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Of course I can’t help but be enamored by a film that shows a talented duo with insane chemistry. Look they hate each other, they’re falling in love. They can’t stay away, they hilariously annoy each other and show us the aspects of any real relationship. These two, theyre dreamers, hard workers, motivated and talented. They dance in the street, sing in the night, they’re quite literally dancing in the stars! As such a charismatic little film, with catchy songs that you’ll be humming for weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I for one loved La La Land. But I came to question, what if it depicted a love society doesn’t see often in films? What if it was a love between two women, women of color nonetheless. What if instead of casting white, straight, A-list actors as the stars, in the role of undiscovered actors and musicians trying to make it big in the dream land, what if it casted diverse, underrepresented cultures and people in Hollywood. We all exist too, and we’re still here.

so here I give you a different little take on La La Land, in all of its diversity. ✨

Newsies cost $5 million to produce on Broadway. It recouped that amount in seven months

After 1,005 performances in New York followed by a two year tour across the US they film the closing production with a budget of $2 million. 

A three day cinema release saw ticket sales of $3.47 million in the US alone. 

With international screenings still taking place this month, plus the encore cinema screening in the US on March 4th, I can’t see how anyone can argue filming successful stage productions isn’t financial feasible. Disney will only make more money with a home release of Newsies. I’m sure they will release it on DVD but this is something investors and theatre producers should keep in mind after their production has recouped it’s initial investment.

This success isn’t a fluke for Disney or Newsies despite it’s devoted fan base. Last year’s Miss Saigon and 2014′s Billy Elliot had similar success with their cinema screenings and subsequent home media releases. Between releases like this and BroadwayHD’s live streaming of shows, the future of theatre is to make it more accessible. Finger’s crossed more productions will jump on board!

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Thanks for answering my ask, I've been wondering about that for a while! Given all that, how exactly did it play out with Toronto being the lead in Star Trek? Did they only find out he was a city when the test footage was all weird? Did Star Trek have to develop newer, better filming tech in order to cast him?

uhhh I don’t know how canon Shatner!Toronto! is I think a lot of us might have been messing around but hey if you like it go for it. They would’ve known he was a City probably maybe he turned up to the auditions for a joke and then they were like ‘ngl he’s pretty charming let’s just do a test run’ 

That said colour television was introduced in the 50s I think?? And then Star Trek began in the 60s?? So you could say that whatever technological strides they were taking then were enough and all connected– suddenly there’s colour and a bunch of other stuff and hey look we can suddenly film Cities woo


GLAAD celebrates the Black trans leaders who have contributed so much to the fight for transgender equality. To see short films about Marsha P. Johnson, Willmer Broadnax, and Lucy Hicks Anderson, please check out the series “We’ve Been Around” by Rhys Ernst, which will receive a Special Recognition Award at the 28th Annual GLAAD Media Awards.

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I'm kinda sad alex' s doing this acting job because I feel like as fans we've been waiting to see rania as a group and it's been cut short but I can't wait to see the film I know she will SLAY!!!!!

I know T_T but she’s gonna come back and perform with them soon as OT7

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i think the only reason he really compared it to manchester by the sea is because of the sadness level or the pacing of it i really don't think it's that deep i get why you're disappointed but people even our idols/people we look up to will disappoint us so i mean

hmmmm my disappointment has little to do w looking up to phil or idolizing him (i actually don’t think i do either, but i do respect him and think he is quite an intelligent dude). i feel this way about anyone i perceive as being lax about these type of issues despite clearly having the ability to educate themselves, whether they’re super close to me in my personal life or a random person i barely know or, yes, even a celebrity. i think w the latter category there’s a particular annoyance, bc celebrities are so uniquely positioned to have a voice and to raise awareness. with this issue specifically it’s not even a controversial one imo–it could just be a matter of saying ‘ayyyy go see this film it’s important and stuff,’ and then moving on. 


My small wish: Benedict and Martin filming a cop movie.
I want Benedict as a new, enthusiastic stubborn cop and Martin as a bad dirty cop. They hate each other at first but soon realize they’re actually good partners.

You know I ain’t wrote a post about it, but Moana was fabulous and such an amazing movie. EVERONE should see it at least once, support this film so we can have more. I was impressed by so many things but these are a few in point form:

  1. Moana has a boys narrative.
    She is the chosen one.
    She has a grand adventure.
    She is the ONLY one to do this impossible task.
    She has a real coming of age story.
    She is a chief of her village.
  2. She doesn’t have a forced romance narrative / she has no romantic interest. This is HUGE her story was never overshadowed, taken over, or revolves around a BOY!
  3. BUT her story is still about / is driven by love! Love for her people, her grandmother, her family, love of the ocean, of sailing. The whole damn story is about love, caring, support. It’s AMAZING.
  4. She isn’t overshadowed by Maui, he is there and he supports her adventure and her story, but he doesn’t impose on her narrative. He even grows, develops and becomes this better person because of her (not the other way around).
  5. NOT A SINGLE WOMAN IN HER LIFE IS EVIL, HATEFUL, MEAN. EVERY WOMAN IN HER LIFE SUPPORTS HER AND HER DECISIONS. From the random tribes women who praise her skills, to her grandmother who lovingly encourages her desire to go to the ocean, to her Mother who instead of stopping or discouraging her quest HELPS HER GET READY TO GO. It’s so amazing there are no evil step mothers, no evil sisters, no village bitches who hate the main character because she’s pretty. ALL THE WOMEN SUPPORT AND LOVE. FUCKING YES PLEASE.
  6. She is given the chance to understand her Father. She is given time in her narrative to know her fathers fear intimately, and from it she doesn’t hate her father for his desire to keep her safe and away from the ocean. She doesn’t leave her island hating her parents, or have any negative feelings. She UNDERSTANDS AND KNOWS her father fear, she doesn’t resent him for it. IT IS SO POWERFUL.
  7. THE MOVIE IS FUNNY. OKAY. Yeah some of it is slap stick for the kids, but I laughed so hard at the stupid jokes. THE CHICKEN I need not say more. Just enjoy and laugh and be a kid okay.
  8. The music is lovely, the songs are great, I really enjoy them.
  9. The antagonist doesn’t have to die a horrid death, nor is the antagonist brutally punished in some way. The ending is so PURE and full of love and caring. I mean the song she sings, OH SLAY ME I HAVE EMOTIONAL FEELS ABOUT THIS.

So those are some of the things I really loved. I just enjoyed this movie it felt really good watching it and I plan to see it again (if not more). A good adventure, coming of age story full of love!


i am everything i’ve learned and more, still it calls me… and the call isn’t out there at all - it’s inside me! it’s like the tide, always falling and rising! i will carry you here in my heart, you’ll remind me; that come what may, i know the way! i am moana!