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Would a vampire biting someone's neck be safe? Like possible diseases aside, where would be relatively safe places to bite without possibly causing the person to bleed out?

So the problem with vamp mythology is that vampire bites tend to go  for the artery (the neck, for example), which tend to bleed…. well, a lot. The wrist is another common target. 

But really, nicking an artery anywhere is perfectly liable to be lethal. 

I’ve seen this countered in vampire mythos in setups where the vamp’s spittle is a coagulant, and so they drink and then lick the wound to seal the blood vessel. I think this is a fine idea, and a perfectly reasonable adaptation: if a vamp can keep a victim (or thrall) alive, they can drink from the same well repeatedly, though realize that it takes about 42 days for a human to regenerate the blood lost from a donation, so if they are drinking solely from thralls, they’ll need quite a large group (depending on the volume the vamp needs to consume to stay alive).

Other locations vamps could bite but typically don’t: The inside of the thigh (femoral artery), the foot (pedalis dorsis), the back of the knee (popliteal artery), the elbow (brachial artery), the wrist (radial or ulnar artery), the inside of the ankle (medial malleolus). A good bite on the clavicle could even get at the subclavian artery, but the vamp would  have to come from over the shoulder unless they have bottom fangs as well as topfangs. 

If you have a willing partner, I would suggest you try to put your teeth around places where vampires supposedly bite and work out the logistics of things. Human teeth are designed more to rip than they are to actually puncture, meaning that if you or I bit someone the way vampires are supposed to, we would rip the skin off before we punctured the artery. 

Biting things is surprisingly awkward. 

Also realize that humans require pressure from both halves of the bite pattern in order to actually get the leverage to puncture anything. We don’t just produce a single clean hole, but a whole ring of tooth  marks. Even with elongated canines* (fangs), we still need a way to apply that force, which still implies applying force with the jaw. 

I hope this was helpful! Good luck with your mythbuilding!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Affair of the Heart

Affair of the heart

Word count: 11.4k

Genre: smut, angst

You were in love with your roommate Hoseok. Jimin knows your secret and wants to help you make him jealous.

Happy Birthday to my world and sunshine! Im not trying to cry but I hope my angel has the best day ever!!

You got home, to your shared apartment, after your morning shift. You hated being a waitress but Sunday mornings did bring in a big crowd. You think people who just got out of church were supposed to be nice but no. Everyone is cranky and wants brunch. Either way people tipped you well this morning and you needed to go buy groceries for you and Hoseok.

Hoseok, you thought. You wondered if he was awake. It was about two in the afternoon so you figured not. You knew he went out for a night of drinking with his friends. You also knew he brought a girl home last night. Mostly because you could hear everything they had done last night, well technically this morning. His room was across from your room and down the hall, that’s how loud they were. You could hear the bed hit the wall, the way she was screaming out for him, it was all too much for you. Especially his moans, they sounded so dirty and needy. You just wished they were for you, aching for you. Here you were in the kitchen writing a grocery list and getting wet thinking about Hoseok moaning.

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Vampire!BTS Reaction to: Being So Hungry That They Accidentally Bite You

Hey! So I just stumbled upon your blog through a quick Google search of “vampire bts x reader” and I fell in love with your vampire!au about the guys biting reader. I was wondering if you could do one where BTS accidentally bites you because they’ve gone a long while without feeding? They haven’t fed in so long because they feel guilty about feeding on humans while they’re dating one. If it isn’t too much, can you make a reaction from BTS and reader’s point of view? Thank you so much!

Jin: Would be the first to stop feeding on humans. The second he starts to form a crush on you, he transitions over to animals. Which is difficult, for a “foodie” like Seokjin. He was well known for only feeding off the most succulent of humans and in comparison, animals are so … bland and boring. It won’t take long until he looses control of his hunger, especially with you around. Your scent drives him insane, until he can’t hold back anymore. He’ll pounce randomly, when you weren’t expecting it. You hadn’t realized how much he was struggling with an animal diet, until you’re pinned to the wall, his teeth sinking into your neck. He’s too strong to fight off and you genuinely think you would have died that day, if it weren’t for Namjoon who pulled him off.

Ashamed, Jin avoids you for a week until you eventually corner him.

“I’m not disgusted by you, Seokjin. I know the diet must be hard for you. You don’t have to stop feeding from humans. I won’t love you any less for it.”

Now that he’s tasted the finest dish in the world, he can’t go back to basic blood. “Can I have a taste of you instead?” he wonders. A drop of you far outweighs the bland blood of hundreds.

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Suga: Didn’t even want to stop feeding on humans to begin with; food is food. That’s all humans are to vampires. But if it made you feel safer, he’ll stop. And the hunger, coupled with how he never even wanted this diet, make him snap. But not fully. He feeds from you, taking enough to make you dizzy, but not threaten your life. He pulls away, a drop of blood dripping from the corner of his mouth.

“I thought … that you were gonna kill me,” you shudder.

He smirks. “How could I kill my favourite dessert?” You were his favourite meal but since he’d starved himself so long, a taste of dessert simply isn’t enough. “I’m going out to find some dinner. Don’t wait up - I might be having seconds.”

Originally posted by yoonseok

J-Hope: You didn’t even realize how hungry he was. Hoseok was good at hiding his real feelings, to ensure the happiness of others. So when he snaps, you know he must have been hurting. You don’t fight him as he drinks from you, lovingly stroking his head instead.

“You were hungry, right? I’m sorry that you felt you needed to starve. Make sure you eat properly from now, even if it’s from humans. I don’t want you to suffer like this,” you tell him.

He pulls away, gasping for air. “I was so, so hungry. Every second of your scent was driving me crazy. I’m sorry I snapped.” He pressed a bloody kiss to your lips. “Thank you for still loving me. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going out to hunt.”

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Rap Monster: You can tell that he’s about to break. He had been snapping at you this past week, even if you do nothing wrong. He makes you wear scarves or turtlenecks. And the darkness of his eyes is turning a bright red.

“Joonie?” you ask, pulling off your scarf. “You’re hungry, aren’t you? There’s no need to hide it from me. You can feed from me if you want.” He had gone on the diet to keep him “clean.” He wanted no one else’s blood inside of him, to sink his teeth into no one, but you. So he refused; “No, I’m fine, baby. I don’t need blood - I’m strong enough to resist.”

But two hours later, he surprises you by pouncing and harshly biting you. The pain makes you gasp but he doesn’t care. All he wants is your blood. He drinks until your heart slows down, making him realize just how much he had taken. Pulling away, he apologizes.

“I think you’re right … I’m not as strong as I thought I was. I’m going to feed from now on. Thank you for being so understanding.”

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Jimin: His personality had been different this past month. He’d been keeping to himself, pouting and staring into space. He swears nothing’s wrong. And you sort of believe him until you’re jumped one morning, pinned down as Jimin bites into your neck.

He doesn’t feed much, just enough to wet his palette. He knows he needs to hunt, but hadn’t wanted to do so while hungry. His mother told him never to shop on an empty stomach. “Sorry about that, I couldn’t help myself.” You understand that the diet must have been hard for him, but shock keeps you from talking. All you can do is nod. He tenderly kisses the bite mark. “I’m going out to feed. Then I’ll be back, to punish you for putting me on this stupid diet to begin with.”

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V: The intensity of his gaze confuses you. He’s not your Taehyung anymore, he’s the monster he always warned you he was, but you never believed in. The cute boy was gone and only a hungry beast was left. He snapped, throwing you down, first biting your shoulder. Then your neck. He couldn’t decide where he wanted to feed from, where he wanted to taste you. Afraid for your life, you started to cry. Your tears brought Taehyung back, your Tae, not this monster. And he sits back with big doe eyes, looking sorrowful.

“I’m so sorry. I - I was so hungry and - “

“It’s okay,” you sniffle. “Vampires need to feed, right? Next time, don’t torture yourself like this. You can feed if you’re hungry, okay?”

He had agreed to stop feeding from humans because he thought he could. The thought of hurting one of your kind had been awful. But now his opinion had changed. Lions need to feed, no matter how cute the lamb is.

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Jungkook: Hadn’t bought into the “vegetarian diet” at all. Vampires fed off humans, that was that. Although he loved you, as long as you were safe, he didn’t care for other humans. But if it made you happy, he would try. Out of stubbornness, he lasts the longest. He refuses to admit defeat until loosing control one day, accidentally biting and nearly killing you.

“I think … I should stop this diet.”

He’ll go clear his head and feed. When he returns, he’ll apologize for his behaviour. And seeing the fear in your eyes, fear of him, breaks his heart. Jungkook listens to everything you have to say. And you compromise on his diet. That way, you’re safe and he’s not starved.

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Bite Me. Dean Winchester.

Request:  Can you please do a Dean x reader smut, where the reader is a vampire and Dean has feelings for her, and she likes him too, but he doesn’t know. Then Dean and Sam return a little injured from a hunt and the reader sees Dean shirtless (because he was stitching a wound or something, I don’t know) and she just loses it and kisses him,that leading to smut. Also, it would be amazing if Dean lets the reader drink his blood while they are having sex,and he kind of enjoys the pain(if it’s not too weird)

Triggers: Smut. Blood/Injury Kink. Biting.

Word Count: 2021

Enjoy ;D

“You sure you guys will be okay?” You asked, getting a bit antsy as your eyes flashed slightly.

Dean smiled to you and shuffled your hair. “Relax, Y/N. We got this. Just be sure to draw the curtains in so you don’t burn up.”

“It’s not like that, Dean,” You growled, playfully flashing your fangs at them.

Dean waved his fingers playfully at you. “Oh, what? Gonna bite me?” He teased. Sam smacked his chest to which you snickered as your fangs retracted. “Seriously though. Try to get some rest, Y/N. You were busting ass pretty hard.”

“Just be careful. If anything happens, call. I mean it.”

“We’ll be fine,” Sam said before kissing your head. You smiled as his scent hit your nose. “Stay inside.”

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warning: triggers apply. adult language, sexual themes, violence. change pronouns to your liking/as you see fit!

