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Bim is so similar to how Damien once was - kind, trusting, undyingly supportive of his friends. Does Dark see that similarity?


What if all of the Egos are Marks from different universes just like how our Mark is different from the Mark that stole Damien’s body, so Wilford and Dark have been universe-hopping looking for the one that betrayed them, gathering an army along the way.

And Dark found Bim one day.

He wasn’t sure that the bubbly television host could be of any use to him at first, but he brought him along for that very reason, because Bim reminds Dark of who he once was. And then he introduced Bim to Wilford to be his right-hand man.

Dark found a replacement Damien to keep Wilford happy.

BTS Reaction - When They're mad at you for being on your phone and not paying attention to them but you're actually voting for them on Mwave


You had offered to join Namjoon at practice today because you two barely had any free time to spend with each other. You were seated on floor in the corner of the practice room with your face buried in your and you didn’t realise Namjoon had taken a seat next to you. Not acknowledging his presence and continued to pay attention to your phone he huffed a little irritated. This was the only free time you both really had together and you were wasting it paying more attention to your phone than him. His irritation turn into anger as he took it upon himself to snatch the phone from your grasp immediately giving him your full attention. “Yah, why’d you do that for” you huffed and tried to reach for your phone but he just pulled his hand away. “Why did you agree to come with me if you’re just gonna spend all your time on your phone?” he fumed. “What’s even so important that you can’t even give your boyfriend a minute of your attention?” he inquired as he brought peered at the screen of your phone. His anger quickly dwindle when he realized what you were doing. You were voting for him and he felt kinda bad for shouting at you the way he did.

“Haha babe you don’t have to spend all your time voting for me and the boys, it would be great to win but it would be even better if we could spend more time together”

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You and Seokjin had set up a long overdue movie night so you too could spend some quality time together. From balancing between practices, promotions and spending time with you was always hectic but you both managed and always found time for each other. You were curled up with Jin on the couch of the dorm under a thick cozy blanket and one your favorite movies playing. Jin had paused the movie to go get more snacks as you used this opportunity to do your daily voting on Mwave, you couldn’t help the fangirl side of you when it came to supporting your boyfriend and the rest of the boys. When Jin had came back you were too distracted and didn’t realize he had continued the movie and took his stop next to you. He realized your distracted state and the cellphone in your hand suspecting you were only making a quick reply to a text. After awhile and you were still on your phone he started to get a little agitated, wanting you to what was stealing all your attention. “What are you looking at y/n, you know how rare these times we have with each other are and you’re not even making an effort?” Snapping your head in his direction feeling slightly guiltily, you simply replied “I was just voting for you, I didn’t mean to make it seem like I’m not enjoying this time with you.” Jin didn’t know how to respond, feeling slightly bad that you were actually just voting for him.

“Oh….. Sorry for jumping to conclusions but you don’t have to vote for me, it’s okay if we don’t win.”

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Yoongi would appreciate the fact that you were being supportive of him and the boys but he didn’t like the idea of it taking your attention away from him, call him needy but time you spent together was hard to come by and when it did he like to give you his full undivided attention and he wanted you to do the same. He didn’t care if he won, sure it would be great if they did but other times will come, he just wanted to live in the now and that was being with you so when you were distracted he would grow a little irritated. 

“Forget about voting for now and let’s just enjoy this time we have together”

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Hoseok had just came home from spending nearly 10 at practice and he just wanted to cuddle with his girlfriend until he fell asleep. As he walked through the door and made his way over to your shared bedroom after kicking off his shoes and putting away his bag his eyes landed on your pyjama covered figure sprawled across the bed with your face buried in your phone. He smiled at the fact of seeing you after so many hours and made his way over to the bed to copy your position. He rolled onto his side to face you and placed a peck to your lips as a way of saying he’s home. You smiled at the gesture but didn’t take your gaze from your phone a little distracted. He realised this and frowned a little concerned why you didn’t kiss him back like you usually would. Holding up to position his weight on his arms he peered at your face and then at your phone curious as to what was stealing all your attention getting a little frustrated. “Babe what are you looking at that you can’t even kiss me back?” he asked, his voice laced with irritation. When he realised what you were doing he shock his head as a chuckle erupted from his throat.

“I can’t believe you right now y/n”

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Today of all days were very rare and hard to come by, Jimin didn’t have any schedule today and was completely free, completely free to spend time with you that is, so that’s what he did. Due to him being moving constantly back and forth from practice to promoting their comeback and concerts he was quite tired and just longed for some nice quiet time at home most likely cuddling with his girlfriend. Of course you didn’t mind it, it didn’t matter wherever you two were, as long as you were with him you were more than thankful. You and Jimin were snuggled up together on the couch at the dorms while the others went out to do their own personal business on their free day. In the middle of the movie that you both were watching something crossed your mind. “Shit, I have to vote” quickly pulling out your phone and going to the website you starting on your voting. You hadn’t missed a day and you weren’t going to break your streak especially since it was the last day to vote. Being too emerged you didn’t here when Jimin called your name trying to get your attention. You only snapped out of it when he felt him shift under you causing you to move from your position laying on his chest. “Y/n , I’m trying to talk to you” He stated a little irritated. You looked at him a little guilty knowing that you got distracted for a second but it was for a good cause. “Sorry haha…I was just voting on Mwave” His expression changed to a more calm one and a smile form on his face, slowly shaking at the reason for not paying attention to him and also how cute your pouty face.

“Ahhh, jagi your’e too sweet to me”

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Tae would be mad at first when you wouldn’t give him the attention he wanted, he would be all pouty and whiny about it with his arms folded and mumbling to himself. All you could do was chuckle at his cute reaction, you didn’t mean to get a little distracted when he was trying to show you something on his phone, you were trying to log in on Mwave and you were a little too determined to get in your daily vote because you wanted him and the rest of the boys to win. “Don’t be like that Tae, I was just voting for you and the boys on Mwave” as soon as you explained your reason his pout immediately faded and a surprised expression formed on his face as he hurried to your side to look at your phone. 

“Really?! How many votes do we have?? Are we winning?? Maybe I should vote too.” 

