seeing you in like 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! yay

Hey, guys! It’s been around 2 weeks since I last went in game, I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m about to go in today, yay! Anyways, whenever I see you guys playing the history challenge I rlly wanna play it too?? I’m not sure if I could keep up with it, but it seems like lots of fun! If I played it I’d make a sideblog anyways. Idk??? I’m rambling, I think it could be fun! 

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Omg you put my "Bane of existence" one up, yay!

Yeah, as long as the headcanon does not break one of my rules I will post it. I recently received a headcanon that was prefaced with “sorry if you have time please post this” Like really relax I have time.  You’re good.  Like if I don’t have time to queue it that day I’ll queue the next.  No biggie.  The main thing is there is like I have 70 headcanons in my queue and I post 5 headcanons a day so the wait time to see your headcanon published is like 2 weeks.

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I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 today and I really liked it! I'm looking forward to your posts about it after you watched it!

Ooh yay! I’m so glad you liked it! I’m very excited about it! Hoping to see it opening night next week and I will definitely post my thoughts. :-)

(although as always they will be behind a cut and tagged for spoilers)

I watch a lot of cartoons and right now…

Gravity Falls: ended

Steven Universe: all I wanna do is see them turn in a new episode(hiatus)

Star vs the Forces of Evil: waiting for season 2

Rick and Morty: waiting for season 3

We Bare Bears: some episodes sometimes (YAY)

Adventure Time: one episode every week(YAAAAYYYY PLZ DON’T STOP)

Bob’s Burgers: on schedule

Miraculous Ladybug: waiting for season 2

And all my friends are being like: maybe you should watch TV shows


How to Get Away with Murder: season 2 ended

Bones: picking up April 14(i think)

Sherlock: waiting for season 4

and frankly, I’m not that much into TV shows.

Title: In Threes (Pt. 2)

Genre: some fluff, some lil bitty bits of sadness!!

Word Count: 5,171 (WOWZA!!!)

Rating: G/PG

Warnings: just some swearing and the tiniest bits of sadness!!

Summary: “‘no one tells you that one day you’re gonna wake up next to a boy with hair the same colour as the ink you use to write with. and it’s kinda weird to look over and see all that darkness and then see you open your eyes and just see—light. I don’t understand how you manage to be both….’”

Author’s Note, yay: IT’S BEEN LIKE 3 WEEKS. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED IN THAT TIME FRAME. OH MY GOODNESS. But yes HELLO I am here and I’ve got a part 2 yay!!!! :DDDD this may be the longest part (don’t actually know bc the fic isn’t finished completely yet lolololol) and it’s over five THOUSAND WORDS WOW so yeah!! I got an ask asking if I’d ever posted anything longer than 2k and I realized I hadn’t really but now I have HERE U R FRIEND!!! So there we go!! And again, I normally wouldn’t use a part of the fic as a summary, but still don’t know how to really summarize this!! Aha!!! AGAIN SHOUTOUT TO THE SUN IN MY SKY JULI (bientist) FOR BETAING THIS AND MAKING IT GR15 I LOVE U!!! this will definitely have a 3rd part and maybe a 4th depending on how much more I wanna continue with this!! But yeah yay!!! :DDDD <33333

*a thing: if there’s ever anything you need me to tag, please please please let me know and I’ll take care of it!! Thank you bunches you’re a cute little flower <3*


Part 1



Monday, 7:44 am


Dan’s written sixteen poems about Phil’s eyes in the last eight hours.

They’re mostly just five or six sentences long, nothing major because Dan was in such a rush to get these words out that he just hastily jotted down the lines and then put them off to the side and forgot about them, moving onto the next one and smudging the same amount of ink around his fingertips.

The thirteenth poem was the longest one. There’s way too many references to the ocean in it.

Dan doesn’t care.

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What I like about you
You really know how to dance
When you go up, down, jump around
Think about true romance, yeah

[5 seconds of summer - What I like about you]

It’s Sukka week yay~!

I must say - I’m not a huge fan of Avatar as much as my sis, but I really like the characters!

And these 2 are probably my favorite to draw, also because I think they make a cute couple.

I can see them at a club, dancing like crazy when “their song” comes up!

I’m way to lazy to color this, also because the first day is already over my time.

So have just a cute sketch of these two having fun dancing!

Since I recently reached 8k, I decided to do one of this. I’ve been seeing blogs doing this kind of thing so why not :) 


- must be following me, duh, i’ll be checking.

