seeing them reunited makes me so happy

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Any chance you could do Philip reuniting Alexander and John in the afterlife and later walking in on them making out? I know it's odd but it's something I could definitely see happening.

Alexander: I’m so happy to see you Phillip.

Phillip: Me too dad.

Alexander: I guess it was my time.

Phillip: Yeah… Oh! I forgot!

Alexander: What?

Phillip: Wait here there’s someone that might want to see you! *runs off somewhere*

Alexander: …Okay? I will just wait until you get back…

Phillip: *runs back over to Alexander with Laurens*

Laurens: Not so fast buddy what’s the rush any-

Alexander: Laurens!

Laurens: Alexander…

Alexander: *hugs Laurens and kisses him*

Phillip: I knew it.

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Im at uni so i had to leave my hina, kags, and kenma nenderoids home so it maKES ME SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU LOVING YOUR LIL TOBES

OMGGGG i got so attached to tobinendo i brought him to the dorm with me LMAOO just watching this cute lil baby on my table soothes study stress so GOOD i hope you get reunited with your nendo babies soon!!! ;3;

You know what makes me happy? Seeing 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russ together. Just that. Like. When I see art of the four I get this feeling of “ah…’s T HE M. Here they are! The whole gang. Reunited. Being fab together.” Like,,,the concept of them….. interacting with each other…. talking to each other…. just… being with each other…. i love them so much what the f uck

Hello tumblr I forgot to tell u what happened today

Okay so basically today I flew back home from England and I was wearing the hair sweater from the dnp shop (v important for the story). I flew from Heathrow to Munich and from Munich to the airport of my home city (the airport is really tiny and really not international there is nothing going on there NOTHING) so when me and my family leave the baggage reclaim area I see a girl who I already noticed on the plane running towards another girl who was waiting for her and they fell into each other’s arms crying as if they were friends who hadn’t seen each other in a long time and it made me hella happy so I kinda stared at them smiling.
One of the girls (the one who was not on my flight) then came up to me and said she liked my sweater and I got really excited and went like “Yeah Dan and Phil omg” and she told me that she and the girl from the flight met on the internet bc of Dan and Phil and this is their second time meeting in person since her friend is from Sweden (I live in Germany) and this made me so freaking happy. Like first of all seeing them reunited and knowing that this is all due to Dan and Phil and it’s also so amazing that coincidently I was wearing their merch that day and thus got to know their story. It’s crazy how this could happen at the tiny ass airport of my tiny ass home town and it makes me hopeful thinking that maybe one day I’ll meet my internet friends too.

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You know what breaks my heart most about Dean? Way back in season one when he admits to Sam that he just wants them all to be a family again. He doesn't just not want to be alone, he wants his brother AND his father back, like it used to be before Sam left. (He's such so hesitant I think, in that scene.)

Dean not wanting to be alone always breaks my heart, anon friend. What breaks it even more just thinking about that scene is that, from what we see when the three of them do finally reunite, it’s definitely not a happy family dynamic.  But it’s all Dean knows, so for him it’s happiness. Which, in turn, means it take so very little to make Dean content. He just wants his family around him. That scene in s10 when Charlie and Sam and Cas are gathered around the table eating pizza and he’s smiling and it’s just everything he wants. Same when they go on their family hunting trip with Mary, he’s delighted. That’s all it takes, time with his family doing normal, mundane everyday things and that’s what devastates me. Because it never works out for long, Mary left, Cas left, and round and round we go. Seriously, Dean’s family, it takes so little to make this man happy. Can’t you just, for once, let him be happy???

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What's your opinion on season 4?

Anon: i was wondering if any of you has seen the new season? and if so what did you think? (if you dont want to answer thats okay, i was just curious)

ok a couple of things before you read:

1. this obviously contains s4 spoilers!!

2. everything we say is our personal opinion

3. this is the second time ive had to type this all out bc my phone did something weird and deleted it all the first time.. im still salty 

- Karri

ok lets gO (sorry this took so long to post afgh)

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Know what I'm looking forward to in S8? Jon reuniting with Arya and Bran and Dany witnessing the love between him and his favorite sibling Arya. Dany's heart will burst seeing how much love he has for his siblings and how much they love their bastard brother.

Yesssss I am SO ready for this!!!! I want them all to be together and to be happy and feel wanted and loved, even for only a little while.

