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Jungkook’s a snitch. He’s not proud of it, but he’s not ashamed of it either. It was convenient and easy to get information for coppers Taehyung and Seokjin. Easy money.

At least, that’s what he thought until he gets pulled into the seedy underworld of vaudeville speakeasies by the one and only man-eater with the angelic voice, Park Jimin.

Is it your first time with BTS? Welcome to Bangtan Sound.

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Anon (who didn’t have a blog at the time but now does): @i-smell-food thanks for the prompt!

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I’ll Be Good - Part 3

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 2  -  Part 4

Summary: Series – You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Solder on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter – Still captive in Avengers interrogation, you finally get your chance to negotiate, but really with you, it’s more like manipulate.

Warnings: swearing, still captivity, really this one’s pretty tame.

Word Count: 2057

Author’s Note: This one was a lot of fun to write! What can I say, I love the mind games. As always feedback is welcome! I LOOOVE hearing from you all. I’m genuinely addicted to writing this stuff right now. I have abandoned all other hobbies entirely. My book group has forgotten about me, I haven’t touched a piano in weeks, I haven’t taken my dog anywhere fun in days and he threw coconut shavings all over my living room floor in protest. That is how much I love you.  So enjoy while I go get the vacuum! Am I the only dog person on tumblr?

Damn. This is disorienting. I’ve played this all wrong. You thought seeing the mistrust and anger play across Steve Rogers’ face as his best friend pulled away from you. Others saw Bucky Barnes as Captain America’s greatest weakness but you knew better. Steve watched Bucky like a hawk, and all of the hero’s self-righteous inhibitions fell away when it came to his best friend. That made him all the more dangerous. And he had just caught you red handed trying to manipulate Bucky.

Shit. Your damsel in distress routine would come across thin and reaching now. New tactic, you thought shifting quickly back into the careful predator. Captain Rogers had entered glaring at you, immediately paused, and turning pointedly, gave his best friend a harsh look. A warning. You could swear you saw Bucky return it with equal ferocity before he looked at you with a gentler expression, and slipped out.

Alright, you want the villain, Captain, I’ll give it to you. I’ll let you have every dark thread you can get your hands on. Your best hope now was that honesty would catch him off guard. Your options were severely limited when Nat had followed him in, you knew she would see through anything less than the truth. You didn’t think she would truly give you up to these strangers but then again they weren’t strangers to her. She had exposed so many of her secrets after the events in D.C. at this man’s command, you just couldn’t be sure. It had been unnerving to see her exposed like that. And here you were tied to a chair, watching her sharp green eyes watching you over an interrogation table. This was why you preferred anonymity when you worked. Natasha was a dangerous friend to have but an absolutely lethal enemy. You knew you had to take control fast.

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Mert & Marcus explore the seedy underworld of the male gigolo in this erotic editorial for the latest issue of Interview Magazine. ‘American Hustle‘, styled by Karl Templer, stars an impressive cast comprised of Chad White, Brian Shimansky, Jamie Wise and Veit Couturier.

In a cyberpunk, dystopian future of 1992, there lives band of savages dwelling in the tunnels and sewers beneath the ruins of the old North Eastern coast. They roam in clans.

Eventually, they find discarded technology from the humans above. They learn, they adapt, they evolve. They unite as a people, but are still separated by clans, some at war with each other for decades as they build their underground utopia. Eventually the clans evolve into families, and they become the stars of the seedy underworld. This is the beginning of what is now known as the Orcish mafia.

Many past wars have been started over poorly chosen words in private, so once more the Orcs adapt. They push past the local methromancers as they head into the new designated, public meeting spot for the monthly Family Gathering – Denny’s. Orcs love grand slams.

Meanwhile, just down the street a building looms, golden arches illuminating the streets for all who are unfortunate enough to walk past. McDonald’s.

No one has been to a McDonald’s since 1987, and no one knows of anyone who has. Every day, from dawn to twilight, the sign flickers in the grime-covered window. Open. Despite receiving no apparent business, it always manages to stay open, always appearing bustling from the outside.

