutely blocked as a means of therapy.

It’s like a year since this game came out, but I absolutely adore Bloodborne and I can’t get enough of the lore and story. I’ve never seen such an eloquent explanation for a player character’s constant death and rebirth. The Hunter’s tortured soul, unable to die, cursed to seek the thrills of the Hunt. There are so many little stories like this one, tucked away in the game and item descriptions if you want to find them, but not forced upon you if you don’t. 

so i was thinking about another modern au where the greek gods have had to adapt to modern society and so they’ve picked up mortal jobs and hobbies and interests and i got really into it.

hermes is a late night comedian, since that’s the way that most information is transmitted nowadays, and he still gets to poke fun at his siblings.

poseidon is a high powered eco lawyer. he works on high profile cases along the lines of the bp oil spill. he has beach-side houses all over the world and enjoys thrill-seeking outdoor activities like cliff jumping and cave diving. 

hades teaches high school english, along the lines of the dead poets society. he lives near his school and brings his dog to school every day. he loves teaching british literature like shakespeare and john donne. his wife comes to visit him and they eat lunch together every day in his office, which always has flowers in it. 

apollo works as a librarian at a university, and he moonlights as a slam poet. he teaches archery at the local YMCA and stays in on weekends with a mug of tea and a good book or movie.

vesta makes ceramics professionally. she feels most at home among the wheels and glazes and kilns of her workshop. there are always candles lit in her apartment that don’t seem to go out. she loves hosting dinner parties for her friends, who are her true family. 

dionysus works as a bartender. he owns a vineyard on the side but lets other people handle the corporate side of things. his favorite part of acting mortal is getting to know the people who come to his bar and connecting with them. he never forgets a face and he has a wall of pictures of his favorite customers behind the bar.

athena teaches middle school social studies/history because she’s discovered that she really enjoys working with children. at this age she can impart wisdom upon them and teach them logic and reason before they are too swayed by the opinions of the world.

zeus is a con artist and art thief. he never stays in a city for more than a week, but he has someone new in his bed every night. he frequents casinos and clubs and owns a villa out in California which is filled with more famous works of art than he ought to have.

hera is a very bitter and sarcastic wedding planer, like james marsden in 27 dresses minus the journalism bit. she is most famous among celebrity circles for having just the right “touch” when it comes to decor and menu planning and floral arrangements. she charges a ton but can work magic, from short-term planning to getting the bride’s wishes just right. she doesn’t believe in the sanctity of marriage but it has bought her summer homes in hawaii and costa rica so she’ll sell the idealized vision.

aphrodite runs several dating sites like eharmony and okcupid, but also some like ashley madison that facilitate affairs because she rules more over the sexual side of things than the love side, despite her image to the former. she loves rap and hip hop and takes kick-boxing classes and always looks like she has makeup on. she anonymously supports planned parenthood because she wants to support safe sex and allow people to find the information and resources they need. 

artemis owns a climbing gym and leads outdoor climbing adventures for her clients and also her buddies. she has tons of tattoos and piercings and a secret love for pop punk music like fob and p!atd. on the weekends, she runs lgbtqia+ support groups for children and teens in her neighborhood, and always lets them climb for free in her gym.

hephaestus owns a tattoo parlor and has a reputation for the most lifelike tattoos that always seem to be exactly what someone had in mind, as if he magically could see their thoughts. he’s a total teddybear and has a penchant for classical music and teaches at-risk children in his city how to repair bikes and cars on the weekends.

The Annual Horsblr Drama Recap: 2016 edition

January: “Unbranded”: promoting the mustang? or just a group of stupid thrill seeking college kids knowingly putting their horses lives in danger? “Take your rich bitch money and fat mouth elsewhere”:  The “If you say everyone needs a trainer, you’re elitist” mantra.  The State of America: Judge Qualifications.  Horse Slaughter: livestock animal, best friend, or both? ALERT: Police on high alert after the word “piaffe” was mentioned by an unqualified individual. Those unintentional suicide jokes.  What brand is your bridle? Our experts weigh in on what your bridle says about your financial status.  LDR vs Rolkur, AGAIN… The Facts: Is there a correlation between liking a certain breed and preferring a certain style of horse management? 

February:  Conspiracy: Theveganmothership and Banallequinesports are the same person.  NEWSFLASH: putting stallions in the same area so they can sort out their hierarchy under the careful eyes of their owners is abusive and disgusting.  “jfc Janet BAIL is what you have when you are in jail and BALE is what hay is in.  Learn to fckn spell”  Halters: Nylon vs. Leather?  Safety vs. Aesthetics?  Helmet Girl strikes again!  Weighted tails, weighted bits, and other training nonsense.     

