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I've been subscribed to you since you had 2k subscribers and as your quickly approaching 90k I just want to send you this to tell you how extremely proud I am of you. It actually brings me to tears to think about how far you've come. You've created a family on YouTube and you invest so much hard work and dedication into your channel. There are people all across the world who love you and care about you! You have done so many amazing things, and I can't wait to see what's in store for you. ❤️

This really means the world to me. I can’t thank you enough.

Please know that if you’ve ever sent me something kind I have read it and I do really appreciate it. I just can’t answer all of them. That’s not possible.

On this day in 1968, Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space, died never having gotten to see man touch the surface of another world.

In 1961, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first ambassador of our planet to enter the vastness of space. Vostok 1 was the first manned spaceflight of the early space race, and Gagarin completed one orbit of Earth before landing safely 108 minutes later.

While flying weightless above Earth’s surface, Yuri Gagarin witnessed a spectacular view of home — forests, deserts, and great plains were surrounded by expansive oceans. Upon viewing the thin blue line of the atmosphere, Gagarin became the first of our inquisitive species to see our planet as it truly is — a vibrant, geologically active world circling a star. Unfortunately, Yuri died seven years later during a jet crash in 1968, never having gotten to see man touch the surface of another world.

We at Penny4NASA urge you to honor the memory of this brave man, as his Vostok 1 mission was the catalyst for every manned spaceflight to date.

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I love being in places and seeing staff going into staff-only places. I don't know it's just so cool, you go, you cool official person, do your cool official staff only things


This is exactly what I wanted to hear someone say omg!!

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A question for Afua - were there any unique challenges to you when you first got into the 'mainstream' comic industry (Marvel and DC)? Would love to hear what your experiences were, and if they got better over time, or to see how it compares to working on indie projects

To be honest, working for the majors is MUCH easier than working for smaller companies. Smaller companies like to micromanage. Bigger companies trust you to do your thing. The biggest challenge is the demand for excellence and that is self-imposed. Whatever it is I make, Millions of people may potentially see it. I can’t have a bad drawing day or artist block for too long. The larger companies, if they’ve come to you, it’s because they see your work in the Indy world and they trust you with their characters. Each editor and writer team works differently, so you experience working is hinged upon who you are working with directly. The only issue I face is when I have several editors on a large project. The editor may have suggestions and changes but when it goes up the pipe, the other folks making decisions may have their own suggestions. I don’t get paid until the work is approved. So if there are too many changes, it can be a bit of a blow to the pockets. But I am learning every day. I’m really grateful I have the opportunity to draw some of my FAVORITE characters I’ve nerded out on since kindergarten. We see these companies as giants but they are just made up of people. Many of those people have become my friends and they really do look out for me.

I still remember
The first time
I saw your face,
Smiling that
Guileless grin.

Open as always,
You held nothing
Back. Hands

An iridescent
Offering of
Pure bliss.

Perhaps your
Smile is a bit
More muted;
Your shoulders

Slouch beneath
A world of
Worries, but
Still I see,


When I look at you.



Zodiac Gothic: Terrifying things may come
  • Aries: One day, when you blink, you'll see anther world in between the closing and opening of your eyelids. It will be terrifying, horrible, indescribable - and you will forget it as soon as you open your eyes. Perhaps it just happened. Perhaps it will happen tomorrow. Or perhaps, the last time you close your eyes, it will happen. And you won't be able to open them again to escape.
  • Taurus: The next time someone tells you to run, do it. Even if you are surrounded by nothing but walls, run until you can't run anymore - then walk, then crawl, then squirm. Only when you have exhausted all means of movement will you be safe.
  • Gemini: You are going to meet a special someone soon. A /very/ special someone. They will not have eyes, and their tongue will be heinously long. They will try to wrap you up - let them. Only once you give in to them will they let you go.
  • Cancer: Something horrible has happened. It had nothing to do with you, but it happened. Just now, it happened again. You are powerless to stop these horrible things. And they, too, are powerless to hurt you - so long as you remember to listen to the weather. Did you forget? Hmm. Something bad has happened. It had everything to do with you.
  • Leo: There are dark forces attempting to change your fate right now. But will it be for better, or for worse? Leave a lemon on your porch overnight to stop them. You may save yourself - or doom yourself to an even worse fate. You must make the decision soon, or the forces will already be upon you.
  • Virgo: Don't go to an ocean. Don't go to a lake. Actually, it's probably best you avoid swimming pools too. To be safe, don't even take a bath tonight - it isn't worth the risk. Is it raining? Well, then your fate has been sealed...
  • Libra: Don't stare too long at that object that shouldn't be there. Pretend that it's normal. If you pretend that you didn't just see it move out of the corner of your eye, you will be safe.
  • Scorpio: Don't do it. I know that you're thinking about doing it - but don't. There are demons waiting to take a hold of you if you succeed. What is 'it' you might be wondering - well, you know. You're the one who planned it.
  • Sagittarius: The monster under your bed loves you. It loves you so very much. It crawls out and sleeps next to you at night, and it stares at pictures of you while you are away. It even fights off the other monsters every night. But watch out, it might just fail some night....and the monster in the closet loves you in a much more violent way.
  • Capricorn: Someday, when you are home alone in a new house, there will be an extra door that you will notice, and be unsure of it was there before. It wasn't. It contains a set of stairs, each step more wet and soft than the last. The further down these stairs. you walk, the hotter and damper you feel, and the more lights you will see on the walls. Do not touch the lights. Do not touch the walls. Keep walking - you will eventually trip, and find yourself facing up the stairs. Walk up. Do not, at any point, turn back - the teeth will come.
  • Aquarius: A strange and hauntingly beautiful woman will ask to use your phone in a parking lot at midnight, sometime in the near future. It will be cloudy and dark. She will look startlingly familiar, but you will not be able to remember her at all. You must not allow her to take your phone. You must not allow her to take your heart.
  • Pisces: If you ever find yourself surrounded by strangers, keep a look out for anyone with golden pupils in plain white eyes. If you have seen them, then immediately cleanse yourself with fish water and lemon juice. If it's been more than three days, you have been Marked for something that is yet unknown, but must be avoided at all cost.