And to me the fact that the Starks still have one another only makes the Jonerys pairing even more special and moving. Because Jon can welcome Dany into his family so that she isn’t alone anymore

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So luckily my hiatus has been pretty busy. My cousin visited from Florida, I helped throw a surprise bday/engagement party for my other cousin’s fiance, Easter was a thing, and I worked, like, everyday (except for today and April 7th and I’m so anxious for playing hooky twice in a month but whatevz). I think I mentioned that all last week. But anyway, I wrapped it all up with a terrible weekend trip to D.C. with the worst people I know. Feel free to harass any of the assholes in these pics if you see them on the street. They aren’t decent and they’ll fight viciously for hours over where to eat until you throw your hands in the air and say “let’s just go the fuck to Hooters.” They’ll also set off the fire alarm in the airbnb you’re staying in when they claim they know how to make pancakes. TWICE.

Long story short, I’m thankful this hellatus is coming to a close. AND THAT BELLARKE IS REUNITING! My hopes are low but I also did not expect them to see each other for another week so. Who knows? Anything can happen.

Whatever, I love you guys, happy BFSN!

@sherlockvowsontheriverstyx @ginalou16 @whateverbellamy @insteadofjust-invisible @clarkegryphus @marauders-groupie @caramelkru @bellbearblake @ravenbellclarke (tag me if i didn’t tag you btw! i never know who i’m missing<3)

While I really am sad about all of the Marauders deaths, something that makes me happy is the thought of Sirius and Remus reuniting with them, Remus introducing Lily to Tonks (Lily’s a bit like Hermione and Tonks is a bit like Ginny, so they’d get along fine) and James apologizing to Snape for being an ass as a teenager, while Snape apologizes for bullying Harry and reconciles with Lily. And Sirius shouting for hours about how Wormtail betrayed them and he had to spend “TWELVE FUCKING YEARS IN AZKABAN” with Lily muttering “okay Sirius we get it.” I just really want to see JKR write a Marauders-afterlife reunion idk

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I know it's kinda cruel to have Shin waiting for Eun Tak again after she dies. Again (this is her 2nd life). But somehow I strongly feels that after her fourth and final, he would asked to be gone with her to the afterlife. I mean, it might be doable, right? Letting go of his Goblin power and so on. I just wanna believe in that :)

@gdismyvip and I were talking about the ending, and one thing that really resonated with me from their take on the ending was how it is “perfect in it’s imperfection.” And truly, the ending for Goblin is perfect despite the flaws that we may find with it because we love this drama so much. In an ideal world, we want a happy and perfect ending, however, in the world of Goblin… like you said… it’s cruel that Shin will have to wait for Eun-Tak when she passes away again… and the cruel cycle continues, but that’s the choice they’ve chosen – a sad love to their tragic fate. 

I think the author has let it up to us to decide how Eun-Tak and Shin’s fate will play with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lives that Eun-Tak has remaining because she has laid the foundation of how their first life together happened - like Eun-Tak said, “Humans have four lives: a life of planting seeds, a life of watering the seeds, a life of harvesting and a life of cherishing the harvests.” 

And you know, after thinking it throughly… perhaps that was the whole point of the drama.. to plant the seeds for the love story between Eun-Tak and Shin; not all beginnings end happily but what matters the most is how you continue to thrive after you’ve started. Therefore, I do think that it would be possible for Shin to become human during her 4th life so that they can properly cherish each other. For example, Sunny’s life. Sunny had planted the seeds of her love with Wang Yeo during Goryeo, but ended her life early to protect him. Her second life she watered the seeds by surviving on her own with no attachment to her first life. Her third life, she finally was able to harvest after reuniting with her brother and lover with her memories of her first life, but she was finally able to cherish the harvest in her fourth life by having her happy ending with GR/Wang Yeo with a clean slate. 

Edit: I just added this part to my review lol… cause it sums up the four lives thing xD 

Ahh… thinking about this just makes me tear up a bit cause it’s just so beautiful, but at the same time so heart-wrenching because I’m a romantic at heart and wanted to see them happy their first time T.T

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Piper and Leo Appreciation Week  
→ day 2 -  favourite underrated moment

#this is probably not the most underrated moment ever #but it’s still so important to me #they survived so much shit together # i mean these freaking elders put him in the desert and erased his memories of having a family that supports him #and loves him#but they still found their way back to each other?? #they never lost faith in each other #even when they weren’t together #they still had respect for each other #and wanted the other to be happy #they are probably one of the most mature couples there ever were on screen #but at the same time they’re ridiculously dorky and super domestic #and they love each other so much #now that they’ve survived the big battle#they don’t have to worry about demons attacking them anymore or even their children#they just can be happy and married and live the life they always wanted#also they don’t make the biggest speeches when they’re reunited #you just see in their looks #how happy they are #to be reunited#if you tell me you watched charmed and you didn’t love them you’re lying

Fairy Tail: Chapter 502

Oh. Oh gawd. There was just… so much. This chapter had so much going on and I… I think I’m having palpitations. 

So! Mavis was pretty much a badass.

