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Can I just say how proud I am of Zendaya? Like this lil mfer went from co-starring in a Disney show, to producing, directing, and starring in her own Disney show, only to be in a MARVEL movie. Not just any Marvel movie but Spiderman??? And now she’s gonna be in the movie The Greatest Showman with like, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, and Hugh Jackman???

I’ve seen lots of interviews with her and she seems like the most down to earth sweet girl but on top of all that she STAYS slayin red carpets lookin like a beautiful glazed donut fresh out the oven??

Like this is what she’s always wanted to do and she DID THAT what kind of glo up goals

Figure Skating AU - An old piece among various others tba soon

Note: This was done back in early 2015 (yes, before YOI. I’ve always loved the sport) in conjunction with Nicole’s lovely birthday gift for me that year (Read it on AO3: HERE). It belongs to an art log full of pair-skating Eruri illustrations. Hopefully I will finish it all sometime this year orz

So sorry for the silence for the past 2 months. >_<  I’ll jumpstart again within the next month!


The Doctor + The Master - last and first looks.


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Steve gets de-serumed and that makes him super grumpy so extreme sassy!Steve comes out. He finds it both annoying and endearing to know that his boyfriend laughs at all his sassy one-liners even when they are directed at said boyfriend. 

Tony loves his boyfriend even when he is a small ball of ‘fight-me’ and sass. Tony thinks that he might like Steve a little better this way (not that Tony doesn’t like or miss his boyfriend’s hot body but somethings are just more fun when they are seen in a different light). 

Steve gives Tony half-hearted glares and looks of annoyance but inside it makes him super happy to know that Tony loves him for him and that he loves his sass. Rarely anyone does. Most just tolerate it but Tony…Tony loves it and where there is Steve (especially de-serumed! Steve) there will always be the sass along with him. 

Tony would not have it any other way. 

Tired Of Being Alone


You didn’t notice anything at first. Initially, you had just thought that he was stressed or tired due to all of his hard work and long days at the studio. You didn’t want to think too much into it. It took you a while, but finally saw how different he had become. He wasn’t the same person you fell for a few short months ago. He was colder, more distant than ever. You’d hoped that it was just a phase he was going through and that he would be back to normal in no time. However as the weeks came and went and those weeks turned into months, you realized that you were wrong, that Harry had become a completely different person.

It was hard to pinpoint the exact moment where everything had changed. It wasn’t that one day he woke up and a switch was flipped, making him turn into someone who was closed off and acted bitter towards you when he was usually so kindhearted and loving. No, it was nothing like that. Rather, it was the build up- the subtle changes that were exactly that, differences that were too small to notice. And when you finally realized he wasn’t the same, all you could do was make excuses for him, for the sake of your relationship.

He slowly stopped writing sweet notes to you before he left for the studio in the early hours of the morning. Which you concluded to be him being excited to get back to work, rushing out of your house as quickly as possible to get back to writing. Then, the usual texts and calls throughout the day became less frequent until they stopped altogether. This you put down as him being busy. You two began to bicker and fight a lot more than you used to, which you put down as you going through the “bumpy stage” of the relationship. Despite this, after a while, you had a hard time coming with reasons as to why your relationship with Harry was going down the drain, and it was even more difficult to try to salvage it.

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Reasons to love Melissa Benoist:

  • one of the best if not the best actor on Supergirl, also main character
  • lights up the world when she laughs/smiles/giggles (and she does that a lot because she’s precious and bubbly)
  • cares about global warming
  • is a dork
  • loves star wars and happy potter
  • once made a sign saying “Hey Donald, don’t try to grab my pussy - it’s made of steel"
  • loves dogs
  • looks great in the Supergirl suit
  • loves children
  • is a talented photographer
  • wants to be a good role model for little girls
  • amazing arms, amazing eyes, amazing everything
  • delivers super powerful emotional scenes
  • some of her line deliveries will hit you right in the feels with her emotion
  • is a ray of sunshine 
  • has the voice of an angel
  • everyone who works with her loves her
  • is a vocal feminist
  • is woke and is not afraid to speak up

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"Do it. I dare you. " malec

“Do it, I dare you” Alec grinned when he hears the sudden charge of foot steps and feel the sudden change of the wind as the shaft come to connect with his ankles.

He quickly jumps to dodge the hit and turn around. “Magnus?” He titled his head to the side of the sight of his boyfriend and not his parabatai.

“What? I like to get my hands dirty sometimes too” Magnus shrugged and change from his more poise and graceful stance to one more battle ready.

Alec mirror his boyfriends stance. “I’ve been looking for a new sparring partner, Jace isn’t a challenge anymore” Alec commented as they moved around in a tense circle, watching and waiting for the other to make the first move.

“Is that so?”

“Bring it on Bane” Alec smirked and took the first jab at Magnus who quickly blocked the hit.

“Don’t think I’ll take it ease on you because I love you”