seeing them reunited makes me so happy

seeing eoin and bradley together makes me so incredibly happy.

how amazing would it be for the merlin cast to reunite for a roundtable TV special or something? where they talk about all the projects they’re doing and about how they’ve grown as actors and people?

i just miss them all so much. ): i see katie and bradley and eoin and colin everywhere in separate projects these days, but i miss them together.


Honestly I love how far GNR have come. I’m so happy that they’re doing this reunion tour, even though its not the entire band reuniting. They all seem so happy and healthy. Also it seems like theres much better chemistry than before.

It just makes me really happy to see them this happy.

While I really am sad about all of the Marauders deaths, something that makes me happy is the thought of Sirius and Remus reuniting with them, Remus introducing Lily to Tonks (Lily’s a bit like Hermione and Tonks is a bit like Ginny, so they’d get along fine) and James apologizing to Snape for being an ass as a teenager, while Snape apologizes for bullying Harry and reconciles with Lily. And Sirius shouting for hours about how Wormtail betrayed them and he had to spend “TWELVE FUCKING YEARS IN AZKABAN” with Lily muttering “okay Sirius we get it.” I just really want to see JKR write a Marauders-afterlife reunion idk