Mavis made a fool of big, bad Eileen with a simple illusion. I was pretty impressed, and happy, that Fairy Tail finally got some good news. I was getting worried there for a minute. I mean, besides Gildarts showing up, they’ve been really on the ropes with everything (Gruvia, Nalu, wherethehellisJellal, etc). 

And then Mest freakin’ redeems himself after that whole Brandish fiasco, and comes to save Mavis like a knight in freakin’ shining armor. Like, dude, where have you been and why the hell did it take you so long to get here? 

But, thanks for the save. You’re officially forgiven in my book.

And this panel right there had me squealing like a school girl. Like, this is the best way he could’ve come back: with his iron sword swinging to protect his guildmates. Or “buddies” as he referred to them, which is just awesome (character growth anyone??), and this makes me so happy that not only is Gajevy cannon, but Team Shadowgear is basically on board with it now. 

Like, guys, they’re one big happy family and it makes me want to cry. I feel like these three are my new brotp.

Gajevy, in all their beautiful glory, reunited at last. They literally thought they would never see each other, and Levy starts off their reunion with an ass kicking, like how dare you make me worry, big doofus! And it’s just so beautiful…

This. This right here made me cry. Gajevy is going home. They’re going to defeat Zeref’s army, defeat Zeref himself, save Mavis, and then they’re going home to get married and make lots of babies.

Well, maybe not right away. But soon.

And since they’re cannon now, and they’ve had their angsty moment where one almost died, does that mean they’re in the clear from Mashima’s clutches? Cause I can’t see anything bad happening to these babies anymore. All they need right now is just love, love, and more love.

P.S. Levy is so beautiful right here. Someone please draw fanart of this scene.

Zera being a creep gives me life. And Jet’s face is priceless. 

I am so thankful that Mashima allowed us a glimpse into this relationship, that he granted us that gift, because I love these two so much, and wish we could see more of them. They are so beautiful here, and my heart aches, because part of me knows we probably won’t see Zera again. That this may be her last appearance in the manga. 


Of course she was, Droy…

Does anyone else feel like Mest is hiding something? Like, dude, I literally just forgave you for your last fuck up a few panels above, and now you’re being all shady? What’d you do this time? 

You’re lucky you saved Wendy and Charle during FACE. Because if you didn’t do that, I probably would have written you off a long time ago.

Get. It. Together.

Uh… No, bitch. That was all you. 

Oh shit. Oh shit oh shit oh shit. Not my babies. Not my precious children. 

Mashima, what did I say? I said not to torture them too much, because we all know you have worse in store for them (hello, E.N.D. anyone?). Why do you have to put them through this? And what the HELL could be worse than a killer etherious tumor inside Natsu? What is going on that head of yours??

[where did Happy go, btw?]

And this ^^ This right here scares me. I’ve never been anxious or afraid for the next chapter, but here we have Nalu literally tied up with a blade to Natsu’s neck, and this is the next chapter title??

Oh gawd. Like, what if Natsu gives his life for Lucy? Or worse, Lucy gives her life for him? You know how much Mashima loves parallels! If Mashima makes Natsu watch Lucy flirt with death again, I don’t know what I’m going to do. It’s going to be future Lucy’s death all over again!

My heart aches. I’m so fearful for Nalu that I can’t stand it. 

Or maybe we’ll get lucky, and Mashima will gives us a break with a Gruvia reunion. Ha. Haha. Ha. 

With his twisted mind? 

Yeah, here’s to hoping. 

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We Were Not Lost From The Start

Part 1. I’m sorry but the fics was soooo long, I have to break it in part. Please bearwith me 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。  It’s angst, from scale one to ten, how would you rate your pain? (இ﹏இ`。)

Character: Touka Kirishima, Hideyoshi Nagachika, Haise Sasaki

I don’t know what to write for summary, like seriously (ノД`)・゜・。 Also, please ignore my grammatical error, English is not my first language and please please please please tell me what you think about this. I feel like I’m writing crap (╥_╥) Part 2 going to hurt..

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Agents of Shield 2x18 Thoughts

This episode felt like it was setting up some really big stuff in the next few episodes. Ward being back gave me mixed feelings; on one hand he is a badass, but on the other hand HE HURT FITZSIMMONS. THEY SHOULD BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS. 

I was really hoping Fitz got to punch him at least once…

Loving Simmons sticking up for Fitz and complimenting him on them switching out the Toolbox. Jemma, your love for Fitz is showing. :)

Given what we can see from next week’s promo, Fitzsimmons should reunite next week, which will be AMAZING!! Just this:

…is enough to make me happy :) These two are going to break my hearts. 

