seeing the invincible

Mother Moon

Aries Moon can get rebellious and impatient with their mom but admires them when older. They can see their mom as invincible when really young. 

Taurus Moon can see their mom as a constant in their life. They see them as someone they can get advice or even financial help from. A bad relationship with their mom can result in thinking their mom owes them something or they hold a grudge for years.

Gemini Moon can see their mom as a friend or main line of support. They can also be distant with their mom.

Cancer Moon is super close with their mom, even dependent at an older age. Bad mother relations create “mommy issues”. They see their mom as a nurturer, caregiver, and provider.

Leo Moon looks up to their mom and sees them as a role model or hero. They can also see them as a major authority-figure and stubborn leader.

Virgo Moon sees their mom as someone who puts their kids priorities first or their works priorities first. 

Libra Moon views their Mom with a lot of trust, openness, and positivity but can also see their mom as someone they have to always please.

Scorpio Moon views their mom as someone who has power over them in someway, good or bad. They can have a deep bond with them.

Sagittarius Moon can view their mom as a friend, mentor, and/or role model. They could also in a sense “outgrow” their mom or become disillusioned by her.

Capricorn Moon sees their mom as a provider and/or authority. They usually respect their mom. Issues surround lack of emotional openness.

Aquarius Moon sees their mom as a friend, teacher, and a fountain of wisdom. They can be detached or rebellious towards them too. They can have an unusual relationship with their mom somehow.

Pisces Moon sees their mom as a sacrificer and can be grateful towards them, they could see their mom as a main influencer in their life. They can see their mom as someone they have to take care of. They can have a strong intuitive bond. Mom could easily manipulate them.


When you go and I’m alone, you live in my imagination. The summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation. I love you, that’s all I do. I love you.


Engie! Inksans

This fellow skeleton creates or builds sentries for defense, he also builds a dispenser, so his team could heal and regain their ammo. 

He is very particular where the sentries should be placed, also with the dispensers.

He  sometimes falls asleep during battles. Cause he thought that he is safe, cause he is surrounded by sentries.

what he hates the most is the guy who destroys his work, know as spy. He despise the man, but a part of him likes him. 

Engie! ink sans’ personal bio

  • Age: 24
  • hight: “5`1
  • hates spy
  • likes spy
  • always has this cheesy smile plastered on his face
  • clumsy
  • Jerk-ish


spy! error sans

This fellow skeleton spies on every intelligence, he assassinates every enemies he sees, he also use invincibility to hide him form his enemies.

He also disables or destroy sentries, so his team wouldn’t die by it. 

He disguise himself as his enemies, so it’ll be easier to assassinate or to get to their head quarters/ intelligence. 

Spy! error sans’ personal Bio

  • age: 26
  • hight: ``6`3
  • flirty
  • likes to annoy the engineer 
  • sometimes tempered 
  • likes to play games


Heyya guys! I am back! 

There will be a ink x error thing commin’ from this. (casue I am a trash of it) 

 You guys can ask me anything!! (related to this)


Ink sans belongs to @comyet

Error sans belongs  to @loverofpiggies

Come Find Her

I came up with this imagine after watching the segment between Dean and Baron on Tuesday’s SmackDown Live! These are two of my favorite guys in WWE right now, so I’m excited to see what they do together! Sorry that it’s so short, I tried to make it as long as I could. – Hope you like it!

Summary: Baron Corbin makes his feud with Dean Ambrose personal by kidnapping the one person that means everything to Dean, his girlfriend.

*          *          *          *

“Get away from me!” You screamed as you tried to pull your arm out of Baron’s grasp.

“Stop squirming.” He said.

He had cornered you backstage and dragged you into one of the abandoned hallways in the back of the arena. There was no one in this part of the arena. You could scream as loud as you wanted to, but no one would hear you.

There was, however, a monitor set up and a cameraman standing in the corner looking as scared as you. You assumed Baron threatened him into coming down here.

You smiled as you heard Dean’s music hit and him make his way down to the ring. He immediately planted a Dirty Deeds to Curt Hawkins, having no interest in the match he was scheduled for that night, and then grabbed a match.

“Over the years I’ve learned a lot of valuable life lessons, for instance, rollerblading home from happy hour is a bad idea, some women don’t like to be called sturdy, burrito bowls and rollercoasters don’t mix, but one of the most important life lessons I have learned is when you are pushed you have to push back and over the last couple of weeks I have been pushed, prodded, attacked, beaten up, and left for dead but if Baron Corbin thinks I’m going to roll over and walk away from that then Baron Corbin is going to learn a very valuable life lesson of his own and here it is: messing with Dean Ambrose is a very very bad idea. Son, if you don’t believe that then let’s find out. I can’t think of a better place then SmackDown Live right here in St. Paul Minnesota. I want a fight. I want a fight and I want it right now, so Baron Corbin bring your ass out here.”

Your lips curved into a smile as you watched him cut his promo. You loved seeing Dean on the mic. He was a natural at it. And you loved how into his work he got. You could tell he was pumped up.

“Dean…Dean, you want a fight? Well, that’s too bad. I don’t just come to the ring when you call my name.” Baron said as the camera guy pointed the camera at him.

“Oh my god. Those tattoos are even uglier on the big screen.” Dean said. “Look, dude, are you going to come out here or not because I didn’t validate my parking and I only got fifteen minutes left on the meter.”

“I’m glad you find humor in this,” Baron said. “You’re gonna need it. You cost me the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber. You are a speed bump that has slowed me down. But now, now you are a deer standing in the middle of the road and I am going to run you over. But Dean, Dean I think you should see something first…” Baron said.

Baron reached over and pulled you closer to him so that you were in the camera’s view. You were sure you looked terrified because that’s exactly how you felt. You didn’t know what Baron was going to do to you.