❛ Hi, I’m looking for that thick translucent plastic sheeting. ❜
❛ Uh… We don’t sell that here. You can try at Home Depot’s.. ❜
❛ I cannot believe you don’t have that here. ❜
❛ That’s nasty talk, I won’t listen to that. ❜
❛ They ain’t scared of you, honey child. ❜
❛ When I wear makeup, I get bigger tips.  ❜
❛ Not everybody wants to have sex with you. ❜
❛ Y'all bitches don’t know what you’re missing. ❜
❛ Do you have any of that synthetic bottled blood? ❜
❛ You have any idea who you’re messing with? ❜
❛ I have no sex life to speak of, so … ❜
❛ Wonder how much one would charge for something like that? ❜
❛ Do I taste different from other people? ❜
❛ May I ask you a personal question? ❜
❛ You said you could glamour somebody into letting you bite them? ❜
❛ You don’t like not being able to control people, do you? ❜
❛ Why can’t I hear your thoughts? Do you even have any thoughts? ❜
❛ I think we need to stop seeing each other. ❜
❛ I had to bury my bloody clothes because I didn’t want my grandmother to find out. ❜
❛ Who’d have thought? Getting carded at a vampire bar. ❜
❛ They don’t die. I’ve got nothing but a future with one. ❜
❛ Take me in you. Feel me in you. We are together. ❜
❛ See bitch. You gonna wish you ain’t did that. Watch. ❜
❛ Do you think they’re capable of lovin’ a person? ❜
❛ We started many of the mysteries about ourselves centuries ago. ❜
❛ Now if I remember what feelings were, mine might be hurt. ❜
❛ Does that weird you out? We could always go someplace else! ❜
❛ Everyone has to eat, right? We are all links on the universal food chain. ❜
❛ I texted you three times… Why didn’t you reply? ❜
❛ Right now you need to do is change out of your clothes.. there’s vampire in your cleavage. ❜
❛ You’ve done this before, haven’t you? ❜
❛ I chose it. I chose it when I chose you. ❜
❛ So why don’t you go to sleep and let me be the one to worry about it. ❜
❛ So why don’t we just leave it on me, okay? ❜
❛ Oh my God, you are even better looking than you were yesterday. ❜
❛ You broke an ancient and fundamental law. ❜
❛ However, I’m feeling a bit… creative. ❜
❛ I find myself doubting whether you were ever truly human. ❜
❛ Your blood was replaced with mine. ❜
❛ I’ve been trying to explain to you at length, you have been made vampire! ❜
❛ Crap on your rules! Crap, crap, crap! ❜
❛ I don’t obey anybody! Those days are over. ❜
❛ How would you like to learn how a real vampire feeds? ❜
❛ There are others who would have done far worse and you know it. ❜
❛ Why won’t you leave me alone? ❜
❛ The vamps here are scary as shit. ❜
❛ Talk to me. Lean on me. I’ve leaned on you plenty. ❜
❛ We can go some where else if that’s how you feel about it. ❜
❛ Who cares? What matters is being with the people you love. ❜
❛ Your history is so fucked up, you have no clue what family is! ❜
❛ That’s not fair. I do have a clue. ❜
❛ This is not your territory. You have no voice here.. ❜
❛ For a vampire, you are a terrible liar. ❜
❛ What makes you think I want him back? That I’d even take him back?  ❜
❛ What are you doin’ here? I ain’t said nothin’ to nobody. ❜
❛ That can be arranged quite easily. ❜
❛ You know I don’t love you! ❜
❛ What more can I give? What is it that you want from me? ❜
❛ I let you into my house, into my bed, and into my heart. ❜
❛ All I stood for, all I believed in, I violated to be with you! ❜
❛ There are wolves in our hen house. We must defend our flock. ❜
❛ I could have you outta here in seconds. ❜
❛ The other humans wouldn’t think twice about hurting us. ❜
❛ You expect us to sit on our thumbs while you round up your men to come lynch us?  ❜
❛ I do not wish to create blood shed when none is called for. ❜ 
❛ Stand down, everyone. People, go home. It’s over now. ❜
❛ Now, I reckon I’ve already been to heaven. It was inside your wife. ❜
❛ Oh, hello darling. I was just getting to know your plaything. ❜
❛ You always did like to prey on the innocent.  ❜
❛ We had two marvelous nights in your hotel room. ❜
❛ There’s no excuse for domestic violence. ❜
❛ The bullets would’ve pushed themselves out. ❜
❛ I ain’t perfect either. I’m the guy people laugh at. ❜
❛ And how were we supposed to know that this time he meant it? ❜
❛ And who has to fucking clean that up? Me, not you, Me. ❜
❛ How’d they manage to abduct you? ❜
❛ Was it one minute or two minutes?! ❜
❛ Where were you tonight around eleven o'clock? ❜
❛ How many vampires have gone missing in your area? ❜
❛ Let’s go to the ladies room and stare at ourselves in the mirror. ❜
❛ If I do get into some kind trouble, you’ll feel it right? ❜
❛ What are you?!? What are you?!? A-a demon? A devil?! ❜
❛ Hey, Bud. Wait up. Where you going’? ❜
❛ Every time we clear one murder, two more spring up. ❜
❛ That was the best sex I’ve had in decades. ❜
❛ Didn’t you hear me? I quit! I’ve had it with this shit! ❜
❛ You should be more concerned with what I want from you. ❜
❛ Why were they all shiftin’? You almost shifted. ❜
❛ You have always so enjoyed making others suffer. ❜
❛ I welcome death because only then will I be truly free of the disease that is you! ❜
❛ Your nature?! It was never mine! ❜
❛ You haven’t suffered at the hands of others for a very long time. ❜
❛ I thought you would have been excited. ❜
❛ Fuck the Authority! It won’t be able to prove a thing. ❜
❛ Things may be getting complicated soon. ❜
❛ I’m afraid I acted somewhat impulsively while I was gone.. ❜
❛ It won’t be able to prove a thing. I made sure of that. ❜
❛ What good would it do to share my pain with you? ❜
❛ If I can’t go on, you must make a new vampire. ❜
❛ We’ve lived through so much for so long. It can’t end this quickly… ❜
❛ A hundred years I’ve been with you. ❜

Diabolik Lovers Rant

(Apologies to my non-DL followers! ^^”) 

So, getting straight to the point, it seriously makes me mad when I see people crapping all over Yui for “not defending herself.” First of all, she certainly isn’t weak. While she may not be physically strong, her mental strength astounds me. She is so understanding and patient and strong willed. Even after going through countless forms of mental and physical abuse that would drive most others to suicide, she has been steadfast in her kindness.

“But if she’s so mentally strong, then why did she freeze up when the sakamakis first trapped her?”

Guys, she’s a normal girl who was just thrown into a terrifying and seemingly impossible supernatural situation and you expect her to not react the way she did?  It’s human nature. I’ve read all these fan fictions with a reader or a protagonist or an OC who’s over powered and bad-ass with that “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. Let’s remember that the sakamaki mansion alone has three to four vampires who wouldn’t hesitate to kill you if you disobeyed them directly. These fan fictions have instances where the reader (or OC) threatens someone, like Ayato for example, and puts on the whole “I’m a vampire hunter, I’ll never submit to you, you don’t own me etc.” In the fan fiction Ayato sees it as confidence and falls in love with the reader instantly. In cannon he’d probably snap your neck.

I don’t think enough people realize that most of us wouldn’t last a week in that mansion. It’s even stated that Yui probably would have been killed by them if they hadn’t been given orders not to do so. If someone as compassionate, understanding, patient, and emotionally strong as Yui would have been killed within a few weeks, do you really think any of us would last that long? I can guarantee you 98% of us wouldn’t survive either mansion. And if you’re reading this and thinking “Psssh well I’m totally in the 2% that would survive!” Then I can guarantee that you’d die. There’s so many people who always say “I’d survive them no problem because I can handle myself and  defend myself unlike Yui!” Well guess what? That’s the kind of people they love manipulating and breaking the most.

And going back to Yui, let’s take note that she does, in fact, know how to stand up for herself. She has no problem defining her self worth if the boys go too far once she becomes better aquatinted with them. If I recall there’s even a dark route in one of the games where Yui plans her escape and strategically kills each of the brothers. 

Honestly, I feel the Yui presented in the anime didn’t do her character justice at all. In the games she’s just as compassionate, but she’s humorous and sassy and quirky at times. There’s even one part in the games where she escapes a bite from Ayato at school by telling him there’s a hot girl with huge boobs in the hallway and while he turns around to look she makes a break for it.

On another note, with the recent games and drama cds that have come out recently I feel like we also need to remember who these boys are. They’re all bloodthirsty Do-S vampires and it’s likely that every one of them has killed at some point. Some people forget that Shu and Subaru (among other characters) are sadists too. People see a few unrealistic fan fictions and some out of character headcannons where they’re absolute cinnamon rolls and they forget how cruel they are at first. Of course I understand that they can be kind and they grow to love you eventually. They have their caring moments (like trying to save you in Bloody Bouquet) but we have to remember that they’re not naturally like this. I can guarantee you that none of them would act like that if they had just met you. It takes a lot of warming up to them and a lot of failed attempts to break through their walls.

And not to sound rude, but if you shit all over things like sadism and masochism and you say that the darker aspects of DL make you uncomfortable then I’m sorry, but why are you here??? It’s a game that almost solely revolves around that, so if you don’t enjoy it then please don’t partake in the fandom and don’t shit on the people who do enjoy it. Do what makes you happy and comfortable. If something makes you unhappy and uncomfortable then why do it?

Ok, rant over~! I feel I need to address that no offense was meant to anyone reading this. If I did offend you somehow I apologize, as it wasn’t my intention at all. I just felt the need to talk about these things! ^^ 


Damon x Reader

“What’ve you got there?” Damon hummed as you skipped to the front door to find a thick white envelope with your name on it.


“Nothing.” You huffed and hurried past him.


“Is someone still cross that I spent the morning with Elena and Stefan?” Damon chuckled and appeared in front of you as you almost reached your bedroom.


“I’ve been invited to party.” You hummed and held the invite away from Damon so he couldn’t peak.

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Motherfucking Witches

Originally posted by princesscas

This is for @kas-not-cas Kas’ 2.5K Follower Writing Challenge!. I chose the quote, “No,no, you do NOT want me navigating, I’ll accidentally navigate us off a cliff.”  

