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@taylorswift I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN HOUSTON! I’ll be 7 months pregnant when I see you ❤ maybe you’ll get a chance to meet baby bump ❤ I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE I WAS CHOSEN FOR THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY ❤❤❤❤ I haven’t seen you live since October 2015!

I’m so amused.  Months and months and months after the fact, they finally released a picture of Briana with a visible baby bump.  

Too bad it’s in black and white… and that it wasn’t posted naturally at the time and was rather posted at a random time way later… and that people have been pointing out for almost a year that the lack of baby bump pictures where you can see both skin and face is super suspicious.

Has someone been reading a babygate masterpost and retroactively trying to “resolve” all the points of evidence?  Seems like it.

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Hi there! Do you have any pregnant S/O or dad headcannons for the skelies? Whichever specific ones pop into your mind is fine with me!

gosh this is so late, so sorry about that!! And I’ll do all of them, hope this suffices!

UT Sans would be a pretty relaxed dad honestly. He’ll discipline them when they get to be too much, but he knows how kids can be. When his S/O is pregnant, he’ll actually worry about being a good enough dad. Will the kid even like him? But once he sees the baby bump, he’s completely in love. He’ll talk to them while they’re in the even when S/O is asleep and he has insomnia, telling them stories and a pun or two. He’ll get anything his S/O needs, no matter how weird it is.

UT Papyrus would be the best dad out of all of them. He is the perfect balance of fun and responsible, and he won’t hesitate to call them out of the kid does something wrong, and will talk and listen to them, always. He would be supportive of them no matter what. When he finds out his S/O was expecting, he was SO EXCITED!! He is so happy this is happening, with the greatest person in the world! He would dote on them 24/7, but would also try to keep them healthy. His child must strong so they can be as great as he is!!

UF Sans is a mess. He’s TERRIFIED of having a kid. He likes them, but he is scared of hurting them, or messing up. He wants to be a good father. He tries his best. He is also pretty relaxed when it comes to his kid, but is more likely to put his foot down. He tries not to make it too obvious, but he cares a lot about his kid. When they’re little it will be more obvious, because he’ll just randomly talk about them and how awesome they are. He loves this kid to pieces. He’ll be like UT Sans when his S/O is pregnant.

UF Papyrus will be like Paps. The only difference is that he is much more excited about training them. “THEY SHALL BE KNOWN AS OUR LITTLE OVERLORD!” “Paps no” “PAPYRUS YES”. He’ll want to start training them a few weeks after they’re born. He is just so happy to finally have a child of his own. He never imagined it would happen one day. He will be a lot stricter than UT Paps, and will get into yelling matches with his kid. But he doesn’t mean any of what he says: he just cares to much. Sometimes he’ll go to their room afterwards and just give them a silent hug. He just has to sort out his emotions. But he loves them more than anything. He is going to be very protective of the kid, and is gonna be one of those parents that talks about them nonstop. He likes to show them off.

US Sans IS ECSTATIC!!! He’ll be the funnest dad ever. He’s gonna spoil the kid rotten, as well as his S/O. But at least they’ll balance it out so the kid isn’t a brat. When his S/O is pregnant, he’s gonna get them like glass. Can get a little annoying, but he doesn’t know if anything will hurt them or the baby so he’ll try to do as much as he can for them.

US Papyrus will act relaxed. But he is actually a nervous wreck. About everything, from the kid to his S/O being pregnant. But he’ll try to his it, and keep his S/O calm and happy. If the kid has a fit, he’ll bribe them sometimes. Is just easier that way. He’s also the dad who embarrasses the kid, constantly. Dad jokes are now his favorite.

SF Sans is going to want to call the kid “LITTLE PRINCE”. He spoils the kid worse than US Sans. He is going to train him to be the absolute best, and besides his S/O will be them only one he wants to see become greatest than he is. He loves this kid. During pregnancy, he is going to be the most protective. They won’t do anything without him. He’s also very affectionate. He’ll take care of them himself, and won’t stop talking about his kid.

SF Papyrus is just so scared, and so nervous. He doesn’t think he’ll be a good dad, by any means. But he’s actually pretty good. He spoils them a little, but not enough to cause problems. He tries his best with everything he does. He’s gonna give his S/O all the cuddles and kisses they could ever want.