“Because you see Dean, you aren’t invincible anymore. I have something over on you. You have something to lose. And I have that something right here.” Baron said as he squeezed your arm a little tighter.

“You son of a b*tch. You let her go!” Dean screamed.

“You want her? Come find her!” Baron said and then he shoved the camera towards the ground.

“Let me go!” You screamed.

“Fighting isn’t going to help you. You can’t get away.” Baron said.

“Dean! Dean help me!” You screamed out as loud as you could.

You then noticed Baron pick up a lead pipe from the ground. You felt your heart drop. You had no doubt Dean would come looking for you. But he wouldn’t be any match for Baron Corbin with a lead pipe.

“Y/n! Y/n! Baron where are you, you coward?” You heard Dean’s voice faintly.

“Dean! Dean help me!” You screamed.

“Y/n! I’m coming baby!” He screamed.

“Go over there. Show him where you are.” Baron said motioning to the hallway where Dean would probably be able to see you.

You hesitantly walked over and you looked down the hallway. You saw Dean at the end of the hallway.

“Y/n! Where is he?” Dean screamed.

Just then Baron stepped in front of you, putting himself between you and Dean, lead pipe in hand. Dean stopped running and eyed the lead pipe.

“Come on Ambrose. Come save your girlfriend.” Baron challenged.

What Dean did next shocked you. He charged full speed at Baron and speared him. Which knocked the lead pipe out of his hand, but also knocked Baron into you. You fell backward and you felt your head hit the hard floor of the arena. You curled up and brought your hands to your head as you winced.

You felt a throbbing instantly on the back of your head where you hit the concrete floor. You closed your eyes and tried not to think about the pain. Then you looked over to see Baron and Dean wrestling for dominance.

Dean was on top of Baron delivering blow after blow to him. But Baron was reaching for something. Not just something…the lead pipe. His fingertips were inches away from it and you knew if he got it, it wouldn’t be good for Dean. You stretched your leg out, kicking the pipe out of Baron’s reach.

Dean laid a couple more good punches on Baron, the second one hitting him square in the nose. He hit him a few more times for good measure and then climbed off Baron and turned to you.

He grabbed your hand in his and started dragging you down the hallway and away from Baron. Once you were back to the area of backstage where the locker rooms were Dean turned to you. He reached up and cupped your face in his hands as he looked into your eyes.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

You couldn’t find the words, so you just nodded.

“Did he hurt you? Put his hand on you?” He asked.

“N-no.” You said as you felt a tear escape and run down your cheek.

“Shh, you’re okay, baby. I’m right here.” He said as he pulled you into his chest and held you tight. “You’re okay. I’ve got you.” He said.

“I was so scared, Dean.” You mumbled into his shirt as you held onto him for dear life.

“I know, darlin’. But I’m here. Nobody’s going to hurt you as long as I’ve got something to say about it.” He said.

Styx Water

The river Styx is one of five rivers that runs through the domain of Hades. It is the river of hate, running parallel to Phlegethon through the underworld. Styx was also a Goddess who was among the first to aid Zues in overthrowing the Titans, and so She was giving the honor of any oath sworn upon Her name being unbreakable for the Gods. In legend, bathing in the river Styx granted invincibility >see Achilles myth< This is also the river

After I posted up my description for making Lethe Water, I thought I’d start working on writing down the other four rivers. So, here’s how I make Styx Water:

*Not For Ingestion*

  • Rust
  • Glass or mirror chunks (be careful not to cut yourself)
  • Blood (yours, someone elses, blood from the butcher, whatever. If you’re using your or someone elses blood, you only need a few drops. Be safe an sanitary in drawing blood!)
  • Some form of clear alcohol (I.E. everclear, rubbing alcohol, ect)

Rust is something rotting. This is what hate does to things, it rots them, destroys them, makes them useless.

Glass is pain, and if you use mirror it can also be about reflection. It can be about distorted images (misunderstandings), hating others for things you see in yourself, introspection, ect…

Blood is to tie it to the underworld. Like in lethe water, you could use bones, but since hate causes blood shed, the use of blood is very important for me.

Add the rust, mirror chunks, and a few drops of blood (or if you’re using blood from the butchers add however much you want to color) to your alcohol. Let it set and charge for three nights. The night before the new moon, the new moon, and the night after. Strain out the solid bits, store in a dark bottle, and you’re good to go. 

Styx water can be used in repulsion spells, curses, protection spells, and probably a bunch more things too.

And here are the links for all five rivers (current post included)

  • Acheron-River of Woe (personally associated with Air)
  • Cocytus-River of Wailing (personally associated with Earth)
  • Lethe-River of Forgetfulness (personally associated with Water)
  • Phlegethon-River of Fire (personally associated with Fire)
  • Styx-River of Hate (personally associated with Spirit)
His Needs/Her Needs: More long-winded Karamel analysis for 2.14

His Needs/Her Needs

In some of my previous meta, I contrasted the opening scene of 214 with the closing scene, saying that in the opening scene Mon-El was seeking to have his own needs met and in the closing scene, was meeting Kara’s. I’d like to expand on what I believe their needs to be at this point - what each of them are looking for in the relationship- and how the meeting of those needs are interconnected.

While I do believe that Mon El was focused on his own needs at the beginning of the episode, there is nothing inherently wrong with having those needs or seeking to have them met by his significant other- just as there was nothing wrong with Kara asking that her needs be met and respected as she did during the episode. The problem comes when one party is only considering their own needs and not the other person’s instead of having both be an equal priority. And as a brand new relationship, this interplay is something that these two are still figuring out.

