seeing this in person was incredible

it’s so comforting to me that louis /knows/ us. with other ppl, even ppl I’m a fan of, they seem to mostly see the obnoxious side of a fandom or rlly just the “twitter fandom” bc that’s what they use, which is usually not a good representation of respectful devoted fans. but louis has shown time and time again that he knows /us/. sending little messages to us that other ppl wouldn’t understand, talking about how incredible we are and the things he sees, how we know what things mean, responding to things on twitter that are very obviously from specific types of fans bc of their word choices. and, idk it’s just… I’m rlly glad that he knows how much we support and love him. the real him. and that we’re focused on his music and his charity work and his personality and his /happiness/ before anything else. it comforts me knowing that he probably stalks tumblr and sees posts with thousands of notes that say nothing but we support him, no matter what. that we trust him. I don’t rlly know how to articulate it??? there’s such an emotional connection between louis and us, it doesn’t even feel like we’re just fans of a celebrity. it feels like we’re a team. and the best part is, I know he feels that way too.

It’s 5 AM and i literally just cried over Niall what the fuck man. I’m so tired. He’s literally the cutest person in the universe and i’m not even exaggerating right now. Everyone loves him so fucking much. He’s so genuine. It’s just so easy to love him. And I need to see him perform Live so bad. Ive deadass come to the point where seeing him live on videos makes me so incredibly SAD. I need to experience this so badly. ‪i’m tired of feeling all these emotions. i can go from being so happy to so fucking sad in the span of 3 seconds thanks to Niall Horan‬

please support nine muses or, at least, please help us MINE support them:

  • watch their remember mv, their recent comeback, on their channel or on genie even just once a day. fan or not, the views are already a big help
  • if you have accounts on any of the korean music sites, please stream their comeback song or even just add them to your playlist. the number of plays help
  • buying the physical album is most ideal but buying digitally can help too. if you can do both, please do both
  • tweet about them, use hashtags like  #나인뮤지스 #기억해 or make posts whenever wherever about namyu. tell your friends, tell your friends to tell their friends about namyu. let’s not just complain amongst ourselves about how underrated they are, but let’s also continuously promote them in every way we can
  • highlight namyu’s music but also showcase the personalities of all the members, past and present. they’re incredibly fun and funny people but not many get to see that bc of how little resources we have (our previous eng translating team have become inactive, so just bless the kind individuals who do translate for i-mines from time to time)
  • vote for them on music shows (9mnet posted instructions on how to vote on shows i think). most of us namyu fans are completely aware that with the competition rn, namyu doesn’t stand a chance but maybe by getting the numbers higher or their rankings on these shows higher, we can get people curious about them. we can get more people to watch their mvs or buy their music
  • make edits or gifs or videos or hell even fics of namyu, bc people are affected or moved in different ways and we don’t know what exactly can turn them into fans (i personally got into kpop bc of a certain gifset, who knows maybe there’d be more who would get to experience the same beginning as me)

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usually i tend to stay away from ship wars or ignore the opposite ship but my god i remember seeing a post about how glad they were betty's v was still intact and that b**chie still has a chance. i quickly blocked that user. i was disgusted and suprised i would see something so chauvinistic in this site.

did you really? that’s absolutely repulsive! as if betty is ruined for archie if she has sex with jughead (or anybody else). why do they want to set women back 80 years? 

*notice that archie’s not a virgin, but that person had no problem with that. that didn’t take away b*rchie “chance” 

honestly, tumblr is full of terrible people who like to pretend they’re holier than everybody else because they “pull out receipts” and bully people over incredibly trivial stuff 

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Dude I totally agree with what you're saying like. I have social anxiety, but I'm an incredibly happy and energetic person!! In fact, it's super rare that I'm sad. And I relate to Michael in a lot of ways, so to see him portrayed as really insecure and sad all the time is? So confusing to me lmao

YES SAME it’s,,, ,s o frustrating asdfgh ??

i’m a melting pot of mental illness but im still happy w myself ?? my confidence drops suddenly only occasionally but usually im level ?? i just relate to michael on almost every level there is and it’s bothering me sm @ how the fandom is butchering his character, esp in fics 


Teresa: We’re going to have a baby…a whole baby. We’ll be responsible for another sim life. 

Jamison:  Yeah…it’s amazing when you think about it like that.

Teresa: And a little scary.  I mean we have to name this little person and teach them…oh my goodness Jami - we could really mess this little person up!

Jamison: That’s not gonna happen, hon.  You’ll be an incredible mother and I’m gonna do my damnedest to be a much better parent than my parents ever were. 

Teresa: Speaking of which…when are you planning on going to see them?