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You both were in the middle of playing video games and you were beating his ass at it too when something suddenly crossed your mind ‘I haven’t voted today! Today is the last day to vote!’ Softly cursing under your breath you paused the game earning an irritated huff from Jungkook as you pulled out your phone to check to see how much time was left for voting. Realising there wasn’t much time you immediately opened the app and logged in. At this point Jungkook was getting frustrated that you had stopped the game to go on your phone, especially when he was so close but yet so far to winning. “Ah y/n, why’d you stop the game to check your phone right now, what’s so important” he stressed as he reached across and snatched your phone from your hand to see what was taking up your time. His eyes narrowed in on the screen then widened again once he saw you were voting for them on Mwave. He was a little taken aback at first but quickly composed his anger. He felt a little bad for being upset and snatching your phone so rudely from you when you were just supporting him.

“Haha I’m sorry y/n….thanks for voting for us, I really appreciate it” 

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all but washed in the tide of her breathing

Ok so blame @the-pontiac-bandit for this entirely. And giant thank you to @elsaclack for reading this after I convinced myself it was garbage.

Jake’s never prayed in a hospital hallway before. He’s seen plenty of people doing it, sometimes on tv, sometimes on an average day in his job. It’s always sickened him a little, stuck with him, caught in his thoughts, the fact that watching someone praying that they don’t lose their whole world is just another day at work for him. It must be worse for the doctors and nurses, he guesses, the people on the very front lines between life and death. The memory that’s sticking in his mind, right now, on the hospital floor, is the man who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with his family.

He remembers it sharply, acutely, agonisingly, even though it was years ago now, and memories from the days before that one are faded, time-bleached. The man had paced the floor for two hours, the whole time Jake had been here with his old partner. His eyes had been wild, his lips graced with whispered curse words, prayers, spit-flecked bargains, and blood had been running down his arms from his neck wound. But that hadn’t mattered to the man. Oliver Lawson. His name had been Oliver Lawson. And once those two hours had been up, a doctor and two nurses had approached him with certain looks in their eyes, looks that Jake didn’t have a name for. Looks that Oliver understood instantly, like the half-madness of terror and grief had taught him a new language, taught him to understand what each individual crease on someone’s face meant. Oliver had crumpled to the ground, screaming a sound that Jake never knew humans could make. Through being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Oliver Lawson’s wife and two daughters had been lost to him forever.

Jake wonders, from the cold hospital floor, knees drawn to his chest, where Oliver is now. Whether he still replays that day over and over in his head. Because if this goes the way that Jake has convinced himself it’s going to, he can’t see himself ever leaving this day, not really. His body might carry on (or actually, it might stay here on the pale blue tiles forever), but his brain will live right here. It will analyse every single thing that’s happened since they woke up this morning, wondering what he could have done differently. It will rewind to her excited, apprehensive smile. To her, ‘the baby’s coming. She’s coming.’

A hand find Jake’s shoulder, and he snaps his attention to the faces in front of him. They’re not doctors, or nurses, not angels, not some deity come down to say they’re sorry. It’s Captain Holt and Rosa, crouched in front of him, hands on his shoulder. Rosa’s face is stony, determined, brow furrowed, jaw set. Captain Holt’s is sombre, readable for once. For a split, blood-turns-to-ice second, Jake’s convinced that they’re here to tell him. That they’re here because the nurses couldn’t face him, so they’re making his friends tell him instead. They’re only here because Amy went into labour whilst Jake was at work, only here because he announced to the whole precinct that he was gonna be a dad real soon. Only here because everyone swung by once the night shift took over, because they were excited too.

“Did she-?” Jake can’t finish the sentence, can’t even wrap his tongue around the words properly. They splutter and falter in his mouth, the taste of them making him feel sick.

“We haven’t heard yet, son,” Captain Holt tells him, squeezing his shoulder.

“Come sit down,” Rosa reaches for his hand, nodding in the direction of the waiting area.

“I can’t.” They don’t get it. He’s sitting right outside of the doors of the hallway that leads to the operating theatre. If he sits right here, if he keeps wishing and praying and listening, something’s got to work.

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BTS ⇝ When Their S/O is Insecure About Being in a Bikini

taekook-kookies said: Hello~ can I have a BTS reaction to them seeing you in a bikini for the first time but you their girlfriend is feeling insecure about your body? Like hair, stretch marks, your body shape isn’t that perfect and so on. Thank you!💜

A/N: Here it is! I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA :(

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All gif credits go to the rightful owner(s)
I get all my prompts from this lovely lady

Seokjin/ Jin

Praises for dayss~ The second he realized you were uncomfortable in the breathtaking two-piece he would embrace you in a hug and whisper how beautiful we thought you were. He would leave a little kiss on your cheek before leading you into the pool and staying by your side.

“Jagiya~ You look so gorgeous though? You should never be insecure about yourself.”

Yoongi/ Suga

When you shied away from his touch he would immediately furrow his eyebrows together and look at you in confusion, questioning you until you opened up. He would chuckle lightly and look at you with loving eyes as he told you how unbelievable your words were. Cue: Soft!Min Yoongi

“You are so delusional! Babe, you are so sexy and beautiful.”

Hoseok/ J-hope

BAFFALLED AF! At first he’d think you were joking but then he would spew a string of compliments he knew you’d love and shower you with kisses. To him you were the sun on the a rainy day, you were his everything that he couldn’t live without. He loved you no matter how many scars/ stretch marks you had.

“Don’t *Kiss* ever say that *Kiss* ever *Kiss* ever again!” Kisskisskisskisskissbvakid

Namjoon/ Rap Monster

Wouldn’t even rationalize with you on this bc how could the most beautiful person in the world be so insecure? He you just lead you into the pool area and into the warm water as he held you close and hummed to you. Little gestures like small kisses on your hands or loving glances let you know how much he adored every part of you.

“Jagi!” “Yeah, Joonie?” “I love yoou~”


He would understand you sudden insecurity but he you reassure you that there was nothing to fear, that you were gorgeous in more ways than one. That he loved you and everything about you. He was always so comforting with things like this you immediately felt better as he told you how much he loved you.

“I know how your feeling but trust me, you are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.”

Taehyung/ V

Tae would just keep asking why, why were you so hard on yourself? He wasn’t trying to be rude at all, he was just trying to understand your reasoning bc for someone as gorgeous as you, it just didn’t make sense. He’d cup your face and  tell you directly how beautiful you were, all of you.

“No matter what you say about yourself I will always be here to tell you how beautiful you truly are.”


Jungkook would be a little sad that you thought these things about yourself bc he knew none of it was true. He wouldn’t to tell you how he felt but he couldn’t get the words out so instead he just smiled at you before he picked you up and jumped into the deep end with you clinging onto him.

