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Why Does it Have to be You? - Damian Wayne x Reader

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Requested by Anon -  a Damian x reader where Klarion has started causing chaos around Gotham and the only person he’s willing to listen to is the reader, because he has a crush on them.

The night was a quiet one. So quiet, in fact, Damian sent you home earlier when he caught you yawning one too many times. He knew you hadn’t been getting much rest lately. 

Damian was currently crouched by a stone gargoyle, debating whether he should turn in himself. The thought about crawling into bed next to you seemed very appealing. He frowned, glancing at the clock tower behind him to find it still an unnaturally early hour. Taking out his grapple gun, Damian decided to make one more round of the city before returning home to you.

Damian was just going passed the Gotham Train Station when a explosion sent him tumbling to the ground. He rolled back to his feet before scrambling to see what happened. Much to his displeasure, he spotted a swam of magical energy surrounding the building. 

Swinging down to slip into the building through one of the windows, Damian growled as he saw Klarion floating in the center of the room. 

“What are you doing here, Witch Boy?” Damian demanded, dropping down to the floor. Klarion sneered at him, lifting a finger to zap a civilian unlucky enough to cross his path. The person turned into a mouse, scurrying away. 

“Go away, Birdy. My kitty might eat you,” Klarion threatened, glancing around. He frowned when he realized Damian was the only vigilante in the room. “Where is (Y/N)?”

Damian sighed, sensing what this was about. “(Y/N) is not here, Witch Boy. I’m afraid you only have me tonight.” He watched silently as Klarion’s face slowly grew redder and more grotesque. Damian’s eyes widened when he felt something brush against his leg. He glanced down to find Teekl. Before he could move, Teekl turned into a giant beast. Damian fought the monstrous Teekl while Klarion threw magic blasts at him. 

“No, No, No!!!” Klarion was screaming as Damian did his best to avoid the magic blasts and Teekl. Eventually, one of Teekl’s paws slammed into Damian throwing him out of the building and into the street. Damian could feel one of his ribs crack, but rolled out of the way of another magic blast from Klarion.

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Headcanons about Revali's s/o getting captured by an enemy, and what his reaction is?? (The enemy could be Ganon or any other monster, I'll leave it up to you!) I'm ready for some ANGST my dude...hit me with your best shot

TWOOT TWOOT MOTHERFUCKERS HERE COMES THE ANGST TRAIN (sorry about cursing, I don’t mean it literally, I love you all very much)

-Mod Pinks

S/o captured by enemy (Revali, angst version)

  • Yes, he is a warrior. And yes, he knows he need to stay calm in order to increase chances of saving them.
    • But mercy on the enemy? Not happening. 
  • When he spots them, the first thing he does is try to spot his love. 
  • And he does, he spots them
    • More accurately, he spots them as they look up to the sky to him, hope light up in their eyes as they whisper to him
    • And then the Moblin’s ax splits their head in two.
  • All the Rito warriors who went with him that day as friends, left there swearing to never say a word of the carnage that followed to a single soul. There is nothing left of the enemy that night.
  • Revali is inconsolable as he clutches their body close to him, the screaming sob that escapes him is said in later legends to be so loud that his Divine Beast cried out in it’s master’s shared pain. 
  • His people give s/o a proper Rito’s funeral, and Revali spreads their ashes to the sky.
  • He never loves again- the look in the eyes of interested remind him too much of their look, their eyes.
  • The Rito village as a whole mourn the loss, and their death is passed down as a story, long after Revali has joined them in the afterlife. 
  • It is a Rito tradition to kill the Moblins that live in the camp where the ancient Moblins had every blood red moon to honor their champion and his love’s tragedy

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Vignette I do the one word prompt submissions through ask, right?

Usually, only wealthy nobles could afford to hire an artist to capture their image. However, Moblit kindly offered to draw a portrait of Eren. He had claimed it was for Hanji’s notes, but Eren was well aware that Levi slipped some money to Moblit so that he could have something to remember Eren by just in case the worst did come to pass.

Eren sat rigid on a wooden stool next to a window while Moblit sketched his face. He tried to keep his eyes trained to one position so that it would be easier for Moblit to draw him, but he couldn’t help but notice his lover outside, tending to his horse. Levi always had a soft spot for his horse and it was always cute to see Eren sneak the mare a few extra apples.

Eren giggled a bit as he saw Levi only half-angrily scolding the horse for nearly biting his fingers off. He felt a small smile stretch across his face and he just couldn’t wipe it off as he saw Levi act cute when he didn’t think anyone was watching.

Moblit thought it was the perfect way to capture Eren. He quickly drew the curves of Eren’s cheeks and dimples, and shaded in the light that twinkled in the shifter’s eyes as he laughed. He gently sketched in Eren’s fingers as they curled into his chest, over his beating heart. And he made sure to add a little bit of a red tint to Eren’s cheeks to really show Eren in that moment.