Characters: Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER), Sam, Dean, Cas

Pairing: No Pairing    TFW x Y/n (Friendship)

Warnings: Just fluff, kinda crackishness, teasing, sorta kinda angst, loss of hearing, loss of sight, loss of use of legs… then more fluff and happiness in the end.

Word count: 2333

Summary: When the Winchesters call, you always run to help. Even if you should know better by now. 

A/N: Ok, so, this ended up hella longer than I imagined it being…and it’s not as cracky as I imagined…but I like where I went with it. Hope u like it!!

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“Well well. Dean Winchester. Looking good after all this time”.

He sent you a grin, making his way over from baby to you.

“Sweetheart, I saw you just a few months ago”.

You sighed, shoving him lightly.

“I know that, Dean! I was tryna act all movie star-ish”.

He chuckled, shaking his head before wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into him.

You held onto his shirt, inhaling his scent as he placed a kiss in your hair.

“How’ve you been?”

“Eh, I’ve been good. Hunting. Making sure I avoid your dumb asses. Just the regular shit”.

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anonymous asked:

Headcanon: Carmilla enjoys stupidly spicy hot foods. Laura has a low tolerance for spicy hot foods and steals Carmilla's leftovers w/o realizing the food is v spicy hot. Laura takes a bite and regrets it within seconds and sends Carmilla the angriest text of all time asking why her mouth is on fire.

Hehehehe that would be hilarious (but I can kinda also see the roles reversed). Also, a related headcanon that Carmilla wasn’t able to have garlic while she was a vampire and she missed it so much that when she becomes human again she puts it on EVERYTHING and Laura refuses to kiss her until she brushes her teeth because garlicky kisses are gross

anonymous asked:

the s and m daughters being turned into pocket vampires!

AHHHHHHHH THIS IS ADORABLE AND I LOVE IT LOL. @diabolik-reacts Look! You trendsetter, you. <3 Excuse the dad jokes here.


Shu: When Shu wakes up from a nap on the couch, he wonders where his daughter ran off to. It wouldn’t be good if he lost her again, so he decides to get up to search for her. Walking through the kitchen, he hears a plate smashing to the floor and pauses. Could it be a mouse? When he takes a closer look, his daughter had turned into a pocket!vampire, and he picks her up with his fingers to grab her attention. He can’t help but wonder if Reiji tested on her again.

“You’ve certainly taken on your mother’s troublesome traits, little one…”

Reiji: Looking through his books, Reiji had left his daughter to her own devices until she had suddenly disappeared from the room. Raising an eyebrow at the situation, Reiji calls out for her. When she doesn’t respond, Reiji decides to leave the room, only to have a marble thrown at him when he touches the door. He looks back at his table to find his miniature sized daughter, pouting and huffing cutely. Reiji can’t help but grin slyly and remark how he didn’t see her.

“At least your attitude and temper have shortened to a good size, my dear.”

Ayato: Ayato had taken his daughter out to play basketball, and when he scored once again, he turned around to boast to his daughter, only to see that she had shrunk into a pocket!vampire. Confused, Ayato picks her up and asks her why she’s so tiny now. But when he realizes that there are flying basketballs everywhere on the court from other players, he panics and runs off with his daughter in his palm. He didn’t want her to get squished into a pancake!

“Hey, at least I can call you ‘shortstacks’ now! Isn’t that funny?”

Kanato: Kanato was having a wonderful tea party with his adorable daughter until she took a bite out of a cake and shrunk into a pocket!vampire. He screams out of shock and asks her why she had suddenly become Alice from Wonderland. It was a maddening situation, and Kanato’s daughter would try her best to calm her father down. Kanato eventually becomes absorbed with the idea that he can dress his daughter in actual doll clothing, so his temper ends.

“Ne Teddy, don’t you think she would make a priceless and lovely little doll?”

Laito: A diligent piano player, Laito’s daughter practiced playing the piano every day so that she can be an amazing player like her father. When Laito hears his daughter plucking single notes on the piano one day, Laito finds it strange and intrudes the room to see what she was doing. He’s later stunned to find her as a pocket!vampire, struggling to reach all of the right keys. Chuckling at the amusing sight, Laito gently picks her up and tells her that it’s enough for today.

“I don’t think you were at your usual height with the piano today, little dove.”

Subaru: Subaru was at a musical that his daughter starred in, and he sat in the front row with his wife, watching his daughter shine. When she disappears on stage, Subaru becomes suspicious and after someone screams and points at the spot where his daughter disappeared, Subaru is surprised to find her as a pocket!vampire. Let’s just say Subaru was no longer allowed to attend PTA meetings after he threw a huge fit and collected his tiny daughter from the stage.

“Tch…Whoever did this to you will have a short-lived life now…”

Kino: Kino had his ghoul army take care of his daughter while he was out running errands with his wife. After returning home from a long day in the human world, Kino would ask the ghouls where his daughter was, only to have them apologize and inform him that she was missing. Enraged by their words, Kino would bark orders to his ghouls to find his daughter. It’s not until his wife discovers her napping in a teacup does he eventually calm down.

“Ah, a teacup, huh? At least you’re not short and stout like a teapot…”


Ruki: Ruki was quietly reading in an armchair when he heard his daughter burst through his room and call out to him. But as he turns to glance at her, she was no longer there. Thinking that it was perhaps an illusion, Ruki returns to his book and continues on with his day until he feels something tugging at his pant leg. Setting his book down, Ruki is flabbergasted to see his daughter as a tiny pocket!vampire. He’ll have to find a way to bring her back to normal.

“I guess some things in life do come in fun-size packages.”

Kou: It was a day off from work for Kou, and he had decided to spend this time cooking his daughter’s favorite meal. The two of them would have so much fun cooking with each other, and their bond would strengthen in the process since Kou doesn’t get to see his daughter often. When he tells her that the food is ready, Kou spots her on the floor as a small pocket!vampire. He’s internally screaming, but he smiles and tells her not to worry. He can fix it soon!

“Don’t worry, small fry! You can still eat the fried shrimp we cooked!”

Yuma: SWEET JESUS, Yuma would be pissed when he couldn’t find his daughter in the garden. It’s not until he sees something tiny waving at him does he realize that his daughter is now a tiny and helpless pocket!vampire! Yuma would have his daughter ride on his shoulder for the entire day around the Mukami mansion, always making sure that she was there and that she was safe and away from harm. He’s gone into protective papa bear mode at this point.

“You’ve always been my little nugget, but now ya literally are!”

Azusa: Azusa was playing hide-and-go-seek with his daughter, but it has been 2 hours since they started, and he couldn’t find her anywhere! He becomes worried and fearful, and he can’t help but wonder if his nightmares about losing his daughter were starting to come true! It’s not until he hears his knives collection fall down in his room that he finds his daughter alive and well, but in a pocket!vampire form. Thinking he was crazy, Azusa would faint from the sight.

“Eve…I’m sorry…our daughter…is now a…tiny chibi…”

-Admin Yuuzuki

missmisanthropic  asked:

Hard Question Time brought to you by yours truly: If you could date ANY iteration of a character Katie McGrath has ever played, who would you select? The character will come with her canon flaws, (Vampirism?, Family issues? Uh, Magic?) benefits ( Heck yeah, Magic?! Genius level smarts?), interests (Art?, Espionage?) etc. which may impact your decision. Happy ruminating. ;-)

…!!! @missmisanthropic WHY?! Why would you do this to me? Hmmm. I’ve got some drinks in me so that means rambling. Let’s consider all of this calmly and rationally. I would list each character but I fear my poor followers may run away screaming. Instead I will list my absolute favorites and carefully consider my options. Note that I will be leaving out minor characters such as Bess and others.

First up - Lucy Westenra.
Canon Flaws - Vampirism. In love with another woman.
Canon Benefits - GAAAAAY. Is the vampirism really a flaw though? I mean, come on.

With Katie’s portrayal of Lucy, it is hard to say as we, sadly, never got a good look at what Baby Gay Vampire!Lucy would grow to be. Unfortunately, prior to her change, Lucy was suffering quite a bit (Of course she was, Katie played her). She was confused, heartbroken, and really questioning her own humanity and life choices. It is quite possible that she felt she had no choice in who she was at all. She didn’t choose to be gay in Victorian England. She didn’t choose to love her best friend. She certainly didn’t choose to be a socialite and “proper wife” to an English gentleman. And she absolutely didn’t choose to be a vampire, a monster, as Dracula so aptly put it. MY BABY IS NO MONSTER!

It is possible that Lucy could have eventually grown to be the sweet and innocent looking, yet completely relentless killer vamp. I am not quite sure if I can deal with that. However! If she were to change me, ditch her feelings for Mina, and we could be super awesome killer vampires together? Yeah I could definitely deal with that. Throw that in with being charming, witty, and sweet, with the perfect amount of bite to her (See what I did there?), I would be a happy lesbian.

Verdict - Jury is out. Would I let her kill me? Yes, I would. Would I kill along with her? Yes, I would. Let us check out more options.

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NEXT! - Morgana Pendragon
Canon Flaws - Major daddy issues. Slight anger issues. Bent on revenge. Manipulative.
Canon Benefits - Um… MAGIC. High Priestess. Dresses fabulously even when living in a shack in the woods. Savvy af, That Smirk™ tho. Driven to fight for what she believes in.

Who doesn’t love Morgana? Good, “evil,” it really doesn’t matter. The unfortunate matter is, and this makes my deliberation quite short, Morgana was on one hell of a mission. She was single-minded in this mission and nobody, nobody, was going to keep her from it. This means, she definitely wouldn’t have had time for poor, little, non-magical me. I mean if I had an army of immortal warriors or dark magical abilities of my own, I would try to win her affections in a heartbeat. But the only thing I would be able to offer her is my heart… Which she probably would have used, along with some crazy incantation, to kill all of her enemies. I don’t wish to be sacrificed. I like my heart where it is thank you, my lady.

Verdict - Morgana, you do you, booboo. Imma keep my options open, love. You TOTALLY have my vote for Queen of Camelot. Please don’t kill me. Oh my poor heart. I love her so much.

Originally posted by rosheenonice

Third - Jodi Rutherford 
Canon Flaws - Hmmm… attraction to men that tend to mistreat her? Even Kobus was a bit of a dick at first but we aren’t talking about him are we? No love, we aren’t. This is about Jodi. She also seems to feel the need to ‘fix’ those she is with.
Canon Benefits - Complete sweetheart, excellent teacher, awkward and goofy despite her shy and sometimes anxious demeanor. Film/theater geek. Animal lover. She doesn’t care what she is, or what she is doing, as long as she can wake up next to the person she loves.