“You’re beautiful jagi, have some fun okay?”

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nsfw headcanon: michael purchases condoms for the first time so of course his natural instinct is to fill it with slushee and send a pic to jere , both of them immediately forgetting why the condoms were purchased in the first place

next time they BOTH go to buy condoms and on the drive home theyre that 1 vid of the 2 dudes seeing how big a condom can stretch by holding it out the window and letting it catch wind

A New Life

Part One

Summary: Your family is killed while you are out celebrating Fall Break with some friends from college. You’re about to take your own life when the Winchester boys come rolling in. They turn your world completely inside out, but along the way you discover a new purpose in hunting and a love you never even dreamed could exist.

Words: 1,978

Warnings: angst; talk of death and attempting suicide

A/N: I’ve never really written anything before, so please be nice if it’s terrible and ridiculous. It was kind of just a therapeutic thing for me to write. I was having a bad day and it made me feel better to think of Dean and Sam coming to the rescue. :) Feedback and reblogging or whatever is welcome! I’m new to Tumblr, so I’m still figuring out what to do.

(P.S. I’m a Dean girl through and through, so eventually this will be a Dean x Reader.)




You look out over the river and watch the current as you try to calm your anxious mind. The scenery really was beautiful. It was a cloudy autumn day, and you could see over the treetops that a storm was heading your way. You close your eyes, take a deep breath, and inhale the fresh autumn air. Being here was almost peaceful and, had you been in a better place, you might have enjoyed the moment. You shake your head as unwelcome memories start creeping into your mind.

You hear tires screeching behind you, but you still don’t open your eyes. You try to ignore the opening of car doors behind you as you try to fix your focus back on the sound of the rushing water below.


“Excuse me!”

You hear two male voices calling out to you at the same time. You take another deep breath, and try to ignore them before you lose your nerve.

“What the hell are you doing? Get down from there before you fall!” One of the voices said. You could hear them running up behind you, but you didn’t care. You stayed planted where you were on the edge of the bridge.

“Dean, cool it. That’s not going to help.” The other voice said. He turned his attention back to you and spoke softly. “Hey. I’m Sam, and this is my brother, Dean. We just want to talk to you for a sec… Can you tell us your name?”

You take another breath, and slowly open your eyes. You look out at the trees, taking in all the warm colors of the leaves. You glance at the water below. It feels a lot higher up than when you first got here, and you can feel yourself slowly unraveling and losing your nerve.

“Hey.” You hear Sam’s soft voice again.

You glance behind you and notice the one that said his name was Sam is a few feet behind you to the left. He’s holding his hands up, and his face is wary as he tries to reassure you that he’s not a threat to you. You turn and look over your right shoulder to see his brother, Dean, also a few feet away. His jaw is locked, and he’s staring intently at you. His body is tensed, and you get the sense that if you made a move to jump, he would be ready to close the gap between you and try to intervene.

“Can you tell us your name?” Sam repeats again. You take another deep breath, looking away from both of them out at the water again, as you hold on to the railing with one hand. “Y/N.” You reply in a whisper. You’re fighting the urge to cry again as tears begin to prick the corners of your eyes.

“Y/N. That’s a nice name.” Sam says in a soothing voice as he takes another cautious step toward you. “I know you don’t know us, but we just want to help. Can you get down and talk to us?”

You let out a long, shaky breath you hadn’t realized that you’d been holding in. You begin trembling as all of the events of the past few weeks come crashing back down on you. The grief and depression you repressed all morning was starting to suffocate you. Your tears betrayed you and started silently rolling down your face. “I…can’t.” You choke out.

Your mind was racing. You didn’t know why, but you wanted to be able to tell them what happened. How you’d lost everything. How you didn’t really want to die, but you just couldn’t stand living anymore. How you wanted them to save you from what you were considering doing. But the words wouldn’t come.

“Y/N. Talk to us. Please… We just want to help.” Sam spoke again. He was trying to sound calm, but you heard the hitch in his voice. You glanced over one shoulder, then the other to see that both boys had gotten closer. They froze, not wanting to push you too far.

You swallowed hard, as the tears continued to roll down your cheeks. “I…” You trailed off. It felt like your heart and lungs were being crushed. Your knees buckled beneath you, and you swayed as your emotions came rushing back to the surface. In the same instant, you felt Dean’s strong arms wrap around your waist and pull you off the railing of the bridge. You went limp in his arms, and crumpled into a heap on the ground. You felt like you were drowning, and you could no longer hold in the sobs that rocked through you.

“Hey, it’s alright… You’re okay, Y/N.” Dean said as he held you in his arms on the ground. You turned and continued to sob into his chest as he gently rocked you back and forth.

“Is there anyone we can call for you?” Sam asked. You shook your head and began crying harder. Sam furrowed his brow, and you could tell he felt bad for asking the wrong question.

The boys sat with you until you started to calm down; Dean cradling you protectively in his arms as Sam held your hand. When the tears slowed, you tried again to speak. “They’re…gone.” You whispered. “My family. A few weeks ago…they were my whole world. I have nothing left… I don’t want to live in a world where they don’t exist.”

“Y/N, I’m so sorry…” Sam trailed off. The three of you sat in silence for several more minutes until you found that you could cry no more. The need was still there, but you had cried so much lately that your eyes felt like they’d dried out.

Dean unraveled his arms and sat back so he could look at you. “How’d you get here, sweetheart? There’s not a car remotely close to here. Did someone just leave you out here alone?”

You shook your head. “Last night, everything was just… too much. I decided I didn’t want to fight anymore.” You drew in another long, shaky breath. “I couldn’t fight anymore. I realized how completely alone I was in my motel room and…something in me just broke. My car wouldn’t start, and I couldn’t sit still anymore, so I just started walking.” You bit your lip as you realized you had no idea just how far you’d walked, or where exactly you were.

“So here’s the thing,” Sam said, pausing to choose his next words carefully. “I don’t think you should be alone right now. Could we give you a ride? Maybe we can go back and get your stuff, and you can stay with us for a couple days. You know, just so you don’t have to be alone. We were just passing through town and our…job finished a couple days early. We don’t have anywhere to be right now.”

You tried to reason with yourself that you should be more worried about the consequences of being whisked away by two strangers you just met, but at this point you didn’t care. You felt numb. You were physically and emotionally exhausted, and you figured that anything would be better than continuing to lie here on the side of the road. 