He only drew a little bit of the stool Eren was sitting on and only a few window panels closest to Eren’s head, but the rest of the background he left fuzzy and undefined. He wanted to capture Eren in that moment, but he felt that making the picture a vignette would give it almost a sense of timelessness. Moblit felt that without the clear, defined border, the portrait almost looked like a fond memory.

He finished faster than Eren expected, so Eren was able to get a little bit more cleaning done than he had originally expected, so he was quite happy about that. Levi was also quite thrilled when Moblit handed him the drawing. Levi knew he would treasure that picture forever.

He snuck through the halls with it and placed it in his desk’s top right drawer so that he could open it up and look at the vignette of Eren whenever he needed to.

Jyn had learned at age eight how to disarm someone twice her size, by 16 she could set bombs and shoot a stormtrooper in the head from 500 Trogan meters, but no one had been around to teach her how to pick through her emotions and process them appropriately so she’d been flying by the seat of her pants. Unfortunately, Cassian was too often a casualty of her inability to suss out her feelings.

Cassian was just better at it. Since he’d been trained to read people, to spot their weaknesses and to gage their honesty, he handled emotions better. Though, maybe too well. He carried all those things with him, all the feelings, all the guilt, all the moral dilemmas, they were all on his shoulders, he hauled them around and pretended they didn’t weigh him down. Did anyone in the resistance see it? Did anyone help carry them?

—  Since this fic is taking so long, instead of a sunday six, here’s these two paragraphs that i’m super duper proud of. Just sit around and cry with me about how Jyn represses everything because she doesn’t know how to feel feelings and Cassian feels the feelings TOO MUCh.  


So Bulma has Bra/Bulla/whatever you wanna call her. Can y'all see Beerus being a sucker for her? Like he’s completely enamored with this mini-Bulma and grows this soft spot for her. And he’s all “I wanna keep her” and Whis is like “you can’t keep her Beerus-sama she’s a baby not a pet.” But now Beerus says Vegeta and Goku can’t come to train unless Vegeta brings his daughter along so he can play with her. He’s destroyed like 10 planets because it makes the baby clap and giggle. Then Whis tells him he can’t keep destroying planetary systems for no reason and Beerus is all like “but it makes her happy. See?” *destroys planet* *Bra claps and giggles*



Listening to my ipod. Singers. I have a few favourites. 

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Pat Monahan of Train. I have a special special soft spot for Drops of Jupiter. Plus my husband shares his birthday with him (inc. year) 

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Brendon Urie. Panic! At The Disco.  Have loved this guy since ‘A Fever…’ he has the most incredible voice. ‘Death of A Bachelor’ is one of my all time favourite albums. My daughter loves him too, we will get to see him live one day, if he ever plays close enough for us to be able to! 

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Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty.   First time i heard his voice was with Carlos Santana and ‘Smooth’ and i was a fan for life. He has a voice that makes me sigh. 

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Conor Mason, the lead singer of Nothing But Thieves: 

Was my husband who directed me to their eponymously titled album and i instantly fell in love with it and this guy’s incredible vocals. He sounds like Jeff Buckley, Matt Bellamy and Thom Yorke all rolled into one. He is an amazing talent, listening to ‘Lover Please Stay’ reduces me almost to tears- go find it on YouTube and listen. Heartbreaking voice. 

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Jeff Buckley. Grace. Enough Said. There was no one like him.

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Shaun Morgan of Seether. His voice turns me inside out and back inside again. Dark. Deep. Growl. 

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Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy. The power in his voice never fails to amaze me. The Phoenix for one. Adore Immortals and Novocaine

There are more- Matt Bellamy, Steven Tyler, Simon Le Bon, Dan Auerbach as well as Amy Lee and Florence Welch. 

Not a tag thing, not a meme, just me talking about music type stuff. Feel free to add if you want. 

you know what should’ve been canon though????

okay hear me out drarry au where instead of that time with draco stomping on harry’s nose in 6th year and covering him in his invisibility cloak on the train bc harry was spying on him, they end up making out instead

so draco and harry are in a secret relationship already and harry is totally stubborn as usual. harry excuses himself to exit his train compartment to look for draco and uses his invisibility cloak (not bc he’s a death eater but bc harry loves draco yeah). harry sees draco is alone bc blaise and pansy left him to make out. harry uses this opportunity to go in and scare the hell out of draco before proceeding to make out with him woohoooooo. (harry forgets to lock the compartment lol)

“merlin’s bloody beard, potter. you scared me. i almost hexed you on the spot and stepped on your nose.”