March:  Real Talk: is it Horseblr or Horsblr? Arthur’s absolutely appalling joke of a browband.  Some interesting A circuit hunters drama that had something to do with burn marks??  Do we or do we not want barrel racers to wear helmets with cowboy hat attachments: safety vs aesthetics part 2.  “My daddy bought me an import and I only see it once a month”.  The bald face debate. Salt against saddleseat. Dogblr vs Horsblr: Cesar Milan edition.  The Pénélope Leprevost incident. 

April:  Can horses be assholes on purpose?  Barrel Racing and Dressage:  Are the two disciplines on equal grounds?  Bits in the Hunter Ring: What the riders don’t want you to see.  BREAKING NEWS: Witnesses say a photo of an average quarter horse preforming  piaffe circulated created uproar among dressage enthusiasts convinced that only warmbloods are capable of such movements. Australia’s ridiculous National Security laws and what they have to do with not vaccinating your horse.  Animal welfare concerns: clipping horses for the winter.  NEW INFO: Lainey Ashker killed her horses!

May:  Famous self proclaimed horseman Clinton Anderson flips a horse over: Was it preventable?  TONIGHT ON 7 NEWS: Horsblr’s collective obsession with the piaffe.  Vague blogging at its finest.  You can’t take your horse out on hacks unless you have exposed them to every single possible flight response trigger, otherwise, you suck.  Double twisted wire bits on Hunter ponies: Hot or not?  If you use two saddle pads, you are the DEVIL.  The saga continues: Tear Lainey’s dressage skills apart but Edward Gal is untouchable.

June:  Mares vs. Geldings.  Proper ‘Eq’: What happened to shoulder hip heel? Dogblr weighs in: Adopting vs. Buying. 

July:  Exposing your young horse to show jumping: ABUSE.  Page 45, section 4, subsection 5, paragraph 2 of Hunter barn ‘eq’tiquette dictates that you can’t drink water during lessons… (its a sign of weakness)  Also, page 27, section 2 says that praising your horse before leaving the ring is frowned upon and points may be deducted. Falsterbo Horse Show footage.  Clinton Anderson’s “death to tree huggers” video controversy.  

August: CWD Female Saddle: Sexist? or does since and physiology back their products up?  Stronger bits for stronger horses: an indicator for lack or training.  RIO 2016 ~ super cresty lusitanos, Adeline Cornellisen scratches mid test (what a hero) Country of Origin Bias: Kittel vs Ward.  Vulture squad vs. Bench bitches??? 

September:  Spanking your horse: acceptable or barbaric?  Negative Reinforcement: a  non-aversive, magical method of communication between you an your horse <3.  Our readers weigh in on how your sex life may correlate with how you handle horsblr discourse. 

October:  “People who can’t afford to take quality care of their pets have every right to continue to own their animals”.  Polo wraps are always a valid reason to start drama.

November:  Donald Trump is elected…  On barn dogs and which ones to shoot.  WHAT KIND OF SQUASH IS THAT?!  Poor horse folk outraged and left feeling bitter after Cylana sold to young rider for 3 million USD.  Attention: There is only one true way to lunge your horse, only one, thats it.  The chaff discourse. 

December: Barrel racing Instagram equestrians and futurity shit.  “Kicking Your Horse in the Chest for Refusing to Jump and other Tantrums”.  Personal opinion posts taken way too far.  Pro-anas infiltrate horseblr.  Hoof Crack Treatment Discourse.  Gettin Salty: Dutch Harness Horses.  Biting and Aggression: Best Plan of Action? “Wow I cant believe ur horse is on bute when u haven’t been given it by a vet even tho if i had checked your blog for literally 5 seconds i would have seen i was literally wrong!”


SRL 2016 Tracks


This steep mountain pass was once used by some of the more thrill-seeking Iron Lords. Expect increased attention from the Devil Splicers, and an errant forklift.


A twisting track located in a region of Mercury overrun by Vex with multiple paths and multiple portals. The SRL is not responsible for any permanent reality alterations.


The massive turbine assemblies that serve as Campus Martius’s most distinctive obstacle are a relic from a lost Golden Age facility. The SRL uses them to power needed equipment for the races, but there are signs that some energy is being diverted to an unknown location.


Some might see racing through the heart of Vex territory as foolhardy. When Shaxx sent his Redjacks to mark up the SRL track on Venus, however, he ordered them to find a location worthy of the bravest and most skilled Guardians.