When we see Mon El in the opening scene he is waking up and looking for Kara. He is immediately concerned that she left because the sex wasn’t good enough. When she returns, he tells her that he’d like her to wake up with him and also tries convince her to stay with him instead of going to work.

At first glance, it seems like the need that Mon-El is trying to get met is sex. That maybe maybe that he is trying to domesticate Kara for his own purposes or disregard the importance of her work responsibilities. But if you look a little deeper, I believe that what is is actually wanting and trying to ask for here is SECURITY. He wants to feel secure in their relationship. Kara has gone back and forth so many times about whether she wants to be with him or not he is good enough for her that he doesn’t feel confident that she wants him. He knows how he feels about her and has been very vocal about it, but she hasn’t expressed her feelings towards him to the same degree. This is why he asks to confirm that there is an “us” between them and then looks pleasantly surprised when she says yes. He wasn’t sure if she wanted an emotional relationship or just a physical one and he wasn’t sure if she’d changed her mind again since the night before. He is also afraid that if they go out of this safe space, into the real world, that he will mess it up and ruin the happiness and connection that he is feeling right now.

His fears come to pass almost immediately when Kara asks for time and privacy (her needs) and Mon El immediately announces their relationship to the world (his need.) There is honestly no way to fully understand his actions here except to say that I think the writers were trying to create an outrageous moment for comedic effect. Underlying his actions, though, might have been Mon El’s own excitement that this relationship is actually happening and his effort to make it real and permanent by putting it out there to others in a public space. So there’s that. It’s a weak motivation for violating her wishes in my opinion but maybe that’s where it was coming from.

Moving on to Jeremiah… Let’s talk about why Mon El’s need to protect Kara and have her safe is so strong. She can take care of herself and has asked him to let her, so why can he become so irrational when he sees a threat against her? We’ve seen him jump through a portal to a dangerous moon to follow her instead of calling for backup as she asked, and we’ve seen him leave the police officers unprotected to help her when she appeared to be helpless and losing a fight even though he was instructed not to. Now we see him completely unable to keep his thoughts in his head and act in a socially-acceptable-on-Earth-way at a family dinner when he sees Jeremiah as a potential threat to Kara and the DEO. What gives?

I think a lot of the motivation behind this comes down to him having lost everything and everyone that the cares about on his home planet. He came here and woke up alone, and Kara was the one who befriended him, believed in him, and ultimately inspired him. Now she is the thing that he cares most about on this planet and the person who is most valuable to her. He is her person… um, alien. He is terrified of losing her too. Also, most humans see Kara as invincible because of her powers, and she also sees herself that way because she is so strong compared to everyone else on Earth. But as a fellow alien, Mon El know that Kara does have some vulnerabilities. He’s seen her get hurt and it you can see in his face how much it kills him when it happens. And as someone who grew up to adulthood on corrupt planet, I think he’s seen some shit and that makes him more aware of intergalactic threats that could actually cause harm to her than she is. He also knew how ruthless Cadmus could be because he had watched them manipulate her into blowing out her powers and then hurt her, and they did it by using her concern for him against her. Now he sees Cadmus+someone Kara cares deeply for and it’s a huge red flag.

But this need is HIS need. If she needs his protection, she is unaware of it, and emotionally it’s not something she needs from a relationship. HER need in a professional context is for autonomy and true partnership. She wants him to respect her ability to take care of herself and to make the right strategic calls in the field. As the more experienced superhero, she needs him to follow her leadership so that she can depend on him and he doesn’t become a liability or leave others in harm’s way. In this moment, she needed him to put her need for a peaceful family gathering and celebration with Jeremiah above his need to protect her, but as hard as he tried, he was ultimately unable to do that. As a result, Kara tells him that it’s not going to work between them if he can’t learn to listen and respect her needs. This is fair, but also puts him on shaky ground again in regards to their relationship. Jeremiah also threatens his relationship with her by holding the truth about his identity over his head as a threat to back off. He chooses to push forward anyway and chooses the risk of losing his romantic relationship with Kara over the risk of losing Kara or another member of the team to Cadmus. Her safety comes first for him.

In the second half of the episode we see them starting to move towards each other slightly. Mon El goes to Winn for help - a much better and more respectful approach to keeping her safe- and they both go to Kara with evidence that Jeremiah broke into the DEO mainframe. While she’s initially angry at his persistence and going behind her back, the two of them together plus some hard evidence causes her to take the possibility of Jeremiah being a double agent seriously. She immediately confronts Jeremiah to ask for an explanation in a not-so-stealthy move. Jeremiah offers a plausible coverup that Alex buys hook line and sinker and everyone else seems to as well. Kara gets raked over the coals for this “betrayal” by her sister -which was extremely hurtful considering that she is adopted and struggles with loneliness and belonging to begin with- but Kara decides that Mon-El is right about needing to look at the situation from all sides and stands her ground. See that? She could have buried her head back in the sand like Alex did and believed what she desperately wanted to about Jeremiah and keep the peace with her sister, but she didn’t. She is starting to listen to Mon-El’s perspective, and take his view into account. This is a good move on her part and shows that she is respecting his need to protect her and hearing his voice. She doesn’t blindly accept his point of view but she does take it into consideration and this is a big step towards them becoming true partners and finding a balance between her need for autonomy and his need to protect.

In this situation, it wasn’t enough though. Kara and the team are led into the trap that Cadmus and Jeremiah have set for them, and Mon El is there with them to back her up. I see this as him supporting her and the DEO’s action plan even though he is wary of it. So this was a small step in her direction just as she made one towards him in hearing him out. He was right this time. She might be right the next time. But if they can work together they will have a better chance in the future of making the right calls and defeating the bad guys.

