seeing the poster was enough though

Neil mentions that his dorm doesn’t feel like home after Andrew graduates 

  • so during every visit Andrew tries to discretely fill up the place with things he knows that Neil likes
  • the first thing he brings back is the bean bag that him and neil always use to make out on 
  • also neil had fallen asleep on andrew several times while they were cuddling in the bean bag so andrew knows how much neil likes it 
  • next he leaves a bunch of his sweaters because he knows that his scent is sometimes enough to soothe Neil 
  • and even though he won’t admit it to anyone he loves seeing Neil wear his clothes 
  • Andrew also buys a lot of exy posters and stocks the kitchen with some of neil’s guilty pleasures 
  • and he even goes as far as putting up a picture of both of them from one of their getaways
  • he tapes the photo next to Neil’s bed so that only he will see it 
  • Neil eventually catches on to what Andrew is doing and his heart is so full of happiness
  • but one night when they are in bed Neil thanks Andrew who just rolls his eyes 
  • so Neil moves closer to him and mumbles into Andrew’s neck “it doesn’t feel like home because you aren’t here”
  • Neil can feel andrew tense next to him before Andrew rolls Neil underneath him 
  • Andrew has a gentle grip on Neil’s jaw before he leans down and presses his lips to Neil 
  • and he says Neil in such a raw voice that Neil understands that it’s been just as hard for Andrew

I see so much resolve in Ichigo’s face in that illustration that it almost hurts. And it’s not just his face, though it blows me away on a monumental scale.

Its the way his hand isn’t tightly clenched, but just loosely enough to convey how relaxed he is but at the same time filled with that nervous anticipation. How ready he is to tell Orihime how he feels, but still so humanly nervous.

He has been told for quite some time that Orihime is too good for him (in various ways actually). And even though Ichigo is the poster child for fighting against what others believe, I feel like it did stick with him a tad. Just enough to warrant Renji feeling the need to approach him.

And oh my gosh, what I would give to see what happened after this confession… because this precious Strawberry has been loved for quite some time now.


[4/100 days of productivity] 05.09.16 today’s 100 days of productivity features my biology revision and a partial shot of my bujo because I am really impressed with how this week’s spread turned out so, of course, I had to put in in my photos today! I am actually really proud because the poster you can see, I made without looking at my notes (apart from a diagram I drew on the back because I didn’t have enough room - I had forgotten the formula for a metabolic reaction) and I am so pleased I managed to write it all down, even though I missed one or two things. I then finished my respiration flashcard set which look great and whilst they look busy, contain all the key points I need to know and are a nice easy read! sixth form starts tomorrow and I am actually so excited to be back!

[Vienna]:  In honor of my favorite blog ending soon, I made a movie esk poster for it. And well I’m going to miss it QnQ But all good stories need to end, just make it a good one for us Wiggles. No pressure xD The amount of times I was on the verge of tears reading AKS is uncountable…. But enough soppy stuff ^-^ I hope like it! 

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I keep forgetting that there are like, children who follow me. Like kids who are 14 years old and still in school.

Don’t do drugs. Finish your primary education. Follow your dreams. Build a sandcastle. Run until you can’t breathe anymore. Dance like everyone is watching. Never give up. Climb a tree. Climb 6 trees. Have fun. Respect your parents. Be a glutton once to see what it feels like. Don’t get arrested, it’s not worth it. Put as many posters as you can around your room, who cares. It’s your room. Keep it clean enough to walk around in though. Save money. Like actually save money, get a savings account and put money in it weekly. Be spontaneous. Be responsible. The future rests on your shoulders.

Are you ready for Gotham’s return? Because I sure am!!! Even though there’s only a few more hours left it can’t get here fast enough, so here is something to tide you over until tonight’s episode.

This is my design for a poster competition Gotham held when the series first premiered last year. My thought was that a specific rogue doodled on some files he stole from Gordon’s desk, showing the true colors of some of Gotham’s citizens. You can see his special message in the Gotham logo down below.