*There are 10 planets and 10 personality disorders. I noticed a correlation between some archetypal traits of the planets and the personalities described. This post is not saying that a person ruled by a certain planet is more prone to a personality disorder. It is simply a correlation.*

Sun: Narcissist - Self absorbed, selfish, vain, conceited, and entitled

Moon: Dependent - Helpless, naive, vulnerable, sensitive, and lacks confidence

Mercury: Paranoid - Anxious, restless, suspicious, and flighty

Venus: Borderline - Unstable, passionate, fiery, and fearful

Mars: Antisocial - Irritable, aggressive, impulsive, lack of regard for rules and safety

Jupiter: Histrionic - Thrill-seeking, superficial, dramatic, provocative, and overreactive

Saturn: Obsessive-compulsive - Perfectionist, controlling, rigid, and dominant

Uranus: Schizotypal - Different perceptions, eccentric, odd, and difficulty with interpersonal relationships

Neptune: Avoidant - Anxious, mistrustful, extremely sensitive, and highly introverted

Pluto: Schizoid - Solitary, uninterested in relationships with others, aloof, stoic, and independent.

*^*~What are you OBSESSED with? Based on Pluto Aspects to Your Moon!~*^*

Pluto aspects in our chart indicate the ways in which we feel power struggles. How do we take out our deep seated insecurities? Hard Pluto Aspects can bring out the negative traits of the sign of the planet it makes that aspect to, whereas soft aspects can intensify the vanities of the sign of the planet it makes that aspect to. So whether your Pluto is conjunct, sextile, quincunx, opposite, trine, quindecile, or sesquiquadrate your natal moon, this is for you! For those of you who give readings to others(as I do, message me if you want a reading!), this will be very helpful in understanding the inner workings of people you read for, and provide them with helpful advice.

Natal Pluto in Aspect to Moon in Aries—obsessed with thrill seeking, your soul comes into this life saying, “Bring it on!” You have a tendency to think you’re always right. You are excited to take on challenges. You are also very daring, perhaps riding the scary carnival rides, spreading that wasabi on your sushi, or bravely confronting life scenarios.

Natal Pluto in Aspect to Moon in Taurus—obsessed with enjoying earthly pleasures, passionately eating to the point of overeating, especially if Ceres aspects these too. You magnetize others to you without even trying. You are deeply lustful, enthralled by people who stroke you, as you love to be touched.

Natal Pluto in Aspect to Moon in Gemini—obsessed with your friends, you have a deep love for other people and you often care too much. You won’t be friends with just anyone, Pluto causes you to seek intense bonds with people who you consider to have a fascinating mind. You won’t spend your time with someone just for fun, they have to be intellectually stimulating and provide you with a feeling of deep connection. Out of your tendency to spend so much time on your friends, you have less of that drive to be productive.

Natal Pluto in Aspect to Moon in Cancer—obsessed with seeking comfort, to the point that you do not put enough priority and being productive or practical. You delve into an ocean of sentimentality, dwelling on lost loves and those who have hurt you. You may even “eat your feelings”, especially if Ceres is prominent your chart. You have a strong urge to nurture others, but to the point of controlling them.

Natal Pluto in Aspect to Moon in Leo—obsessed with gaining recognition, you are determined to achieve your desires. There is potential for superiority complex, you wish others would just believe what you say and go along with your commands, as you subconsciously feel inferior if someone challenges you. Keep in mind that a differing point of view is not necessarily an argument from the other person, since you tend to insist that you are right without considering that the other person has valid points.

Natal Pluto in Aspect to Moon in Virgo—obsessed with getting every little thing done correctly, you are highly critical of others who do things the way they are not “supposed” to be done. Consider that little things might not matter as much as you perceive that they do. You feel an internal desire to seek power that comes out as trying to control your outer world. Once you look within and transmute your inner battle, your competency at work will lead you to prosperity, the ability to manifest abundance in the real world.

Natal Pluto in Aspect to Moon in Libra—obsessed with getting everyone to like you so that you have them under your spell of charisma, you schmooze your way thru life. You are able to make so many connections with so many people, which will lead you to opportunities.

Natal Pluto in Aspect to Moon in Scorpio—obsessed with seeking your next high, whether that be falling madly in love, performing in front of hundreds of people, kinky sex, or knowing that you have someone else under your thumb to manipulate. You have the potential to understand people on a soul level and you make profound observations.

Natal Pluto in Aspect to Moon in Sagittarius—obsessed with understanding what other people believe in. You perceive religion on a psychological level, fascinated by fanaticism, your journeys to become aware of the human race leads you to find yourself.