So let’s get to my favorite scene, shall we? Mon-El walks into Kara’s apartment ready to start the apology cycle again and when he sees her looking absolutely wrecked, it breaks his heart and he stops himself. He figures out that this time it’s not about his need to defend himself or be right or to apologize, it’s about comforting her in the moment. So he asks her what she needs and listen to what she says to him:

“To be here with me”

Hear that? She is saying she needs HIM. His presence, his emotional support.

And because of his insecurity, he doesn’t quite believe that it’s that’s simple, that he could be enough for her, or that his presence and support could be all she needs. So he asks again:

“Do you need anything ELSE, or???”

“To wake up with me”

She confirms that not only is he what she wants right now, but she also wants him there in the morning, in the future. And he gets a little smile on his face because in meeting her needs, his need for security in the relationship that he has been looking for is finally met also. She wants HIM. She needs HIM. She wants him to be there with her and that is enough. He doesn’t have to try so hard because he is already what she needs.

I believe that this is also what Kara has been chasing with Mon-El but couldn’t quite find. I think that way back when he kissed her the first time, he gave her a taste of something she had really been missing in her life. She was sad and feeling defeated by he Medusa virus that was killing him, and he offered her emotional support and companionship in that moment. He took some of that burden from her and saw the woman under the cape instead of just the invincible superhero. As she has said, the cape can get heavy sometimes, and she can feel very alone on this planet at the end of the day. Something about the way that he related to her in the moment got her to start second guessing her decision to choose being Supergirl instead of having a relationship and made be start wanting it all. She started seeing him in a new light and considering him as a romantic interest after that. She hadn’t been able to express it until this moment, but this is what she needed from him emotionally. This is why she’s persisted through the bumps in the road and some of his frustrating behavior to try to find that feeling again. In this moment, they both finally found what they were looking for in each other.

Being Stiles’ Sibling hc

®   Definitely being forced to watch Star Wars about a million times.

®   Pushing him to try and date Lydia

®   And then congratulating him when he finally makes a move after so long

®   Being a little less happy to find bodies

®   But you’re still as hyper as him

®   Staying up countless nights to get information

®   But he makes you go to school even after an all-nighter

®   You’re the younger sibling

®   So you’re the main target being the youngest human

®   Your best friend ends up being Liam

®   Which annoys Stiles to no end

®   A lot of him threatening other kids for even bumping into you

®   Making sure you have a supernatural with you 24/7

®   Honestly, he’s like the definition of over protective older brother

®   Being one of the first ones to remember him when the ghostriders took him

®   Stiles coming to you most about his nightmares

®   It killed you to see your invincible older brother being broken down like that.

®   But in the end?

®   You love each other to no end

®   No matter what happens

®   After all, you’re family.

(posting others another time :) )

OK so I’ve never done this before, but I didn’t want to post up in fowsia’s inbox like a crazy person lmao, so I’m just gonna tag her (@iriswestallens) so. anyone else can speculate with our crazy selves. and also @backtothestart02 ‘cause she’s awesome.

What do you think of the season overall? Specifically, what it means for the characters? I’ve been enjoying it a LOT. With the exception of how dark it got in the middle and this dragged out Savitar reveal, I feel like it’s great. It’s INFINITELY better than S2.

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Swan Queen One-Shot Complete

I recently posted a sneak peek of an SQ fic where Emma gets her tongue stuck to a pole and Regina happens to find her, and now it’s finished. Enjoy, and if you liked it leave a comment! :)

All she wanted was a damn grilled cheese and hot cocoa with cinnamon! Was that too much to ask? Now here she was, Emma Swan, the sheriff, stuck right in the walkway of Granny’s with her tongue stuck to a pole like a child trying to lick their favorite popsicle.

Only this wasn’t ice cream, and there was no way she was getting her tongue free herself. “Ah, so it wasn’t a myth after all,” Hook said with a smirk. Emma rolled her eyes and held out her hand. “Thay upth,” she mumbled.

It was supposed to be ‘pay up’ but the words sounded garbled coming from her half-open mouth. She had bet Killian $50 she could stick her tongue onto the pole and pull it off just as easily. Oh how wrong she was. It turns out that funny little scene in A Christmas Story wasn’t so fun when it was happening in real life.
Killian simply shook his head and flashed that annoying little smirk of his. “Get yourself unstuck and then we’ll talk.” He then proceeded to taunt her by holding out the wrinkled bill right out of her reach.

“Your girlfriedth ith going to kick your ath!” She yelled, referring to Belle, Killian’s new lover.

It turns out she and the devilishly handsome pirate (or so he thought) were better off as friends, and both seemed to prefer it that way. It was a lot more fun drinking the man under the table and then dropping him off at his ship rather than having to care for him, and Killian enjoyed teasing her mercilessly like a brother would like he was doing right now.

“I need helpth!” Emma shrieked as the metal tore at her taste buds. She would be lucky if she ever had the ability to taste food again after this. Oh how she took Granny’s famous homemade food for granted. Goodbye, coffee. Goodbye, burgers. Goodbye-

Miss Swan.”

Emma winced as she heard her name coming from that familiar mouth. She can now add public humiliation to the list of reasons why she was going to kick Hook’s ass. It couldn’t have been Jefferson or Whale, no. It had to be none other than the mayor herself, coming to witness her down fall.

Plus, Regina was low-key her girlfriend (or at least she acted like it) so that didn’t help matters. “What have you gotten yourself into?” Regina asked, arms crossed and foot tapping impatiently on the ground.

God, could she be any more endearing- er, annoying? Just get the hot water and help her already!

“I beth Killian fifty buckth I could geth my tongue unsthuck. Thath what I’m trying to do,” Emma answered. “But thith really hurth now!”

A small smile appeared on the brunette’s face. She was enjoying this far too much.