“well, you didn’t, draco. and that’s what matters.”



once they stop kissing to catch their breaths, they realize that they have an audience. pansy and blaise are back and they’ve dragged ron and hermione in with them too.

pansy and blaise look smug and laugh and they’re all like “i knew it, draco.” while hermione and ron share knowing looks with harry and ron goes “you didn’t have to hide this from us, mate.”

draco and harry are so horrified but are happy that their friends know

and this is how it shouldve gone i swear

i realized that amidst my many posts regarding jason’s scars, i never made a post about any permanent damage his body has sustained and i’ll probably make a big post abt it sooner or later but i gotta jot this down before i forget it 

weak spots 

  • as a result of a gunshot wound, his left shoulder is less flexible than his right and it generally takes him longer to warm up when he’s training or before he goes out on patrol. after roughly two hours of intense physical activity ( see: fighting, grappling from roof to roof ), it starts to hurt. he has a shoulder brace he wears underneath his gear, but he should most likely visit a doctor, and undergo surgery.
  • on his right side, his lower two or three ribs are very sensitive — which was mainly joker’s doing after assaulting him with a crowbar for an unknown amount of time. if pressed hard enough on his right side, it will cause mild discomfort or intense pain.  blows or kicks to his right are generally more painful.
  • jason often has a very stiff neck, which is why you will see him frequently cracking and rubbing his neck or rolling his shoulders in an attempt to erase any pain or discomfort.
  • another source of irritation / discomfort are the knots between his shoulder blades, which often resurface after he spends than more than 48 hours awake. mainly when he’s been sitting in the exact same position for hours, which often happens when he’s working on cases.
Train Rides Part 2

Hello my cinnamon rolls! I’m back with the next part to the lovely V story!!!!!! 

Part 1

Day 2

You boarded the train with a spring in your steps. For some reason, knowing that you would get to see V again today put you in a joyful mood. As you passed through the doors you were surprised to find V already occupying your spot along the wall.

“Good morning V.’ You greeted, unable to keep your cheerfulness from entering your tone. Did V think you were being too eager?

V glanced up at you, his lips lifting in a tiny smile at the sound of your happy voice.

“Good morning MC.”

V watched as you made your way towards him, chuckling quietly to himself. Your emotions were practically written all over your face, and you almost floated towards him. His heart soared knowing that you were happy.

In your hand you carried a small bag, containing V’s washed and perfectly folded cardigan.

“Thank you for lending it to me. I hope you weren’t to cold going home…” You said worriedly as you handed him the bag.

“Hmm? What’s this?” V asked, pulling out a small bag you had packed in with his cardigan.

Your eyes lit up again as you explained to him, “Ah! On my way home from the station I passed a cute little chocolate shop. I know you like dark chocolate, so I bought you some with fruit pieces in them as thanks.”

V said nothing, and you began to grow worried. “Is….is it a bother?” You asked quietly, afraid that he didn’t want to accept them.

“Ah, no it isn’t that.” V correctly you quickly, aware of the misunderstanding that you were forming in your mind. He held the bag of chocolates in his hand delicately, smiling softly to himself.

“Thank you MC, you’re so kind.”

You flushed at his words, raising your hands slightly as you waved them, “N-no, the kind one is you V! Thank you for everything you do. I’m sure the others would agree with me.”

You continued to ramble on nervously, “You do so much for RFA. Oh! And I never would have found my place if you hadn’t- mmph!” You felt V’s cold fingers against your lips briefly as he pushed a piece of chocolate into your mouth. The flavor of dark chocolate and raspberry danced on your tongue, and your eyes sparkled as you looked at V with delight.

V laughed at your expression, his voice deep and cooling, “Good?”

You nodded enthusiastically, your mind in bliss at the flavors swirling in your mouth. The smooth velvety chocolate covered your tongue and- Ah!

“V! This is a gift for you!” You protested, mentally kicking yourself for enjoying it.

V studied your face closely, before nodding slowly, “Hmm…yes. This is a rather nice gift. I enjoy watching you make all sorts of expressions, it’s very interesting.” He teased, and you swore your ears were on fire.

“….Just eat them….” You mumbled. And before you were even aware of it, your fingers dipped into the bag in V’s hand, grasping the chilled covering of the sweet. As soon as you grabbed hold of the small square your fingers were against V’s lips, your index finger pushing the sweet into his mouth.

You and V locked eyes for a moment, your finger still against his lips as he chewed quietly. All of a sudden, as your actions began to catch up to your mind, your face puffed up in pink smoke and you backed away from him with a jolt.

“A-ahhhh! I-I’m so sorry! I-I-I-……I’m so sorry!” You apologized again and again, and V stared at you, an unknown expression on his face as he chewed.

“Mmmm you’re right. These are quite good.” V announced, moving away from what had just happened. You nodded meekly, embarrassment looming over you.

“Please…share them with your coworkers.” You said politely. If V was moving on from this, then you might as well too. You forced yourself to look back up at V, surprised to find him staring at your fingers.

“Ladies and gentleman the train will now be approaching R Station.”

R Station. V’s stop. You were about to say farewell to him when V’s hand grabbed onto your wrist suddenly. He inspected your fingers closely. When you had reached for a piece of chocolate your warm fingers had caused it to melt slightly in your hold, resulting in a small patch of chocolate on your index finger.

“V?” You asked, concerned. Was there something wrong?

You watched as V lifted your finger to his face, and nearly jumped out of your skin when something wet touched your finger. Something wet…and soft.

“I definitely won’t be sharing these. Have a good day MC.”  V said before maneuvering his way through the crowd.

