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My final for my Drawing II class, the prompt was “Our Human relationship with Technology” and because I am a little shit and I love robots way too much, I took it literally and wrote this little comic. Some things that I didn’t get to put in because of length and the fact that I finished this at 5AM today after not really sleeping. Her name is Gabrielle Garcia and she is really super into ceramics and pottery. She likes superheros and collects well made figurines. All of the S.E.R. robot models are named after the knights of the round table, the designers thought it was funny. He can be used as a wifi hotspot. 

my au used to be 10 edgy 5 me like there are hints in the old posts of atfauomo tag but literally rn i just wanna take all the drama and tension throw it in the garbage and have an au where nothing actiony happens, its just robots traveling and bein cute and goofy

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Tony Stark and nightmares. Tks

You wake up to the feel of cold metal pinning you to the bed. Eyes shooting open, you turn your head to see glowing robotic eyes staring back at you. “Tony?” you whisper, confused, still groggy from sleep.

But when you look to the side, Tony’s there. He’s asleep, but muttering to himself, twisting and turning. You see his arms are raised.

His arms are raised.

Oh no.

The Iron Man suit holding you down wasn’t Tony. At least, not really. Adrenaline shoots through you as you realize the gravity of the situation.

Tony’s having a nightmare. He’s controlling the Iron Man suit as if he were in the nightmare.

This empty suit could kill you with one blast.

“Tony,” you call urgently. “Tony, wake up!”

The cold robotic hands gripping your wrists are starting to heat up to fire a shot. One hand moves to your neck. The smallest movement from the suit could crush your throat. 

Fear is coursing through your blood. “Tony! Please!”

He wakes up with a violent gasp at your voice, shooting up in bed. He takes half a second to realize what’s going on between the rapidly fading images of a nightmare and the horror beside him.

With one swift movement and wide panicked eyes, the robot falls to pieces onto the ground beside you. 

You suck in air gratefully, hands going up to rub at your neck. 

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t-” Tony’s a mess beside you. He keeps moving his hands as if to hold you and then moving back as if he thought that idea wasn’t a good one.

You’re trying to calm down. When your breathing returns to normal and your heart rate slows down, you turn to Tony.

He’s gone quiet, brown eyes simply watching you. 

It takes you a second, but then you realize-

He expects you to leave him.

Your heart aches as you sit up against the headboard. He’s still watching you. He’s not going to fight your decision. He thinks he deserves to be left alone.


He doesn’t answer, only watching you solemnly. You look back at the man you loved so dearly. “Come here.”

You see surprise flit across his face before he slowly pushes himself towards you. You envelop him in your arms, his face buried in your shoulder. You both stay like this for a while.

“I’m sorry,” he says quietly, voice muffled by your shirt.

“Shhh,” you say softly. “It’s not your fault. Not your fault.”

The nightmares never really disappear, and more than once you find yourself under new life threatening circumstances as a result of them.

The watchful resigned eyes stare at you every time. This time you’re going to leave him.

But you’ll pull him into your arms until you’re both okay enough to sleep again.

Because no matter what doubts he has, no matter what he thinks of himself, no matter how many times he thinks you’re going to leave him-

You’re going to prove him wrong.


Since we’re talking about Pacific Rim and Megas XLR is Arthur’s favorite cartoon, I’d like to take this time to remind everyone that this exists.


I have this theory that Joanna is the one behind the mask on episode 10.

So i tried to prove it! and i think i did