Chào các cậu,
Tớ vừa đi xem The Space Between Us về.
[xàm một chút]
Tớ đã chờ phim này từ lâu lắm lắm rồi. Vì:
1. Asa Butterfield đẹp trai quá. Huhu ngồi trong rạp con chị và con em chẳng biết làm gì ngoài bắn tim cho anh. Nhìn anh mà thấy trái tim cằn cỗi của mình đã nở hoa trở lại. Về đến nhà hai con vẫn cãi nhau xem tiểu phương thảo nên gọi là anh rể hay là tớ nên gọi là em rể =))).
2. Đầu tiên phim này dự tính ra rạp vào 16/12, sinh nhật tớ. Úi trùi ui, nó còn bảo là, on sinh nhật tớ, find someone who changes the way you see the world, cộng với điều 1, tớ đã nghĩ đây là định mệnh của đời mình rùi =)). Có điều chưa kịp find thì phim đã bị dời lịch chiếu xuống tháng 2, sau đó đẩy tiếp xuống tháng 3 :):). Hay lắm :).
[nội dung chính]
3. Soundtrack của phim, phải nói là tuyệt vời (với tớ). Hồi ấy tớ để nhạc chuông, nhạc báo thức, nhạc các thể loại là Shine a Light - BANNERS, bạn nào từng nghe nhạc trên tumblr của tớ chắc cũng không xa lạ gì nữa. Lúc xem trailer của phim này, tớ đã thấy nó huhu, huhuhu, huhuhuhu. Tớ không tiếc bỏ ra (?)k để mua hẳn nhạc itunes về không thèm xài qua apple music thì biết trái tim thiếu nữ của tớ đã được hiến dâng trọn vẹn như thế nào rồi đấy.

Bảo đi xem cả bộ phim chỉ để nghe soundtrack thì hơi bếch, nhưng cộng thêm việc anh í đẹp trai thì không bếch chút nào đúng không =)))))).

Chết quên mất không bảo, nhạc hay ở đây là hay theo kiểu tớ vẫn thường nghe, có thể có nhiều bạn sẽ thấy không hay đâu, rất nhiều, vì hồi xưa cả lớp tớ đều bảo nhạc tớ là nhạc dân tộc đấy =)) đáng sợ không=)) cho nên đừng tin ai cả nhé, nhất là tớ.

Together Now

Taeil x Reader

Wordcount: 1,792

It had been 14 months since your parents had sealed your fate.  14 months since you had gotten engaged.  14 months since he had confessed that he was in love with you.

You were standing at the start of the aisle.  The wedding march began to play from the piano in the room where your wedding was about to take place.  Your father had his arm linked with yours, and your veil was shielding your face from everyone’s anticipating eyes.

Beginning to walk down the aisle, you did your best to smile at the guests who were kind enough to attend.  Your family had flown in from all over the world to see you get married.   The pews were lined with your relatives, friends, co-workers… And him.  Taeil.  You couldn’t help but flashback to that day 14 months ago as you saw him frowning at you, tears evident in his eyes.

“(Y/n), you can’t do this.  You don’t love him.  It isn’t real!”

“Taeil, I know, but it’s what my parents want for me. That’s what the business world is like. His family is rich and powerful, my family is rich and powerful, and our parents think that marrying us will create an unstoppable partnership.”