9 YA Mysteries To Solve Before Summer Is Over

Sun, surf, sand, and secrets that drive us mad trying to solve them – that’s how we like to spend summers. Read on for our list of favorite YA mysteries that are ANYTHING but elementary:

1. Trouble is a Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly

Clue you’ll love it: Despite being dragged along through insane situations on a missing persons investigation, you’re somehow LOLing most of the time – and it feels 100% on point.

2. Nearly Gone and Nearly Found by Elle Cosimano

Clue you’ll love it: You’ll redefine #lifegoals when you meet Nearly Boswell, a high schooler who has a knack for tracking down serial killers…even when SHE’s being tracked.

3. The Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle

Clue you’ll love it: A supernatural element adds higher stakes to the question of whether the fact that Cara’s family becomes inexplicably accident-prone every October is a coincidence…or a curse.

3. Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan 

Clue you’ll love it: Vengeance is SO much more intriguing when the narrator isn’t only messing with the people around her – but with you as well.

4. The Edge of Nowhere, The Edge of the Water, and The Edge of the Shadows by Elizabeth George

Clue you’ll love it: If you ever thought escaping to the wilderness would solve your problems, you might reconsider after you unearth the secrets on Whidby Island.

5. The Shades of London series by Maureen Johnson 

Clue you’ll love it: You’ll still want to visit London even after tagging along on Lousiana teen Rory’s boarding school extracurriculars of evading serial killers and fraternizing with secret ghost police.

6. The Mickey Bolitar series by Harlan Coben

Clue you’ll love it: The adrenaline factor. High schooler Mickey’s life is a train-wreck after his father dies and mother goes to rehab, but it only gets more intense when he gets sucked into secrets, a seedy underworld, and a major conspiracy that may be closer to home than he thought.

7. I Was Here by Gayle Forman

Clue you’ll love it: Although Cody’s on the hunt to figure out exactly what happened when her best friend Meg left, the real mystery of what’s inside someone’s heart is way more difficult to solve.

8. Paper Towns by John Green

Clue you’ll love it: A mystery that culminates in a spontaneous 21-hour road trip is the best kind of mystery.

What are your favorite YA mysteries?



It was a very unusual project. I’d loved “My Own Private Idaho” when I was growing up. Before I even started acting, I used to watch it repeatedly: there was something about the emotion of it, its aesthetic, and the makeshift family that the characters create which spoke to my teenage self.


Gus hadn’t watched it since he had made the movie, and his style of making movies had changed in the intervening two decades. He had made a huge change in his aesthetic mid-career, having been influenced by minimalistic films, and his later films were characterized by minimal dialogue, fewer cuts, and very long takes. So, when we were watching those Idaho rushes again after those two decades, the question became, “What if you had cut this movie now?” For instance, there is a scene early on where it is just Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix walking down the street, and we found ourselves wondering, “What if you just held on that shot, and you stay on River’s head, and then you continue with him for much longer? What would that give to our sense of his character?”


When Gus wrote this script it was a compilation of three previous scripts. One was a movie that was about street kids in Portland; one was a movie about two Hispanic kids looking for their parents who eventually go to Europe; and then one was mostly Shakespearean dialogue in a contemporary setting. This last was based on Orson Welles’s Chimes at Midnight, which was a compilation of all the Falstaff sections of the Henry IV plays.


The other thing that Gus did, and which I pushed to the extreme, is that he focused on the Poins character, in this case Mike Waters, played by River Phoenix. Ned Poins is one of Prince Hal’s sidekicks: he masterminds the double robbery of Falstaff in the comic Gad’s Hill scene, but other than that plot function his purpose in the play is to bring the detail of character into that seedy but exuberant underworld. Shakespeare created 1,222 characters, and none of them are incidental: all are fully individuated. It is very moving to think about a side character, one out of all of these Shakespearean characters, then being given the spotlight. This attention is made even more poignant by Phoenix’s incandescent performance. Whether he was revealing himself through the role or not is made moot by the fact that it is arguably his best performance and that he was dead two years later. The performance caught on film is now infinitely more valuable because it captured the best actor of his generation at the peak of his powers. By cutting together outtakes of the unused material of the film, I was able to give more emphasis to the essential beauty of Phoenix and his work. Phoenix in my remix film, “My Own Private River,” is singled out from all other actors and film performances for that matter—because it is presented in such an unflinching way—just as Van Sant singled out Poins in his original film.