You turned away from the door as you watched his back slip through.

“Miss, are you alright?” Asked a passenger beside you.

You nodded reassuringly, your face bright red as you stared down at your now clean index finger.

You stumbled onto the train completely pissed off at the world. But that was just a secondary feeling. You felt so…confused. The day had been filled with hard labor, and to top it off a parent had come in frantically as you were closing. Of course you didn’t mind, the child required emergency care, and you wanted to save him anyway you could. But the mother….

The child had been experiencing pain from the flu. Of course the flu was nonthreatening….if the child had been vaccinated. The child was experiencing life-threatening symptoms and the mother had refused to allow you to vaccinate him! In the end, you had to send him to an actual hospital, his cries of pain echoing in your mind.

You spotted V the moment you neared your spot. His back was facing you as he studied photos in his camera. All of your frustration and pain bubbled to the surface as you saw him. For some odd reason, you could never hide your emotions and thoughts from him. Tears prickled at the corners of your eyes and you briskly walked towards him.

Without even thinking, you threw yourself at V’s back, your arms wrapping around his waist as your buried your face into his sturdy back. You felt him tense slightly, alarmed at the sudden contact. But then he slowly relaxed, placing his own hand on your own that rested around him.

Your shoulders trembled as you fought to keep your emotions in check. Maybe it due to the stress riding you, or maybe it was from the sounds of the wailing child ringing in your ears.     

 The tears in your eyes threatened to spill down your face and you shook as you tried to hold them at bay. Crying in a train full of people would do you no good. You rubbed your face against V’s back for comfort sniffling.

You and V stood in silence, your face pressed against him, his hand on yours as the train chugged forward. His warmth was comforting, chasing away the darkness that crept up on you. You pressed your ear against his back, the beating of his heart syncing with your own to calm you down.

As you regained your composure V twisted in your hold, moving so your head rested on his chest. V’s head was tiled towards the ceiling of the train, as if you weren’t bunched up against him. 

The silence that followed was peaceful. V demanded no explanation from you, comforting you as much as you needed. Then finally, 

“Rough day?”

His voice was soft and gentle and you couldn’t trust your voice enough to answer. 

You nodded your head slowly against his chest, praying that he wouldn’t ask for more details. You didn’t want to retell the events of the source of your frustration.

“I understand.” 

V’s hand stroked the top of your head lovingly, not asking anymore of you.

You stayed in his arms until your stop, and you were surprised when V followed you out the door.

“…V?” You asked quietly, eyebrows raising as he wrapped the very same cardigan you had just returned that morning around your shoulders. He gently tugged your hair out from underneath it and fixed the hem line, making sure you were nice and snug. 

“I’ll walk you home.” 

And then you were hoisted off your feet, arms dangling over his shoulders as he carried you on his back.

“V-V!” You shrieked, wiggling against his back, embarrassed from the glances strangers gave you two as V walked out of the station. 

“Just rest MC. You’ve had a long day.” 

V continued to walk forward, carrying you on his back under the starry sky. As V walked on towards your house he hummed softly. You didn’t recognize the tune, but you enjoyed it nonetheless.

Soon your eyes began to droop close, and you found your face against his back. 

Before you knew it, you had fallen back asleep.

V glanced back at you on his back as he heard your soft breaths. He smiled as he readjusted you, causing you to move up further towards his ear.

“Hahh….its such a clear night.” V breathed, a smile across his face.         

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Hi! I'm glad you're back, my dash has been really quiet without you. I was really glad to see you post about Cade too, his relationship with Scott really intrigues me. Can you tell me more about it? How did they meet? Was it an immediate click? Are they very similar? Sorry, I'm so curious!

hey! gosh this was really nice to see, thank you for taking the time to come and ask <3 warms my tiny renegade heart that you like Cade too!

They met on Arcturus Station. Cade was in-between postings after Torfan. He wound up on Arcturus as an interim engineer, filling in gaps in the ranks. Scott was fresh out of training, the new kid on the block, and it didn’t take long for Cade to spot him. He’d already gotten himself into a fight with an arrogant fighter jock who didn’t want ‘some kid’ pottering around the hangar bay. Cade stepped in and more or less dragged him out by the scruff of the neck. The rest is history.

Cade and Scott are definitely two of a kind. Very emotional, very family-driven, very hard-working individuals who surround themselves with people, they really thrive in busy environments. It’s easy to gravitate towards like-minded people in a place like Arcturus, and Cade felt compelled to keep an eye out for Scott since the run-in with that fighter. They just gelled immediately. Same wicked sense of humour, same priorities, same way of thinking – it was a comfortable familiarity, not abrasive, and their friendship was as natural as breathing to them. 

Cade was always something of a mentor to Scott, too. From the smallest, mundane things like what to say to that guy at the bar, to exercise routines and gun stances, all the way to honing Scott’s unruly biotics into an actual weapon. 