Remember Simmons saying the last time she saw Ward that if she ever sees him again, she’d kill him. I wonder how she will react to seeing Ward again? Not so good, I suspect. Expect a lot of Fitzsimmons next episode as they deal with having to work with him again. 

FITZSIMMONS REUNITE NEXT WEEK!!! Ah, that hour went by way too short!! 

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I loved that little moment between Ruby and Sapphire. It's difficult to see it as anything other than romantic. But I feel as recently as 5 years ago we would never have seen anything like that in kids western animation. It makes me so happy to be alive now.

I loved it too, the whole scene was very sweet and read romantic to me as well. And just. Really sweet. It made me really happy watching them be reunited and you’re right, it’s not something you’d expect to see in western animation, at least not without the characters saying they’re sisters 8 million times to justify it

Better Call Saul: What We Know About The Breaking Bad Spin-off

“Other Breaking Bad actors seem to be chomping at the bit to return, including Krysten Ritter (as Jane, Jesse’s girlfriend in Season 2). We asked Ritter if she’d be up for appearing in Better Call Saul when we spoke with her during the Veronica Mars junket and she told us,. "I would do it in a second. I love all of those people. I would do anything with any of them.”

“And while there’s been talk — both from the actors and the rumor mill — that Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston might reprise their roles on Better Call Saul, nothing’s been confirmed yet. But even Gilligan is into the idea, it seems, explaining to The Hollywood Reporter back in October that, “Personally, I’d have a hard time resisting putting all these guys in for a cameo or two every now and then. The sky’s the limit with a prequel. Everybody who’s now deceased in the Breaking Bad world is obviously still alive. You never know who might turn up and when and where.” And let’s be real: boy oh boy would we love to see some more young Jesse Pinkman action. (As would Aaron Paul, it seems!) Last we heard, Paul had "serious talks” with Vince Gilligan about reprising his role in Better Call Saul. “ Read More Here

Maveth: The Good

-          Joey. Oh sweet, precious Joey. I really thought they were killing him off and I’m strangely proud they didn’t. Besides him being a sweet gummy bear, his talk with Lincoln, about being afraid, was really good. I loved Lincoln assuring him that they all felt the same way. Except May of course haha. Also he’s bullet proof. :D

-          Fitz. Fitz has what I wish every single person on this planet did. Fitz is the good I want to believe all people have. How he protected Will, how he put everything aside and worked together with him. How he told Ward to grow up at the mere mention of hurting him out of jealousy. Fitz has his priorities straight. We are people, we are in this together. We are good to each other. End. Of. Story. (Yeah, sure Will ended up being evilNotWill but his heart was in the right place

-          Super secret sketchy ancient civilization :D I am expecting more details, please and thank you. Who were they? What happened to them? Did the Kree just stick the inhuman on the planet and get them all killed? Like “lol, sorry losers, he’s your problem now.” Or were they the kree? Then why put a scary inhuman on your own planet?

-          Jemma escaping pretty much by herself. I know it’s a little thing, but I kind of like the self-empowerment this gave her… despite what happened directly afterwards.

-          Daisy and Mack. That was so sweet. They are so sweet. This is well written friendship and I am all over it! Their loyalty to each other, their little fist bumps and jokes and nicknames. It’s great

-       Will actually died protecting Jemma. So this is really sad but you know I’m glad Fitz doesn’t have to go back and tell her she was hooking up with a monster. Because 0.0. At least she can remember him as hero.  

-          Fitzsimmons reunited. It was short, and it wasn’t at all sweet, but I did love all the emotion in that scene. Once again everyone involved killed it. (and I also love how Jemma grabs him and holds him so tightly, just little things like that, they make me happy).

-          We know why it’s called Maveth now, because it takes dead people and “possesses” them. Eeeeep. But question answered and it’s a pretty good one. I am really curious to see the details of how this power works

-          Why Fitzsimmons were the first to return. I really loved that they were the first ones to figure out the portal. It makes sense, so much sense that it was them (ahem, mostly Jemma) for two reasons. 1) Time. They are “standing on the shoulders of giants”. They have the accumulated knowledge of humankind (ie modern technology/information) that Hydra did not have a hundred, two hundred years ago. 2) They are the brightest of their age. They are the best of the best of the generation with the most knowledge so far. OF course Jemma was the one that figured it out. And, let’s be honest, Fitz figured out how to open the portal but Jemma was the first one to figure out how to tell where it would open. She did this in 3x05, using a broken computer and a sextant. And she correctly predicted where and when a portal would open. Holy Christmas Cake Girl! You rock! Suck it Hydra.

- The fact that an evil inhuman on the other side of the universe can see how much Jemma loves Fitz. It’s that obvious. This may come back to bite them later, but for now let’s just enjoy it ;)