Now the significance of “Idaho” has changed because River is gone, but you want him to just be there, you want him to keep going, you want to see what he can do, and you want to find all that is still alive and is still around that exists of him. Consequently, those moments that would immediately pull you out of a normal film, pull you into this film—at least they pulled me in—because River is walking around, he is alive again. What I mean is that you just want anything you can have of him. That sense of wanting time to stop goes back to the original, too: Henry IV is, among other things, a coming-of-age story. Prince Hal’s growing up is at once necessary and deeply poignant, and in many ways we want him to be able to remain a fun-loving, irresponsible kid with Falstaff forever. In a way, the length of the footage of the film I was able to cut, especially the longer version, serves to extend that moment indefinitely — since in an awful way River did grow up, and in another way he’s still in that happy hour before the end. Since I didn’t have all the economic burdens of the initial film, I was able to make a film with a much looser narrative. So whereas the original was driven by the need to tell a certain story, the film I made was driven just by River’s presence.

 - From the book “Living with Shakespear: Essays by Writers, Actors and Directors.” “My Own Private River” copyright © 2013 by James Franco.

actual hot take: the gay experience is being masked by the Token Gay/Gay Couple far too often in popular media which posits that gay people surround themselves with straight friends, which is absolutely absurd. when a gay experience that applies more commonly to urban gay people (surrounding oneself with other gay people) is portrayed, it’s usually as the seedy underworld culture that A Respectable Gay would never associate themselves with

OK so i gots a Nevada HC. My first time articulating one so sorry if I’m all over the place and it sucks…I just hope this can cheer you up!
So the other day somebody said that Nevada would probably be into a good girl like straight edge and everything. So I totally agree with that! In my mind, he gets attracted to that type of girl because
A) She is a challenge and okay seriously latino guys love girls that are a challenge. Have you seen novelas?! He’d be the one after her I think. She definitely is not afraid to call him out on his shit and he loves that.
B) He’s not around that type of girl and it’s a nice change of pace from the usual seedy, underworld hoochies.
C) Like all Latino guys, they have strong women in their life like their moms, sisters, or aunties. And like all Latino guys, they are crazy attached to them and respect them a ton. Therefore, this girl reminds him of those women in his life that actually cares about. You know, the kind his mama always wanted him to find….

Now for the most important part…. the sex! Okay so I think Nevada would get hot knowing this girl is a virgin. Latino guys have that whole machismo thing going on and they have egos SO he would take pride knowing he’s the first. He wants this girl to always be thinking about him should she ever find herself in bed with another man.  Now Nevada knows he can’t do the usual routine with this girl, he wants it to be memorable after all. When they have sex, he gets to be somebody else. He can do things he hasn’t in a loooong time. I feel that he would be intense and passionate, but still gentle. He would gladly take it slow. He wants this to last as long as possible not just for her but for him too. It’s basically him doing everything to the girl and watching her react. He makes sure to always pause and connect with the girl again by staring intently at her. He’s got that lustful look of desire and she’s got that innocent, pure look that he has not seen….maybe ever. He kisses her passionately and then gets back to work on the rest of her body. I feel like it would cycle around like that.

Okay I’ll stop now because I’m not good at smut and I fear this mind end up turning into a fic lol and am not a writer! Um so yeah…that’s just my thought :P



Short Werefox!Stiles sometimes Wolf!Derek fic rec!

Dirty paws and furry coats - queerly_it_is *****

rating: explicit

word count: 57 621

summary: Stiles is eight years old when his dad brings Derek home.

until we become something new - Spikedluv ***** FAV

rating: explicit

word count: 73 529

summary: When Stiles is bitten by a werefox, his problems have only just begun. An old enemy returns, and new ones appear. It’s Beacon Hills, after all.

Back to Beacon Hillssurrenderdammit ****

rating: explicit

word count: 10 496

summary: Stiles is a born werefox, returning to Beacon Hills with the hopes of starting over and finding some sort of home again. Maybe he can finally stay in one place long enough for his scent to catch.