This… little bean. This absolute cupcake. I just… look at her. Jodi is another Katie character that just needs to be loved. She is described as someone that strives to be liked because she doesn’t like herself. Which is ridiculous. What’s not to like? She is kindhearted, generous and is really just looking for a place to belong. Total ball of fluff and I love her.

Verdict - Jury is out…but looking good for her.

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NEXT UP - The lovely, yet deadly, Gloria Miller, everyone!
Canon Flaws - She’s like some crazy CIA, Secret Agent, Jane Bond, Assassin.
Canon Benefits - She’s like some crazy CIA, Secret Agent, Jane Bond, Assassin.

This one is tough for me because this means she would always be off on some insane mission and I am totally one of those people that would be constantly worried that she wouldn’t come back to me. I’m soft. And let’s be honest, would I ever truly get a chance to know who she really is?

*gay gasp!* WHAT IF I am her mission?? What if she is actually working undercover to, I don’t know… I’m not special. I’m probably not her mission. But she would never be home and I need love and attention. Soft, remember? Sorry, Gloria :(

Verdict - I cannot date you. BUT PLEASE PROTECT ME I AM VERY VULNERABLE! Oh and teach me how to shoot things. Like, fruit and cans. I don’t want to kill anyone.

Originally posted by docclara

Hellooooo Kate Foster!
Canon Flaws - Biphobic af!!!! I’m not bisexual but, come on Kate! Not cool, love. Stop that shit. Angry af! Family issues aka homophobic parents.
Canon Benefits - Smooth af. Seductive af. Queen of eye-sex Consent kink, perhaps? Kate, …I like being told what to do… Ahem. I digress.

Lezbehonest. How many of you have been completely destroyed by the 20 minute episode of Dates? Hm? Thought so. Kate is very enigmatic. Which I like to a point. She seems to be making attempts at being cool and open-minded. But you can tell she has been burned before. Le baggage? Maybe. But we all have it, don’t we? My biggest worry would be that because of this, she is quick to pick a fight and run. We saw it. When things get serious and even a little difficult, she is out the door. That is… problematic.

She still strikes me as being kind, genuine and loving with the right woman in the right situation. But that fear of mine would always remain. Fear would lead to insecurities. Insecurities would lead to fighting. Fighting would lead to no more Kate. I could delve deeper into this gem, however I will leave it here.

Verdict - Kate, buy me a Bellini (or five) and we can certainly have a great time. (That totally wasn’t meant to be sexual). I meant we can hang out some time. But you know, not like a date? Flirty BFFs maybe? Do you like my bracelet? I got it in Tuscany!

Originally posted by haywoodyouboneme

Sigh …LenaLuthor! I have so many feelings about this woman it’s crazy.
Canon Flaws - A little shady. Family issues like you would not believe. Has a bit of a target on her back.
Canon Benefits - Highly intelligent. NERD! Working hard to make a life and name for herself outside of her family. RICH AF (take care of me please). Just wants a damn hug and thank you! Girlfriend of Supergirl. Looks better in prison blues than I do on my best day and with Photoshop. The Lip Bite™ tho.

Considering the fact that most of those that have endured my rambling are huge Katie fans and/or SuperCorp shippers, I will not get into the crazy long description for Lena. She has proven time and again that she only wants to do what is right, despite her upbringing. A most admirable quality is that she fights with her wits but also looks like she can defend herself when the time comes. A distressed damsel, she is not. I think here, I would have to go back to my argument regarding Morgana and Gloria. Lena simply would not have the time. She is running a billion dollar corporation, designing gadgets, and apparently she is constantly thinking up schemes to ensure justice is done. Oh, and um… hi… SHE LOVES KARA DANVERS! I can’t compete with that!!! I mean, I can be pretty awesome, but I am not Kara. So… problematic.

Verdict - Lena, I adore you. And I hope we can be friends. Do you need anything? Should I deliver flowers to Kara for you? Do you need me to proofread your love letters and poetry? I can run and get you more wine. Do you need company for the holidays? Do you need a bridesmaid for your wedding? Have you and Kara set a date? Keep me updated. My calendar is open.

Originally posted by agronskaya18

So here we are! There are more characters to consider, but we would be here all night/day. And I am pretty sure most of you already hate me. So I will keep this short. FINAL ANSWER: JODI RUTHERFORD. JUST LET ME LOVE YOU!

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Sorry for the long post and Katie spam!

Honorable Mention - Jules Daly
(Part 2)

i know you can’t cook for shit so i’ve been bringing you dinner every night, just, y’know, to keep you alive vampire!seokjin

‘come to the window’

If that had been anyone else who had sent you that text, it would be over your dead body to bring yourself there… or that’s what it would be. But since it’s from a certain someone that didn’t fit the spectrum of just anyone, you hop off the sofa and head towards the window where it reflects the television screen you had your eyes on for the past hour.

There’s a couple containers perfectly stacked and packed by the ledge, willing for you to take. Carefully unlocking the latch and allowing the cool breeze of the night drift across your skin, you stick your hand out to collect what seems to be a freshly cooked meal of your favor. Possibly fried chicken marinated with spicy sauce and rice (based on the weight) with eggs and oh my fucking god, mashed potatoes.

Although the scent alone is salivating your taste buds, you set it down to the side safely in your home and take a look at your phone. Tapping on reply, you’re formulating your sentence halfway that consists of a question and a statement at the same time but the - “I’m here, by the way,”

“Holy fuck me-”your hands juggle your phone, almost dropping it over eleven stories high and you press it to your chest. You roll your eyes as they close shut, then bursting out in a small outrage to - “Give me a warning, will you?!”

“Is that how you treat someone who cooks for you every night?” Seokjin crosses his arms, balancing himself effortlessly against the ledge of your neighbours window and his back to the brick walls. You heave a deep breath and gaze to his eyes, making the effort to crane your neck out the window, “…I didn’t ask you to cook for me,”

He lets out a sound coming across as a groan and an exclaim of an exaggerated wow that he’s known for. You chuckle at this when his red eyes turn brown, the color of comfort of being in a presence that’s familiar for him to be on his guard. He takes a step forward, and the next thing you know the two of you come face to face (you’re still amazed how he manages to hold himself up on such a tiny space for his feet).

“And wait for you to die because you can’t cook for shit? Hah, okay, I’ll give you that. But how about you repay me?”

You fold your arms, brow raised (and from another view you know people would think you’re ridiculous to taunt someone who can climb their way up eleven stories without using the stairs or lift but again, he wasn’t just anyone to you), “With what? Money? You know I could sell all my organs and it wouldn’t be enough,”

“Wine, do you have it?”

“…eh, maybe. I could go chec-hey! This is trespassing!”

He snorts, already halfway into your kitchen as you hastily close your window. His hands are rummaging through the cabinets and you yelp on your way over, to which he chuckles and tells you to - “Be careful,” - the same time you push aside the tubs of food before you knock them over completely. Huffing, you stand by the kitchen door with a frown, “Again, trespassing!”

“Nothing I haven’t seen,” He shrugs, and your eyes are to slits, “I don’t give a flying fuck if you’re a vampire but you can’t just come into my house like this!”

“Call the cops if you want me gone,”

When Seokjin sees how you lazily drag your foot around the other, he smirks.

“Be back in five,” He heads towards the window, and you can’t bite your tongue on the words firing out your lips. “Are all vampires this cocky?”

“I don’t know,” He puts one foot out, looking over his shoulder to you, “Have you dated other vampires?”

With a pout, you turn away from him after retrieving the food by the floor, with a huff shortly after as you head towards the dining table, “…I’m eating now,”

“I’ll be back with wine,” He laughs, then tapping on the window pane when you settle down on the seat, “Leave this unlocked,”

“I have a door, you know,”

“You also have a window,”

“…be back with the wine before I finish eating.”

Vanitas no Carte is my reason to ship Vannoé 💕

I want to live enough to see Noé drinking Vanitas blood, that’s all.

… I… just noticed that I drew Noé biting where supposed should be Jeanne’s mark. OOPS! ;w;

things ilvermorny students have said

- “You know what’s really heart healthy?” a pukwudgie asks their wampus friend “what?” “cock” they deadpan

- “Don’t worry she has a heart, she’s a pukwudgie after all” “no i have poisonous arrows, after all”

- “You two use all these big words on purpose, you think I don’t know what they mean but I do, so fuck that” a wampus to their horned serpent and thunderbird friends

- “what kind of a name is pukwudgie?” “you wanna go??? I’ll kick your ass”

- “wampus??? really, that’s kinda lame” “fuck you”

- “I thought pukwudgies were suppose to be nice?” “I thought you were suppose to have a brain”

- “you see that devil snake over there?” “she’s a wampus” “no she’s a devil snake, I know what im saying”

- “Hey i really like soul music, haha get it because I’m a thunderbird” a chorus of get the fuck outs and boos can be heard across the school

- “i’m not being pretentious” a horned serpent says to their wampus buddy “no one uses ‘pugnacious’ on a daily basis, you nerd”

- “hey, what do you get if a vampire bites a wampus in latin?” asked a horned serpent probably “i don’t care” “a wampire, haha get it?” “no”

- “Every day is an adventure” a thunderbird at 5am “what the fuck is wrong with you?” the entire school asks

- “eat your fucking breakfast, you keep skipping meals because you’re always trying to get yourself killed in this godforsaken school, well not today” a pukwudgie to a thunderbird one day

- “hey are you a wampus, because your body is getting my blood pumping?” “that was so bad” “i know”

So I was skimming the summary of a Spuffy fanfic where Buffy is basically a vampire bite junkie (or rather, it was blindingly obvious that that was what the author was setting up) and thinking that I couldn’t buy that characterization for post-series Buffy. And then I thought, “But you know when I could buy it? Season six.” And then I thought…I’ve seen a lot of different proposals for doing S6 without the attempted rape, including some where the alternate trigger for Spike getting his soul is Spike trying to bite Buffy. But I don’t think I’ve seen any where the two concepts get combined quite like this.