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...Come to think of it, even if he unknowingly managed to impregnate his s/o, wouldn't it drive Stain a little mad? Like, the one day the guards see his s/o outside, they recognize their features, yet also notice they've got a little belly developing and while Stain is psyched to see them, he notices the baby bump, puts two and two together and realizes what happened... It's just somewhat maddening realizing they're enduring their pregnancy mostly without him ... Now I feel bad for Stain. :(

Admin Speaks: Yes! And the fear of getting his s/o pregnant and getting locked up is now a reality! So Stain would get moodier and moodier the more his s/o showed and everyone would notice, but it’s not like they could let him out to help you, or even let you live in there with him, they can’t lock you up unless you do something like mass murder…. So they have to restrain him every day when you go to leave because he gets nasty and snarls, growling and threatening any and all the guards because they’re making you leave and he can’t stand that he can’t protect you and make sure you are safe.

Eventually his fits get so bad that they have to wait until he’s asleep to get you to leave. But his natural sleep makes him clutch you to his chest and he gets scary when he wakes up to find you not in his arms because he MADE SURE you were there before he fell asleep. So they start putting sedatives in his food… Just so that he can’t fight them as hard when you leave. You feel awful when they tell you about it, but you understand that he is getting possessive. But it’s one of his worst fears and he’s now living it. Knowing that you will have to raise this child on your own and that he will be stuck in jail for his child’s entire life and the rest of yours and his… He can’t accept it. He won’t accept it.

But you tell him that you’ll be fine and make sure that he will be just as big of a part of your child’s life as any other father would be and he calms down a little bit. But he still has you in his lap at all times when you’re at the prison, never letting anyone else touch you. And if any of the guards try he growls at them and you have to tell him to calm down before he’s strapped to the wall again.

His touches get softer towards you and the guards are baffled by how sweet he can be when he’s talking to you or pressing kisses to your belly. And now, all the guards are also emotionally invested in the unborn child. So they all promise Stain that they’ll keep you safe but he DOES NOT like that! He is the only one that can keep his family safe! Quite literally jumps at the guards and you have to step in before things get ugly, telling him that they are only trying to help him. But his clingyness only gets worse when you’re there and his aggression also gets worse to the guards. But everything gets flipped on his head when you actually have the child.

He cries, at first because you haven’t been to visit him for the past few days, then when he gets the news that you had the child, and a third time when he sees his child for the first time. How did something so precious come from him?? He’s in love, he adores this child. His mood improves majorly and he smiles again. He showers the child in kisses and then turns to you and crushes you to him while also peppering you in kisses as well. And once again this mood change never ceases to surprise the guards. But if he sees any of the guards staring at you or his child he is quick to pull the both of you to him and glare at the guard.

Disappeared - Bucky Barnes x (f)Reader

Originally posted by caps-bucky

Words: 1158
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x (f)Reader x best friend!Wanda Maximoff
Featuring: Wands yeah, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton (everyone else is mentioned though)
Warnings: pregnant, crying, anger, angstttt
Requested by anon
Can you write a fic where Bucky and Y/N show up after disappearing for a few months and they’re pregnant and the avengers are all very shocked to see Y/N’s massive baby bump. Please and thanks xoxo.
Authors Note: i hate the ending but i didn’t know where else to take it so lets see how this goes. EARLY POST YAY!!

Masterlist. Request List.

The night you and Bucky disappeared, Steve kept blaming himself. At first, he thought it was just Bucky who was gone. He let his best friend get away from him again, but this time he really could have controlled it. He could have convinced Bucky that he was wanted here, to stay with the Avengers.

But when he heard Wanda’s scream coming from your room, Steve feared the worst. He thought he was going to walk in and find a dead body, or the room destroyed with you taken. Wanda lost her best friend, too, but at least you left a note. Steve could have sworn he heard Wanda’s heart break, for the second time in the last year. First, her brother leaves her, and now her best friend is gone. Steve comforted her as he read the letter to himself.


