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spacetango  asked:

Anders! I haven't seen any Anders suggestions, so...I'd love to see fan art of him in your style. <3

Oooh, I haven’t painted him in a while. I have done 3 fanarts so far of Anders, you can see them here:

If this idea gets picked though, I would of course love to sketch him again!

Thank you so much!

imagineagreatadventure  asked:

a hopeless romantic and a single-but-proud meet at a store on valentine’s day. the latter is buying valentine cards ironically, the former buying them sincerely in hopes of getting a date - jxb

It went long cuz I don’t know when to shut up. Thanks for the prompt!!

“Brienne!” Jaime hid the card behind his back and prayed she hadn’t seen. Gods, of all the supermarkets in the King’s Landing metro area, she had to walk into this one. “What are you doing here?”

She grinned at him, brandishing a box of Star Wars-themed Valentine’s day cards and five bags of assorted candies. “The girls and I are celebrating Galentine’s Day.”


“Yeah, you know, February 13?” His face must have given away his absolute ignorance of what she was talking about. “It’s a day to celebrate female friendship. We just drink wine and eat our body weight in chocolate and hug a lot.”

“Huh.” Jaime vaguely remembered Myrcella mentioning it once. “Sounds fun.”

Brienne’s smile turned wry, and she shrugged. “I guess it’s a little silly, but what’s the point of being down about not having a date? I might as well enjoy the awesome friends I have.” She delivered the killing blow with a friendly punch to his arm. “Friends like you. I’d invite you, but…”

Friends like you. Seven hells. “Galentine’s. I get it.” Go home, Brienne. Go home.

He watched her eyes stray to where his arm was bent behind his back. “What are you doing here?”

“Nothing!” he said, far too quickly. Brienne’s eyes narrowed in suspicion. He’d always considered himself a good liar until he met her. Her eyes were too disarming.

“Show me.”

“I was just browsing,” he said, and turned to shove the card into a random pile of birthday cards.

Brienne easily reached her arm across and plucked it from the rack. Jaime watched her eyebrows knit in confusion as she read. A sappy stock photo of a couple holding hands was in the front. “Brains, Brawn, Beauty… You’ve got it all!” it said. She flipped it open and read the rest. “You even have my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.

A dark flush spread over her face and she pushed the card into his hand. “Nice card,” she said, stiffly. “I’m gonna go, it was nice bumping into you.”

She was halfway down the aisle before Jaime kicked himself out of his stupor. “It was supposed to be a surprise!” he shouted after her.

“A surprise?”

“For you,” he clarified. He felt the stares of the other shoppers as they stood facing each other like dueling cowboys. “The card’s for you.”

“For me?”

“Can you still celebrate Galentine’s Day if you have a Valentine’s Day date?”

Brienne blushed anew, and her chin trembled with the effort of not smiling. “Well, it’s not like there’s a rulebook or anything.”

“Okay, then I’ll pick you up on Friday at eight.”

“Are you having me on, Lannister?”

“No, but hopefully I’ll have you on something by midnight.”

She broke into a full-fledged grin. “I’ll see you on Friday, then.”

make a wish

for the @carryon-countdown, 23rd of december: chapter 61

a/n: so here’s a little fic i wrote for chapter 61 day even though it’s already the 26th of december cOUgh. it’s a parallel between the events of chapter 61 and the present moment. i hope you enjoy it! merry christmas, everyone ! <3

everything is burning, and baz is crying.

the grass and trees around him are going up in flames, flames he set himself, and simon snow is in front of him, holding onto his face – trying to get him to stop all this, probably. baz isn’t hearing a word of what he says. he’s just staring at simon’s mouth, which is hanging open (mouth breather) and moving quickly around frantic words that don’t get past the roaring in baz’s ears. or is that the roaring of the fire around them?

it’s a complete mess - this burning forest, this failed mission with nicodemus, these two crying boys crouched in the middle of nowhere. getting nowhere.

strange, baz thinks idly, strange that all his life he’d wanted so many things - good grades, his father’s approval, his mother back - but the only thing he truly, fiercely wants before he dies is to kiss the boy he loves.