Say that in Smashed, instead of Buffy pulling down Spike’s zipper and initiating sex, she grabs his head and smashes his face into one of her already-bleeding srapes or scratches instead. And Spike’s just as surprised, and he never planned on this (he didn’t intend to hurt her, much) but he’s angry and riled up, and he hasn’t tasted human blood in a year, much less Slayer blood, so he gives in to temptation.

From there, their relationship goes into the downward spiral, and maybe there’s sex involved or maybe there isn’t (maybe Spike keeps trying to turn it into sex, because he really never did plan on biting her.) But sex is too human, too real, and Buffy doesn’t want that – she wants Spike the monster, not the Spike who’s trying to be a kind of man. And it’s the biting that she’s ashamed of, because that really is a betrayal of everything she is. And it interferes with her calling in ways that sex never really did – it makes her weak, it makes her mess up on the slaying front, it puts her in more danger of dying on the job. And part of her wants that, and THAT’S what she’s ashamed of, not some piddly little handcuff kink.

And when Riley walks in on her and Spike in AYW, it’s a suck job he walks in on. And that actually makes Riley’s return relevant, because this is somewhere Riley’s been himself, and he could actually give Buffy comfort and advice that wasn’t just “Buck up, buckaroo!” AND it would have give some resolution to Riley’s own bad behavior in S5 rather than just brushing it under the rug.

So then Buffy would break it off, and Spike would get crazy and desperate, and Seeing Red would go down, but it would be Spike trying to bite her, but this time he’d do some real damage before she fights him off (and no begging-and-cringing Buffy, thank you very much), realize he almost killed her, be horrified, and off to Lurky he goes.


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
5 043
warning : smut
summary :Reader is sent to the Prison World where Kai is but doesn’t know she is not alone until one day they meet accidentally and move in together @ the Salvatores.
keep reading after the cut 😈🔥
*gif by chris-woods

Five months all alone , spent in the Prison World thinking she was all alone in the world , quite literally and then out of the blew one day , just as she was doing her shopping the biggest surprise in her life showed up and literally knocked her off her feet. Y/N wasn’t alone like she had thought , there was someone else - a young man , the hottest man she had ever laid eyes upon - his name was Kai Parker. It hadn’t seemed right for them to live in two places and neither of them had wanted to be alone anymore so they moved into the large house Y/N had been living in the past few months. Turned out Kai had been in the Prison World two months longer than her and he knew the owners of the house she had settled in - the Salvatore brothers. From the way he told her the story it seemed like they were more frenemies than friends. Kai shared his story with her , surprised that there is someone sent to his Prison World who had no idea who he was. He kept waiting for her to run away with screams after telling her he had massacred his entire family but she never did. Their life stories were a little simiar - Y/N had been born with too much magic , somehow absorbing the magic her twin had had in the womb ending killing her sibling. After that her life hadn’t been easy and after one screw up her family had banished her there , but not before they had taken away her magic.
Now , almost two weeks later Kai had become a friend to her , though she kept thinking about him differently - unable to shake all those naughty thoughts about him. And he was no different - he kept walking around shirtless , his wondering hands using every excuse to find their way on her body. They kept teasing each other , waiting for the other to break first. Y/N had never thought it was possible to want something so much and her frustration grew more and more each day. She wondered how long their game of cat and mouse would go on , since both of them clearly had those kinds of thoughts for the other and could barely contain themselfs from tearing each other’s clothes.

Y/N woke up a little earlier that day , heading downstairs just wearing her PJ’s - a long shirt that covered her body , most times. Whenever she reached for something her roommate got a full view. She got to the kitchen finding it empty and started on the coffee before opening the fridge , slightly bending over taking out the eggs , milk and a jar with jam - Kai’s favourite finger food. The fact he was eating it directly from the jar like that wasn’t what bothered her , it was the way he innocently licked his fingers clean , always moaning when he did. Those moments always had her mind spinning , thinking what those long magic fingers could do to her when they got the chance.
Since when are the bowls at the top shelf ? she wondered , reaching for one of them. It seemed as if the entire kitchen had been rearranged or something. Y/N cracked the egg in the bowl and started on the pancake batter. The more she thought about it the more she realised someone had rearranged all the things she’d need in the day , moving them to the top shelfs. A small smile spread across her face - there was only one person who could’ve done that. It appeared someone enjoyed getting a peek here and there.
“One , two , three – they’re gonna run back to me.” she started singing quietly , trying to drown out the silence. After five months alone and now the sound of silence was driving her mad. “‘Cause I’m the best baby that they never gonna keep – One , two , three – they’re gonna run back to me —- ”
Y/N tapped her feet , swung her hips and rocked her head up and down to the tune she was singing while cooking, completely forgetting now there was someone else in the house. Someone with super sensitive hearing , literally supernatural. The girl twirled around , stirring the pancake dough while waiting for the pan to heat up perfectly.
“Ex’s and the oh- oh -ohs they haunt me , like gho-o-osts they want me to make ‘em all , all , all — they won’t let go —” she continued singing and humming , stopping in her tracks with a startled expression seeing Kai leaning against the kitchen door frame with an amused expression on his face. His hair was wet and there were still water drops here and there on his body and a towel wrapped around his waist. Y/N wouldn’t be able to tear her eyes away even if her life depended on it. How could she ? Kai’s toned torso and the way that towel was slipping so low –
“Enjoying the view ?” said Kai with a smug smirk on his face , shaking his head sending water drops everywhere.
Y/N bit her lip for a second , shaking her head. Every single time he showed up shirtless her breath got hitched in her throat and she forgot the entire english language – and how to function in general. Her mind was drowning in thoughts of what she wanted to do , how everything she wanted it was right there practically asking her to get it. Yet still too far away.
“What – h-how long have you b-been standing there ?!”
“A couple minutes.” he said smiling at her innocently. “Sorry , I couldn’t help myself. You have a lovely voice , we should totally do a karaoke night sometime. You know the shower upstairs in Damon’s bathroom has great acoustics.”
Y/N’s eyes widened and another thought slipped in her mind. Kai took a step towards her while she started on the pancakes dropping a few chocolate chips on each pancake , visibly trying to focus on everything else but on him standing there shirtless. He wondered how long he can keep doing this - teasing her , living with her and having to see her walk around barely wearing a thing before he snaps. Y/N was driving him completely nuts and he was sure it was on purpose. Kai snaked his hands around her waist from behind pressing his body against hers , his hands sliding down low down her stomach until his fingertips brushed against her heat for a split second without actually touching it. Her heart rate had increased so much , for a moment he was worried her heart might literally burst or something.
“You look so hot with your hair all messed up , making breakfast while wearing just a t-shirt.. ” he whispered in her ear , kissed her cheek briefly before letting go off her , but it was too late. Kai had broken her concentration and the chocolate chips in the pancakes started smoking. He poured himself some coffee and leaned against the kitchen counter watching her try not to yell at him.
“Could you stop — with the comentaries and all of this?” she wondered , pointing at his bare chest.
“Sure thing , sweetheart. Take off that shirt and I will.”
“Excuse me ?”
“It’s mine. You have mixed up the laundry again.” he said with an innocent smile. “How do you keep doing that ? Though I understand why you like my shirt. I mean its soft and it fits your body perfectly —” he sighed , taking a sip of his coffee. The way he pressed his lips , licking them a little afterwards drove her nuts. “Let me make my girl a decent breakfast. What do you want ?”
I want this towel off you , for you to grab me , bend me over the kitchen counter and have your way with me. she thought. How more obvious can I make it?!
A sigh left her lips, Y/N wasn’t sure if it was because it had been months since the last time she did something like that or if because of who he was but she was starting to lose it.
“I am not your girl.” she snapped , trying to get her plate but Kai blocked her way and she found her face barely an inch from his chest , so close her lips almost touched his bare skin. The girl gulped looking up at him for a second as he placed his hands on her waist.
“That was deliberate.” she muttered, “Would you s-stop?”
Kai’s hands slid down towards her ass pulling her towards him. He was listening to her heartbeat and breathing knowing fully well how the things he did affected her. Y/N placed her hands on his chest for a second and Kai could swear there was electricity coming from them , his eyes studied her face or what he could see anyways. She looked up at him once and then tried to push herself away from him , but he didn’t want to let her go. He had gotten used to her walking around wearing just a t-shirt , enjoying it so much he had rearranged the kitchen making sure the things she needs are always somewhere on the top shelves just to take a look at her. For the past few weeks he had been fighting the urge to jump on her , waiting for her to crack first but he was this close to losing control.
“Stop what ?” said Kai smiling innocently. “I am making you breakfast and you know I don’t take a ‘no’ for an answer.”
Y/N cleared her throat , slightly moving her hands up his chest when Kai leaned in towards her for a split second , their lips almost touching. He lifted her up on the kitchen counter , sliding down his hands on her hips sending shivers all over her body unable to tear his eyes away from her. Y/N had closed her eyes , biting her lip and a quiet moan left her lips , so quiet if he hadn’t been a vampire he probably would’ve missed it. A small smile showed on his face seeing her move slightly on the counter. Kai leaned , bracing his hands on the kitchen counter on either side of her.
“What you are thinking about ?” he wondered. “Seems to be quite pleasurable –”
“W-what ?” she opened her eyes, having no idea what he had asked her a few moments ago. “Sorry I – ”
“You spaced out. It’s alright sweetheart. I get it.” said “Having me this close without actually having me must be driving you insane.”
I know it’s driving me completely nuts. he finished in his mind.
Y/N stared at him , almost brushing her fingers through his hair like that first time they had met only this time she stopped herself. He was standing too close to her , so close she could feel his breath on her face, clouding her mind. Her room mate was driving her completely mad and this time she had got caught day dreaming about him.
“So full of yourself , Malachai. And don’t call me sweetheart.” she teased him , placing her hands on his shoulders , unsure if she wants to push him away or pull him closer. “Pass me a cup with coffee , please ?”
“Get it yourself.” he said , gripping her wrists placing them on her lap but not before somehow his fingers brushed against her heat.
Make me.
Kai laughed under his breath , flipping two pancakes in the air under her mesmerised stare. No matter how many times he did that , she’d always get this look but he knew it had nothing to do with the pancakes. Every time he was near her , her heart rate would somehow increase to dangerous levels and her breathing would pretty much disappear.
“Don’t tempt me.”
Y/N raised her brows , reaching for one of the pancakes in the plate , taking a bite. He glared at her disapprovingly like every time she’d reach for the pancakes or the bacon before it’s all done. Once she had burnt her fingers trying to grab the bacon right from the pan and he had had to play doctor since for some reason she refused to heal with his blood.
“Bite me.” she dared him.
Kai flipped the last of the pancakes , turned off the stove and leaned in towards her , closer than he ever had not taking his eyes off hers. His fingertips brushed against her cheek and down her neck , tracing her coroted artery feeling her blood pulsating in her veins and sending shivers all through her body. Y/N had forgotten how to breath or function completely. No matter how much she tried to look away from his eyes, she couldn’t. Kai had her complete attention and she could feel a thousand butterflies flap their wings in her stomach all because of his touch. Was he going to kiss her or was that just her wishful thinking ?
“What if I do bite you for real , sweetheart ?” he whispered , licking his lower lip. He was standing so close to her , their lips almost touched as he spoke. “What would you do then ? Run ?”