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Something that's always bothered me about most FAHC gavin headcanons is how inaccurate they are when it comes to flair. Gavin doesn't always necessarily go for flair, and FAHC gavin definitely would not torture with liquid gold, that's a waste of money, or leave roses at hit sights, that's more effort than he'd ever put out. Gavin loves efficiency. Not to say that he's lazy and doesn't value elaborate schemes. He's the type to work all day to rig something to do work for him in a second.

I would tend to agree with this but i wouldn’t say inaccurate - picking and choosing where to change his character is what makes everyone’s versions of the same individuals different and interesting, so i quite like to see all the creative variations. If everyone went for the exact same interpretations it would get boring pretty quickly i think.  

But yes, personally i see fahc Gavin as someone who will go to incredible effort in terms of the image he portrays (in facades and knowledge, in manipulation, not physical appearance) but far less so in many other areas. He’s not lazy, not at all, just values efficiency to an alarming degree, and can be remarkably impatient when he doesn’t see the merit in doing something. Gavin’s really just not interested in faffing about if the effort is going to be greater than the reward. 

That said, his idea of a worthy reward for his labour doesn’t always align with other people’s expectations; It’s perfectly acceptable to devote a whole week to setting up an unnecessarily complex trap just to see what will happen to a body placed under that much stress, but half a day spent tracking down some no-name low level dealer is deemed a ridiculous waste. Gavin can be wildly impulsive, and loves a good excessively elaborate plan, he’s just not going to commit to some long term superfluous action with no real payoff, because honestly who has the time. 

10 Characters, 10 Fandoms

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Rules: List your top 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms (in no particular order)

1. Nagito Komaeda: Danganronpa <3 So for those who don’t know me well, I actually hated him a lot at one point XD but after some time I ended up appreciating his character more. Especially after looking at some of his FTEs and reading some of his backstory. I started to read more into his character, and eventually I ended up liking him haha

2. Yuri Plisetsky: Yuri On Ice Well at first I kinda thought he was a jerk, but I kinda liked that about him XD. His fiery personality was pretty entertaining to me and I was really drawn to his skating the most. He’s incredibly skilled for his age and his skating is always beautiful and entertaining to see

3. Garnet: Steven Universe  I won’t say spoilers for this haha but she’s so awesome haha. I really love seeing Garnet, I think she’s really wise. Not to mention she’s pretty funny XD haha. Definitely has a beautiful voice and she’s just overall amazing

4. Genos: One Punch Man I really love Genos man, he’s just so cool haha

5. Ian: Siren’s Lament  This one’s a bit different, this is actually a web comic, but hey it still counts right? Ian’s pretty cool and funny XD I love his character a lot. He’s pretty blunt when interacting which makes him entertaining in any situation.

6. Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney  Edgeworth was just great like come on lol! He’s pretty funny to me lol! He’s pretty cool! 

7. Asuma Mutsumi: Kiss Him Not Me He was just overall adorable! I loved him! 

8. Sebastian Michaelis: Black Butler One of the coolest characters ever!!!

9. Adrien Agreste/ Cat Noir: Miraculous Ladybug A sweetie pie!!! I still think he deserves more recognition in the show :P

10. Finnick Odair: The Hunger Games  I loved him so much, he was my most favorite in the series

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What is Sendak really really bad at?

Hiding when he really, really doesn’t like someone. He is an incredibly spiteful person and would MUCH rather have this person know full well that he does not like their stupid ass instead of pretending they’re friends. I mean, just ask Prorok or even Shiro in his Banished verse.

He didn’t use to be so open about it, of course, such as when he was a Lieutenant ( granted this still led to him murdering his Commander in cold blood ), but now that he is a much higher rank, he sees himself as completely allowed to express that. If he hates somebody and they know it, so what? What’re they gonna do? Get him fired for being a meanie? Yeah, right.

But anyway, an alternative answer that actually impacts his work:

Shooting guns, probably. It isn’t that he has bad aim ( he needs a lot of aim, actually, with that cybernetic arm ) but he just, ironically, does not have the patience for them. He could spend all day dodging circles around somebody, but he would get extremely agitated up in somewhere like a sniper’s ( not that he could even use a two-handed gun at all ) nest. It just isn’t his thing. 

He prefers everything to be up close and personal if he can help it. Of course, things do not always turn out this way, but he finds a way to work anyway, most of the time. Like most stealth is left to Haxus, long range is left to long range specialists, and he specializes in going in himself and finishing it off with his hands if he can help it.