“Have you tried pulling?” Regina spoke as if she was talking to a small child.
Emma answered her question by pulling as hard as she could. The only thing she succeeded in was causing it to bleed more. Ice had formed around the area, making it impossible to pull off.

Tears started to form in her eyes. It had only been about 20 minutes, but it felt like hours. All she wanted was to go home – well, Regina’s, she just lived there oh who was she kidding, home – and sleep for hours. But knowing Killian and Regina, she’d be stuck for a while yet.

“Really, Emma? This is how you are choosing to spend Storybrooke’s snow day? If you hadn’t chosen to be so foolish, I might have offered to buy you lunch. A grilled cheese and some hot cocoa sound absolutely delicious right now. I think I’ll go have myself a bite to eat. Killian, did you want anything?”
Emma growled as she listened to Regina’s speech. And the woman thought she was acting childish. Regina didn’t even like grilled cheese!

“I’ll take some rum if you can swipe it,” Hook answered with a wink. Emma would have smiled if she could have as she watched Regina’s smile morph into a frown. “Black coffee is the closest you’re going to get,” Regina drawled before sauntering inside.

She returned a few minutes later with a to-go bag of food in hand. Emma whimpered as she caught a whiff of the freshly made lunch.

“I think I am going to sit out here and enjoy the scenery,” the mayor said, wiping off a snow-covered patio chair for herself. Emma glared at her as she pulled out a tinfoil wrapped sandwich. Regina simply smiled and bit into it. Oh, she was going to pay.

“Good afternoon, Madame Mayor. Sheriff Swa- “Archie cut himself off as he noticed Emma’s predicament. “Oh. Do you- do you need some help there, Emma?”

“No thank you,” Emma answered. She wasn’t going to give Regina the benefit of the doubt. She would win her fifty dollars, kick some pirate ass, and retain her dignity.

The man nodded somewhat awkwardly before heading inside of the diner. Killian leaned against the railing, watching with amusement as Emma yanked and tried to manipulate her tongue off the frozen pole. “Give it up, Swan. I think I’ve won this round.”

Emma stomped her boot onto the snow-covered walkway, mumbling out a protest. If Regina hadn’t gotten herself involved she might just be free by now. Damn that woman and her unrelenting control over her. They might as well get married, seeing as how Regina acted like more of a wife than a friend.
“Hey moms!” Henry strolled up to them, hand in hand with his girlfriend Grace. “What’s going on?” He asked as he saw one mother with her tongue stuck, and the other not doing anything about it.

Emma felt her cheeks burning. Henry was supposed to see her as the invincible mom, the one who chased down bad guys and saved the day, and here she was brought down by an inanimate object.

“Do tell, Emma dear,” Regina said with a chuckle. Henry looked at his eldest mother in wary confusion. “Did you do this to her?”

This time, a strained laugh escaped Emma’s throat. Oh this was totally worth it. “I most certainly did not,” Regina snapped, throwing down her barely touched sandwich and glaring at the adorable blonde. “Em-ma got herself stuck all on her own. This serves as a lesson, Henry. Don’t do stupid things for money.”

“I can go get Granny…” Henry suggested. “I’ve got it handled, dear. Just go enjoy your day,” Regina said. Henry nodded and pulled Grace along. “It was nice to see you Grace!” The brunette called after them. “Thye Grace,” Emma said. The girl gave them an awkward smile and followed Henry down the street.
“Now where were we? Oh yes, I was enjoying Granny’s delicious grilled cheese,” Regina teased.

Tears froze on Emma’s reddened face. She was sick of this. She knew that Regina wouldn’t let her suffer forever, but this seemed like cruel and unusual punishment.

“Regina pleathe justh help me get my tongue unsthuck. I don’t care about the money anymore,” she pleaded.

A look of sympathy crossed the mayor’s face. “I suppose you’ve suffered long enough,” she said with a sigh. Then she held up her phone and took a quick picture. “But you are never going to live this down.”

“Come on, boys! We got a sheriff to save!” Leroy’s booming voice echoed down the street. “Oh no,” Emma said, frantically pulling at her tongue. The whole town would surely know what an idiot she was with Leroy’s big mouth.
“Don’t worry, Emma. We’re here to save the day,” Leroy said, holding up a chainsaw while the rest of the 6 help up axes. “Henry told us you were stuck.”

“No, no I’m fine,” Emma said quickly. She certainly didn’t want a chainsaw next to her tongue. Leroy didn’t hear her over the sound of the chainsaw starting up with a loud growl. The door of the diner burst open and Granny bustled out with a line of people behind her.

“What in the heck is going on here? Were you just about to cut into my restaurant?!” The older demanded, looking from Emma to the dwarves. “Well, yeah,” Leroy answered with a raised eyebrow. “How else are we supposed to free her?”

Ruby’s laughter interrupted her. The waitress doubled over and gasped as she fought to catch her breath. “For god’s sakes,” Granny muttered. Ruby yelped as the woman wacked her on the back of her head. “Go get some hot water and the first aid kit and quit your laughin’. I don’t much appreciate people acting like a bunch of foolish kids near my restaurant.”

Ruby quickly shut up and ran inside to do what she was told. Now a huge crowd had gathered to see the scene. “Thake a picthure it will last longer,” Emma said loudly. Her cheeks burned as some citizens did just that.

Ruby returned with the supplies and Granny quickly took charge. Emma whimpered as the woman came near. She wasn’t the gentlest person in the world, and this wouldn’t be a painless task. “Oh, quit whining. I haven’t even touched you yet,” Granny scolded her. “Serves ya right. You won’t do this again I’ll bet.”

Emma mumbled out an agreement and cried out as the hot water was poured on. “Be careful!” Regina snapped, the teasing side of her gone now that Emma was in hands other than her own. Although Regina would never admit it in a million years, she secretly liked taking care of Emma.