- reblog this multiple times so i can see you, likes are only for bookmarking

- no promoting yourself please

- MUST submit a proof that you have under 3k followers with the date on the message please 


- a follow from me, if not already

- a new friend, yay

- promo & tons of queue


- i’ll be choosing 15 blogs, depending on the notes

- you have 2-3 weeks to reblog

There are no higher chances here, just have a wonderful blog that you love! Don’t be shy to talk to me or if you have any questions just message me. That’s all folks, get reblogging, and have a nice day. And please don’t let this flop x 

hi guys! ok so it’s no secret that season two and especially the season finale was a low blow for skyeward and it seems more and more likely that the writers just doesn’t care about them anymore what so ever and only really created them for shock value  (╯_╰) hence i’ve been seeing a lot of people giving up on them and while i can’t blame them at all it makes me really sad since the skyeward fandom is so beautiful and i still love ward and skye and the idea of them together so so much! so i was thinking now that it’s hiatus anyway let’s gather troops and just like reminisce about old times in the form of an appreciation week yay! so here’s the guidelines:

you can make gifs, edits, graphics, picspams etc honestly whatever you like.

day 1 (monday 18th of may): favorite scene

day 2 (tuesday 19th of may): favorite overall quote (could be one that isn’t from aos but just reminds you of their relationship) 

day 3 (wednesday 20th of may): favorite moment of physical contact (kiss, hug, whatever)

day 4 (thursday 21st of may): favorite humorous moment 

day 5 (friday 22nd of may): favorite moment of either ward/skye or both being affected by one another (worried, happy, protective, talking about each other etc)  

day 6 (saturday 23rd of may): favorite parallel 

day 7 (sunday 24th of may):  favorite emosh moment

thats basically it tbh i really hope yall participate, please reblog this, spread the word and remember to tag your posts with #skyewardweek 

Okay ladies (and gentlemen, too!)

I know Valentines day comes with a lot of pressure to find a date or significant other, and there’s this stigma that people that are single can’t really celebrate the holiday. Well, I want to change this.

If you reblog this, I will write you a personal message that I will message you on Valentines Day!

I ask that you reblog this so others can see! Also, I’d love it if you follow me (you aren’t required to), because I plan on following all of you cuties that reblog this (that way in 2 weeks I can send you all a bunch of fan mail yay) 


Spread the word! I don’t want any of you cute chickadees to feel left out or lonely, and since I can’t buy you all flowers and chocolates, I would at least like to pay it forward a little bit!

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Happy Anniversary!! :D If i remember correctly, you and David are sort of in a LDR, right? Do you have any advises on how to keep a LDR going? Me and my bf will be separated from next year onwards for 2 years. :c

Yay, thank you! ^^

We kind of (kiiind of) are - we live 123 kilometers away from each other and both have very busy lives, so there are times when we don’t see each other for like weeks to a month. But we text, whatsapp, call, chat, snapchat and what not, I sometimes send him letters, etc. Now that we both have a smartphone we talk everyday from when we wake up to when we go to sleep again, and it’s really good to have that constant contact.

If we’d be seperated for as long as you and your boyfriend, I know it would also bring me comfort to know that we’ve been together for 4 1/2 years and that those months are nothing compared to that and our strong relationship.

You could send each other letters or other stuff you made for each other, do cute stuff like watch the same movie with skype on, lay in bed with your laptop and turn on your webcam, I’d basically do everything together with Skype/webcam on, haha. Maybe if you both don’t have enough money to visit each other, meet half way? I think it will be tough at some moments but where there’s a will there’s a way - I always find that an annoying thing to hear/say, but it rings a truth. Good luck to you both, you can do it! <3

Lana Del Rey in Philly Experience ok

ok so i typed this like twice and my computer kept shutting down so this will be shorter and less detailed than it was oops

i left my house at like 10 am. like 3 hour drive ugh ew . i got to the venue at 1pm nc my mom didnt wannna leave any earlier, i met some really cool people on the line, waited 6+ hours in the heat without any food or water bc i couldnt get up. it was brutal, but i mean yolo i had to see the queen

they finally let us in at 6:30 i s2g i have never ran so fast in my life. they scanned my ticket and i was off to the races (see wuht i did there) yeah and i was like pulling my brother with me and we some how made it to 2nd row so fricken close you have no idea

then we had to wait 2 hours standing up for her and i swear it was horrible. it was so hot and i hadnt had a drink of water. i had to sell my soul for a bottle of water to this girl. this girl risked her life going through the crowd to give me a bottle of water. i ended up paying her 10$ and bless her soul bc without her i might not be here typing this today 

the concert starts and honestly it was so unorganized and chaotic. girls were passing out ALL over the place literally you turn around and another girl is on the floor gettting carried out by security. i lost count tbh of how many did pass out. idk if it was the heat or dehydration but hey they were dropping like flies. i was literally being pushed all over the place but managed to hold on to my brother

she FINALLY comes on and she looks gorgeous. however, i thought i was being pushed hard before, no no


i was wrong bc the crowd suddenly turned in to a wave, i thought everyone was gonna fall over it was crazy. i was lucky and got to see a lot of her bc im kinda tall, but my brother didnt see anything i felt so bad i kept trying to get him in front of me but he wouldnt move

so i mean it was hell tbh but it was worth it. ive waited like 3 years to see her and it was amazing to finally be able to. she sounded amazing her band was soooo good, she looked great. she couldnt have done any better. she was so cute too. she told us ultraviolence was being released in a few weeks so yay!!!!

i was quite upseet that she didnt come in to the crowd and take pics with everyone on the barricade bc i probs couldve gotten a selfie with her if she did. instead she came down for like 2 minutes and only took a few selfies :/

i mean it was hell but the moral of the story is do not go to an LDR concert if you arent a crazy fan bc tbh its not worth it if you dont really like her that much. i had the time of my life seeing her finally and i loved it. waiting hours in the heat is the price you pay for the ones you love

thats my story ok if you actually read this bless you