Besides. They had just saved you from what could have been an impulsive and permanent decision. You felt like you owed it to them to try, and something about them made you think you could trust them. You felt safer already with them here. 

You looked up at Sam and nodded once.

Dean scooped you up and carried you to his sleek, black car. As he helped you into the back seat, they asked what motel you were staying at. You answer, but you can feel the exhaustion from today catching up with you. The last thing you remembered hearing was the engine roar to life as you drifted off to sleep.

You woke up later to the low hum of voices. You were disoriented for a moment and unsure of how you got to be on this unfamiliar motel bed. With a sinking feeling, everything came flooding back to you. But before you could dwell on that, the boys noticed you stirring and came to sit on the other bed across from you.

Dean piped up first. “How’re you feeling, kid?”

You sat up, hugged your knees to your chest, and shrugged. “It still doesn’t feel real.”

“Do you want to talk about what happened?” Sam asked. He hurriedly added, “You don’t have to. But we’re here to listen if you wanted to.”

You hesitated, but felt like they were genuinely concerned for you. Again, you had a nagging feeling that these were people you could trust. Even if they were strangers.

 “I was out of town.” You said quietly. “I…found them when I got back. My family.” They waited patiently for you to continue. “It was horrible. I got home late on a Friday night after hanging out with some friends from undergrad… It was the middle of the night because we had closed down the bars. I was going to spend the rest of the weekend with them before Fall Break was over, and… Walking through the door I could just feel something wasn’t right, you know?” You were whispering now, and you started to cry again as you recalled the scene from just a few weeks ago.

“I found my dad first. In the living room. His rifle was a few feet away… I’m sure he had heard whoever it was and tried to protect my mom and little brother. There was just… blood everywhere. Every time I close my eyes, all I can see is that night in my house. I grew up in that house. It was… it was my family. I should have been there, I should have…”

By this point, you were sobbing again. Sam came to sit by you on the bed, and put his arm around you. “Y/N, you couldn’t have known that was going to happen. And if you had been there…you would be gone too.” You knew he was trying to choose his words carefully, but it still knocked the air out of you to hear someone reiterate that your family was gone.

“You know the worst part?” You asked. “They still haven’t caught the person who did it. I mean… they said it had to be some sort of serial killer, but that was the last I heard of it.” Suddenly, your temper flared and you started shouting between sobs. “What kind of sick, cruel bastard would do such a thing?! My family is GONE, all because of some sick Halloween freak that gets off on murdering people!”

“Sick, Halloween freak?” Dean is confused.

“Yeah. It was like something out of a horror movie. Like he’s got some sick cannibal or vampire fetish. Every one of their throats were torn up, like… teeth marks. Can you imagine someone biting… he just…” You couldn’t talk about it anymore. The images that came flooding back made you sick and again you felt the desire to end your life and escape this pain.

Sam opened his mouth, then closed it again. Finally, he said, “Like… it was as if someone bit their throats?”

You nodded. “More like…tore their throat apart rather than a bite…but yeah.”

Through your tears, you saw Sam and Dean share a look. “Y/N… I’m so sorry. I hate to ask you to talk about it anymore, but…”

“But, what?” You sniffed. You didn’t want to talk about it anymore. You wanted to find a way to erase the horrible images etched in your mind.

Dean leaned toward you, resting his elbows on his knees. He glanced at Sam, then back at you. “Y/N… There’s some things you should know about what’s out there in the world.”

Birthday present

Request: Hey!!! Can I have a blurb/imagine whatever where reader was in harry’s and sam’s class and is invited to their 18th birthday party and meets tom and smutty things happen? Please! I love youuu

Warnings: light smut, probably bad one cause it’s my first time writing it, alcohol, swearing

I hope you like it !

,,Here are my favourite boys.” You say smiling while wrapping your arms around Harry and Sam. You’re walking in the middle of them and pat their shoulders as a hello.

,,Hey Y/N, long time no see.” Harry jokes as you continue to make your way down the corridor. You guys are in one chemistry class and see each other nearly every day.

,,Yeah I know.” You nearly trip over your own feed as you try to walk backwards without fooling your self so you could look the boys in the eyes.

,,Careful, we don’t want you to brake your nose. You wanna look good for the boys.” Sam wiggles his eyebrows and you stop at your locker, looking at the brothers with a confused expression.

,,Did I miss something?” You ask while putting some books into your back so you can study later.

,,Obviously yes !” The boys smirk at the same time as they throw their heads back laughing.

,,Spill the beans, I have classes to go.” You say with a playful undertone as you throw your hair behind your shoulder.

,,Our Party is tonight ! We invited you ages ago.” Sam runs a hand threw his hair and you gasp, mentally face palming yourself.

,,Shit it’s today?” You mumble a bit out of track. Looks like your studys have to wait until tomorrow.

,,Yeah, we thought you’d come.” Harry furrows his eyebrows and plays with the strings of his backbag while you watch his movements.

,,Sure! I can’t miss your party, can I? I’d be a bad friend if I raincheck on you. ”

The ring of the bell interrupts your conversation and you share a quick hug with the boys before storming off into the other direction, not before yelling:,, See you guys tonight !”

You spend the rest of the day with surviving school and getting home as soon as possible, wanting to get ready.

It takes you some time to decide what to wear and weither to wear make up or not, deciding to go with what you’re comfortable with the most.

You look at your phone to see how much time you have left, checking yourself in the mirror while doing so.

Partying with the Holland’s is always fun, and you want to look especially good on their own party. It’s not the first time that you hang out with them, but it’s the first time you’ll meet all of their other friends.

You quickly grab the present you bought for Sam and Harry and make your way to their house, excitement bubbling in your stomach.

You can already hear the loud music booming from inside the house and see some people in the front garden with red cups in their hands, talking with each other.

You greet a few people with a simple hi and instantly spot the brothers in the crowd, a big smile creeping onto your face as you make your way towards them.

,,Hey Sam!” You shout over the loud music, sending him a wave.

,,Y/N you’re here !” He answers before wrapping your arms around you and taking your hand.

,,C’mon, let’s get you something to drink.” He leads you into the kitchen and you raise your eyebrow.

,,I’m not allowed to greet Harry first?” You ask sarcastically.

,,Nah, he can wait. Here.” Sam hands you a cup with some brown liquor and dares you to chuck it down in a few sips, repeating the process two times.

,,Go easy on me!” You laugh after the third cup, not wanting to drink more. Your throat was already burning and you want to take some time before drinking another one.

