seeing the one you love love someone somebody else

And that’s the thing you’re told about love, you’re willing to completely rip yourself to shreds, shatter yourself into pieces, overall destroy yourself entirely in order to make sure the love of your life can feel whole. But that’s not fair, love isn’t suppose to be that way. Love is suppose to be sharing, opening up and trusting someone with everything you have hidden and bottled up inside you. Love is suppose to be when someone sees the real you and realizes you’re the one they want for the rest of their life. Not destroying yourself for somebody else to be happy and for you to sit there and sulk in agony and sadness. It’s fucking suppose to be happiness, for both people.

I am your dog and I would like to whisper this in your ear:

I know that you humans have a very stressful life. You have your work, kids and you keep going from one place to another constantly. Often without pausing to enjoy your life.

Lower your head and look at me.

Can you see how my brown eyes look back at you? My eyes become dimmer as I become older and I get grey hair around my nose. I see the love in your eyes. 

What do you see in mine? Do you see my soul?

Do you see someone who loves you more than anyone else in the world? Someone, who forgives you for everything? Somebody, who wants to spend time with you?

The only thing I ask for is to slow down for a moment and spend a minute or two with me. Sometimes, it feels like you keep reading sad things from your computer screen. Sad things about someone else having lost their dog. 

Sometimes we pass away too early and it can break your heart.
Sometimes we become old without you even noticing it.

Regardless of my dim eyes and grey nose, I’ll never stop loving you.
I might not be here anymore tomorrow; or the next week.
One day, you’ll cry more than you ever have and you wish that you had one more day with me.

But for today I am here.

Come sit with me and enjoy my company.
Speak to me, like to a close friend. Pet me and look at me in the eyes.
You wanted me in your life. So, that you would have someone who you could share all your difficulties with. To share your good memories with.

Here I am!

I am a dog. I feel and see the differences in personalities. I don’t see you as a two-legged dog - I know what you are.
You are a human and despite your weirdness, I love you.

Come to the floor with me. Step into my world and let your own one halt for a moment. Look into my eyes and whisper in my ears. Speak from your heart and let us get to know each other once more.

Life is too short.

So please, come and sit with me. To enjoy these precious moments that we still have left.

I love you,
Your Dog.