Author’s note: As always, send in requests! Also forgive my spelling, I didn’t edit this. And, btw, this one is really longgggggggg so I hope you all enjoy it! Xoxo :3


Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader ((With a little bit of SteveXReader in there…I’m not sure why that keeps slipping into my imagines idk))

Warning: some violence

Prompt: You were trained by an underground group of mutants since you were little, and your first mission was to take down the Avengers. Pietro, being once associated with the wrong side as well, sees that you are truly not the enemy and tries to protect you from the other Avengers as well as keep you from killing him.


“Your Eyes”


You spotted them before they spotted you. You saw two Avengers, Thor and Iron man, flying around above you, scouting out the area. Luckily, you had the mutant power to become invisible, so you weren’t worried about them seeing you. Well, not too much anyway.

After what went down with Ultron, the Avengers had gained quite a large and rather positive reputation among the humans. However, despite all the mutant communities efforts, the humans would never be as excepting of mutants as they are the Avengers. The group that had spent years ruthlessly training you told you over and over again that the Avengers didn’t deserve the praise that they got, not when your own people had been fighting for equality for so long.

The Avengers were training in the backwoods of a small town in upstate New York, far away from the crowded streets of New York city. You had been following their every move for the past month, and you figured that a secluded section of woods would be the best chance that you had of ridding the world of the Avengers.

“Remember,” Your boss’s words rang through your brain. “You are a mutant. Mutants deserve the same kind of recognition that the Avengers have. The Avengers serve as an icon to the humans, showing them that the human race is superior to everything else. Any abnormal abilities they have are artificial, not natural like ours. We are superior. Time to show them that.”

You watch Thor and Iron Man land, both giving the go-ahead to the rest of the Avengers, telling them the area was clear. The rest of your team was in trees and bushes, completely hidden. You were the closest to the group, no more than five feet away from them. Even with your invisibility powers, even behind a tree, you felt the nerves begin to tighten around my throat in a chokehold. You had never done anything like this. You had trained for hours and hours every day, but suddenly, you felt completely unprepared.

You shook my head and ridded my mind of all the doubts and questions, there was no time for that. You had a job to do.

Thor and Captain America had set the hammer and shield on the ground adjacent to the tree you stood by. You smirked to yourself, too easy.

Knowing that all your teammates had their eyes on where you were, you made your hand visible and gave them the gesture to begin the mission.

The Black Widow and Hawkeye had just begun to do some stretches when your teammates jumped from the trees and showered over them like acid rain.

You remained in the shadows, waiting for the first sign that your team needed help. They too were mutants; one of them could melt into the ground, another could multiply themselves, another could shape shift into any animal…the list went on. However, your powers (other than the invisibility) were by far the most impressive and powerful, and combined with your combat skills, it was obvious why you were chosen to be the team leader.

The Black Widow instantly and naturally jumped into combat, kicking and jumping her way out of the mutant’s path. Hawkeye, who had a bow and arrows resting on his back, quickly shot up and hit one of the mutants heading straight for him, then ran towards the Black Widow.

Thor reached out his hand and his hammer came to him in a flash. Captain America started to run towards his shield, and that, you decided, was going to be your entrance. Smoothly, you slipped out from behind the tree and grabbed the shield. As the shield lifted off the ground, your body shimmered out of invisibility. You cast your worries and mundane fears aside, and grin at the star-spangled-idiot in front of you. His steps slowed, and his eyes grew wide.

“Are you looking for this, Captain?” Your voice was so smooth and sleek compared to the madness that was unfolding around you.

“Ma'am, I’d advise that you put the shield down right now.” His voice was icy as well, but with little emotion to back it up. It seemed more like a warning than anything.

“No, but thank you.” Your grin dropped and a stone-hard look covered your face. You channeled all of your energy into the shield, then, within a matter of seconds, sent it flying towards the Captain’s face. He tried to catch it, as he had done thousands of times before, but the power and pure energy that you had laced it with sent the man flying back into the trees.

You had the ability to channel energy to a certain part of your body, making your punches, kicks, throws, and anything else more than twice as effective.

You felt the shimmering in your hands fade away, leaving them with a dull ach. It was the cost of your power, it was a double edged sword. The more you used it, the more of a toll it take on you.

You looked around and saw that most of your team was laying on the ground, knocked out cold. You were among the last standing, and the others were not going to last long. You had underestimated them, completely.

A silver and blue flash appeared next to you in a instant, followed by a punch in your gut that knocked the complete wind out of you.

You fell onto the forest floor, your arm wrapped around your stomach. Looking down at you was a man with white hair and a rather cocky grin plastered to his face.

This was one of the newest recruits, Pietro Maximoff. You had done enough research on him, you know what his powers were, and who his sister was. Honestly, you were glad that it was the male twin that found you first.

“I have got another one!” Quicksilver shouted to the others, his accent rang throughout the trees.

The noise of fighting had gone down, meaning that you were probably the last one still fighting. So, the mission had just shifted from an assassination to a suicide mission.

You slipped your invisibility on and got away from the Maximoff, frantically searching for one of your teammates. None of them were up.


Pietro looked all over for the girl he had just taken down, she couldn’t have just disappeared!

