seeing that everyone's posted their crush list

Infp suffering

Ne: *shoves Fi* We are suffering!!!! Emergency!!!! It’s time to shit-post!!!!

Fi: no no we should post how shitty we feel

Si: no! Let’s post photos of pretty plants and sad dark paintings


Si: look! Can you see the sad beauty in the photo of these crushed roses??

Ne: Ooooo! Ooooo! Let’s tell really embarrassing stories! No! Even better! Let’s make jokes about ourself!!!!

Fi: oh…look…a list of every person who’s ever hurt me with a bullet list under each name for everything they’ve ever done wrong.


Te: *rips list out of Fi’s hands* …this is a really big list…we’re gonna have to…ruin the lives of everyone we’ve ever known…

Fi: I think it’s time to be cynical about human beings. I think I’m going to write 6 pages about it.

Ne: post a photo of a trash can and tag it “selfie”

1A dorm life headcanons

Have some complimentary headcanons about the living hell that their building is

  • People playing knock and run for nothing but honour and glory. They have a scoring system and Kirishima is winning from the time he dared to knock on Bakugou’s door.
  • Sleepovers in the communal room where the entire class just sleeps in a pile with as many pillows and blankets as Momo can provide. Usually after they’ve all been watching movies or binge watching netflix. 
  • People now have the power to go kick Kaminari’s ass at 3am for sending the rarest pepe memes to the class group chat. 
  • Iida wakes up at 6am without any trouble. The rest of the class finds it very unnerving and just not natural. Mina accused him of being a witch. 
  • Stupid truth or dare competitions against class B that ends with Aizawa banning them and posting a list of rules where everyone can see them.
  • Awful things that came from truth or dare:
    -Learning that Kaminari thought he could get a girl pregnant by holding her hand, prompting Iida to give him the talk.
    -Sero downing a jar of pickle juice because he was dared to and then ruining Uraraka’s favourite blanket with neon green vom.
    -People trading phones and sending stupid texts. Usually confessions and not so innocent propositions. Monoma was never the same after “Bakugou’s” confession about how his loins yearned for him.
    -”Nobody wants to know about your crush Mineta-” “She’s got lovely juicy huge kn-” *Jiro smothers Mineta with pillows*
  • Satou is an angel and will go out to buy any of the girls supplies for their periods if they need them. This includes as many chocolaty snacks as he can carry home for them.
  • I can jump that far” “kamINARI N O” -Kaminari as he attempts to jump from his balcony to his neighbors. 
  • Bakugou punched the wall once when he was having a Deku related hissy fit, with the way he angled his fist he ended up sinking his entire forearm into the wall and getting stuck. 
  • Uraraka don’t care how she looks when she’s been woken up at stupid o’clock, by a class president who shall not be named. She just trudges down to the kitchen to get her morning coffee, draped in her blanket before going sitting next to Tsuyu so she can grumble for five mintues.
  • All Might is weak and brings them all McDonalds when he thinks they’ve all had a bad day, much to Lunch Rushes disdain. 
  • Video game competitions where it’s usually girls v boys and every time the boys are sore losers and say they let the girls win. 
  • As a group the boys are actually decent singers and usually sing along to the radio when they’re having their showers. On occasion the girls will join in on their side. One day the entire campus got to hear class 1A singing Uptown Funk at the top of their lungs and they couldn’t help but applaud. 
Karezi Week Dates confirmed! January 6 - January 12

We, the moderators, have finally decided to bring our theme election to an end. Our schedule was arranged in hopes of giving everyone time to both enjoy the winter break and get content ready for posting during Karezi Week!
So after removing the lowest voted themes from the list, we’ve brought together seven of the highest voted themes to set this schedule:

Wednesday, January 6
First meeting
Thursday, January 7
Friday, January 8
Puppy-Love Crush
Saturday, January 9
Sunday, January 10
Sloppy Make-Outs
Monday, January 11
Tree Houses
Tuesday January 12
Last time seeing each other

The more participants, the better Karezi week will be, so I’d encourage all of ya to run away with each day and have fun letting your creativity flow!