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My final for my Drawing II class, the prompt was “Our Human relationship with Technology” and because I am a little shit and I love robots way too much, I took it literally and wrote this little comic. Some things that I didn’t get to put in because of length and the fact that I finished this at 5AM today after not really sleeping. Her name is Gabrielle Garcia and she is really super into ceramics and pottery. She likes superheros and collects well made figurines. All of the S.E.R. robot models are named after the knights of the round table, the designers thought it was funny. He can be used as a wifi hotspot. 

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Hi, hm, I sent an ask a while ago, but I think tumblr ate it, so I'm sending it again. 😅 Sooo, a while ago you said something about the FFF AU that got me thinking... You said that their world is ruled by Google, right? ...did you mean Google as in the company or as in the ego? 😅

I thought I answered this but I was wrong that was a different question

Yes, the company Google rules the world, but they’re not as cool of a company as they are in this universe. And google owns youtube. (and in this universe, the entire entertainment industry)

So, people already let Google home and Echo into their house. But hey, a powerful company like that could instead issue out a massive army of personal robots for answering questions and doing whatever you ask. What a glorious invention! Everyone must have a Google IRL in their home! 

Everyone must have a Google IRL in their home at all times.

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hey can you please point me in the direction of good tips for writing blind characters? or like things *not* to do, that would be good too.

here are avia’s top ten tips for writing blind characters!

tip #1: be an actual blind person

tip #2: if you’re not an actual blind person, pay me

tip #3: no seriously hire a diversity consultant, aka me, to read over everything you’ve done and tell you what to fix to make it less shitty

tip #4: this should be fucking obvious but if you’re writing a blind character whatever story this is needs to be accessible to blind audiences. looking at you, star wars. and avatar. and the way he looks. and daredevil. and the daredevil comics. and the xmen comics. and–

tip #5: blindness, like any disability, is not a tragedy. it can occur in a traumatizing fashion which may reasonably distress a character and thats fine, but it’s not the end of the goddamn world and acting like it is hurts actual real life blind people. if you’re making a character go blind, show them coming to terms with it and moving on with their life

tip #6: white canes are great and should be used. in the US you can get a free cheap one from the NFB, even. theyre way more common than guide dogs and way more useful than shit like that terrible “seeing eye robot” or whatever that one teenager invented or like, sonar glasses. training to use a white cane isnt a requirement or whatever but it’s called O&M.

tip #7: assistive tech exists. there’s apps like taptapsee and bespecular that you should check out. this shit called OCR can scan written words on paper and usually get you something vaguely resembing it in a digital format. screenreaders like JAWS and thunder exist. there’s a screenreader on apple products called VoiceOver and it’s great. these technologies can be used with audio or with refreshable braille displays.

tip #8: on the topic of assistive tech, i really strongly suggest that you stick to technologies that either exist or are recognizably similar to technologies that exist, or else your representation is fucking useless

tip #9: cure narratives are bad!!! don’t cure your characters, just don’t…..fucking… it. i will find you and i will kill you my fucking self don’t play this game with me im not kidding

tip #10: nobody fucking touches faces and the only reason to pull this move at all is to smack a bitch in the fucking face

hi remember when like, ten years ago i mentioned that i ship these two



Since we’re talking about Pacific Rim and Megas XLR is Arthur’s favorite cartoon, I’d like to take this time to remind everyone that this exists.


Changeover part.1 (Peter Parker x Reader)

                                               PART 2    -    PART 3

Genre : Action, Romance
Fandom : MCU
Pairing : Peter Parker x Reader
Summary :

You used to be a super-villain, but some events (and the fact that Spiderman beat your ass multiple times) made you reconsider. You decide to turn your life upside down and become a good person, and for that you need the help of your all-time nemesis. Except he really doesn’t expect that.

Word count : 1,412
Warnings : swearing, probably ಠ_ಠ
Spoilers ? none (not even Homecoming, but maybe in the following chapters i dunno)


Queens. Cringing from the sunlight hitting your eyes, you put your sunglasses on as your travel companions got out of the bus behind you. Man, you had forgotten how irritating and noisy Long Island was. With nothing but your old backpack on your shoulder, you started walking out of the station, ignoring the fact that you had nowhere to go and nothing but time to spend. You just… had… to wait. Maybe you’d stop by that cool shawarma place you used to love in the poor neighborhood, the one with the cute asian waiter. So many asian guys in that area of New York. You remember having kind of a thing for them before everything went to shit.

« Hey. I’m starving, can I get a falafel ? And the wi-fi password ? » you asked, stopping by the counter. The japanese guy was still there and showed you a table in the back of the restaurant. You declined and asked to sit near the window : in case some trouble happened outside, you had to witness it. After all, that’s precisely what you were hoping for.

Eating your falafel with delight, you eyed the street while cogitating. You had to admit that life as a good person had been way easier, even if you had considerably more money when you were an evil mastermind. But you were now less stressed, you took the time to appreciate stuff, and you didn’t use violence anymore… which spared your body from uncomfortable bruising. You even had facebook. You spent the rest of the afternoon nonchalantly checking it while waiting for something to happen. The night started falling, and the asian cutie was coming towards you to tell you that they were closing… But finally ! Action. Screaming tires echoed against the buildings and a car came rushing the asphalt. A few seconds after, it was followed by a man screaming his guts out. 

« Car robbery, yes ! » you unwittingly exclaimed before pulling a ten dollar bill out of your pocket and slamming it on the table. You rushed outside, and followed the stolen car and his poor owner around the corner. Please please please come to that guy’s rescue, you wished in your head, passing by said “guy” who abandoned the pursuit, checking up behind your shoulder every once in a while. He didn’t come, though.

