seeing a camera vomit

A Preview In Pieces (Digital Collage), December 2, 2013 2:17 a.m.

Finally getting around to working on some long awaited imagery. Excited for this set, you guys are in for a visual treat. 

A Glorified Self Portrait Of A Bad Hair Day Gone Well,  January 6. 2012  4:52 P.M. 


Spent my Friday afternoon trying out new lighting schemes and getting back into the groove of studio lighting. Got some really great stuff from just shooting myself and some classmates. *Sigh* Finally!

Emma And The Fog, Emeka’s Plants (Instax)//January 21 + January 18, 2013, Seattle, WA.

Two Instax, two different climates. An unlikely but wonderful pairing. 

The Magic Of The Magic Wand: An Idea I Have Had For A Very Long Time But Seems To Have Been Perfectly Executed At 1:31 a.m. On January 23, 2013.

- - -

Last night I had one of those foolish nights of losing sleep, holding bad posture and staring at the screen for much too long but the ideas just kept coming and I was beside myself. Now, to explore and refine. Always.

- - - - - -

Every time I can’t sleep, I find myself sifting through my photos from Iran, juxtaposing and pairing an image with what may seem like its destined visual partner. Although it may be a bizarre mix, for some reason, something unspoken about it fits or at the very least in its temporary state of brainstorm creates a departure point that seems exciting at this unreal hour of being awake. I think this process, to me, is the epitome of what Seeing A Camera Vomit means.