,,If you say so, oh there’s Harrison! I’ll be right back.” Sam takes a sip from your cup before disappearing back into the crowd and you chuckle, surprised by the amount of people that actually showed up. You knew that Sam and Harry have a lot of friends, but you never expected the half school to come.

After talking to a few people and taking a sip here and there, you feel a familiar warmth in your stomach and can’t hide the blush on your cheeks. You feel slightly tipsy and decide to get you another drink, wanting the feeling to grow more intense.

You look at the ground while making your way back into kitchen, head slightly swaying with the music. Suddenly your front collapses with something hard and you spill the rest of your drink all over yourself, gasping by the cold.

As your head shoots up, you’re greeted with brown eyes that belong to tom holland, the older brother of Sam and Harry. Whenever he has time he’d hang out with you guys as well, but you’ve never been alone with him.

,,Shit I’m sorry, are you okay?” He asks shocked, guilt washing over his features.

,,Yeah, but I think my shirt isn’t.” You laugh embarrassed as you wrap your arms around your torso, trying to hide your chest that starts to get transparent.

,,Do you wanna change? I can give you a shirt of mine if you don’t mind. I’m sorry for bumping into you.” He nervously strachtes the back of his neck and you blush, looking at your feed.

,,Yeah that would be nice.” You put the cup that was empty by now on a high board next to you and press your lips together, taking Toms appearance in.

He’s wearing a navy green shirt and black jeans, his hair is slightly clinging onto his forehead in soft locks.

,,Just follow me.” Tom let’s out a shaky breath and you ask yourself why he seems so nervous, tightening the grip around your torso.

He leads you up the stairs into his room, his scent almost envolving you like a second skin. You close your eyes for a split second, standing in his room for the first time ever. It’s simple and clean, matching Toms fine look.

,,You can uh-“ he turns around and scans his room for something while you open your eyes, waiting for what he’s going to say.

,,take this one if you like, or another. It’s up to you.” He hands you a simple black shirt from his dresser and you let the fabric glide between your fingers, enjoying how it feels. Without thinking you lift your arms and pull your own shirt over your head, letting it glide to the floor. You can feel Toms gaze on you and blush once more, not before sliding his shirt over your head and adjusting your hair.

As expected, the shirt is way to big for you and you look down at yourself, smelling Toms cologne as if it’s your own.

,,You look great.” Tom mumbles quietly, but you still hear him.

,,You think so?” You bite your lip and ignore the growing tension between you and Tom as you stare into his brown eyes, admiring them from afar.

,,Yeah, if I’m honest, you look hot. Not that I want you to feel uncomfortable but it’s really nice.” Tom talks fast and doesn’t take his eyes off of you either, both of you standing his room only a few steps apart.

You feel the heat in your whole body as it warms up your blood and makes you feel flustered.

,,Thank you.” You brush a single hair strain behind your ear and watch Tom as he makes a step forward, eyes never leaving yours.

You straighten your body and look at Toms lips, asking your self how’d they taste. You would lie if you’d say that you never asked yourself that question before, but now you feel like you have the courage to find it out.

Without thinking twice about it you close the gap between you two and get on your tip toes to pull Tom down to you.

Your chests collide once again, an audible sigh leaving your body as his hands wrap around your lower back, slowly guiding upwards to cup your jaw.

Your eyes flutter shut and you lick your lips one last time before gently pressing them on Toms, tasting the same liquor you drank earlier.

He instantly pulls you closer and you slowly melt into his touch, hands exploring his skin as your tongue slides over his bottom lip before exploring your mouth.

Your fingers start pulling on his hair and your whole body is covered in goosebumps as Tom slowly slides under yours, well his shirt, and strokes your exposed skin with his thumb. You smile into the Kiss and push yourself against Tom, leading him to stumble backwards.

His back is pressed against the nearest wall and he turns you around, standing between your legs as you lean yourself against the wall, letting Tom cover your jaw and neck in wet kisses.

,,Tom.” You mumble satisfied by his kissing skills, feeling like pudding under his touch.

,,Do you want me to stop?” He instantly pulls away and looks at your with concern in his eyes, making you aww on the inside.

,,No, God Tom no.” You giggle out of breath, heart beating fast against your chest.

,,Good.” He smirks down at you and traps your head between his arms, closing his eyes as you pull a bit stronger at his curls.

Your lips move in synchronisation with his and you feel a hot sensation in your chore, making you rub your hips at Toms.

He gets the hint and leans his forehead against yours, hands gently cupping your ass.


You do as you’re told and wrap you arms around Toms neck for support, nibbling on his skin as he carries you towards his bed.

You always liked Tom and the alcohol in your veins encourages you to go further.

,,Are you sure you want this? You don’t have to if you feel-“

You cut Tom off by sucking harsher on his skin and flipping him into the mattress, you being on top and in control.

Your hips grind over his growing bulge, earning a light moan from him.

His fingertips leave a burning sensation all over your skin and your hands fumble with the end of his belt, wanting to open it.

,,No darling.” Tom whispers with a husky voice as he grabs your hand, making the heat in your core even worse.

,,This is all about you.” He shifts from underneath you, leaving you slightly confused as you sit down on your legs.

Tom grabs a pillow and throws it at the end of the bed, not before hovering above you, grabbing your wrists and pinning them above your head as he slowly presses you down so your head rests on the pillow.

You let out a giggle by his actions and pull at the hem of his shirt, wanting to finally see his abs instead of just touching them.

,,Impatient much, aren’t we?” Tom laughs at well and it sounds like music in your eyes. His strong biceps flexes slightly as he raises his arms and pulls the navy shirt over his head, exposing his toned muscles.

You bite down on your lip and let your fingertips run over his skin, loving the way he reacts to your touch.

His erection adds a constant pressure to your private area and you part your legs a bit, so he can lean between them as you two continue to make out.

His hands take your shirt off with ease and you shiver slightly, frowning at the loss of his lips on yours.

,,Relax, and stop me if you have any doubts okay?” Tom whispers into your ear and you nod, not having any doubts at all. You know Tom and trust him, way to turned on to stop now.

He stadys himself with his left elbow, so he’s not putting his whole weight on you as his other hand starts to unbotton your jeans, brushing over your thighs and stomach while doing so. He already found your sweet spot down your neck and swirls his tongue over it, making you turn your head so he can get better acces.

You feel like your panties are already soaked and press your legs together to create some type of friction, making Tom part them again.