“How can you just accept this?”

“I’ve known since I was a kid that this would be my future.   I don’t understand why you’re protesting this so much!  We’ve been best friends since junior high.  You knew I would have to marry some business family’s son someday.”

“I know… But it’s different when it’s really happening.  Anyways, I guess it’s now or never.  (Y/n), I have to tell you something that I should have told you years ago.”

“You can tell me anything, you know that.”

“You should be dating me, not getting engaged to some guy you barely even know.  I love you (y/n).  I have since high school.  I never told you because I knew I wasn’t worthy.  But I can’t let you marry some guy you don’t even love.”

“I’ll learn to love him, Taeil.  I have to.”

That was the last conversation you had with Taeil before your wedding day.   You had never told him that you loved him too. How could you?  It would make his pain so much worse to know that you felt the same way but still refused to be with him.  

You were surprised to see him at your wedding.  When you mailed out the invitations you had sent him one in the hopes that your old friend would come and support you.  Despite knowing it would hurt him to watch you marry someone else, you couldn’t help but be selfish and want your close friend to be there on the supposedly most important day of your life.

You were snapped out of your thoughts as your father dropped your arm, allowing you to stand face-to-face with your fiancée, Chanyeol.  He gently lifted your veil, placing it behind your head.  You could tell from his face that this wasn’t what he wanted either.  He had told you once, a few months ago, about another girl he loved.  You told him about Taeil and how you regretted, more than anything else, not accepting his confession.  But the both of you agreed that for the sake of your parents, you had to proceed with the wedding and make the best of the situation.  That was the life of the children of rich businessmen and businesswomen.   Carrying on the legacy, helping the company prosper, sacrificing your own happiness for the sake of success…  You were expected to do what you had to for the family.

So here you were, saying your vows to a man you didn’t want marry.  Everything was going smoothly, as expected.  Your parents had made you rehearse this script a million times.

“If anyone here knows of any reason why this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

The priest uttered the most cliché line from every wedding scene in the movies.  You had to hold back from rolling your eyes. It wasn’t like anyone was actually going to challenge this marriage.   As far as you knew, everyone whole-heartedly encouraged the wedding.  They either wanted your two families to merge into one powerhouse, or they were none the wiser about the situation.  Aside from those closest to you, your guests had been led to believe that you and Chanyeol had been dating for years, and were getting married out of love.  But as the moments passed, you felt the room growing increasingly tense.  You looked over at your fiancée, but he had his face turned to the guests.


You followed the eyes of the man standing across from you towards the source of your name, only to have your eyes land on Taeil.  He was standing up amidst the guests, staring at you, and only you. You stood frozen.  What on earth was he doing?   A part of you was furious with him.  How could he do this at your wedding? He was embarrassing the both of you in front of everyone.   You didn’t even want to imagine what Chanyeol, future in-laws and parents were thinking. But at the same time, you knew that deep down, the two of you were meant for each other.  You wished more than anything that Taeil was the one standing at the altar across from you, saying his vows.  You loved him.

“I’m so sorry to do this here and now.  I know this is meant to be a special day, but I can’t let you marry him.”

“Taeil, what are you doing?  Not now, please.”

“(Y/n), stop.  You know in your heart that you’re meant to be with me.”

Gasps became audible throughout the room.  You had never imagined yourself in a situation like this.  In your mind, your marriage had always been a picture-perfect scene.  Not a sham wedding to some heir for the sake of your family.  Not with the love of your life standing in the pews, ruining the ceremony.

“Taeil, I can’t be with you.  You know that.  We’ve been over this before.  This is my future now.”

You gestured towards Chanyeol as he looked back and forth between the two of you.

“Look, I’m terrible at expressing my emotions, I always have been.  I’m the quite one.  But you know better than anyone, that music helps me express myself.   I wrote you a song, and this is my last chance to sing it to you.  Please, before you make your final decision, just listen.”

Silence washed over the room.  You heard Taeil clear his throat, and he began to sing.  The lyrics were about knowing how the moment he met you, his heart was yours.  He sang of the two of you being together, and how he would never let you down.

His voice was beautiful.  This had always been your favourite way to hear Taeil’s voice.  No music, no backup vocals.  Just his voice in its most pure and raw form.  He was perfect.  And he was right.  You knew that you belonged together.   It had haunted you for the last 14 months that you hadn’t had the courage to tell him you loved him back.

But now, what were you supposed to do?  You knew Chanyeol wouldn’t fault you.  He was in love with someone else himself.  The two of you wanted to be free of each other and with the people you truly loved.  But what would your family say? What if they cut you out of their company?  What if your parents disowned you?  Were you willing to lose everything you had ever known for the man you loved?