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Bite Me: Part 6

Summary: Bucky Barnes is a vampire looking for his next meal, and you happen to cross his path in the most perfect way. However, one taste of your blood has him reeling in disgust. Never has he met a human with blood that tastes as horrible as yours. He has the perfect plan to help fix that…

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader

Warnings: some mild cursing

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3      Part 4     Part 5

Your friendship with Bucky had flourished over the last three months. Whenever he wasn’t walking you home or breaking into your apartment, he was visiting the bookstore during your shifts. He was still annoying as ever, but it was definitely more tolerable after your little bonding session while you were sick.

You learned quite a bit about Bucky as well.

He actually wasn’t that old. He had been turned in his 20s during World War II, so he was barely 100. Fairly young for a vampire. He still didn’t like talking about how he was turned or where he had been before New York, so you knew better than to keep bringing it up.

He loved science and the stars, so you had surprised him with a nighttime trip to the Museum of Natural History as a way to say thanks for all the food and supplements he had been buying. He had acted like a kid in a candy store, hopping from one exhibit to the next, reciting interesting facts from memory and from the little plaques on the walls.

And today was also his birthday. You had gone over every present idea you could think of, but nothing seemed right. You were running out of time too. He was coming to walk you home after the end of your shift at the bookstore in less than 10 minutes, and you had nothing.

“What do you a get a vampire for his birthday?” you randomly asked the succubus in front of you.

“You could always let him suck your blood,” she suggested, giving you a sly wink. She leaned forward to grab her bag, gently tracing her fingertips over the top of your hand. She seemed surprised when her touch had absolutely no effect on you.

“Sorry,” you said, shrugging your shoulders. “I’m asexual, so I’m pretty much immune to you.”

The succubus let out a little “hrmph” and stomped out of the shop. You couldn’t help but laugh; that wasn’t the first time being ace had had its benefits. As you closed up the shop, you considered her words. Perhaps she was actually onto something…

You bounced eagerly as you watched Bucky approach the shop. “Happy birthday!” you exclaimed. “How old are you now? 150?”

He smiled and cleared his throat. “Just 100.”

You grabbed his hand and led him behind the bookstore to the alley where you first met. “Eh, close enough,” you replied. “Anyway, I have a present for ya.”

“What’s that?” Bucky asked as he looked around the alley. “A trashcan? Geez, doll, you shouldn’t have.”

You shoved his shoulder and rolled your eyes. “No, you idiot.” You pulled out a vial of dark, red liquid and handed it to him. He unraveled out a small scroll that revealed the words “Happy Birthday Bucky” in a fancy script. Bucky’s eyes widened when he realized what it was as he swirled the vial around and examined the liquid.

“Are you serious?” he asked.

“No, I gave you a vial of my blood for fun,” you shot back. “I just figured you should taste whether or not all your hard work this year has been paying off.”

Bucky shook his head. “You don’t have to do this.”

“Duh, that’s why it’s called a present,” you replied. “Seriously, Bucky, I don’t mind. Besides, I stuck a needle in my arm, this isn’t going to waste.”

Bucky gulped partly due to nervousness and partly due to excitement. He would be lying if he said he hadn’t been curious about how your blood tasted after the last four months. 

He opened the cap with a small pop, and tilted it back like a shot. It was sweet and viscous, just how he liked it. Definitely much better than the first time he had tried to eat you. He quickly wiped the blood off his lips.

“Well?” you asked. “Better?”

“Meh,” Bucky replied, cheekily.

“Meh?” you yelped. “Meh?! I’ve been taking those stupid supplements and eating that food for MONTHS, and all you can say is ‘meh’?!” You glared at him and punched him in the shoulder. “I hate you.”

“No you don’t,” Bucky replied, linking his arm through yours and walking out of the alley. 

You scoffed lightly and couldn’t help but smile up at him.

“Nah,” you said, leaning your head on his shoulder. “I really don’t.” 

“See?” Bucky teased. “Besides, doll,  just think, without my help, you would have undoubtedly killed some poor soul with your repulsive blood.”

“Well unfortunately, it didn’t kill you…” you muttered.

“I think the phrase you’re looking for is ‘Happy Birthday, Bucky, of course I’ll treat you to ice cream for all the hard work you’ve done!’”

You rolled your eyes and giggled. “C’mon, Barnes, let’s go get some ice cream. My treat.”

Bucky’s mouth formed a perfect ‘o’ as he held in hands to his cheeks. His eyebrows scrunched up and his voice took on a high pitch as he pretended to be surprised. “Why doll, ice cream? For me? You shouldn’t have!”

“Bite me, Barnes,” you huffed.

“If only you’d let me…” he lamented.

“Not gonna happen.”



“Just a nibble?”

“You just drank some of my blood!”

“How can I know it’s really yours? I mean, I didn’t see you stick the needle in your arm. For all I know, you could be lying.”

“God you are the WORST!”

You continued to bicker as you walked to the ice cream shop, but your words held no malice. Yes, he was insufferable, and yes, his motives were a bit ridiculous. Was he a vampire? Sure. Did he try to eat you once? Maybe. But he was still your friend. 

And somehow, you really didn’t mind. 

A/N: So that’s the end! Nothing super dramatic, but I hope you enjoyed the series! Thanks for the sweet comments!!

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Maybe something with vampire Genji or McCree? Like them first meeting their s/o?


Being a vampire made him deadly enough, but being a cyborg vampire made him twice as lethal. So when he laid down what prey was his, the other blood-suckers knew to steer clear. And this time, he had marked [Name] as his prey. But no matter how many nights he stalked them with dozens of perfect opportunities to strike, he found himself just watching them rather than pouncing.

Although they were one of his most enticing preys, they were also one of his most beautiful. And part of him didn’t want to ruin that beauty. So on most days, he sulk in the shadows and watch you, suppressing the green glow of his cyborg body.

But one night, as they sat reading a book on the sofa, he saw them dose off and fall asleep. Any vampire would take this chance, so he figured it was now or never. He practically slithered across the front lawn and slowly slid the window open. He entered with the chilly night air outside, staring down at their peaceful face. Now he let his green glow shine through the dark room, creating a soft light on their sleeping form.

Genji carefully removed the book from their hands and pushed a bit of their hair back to see their neck. As pretty their face was, their neck was even prettier. He dipped his head, taking his mask off as he did, revealing his gleaming fangs open and ready for the meal. Fangs lingered just above the veins in their neck, grazing their skin lustfully. Just as he was going for the first bite, they stirred, and he froze. As soon as his prey figured out what was going on, they screamed and began to fight him.

“Hold still,” he growled, pinning their wrists down so they couldn’t get away.

They continued to shriek and kick their legs as he ravished their neck , breathing and licking that inciting scent in. When his fangs punctured their skin, he let his eyes roll back in pleasure as he moaned at the taste. It was delicious. But then their screams turned into little whimpers and cries, and suddenly he felt a strange saltiness in their blood–like he could taste their fear, and it wasn’t a good kind of fear either.

He managed to pull himself away, their blood still on his fangs. Looking down at them, he could see them sobbing, and–ah fuck. Why did it bug him so much? He had fed on people less than half his age as they cried for their mothers and he still felt nothing! So why was he feeling so wrong seeing them cry like this. He felt like he wanted to do anything to make them stop.

His cold hands gently rubbed over the spot where he had bitten, clearing away the excess blood. Then his hand traveled up to the side of their head, and for a while, he sat there running his fingers through their hair. He did so until they stopped crying and ventured a look up at him.

“Don’t cry,” he muttered, “I won’t do it again.”

“Am I dreaming?” they whispered shakily.

The cyborg just smiled bitterly and nodded, “Yeah, you’re dreaming. Go back to sleep.”

Although they shut their eyes and shrunk further into the sofa, he leaned in and gave them a kiss on the forehead.

“I’ll see you in your dreams. I won’t ever bite you again,” he promised, running a metallic hand down their cheek.

Then they watched with baited breath as he slowly got up and darted out the window. He might have said it was a dream, but they still had that bite on their neck.


[Name] wasn’t stupid–they had seen vampires before. They wouldn’t consider themselves a hunter necessarily, but they knew enough to defend themselves. But when it came to Jesse, that nice vamp who bought them drinks, they didn’t feel like they needed to keep their guard up. Maybe it was his vampire charm, or maybe it was because he was genuinely nice, but they liked hanging out with him. And as far as they knew, he was unaware that they knew he was a vampire.

They figured they’d have to tell him eventually, just to get that barrier out of the way. But how does one tell a friend that “oh, by the way I know you suck human blood.” It wasn’t really something easy to bring up in conversation. Instead, they thought of a more casual way to bring it up. One evening, as they sat watching the moon from [Name]’s balcony, they pulled out another drink. But this one wasn’t alcoholic, and it wasn’t for sharing. McCree eyed the thermos suspiciously and glanced up at them.

“What’s in that?” he asked.

“Deer blood,” they shrugged, “Squeezed it from my hunt this morning.”

For a few moments, he just stared at them, a little surprised they knew without him having to tell them! But then, he remembered how clever they were, always correcting him when he didn’t give the right tip amount at the bar. Chuckling, he took the thermos and popped the lid off.

“Thanks, darlin’,” he nodded.

One whiff of the blood though and Jesse’s nose crinkled in disgust. He hadn’t had to resort to animal blood in a long time, and he certainly wasn’t going to start now. He wanted something a little more human.