,,Patience baby girl.” His British accent makes your heart skip a beat and you arch your back to feel his member at your core.

Suddenly a loud gasp leaves your body as tom runs a single finger over your core, playing with the fabric of your underwear. His breath is heavy and hot, hitting right below your ear making you shiver.

,,So wet for me.” He closes his eyes and gently bites down on your bottom lip before fighting with your tongue for dominance, winning effortlessly.

You feel like your breath is hitched in your throat as he slowly starts to pull the fabric down your core, letting the cool air crash down on your sensitive skin.

His finger feels warm and soft against your belly, as he traces small circles down your navel over your slit and back up.

,,Tom, please.” You whine impatient, having enough of his teasing.

,,Please what?” He slightly Parts your lips and brushes your clit softly, not before removing them again.

,,Touch me.“ You say confident, not caring about how it might sound. Your eyes are already shut to concentrate on Tom and what his touch does to you.

,,Your wish is my demand.“ Tom says laughing as he nibbles on your earlobe before kissing the top of your collarbone and the upper part of your breasts that aren’t covered by your bra.

His fingers make their way back to your most sensitive part and play with your bundle of nerves, making you squirm in pleasure.

Tom chuckles against your neck and slowly pumps a single finger inside of you, giving you time to adjust and making sure you’re comfortable with it.

When he sees that you’re circling your hips, he pushes them down to hold you still and continues his movements.

His thumb never leaves your clit and stimulates you in a way no one did before, making the hot knot in your stomach growing bigger with every bump from his finger.

You feel him adding a second one and sigh deeply, the way he curls is fingers inside of you makes you want to grab the sheets and ball your hands into fists.

Instead you run your fingers threw his hair and kiss him hard, teeth pulling on his lower lip as you moan into his mouth.

You can feel yourself getting closer and Toms movements speeding up, leaving your whole body tensed.

,,I‘m close.“ You mumble, being the current mess you are.

,,Don’t hold it back.” Toms tongue swirls over the skin on your neck and leaves some dark marks as his thumb adds more pressure and changes the direction he’s circling.

,,Tom.” You moan as you grab his biceps, meeting him with your hips and leaving your mouth slightly open.

The knot in your stomach makes your toes curl and you wrap yourself around Tom as you let your orgasm wash over you, squeezing your legs shut as Tom brings you threw your high. After your breath slows down again and he feels you relaxing, he carefully removes his fingers and brushes over your thighs and stomach before arriving at your jaw, cupping it with both of his hands and kissing you tenderly.

,,It’s your turn.” You whisper as sexy as possible into his ear before sucking on his sweet spot, ready to return him the favour he just gave you.

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I ship Jaune and Pyrrha.

Pyrrha: You wouldn’t be the first person to say that.

Jaune: After what happened at the dance, everyone pretty much assumes we’re a couple now.

Pyrrha: We’ve also been spending a lot more time together, beyond training sessions, that is, so people see us out and about…

Jaune: … and think we’re on dates, yeah.

Pyrrha: He keeps taking me to the movies–

Jaune: You’d never seen a Spruce Willis movie, okay! That was a crime.

Pyrrha: You say that like most of them haven’t been romcoms.

Jaune: I – well, yeah, you like romcoms, I’m not gonna make you go to action movies just so I can watch stuff blow up, we’ve got Nora and Yang for that.

Nora: They’ve also been going out to lunch together every Saturday. Alone. Just the two of them.

Jaune: Get out of here, this is our ask.

Nora: I’m just saying.

Pyrrha: A bit more like brunch, considering all our sleep schedules, but yes. We have been going out fairly regularly.

Jaune: I mean… okay, look. We’re partners, right? Equals. And the whole first term, we were just focusing on me all the time – my self-esteem issues, my training, my crush on Weiss – and I was so focused on what was going on in my life that I totally missed everything that was going on with you. I had no idea how lonely and isolated you were feeling, and I just… it was really unfair to you, and that’s not the kind of thing I want to miss, ever again. I want to be there for you when you need me, and just. I don’t know. Make you happy.

Pyrrha: You’re too good to me, Jaune.

Jaune: No, I’m not. I’m not good enough. You deserve the world, Pyrrha. And a much better partner than me.

Pyrrha: No. I wouldn’t want anybody else.

Nora: Oh my gosh, I swear to dust if you two don’t start dating yesterday I’m going to puke.

[tell me who you ship JNPR with]

Speaking of music, imagine Magnus and his friends listening to some music and having fun. Dancing like goofballs, you know the drill.

And then Blitz and Hearth show up.

There’s that uncomfortable moment of realizing that Hearth isn’t going to have fun with it because he can’t hear the music. He insists he’s fine, don’t let him stop them. But watching them have fun, he clearly isn’t fine. He can’t enjoy this with his friends.

But then Blitz takes him by the hands and swings him around. The others watch in confusion but joy, because Hearth begins dancing with Blitz. He’s actually keeping time to the music he can’t hear.

It takes until Magnus is at a good enough angle to see that Blitz isn’t just holding Hearth’s hands. He’s tapping out the rhythm and beat of the music onto Hearth’s wrists.

For the first time in his life, Hearth may not be able to hear the music, but he can feel it.

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The losers reactions to richie getting his coke bottle glasses?

Let’s say Richie doesn’t get his glasses until he’s about 15 because he refuses to wear them but eventually his accidents become too much so gets them (sorry for spelling mistakes I’m tired)

- when Richie first gets his glasses, hes super nervous how everyone will react

- He doesn’t actually tell anyone he’d getting them

- he knows they make his eyes look giant and unnatural

- he totally doesn’t stare at himself on the mirror the whole morning before he sees them

- When he gets to the quarry he expects criticism

- however they all just look at him in a mixture of awe and confusion

- Bev is the first one to make a comment

- ‘So you’re telling us you’ve been fucking blind this whole time?!’