Chase Me Through The Trees, Mister Wolf - MissDizzyD ****

rating: general

word count: 2 116

summary: Stiles was… happy. Really happy. Happy in a way that had the forest singing to him, urging him to go and play and frolic and let his fox have some fun for once.

The story of StilesLivelaugh ****

rating: teen

word count: 7 869

summary: In a universe where Stiles is a fox, the Hale family is alive.

The Silver Lining Of Smog - Circe6 ****

rating: explicit

word count: 47 394

summary: Set in a dystopian future in the year 250X, where everyone lives in large metropolises known as the Poleis. Each Poleis is controlled by the guilds and the gangs that dominate the seedy underworld. Derek is a member of the notorious Triskele gang, working as a drug runner for his ‘Uncle’ Peter, who is a pimp and a ganglord. After Derek brings in a stray werefox he found on the run from the police, his entire world begins to change.

Counting Starslavieboheme0919 ****

rating: explicit

word count: 34 196

summary: The Hunters Guild has taken control of North America. Werewolves and werewolf sympathizers are imprisoned in harsh conditions. Stiles Stilinski is trying to protect his father and his Mate, who happens to be the last Hale Alpha from getting taken by the Hunters Guardsmen while fighting a losing battle with his own sanity. And then the unthinkable happens.

anonymous asked:

Full thoughts on Korra's blush?

Honestly? Without context, it’s really fucking gay.

Had I not known Korra and Asami’s sad but nonetheless hetero romantic history, that Nickelodeon is full of misogynists who so fear change that the weather daunts them, that “children show” means “no seedy homosexual underworld”, then I would have thought that Korra was seriously crushing on Asami. As soon as Asami drops a compliment, Korra suffers a dramatic shift in demeanor, demonstrated by her averting her gaze, fingering the edges of her hair, and blushing.

The whole scene fucks me up because Korra and Asami have dropped a lot of…weird signs all throughout Book 4 and even some of Book 3. Not counting the fact that Bryan Konietzko claimed that Korrasami was “totally a good way” (because he could have very well just been placating the fanbase, anyway), Korra and Asami spent a lot of time together before Book 4. Asami was the only one to be shown by Korra’s side out of the rest of Team Avatar during the denouement of Book 3, and Korra only wrote to Asami when she was in the Water Tribe. Of course, those are the bigger events. Certain dialogue (mostly “I want you to know I’m here for you. If you want to talk or anything”, “Are you sure you don’t want some company in the Southern Water Tribe? I’m happy to come with you”, “I can’t wait to see her”, and just Asami’s very eagerness in Korra’s presence comes to mind) could reinforce the existence of this relationship’s possible romantic status. But a lot of it was kind of one-sided; Asami always loved Korra in some way, shape, or form. Doesn’t have to be romantic. At the very least, she holds Korra in high regard. Book 3 was just confirmation, especially at the end.

Then in Book 4 we see Korra reciprocating. Of course, Korra has always helped Asami and Book 3 shows that Korra appreciates her presence when she mentions that she’s always wanted a “girl friend” (obviously not in the dating way which…infuriates me because I’m always thrown when I hear that term in the context of friendship) and when she fully cooperates with Asami when they get stuck in the desert. However, her actions in Book 4 raise flags; for example, as I mentioned earlier, the time when Korra replies to Asami—Asami only— as she recovers in the Water Tribe, claiming that she feels that Mako and Bolin wouldn’t understand, is suspect. Clearly, there is an escalation in what she feels for Asami, considering how she felt about her when they first met. Korra was envious of her in Book 1, neglectful in Book 2, and “girl friends” with her in Book 3. Korra only writing to Asami in Book 4 insinuates that a strong bond, one that is so different from the ones she shares with Mako and Bolin, lies between her and Asami. “I don’t think they’d understand” just cements the fact that what she has with Asami is distinct.

And now— now when Korra and Asami meet for the first time in three years, Asami drops such a simple compliment on her hair and Korra’s defenses sort of cave. She shies away and offers a compliment in return.