His blue eyes scanned the ground of any signs of her, and he spotted leaves crunching and rustling on the ground, almost like there was someone walking on them. Quickly (like always), he rammed into the back of the invisible girl, knocking her onto the ground.

His larger frame trapped her too the earth, her face was pressed against the dirt and plants.

“It seems you have fallen for me, no?”

The girl growled and rotated her body, their noses were touching. “More like fallen under you.”

 She smiled at him, flashing her white teeth, then shoved her hands against his chest. A burst of power came through her fingertips and he was in the air, and she fled.

Pietro slammed into the ground, groaning in pain. That look in her eyes, he saw something that he had seen in himself many times before; blind devotion. He had felt it when he worked with Ultron. He knew that he wanted to get revenge for what had happened to him, so he was willing to fight along side Ultron, not knowing just how bad Ultron was.

Pietro narrowed his eyes and looked around in the trees. If this girl was really like him, was just some sort of puppet for a larger, more sinister cause, he felt the need to protect and help her. He wanted to make sure that she knew who was on the good side and who was on the bad.

We found the girl, Wanda’s voice rang through Pietro’s brain. She doesn’t know that we have spotted her. She seems exhausted, like her energy is completely drained. 

Where are you? Pietro asked frantically.

By the cars that we came here in. She replied, a note a question in her tone.

Pietro wasted no time, he ran as fast as his feet could carry him (pretty damn fast), and made it just in time.

Clint has his pow strong pulled back and an arrow pointed straight at the girl dragging her feet and huffing for air a few feet away. Pietro, thinking quickly, rammed into Clint and knocked him out of his hiding spot behind a tree.

The girl gasped and turned around to see Clint on the ground, but her view was quickly cut off by Pietro’s body stepping in front of her in a flash, his arms spread out protectively. The Avengers had not seen him do anything like this other than for Wanda, but even she was sitting next to the rest of them in awe.

The girl’s eye’s widened, and she backed up until her back hit the rough bark of a tree.

“What…what are you doing?” She asked, breathless.

“What is your name?” He asked, his accent thicker than it had been.

“Y/N.” She answered after a moment of hesitation.

“You don’t have to do this, you know. You don’t have to kill anyone because you were told to. I’m sure that whoever sent you to do this had his or her reasons, but I think that your heart is not fully invested in it, correct?”

Pietro wasn’t looking at her, all she saw was his back and heard his words. She was silent for moment, then whispered, “Why would you say that?”

“Your eyes, Y/N, your eyes. I could see it.”

This is what happens when I daydream on the subway. I thought it was funny to imagine Ganondorf taking the subway like a regular plebe.

This is what I think went down:

Ganondorf’s pretty high up in the company, but his sweet ride got towed at lunch for being illegally parked. Before he could go pick it up his moms called to tell him they were in town and headed to his house and he better be there for supper! They’re planning to pester him again about when he’s gonna get finally take over the company… and get married while he’s at it. They just wanna see him settled and really want Gan-babies.

Ganondorf hates the subway because he thinks it’s below his status as most amazing man in the universe. Despite the hardship, he’s not about to abandon his game. The minute he enters the packed train he spots an open seat next to a little hot number in those tight pants he likes. Sure, she looks a bit high maintenance, but he’s got the money and it will all be worth it once he gets her to his place…after the moms leave, of course. Maybe a hotel would be even better! Ganondorf wedges himself down next to his target, who seems mesmerized by her stupid phone (Ganondorf’s got his own tucked into his pocket). I can’t think of what he says to her, but he’s immediately shot down.

Zelda’s got her own small start-up. I’m not sure what the start-up does. Something good for people. Maybe recycling-related. Anyhoo, she’s riding to see a potential client, trying to craft an email to send once she hits a wifi point, and this creepy old man starts hitting on her! She was going to head to the gym after this but now she might need a drink instead.

Later on in the week, Zelda will complain to her father about the incident with the creepy old man. Shortly after, she will be introduced to her father’s VP, Ganondorf…

Link moved to the city a few months ago to start a job in his uncle’s company. He’s good with computers and is helping his uncle build a small database. Unfortunately, he slept in this morning and during the rush to get dressed he put on his teenage sister Aryll’s bunny socks. He’s not sure how they ended up in his luggage, or how they even fit on his feet. That might explain the poor circulation in his toes today.

He’s playing a new game he recently bought. He probably should have used the money on food. Good thing there is a well-stocked kitchen at his uncle’s place.

You can make up whatever story you want for this drawing, though.

It’s the first time Kuroo will see Kenma after four months of being apart. He’s had to adapt to a new apartment, university, and new friends. He doesn’t regret moving away and he likes the new life he’s been growing, but nothing is the same without those gold, familiar eyes by his side, it’s been like living with a missing arm and the pining has been real.

