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May the Dread Wolf never catch your scent.

The Solas-based poster of one of my recent paintings. I still have far too many Trespasser-feels (I think I always will). The sheer emotion, the epic melodic soundtrack, the build-up to that confrontation, the desperation to reach him as you’re dying after everything you’ve gone through… Regardless of the Inquisitor’s relationship with him, I believe he is by far one of the best characters designed in recent entertainment history, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for his development. Heartbreak and angst, of course.

Shopping tip

The ShopWell app is very convenient. You can scan foods with your smart phone while at the grocery store and see if those items meet the filter requirements you have put in place under your settings. You can choose “vegan” as one of your filters, but there are other options you can choose from as well such as “gluten-free.” You can also choose what you’re specifically looking to increase in your diet (protein, iron, vitamin a, vitamin c, etc.) and/or what you’re specifically looking to decrease (trans fat, disaccharides, sodium, etc.)

Select “vegan” as one of your filters in the app. If the food you scan is not vegan, the app will recommend that you avoid it and then offer a list of alternative options that better meet the requirements you’ve listed under your food settings. You can change the settings at any time.

While the app is not for vegans only, it makes vegan shopping a lot easier and can help people customize their diets to better fit their health needs in general.

The app is also free!

Just something to keep in mind. So far, it has really worked for me.

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I AM SO PROUD OF YOU AND YOUR BOOK DEAL!!! You worked so hard and it is so amazing that it paid off in the end. You created a book that showcases positive LGBTQ+ relationships, characters, and environment and with this, I would like to say it is a real honor to have had this connection. Even if it was through Tumblr messaging. I know your book will change so many lives and I am excited to see what your future has in store.

Dawwwwwwwwwww thank you sooooooo much, sweetie – this means the world to me, and I’m smiling so big. I can’t wait to share more of the book (slash… you know… the actual book ;) ) with you all!! April 2nd!!!!!!! o.O <3 <3 <3 <3 

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It’s been a long and eventful ride, but as I’ve always said, once my store got closer to being able to open, I’d be checking out of this blog for good. It’s bittersweet, but that day is today! I’ll admit, I’m just as surprised as I’m sure you all are.

This blog has been… a rollercoaster, for sure, and I’m sure we all have the parts we like and dislike about it. I’m glad it can be such a large resource, with such a large following, but god knows I wish I could have done a lot of things differently with it. 

The next time you all see me on here, I guess it’ll be as a listed store! Thanks for sticking with me and this blog, and I hope the second mod can do things better than I did, for everyone’s sake. So, yeah! Bye!

- Canon

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headcannons for Josuke whose so is a really good ice skater? Thanks man ur blog is awesome

- Josuke is super impressed! It’s a pretty unusual talent to have, and he can see just by watching s/o that it requires a grace, balance and athleticism that he thinks is amazing. 
- If his s/o will let him, he’ll really love watching them - he’s pretty exuberant though, so if his shouting and cheering are going to put them off it’s probably a better idea that they find a way to gently say no to him. 
- It’s one of those things he’ll remember about his s/o and if he sees something related to ice skating when he’s in a store or something, he’ll pick it up to give them as a gift later. 
- He’ll want his s/o to teach him! He’s pretty graceful for someone so tall and he’s got good balance, so he picks it up fairly easily - at least, the skating part of it. S/O has to take him over to the side of the rink and fuss over him when he attempts a trick he’s not ready for and injures himself. 
- He does worry about s/o being on slippery ice with sharp blades attached to their feet, and if he knows his s/o is going to be practising he’s always conveniently around in case he needs to surreptitiously bring out Crazy Diamond. 

2/3rds of a roll of paper later, crying like I’ve never cried in my life before, I’m probably closer to a raisin or a jellyfish washed ashore at high noon and left in direct sunlight for 5 hours, than to a human, but for now I am finally calm.

I am grateful I was here for these 3 years of magic and beauty, the experiences I had and the friends I made along the way. I wish you all as much happiness and strength as *they* gave *me*.

It is now a new dawn, literally and figuratively, the future is full of hope (希望) and I am most excited to see what it has in store.

Congrats Daimon and Maaya! ❄💖

When the store runs out of pine nuts (see yesterday’s post, re: Melissa Clark recipes and the Park Slope Food Coop), I’ll suffer with walnuts.

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What kind of fashion style do you think Yusaku has outside of his uniform? Regardless of what he can afford; what kind of clothes do you see him gravitating towards in a store?

Very clean cut. Either no patterns, or minimalist patters (thick fading stripes, thin zig zags ect). Neutral tones: black, white, navy, brown, beige, maybe turquoise or dusty pink if he’s feeling, idk, flamboyant. The colors would coordinate only because it’s hard to fuck up pairing those types of shades together. 

Maybe it’s because we haven’t seen him in anything else yet, but I think he’d still be big on blazers; maybe the oversized ones that go to the mid-thigh, designed to still look good if you rolled the sleeves up to the elbows. He’d probably ditch the tie, replace it with a scarf during the fall/winter. I don’t think he’d put much thought into his shoes (just look at his shoes now, they’re hideous); he’d probably just go with something comfortable, in black (so they’d “go with anything”). 

Basically, it’d boil down to him not wanting to stand out, but not wanting to look ugly either—because not giving a shit about your appearance is standing out in it’s own way. 

Halloween 2016


The jacket origin story that no one asked for