The events that happen later in the episode only continue to alarm me with just how suggestive their relationship is. When Korra and Asami talk about Hiroshi Sato and Asami lashes out, Korra does not raise her voice, but attempts to placate Asami. Compare this to all the times when Mako would question Korra and Korra would vehemently defend herself.

Moreover, when Asami lets slip the fact that Korra only replied to her and not Mako or Bolin, Mako blurts out “What’s going on with you two?” Already, I have to pause and catch my breath because this line is too familiar. More than once have I heard something like this being asked by a third party in regards to a love affair. And when he asks why Korra didn’t write to him or Bolin, Korra meekly says, “I don’t know”, thus not giving a definite answer to either of his questions. More importantly, the audience is left with a murky understanding of the nature of Korra’s relationship with Asami. We know it is different and it is intense, but there’s no real explanation as to why that is.

That’s not all. As was pointed out by three other users, Korra and Asami are heavily intune with each other in the reunion episode. Their body language works in uniformity, mere glances appear to convey whole messages, and they implicitly trust each other with decisions that might otherwise appear ridiculous to anyone else, as is demonstrated by Mako’s frequent “What are you doing”s and all around frustration with both women’s actions which, in the heat of the moment, are spontaneous and foreign to him. All this in the one episode when they meet again for the first time. After three years.

That can’t be an accident. In isolation, maybe these events would have blown right over my head. Even now, several doubts accompany my words. Maybe Korra just thought talking to another girl was easier than showing her weakness to the boys. Asami was always outrageously hospitable (for fuck’s sakes, she housed Mako’s family for three years); maybe her behaviour isn’t that out of the ordinary with Korra. Maybe Korra doesn’t take compliments with as much dignity as we think she should; after all, she has suffered from low self esteem since Book 1 and it continues to plague her to this day (in fact, it’s at its worst). The blush is a natural response because when you think lowly of yourself, receiving a compliment is always unexpected. You don’t know what to do with it. You become shy. Korra does just that by playing with her hair and looking away. It looks hella coy, but it might not be. But when I think of the overall progression of their relationship and how it has quickly intensified in only two weeks (between Book 2 and 3), I rightfully become suspicious.

Hell, even if all this wasn’t some elaborate display of romantic affection, it showcases one hell of a female friendship. It’s powerful, it’s enigmatic, and it’s frequently placed in front of the audience. It is impossible to ignore and I can appreciate that.

My full thoughts on Korra’s blush are this: they are Friends with Benefits. No doubt about it.

My favorite Stiles/Derek fanfictions

The Rec List

Title: Alive

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 28949

Summary: “Yes,” Peter said, putting a hand between Stiles’ shoulder blades and shoving him so he stumbled forward a few feet. “He’s for you, Derek.” “What?” Stiles yelped. Derek’s nose flared and one side of his mouth raised up in a feral grin. Stiles whirled around to look at Peter. “What the hell are you talking about?” he exclaimed. “This is not what I agreed to!” Peter gave him an infuriatingly calm look. “You said, and I quote, ‘Mr. Hale, I will do anything for the money.’ You signed the papers. You got yourself into this. And now you are going to do what you promised to do.” And so: Stiles, deep in Peter’s debt, is offered up to Peter’s nearly feral nephew in an effort to keep him going over the edge of madness.

Title: Cross My Soul

Rating: M

Word Count: 31902

Summary: Sometime around mid summer, during the intervening weeks of baseball camp and recovering from baseball camp and the latest Minecraft update, Jinx hops up the plastic step stool to their bed and says, “Derek’s daemon won’t talk to me.”

Title: DILF

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 30,871

Summary: “Today is Scott’s first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified.”

Title: Electricity In the Contact

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 27067

Summary: In which Derek has been invited to the Greater Pacific Northwest Alpha Symposium (that’s not what it’s called, Stiles, stop saying that), and showing up unattached would mean an arranged marriage. When the rest of the pack objects, he agrees to let Stiles come along to pose as his mate. Derek is reasonably sure that he’s not going to make it out of this weekend alive.