Kuroo steps onto the platform with his bag in hand, and without a minute to lose he speed walks down the stairs and passes the ticket gates, maneuvering through the throng of people rushing to their trains. It doesn’t take long for him to spot the blonde hair, shorter than he remembers, black roots dyed away, and the red uniform fresh out of high school. And it’s as if Kenma senses his presence coming from the distance, as he turns his gaze from his phone and sees Kuroo with a huge grin on his face, walking towards him like it’s just the two of them in this busy train station while the rest of the world has disappeared. His walk becomes a run, and by the time Kuroo is in arm’s reach of Kenma, he drops his bag and lifts him into a hug, spinning them in a circle before letting his feet touch the ground.

“K-Kuro…you’re embarassing…” Kenma sputters.

“It’s fine,” Kuroo chuckles, too ecstatic to care about the staring eyes and whispers. “I’ve missed you so much.”

At this Kenma pauses, and it’s enough to make him forget the people around them and he slips his arms around Kuroo’s waist. He would regret this later, but for now this was more important.

“Can i kiss you?” Kuroo mutters into his ear. He feels a slight kick to his shin.

“Don’t you dare.” But Kenma is blushing and Kuroo knows it.

“I really, really missed you.” Kuroo repeats, and he sighs into kenma’s hair as he hugs him closer.

Kenma lets the butterflies fill his stomach, something he hasn’t felt in a long time. This smell, and these long arms that keep him warm, it would be nice if time could stop right now.

“Me too, Kuro. Me too.”

Imagine Cas finding out you really want a puppy

“Why can’t I have one? It’s not like I won’t take care of it.” You have been begging Dean for about a week for a puppy but his answer is always the same. “No”, he says not even look at you. “Ugh! I hate you”, you say. Dean doesn’t even bat an eyelash, he has become immune to your sudden hate. In the distances the sound of wings begin to flatter and the familiar angel walks into a strange argument. “But look how cute this little guy is. And we can train him to spot and attack demons.” At this point you’re willing to say anything. “No, (y/n). Can’t you see, we travel way to much. Are you willing to stop every hour or two just so the dog won’t use the restroom in my beautiful Impala?” “Yes”, you say almost to quickly. “What’s going on?” Castiel finally gets a word in. You look at Dean waiting for him to response but after a few seconds you know the argument is over, the answer is still a no. Looking at Cas before you stomp away you notice he has a sympathetic look to him. 

Hours later you hear a soft knock at your door. “(y/n)”, Castiel’s husky voice sounds through the door. “Come in”, you say. Cas walks in one hand behind his back and a smile plastered on his face. “Yes Cas”, your heart is pounded, trying not to get your hopes up of what the angel brought. “Well I couldn’t help but overhear the argument between you and Dean. I felt as though you made some good points and…” “And he has a big freaking crush on you”, Dean’s voice come from the doorway. “Shut up Dean”, you shoot him a nasty glare. “Keep going Cas”, your face softens. “Well I decided to get you something”, he slows brings the arm behind him to the front. In a box you can hear a tiny squeal of a puppy as it cries in confusion, “Oh Castiel you didn’t!” “He did”, Dean’s voice was full of sarcasm. “Get over it Dean”, you say as you head over to box and grab the small animal. “Oh Cassie I love him”, checking to make sure you were right. “What do you want to name him”, Cas is visible pleased with himself. I want to name him Milton after the last name of my favorite poet. “Thank you Cas”, leaning in to give a small kiss to his cheek. He smiles and looks curiously at the little guy in your arms, this is the first time he had ever been close to a creature like this and he was slightly excited about what is to come.     

good things: trans boy erwin taking progress pics after top surgery every time he goes to the gym

even better things: trans boy erwin spotting trans boy levi eyeing up the gym equipment curiously. helps him out. times him. brings him water. levi is wary of him at first. constantly texts farlan about the ‘eyebrows on legs’ trying too hard.

brilliant things: erwin eventually gaining levi’s trust and walking to the train station with him after every gym session. if they’re too lazy to go their separate ways for dinner they lazily drag their achy bodies into subway and make up stories for all of the people going past. levi throws salami at erwin just to see if it’ll stick to his face.

First of Many

You stepped into the stands of the stadium. The place felt so empty. You were used to seeing it feel full. The sound of the screaming fans; the chants. That is what you were used to. It felt slightly strange being here when there was no one else on the stands. The only reason you were here is because Erik had asked you to come.  He had texted you last night asking you to come and see him during training. So here you were.

You could see the players just finishing up. The exhausted look was very much present on their faces. Through the crowd you spotted your boyfriend, Erik. Even when he was sweaty, he still managed to look very nice. He looked up and spotted you standing there in the standing. You smiled and slightly waved at him. He simply waved back.

You and Erik had begun dating one another a few weeks back. The two of you had known each other for quite some time. But it wasn’t until two weeks ago that Erik finally asked you out. You could see Erik begin to make his way over to where you were. He stopped when he stood in front of you. “Hey stranger.” He smiled at your words. Without saying anything he simply pulled you into a hug. “I really missed you.” The words he whispered in your ear sent a shiver down your spine. You pulled away from the hug. “How could you miss me? You just saw me yesterday. It hasn’t even been twenty-four hours since you last saw me.” He simply pulled you back into a hug. “I still missed you.”