- ‘I mean, yeh kinda’

- Stan says they make him look smart which he claims is complete false advertisement because Richie is an idiot at the best of times

- 'Actually bird boy, I helped you with your math test so fuck you’

- and Stan can’t argue with that because he got an A in that test

- Eddie just takes his glasses off and puts them on his own face, laughing instantly as he realised how blind his stupid boyfriend is

- 'You better not break up with me now you can actually see’

- 'You look even more adorable when your fave isn’t blurry so don’t worry, Eds’

- Richie forgets about the rest of the losers watching them so presses a quick kiss to Eddie lips

- He jumps as a chores of 'awwws’ is thrown at them

- He takes the glasses off Eddie and puts them back on

- Eddie tells him he looks cute because he can tell already that Richie is self conscious

- Bev grabs Richie’s face and looks him in the eyes

- 'Your eyes look massive, what the fuck that’s adorable’

- everyone nobs in agreement, because he did look kinda cute

- Richie just pushes away the compiments with a joke 'guys I’m trying to be a badass punk, you can’t call me cute’

- Bev also wants to try on his glasses and she also laughs about how blind is actually is

- Mike always want to low-key try them but he doesn’t want to say anything, Richie can tell though so slips them into Mike’s face

- 'Mike, my boy, if I could see you I would tell you that you look amazing’

- That receives a massive smile from Mike and a pinch from Eddie because only Eddie is Richie’s boy

- They eventually get used to Richie’s glasses


- sometimes at sleepovers he’ll take them off and loose them in the morning so he’ll need help getting around and finding them

- sometimes he looses them on schools days and Eddie has to hold his hand and take him to classes all day

- Richie will often take them off whilst cuddling Eddie because he likes to shove his face against Eddie neck and that’s kinda hard with glasses

My prediction about feeling better was wrong so I’ll still be slow on content, I’m so sorry

Remember to add more if you have ideas - xo

Chorizo update: they are so much more calm than Horchata and Sangria. I changed their paper towels for the first time, they stood their ground with ZERO flinching, backing up, or complaining grumbles. They have not made a peep so far! They of course were intentionally bred, but I think they must have had more human contact than either of the girls, who were also both bred but were very uncomfortable with me at first. Is it because of their breed(s)? Is their big hood keeping them calmer bc they can’t see me as well from the side? Are they sick/hurt/old??? Ugh, Saturday can’t come soon enough, idk how much the vet will be able to tell me about their age/background, but I just want to know more.

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Klaroline + wings, Nessian and gentleness

Since it’s AU Week, I’m gonna take the first one, ok?

(and if you want me to write the nessian one, please send me a separate ask, that way I won’t forget, lol <3)

klaroline + wings

(aka acotar au in which Caroline is High Lady of the Night Court and Klaus is her human - at least at first - mate)

  • Caroline, an order-loving soul that she is, always keeps her wings in pristine condition (grooming is important part of self-care, ok??!)
  • her wings, it’s not something that Caroline just shows to everyone; the first time Klaus sees them is during a heated argument when they just spring free from under the glamour
  • they’re both shocked by this - Caroline has been so guarded for so long and it’s…unsettling to realize that she and her magic felt safe enough in that infuriating human’s Klaus’ presence to be free
  • Klaus is more shocked as well, but more so - mesmerized; he has never seen anything as beautiful as Caroline’s wings, black and illuminating like a starry night sky, woven with shadow and darkness
  • from this moment, he makes it his mission to provoke Caroline into showing her wings again - which leads to more heated arguments xD
  • as Caroline is so very protective of her wings, she never lets anyone touch them
  • and that’s how her Inner Circle knows that Klaus is her mate - he’s the only one she allows to touch the wings
  • although the first time he touches them is more driven by circumstance than anything else; after the attack at the Night Court, Klaus finds Caroline tending to her wings all by herself, twisting and stretching to extract all the arrows that got stuck in the delicate membranes - he calls her foolish for trying to do that by herself and finally appeals to her reason, arguing that she loves flying too much to risk her wings
  • Caroline finally agrees and Klaus proceeds to remove the arrows, working his nimble artist fingers to minimize the pain; but when he touches the membranes, it’s not pain that Caroline feels 😏
  • in the days that follow, Caroline allows Klaus to help her some more by applying a healing salve to her wings - she tries to convince herself it’s a practical choice and nothing else, but the truth is no one’s touch ever felt so good in her immortal life
  • of course, Klaus quickly catches on, the smug bastard that he is, and his touch turns less practical and more sensual with each day
  • at such a close distance, the wings look even more beautiful; Klaus knows that he will not rest until he depicts them on canvas
  • the idea of flying with Caroline both amazes and frightens him - it requires to put far more trust in another person than Klaus is accustomed to
  • when such a necessity occurs, Caroline interprets his hesitation as embarrassment and simply tells him to get over it
  • which he is glad that he does as the experience is mind-blowing; the view of the world, the feel of Caroline’s body against his, seeing her wings flexing from up close
  • it’s almost as mind-blowing as the touch of her lips and the first kiss they share in the air

HEY @taylorswift !!!!!!!!!


My friend @hellagoodhaylor is coming all the way from Texas to stay with me and we are going to do fun wintery things and drink maple lattes and cry over broadway shows and EAT FANCY BREAKFAST and I LOVE HER !!!

My friend @riaputation is coming all the way from Canada and I am seeing her again for the first time since 2015 when she stayed with me for the 1989 tour and we are going to EAT FANCY BREAKFAST and I LOVE HER !!!

I love these girls with all my heart and I never would have known them (or any of my internet friends) if not for you and I never would have MET them if not for you and I am so grateful and I am so ready to see them and to see you and I love run-ons and I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH IT HURTS. 


D&D Session 0 + 1

I’m DMing for the first time and swiggity-swooty, here comes the looty:


Deep Gnome Wizard, Belwar the Researcher
Drow Eldritch Knight, Kaz the Mercenary
Wood/Drow Druid, Darkday the Sage
High Elf Swashbuckler, Ravanda the Noble

The first thing you see is an airship passing over your heads into the valley below, and then it explodes.”