Taeil ended his song, looking up at you for some sign that you would be his.  You had never felt so conflicted in your life. You looked at your fiancée, and as you expected, he mouthed the words “it’s okay, go.”  Chanyeol knew just as well as you did that the two of you would never be happy together.  You couldn’t go through with this just for your families.  Your happiness was worth more than that.

You hugged your fiancée and apologized.  He took hold of your hands and commended you for being brave enough to follow your heart.  You made him promise you that he would do the same and find the girl he really wanted to marry.  The two of you smiled at each other one last time before you let go of his hands and began making your way towards your parents.

“Mom, Dad. I’m sorry.  I’m so, so sorry.  I want to be the daughter you want, but I can’t sacrifice my own happiness just for the sake of money and the company.  I know this must be disappointing, but I hope that someday you can forgive me.  I love you both so much, but I also love Taeil.”

This was it.  You turned away from your parents and began to make your way towards Taeil, who was now standing in the middle of the aisle.  Your feet started to speed up beneath you.  He put both of his arms around you as you reached him.  The two of you stood there in front of everyone hugging.  There was silence all around, people clearly shocked by the day’s turn of events.

The two of you loosed your grip, but just enough to look into each other’s eyes. Taeil wiped away the tears that had began to fall from your eyes.

“I love you Taeil.  I love you so much.  I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you when you confessed to me.  I thought I was doing the right thing by not telling you, but I’ve hated myself for it ever since.”

“We’re together now (y/n), that’s all that matters.  I know I’m asking you to give up a lot for me, but I promise that I will make you happier than any amount of money ever could.”

“I know Taeil.  This is right for me.  It’s right for both of us.  I know in my heart that I’ll only be happy as long as I’m with you.  I know my parents will forgive me someday, and the company will always be there.  But if I let you go a second time, I won’t get another chance.  It’s now or never.”

“I love you (y/n).”

“I love you too Taeil.  Thank you for not giving up on me.”

You turned to give your wedding guests, family and Chanyeol an apologetic look one last time.   And with that, you and Taeil made your way out of the church to begin the beginning of the rest of your lives with each other.

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Hey my cuties!~
I just wanted to let you guys know that all five requests for the 100 followers celebration thing have been submitted, so requests are now closed! ♡

Thank you so much to the people who have requested!~ Some of you seemed so happy.. and it.. It made me feel something I couldn’t describe. It felt so warm.. It felt so nice. It felt right. It made me smile and almost cry.

I’m just so happy to have you guys… I’m so happy I can do this for you.. The reason why I’m doing this is for you guys! This is the only way I know how to repay you.. So, thank you. You all mean so much to me. It feels so good to see you guys excited and happy. I’d feel all the pain in the world to see you guys smile, or laugh, or get excited over something! You guys don’t know how much it means to me. You guys have made me smile and laugh, you guys have raised me when I was down, and you guys guided me when I was lost… Thank you. Thank you for doing that for me.

In regards to the requests, I have been working on the first one-Oikawa. I told myself I would stop drawing by around 1:00 AM and at the time I am writing this it is 1:23 AM. ^^ I will work on it tomorrow and finish it tomorrow, along with working on the other requests once I finish. However, depending on when I finish, I may not be able to post it until the next day becuase I want the best lighting possible for the pictures~ (in the morning when the sun is up.)
I will be doing the requests in the order that they came in. So far, I am very happy with the peice. There are some parts in it that is not normally my art style, but I love how it looks, and I hope you guys will too! Especially the requester!~ ♡

Now that that’s out of the way, I will not post anything else until the morning (for me at least) so everyone gets a chance to see this (hopefully.)
I hope you all had a marvelous day, becuase… I sure have. ♡♡♡

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Can I request a #20 for Kunikida?

20. a pawn looks in the mirror and fancies itself a king

from the reverie drabble challenge

thoughts: i’ve been wanting to use the word “saccharine” for so long hahaha

The words fall from your lips, tasting saccharine and bitter but true because you can see, and you regret none of it. You see the world differently than he does, a bit higher up on the scale of self-decided rights and wrongs, with a jaded touch that only comes from too much experience with all the worst possibilities.

“You are weak,” you say, and he does not flinch. There is nothing harsh in your tone, only a distant feeling and strange certainty to it.

He knows you; too well, you realize. Somewhere along the way, things had changed. The power you once held is diminished, and his is enduring. He bears your simple, hurtful observations like a heavy stone in a storm - unyielding and stubborn.

A smile flickers across your visage, and everything in it reflects a darkness he cannot succumb to.

“But you have become quite a problem, haven’t you?”


love you like fireburst (4/8)
↳ from jungkook to taehyung