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Speaking about Jimin. This sweet chim chim, monchi, who always shows a sweet and kind smile everywhere he goes, who is always for the other guys, this blessing from the heavens makes sorrowful noises while sleeping, and I can't. Also his song, seems like he's having some difficulties in life. I don't know what's happening but I might cut someone if necessary.

You know the funny thing about Jimin is that he’s strong and incredibly resilient. I feel that sometimes his worst enemy is himself rather than anyone else. I think that he continually thinks of how others think of him, and that sometimes he can’t see what others see. He’s such an amazing person to me, and is that rare breath of fresh air. I think that he is still learning to have self-confidence in his abilities, but he’s come a very long way.

Admin Tomi

I want to see more big girls as the stars of mainstream films, and owning every single person in the movie with their “I don’t give a damn about what you think, I’m beautiful and I know it” attitude. More shows with leads that are transgender women showing us how incredible they are in what they endure from society and conduct themselves with such admirable pride and strength. More women of colour centric tv shows highlighting all the struggles they must survive growing up. More autistic girls being protagonists of movies and showing people that autism can also mean kindness, intelligence and beauty if you take the time to understand that it’s a different system. I want more differently abled girls becoming superstars in tv shows with their positive attitudes to life, their incredible spirit and their immense compassion. I want mainstream films and tv shows to start making them the heroes they deserve to be. We need to show our children that heroes come on all kinds of bodies, all kinds of minds and that is something we should love and respect as a society. We need to make tv shows and films as diverse as they can be so our children and their children can understand themselves, love themselves, and treat each other with empathy.
—  Nikita Gill, On TV Shows And Movies And True Female Inclusivity

the false equivalence between anger from the far-right and the anger from the left who are being attacked daily by those same people, is both cruel and manipulative. republican conservatives and democratic party centrists keep arguing that the left has a “rage” problem as though being angry about vast inequality and suffering is irrational. as though the left being concerned about the increasing violence after the rise of trump is the same as far-right bigotry itself. bernie sanders has never incited violence. saying that trump is dangerous is not the equivalent of hate speech.

if someone lives in the current political and economic system and isn’t angry about the cruelty and inequality that it produces then they are incredibly privileged and willfully ignorant. i am wary of people who are not angry and who don’t want to be politically active. what kind of person sees the police brutality against black people and feels nothing? what kind of person learns that 5 men own more than half the wealth of humanity and isn’t angered by that fact?

the progressive left is also made up of millions of women and poc who centrists like to erase to fit their “bernie bro” narrative. the left is trying to bring about change by dismantling white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism. and we are not just angry. we are demonstrating, peacefully protesting, advocating for progressive policies, and loudly standing up for the most vulnerable in society. it is something the left should be proud of. we will not be silenced because it makes conservatives and centrists uncomfortable. the truth is that the establishment doesn’t want the system to change because they make vast sums of money from it, and as long as we comply with their demands it won’t.

we should refuse to be vilified for speaking out against racism, sexism, and inequality. and we should see the smears against bernie sanders and the progressive left for what they are: centrist elites in the democratic party trying to hold onto power at any cost.

This morning I was thinking about the LGBT+ community I know vs the LGBT+ community now, and something dawned on me. The LGBT+ community doesn’t respect its predecessors. Gay culture has changed drastically over the last 10 years, and I’m okay with us moving forward naturally with what people within the community naturally want - I’m not okay with us shitting on the past, erasing the past, degrading the past, as we do so.

The LGBT+ flag is topical so I’m going to start there. During the aids crisis, we never gave up. People were faced with something that was killing them on a biological level, and they said “Fuck you”. People had “going away” parties after being diagnosed where they would go out and drink and drink and drink, not going home for days, they would kill themselves because they didn’t want to let aids have the last say - they said “Fuck you, I control my life, I control when I die”. Other people, even some of the first to be diagnosed while they were still giving out numbers with each new diagnosis, are still alive today - they said “Fuck you, I’m going to take everything I can and do everything I can, you are not taking me, bitch”. We added a black line for those people. And now people think that those struggles don’t deserve that colour any more, that instead of using the pride flags they already have for the intersection of race and LGBT+ issues, they can appropriate all of those deaths.

Punks and rockers in the 70s and 80s stood by gay people, we shared our fashion sense and our flare for the dramatic, bright hair colours and clothes that stood out. Punks and rockers got beaten up for being presumed gay. The leather and spikes in the metal community were popularized because gay artists in that community wore those things on stage - it came from gay culture. And now those very bands and communities have to constantly remind people that they’re left-leaning, that they’re for gay rights, that they’re against systems of power - because somewhere down the line someone decided that gay culture was now flower crowns and unicorns, and that the other subcultures have been against us all along.