Natal Pluto in Aspect to Moon in Capricorn—obsessed with figuring out the way the universe works and the way people work, you tend to think you know other’s intentions behind their actions. You may perceive yourself as wise to the point that you look down on others who do not have the same realizations that you have had. You hold onto anger you feel towards other people and take it out on them when they approach you again. Learn to be gentler with others and understand that people DO change themselves and their viewpoints, making it pointless to hold a hard grudge against them.

Natal Pluto in Aspect to Moon in Aquarius—obsessed with becoming brilliant at the subject of your choice, you have Uranian inspiration to be innovative. You have potential to revolutionize the way a concept was previously viewed. You will have a profound influence on other people in your field of study. You convince others to see things in a new way.

Natal Pluto in Aspect to Moon in Pisces—obsessed with fantasy, you wish you could drift away into an alternate reality as you feel like you’re barely keeping your head above water in this reality. Others have poked your tender heart and you are unsure how to cope, and so you struggle to find yourself, yet you have immense compassion for others.

I like to use tight orbs with aspects as in:

under 7 degrees for a trine, under 6 degrees for a square or opposition, under 5 degrees for a sextile, under 3 degrees for a quincunx, under 2 degrees for the semi-square and semi-sextile…

If you are still trying to wrap your head around the Ptolemaic aspects and the minor aspects, I am more than happy to give lessons if you message me. Talking to an astrologer and having them show you how it works can be an easier way to learn instead of just reading.

Sellieve Neptune,

Yet another character I play in tabletops! Her name is Natasha and she’s a thrill seeking Russian spy, she speaks in a rather cartoony accent (think of those 80′s cartoons that needed to show a villain with one of those unknown but sorta european accents). she’s habid to traitorous behavior towards strangers but has a couple significant people, as well as having a weak spot for protecting children or people weaker then her (in her perspective).


sister signs
  • do things for themselves: aries, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, leo, virgo
  • do things for others: libra, taurus, gemini, cancer, aquarius, pisces
  • *
  • outdoors: aries, taurus, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, virgo
  • indoors: libra, scorpio, gemini, cancer, leo, pisces
  • *
  • independent: aries, scorpio, gemini, capricorn, aquarius, virgo
  • dependent: libra, taurus, sagittarius, cancer, leo, pisces
  • *
  • most competitive pair: aries & libra
  • most sensual pair: taurus & scorpio
  • most knowledge-thirsty pair: gemini & sagittarius
  • most caring pair: cancer & capricorn
  • most thrill-seeking pair: leo & aquarius
  • most hopeful pair: virgo & pisces
  • *
  • knowledge is power: aries & libra, gemini & sagittarius, leo & aquarius
  • loves aesthetic: aries & libra, cancer & capricorn, virgo & pisces
  • routine/predictable: taurus & scorpio, cancer & capricorn, virgo & pisces
  • spontaneous/unpredictable: aries & libra, gemini & sagittarius, leo & aquarius

Matthias “what the fuck am i doing here” Helvar

Nina “i am the scary monster your parents warned you about and also i like waffles” Zenik

Inej “beautiful cinnamon roll, too pure, has gone through hell and back, not even singed, because she is too good for any of us” Ghafa

Wylan “my flute playing is better than your flute playing” Van Eck

Jesper “all i care about is gambling and betting and shooting and thrill seeking and inej and nina and kaz and my dad and my dad’s farm and wylan’s stupid face and also everyone who has ever breathed in my direction” Fahey

Kaz “actually six insecurities standing on each other’s shoulders wearing a trench coat” Brekker

Disney Patent ‘Alters Rides’ Based on Passenger Emotions

OBJ reports: A new Disney patent, titled “Sensing and Managing Vehicle Behavior Based on Occupant Awareness” looks at a way to read riders’ emotions or pre-determined interests to customize ride experiences. For example, the patent states that via a camera on the vehicle or a wearable ID device — say Disney’s MagicBands — a ride system could read rider facial expressions such as being excited or bored, and then alter the course of the attraction to increase/decrease speed, spin more or less often, change the tone of display scenery and/or more to improve the ride for guests.

“The technology would allow rides to adjust show content appropriate for pre-teens, teenagers or adults; or for thrill-seeking and non thrill-seeking passengers. The control system may also operate the vehicle to address (e.g. even solve in some cases) motion sickness issues for passengers such as by adjusting speed or movement patterns of a vehicle. [Through RFID or some other identifying system] access one or more ride experience goals (or expectations) for the occupant.

