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My final for my Drawing II class, the prompt was “Our Human relationship with Technology” and because I am a little shit and I love robots way too much, I took it literally and wrote this little comic. Some things that I didn’t get to put in because of length and the fact that I finished this at 5AM today after not really sleeping. Her name is Gabrielle Garcia and she is really super into ceramics and pottery. She likes superheros and collects well made figurines. All of the S.E.R. robot models are named after the knights of the round table, the designers thought it was funny. He can be used as a wifi hotspot. 

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hey can you please point me in the direction of good tips for writing blind characters? or like things *not* to do, that would be good too.

here are avia’s top ten tips for writing blind characters!

tip #1: be an actual blind person

tip #2: if you’re not an actual blind person, pay me

tip #3: no seriously hire a diversity consultant, aka me, to read over everything you’ve done and tell you what to fix to make it less shitty

tip #4: this should be fucking obvious but if you’re writing a blind character whatever story this is needs to be accessible to blind audiences. looking at you, star wars. and avatar. and the way he looks. and daredevil. and the daredevil comics. and the xmen comics. and–

tip #5: blindness, like any disability, is not a tragedy. it can occur in a traumatizing fashion which may reasonably distress a character and thats fine, but it’s not the end of the goddamn world and acting like it is hurts actual real life blind people. if you’re making a character go blind, show them coming to terms with it and moving on with their life

tip #6: white canes are great and should be used. in the US you can get a free cheap one from the NFB, even. theyre way more common than guide dogs and way more useful than shit like that terrible “seeing eye robot” or whatever that one teenager invented or like, sonar glasses. training to use a white cane isnt a requirement or whatever but it’s called O&M.

tip #7: assistive tech exists. there’s apps like taptapsee and bespecular that you should check out. this shit called OCR can scan written words on paper and usually get you something vaguely resembing it in a digital format. screenreaders like JAWS and thunder exist. there’s a screenreader on apple products called VoiceOver and it’s great. these technologies can be used with audio or with refreshable braille displays.

tip #8: on the topic of assistive tech, i really strongly suggest that you stick to technologies that either exist or are recognizably similar to technologies that exist, or else your representation is fucking useless

tip #9: cure narratives are bad!!! don’t cure your characters, just don’t…..fucking… it. i will find you and i will kill you my fucking self don’t play this game with me im not kidding

tip #10: nobody fucking touches faces and the only reason to pull this move at all is to smack a bitch in the fucking face


Since we’re talking about Pacific Rim and Megas XLR is Arthur’s favorite cartoon, I’d like to take this time to remind everyone that this exists.


I have this theory that Joanna is the one behind the mask on episode 10.

So i tried to prove it! and i think i did

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au where hiro goes blind because of the fire and baymax has to be his seeing eye robot

And Hiro holds Baymax’s hand while walking and when suddenly Hiro trips and Baymax is just, “you have fallen.”

“You think? Which one of us is the blind here again?”