seek avidity


ADHOC 2013: Seek Avidity

August 24, 2013

It was my first ADHOC experience and it was a blast. Some say and even my brother who is an avid fan told me that it was the worst adhoc ever but for me it’s not the best but okay. With all the cute boys and some girls in their high fashion outfits aangal pa ba ako?

To those people who don’t know this event, ADHOC is UPJMA’s largest income generating project for its beneficiaries. They are attracting party people all over the Metro and featuring the hottest music by the best DJ’s, free-flowing drinks all night and making sure the crowd go wild.

Anyway, I party all night long with my only friend Monica. :( Yeah, it kinda sucks but hey, I still enjoyed the night.


ADHOC. Seek avidity.

Nasulit ko naman yung binayadan ko dahil naranas kong madala ng stampede, uminom sa gamit na baso na walang ice , mainit yung venue, nabasa ang phone ko at dahil sa napakabait na organizers.

(And lastly kaya ako masaya e,di ko man lang naabutan yung pursuit of happiness mix. putangina. next time na lang ulit. never.)