The sun streamed through the seedy motel window, the location something of sorts that still brought a pout onto her face. As of late, Willa had grown accustomed to the most luxurious of surroundings. But with that came the cost of being a wanted woman, and therefore needing to keep a lower profile as of late. Running her fingers through her tousled hair, her free hand toyed with the pistol that she was never with out, idly pointing it at the window aimed at the oblivious passerbys outside with an amused smile.

The Secret Diary of Edith Runekill, Day 7 (continued)

so ionbviously we were super scared about what happened or i was anyway and feeling kind of messed up over it ?????? like i wrote in the first hahf of this journal etry. so after were done shopping and i bought a cool leather jacket and a new hat and a new purse and some new boots while i was at it gwynnie vanished somehere and we went to a real waterdeep city POOL HALL

i horded a helms hodl iced tea since i fugred one drink was enoug since im kind a of lightweight and IM FINE and we played pool and sydney and pep fought a pinball machine and i beat mal at pool but then grim took me and systematically disassembled me piece by piece on the pool table and it was really good

there was a fighting ring down in the beasement. you can draw a staright line of cultural historical continuity between the modern pool hall and the old taverns and inns and seedy public houses that once formed the infrasturctre of the predmodern adventuring lifestyel so OF COURSE even in a pool hall theres a place to fight

and i wanted to fight!! but grim trusted me to look after her bags and her coat and her hat and her gun and i ddnt want to break that trust and THATS THE ONLY REASON I DIDNT ENTER A FIGHTING TOURNEMENT AND GET IN A FISTFIGHT. grim entered. mal enteed. sydney entered. pepper and i rooted thm on. in a complety imparital and fair manner

ghjso anyway uh the guy mal fought cheated and grabbed him by the horns and real rough too not like i do sometimes but thats aside from the point which is that mal only lost because of CHEATING and b/c he got disqualified when he tried to light the guy on fire

grim and syndy won all their fights tho so the final round was the two ot them and it felt like it lasted about fifteen minutes and it was incredible and grim did really well at first but then she got tired and syndey won but it was a titanctic struggle all the same and i was cheering for her nad and it was the best thign i ve seen in my entire lif??????? grim ruffled my hair

we went to a pizza place for that waterdeep dish pizza we love so much and i had anotehr beer or i shared one with mal and it was spice but it still tasted good. we had a real heart to hearrt over the pizza. after i tried playing the punball machine THERE and fell over and died. wait where as i

grim asked me about where i came from and then then askhed MAL and i think theyre finally getting along which is a huge relief. i dont know i feel like we’re all closer after fighting szass tam. and then i asked if it was ok i thought grim was my friend adnt hen she said YES and said its an honor and stuff and oh sweeet auril??? shes so amazing???? and i admire her a lot and i kind of want to BE her????????

OH and mal swiped his lighter abck from me but i didnt notice since i thought he was just touching my ass (which i appreciated) and i thought i lost and i wa ssoooooo sorry but actually he had it and he lit my cig and it was really romantic, just like in the pictures, just how i sort of imagined it would be but didn’t really know

i dont really remmeber the cab ride back but i just felt really happy. i love all these peopl. i love mal. i lvoe my friends. and we can do this. we’ll find szass tam and we’ll beat him cause we’re tough!!!!

Later (A.M.):

My head hurts. My throat hurts. Everything is terrible and every light is too bright. I’m more hung over than I been in my entire life, and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna die. Tell Mal I love him, and tell my parents, “sorry.”

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Miss Jess, may I further suggest that the reason Bruce Wayne looks far more like Superman than Clark Kent does (at least when not wearing the Bat-suit) is because he does INFINITELY more push-ups than CK ever will? (there are superheroes who can give Olympic athletes a run for their money when it comes to physique - Diana in particular, who makes Olympian demigods look a bit seedy - but Clark, bless him, just eats what he likes and sucks in his belly when it's time to be a Hero).

I think this is true, I think Clark eats absolute crap and then doesn’t even have to suck much belly, like, probably he eats nothing but kids cereal and still has a flat stomach the ASSHOLE see this is why people hate Superman.