I’m sorry. I can’t do this anymore; I’m not fit to be an Avenger. At least not right now. I need time to remember myself and go back to the basics; I barely remember what my personality is. I would recommend not worrying about me, I’ll be fine. And I shouldn’t have to say this, but I know you will try to look for me. You won’t find me. I know what I’m doing, and if I want to be off the map, then I’ll be off the map.

Wanda, I’m sorry, but there’s a box I left for you under the bed.


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Pregnancy drabble #6:

6. Telling you & Justin’s family (full list)

You pulled the white flared dress over your tiny baby bump. Seeing Justin tug his shirt down in the reflection of the mirror. Your hands started to shake as you slipped on your white flats. “Calm down baby.” He cooed, wandering over to as you stood up from the bed.

“I’m so nervous.” You admitted, straightening out the creases in your dress. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling your back towards him.

“It’s going to be fine baby.” He reassured, pressing his lips against your neck, making your body relax at his touch.

“What if they get mad or something?” You countered, glancing at his hazel eyes.

“They won’t. We’re married, responsible, and stable. This was our choice and if they don’t like it…oh well.” He shrugged, letting go of you.

“I’m just scared.” You added, sighing. You licked your dry lips turning around to face him.

“It will be alright, I promise okay.” He said, pressing his lips against your forehead. You nodded, feeling a little better about telling everyone. Moments after you finished getting dressed, your family and his started to arrive. Justin had called them all asking them to come to LA for the weekend because you two had to tell them something. You watched Justin flipped the burgers on the grill. The hot sun shined down on his tattoos as you lounged in one of the chairs in your back yard.

“So are you going to tell us what this big news is?” Your mom asked, taking a seat next to you along with Pattie.

“Once we eat, we kind of want to tell you together.” You smiled, fumbling with the fabric of your dress. Justin placed the fully cooked burgers on the plate next to the grill, looking behind him and grinning at you. You gave him a shy smile, biting your lower lip as the rest of your family’s conversated with each other. Once Justin finished grilling, everyone fixed their plates, taking a seat at your glass outside table. You sat next to Justin, taking bites of your food, trying not to the throw up from some odd smell in the air. Justin took a sip of his bear, wine being poured around the table.

“Do you want some Y/N?” Your mother asked, pouring some of the red liquid into her glass.

“No, I’m fine.” You smiled, Justin’s hand gripping your thigh under the table. You looked at him, his eyes telling you it’s time. You nodded your head taking a deep breath. “Um, well I can’t have any…” You said, clearing your throat, Justin’s arm wrapping around you pulling you closer.

“Why?” Pattie asked, becoming intrigued. Everyone looked at you and Justin, nerves starting to run through your veins.

You opened your mouth trying to say the words but the fear stopped you, Justin gladly offering to tell everyone. “We’re having a baby.” He grinned, looking at you with an admiration in his eyes. You smiled instantly, his face making you at ease.

“You’re having a baby?” Your mom screeched happily, jumping from her seat, your nervousness being replaced with excitement.

You nodded your head smiling, “Yes, I’m pregnant.” You announced. She rushed over to bring you into a hug. You hugged her back, Justin getting pats on the back from your dad and his own, along with many congratulations.

Baby Fever

|| I don’t usually write these but this is my shot at a (semi-fluffy) Joker X reader fanfic. The reader is around 8 months pregnant and driving her puddin’ wild with the constant change of mood and overwhelming cravings. Hope you enjoy! Thank you queenofiinsanity for the idea! ❤ ||


“J, COME HERE. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.” Y/N whined. She was seven and a half months pregnant, swollen ankles and crazy cravings. The baby could come right now and she’d be relieved to finally get off this wild rollercoaster.

After a few moments the Joker burst into the room. “What is it, doll?! Do we need to go?!”

“What? No, no.” The plump girl was lying on their bed, hands placed lazily on her baby bump. “I just wanted to see you.” She said with a sweet smile.

“Real cute.” Joker snarled as he ran his fingers through his bright green hair, clearly a little frustrated.

Y/N frowned and her hands moved from her bump as she crossed her arms. “Don’t give me an attitude.”