“So you know what I am?” he shrugged, capping the thermos again.

“Mhm,” they grunted, taking a sip of their drink.

Suddenly, his hand grabbed their arm tightly, making them jump.

“Then you know I like my blood fresh,” he growled.

[Name] barely had time to react when Jesse yanked them into his lap as he let his fangs come out. Their body squirmed in his arms as he slowly ran a finger up and down their neck.

“Ya knew I was a vamp, but ya still hung around me?” he whispered in their ear, “Not a smart move, darlin’,”

“You won’t bite me,” they hissed.


“I trust you. You’re my friend,” they said firmly, but they couldn’t hide the little waver in their voice.

“If you go around trustin’ any ol’ vamp, you’re gonna end up gettin’ sucked dry,” he chuckled.

They felt his fangs scrape their neck teasingly and they shut their eyes in fear. If they had been prepared, they would have worn a crucifix, but they never thought this would happen with Jesse. They heard him open his mouth, a hiss emanating from his throat. They braced for the pain, but instead, it didn’t come…but they still heard him drinking something.

[Name] cracked an eye open, slowly turning back towards their friend. He was taking a big gulp of the thermos of deer blood. McCree cringed and restrained himself from spitting the blood out as he swallowed.

“Yuck…” he grumbled, “But s’pose some friends are worth drinking deer blood for.”

They just sat their as they tried to gather their bearings and calm down a bit. So he had just been teasing them?

“Speakin’ of which, how’d you like to date me? I could use me a girl/guy who gets me blood for free,” he smirked with bloody fangs at them.

“Y…You asshole,” they huffed.

–Mod Sirana

Hell (Chapter Three: Fire and Ice)

Gif not mine

Summary: Y/n Singer, after selling his soul to save Sam’s life, has accepted her destiny (or maybe not?). But her family doesn’t.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader (not yet, but soon)

Word Count: 3198

Warnings: Angst.

Hell (Chapter One: Fair Exchange)
Hell (Chapter Two: What will we do without her?)

“Y /n, you shouldn’t have..”
Sam’s voice is shattered. I avoided telling him about my deal with the demon, but he still found out.
“I’ve heard this phrase too many times now, that’s enough. Sam, you’re fine, and this is important, for me.”
“How much did he give you?” he gets up from the grungy couch and comes to me, continuing to keep his eyes fixed on mine.
Dean asked me the same question, with a tone of disappointmen, as if I had done something horrible. I brought back his brother; shouldn’t he thank me?
Instead, Sam asks me in a melancholy tone; he is so, he’ll probably feel guilty all his life, while I just want him to go ahead and live his second chance.
“One year.” I say, looking at him. He doesn’t say anything, he comes to me, and embraces me. His hugs always calm me; it makes me feel secure, safe. Even now, that a safe place there isn’t.

The smell of freshly made coffee awakens me from the dream I was doing. I get up from the couch and see my father come to me with a steaming cup; after thanking him, I begin to sip the coffee.
“Maybe I found something.” dad tells me while he sits at his desk. It’s full of ancient books and strange things; dad picks up a newspaper and gives it to me.
“Three deaths in a week. All bodies show strange bites on the body, and there is not even a drop of blood.”
“Vampires.” I say reading the main news; the murders took place in Danville, Indiana. I go to the room where we have all the weapons that dad has gotten over the years, and I begin to prepare the bag, with everything I need for hunting. After a few minutes I hear my father’s footsteps coming towards me.
“Did you talk to Sam?.. or with Dean?”
“Is a month and a half that you ask me, dad. And the answer is always no.”

A month and a half.
It’s the time spent with my father; And the time I spent away from Sam and Dean.
I’ve got seven and a half months before I die.

The bag is ready; I head to the kitchen to take a few bottles of water for the trip. The last thing I take is my jacket, my cell phone and my wallet.
“Dad, I’ll take your car.”
“Can’t you steal it?” I raise my eyes; men and their cars. He’s so tied to his car, that he’s afraid I scratch it.
“Stealing a car when I have that jewel parked out here?”

It takes me half a day to get to Danville; driving alone in a silent car – which, by the way, has broken radio – is not the best ways to live the last months of my life.
A memory comes to my mind while I drive: I’m in my house, I’m about thirteen years old, and I’m putting some weapons in place for my dad when the latter comes home. He’s not alone, I hear he’s talking to someone. At first I think it’s Rufus, but the voice is different. I head to the kitchen, and I see my father with a man. He is younger than my father, and even taller. The thick beard and the dark eyes give him a gruff air; my father comes to me, presenting the man I’m in front of.
“Y/n, he’s a friend. His name is John. John Winchester.”

The memory ends, but immediately I can think of another.

We were in a forest, me, and my father. We’ve been hunting for about two days, a Wendigo, from the research we’ve done. It’s just me, my father, and the noise of the wind that moves the tree branches. Suddenly, we hear a noise behind us, and quickly I point the gun towards that direction. I find a few inches from the barrel of the gun a boy who stares at me with a surprised look.
“Sammy!” I hear another person yelling behind the kid, and among the trees pops up another guy bigger than the other.
“You shouldn’t be here. I say; who are these two?
“You shouldn’t be here, little girl. Do you know it’s dangerous to go into the woods alone?”
“I know how to defend myself, thank you.”
It took just over ten seconds to that guy to be hated by me. Suddenly, my father approaches me and lowers my weapon.
“Don’t worry Y/n; they’re the Winchesters.! I look at my father and then them, when a third person shows up in the clearing we are in. It’s John, my father’s friend, who I only met a few months before. He’s obnoxious in my opinion; compared to Bobby, John is more.. hard. The father of the two boys approaches us and greets dad, while the other two keep looking at me; the skinny seems almost embarrassed, while the larger one has a sneer printed in the face that I would like to take it off with a nice punch.
“ Bobby, Y/n, they are my sons. Dean and Sam.”

That was our first hunt together. At first I hated Dean; he thought he was the best hunter ever, and to think about it, he still thinks so. What an idiot. While with Sam it was different; he was calmer, and kind. It was nice to be with him, talk about anything, not just hunting. I gave him his first kiss; his lips were perfect. A smile pops up; I wonder if he remembers that day. It’s been over a month since I left Sam and Dean, and I don’t know how many times I wanted to take that damn phone and call them, to know how they are, if they’ve already gone on with their lives, if they stopped hoping for me. Dean will have already surrendered, while Sam.. he called me sometime the first few weeks; how much I wanted to answer him, but I would have remembered that I was missing from dying, and I would have made the mistake of taking the car and going to them, and suffering even more. After a while the cell phone stopped ringing, and I felt lost, but happy. The sooner they will go on with their lives, the sooner I shall feel in peace with myself.

“Enjoy your stay, Miss Smith.” The guy behind the counter does nothing but staring at me since I got to the motel. I take the key that he has kindly granted me and I greet him. I go to my room, and just come in I take the laptop to find some information about the deaths of the place. My first destination is the morgue.
“Agent Smith, how can I help you?” The Doctor comes towards me and shakes my hand, and then he signs to follow him. Right now I’m wearing the role of an FBI agent, as I’ve had so many other times. I ask the Doctor to show me the bodies of men, and he brings me close to the cold rooms, where the corpses are placed. He makes a stupid joke about vampires, and I smile as if he had made a good figure to appoint creatures that don’t exist. At least for him. The three bodies are identical: bite on the neck and not even a drop of blood. Definitely vampires.
“The corpses were found in the same place?” I ask the Doctor, who in the meantime closes the cells.
“Almost. The last one was found a few hundred meters away from the point where the second corpse was found, and the same for the first.”
What an idiot vampire, he leaves an exact trail behind him; It won’t be hard to find him. I’m going to thank the doctor and leave, towards the motel.
It’s time to go hunting.

Beep.. Beep.. Beep..
It’s the third time I call him, but he’s not responding. The call ends, and I recall the number. I don’t know why I’m calling him; I could call my father, get me help from him, but after battling six vampires, when I was expecting only one, I didn’t really want to hear a lecture.
Beep.. Beep.. Beep.. “Hello?“
“Hey Dean..” it was for so long that I didn’t hear his voice, which just responds to my call, I almost thank God, for giving me the opportunity to listen to his. Maybe tomorrow I’ll regret calling him, but now my head makes me so bad that I don’t care.
“Is it not that you find yourself from the parts of Indiana?”
“Y/n? What’s going on?” I feel some alarmism in his voice; maybe they still care about me.
“I just found out that fighting six vampires all alone doesn’t lead to a nice ending.”
One minute of silence; the head almost bursts me from the pain, and the leg begins to lose blood; that asshole of a vampire shoots me. After having bitten me on the right shoulder. I almost lose my senses when I hear the voice of Dean in my ear.
“Where are you?”
“In a few streets lost in Danville.”
I hear strange noises on the other side of the phone, then a door slam.
“I’m coming.”
I still run a smile, thinking about something I learned tonight: maximum two vampires next time.
“And Dean? Don’t forget the beer.”

I still don’t understand how made six vampires feed with only three bodies, and then each corpse had only one bite on his neck. When I went to the alley where the lifeless bodies of the victims were found, I was expecting a gloomy and dark place, and that I would have to look a lot for a miserable vampire. Instead, in no time I find myself surrounded by six men.
“Guys, I told you I smelled a hunter. But I didn’t think she was so sexy!”
The men around me begin to laugh, showing their fangs; I hate vampires. I’m the one to attack first, pulling out the hidden blade in my jacket’s sleeve and cutting the head to one of them. A fraction of a second, and they’re all on me.