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howdy howdy howdy. sorry for letting the queue run out. ive been busy and all that, but not so busy i havent been drawing! im stocking the queue now and it should be back on track for a while

  • heres some stuff im finished with that you should expect very soon
  • a few divorceman comics!
  • more trh, currently 5 pages ahead and another 5 or 6 from the end
  • inktober! i havent skipped a day, even though i havent been posting them here and some are petitte
  • other msc art things

and heres some things in the works

  • i intend to do nanowrimo this year! though my main project will be writing the concept for dekkard and sasha’s comic that ill be doing post-trh, the thing i want the most out of it is to really get into writing again for the first time since my rping days. maybe youll see some of it :9
  • stocking zines for a festival! both/neither and caiman are done, lets relate v 2 will be by the end of the week, and im restocking fond on top of making zines from existing content. because of this, id super appreciate if you grabbed a copy to help me pay for hostels and my table
  • on a related note, tho not an exciting one, because ill be between 1000 and 3000 miles from home most of it, my physical stuff will be off the shelf for the entire month of november!!
  • i filled my sketchbook and will be uploading it sometime this week!
  • patreon will be getting a streamlined update soon, to compensate for my digital content’s newfound freedom
  • thats all folks!

thank you again for sticking around to see all this nonsense. it means the world to me

Okay I have two very importante things to share with you guys:

First, my humble litlle Makoharu sideblog finally hit 2,000 followers!!! I seriously have no idea how this happened but I’ve had this blog for about 4 years and so all I can say is dayum I cant believe I’ve dedicated this much time of my life to an anime and two stupid boys who literally destroy my heart every time I see them <3 


I’m moving to Florida because this girl is going to Walt Disney World for the Disney College Program!! I’m accepted for the Spring Advantage 2018 program and i’m SO FUCKING EXCITED BECAUSE IM WORKING IN ATTRACTIONS WHICH CAN HOPEFULLY BE SUPER RELEVANT TO MY USELESS THEATRE DEGREE WEHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

So yeah life is a little crazy rn which is why I haven’t been active much but I just want you all to know that I love and appreciate every single one of you and I really hope you always feel like you can talk to me or scream about MH with me whenever you want/need to <3

Anywayyyy, I want to do something fun for you guys so I’m thinking I’m going to open up drabble requests for a few days and work on them as time allows. Can’t promise I’ll get to them all but I haven’t done them in a while so if you have any prompts I’d love to hear them!! Thanks for sticking around and may MH live on in your hearts and souls as they do in mine ayeeeee

«Reaction To Do list»

  • Seeing them naked (friends)
  • Seeing them naked (dating)
  • Saying another members name During Sex
  • Coming home to them cuddling their baby
  • Ran out of condoms
  • Mute S/O days their name for the first time
  • You let out a cute moan when you bump into something
  • They thought you were innocent
  • Teaching your child to say a word
  • Taking a bath together (smutty)
  • Taking a bath together (fluff)
  • Birthday sex
  • Awkward boner
  • Watching porn together (you’ve never watched it)
  • Morning after Sex
  • Cock warming
  • Calling them “Oppa”
  • Calling them daddy in front of the members
  • Flinching in an argument
  • You guys babysit your baby cousin

Boom, Gunshot, Gum Pop



Gum pop.




The truck stops by the side of the road and a lady hops out and runs to the center of the field. She’s screaming, her husband is stressed but certain, level headed, ready for whatever may come. The pain comes in waves. Nothing said this would be easy. A tiny little baby girl is born into the sunshine, into pure gold, into a field of daisies. The world she sees for the first time is on fiery with yellow and orange, the blue of the sky and white clouds twirling around each other and

Cake is placed in front of her when she’s back home. Her family surrounds her, taking pictures with their bright phone cameras that her burn into her eyes almost as much as the candles in front of her meant to mark five years of age, with their smoke whirling away with reckless abandon she could only hope to have, taking the memories of years past along with them, up, up, up, to a place where she wishes she could go, with the rainbows and the evening mist. She blows as hard as she can but the no one eats, no one takes the candles off the cake, no one claps, because the candles are not yet out. Despite how much she wants to cry her family is laughing and soon she is laughing along with them and it is a symphony of laughter ringing through their small basement in their small home, it is magical, oh so magical, but

She cries even though she is nine years old because her balloon, green green emerald green, has flown into the air without a single look back at her, without a single care. She cries into the crowd as people walk by and her father swings through to comfort her, pulling her into his caring arms as tears continue to stream down her face, cold, cold, until they’re leaving freezing tracks on cheeks. “Delilah, do not cry, there is nothing to be sad about!” But no matter what he says she cries until she cannot, until her lungs are sore, until all her tears are used up, until the frozen sapphire blue that left her crying that way is up, up, up with her green green emerald green balloon and she can see it no more. On her way home she is teased by her brother by crying over something so tedious so

Gum feels therapeutic to her, the simple rhythm; chew, pop, chew, pop, chew, pop, till someone gets tired and she has to stop and throw that pink bubblegum in the trash. The chew is chewing up everything wrong with her, hair, name, face, attitude, “wish we had a better sister”, “wish she wasn’t such trouble”, “little girl”, “idiot”, “scared for my daughter”, chew chew chew. The pop is her she and her friends that night at the stargazing hill, watching the night pass, as she pop pop pops, she thinks of the feeling of yesterday (and Rose) grabbing her arm while they spent what would be their last night together. Throwing that gum away was watching all that wash away down the drain with every word she had spoken, with every word she had whispered into Delilah’s ear like sweet melancholy, like

She can only imagine what the gunshot sounded like when it sounded out that last sound Rose would ever hear, the sound she’d chosen for her demise, the sound she’d chosen to make Delilah’s life fall into pieces at her cold feet. She doesn’t blame her, doesn’t blame the body lying still and peaceful in the coffin in a way Rose never would have, in a dress she would never have worn, in a way that was so un-Rose it was hard to believe her family had styled her. She watches as the coffin is lowered into the ground, and with it the last bit of light her life had left to offer her. The last color. The last sparkling star, last swirling smoke, last gum pop, last daisy in a field of regrets and forget-me-nots, of what-was-she-thinkings, of she-was-my-everythings. Of roses and

Isabella enters her life with a boom, bringing with her the joy she so desperately needs. She brightens the world with the feeling of august rain, of fog on a cold day, of ice cream in the middle of winter. She is the sun that Delilah spins for, revolves around, wakes up every day to see and feel the warmth of. She is no Rose, she is aware, but Isabella is something close. She wonders if Rose would approve her. Of course she would, but if Rose were here to, Isabella would not be hers in the first place. There would be no need. Only the light that used to shine off of Rose’s eyes when she held her close. If Rose were still




Gum pop



One Hell Of A First Date

I was pacing around my room. Theo shouldn’t be here for 15 more minutes, but I’m already prepared. Or not. I’ve been trying to prepare for our official first date for an hour now. I showered…three times. I sprayed deodorant countless times cause I kept sweating. God, why am I so damn nervous. I knew Theo since forever.

„What’s wrong little brother?“, I hear Scott say. I turn around to see him leaned on the door frame and Stiles standing behind him. How did I not notice them earlier? „It’s nothing”, I say sighing. „Well it doesn’t seem like nothing Liam", Stiles says pointing at my bed. There lays every shirt I have ever owned, ones that are not on the bed are on the floor. 

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