“Don’t give you an attitude? Don’t give YOU an attitude? ALL you’ve given ME since you got knocked up is an attitude.” Jokers voice was stern and loud yet seemed louder to her than it really was, she felt like she was being yelled at. Seconds later hot tears rolled down y/n’s face.

“I’m… I’m sorry J.” She spoke through her tears, not looking at him anymore. Joker felt a small pain in his stomach. Guilt maybe?

“Awe, punkin’ pie. Come to daddy.” He said, his face softening as he held his arms out for an embrace. She hesitated but managed to get herself standing and into his arms.

“J..” Y/N said quietly.

“Yes poo?” He said, pushing her away slightly and extending his arms to get a look at her face.

“Can you get me a banana and some ranch.” She giggled, the tears quickly stopping. Jokers face instantly went stern again as he sighed.

“You’re joking, right?”

She shook her head. “I’m hungry!”

Joker sighed again. Closing his eyes a moment before opening them again.

“Anything for you.” He helped her back onto the bed and then walked out of the room.

When Joker returned with the odd but requested banana and ranch duo his sweetie was out like a light. He wasn’t upset though, instead he put the plate with her snack on their bedside table and admired her for a moment.

“You sure know how to drive me batty.” He whispered in a fairly monotone voice before turning off the bedroom light and going back to his work in the other room.

|| P.S sorry it’s so short! I’m not good with these types of fanfics so I wasn’t sure how to go about it… I tried though!||
Gal Gadot Flaunts Baby Bump on Golden Globes Red Carpet -- See the Pics!

Gal Gadot brought the cutest date with her to the 2017 Golden Globes – her baby bump!

The 31-year-old actress proudly flaunted her burgeoning belly in a stunning, sparkling gown while walking the Globes’ red carpet in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

WATCH: ‘Wonder Woman’ Star Gal Gadot Pregnant With Second Child

Getty Images

Getty Images

PICS: Golden Globes: Red Carpet Arrivals

Gadot gave fans a sneak peek into her sleek look on Instagram just before the event.

“Getting ready… #goldenglobes #excited with my beauty squad @sabrinabmakeup @jennychohair @tracy_clemens @katiebofsegal @elizabethstewart1,” she captioned a shot of herself getting pampered by her glam squad.

Getting ready… #goldenglobes #excited with my beauty squad @sabrinabmakeup @jennychohair @tracy_clemens @katiebofsegal @elizabethstewart1

A photo posted by Gal Gadot (@gal_gadot) on Jan 8, 2017 at 2:08pm PST

PICS: Celebrity Pregnancy Style

In November, the Wonder Woman star announced that she and husband Yaron Versano were expecting their second child. The two are already parents to daughter Alma, born in 2011.

See more of what to expect at the Golden Globes in the video below.

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And what about "crazy" comments about that Rose might be pregnant looking at her latest pictures? Sometimes people want to see “baby bumps” in any bad photo. Give her a break please, Rose is as thin as ever!

I know, I’ve seen every possible rumor for the past 4 years so I really have nothing to say about this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


“Don’t worry. You’ll do fine. Just avoid my sister’s margaritas. She always adds ludicrous amounts of tequila to them, and the last thing you want is to get drunk around these people. And don’t let my stepmom corner you or you’ll spend the rest of the evening listening to inane gossip about people at our country club. And avoid talking about politics with my father! If it does come up in conversation, just smile and nod along, but no matter what bullshit he says do not argue with him. My dad seriously cannot comprehend the concept that people can disagree about the government and still get along.”

“Maddie?” Westley smiles down at her reassuringly. “Are you okay?”

“Yes! Yes. Fine. You’ll do fine!”

“I know,” he chuckles. “I’m not worried about me. You, on the other hand…”

“What? No, no. Don’t be. You’ll do fine. Just fine!”

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I see you subtle baby bump plot twist! For those who haven’t noticed the curve ball PREGNANT Taylor Swift put in her Wildest Dreams video, let me point it out.

Refer to pic 1: Sleeps with hot sexy man

Refer to pic 2: Obviously pregnant at the premiere a few months later

Refer to pic 3: Looks sadly down at baby bump when she finds out hot man is taken

Refer to pic 4: Hides baby bump while looks melancholy

You’re welcome. 

taylorswift can you confirm?