I wake up with my head that turns me even more than before; the first thing I see is the trees that overtake me quickly. I jump understanding that I’m not in the alley anymore, I think I’m not even in Indiana anymore. I turn to the side of the driver, and I see Dean, quietly watching the road fixed.
I try to sit better, but as soon as I move my leg I can burn it like never before. I whimper verses of grief, and Dean finally notices my awakening.
“You’ve finally reopened your eyes. I was already preparing a pyre in your honor.” says Dean as he moves his eyes from the road to me, and then back to the road.
“Very funny.”
I just can’t move, my leg still hurts, but this time it’s bandaged, to make it bleed even more.
“Did you bring the beer?”
“Sorry, I forgot.”
I look so grumpy Dean; what the hell, the only thing that it would have calmed me the pain would have been a good hangover, and he forgets.
“I should have called Sam.” I say, making him smile.
“How did you come to mind to throw yourself into a vampire nest?” And then what are vampires doing with guns?“
His voice is like a slight sound, distant light years. I try to stay awake, but I know that at times I’m out again. I still answer Dean, this maybe will give me the chance not to fall asleep again.
"First, I didn’t know they were more than one, and two the gun was mine and I fell, and the fangs of the vampire were too far from my neck, and his hands too close to the gun.”
I spoke too quickly; Another thick part from the head and gets to the leg. I whimper again.
“Hang on, doll. We’re almost there.”
I try to answer him, I hate it when he calls me that way, but the darkness takes over, and I’m back in the world of dreams.

“I hate your brother!”
I go in the daddy’s house, and I throw violently the door; Sam is sitting on the couch in the living room, while he is intent on reading a book. He looks up at me and smiles at me, in a sign of surrender. It’s not the first time that I express my great affection for Dean, and Sam knows it too well.
“What has he done this time?”
I raise my hands as a sign of exasperation, I am so furious that I can’t remain firm even a second.
“He went hunting without me!”
I give a kick to one of my father’s boxes, where he places his many books, while Sam rises from the couch and comes towards me.
“You know Dean. I thought you were used to his swagger.”
“Yeah, when I was a child! Now I’m almost 20 years old, and he keeps making the asshole!”
Sam takes me by the hand, and tries to calm me down and sit on the couch with him by my side. He wraps his arm around my shoulders, and looks straight into my eyes. Only that look can calm me down a bit. When I see Sam I always think of the quiet after the storm, to the trees that stop moving, to the animals that are weird and calm.
“Don’t think too much, Dean is just an idiot, and he will understand it when he gets hurt, and he’ll think ‘Damn! Maybe I should have brought with me Y/n!’”
I smile; with Sam, I always smile. I hug him strong, and he reciprocates.
“Thank you Sam. What would I do without you?”

When I wake up, I’m in Dean’s arms; we’re in front of a motel, probably the one where he and his brother had hided up when I called them. The head looks like it hurts less, while the leg still burns. It’s Sam who opens the door, and Dean quickly enters and he laid me on the bed. Sam is immediately at my side, and takes my hand between his. The elder brother takes the first aid kit that we always carry behind, in cases.. well, like these.
“This will hurt, doll.” says Dean, as he approaches me with the tools to extract the bullet.
“Stop calling me that, asshole!” I answer him, while he rips my pants up to where the bullet is.
Dean smiles, that grin, just like the first time I met him; I was reassured that sooner or later I’d take it off my face with a nice punch, but I never did.

To stop the pain in the leg after extracting the bullet I think I ingested an entire bottle of pills; the pain has diminished, but as a result the head has begun to boom, worse than before.
After finishing the surgery, Sam came out of the motel room to go buy something to put in the stomach – I hope more something to drink than to eat – and to call Bobby to warn him of what happened. Instead, Dean is putting back the tools he used in the first aid kit, after carefully cleaning them up. Although I turn my head, I can’t stay a minute longer, and so I get out of bed.  If my leg hurts before, it’s so asleep now that I think for a second that I cut it. But, fortunately it is still there.
“Where do you think you’re going?” asks Dean while he is at my side; he tries to get me sitting on the bed, but I complain.
“I do not want to remain paving; I sit there, okay?”
After accepting the compromise, Dean helps me to go close to the couch, and I sit down.
“How do you feel?”
“I feel like I have only one leg, and two brains competing with each other to make my head burst.”
Dean smiles, and we look at each other. It has not changed for nothing; If he knew how many times I dreamed of him, ever since I left. His eyes, his face, his smile; even his ugly character.
“I’m sorry.”
I remain silent; I have so many things to say, and nothing to say. I hope he’s talking again, because the only thing I’m thinking at this precise moment is getting up and going again, and staying, and hugging him, all the time I have left.
“I shouldn’t have sent you away; because yes, it’s my fault you left. The thing is.. I was angry. But not with you, but with me. I always promised Sammy that I would protect him from any, or whatever. And when you joined us, I also felt like your older brother, and I would do everything to protect both of you. But then Sam died, and I should’ve done something. I should’ve sold my soul to the devil for him; I’d be dead, but he, and you.. You would have been fine. I would have protected you as I always promised. But you.. You did what I should have done, you did, and I didn’t protect Sam or you. I failed.”
I get closer to him, and I take his face in my hands, him to look me in the eye. He’s trying to hold back the tears.
“You haven’t failed; you saved Sam so many times. And you’ve saved me so many times, even now, despite what happened, you came to save me. It’s not wrong for once to be saved by someone who is not you.”
I support my forehead to his. I think it’s the first time that he and I are close. I feel like the fire, which in a few months envelops me forever; he, Dean, is ice, cold and hard. But even the ice melts, and it’s exactly what he’s doing; his tears bathe my hands still on his face, and I weep. I weep those tears that I have been keeping for all these months; tears that I kept in my whole life.
Dean gets closer to me, and only when he touches my lips I understand what he wants to do.
God, how I would like he to continue, how much I would feel his taste, knowing what effect would make me feel his lips on mine, but..
“Don’t do it.”
“Why not?”
“Because it would do even more harm than it does now.”
We remain there for a few minutes, in silence, our eyes closed, our lips a few inches away. I don’t want to talk, no more. Right now I just want the clocks to stop. But time cannot be stopped, and the whole thing breaks down. Dean gets up, and moves away from me.
I am the fire, he is the ice. They can’t stay too close, or they could destroy each other.

Hell (Chapter Four: The enemy of my enemy is my friend)

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Honestly tho I struggle with the concept that the vampires in ONS are 100% apathetic because they’re kinda…not???

We very clearly see them react to stimuli in certain ways that, while to us, is highly apathetic, but is still a *reaction* with some form of emotional response. Even if it’s just a behavior-stepping back or tilting their head curiously- that’s still a response conveying cues of their curiosity or attentiveness through body language. I’m someone who struggles with bouts of apathy, and usually during the most intense episodes (absoloute no emotion), I’ve been told that I act like a zombie, because my lack of emotion = very basic responses that are mere actions rather than reactions, which we DO NOT see normally with the vampires.

Given this, it *could* be possible that instead of losing their emotions completely, they merely experience a *shift* in emotional responses and thinking based on the fact that they are no longer human and therefore do not need to react in ways that are essentially human. They do not have the same social structure or social bonds that we do; they seem to be mostly individualistic creatures rather than the group mentality that we have. Their needs have changed: biologically speaking, they are now pure carnivores rather than omnivores, which means their actions are typically more hunter-like. Even their way of reproduction has changed, which could be why vampires do not have sexual desires (libido, I’m assuming) and consider blood drinking to be pleasurable (even if it’s not sexual in our terms, drinking another’s blood is generally the easiest way to turn a human into a vampire, so from a biological perspective deriving pleasure from it= increasing the chances that the vamp is more likely to do it. Tbh I feel like the pleasure from drinking blood is a mixture of hunting/eating pleasure and their version of reproductive pleasure, but on a somewhat lesser scale because it’s the vamp’s concious decision to turn someone instead of finishing the meal. In this reproductive scenario, the set-up of the possibility of creating a new vampire {coming close to draining someone} is most likely where that pleasure is focused because that’s a behavior that encourages turning. In this case though, the action of the bite is most likely what encourages that sensation v.s. eating pleasure because the existance of the physical body offers a chance for a human to be turned versus satisfying thirst, and thus the act of drinking blood from another vampire most likely developed socially to hold a high level of intimacy {not really in a sexual way bc they work differently than us} because of the trust in the other to not drain you in addition to the instinctual hunting/turning pleasure triggered through biting, which- dammit I got off topic).

To expect them to have human emotions, in this case, would be somewhat ridiculous. Their brains and body have changed to something inhuman; therefore, even though their body still retains the basic human layout and can probably still function, certain reactions cannot be enabled because there is no longer a psychological reaction that can trigger the action (like crying. We see animals that cannot cry express grief in different ways, and we ourselves do not always feel sadness that makes us want to cry. Therefore, vampires most likely can feel loss and sadness, but since their reaction is profoundly *vampire* it does not trigger the physiological reaction to our *human* grief, aka tears). In addition to this, our emotional reactions communicate social cues to our group and other humans, allowing for communication and strong social bonds. Because vampires do not need that, their emotional reactions (percieved apathy) are most likely severely decreased. (Example: solitary predator v.s. pack predators. If a solitary predator gets injured when hunting, their’s no need to show a strong reaction because there’s no one else to teach a lesson to/ask for help. Pack hunters would be benefited by expressing a high reaction to their injuries because it would teach the rest of the pack to not enact their mistake as well as draw attention and aid to their problem). And since they seem to be mostly visual creatures (their eyesight is insane), small, subtle gestures to certain things are to be expected, because they can be caught and read by another vampire easily. They don’t need to react strongly to things, because even the tiniest gesture will be noticed. Therefore, their percieved apathy by us could be a complex web of behaviors to other vampires, whose eyesight is keen enough to pick out the minute cues.

Then there’s also the fact that they aren’t human, period. Vampires and humans are, technically speaking, two completely different species, even if vampires used to be human (and probably still have lingering traces of humanity present in them). Even in our own world, humans and other animals show and experience emotion differently- leading to many, many years of us believing that animals were emotionless, though we could see certain behavioral cues that we shared across the genetic barrier. Hell, even in other cultures emotion and emotional reactions is expressed differently. When getting turned, new vampires probably feel like their emotions are fading (except for like Mika and Yuu bc Yuu is his last real human social bond and thus his bond eith Yuu is still intact even as the rest is becoming vampified) because they are shifting to something so alien the remaints of their human mind can’t comprehend it, and older vampires most likely comment on their detatched emotions as such because the bits of humanity still left over (prob. coming from the fact that their bodies, the last things they have left, were human and still generally are bc biology and psychology are intertwined) are still reacting to the vampire expressions and behaviors as something weird and different and unfathomable even though the vampire part of their brain has long-ago aligned and balenced out with their much-decreased humanity.

In other words, they *do* feel emotion-but it’s vampire emotion, based off their biological and social needs, not a human’s.