Pissed, you cursed at the thief running the red light and causing chaos at the crossroad, and you finally stopped running. Then you cursed again at the missing vigilante. 

« And you call yourself a superhero… » you mumbled passive-agressively under your breath. To be honest, he could have totally shown in the next five minutes… but you weren’t honest ; and you were kind of impatient. As usual, the “nice” approach took forever : change of plan, then. If one thief wasn’t enough to catch his attention, maybe two would. In the blink of an eye, you had broken into a green nissan versa - a car you wouldn’t even touch a year ago, noblesse oblige - and you followed the tracks left by the previous dumbass, wreaking as much havoc that you could. As you bumped into multiple obstacles, your old injuries woke up ; you kept going anyway, feeling the adrenaline rushing in your blood just like before. Damn I missed that. You were probably enjoying this a little too much, so much that you had nearly forgotten about who you were trying to lure… so when his head popped in front off your windshield, surprise made you scream ! You lost the control of the car, which went up the sidewalk, then crashing into the nearest building. 

Thank god that dump’s airbags were still functional. In a groan, you tried pushing against the safety device to make it deflate, but that didn’t work, and that made you even angrier. First time you were in a car accident in. your. entire. life. 

« Seriously where did you get that license ? » the Spiderman joked, waiting for you to get out of there.
You obviously didn’t recognize me, you grumbled as you tried slipping out. Otherwise you wouldn’t be grinning under… that… stupid… mask ! » You finally fell out in a squeak.

He tried reaching out to help but you pushed him away and proudly stood up all by yourself, getting your hair out of your face so he could finally see it. The robotic eyes on his suit widened like his real eyes did under it : a quarter of second later, you were covered in spider webs and stuck on that smocking garbage car you stole.

« Oh come on ! you loudly sighed, slightly disgusted. I don’t even want to know how you do that.
- I thought I told you to get out of this town !

Before you could explain, you realized the smoke coming out of the car was darkening a lot, and gained density. It’s gonna burn, you thought to yourself ! Luckily, the superhero had only aimed for your arms and, before he could figure out what was going on you slipped out of your jacket, leaving it jammed over the bodywork. Not wanting to let you get away, still not very fond of letting people become human torches, Spiderman shot new webs around your wrists and pulled you out of there, towards him, receiving you against his chest : you pushed him away again, but you were now in handcuffs. In webcuffs ?

« Great, that was my favorite jacket, you mumbled, watching the flames eat it. My only jacket.
- They’ll give you a new one in jail. Bright orange. You’ll love it ! he laughed, conscientiously wrapping more of his accursed web fluid around your wrists.
- Hey, I served my time ! you slapped his hands the best you could despite the hindrance. Tilting your head in the direction of the crashed car, you added : I only did that to get you here.
Why would you need to talk to me so bad that you nearly killed fifty people ?! » Peter asked, apparently skeptical and not amused anymore.  

Around you the street started filling up again : people who escaped in fear of getting run over were coming back to see what was going on ; you could hear the nearest ones chatting. Isn’t that Mulligan’s kid ? … [Y/N] ? Mentions of your father made you cringe and you lowered your head. Looking at the crowd, you suddenly weren’t so eager to swallow your pride and to apologize for every evil thing you ever did. To be fair, you shouldn’t even have to apologize for that, you weren’t yourself at the time.

« You’re the only good person I know. » you simply responded, lifting your head up but avoiding his gaze nonetheless.

Yet nothing could have been more true. There were literally no one trustworthy in your entourage since you came from a secluded family, and the Mulligans were dedicated to hurting everyone including themselves… as long as it made money. You were raised to follow that path, and to obey your father’s orders. The most ridiculous thing was that you didn’t even understand how brainwashed you were before you were forcefully separated from them.

Suddenly, whaling sirens resonated… and the cops were certainly not coming for the first thief. Apparently everyone had forgotten about that one.

« Look, just keep me restrained but you have to hear me out, you begged, running out of time. Please. I can’t go back th-
- Okay. » he cut, having apparently taken a decision that involved you not getting arrested yet.

You’d never know if your words had their impact or if his spider-sense made an early apparition, but at that moment all you cared about was to get out of here. Hopefully, he took care of that : he pulled on the web you were attached to and roughly caught you before he aimed for the roof and climbed the building in a hurry. Not familiar with that kind of heights, you fought your latent vertigo and tried to forget how scared you were by concentrating on the Spiderman’s heartbeat. Your own heart was beating nearly as fast.

When the policemen arrived at the scene, you were both gone, leaving behind a burned carcass and a few witnesses.

Comment :

Here’s part 1 ~ I’m already breaking my own rules and writing long stuff with chapters and everything. There will only be 3 parts, tho. To think I was going for a two-shot at first…
Yes the spider-sense wasn’t a thing in Homecoming but i deeply hope he’ll have it in the next movies so I mentioned it from that perspective.

Also, for those who haven’t read “Tabloids” before that one, please note that I’m french, writing in english is still difficult for me, and you have to tell me if I made upsetting grammar mistakes so I can correct them. Please please please, i need and love feedback

Also, since there’s going to be a second and third part soon, if you want me to add you to the tag list for Changeover (or even for all my next spiderman fics), just ask.

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au where hiro goes blind because of the fire and baymax has to be his seeing eye robot

And Hiro holds Baymax’s hand while walking and when suddenly Hiro trips and Baymax is just, “you have fallen.”

“You think? Which one of us is the blind here again?”

I have this theory that Joanna is the one behind the mask on episode 10.

So i tried to prove it! and i think i did