“Is there a specific reason that you wanted me to come see you at training?” The question had been bugging you since last night; ever since Erik had asked you to meet him. You had asked him about it but he had simply said that you’d have to come see him to find out why he wanted to meet you at training. “Can’t a guy just want to see his girlfriend without her getting suspicious that he has an ulterior motive?” You narrowed your eyes at him. “Do you? Have an ulterior motive that is.”

Erik was quick to shake his head. “No, I really don’t. I just really wanted to see you. I love you.” You were stunned. He loved you?  That was the first time that he had said anything like that to you. The two of you were quite reserved about your relationship. The both of you had only gone as far as holding hands. You hadn’t even had your first kiss yet. Even so, you knew you felt the same.

“I love you too.” The grin that was on his face when you said you reciprocated his feeling made you smile. He leaned down and pulled you towards him. He placed his lips on yours. The feeling is one that was completely foreign to you. It felt like fireworks were going off. The feeling is indescribable. This was the best first kiss ever.

The two of you pulled away to the sound of guys cheering. You looked back towards the pitch to see many of the guys from the team cheering for you guys. You could feel the blush rising on your face. “It looks like we have an audience.” Your blush deepened at Erik’s words. “What do you say we give them a show?” You were just about to question what he meant when he pulled you into another kiss. In the background you could hear the roaring from the guys encouraging Erik. It all faded out, however, as you focused on the kiss. Your first kiss with Erik had been perfect and there were many more to come. 

-I hope you like it. My last one was slightly depressing so I figured I’d make this one more happier.

Nijimura headcanons because why not

Some are based with canon but it’s so mixed to my modified headcanon and character analysis that I don’t want to tag this as canon. I’ll bold the things that I remember it was canon (from light novel or character bible)

  • hates airplanes; kise laughed about this and earned him additional training as punishment
  • he thinks akashi-sama is a funny title and rofl-ed when akashi didn’t comment on it
  • hotblooded but knows how to read situations and the atmosphere
  • no sense of direction, i.e, scenic route (I HATE THIS HE IS BASKETBALL SOUSUKE GDI)
  • has a soft spot for cute/pretty things; prolly stared at Kise(’s butt) once because he is beautiful; SEE HIMURO FOR REFERENCE
  • thinks LA is a movie
  • is actually a 13 y.o. child when captain (I KNOW WTH)
  • loves his dad and family (i.e., basketball is not his life UNLIKE OTHERS *side-eyes the whole cast*)
  • has a baby bro and sis
  • big brother nijimura walks his siblings EVERYWHERE. ICE cream? hell yeah. arcade?? you got it. Nijimura learned how to drive just to take his siblings out //stabs self in the eye at the cute
  • goes to the hospital every single free time he has; has a crush over his dad’s nurse DESPITE said nurse being a 30-year old mother (it’s cute shut up like how kids gets crushes on their teachers)
  • hates hospital food but acquired a certain love for cola (and he only drinks cola on a hospital bc association)
  • went to america IMMEDIATELY AFTER graduation
  • stopped his rebel phase coz of dad and started basketball coz of dad
  • likes fried rice
  • likes girls who cooks
  • prolly girls who are cute but brave enough to meet him head on; like a cute yamato nadeshiko (maybe a female himuro????)
  • definitely bi
  • knows karate
  • a power forward (before akashi became captain)
  • uncrowned king phantom 6th man FIGHT ME ON THIS
  • stupidly brave, reckless
  • overprotective
  • knows how humans are so frail and such (SEE HIS SICK DAD), and thus, treasures every moment
  • knows how to pick locks, switch generators, good with computers; SUSPICIOUSLY ADEPT AT GANGSTER ACTIVITIES
  • zero attention span like pls nijimura chest hair??? really??? and you fucking laughed you’re an embarrassment (see light novel for reference)
  • graduated in college as a nurse I AM SEEING THIS HAPPENING SHUT UP; works in crazy shifts and goes back to his apartment half-dead
  • no but really, nijimura as a nurse MAKES SO MUCH SENSE JUST HEAR ME OUT because sick dad and niji goes to the hospital and sees nurses on a daily basis and gets to be super friendly with them especially the old charming ladies and he’s so inspired how they help people
  • he didn’t have much time to go back to basketball seriously but he does exercise regularly to keep in shape. But in college, his studies took all his priorities and became a bit chubby (BREATHES HEAVILY JUST IMAGINE THE CUTE) with lost muscles until second year where he goes back to exercising again. He went back to his lean self but the toned muscles are almost gone.
  • gets asked A LOT if he is an LGBT activist or gay as he keeps sporting rainbow-themed things in college like his wristband; doesn’t really give a shit at the egging and tells people of that it’s basic human decency in any case; gets a lot of LGBT admirers in the end
  • has a fanclub and he gets super confused at all the attention
  • does not like coffee and prefers to sleep it off
  • Still gets lost THIS IS IMPORTANT