Title: Enemy Lines

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 149,179

Summary: This is the story of werewolf Derek Hale and human Stiles Stilinski: two people who grew up in the same town but completely different worlds, their realities split by the war between men and wolves. Years later when Derek returns to Beacon Hills, he does it as Alpha of a military pack on a mission to capture those responsible for the region’s resistance. With his main objective, Sheriff Stilinski, out of sight, he settles for the next best thing: his son, Stiles. Neither of them suspects they’ll need to trust each other if they want to make it out this alive.

Title: Fly a Little Faster

Rating: Teen and up

Word Count: 32,052

Summary: Everyone knows when you go back in time, you shouldn’t step on an ant, just in case you accidentally kill your own grandparent or something. But what happens when you go back in time and, uh, accidentally interrupt the one event that apparently made the Grumpiest Alpha in Town into a ball of mindless manpain? Well, if Marty McFly can do it, so can Stiles Stilinski. All he has to do is get Derek and Paige to fall in love before he gets pulled back to his own time. And before he makes anything worse. That’s easy as pie, right? Right?

Title: Move A Mountain

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 68,991

Summary: Stiles goes camping with his friends in New Mexico after graduation where they befriend a biker gang led by Derek: a guy whom Stiles can’t decide if he will be either relieved or devastated to never see again once their week is up.

Title: Our lives are changing lanes

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 47,537

Summary: There’s a lot of screaming going on inside the first house Stiles visits. He isn’t really worried, because it sounds like kids, but then the door opens and hi, says his dick, because the dude in front of him is gorgeous, built like a god with a face like thunder. Stiles wants to lick that solid jaw line. Hold the fuck on, says his cop brain, because the dude’s got kids hanging all over him; one’s on his back, skinny legs looped around his waist, and another two hanging off one arm, toes barely brushing the ground. There’s a tubby toddler clinging to his leg like a koala, and he’s got a baby tucked into the crook of the one arm that doesn’t have kids hanging off it. Stiles’ mouth drops open. “How many of those kids did you kidnap?” he asks before he can wrangle his brain into submission. The man gives him a look that says what the fuck is wrong with you and snaps, “You think I’d subject myself to this on purpose?” “Oooh,” says one of the kids hanging off his arm. “I’m telling Mom.”

Title: The Butterfly Effect

Rating: Gen

Word Count: 25,967

Summary: The Nemeton brings a visitor from the future to Beacon Hills.

Title: The Silver Lining of Smog

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 47,394

Summary: Set in a dystopian future in the year 250X, where everyone lives in large metropolises known as the Poleis. Each Poleis is controlled by the guilds and the gangs that dominate the seedy underworld. Derek is a member of the notorious Triskele gang, working as a drug runner for his ‘Uncle’ Peter, who is a pimp and a ganglord. After Derek brings in a stray werefox he found on the run from the police, his entire world begins to change.

have fun kids

Sterek fic rec list - werefox!Stiles

until we become something new | 73529 words

When Stiles is bitten by a werefox, his problems have only just begun. An old enemy returns, and new ones appear. It’s Beacon Hills, after all.

Dirty paws and furry coats | 57621 words

Stiles is eight years old when his dad brings Derek home.

[AU based on Disney’s The Fox and the Hound]

Back to Beacon Hills | 10496 words

Stiles is a born werefox, returning to Beacon Hills with the hopes of starting over and finding some sort of home again. Maybe he can finally stay in one place long enough for his scent to catch.

Trampolines are Distracting | 1345 words

What it says on the tin.

A Simple Life | 13763 words

Derek plans to spend the rest of his life holed up in the woods after Laura dies. Then he meets a stubborn young fox, and the stubborn young fox meets an urn of Deaton’s magic powder, and his plans change.

The Silver Lining Of Smog | 47394 words

Set in a dystopian future in the year 250X, where everyone lives in large metropolises known as the Poleis. Each Poleis is controlled by the guilds and the gangs that dominate the seedy underworld. Derek is a member of the notorious Triskele gang, working as a drug runner for his ‘Uncle’ Peter, who is a pimp and a ganglord. After Derek brings in a stray werefox he found on the run from the police, his entire world begins to change.