For example, the occupant may simply desire transportation while in the automated trackless vehicle and, hence, will not be wanting to interact with to be entertained by external display systems. In other cases, though, the occupant may have provided goals/expectations (e.g. by completing a questionnaire on a website or the like) that indicate they want to be educated during the ride, be entertained in a particular manner during the ride, be informed of sales on services or merchandise during the ride, and so on. In the same or other cases, the goals/expectations may indicate whether the ride experience” should be thrilling, as smooth as possible, or something in between, said the patent.  

The technology may add more speed changes, spins and sharp corners for riders who seem bored or have provided prior information that they enjoy thrill rides. In addition, the patent states it may be able to sense passenger comfort levels such as temperature and alter the air-conditioning of the ride to make it more pleasant.



Flirt, mild insulting, fight, platonic fluff, smut, mild fluff

Fandom : Divergent

Request: “Could you do one for Divergent? Where you’re Tris’ friend because you transferred from Erudite to Dauntless and you’re divergent. And Peter and Eric both fall for you during the first stage of initiation and they both try to show off in the fights and they are unknowingly mean to you but at the end you end up having sex with one of them (you can choose which one) and the other is disappointed but becomes your friend anyway??? Love your blog btw💗”

Word count : 1651

gif is not mine.

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anonymous asked:

Hogwarts houses as comic villains (Loki, Bane, ect)?

I’m afraid I don’t have enough comic expertise to really write this as a full post, the only real comic I’ve read is a few Batman ones as a tiny child, plus what I’ve absorbed through Tumblr. I’ll put my basic ideas here:

Gryffindor: The Riddler- confident, thrill-seeking

Slytherin: Magneto- untrusting, cynical, vengeful

Ravenclaw: Loki- witty, tricky, observant

Hufflepuff: ?

If anyone has any other ideas, by all means feel free to add on and I might reblog a couple

“Okay, but consider this: I don’t care. I’m gonna do it.” The young girl had just finished setting up an elaborate arrangement of the fireworks she had ‘borrowed’ the day before - oh, come off it, nobody buys fireworks in this country unless it’s July 4th or the New Year. Even if the display was loud, it was 3am so nobody would be awake to see her until after the explosions go off, and she planned to run to her previously selected viewing spot to enjoy the show herself - which was chosen to be as secluded as possible. Besides, she had to celebrate - uh, what was it? National Chocolate Mint Day. Sure, that. “And, if you’re going to stick around for the show, I’d suggest you follow me as soon as I light this thing because honey it’s going to b l o w.” 

Victory. Victory must be the first word instilled in any jock’s vocabulary during his initial conversion training in the Athletic Department. They must be conditioned to understand and then to voraciously seek out the thrill of the win, of beating their opponents one by one, of becoming the best of the best.

Michael Hopkins, Student No. 295895, has been one of our greatest recent successes out of the Wrestling department. Once a shy, shameful nerd, afraid of the spotlight, even afraid of winning, he is now on the fast track towards becoming the irrefutable star of the department. Every time his arm is raised in victory, he is rewarded with even more muscular development, more athletic endurance, and more inborn confidence, all through the Athletic Department’s proprietary training methods and Education Programs. 

A few more wins like this, and he will no doubt become the alpha male of the team.

See, although we love that there’s no school, and that we have an endless amount of days, or so it seems to spend in the baking sun, and the sound of the ice cream truck rolling down our streets, and the summer loves we develop, and the fresh fruits that are finally in season, and the crash the tide brings into our sand filled toes, and the nights that the morning crept up on us out of the blue, and the amusement parks we go to in seek for a thrill, and the perfect ice cold glass of homemade lemonade mom makes, and the flaming magentas, crisp blues, and bright nectarines we see in the sky throughout the day, and the nights where it was too hot for the day to have time to cool off, so we sleep over the covers,and the laughs and smiles we share under a lantern light at the campground, and the sun that absorbs our skin and leaves gentle kisses.

These aspects of the beautiful season make it so wonderful, but it is not what makes us fall in love with summer. The truth about summer is we love it, because we feel alive. We feel the blood rushing through our veins and for the first time since early September, we remember how to breathe. We remember how to live.

Love, the teenagers.

—  the truth about summer

One of life’s primal situations; the game of hide and seek. Oh, the delicious thrill of hiding while the others come looking for you, the delicious terror of being discovered, but what panic when, after a long search, the others abandon you! You mustn’t hide too well. You mustn’t be too good at the game. The player must never be bigger than the game itself. 

~Jean Baudrillard~