Maybe that was because she secretly liked the sheriff. She had offered her a place to stay when her parents became too suffocating, she pretended not to know about Henry and Emma’s scary movie nights, and she always had a to-go cup of coffee waiting every morning for Emma to take to work.

And maybe, just maybe, she had faked having a nightmare so she could sleep with Emma one night. And that one night had turned into several nights. Soon, Henry started poking his head in Regina’s room instead of both of theirs to wish them good morning, knowing where Emma would be.

But things hadn’t changed that much. Regina was still naggy as ever, and Emma still got in under the mayor’s skin. Perhaps what was most hilarious of all is they knew all of this. They knew each other’s secrets without telling one another, and so they pretended to remain obnoxiously unaware.

With a final cry of pain and a sharp tug, Emma was free. The crowd clapped politely and Regina stepped forward to examine the blonde’s mouth. It hurt so much she wasn’t able to close it. She tasted blood, and she knew it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Granny shoved the first aid kit in Regina’s hands. “Now go home, stick some cotton in your mouth, and stay out of trouble,” the older woman said. “Thankth, Granny,” Emma said with her swollen tongue.

“It doesn’t feel good, does it?” Regina asked, although her tone was no longer condescending. “No,” Emma said with a sniffle.

Regina patted her arm, then slid her arm around the blonde’s back to comfort her. Emma leaned into her touch, feeling like a 5-year-old again with a scraped knee. She was feeling cranky and sad, and she just wanted someone to kiss it better. Well, maybe not literally. That would be gross. And painful. But maybe another day she’d try to weasel Regina into it.

“Emma, are you alright? I heard Leroy yelling from clear inside the library and thought I would check out the crisis,” Belle said, coming to join them. “Yeah,” the sheriff answered with a sigh.

Belle’s gaze fell behind them onto the pirate leaning nonchalantly against the pole Emma was stuck against. “You had something to do with this Killian, didn’t you?” The brunette beauty asked.

The man’s eyes widened, and he coughed into his hand. “I- I might have had something to do with it,” he admitted. Emma giggled at the man’s submissiveness. Belle sure had him on a short leash.

The librarian caught sight of the bill in his hand and marched over, ripping it away from him. “Here you go, Emma,” she said, handing the blonde the $50. “I’m sorry for him. He likes to cause trouble, as you well know.”

“Oh, don’t feel too bad,” Regina spoke up, pulling Emma even closer. “Emma wasn’t innocent either.”

Hook gazed wistfully at his bill as his girlfriend dragged him away. “But- but I won- “

“I don’t want to hear it, Killian,” they could hear Belle snap just before they were out of earshot.

Emma grinned as best she could and wiggled her eyebrows. “I still won fifty buckth.”

Regina chuckled at her and slowly pulled the bill away, tucking it into her coat. “Oh no, dear. You have to earn that back.”

Emma frowned but followed her along to the mansion. “It hurth,” she complained as Regina popped an ice cube into her mouth and clamped her mouth shut. “Oh you poor baby. Do you want me to kiss it better?” The older woman teased.
Emma went to speak but Regina shushed her. “Don’t answer that,” she said with a slight smile. If only she knew what Emma had been thinking earlier.
Once the ice was gone, gauze was shoved in to stop the bleeding. “Look at you, Emma. You’re practically blue. Come on upstairs,” Regina tsked.

Emma diligently followed her to the bedroom. “I wouldn’t be if you hadn’t have left me there to freeze!” She argued, glad to find the swelling had gone down enough so she could talk normally.

Regina rolled her eyes and tossed her a pair of fleece pajamas. Emma couldn’t help but notice that she had pulled them out of her own dresser, despite them being Emma’s clothes. Yep, definitely married.

The blonde raised her eyebrows at the older woman, prompting the woman to put a hand on her hip. “Yes?” The brunette questioned. “Can you uh- turn around or something?” Emma asked snarkily.

“You are such a child, I swear. Just change,” Regina said.
Emma stubbornly shook her head. Truthfully, she found the mayor quite endearing when she was bossy. And Emma loved being the one to resist and make that vein in her forehead stand out. It was just how they were. Emma was the carefree and fun one, and Regina was the… mother hen, to put it nicely.

The blonde swiveled her finger to indicate the woman to turn around. Regina huffed but did as Emma wished. To annoy the mayor even further, Emma changed as slowly as possible. Regina finally turned around as she was pulling the shirt over her head.

The sheriff actually laughed as Regina stepped forward and yanked the shirt down. “You are infuriating. You need more of my attention than Henry,” the brunette remarked. “And what is so wrong with that?” Emma replied smugly.
That shut Regina up. She grabbed Emma’s wrist and dragged her downstairs to the den where she set her in front of the fireplace. “Are you hungry?” She asked.

“I want a grilled cheese. But I don’t think I can eat,” Emma answered with a pout.
Regina lifted her chin up and pried her mouth open to examine her sore tongue. She gave the young woman an unamused look as she spat the white gauze out onto the floor. Emma put on a little pout and tilted her head, a sure-fire way to wiggle her way even deeper into the mayor’s heart.

And it seemed to work. Regina’s mouth curved up into a smile and she booped the blonde on her nose. “My poor Emma. Would you like a popsicle for the pain?” She cooed. “A red one?” Emma asked hopefully. “Only the best for my girl,” Regina said.

Both women froze. Widened jade eyes met chocolate brown. A flicker of fear flashed in Regina’s eyes, and Emma noticed. The older woman turned away to go into the kitchen, but Emma pulled her back.

“Emma, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking, I- “

Emma gave her a reassuring smile. “You don’t have to apologize. I- to be honest, I was hoping you’d walk by when I made that bet with Hook. I wanted to impress you, but it kinda backfired.”