Run Little Red Fox | 18483 words

Fox!Stiles. Living on the run might not have been the best way to survive, but when you’re a Werefox with no family and no friends, what other choice do you have? Narrowly escaping hunters, getting mixed up in a war with alphas, Stiles is positive that life is out to get him. The weird vet is convinced that Stiles will be able to help defeat the alphas and protect the pack, but what can one injured Werefox do against a pack of murdering alphas?

the amber of the moment | 23205 words

Ever since he was eight years old, Stiles had been running. Fate decided it was time to stop.

That Depends On How You Define Werewolf | 16613 words

We’re all shapeshifters. It happens rarely, and it happens for a reason. Sometimes the shape you take reflects the person that you are. – Derek Hale, Season 2 Episode 5

“I didn’t shoot him if that’s what you’re worried about,” said Stiles’ dad. Then he smiled wryly. “Though I did push him against the wall and threaten to strangle him with my bare hands.”

Stiles gaped at his dad, because Derek…was Derek. And the Stilinski men weren’t exactly buff. They were built more slender and agile, though Stiles was still waiting for the agile part to kick in.

Heartbeat, It’s A Lovebeat | 11617 words

A very young fox!Stiles ends up lost in the woods of Beacon Hills where he’s watched by a slightly older Derek. Twelve years later, Stiles ends up back in those same woods for a completely different reason… but he still manages to find Derek.

One Step Closer | 3242 words

The wolf was huge. His reddish fur and his and his big, snarling fangs gave him a very frightening look.

Stiles was paralyzed. He watched as the wolf took a sniff at him and growled deep in his throat.

He could definitely smell another Alpha on Stiles.

Bite Me | 5013 words

Stiles’ mom was the only reason they were going to move to Beacon Hills and so when she turns up dead, a supposed “animal attack”, there’s nothing for them there. Stiles dad takes him to New York where he establishes himself as a PI of the Supernatural persuasion. Unable to let go of the circumstances of his mother’s death, Stiles does the best a kid can do pursuing the case against his father’s wishes.

Years pass until suddenly Stiles is orphaned at sixteen and on his way back to Beacon Hills, back to where it all seemed to have started.

Summer in Beacon Hills | 3649 words

Warm summer days are perfect for swimming in the lake, deep in the Beacon Hills Preserve. Afterwards, Stiles likes to dry his fur in the sun while he listens to the doves in the nearby trees, and feel the light breeze tickle his whiskers.


Yakuza 0 is coming to North America and Europe in Early 2017; New Trailer

SEGA is delighted to announce that the long-awaited Yakuza 0 is coming to North America and Europe in Early 2017. Available for PlayStation 4 both physically and digitally, Yakuza 0 is the origins story of Kazuma Kiryu and details his ascension into the ranks of the Yakuza – the name given to members of notorious Japanese crime organisations. Newcomers to the Yakuza series will be able to experience the action-packed, story-driven adventure from the very beginning of Kazuya’s story, one that focuses on navigating the seedy underworld of Japan while Yakuza fans will have the added joy of also getting the chance to play as long-time NPC, Majima Goro – the Mad Dog of Shimano.

To celebrate this exciting news, SEGA Europe have launched the ‘Legends’ trailer.

Yakuza 0 Features
The Dragon’s Origins: What lies in a man’s past defines his future, and in this case, we learn a lot about what inspires Kiryu down the paths he takes in the rest of the Yakuza series. Plus, you don’t get to be called “Dragon” without being able to knock a few heads. Combat abilities can be hot-swapped during fights for some of the most intense battles in the Yakuza series to date.

Embrace the Mad Dog: For the first time in a numbered game, long-time NPC Goro Majima is now playable. With his own fighting style, abilities, and his penchant for turning sleaze into profit, stepping into the role of Yakuza’s most eccentric character will provide some eye-opening insight.

The Decadence of the 1980s in Japan: Cash rules everything in the world of Yakuza 0, and in the game, there are a million ways to spend, make, or take money. From cash spilling out of the pockets of gang members you fight to Telephone Clubs, Disco Halls, or even Pocket Circuit car races, there are tons of ways to be a well-to-do gangster.

Possession is 9/10ths…: Yakuza 0 will get a physical release! More details on the retail edition will come at a later date.

what-a-totalled-society  asked:

Hey do you have any new dystopian fics? Your last post in that tag is a year old...