Drag queens and leather and revealing clothes are constantly pictured online with captions saying that they’re inappropriate at Pride. Fucking Pride - a protest, a party, a celebration of all of the wild and wonderful aspects that we incorporated into our culture when we said “We’re outside of the norm and so are you, so lets rock it together”. They were our body guards, they took the brunt of the insults and violence while those who were afraid hung back and looked “normal”. They are our history. They are the communities we stood with because we all understood what it was like to be ostracized and judged, and we accepted each other, and we became stronger together. Pride is a protest and a party in one, it’s not a safe space, it was never supposed to be - and if you’re okay with a woman wearing nothing but a lacy thong and marching at a Free The Nipple protest with “Slut” on her chest in permanent marker, as I see so many of the people who decry Pride outfits celebrating, it’s a giant fucking double standard to not be okay with revealing outfits at Pride. If you’re okay with someone dressed as a slutty unicorn at a Slut Walk, then why aren’t you okay with leather short shorts and a leash at Pride?

And alcohol!? People complaining about the alcohol in the gay community are so utterly unaware of our history. Gay bars were our first real “Safe Spaces”, Harvey Milk and other incredible gay activists rose to popularity partially because of their incredible personalities, their parties, their fun and kind nature, how they welcomed people in and offered them drinks and fun and friendship with no question. Our history is full to the brim with proof that being fun and exciting and rebellious was what drew people to us.

And the one that grinds my gears the most is slurs - is how everyone is so quick to be offended by words. That’s not what the gay community has ever stood for. The film “Pride” said it best when it said that when we’re called a name, we take it and we run with it. The “Pits and Perverts” concert happened because the newspapers called us perverts and we said “That’s catchy”. You can’t take away people’s power by giving that word all of the power and then saying that only bad people can use it, only people that hate you can use it - because now the word means “I hate you, I have power over you, you disgust me” - you take their power by making the word meaningless, by taking the word and going “ours now”. That was one of the staples of the LGBT+ community, a motto that we all lived by. But now people talk about how those words have “always been used to oppress us”, as if that never happened.

Y'all act like you want the world to think that LGBT+ people are pastel coloured, young, innocent, harmless angels - we’re rebels, we bring the fun, we bring the energy, we fight to the death and we’ve won over and over and over again; we wear our hair big and bright, we wear our labels on our chest, not because we want to ~normalize~ and ~raise awareness~ but because we’re daring the world to fucking try it, because we’re saying to the homophobes “I’m not scared of you” and we’re taking their power and their words. This modern LGBT+ community isn’t doing that, it’s screaming “Think of the children!” like the conservatives of old, it’s insisting that we’re quaint, middle class, and “just like you”, instead of “Fuck you we don’t have to conform”. It’s becoming what we fought, it’s turning on its own members, past and present, for engaging in parts of our culture and our history.

~ Vape


JJ Saga: Part Three

Part One: Phichit | Part Two: Yuuri

So I thought I’d try this one from a different perspective. It’s probably one of the more personal parts I’m going to do. But I have been an incredible fan of JJ-Otabek friendship for the LONGEST TIME! I love them. I do. Who would you like to see next?

- admin elliott.

(P.S. - thank you for your support! i never thought so many people would enjoy these! love you all)

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I love how you always see the best in people. Like with some other youtube and internet icons you can tell that some of them are not exactly 100% genuine but with you you're always like a ray of sunshine. Just how you are with your friends and how interactive you are with your fans. You're so kind and warm and I just wish there were more people like that in the world.

Well, I mean, you all truly do help me to see the good parts of me! It’s incredibly symbiotic, what we got going on here haha, and I never want to take that for granted. I don’t wanna speak for all people in social media, but I’m sure many are quite busy or maybe going through personal things that, to other people on the other side of the screen, may make them seem distant, but is truly not what they’re intending. I just try to put myself in other people’s shoes as much as I can. I fail at that too sometimes! Haha I guess I just mean, if you look up to someone online for reasons and they seem unresponsive, maybe not give up on em too soon if you don’t know why that is. They’re only humans! Haha but I’m glad I am willing and able to talk with you all, because you make me very happy! So thank you for your kind words. <3

As a friend, Gigi is one of the first people I go to for advice,” Swift writes in an e-mail. “She has this incredible ability to see all sides of a situation and simplify it for you, to see the complexity of people…Gigi’s #1 rule is to treat people the way she’d want to be treated, so she’s on time (or early) to work, says hello to everyone on set, asks them how they are, and actually listens to their response. She is an innately kind and inclusive person who has managed to become a huge power player and businesswoman without ever compromising that.
—  Taylor Swift on Gigi Hadid (Harper’s Bazaar, June/July 2017) (x)