“You don’t say?” The brunette commented, regaining her confidence.
Emma blushed and looked down. “Do you really consider me… yours?”
Regina sighed; but it wasn’t the type of sigh that warned Emma she needed to put her guard up. It was as if the woman was relieved to get some weight off her chest. Like she was finally ready to admit her feelings.

“Emma, you were mine from the moment you packed your bags and moved in here. You’ve stocked my fridge and cupboards with junk food. Your bug has left permanent tire marks on my lawn because of your inability to parallel park. You keep your underwear in my dresser. We share the same bed, and you’ve called this place home since the day you moved in here.”

Regina paused to look over at the woman. “And somehow, although I thought it was impossible, you’ve found your way into my heart.”

The light that shone in the blonde’s eyes was so happy that Regina couldn’t help but smile. And Emma couldn’t help but wonder how Regina felt; if it was nice being the one person to make someone happy after years of being feared and hiding away. To actually be wanted instead of pushed to the side.
Regina made her way over to the freezer, digging her hand inside to find the last red popsicle Emma had hidden away because she knew they were Henry’s favorite as well. And Emma couldn’t help but stare at her. She was still the same Regina she knew; hot-headed, impatient, stubborn. But now she was someone who saw past Emma’s layers and still wanted her, even with her broken past.

“So…” Emma drawled, hopping up onto the counter island and swinging her legs. “this means I get to convert my old room into a game room for me and Henry?”

Regina unwrapped the popsicle and popped it into the younger woman’s mouth. “We’ve discussed this. Henry is already slacking on his school work without a game room for an added distraction. Now keep your mouth shut for once in your life and eat your dessert. I thought you were in so much pain because of my so-called cruelty.”

Emma pulled the popsicle from her mouth and planted a quick kiss on the mayor’s lips. Regina looked surprised, but her lips curled up into the tiniest of smiles.

“So if you won’t let me convert it into a game room, how about a playroom?” Emma asked before putting the popsicle back in.

“What?” Regina said with a light chuckle. “Is this your way of asking me to have sex with you?”

Emma jumped off the counter and moved so close to Regina that she could smell apples, which she had recently grown to like. She was convinced the scent had to be some kind of perfume or a spell or something, but every time she asked Regina had just scoffed and said she was ridiculous.

“This is my way of asking you to own me completely,” Emma said seriously, searching Regina’s face for any sign of doubt. Taking that as her silver lining, she grasped the older woman’s suit and pulled her even closer before settling her lips on her mocha skin.

The light shudder and quiet moan confirmed that Regina was thoroughly enjoying this. But as Emma snuck her tongue out to taste the woman, she hissed in pain and snapped back like a rubber band let loose.
“Are you alright?” The mayor asked, concern settling in her amber eyes despite her skin being flushed. Emma slowly nodded, fighting the habit to touch her tongue.

Regina hated the strange habits she seemed to have with her mouth, and always scolded her when she was caught. She didn’t seem to mind the rapidly appearing hickey that the blonde had used her mouth to create though.

“Forgot it was sore,” Emma mumbled with a nonchalant shrug. Regina scrunched her nose up in that playful way of hers and led her back to the den in front of the blazing fireplace.

Emma was silent for a moment before speaking. “So… is that a yes on the playroom? Or a yes on the game room?”

Regina leaned down and planted a kiss on her warm cheek, lingering just a few seconds longer than she usually would. “I’ll think about it. Maybe I can think of a few creative ways for you to earn that fifty dollars back. But for now, I’m going to make us some hot cocoa.”

The blonde pouted and Regina mimicked her expression. “Consider this a punishment for sticking your tongue onto things other than me, Miss Swan. Once you are fully healed, I will not be so kind.”

The older woman caught her chin right underneath her finger, forcing her head up to meet her eyes. “Do I make myself clear?”

Emma swallowed thickly and nodded. With that, Regina released her with a smile and sauntered on back to the kitchen. Emma’s eyes were glued to the mayor’s backside with every step she took. This was by far the best snow day ever.

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“No that’s impossible how the fuck did you manage to get it to catch fire?!” AU : Deamus?

Hey Anon…so this turned a bit angsty….okay it’s quite angsty I’m very sorry but I hope you like it anyway.

The flames were a beautiful, mesmerising orange colour. Seamus never thought of the colour orange as rather beautiful before but now he can’t help but feel captivated by it.

The way the colours strengthened as the small fire began at the end of the bed before catching onto the duvet and growing larger than he would have liked, felt more magical than any spell he had ever deliberately cast.

The thick, disgusting scent of smoke drifted into his nose causing Seamus to shiver despite the increasing heat.

He caused this beautiful madness.

He watches as his once navy duvet becomes a multi-colored rainbow of pale red, vibrant orange and soft yellow. In the back of his mind Seamus knows that this will all turn to plain grey ash in a few hours but he doesn’t seem to care right now.

At least he’s able to do something; even if the only talent he has is destroying things, at least this is something he can do.

Seamus feels his eyes begin to droop despite the racing beat of his heart pounding hard against his chest.

His hands lie uselessly at his sides and the small reasonable voice inside his mind begs him to move away from the bed, yells at him to use his wand and cast a spell to cease the fire, and desperately cries at him to just walk away. 

It takes a second for Seamus to realise that the voice isn’t in his head. And even then he doesn’t realise it until a firm large hand grips his shoulder and tugs him back until he’s tumbling into familiar arms that have always felt so much like home.

“Aguamenti!” The same voice shouts, the owner’s hand is clutching at their wand which water erupts from and almost instantly the fire has been burnt out.

Seamus tries not to feel the clench of disappointment in his stomach at one of the only things he has ever created being destroyed.

“What the hell were you thinking?” 