Into Dust by melfice (oneshot | 10,728 | R)

It stands to chance your prince charming is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Sometimes you fall for the wolf.

The Silver Lining Of Smog by Circe6 (complete | 47,394 | NC-17)

Set in a dystopian future in the year 250X, where everyone lives in large metropolises known as the Poleis. Each Poleis is controlled by the guilds and the gangs that dominate the seedy underworld. Derek is a member of the notorious Triskele gang, working as a drug runner for his ‘Uncle’ Peter, who is a pimp and a ganglord. After Derek brings in a stray werefox he found on the run from the police, his entire world begins to change.

I Will Find You by Neeka (wip | 101,935 | NR)

“Stiles was away at college when the world went to shit. He was alone, afraid and so very, very confused. But more than anything, he was determined. He just had to get home. Had to find his dad, his pack. Had to make sure they were safe.”

When a rapid spreading virus breaks out, turning most of the population into mindless, undead killing machines, Stiles Stilinski has to fight his way back home. Because nothing, not even the freaking zombie apocalypse can stand between him and the people he loves.

A W A K E N I N G by qhuinn (oneshot | 14,542 | NC-17)

In 2011 a virus wiped out 99% of the Earth’s population. Now, four hundred years later, all of the survivors live in Beacon Hills, the last city on earth ruled by the Hale regime. Although Beacon Hills is largely idyllic, people are routinely disappearing and everyone is suffering from bad dreams. Stiles Stilinski is a member of the Monicans, an underground rebel organization who fight against the Hale regimen. When Stiles is sent on a mission to kill the government’s leader, Chairman Derek Hale, he discovers that there are deeper secrets to be discovered, and conspiracies to be foiled.

Yakuza 0 Will Hit the Streets on January 24 2017!

Yakuza 0 will be releasing on PS4 digitally and physically in the west (yes both the Americas and Europe at the same time!) January 24 2017! Preorders are now open on both the PSN and in stores so you can reserve a copy today and make sure you get it on launch. If you like physical copies make sure you preorder.

From Sega:

It’s time to put on your best white suit and glitter like gold, because Yakuza 0 will be available in the Americas and Europe on January 24, and pre-orders for the origin story to SEGA’s long running gangster series begin today. Yakuza 0 will be released physically and digitally for $59.99 in the west (yes, that means physical copies for Europe too) for the PlayStation 4 system. (Reminder, even though it was released on PS3 as well in Japan, the game will come to the west ONLY on PlayStation 4.)

Although 1980s Japan appears to be a colorful wonderland on the surface, the bright lights and flashy clothes can only cover so much of the seedy Japanese underworld. It takes money, power, and respect to keep this alluring illusion running, and it just so happens that Yakuza 0’s two gangster protagonists are hungry for it all. Players will follow the genesis of Kazuma Kiryu, the rising Dragon of Dojima, and Goro Majima, before he’s known as the Mad Dog of Shimano, as they pursue the almighty Yen. The Japanese thug life isn’t all disco halls and phone clubs, because Kiryu and Majima will need to pass hellish trials and tribulations in order to be considered honorable Yakuza.


30 Day Video Game Challenge

Day 19, Game Setting you wish you lived in: The Citadel - Mass Effect Trilogy

Population 13.2 million (Not including the Keepers), the Citadel has a slightly larger population than the US state of Illinois, or a bit smaller than two Hong Kong’s.

First of all just fucking look at it. Yeah, okay, fine, most of those pictures are of the Presidium, which is designed to be gorgeous. But I don’t give a fuck. Put me in the Presidium. I want to be able to walk around the ambassador sections, and see the flora and fauna of all of the different races’ home planets. I want to shop at stores run by elcore and volus and I want to have hanar spout their religious beliefs at me and I want to be greeted by Avina when I walk by and I WANT TO WATCH THE FOURTEEN HOUR ELCOR PRODUCTION OF HAMLET and I want flying cars and I want seedy underworld and I want to do the shepard shuffle in Purgatory and I want to lose all my money playing quasar I want to live in the mass effect universe and where else would you want in that universe would you want to live other than the Citadel. Don’t answer that because you’ll be wrong.