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anonymous asked:

Ok, but if Finwe lives and Feanor DOES take the oath course drama queen, he can't do much. Cue Luthien in love, and then getting the Silmaril, and the Oath acts up and basically I just want to see Feanor and Luthien fight because DUH two big powerhouses with tempers WHATS GONNA HAPPEN oooohhooo

I dunno Anon, I feel like, given what we know of their respective fighting styles, it might be a bit of a…snoozefest. 

so to follow my old tradition here are my thoughts on spiderman: homecoming, major spoilers ahead:

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  • Aaron: Come on, mate, let's get to work.
  • Adam: You're not supposed to be working today. Have you told your mum?
  • Aaron: I told her my plans had changed, yeah.
  • Adam: Well, you need to explain it to her.
  • Aaron: See you back up there.
  • Adam: Aaron, come on man. You're pushing yourself too hard. You're going to cause yourself more damage. Let's just find another way to take your mind off Robert, yeah? How about that snooker place? We haven't done that for ages. I'll even let you trash me. Look, I know you're finding it hard and you're probably feeling really weird about everything right now, but you need to work with me, mate. (Aaron fiddling with his phone) What are you doing now? (Aaron turns to leave) Please tell me you're not texting Robert. (Aaron walks off) Aaron, that is the last thing you want to be doing now.
Things about them the files didn’t tell you

Widowmaker- Amélie- brings you a coffee the first night you work late, which is also, incidentally, the first night you work for Talon. Her hands, warmed by the mug, rest on your shoulders as she leans forward to check the screens. You can hear the narrowing of her eyes in her tone as she asks what you’re doing.

“Gathering information, Mrs Lacroix.” Her hands contract, just slightly, at the name. The files didn’t say that, either. “What else?”

Reaper does not eat, now any more, but he buys food from the cafeteria all the same and sits in front of it, the smoke behind his eyes boiling as he waits for it to cool. You don’t understand the waste in it: he must be throwing away a fair amount of money every week on this- this self pity- but he does it, all the same. A host of little, human things, things that nobody thought to record in all the briefings, though they tell you more about the man than you ever learned from cam footage and personnel files.

Sometimes, when you are riding in the helicopter together to your next mission, Amelie will close her eyes. You can see the darker blue threads of veins beneath the unnatural shade of her skin. Her fingers will trace the tattoo on her arm, writing Cauchemar anew or mapping the spiderweb. You can’t hear what she says to herself, as the blades churn the air above you in a surging roar, but you don’t think you imagine the way her lips shape the word revenge.

Gabriel Reyes makes no attempt to hide who he is. That surprises you. A name can be an anchor, and you shed yours long ago. The man who reluctantly calls himself Reaper, however, does not pretend to be anything but the ghost of Overwatch, a man resurrected to deal death on his enemies, again and again, for his own waking ruin.

You learned that they were monsters, Widowmaker and Reaper, before you ever met them. But (as always) you know that, despite the information you have, there’s always going to be more to find,

Mission: Bumbleby (RWBY)

Hey @flowerofpimps, seems like some of the secret santas for @rwbysecretsanta vanished. But I decided to help out with fixing that, so I got to do one for you. Sorry I couldn’t do anything Borderlands related, but I don’t know much about it. You said you liked Ruby though (who doesn’t?), and bumbleby, so have Ruby coming up with a super awesome plan to get her sister a date. That can only go well. Hope you like it.

Characters: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long, Blake Belladonna

Word Count: 3772

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   She has many names, this graceful seductress that judges you with her cold green eyes. Call me Milady. You’ll be moaning yes, Mistress when she lets you speak again, your own name forgotten. You exist only when she allows you to. You beg on your knees, offer her riches, luxurious life, marriage - anything to keep her by your side. But she knows better. The rule is hers, she decides when the game is over. She leaves when she assured your parting with your life and money. In the end only one survives, and she is ever a survivor. 
   Once upon a time, her name was Anne. She was a girl of sixteen, young and troubled, wanting to escape the fate of a criminal. Count de la Fere should’ve been dead within a week after their marriage, but something inside her refused to kill him. Love is never not selfish. How could she think the past was so easy to erase? 
   She barely escaped from the hands of the one she loved, hands that used to hold her gentle and tight, promising to protect her from the world. This is the world of men and power. And she is a woman who seeks revenge. Sometimes in her sleep she sees fields covered with blue flowers, but in the daytime she dreams only of bittersweet taste of vengeance in her mouth. She remembers.

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