Seamus’s head clears and when he looks up he sees Dean’s panicked brown eyes searching his face while those hands move to grip his shoulder tightly. 

He’s not surprised that he wasn’t able to differentiate the voice in his head from Dean.

Dean has always been his voice of reason after all. 

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Every single person you see as invincible has cried themselves to sleep, broken down, felt weak and unable to get up. The reason why you see them as invincible now is because they picked themselves up again. No matter how many times they fell, they picked themselves up again.
—  Invincible People Weren’t Born That Way. They Were Made. | Nikita Gill
Debate: Should idols date publicly?

An accurate/comical portrayal of how I see dating scandals featuring Invincible Youth’s G8.

Fans’ argument:

Wise Yewon’s rebuttal/counterargument:

Fans’ response:

I’m pro-idols dating publicly. I don’t see the problem of idols dating.

January 17, 1917 - Germans Place Order for Tank Development

Pictured - A design for the AV7 tank, the chosen prototype vehicle.

The German army had a mixed reaction to Britain’s deployment of armored tanks in 1916. Most generals believed that artillery and specialized rifles could defeat the behemoths. They had also witnessed the amount of mechanical issues and breakdowns that prevented Britain’s tank force from being a decisive weapon. The tank’s failures had to be weighed against its significant morale impact on German infantrymen, however, who feared the slow-moving but invincible-seeing tanks. Therefore, orders were placed in early 1917 for development of a German tank.

Many projects went to committee in early 1917, most using the Holt tractor as the chassis, as the British had done. The design chosen for further development was worked by Joseph Vollmer. Using a lenghtened Holt chassis, Vollmer added on a twin engine that remained under the requirement of 30 tons. A wooden mock-up underwent tests in the spring, then an unarmored example.  Armor and weaponry came later, using a single plate of soft steel that gave up to 30mm of protection in the front of the tank, and a Belgian-made, quick-firing Nordenfelt gun. The AV7 underwent further tests in March, where it gained a further two machine-guns and a (sluggish) top speed of 12/km per hour.


If Sherlock and Moriarty can be brought back from the dead, why can’t River Song[x]

Lazy Writing Prompt #183

“Tell me,” he murmured, “what is it you fear?”

Donna didn’t have to ponder over her answer. “Nothing,” she said.

He chuckled. “Ah, I see. I suppose when you’re invincible fear becomes nothing more than a tale.”

She remained silent.

“But there’s a flaw in your logic,” he continued, “you are not invincible. You are a weapon. Do you know what happens to all weapons?”

She only stared.

Benjamin smirked. “You will be used and death will fall upon us all. And when the misty death falls, so will you.”

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Ask for riverdale season 2- 6,12,26

2. What do you hope for Betty’s story line?

I would really love to see more of Betty being supported rather than the supporter. We’ve spent so much of season 1 building up Betty’s character development into this beautiful, strong, fierce girl who will go fight for what she believes in and that’s wonderful. 

But I also don’t want to see Betty become invincible. I want her to falter. I want her to make mistakes. I want her to be allowed to be IMPERFECT. And for her friends to support her and fight for her the way that she fights for everyone else. 

I know we’re going to see more Dark!Betty and I’m really excited for that but I also don’t want to see Betty’s mental health issues demonized. I really would love it if Betty is the one who get in too deep too fast with the Serpents and it’s Jughead who has to be the one to pull her back and get her some real help. 

3. What do you hope for Jughead’s story line?

I really hope we see Jughead have more happiness. Poor kid needs it. I want Jughead to really find a community, a family, with the Serpents and to learn how to fully accept their help and Betty’s love. 

I know he’s still gonna struggle with that darkness inside of him and his tendency towards solitude but I want him to let himself be supported and loved and to express that same support and love in return. I just want Jughead to have more girlfriend smoochies and cuddles with Betty and be happy. 

Also I want to see Jughead and Betty with Hot Dog. 

4. What do you think will happen to the Blossom empire?

I mean, Penelope’s still alive. My theory is that Penelope is/was fully aware of the drug deals. That’s why she pointed out the maple syrup barrels to Cheryl. She’s gonna be PISSED when Hiram Lodge rolls into town. She and Hiram are gonna fight over every little thing I bet. 

I think Cheryl is gonna double down her ice woman act in an effort to try and maintain some status. She might try to ingratiate herself with Penelope and the business in order to dismantle it from the inside out. 

(Side note: If the Blossoms lose control of their empire does it end up going to the Coopers since they’re relatives?)

5. Pick a neglected story line from season one you’d like to see improved upon

Maybe Reggie? And his rivalry/relationship with Archie/everyone. I understand WHY we didn’t get enough Reggie in Season 1 so I’m hoping we get a deeper understanding of him in Season 2. (mildly bitter we didn’t get any ReggiexVeronica and hopeful we get some platonic ReggiexBetty)

6. What’s one thing from season two you’re looking forward to?


Ok but seriously it’s mostly just Bughead. And more Kevin. 

12. What do you think has happened to the long-lost Cooper brother?

I HAVE NO IDEA. I know RAS talked about what they might do with him. He’s an FBI agent in the comics but RAS said that might be TOO obvious. I’ve seen some really interesting theories and fanfics exploring this so I’m SUPER EXCITED. 

I would love for a really cute FBI agent to stroll into town and we’re all “It’s CHIC!” only for it to be a red herring. And then for Chic to be revealed as a Serpent or a lawyer working for Hiram or something. 

Or maybe they could play it straight and have him as an FBI agent who teams up with Bughead to solve the drug issue (and give Betty ideas about becoming an FBI agent because that’s my personal preferred headcanon)

26. Which parental story line are you most interested in?



Thanks for the ask, Nonnie! If you wanna ask me some things about Riverdale my askbox is always open!